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Treble: with SATB

This is a compilation from responses about the subject. Many thanks to
all that have helped me!

John Rutter's "Look At the World" is a very nice piece for children's
and mixed chorus.

There is an English piece called family blessing that works well.
Composed by Sonja Poorman.

" God is Love" by Robert Jordahl for children and adult choirs

opening chorus of Bach's St. Matthew Passion for
treble voices and mixed double chorus?

"The First Song of Isaiah" by Jack Noble
White (publisher information is at the office..) for Youth Choir, SATB
chorus with the congregation joining to sing the tune after numerous
repetitions. Three handbells (C6, G6 and G5) are optional. This one
is a
favorite of congregations.

"Fairest Lord Jesus" as arranged by Gillette.

Choristers Guild is an American publisher specializing in children's
music for
unison and mixed voices. They are based in Garland Texas.
Their website is

Kean, Ron. Ise Oluwa (God's Work Will Never Be Destroyed). Children's
chorus in unison (or treble chorus) plus SATB (or any voicing
combination) with west African percussion: Agogo bell (tuned in
fifths), wood block, axatse (small shaker), shakere (large shaker),
djembe (hand drum), and djun-djun (bass drum). Yoruba
language(Pronunciation guide, translation, movement suggestions and
detailed background notes included). Duration 2:00. Level: Easy for
singers, but difficult for percussionists. This is a praise song of the
Yoruba people. The highly syncopated agogo bell ostinato begins the
chant and continues throughout. As is typical, each new part is layered
in one at a time: first the unison chant, then the most of the
percussion, then the rest of the singers, and finally the rest of the
percussion. The vocal parts are homophonic while the percussion parts
are polyphonic creating an overall polyphonic texture. Ise Oluwa is a
transcription and arrangement of the recorded version performed by the
vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock on their CD entitled All For

"Las Americas Unidas" by Kirke Mechem. It is scored for
unison children's chorus, SATB choir, Soprano soloist, piano, trumpet,
glockenspiel, and string bass. It is substantial composition about 5
minutes in duration, and was composed for the "Beyond War Foundation."
I believe that the publisher is E.C. Schirmer.

Randall Thompson's "Psalm of Thanksgiving" is a lovely
piece for chorus and children's choir. The haunting work has stayed
with me
through the years since a university performance with the Tulsa
Philharmonic. 2-part Children's Chorus soars in an obbligato rising
scale line above 4
part SATB chorus with text to Psalm 107 "O that men would praise the
for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men."
Children's chorus is in movement I and Movement VI & VII. VII is the
Finale over 1/16 note accompaniment based on "Nun danket," (Prelude also
based on "Nun danket".)
Accompaniment for orchestra, piano or organ.
Publisher: Schirmer No 2746 Boston, MA
Beautiful melodic obbligato line for children's choir.

LAUDATE PUERII by John Burge of Canada.For SATB, children and brass or
organ.It is about 10 minutes long.
The SATB sing in latin and the children in english.

By Bortniansky, arranged by Austin Lovelace entitled
"Like As a Father". Granted it is only 3 part, children/women/men but
lovely. CGA-156 (chorister's Guild)

"O Praise Ye the Lord" - Dale Wood - SATB/children/brass - percussion

Shall We Gather at the River - arr. Robert H. McIver, CGA688 -
Chorister's Guild

Valerie Shields: two pieces for children's and SATB choir.
One is a setting of "Have No Fear Little Flock" (published by Neil Kjos)
the other is a setting of "Sim Shalom" (from the Jewish Liturgy- under
publication with Plymouth.

David L. Brunner: IN THE BEAUTY WAY is a piece for SATB mixed
chorus and 2-part treble chorus with piano on a Najavo text, in both
English and Navajo. published by Boosey and Hawkes, Inc.

Britten's A Boy was Born.

Imant Raminsh: Alleluia, Amen (publ Boosey & Hawkes)

Kurt Weill: Recordare

Jeffrey A. Bishop: "Mankind and Mother Earth" which is for mixed chorus
(first movement), children's chorus (second movement) and combined mixed
and children (third movement).

Mitchell J.Sharoff: a song in SSAA and SATB arrangement that is simple
to learn and is
about world peace and togetherness.

Ann Kapp Andersen (Fairbanks, Alaska): several pieces for SATB choir
and children.
Most are religious themed, but I also have some Christmas and some
folksong arrangements I've done.


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 16:19:39 -0300
From: dclayton(a)
Subject: Compilation: children/adult combination


Here is the compilation of edited responses to my recent request for
children/adult combinations. The range of material is rather broad so you
might find something useful for a variety of situations. I would also refer
you to the ChoralNet Resource Site, REPERTORY Subdirectory, "Children's
Chorus" for a similar, and excellent, earlier listing by Jeffrey Carter,
some of which is repeated here. As with any such list, some provide a great
deal of information; others little. Many thanks to all who contributed.

1. Honegger's Christmas Cantata (Une cantique de Noël). Gorgeous piece.
Some of the best contrapuntal writing of this century, some
say. Beautiful message of the universality of the Christmas
message. Baritione solo, Children's voices, SATB chorus and orchestra.
Salabert, or found in G. Schirmer catalog.

