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Treble: Tried & true favorites

Dear list-

Here is a compilation of answers to our request for "a couple suggestions
of "tried-and-true" up-beat, clever, energetic pieces for SA or SSA."
Thanks so much!

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Two Samoan Songs for SA with piano - Christopher Marshall
Alleluia Canon by Mozart/arr. Moore, 2 part treble
Hine Ma Tov by Allan Naplan, 2 part treble
20 minute cantata for 5th and 6th grade levels called "Give Us Music" by
Gregory Isaacs - for singers, piano, recorders, and tone bells. Published
by - an online publisher.
One-erum, two-erum, 12 canons by Jeffrey Bishop, based on traditional
Sussex verse two-part chorus, piano optional
"Stepping-Stones" by Jay Elfenbein two-part chorus & piano
Two unison settings - melodies by Jeffrey Bishop, poems by Edith Sitwell;
keyboard accompaniments are Preludes from Part I of J.S. Bach Well-Tempered
"Bells of Gray Crystal"
"Said the Bee to the Lion"
Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet, arr. Bartle - very easy 2-part
Song of Angels by John Horman, Hope Publishing. Three-part
Dance, Dance, Dance! - 2-part, by Mary Donnely/Strid, pub. Hal Leonard
Danza, Danza, Fanciulla Gentile - 2 part, arr. Jill Gallina, pub. Shawnee
Joyful, Joyful - 2 part, arr. Roger Emerson, pub. Hal Leonard #40326319
I Just Can't Wait To Be King - 2 part, arr. Mac Huff, pub. Hal Leonard
Al Shlosha D'varim - 2 part, by Allan Naplan, pub. Boosey Hawkes
MO514697839 (not upbeat)
Hakuna Matata - 2 part, arr. Roger Emerson, pub. Hal Leonard #0874004
Circle of Life - 2 part, arr. K. Christopher pub. Hal Leonard #08745849
Rhythm of Life - 2 part, arr. John Leavitt, pub. Warner SV9674
Sing a Song of Sixpence - 2 part, by Michael Mendoza, pub. Alliance AMP0317
Two Israeli Folk Songs - 2 part, by Jill Gallina, pub. Shawnee EA0204
Obwisana - 2 part, by Mary Donnelly/George Strid
Rhythm of the Reggae - 2 part, by Mary Lynn Lightfoot
The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky - 2 part - by Mary Lynn Lightfoot (not
upbeat, but a winner)
Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia - 2-part - by David Brunner
Music Has Brought Us Together - 2 part, by Jerry Estes
A Girl's Garden - 2 part most of the way, then SSA - by Randall Thompson
The High Coasts of Barbary - 2 part, arr. Jeanne Julseth-Heinrich
The Frim Fram Sauce - 2 part, arranged by Greg Gilpin
The Happy Wanderer - 2 part - arranged by John Leavitt
Send Down the Rain - 2 part - by Joyce Eilers-Bacak
On The Sunny Side of the Street - SA, arr. Steve Zegree, pub. Hal Leonard
Seasons of Love - 2 part, arr. Roger Emerson
We Go Together from "Grease" - 2 part, arr. Ed Lojeski
The Flat Foot Floogee - 2 part, arr. Kirby Shaw
Yankee Doodle Spectacular - 2 part, arr. Linda Spevacek
Yonder Come Day, three easy parts, a cappella, Judith Cook Tucker,
Publisher: World Music Press
One Candle, One Flame and La Paloma Se Fue (the dove that flew away), a
Puerto Rican song, 2 part
Linda Sobo, World Music Press
Hi Ho the Rattling Bog by Spevacek
Circle of Song - Emily Crocker 2 or 3 part
Siyahamba - arr. Rao, 3-part a cappella
Kookaburra - arr. Curtwright - 3 part
Ode To Peace - adapted Galina - partner song type
Shine - by Lessia, 2 part
Tum Balalaika and Risseld Rosseldy, Santa Barbara Music Publishing
Down By The Riverside - Santa Barbara Press
My Grandfather's Clock - 2 part

Rick Kvam

Rick Kvam

Choral Arts Ensemble/Honors Choirs
Assisi Heights, Suite 900
1001 14th St NW
Rochester, MN 55901
Choral Arts Ensemble: cae(a) 507-252-8427
Honors Choirs: choirs(a) 507-252-0505

Greetings, all!

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions - I'm listing them all, with the thought that songs that are twice-or-thrice recommended are serious contenders!

Ann Foster


Goodnight arr. by Doreen Rao
Little Firefly by Larry E. Schultz
Shepherd's Joy by Mark Hayes (Christmas)
Silent Night, Silent World by Dvorak/arr. Albrecht and Althouse (Christmas)
Ave Maria by Caccini/arr. Liebergen
* Carol Dwyer

I took some children to choir camp and the clinician, Dr. Martha Shaw,
introduced Hine Ma Tov to them. It is from the Doreen Rao's choral
experience collection and is published by Boosey & Hawkes. The kids loved
it and were able to do a good job singing.
Good luck!
* liz burch

I fell in love with "Alexander's Ragtime Band" arranged by Dave and Jean
Perry (although it could be Don Besig also). Alfred published it. JW Pepper
could find it for you. Two parts, origianl tune paired with an original
partner song. Sure-fire hit!
* Craig Hawkins

Yonder Come Day - J. Tucker arrangement
Siyahamba - Donald Moore arrangement
Al Shlosha D'varim - A. Naplan(more for middle school)
All Things Bright and Beautiful - Rutter
* Mona Jethmalani

This was a rather fun exercise-I went thru my whole library and chose my top
50 for you! Here ya go...
Jena Dickey, Founder/Director
Sing A Mile High Children's Choral Festival
Young Voices of Colorado
P. O. Box 1234 Littleton, CO 80160-1234
303-797-SING (-7464)
Colorado ACDA Children's Choir Chair

Al Shlosha D/Varim, Allan Naplan, Boosey/Hawkes (B/H) OCTB 6783, sound clip
on Young Voices of Colorado web site,
Answer to a Child's Question, Timothy Strang, Santa Barbara SBMP 98
Art Thou Troubled?, Handel/Bartle, Hinshaw HMC1431
Bashana Haba A, Nurit Hirsh/Leck, Posthorn Press C1019
Basil the Cat, Valerie Shields, Mark Foster YS 600
Best Gift of All, Albrecht/Althouse, Alfred 21776
Bist du bei Mir, Bach-two versions
in Db, ed. Bartle, Gordon V Thompson VG-183 (string orch. parts
in C, ed. Rao, B/H M051-46716-7
Candles Candles, Lois M. Emig, Shawnee E-225
Celebrate the Feast of Lights, Albrecht/Brownsey, Alfred 5829
Celebrate Kwanzaa, Brownsey/Lantz, Alfred 17700
Child of Tomorrow, Mark Patterson, BriLee BL453
Christmas Is a Feeling, Natalie Sleeth, Hinshaw HMC-116
Christmas Lullaby, scottish folk, arr. Malcolm Dalglish, Plymouth MD-500
Dodi Li, Chen/Rao, B/H M051-46679-5
Donkey Carol, John Rutter, Oxford U. Press, 2 versions
unison, U-152
2-part (longer), orchestral arrangement available, T-111
Dormi Dormi, arr. Mary Goetze, B/H M-051-46128-8
Earthsongs, David Brunner, B/H OCTB6858
Eletelephony, David Brunner B/H OCTB6532
Fairest Lady, Nick Page, B/H M-051-47179-9
Foggy Birthday Shuffle, Stephen Hatfield, B/H OCTB6971
The Frog, Nina Perry, Oxford, U-65
Gaudeamus Hodie, Natalie Sleeth, Carl Fischer N5538
Goliath, Williams/Martin, Fred Bock BG 2192
Heidenroslein, Schubert/Leck, Unison Plymouth HL-500
Hine Ma Tov, Allan Naplan, 2-part, B/H OCTB6782
Hold Fast Your Dreams, David Brunner, B/H OCTB7123, M051471232
How Many Nights (until Hannukkah), Linda Swears, Shawnee EA-61
Isn't It Reassuring (about spring), Natalie Sleeth, Carl Fischer CM7828
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Bach/Whittaker, Oxford 1495
Kalanta of the New Year (Greek), arr. Malcolm Dalglish, Plymouth HL-209
Laudamus Te, Vivaldi/Rao, B/H OCTB6582
Ma Navu, arr. Audrey Snyder, Hal Leonard 08741549
Marienwurmchen, Brahms/Goetze, B/H OCTB6521
Metsa Telegramm, by Uno Naisso, Mark Foster, YS 602
Niska Banja, Nick Page, B/H M051465170
Now's the Time, Parker/Luckey, Colla Voce HL-254
Nursery Rhyme Nonsense, Marilyn Broughton, Gordon V. Thompson, VG-184
One Single Light, Davd/Jean Perry, Alfred 5830
River In Judea, arr. John Leavitt, Shawnee EA-139
Something Told the Wild Geese, Sherri Porterfield, 2-part, Heritage H5890
Song for a Pirate Child, Vijay Singh, 2-part, BriLee BL125
Song for a Russian Child, Andrea Klouse, Hal Leonard 08720439
Sourwood Mountain, arr. Walter Ehret, B/Hawkes OCTB5497
Tecolote, arr. Victoria Ebel-Sabo, SA Mark Foster YS403
Three Dominican Folksongs, arr. Francisco Nunez, B/H OCTB6736
To Music, 16thc. Choral, arr. Betty Bertaux, Unison (not SSA version) B/H
Tum Balalaika, arr. Jay Broeker, unison/SA, Santa Barbara SBMP228
Winds of Peace, Hebrew round, arr. Nancy Grundahl, Plymouth HL-264
WinterSong, Audrey Snyder (words: Emily Bronte), CPP/Belwin SV9332
* Jena Dickey