2. "Mary Rocks Her Child SoTiny" is published by Exaltation/Lorenz (E298).
It's a lilting lullaby, mostly in a gentle 5/8 with
passages in 6/8.

3. "Merry Christmas Jazz," for SATB and Children's Chorus by Tom
Cunningham. There are four versions which all use Hinshaw HMC-1029 for
the choirs:
1. SATB + children a cappella
2. SATB + children with piano
3. SATB + children with piano, string bass and drum kit
4. SATB + children with full symphony orchestra (2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2
clarinets, 2 bassoons; 2 horns, 3 trumpets, 3
trombones; strings, percussion)
Version 3 uses the material available from Hinshaw's. Version 4 needs
full score and parts available only from me.

4. "Mankind and Mother Earth" is between 20 and 25 minutes - closer to 20 I
think. It is in conventional notation and within choral tradition.
There are some brief dramatic and moving "sprechstimme" and choral
speaking passages, for the adults, in unison rhythms.
The children's chorus is as important as the adult choir: it has the
2nd movement to itself, and combines with adults in the 3rd. It has
"the last word" in the piece. Needs good, clear, free pure tone
and an easy high A. Is given beautiful melodic writing, long phrases. The
adult part is well-performable, as designated in the commission for
the piece, by a good college (or community) choir. The
entrances are well-cued and the voice ranges normal. Mr. Bishop
says, "They just have to learn the notes and rhythms, pay attention to the
dynamic markings, and sing accurately and the music will take care
of itself." Preparing and rehearsing well - that will make it
happen. I don't have the precise orchestration on hand but can get it for you.
Needs to be a good orch with strong strings!

5. Andrew Carter: Benedicite. OUP.

6. "O Holy Night" Adolphe Adam, Arr. Roy Ringwald, for combined choirs
(SATB, unison and optional SAB). Shawnee Press, No. a-332, a great
finale. Don't omit SAB part which adds a lot to the texture. This
has been a favorite Christmas concert ending of mine for the past 26yrs.

7. "Carol of the Manger" Arr. Dale Wood. For combined choirs of Unison &
Mixed Voices, Accompanied. Scmitt Music Centers Publications
Division. No. 6212. One unison part gets the melody. Another part
enters with a descant on the last verse. This is really lush.

8. "Naramata Alleluia" - for adult, children, piano/or organ,
handbells(optional) published by Cypress Publishing, available
through Intrada Distribution - tel: 1-800-INTRADA

9. Bach: Come, Ye Daughters (from St. Matthew Passion)

10. Berlioz: Judex crederis (from Te Deum)

11. Nielsen: Hymnus amoris, Op. 12

12. Vaughan Williams: Hodie

13. Britten: St. Nicolas Cantata

14. Thanks Be to God by Marty Haugen.

15. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming by Robert Scholz. Morning Star Music
Publishers MSM-50-103 Children's Choir, Adult Choir,
flute, handbells, piano and organ In 1992 piece was $1.50

16. Holy Night, from Praise Gathering (incorporates O Holy Night plus
original music).

17. Carmina Burana (Orff) and Spring Symphony (Britten), both with orchestra.

18. Kirke Mechem: 7 Joys of Christmas (children not specified but easily
worked in)

19. Lana Walter's delightfully silly arrangement of "Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat" for SSA choir and two-part melody choir.
It can be performed several ways; one very effective way
to do it is with women on the SSA scat parts and children on the melody

20. Carolyn Jennings' "Climb to the Top of the Highest Mountain" is a three
minute or so octavo that would work very well with children and
adult mixed choir. A beautiful text and tune.

21. Investigate Heinrich von Herzogenberg "Die Geburt Christi," Op. 90
(Carus Verlag: handled by Mark Foster). has movements for
children's chorus and a wonderful concluding double chorus
with children's obligato (like the Bach St. Matthew) setting of Also hat
Goot die Welt geliebt

22. What about Randall Stroope's "Hodie?" It requires both adult and
children's choirs, and is Christmas themed.

23. Jon Polifrone, our resident composer, has written a Requiem that is
modern but very accessible and quite wonderful music.
A CD was made. You can contact him at

24. I have used "Hosanna in the Highest" (David Music, I think) from
Concordia with my church choirs for Palm Sunday. It is very good,
uses percussion instruments as well.

25. Regarding works combining children and adults: We have had good luck
with Bach cantatas. Some of the cantatas are chidren-friendly. The
children learn the chorale melody, which is often repeated
several times throughout the cantata, sometimes in different keys.
Sometimes it is the tune of a homophonic chorale; other times it is
surrounded by the other points
weaving around in counterpoint. Example: How brightly shines the
morning star (Christmas); Christ Lag in Todesbanden
(Easter). "Gottes Zeit" could also work, as does Wachet Auf.

26. I have often thought that the Faure Requiem could used children. For
example, they could do the "Pie Jesu" section in unison and the
"Sanctus" section in canon. "Breath" of Angels by James McCray for
SATB and SA choirs, hanbells and piano. I have not done it but it looks
like a jam. It is published by Santa Barbara.