Velvet Shoes -(unis) Randall Thompson ECS
* David McCormick

I am the co-owner of Sound Music Publications. We have several wonderful
selections specifically for entry level groups. Please, check out our Web
I would be glad to send you reading materials for your session.
One of the finest elementary music teachers in our area has composed a
number of songs that have been arranged with piano accompaniment. The have
wonderful and meaningful messages. Songs like; "Compassion," Do You Have The
Courage," "We Are Family," and "Generosity" are arranged with young voice at
heart. They have been performed by many elementary/entry level choirs with
great success. And, there are several selection with a jazz flavor. The kids
love these selections.
Our Web site:
Let me know how we can assist you.
Frank DeMiero
Sound Music Publications
PO Box 598
Lynnwood, WA 98046
Phone: (425) 771-0824
Cell: (206) 931-3664
Fax: (425) 771-7562
E-mail: frankgde(a) OR frank(a)
Web site:

Hi Ann
I would like to send you copies of Donna Rhodenizer's works. Many are in
songbooks. She is an elementary music teacher and gives copyright permission
to the owner of the book to copy and use the pages for their students or
choir members.
If you could send me your mailing address I will send you complimentary
copies from which you could copy any pieces you would like to use in your
choral reading session.
Good luck with your search for music.
Andy Duinker
Red Castle Publishing

Best link to listen to Donna Rhodenizer's music.

You might look at some of my pieces:
HOSZHONI SONG -- unison + handdrums - -I wrote this for my son's Cub-scout
troop - - they made their own drums from oatmeal canisters

SHALOM, FRIENDS -- two-part + piano
both are Boosey & Hawkes

Lee Kesselman

White Bird, Silver Bird, Robert Nelson Alliance Music
Path to the Moon, Eric Thiman
* Carole Nelson

General Use:
Charlotte Town - Emily Crocker
Colonel Bogey's Grand Old Flag - Greg Gilpin Cripple Creek - Emily Crocker
Guitar Man - Audrey Snyder Go Forth With a Song - Albrech and Althouse I
Work Upon the Railway - Emily Crocker Kyrie Eleison - Donnelly and Strid One
Wish - Perry and Perry

Winter Holidays:
The Bells - Lon Berry
Christmas A-Comin' - Carl Strommen
English Song of Joy - Leibergen
Festival of Lights - Anderson
Hanerot Halalu - Cohon/Chass
Patapan - Lanzt
Ring Out, Wild Bells - Spevacek

Generally speaking, I like a lot of the work done by Donnelly & Strid and
Perry & Perry. Emily Crocker is tops at arranging American folk songs. For
high quality music, a good place to start is BriLee. I didn't include any of
my favorites from classical music. If you're interested in any of those
titles, let me know.
* Susan Elliott

Thanks to all who responded!

Ann Foster