27. "Christmas Eve," by Reginald Unterseher. SATB with Unison Treble
Choir, unaccompanied.

28. There is a John Rutter piece - "I believe in Springtime" which has SATB
choir and unison children's choir.Published by Hinshaw and
easy to find. It's well written although perhaps not one of his best.

29. The Shenandoah Valley Children's Choir has had great success with
"Jabula Jesu" and Siyahamba using the Dad's of the
choristers to sing the tenor and bass parts.Siyahamba is a South
African Folk Song. The arrangement we used very successfully was Henry
Leck's. It is found in the South African Suite for SATB along
with two other songs that could very easily be used with the
combo voicing. Plymouth Music Co. Inc. HL-200 SATB Jabula Jesu is
by Stephen Hatfield. It is in the Doreen Rao collection,

30. Brubeck's "La Fiesta de la Posada." It's fun music, challenging
without being overwhelmingly hard. Shawnee

31. God's Love Made Visible (from "La Fiesta de la Posada") by Dave Brubeck
(text by Iola Brubeck). Published by St. Francis Music and
Malcolm Music.

32. "Tell All the World About Love" by Ron and Carol Harris (Alfred House)

33. "Suo-Gan" (Soothing Song) arr. by Jack Noble White (CPP Belwin)

34. "Love Is" by Elaine Schram (Fred Bock Music Co.)

35. "Away in a Manger" arr. Gilbert Martin (Hinshaw Music)

36. "Conductor's Choice" from Boosey & Hawkes OCTB7623.

37. Niska Banja by Nick Page, Boosey & Hawkes - OCTB6517 SAAB

38. All Things Bright and Beautiful by John Rutter, Hinshaw Music HMC-663 SATB

39. Jeanie Brindley-Barnett's "Butterfly Songs" with children's chorus,
adult chorus, and small
orchestral ensemble performed six weeks ago. It was a stunning
experience for singers and listeners. We coupled the work with
Rutter's "Sprig of Thyme," also for chorus and eleven players at
one-per-part, which is all you need. Two of the three treble only numbers
are perfect for kids, and the the kids joined on portions of four
other songs. It made for a wonderful evening.


> Several people asked that I post responses to my request for repertoire
for Children's Choir plus SATB
> choir of various sorts, for various occasions.
> Wayne Abercrombie: 'Sanctus' from Bernstein Mass
> Christmas:
> "Climb to the Top of the Highest Mountain" Carolyn Jennings (great piece!)
> "God's Love Made Visible" Dave Brubeck (nice 5/4 piece)
> General:
> Rene Clausen wrote a piece for the ACDA convention in Rapid City, SD that
uses several SATB choirs
> and children's choir. It is based on Native American themes
> I have a setting of "All Good Gifts" for children and SATB choir, pending
publication I could send
> you a copy. It is accessible to community choir.
> I have "rearranged" John Rutter's "For the Beauty of the Earth," assigning
some parts to children's
> choir. It worked wonderfully.
> Tom Porter
> Director of Choral Activities
> Bismarck State College
> PO Box 5587
> Bismarck, ND 58506
> thporter(a)
> May I introduce you to a work I wrote a few years ago called "A Happier
> Premiered by the Newton All-City Elementary Chorus, Newton, MA in 1993
> (Grades 5 and 6),- this piece is for SAA w/ piano accompaniment. The
> melodies are syncopated and lively. The piece encourages the audience to
> "jump in" - "come along for the ride", etc. It has a contrasting slow
> middle section where the singers share a philosophy of common brotherhood.
> Mostly 2 part and unison - at the end of the piece I divide the lower
> voice. With the divisi I expect you would want a about 30 or so singers to
> cover all the parts adequately.
> The piece requires a bit more practice time than normal - but the audience
> simply loved it at the premier.
> I can mail you a complementary/preliminary copy if you are interested.
> I notice your email address as - are you located in MA?
> Cordially,
> Nick Nicholson
> We've just published a set of 12 canons by Jeffrey Bishop; they are based
> traditional Sussex verse, and are for 2-part children's chorus with
> piano accompaniment. Have you seen these yet? If not, I'd like to send you
> copy with our compliments. If you would like to have this, please send me
> your postal address.
> Susan Brailove/Brichtmark Music, Inc.
> You might be interested in some of my compositions for children's
> chorus which are published by Boosey & Hawkes. There are unison, SA
> and SSA works, along with many for middle school and high school,
> college, community and advanced singers. You can find a list of my
> works at B&H's website
> Best to you,
> David L. Brunner
> Director of Choral Activities
> University of Central Florida
> I have an SATB Christmas piece for organ and/or brass with optional
> handbells called Canticle of Carols published by Hal Leonard. Another
> that may work well for you community chorus is American Folk Rhapsody Set
> SATB published by Heritage Music Press. Our community chorus here in Tempe
> (Phoenix) used it as their finale for one concert. I also have several
> unison or 2-3 part treble pieces and SATB festival pieces. If you would
> like complimentary copies of these , please email me your street address
> I will send them out to you. Have a terrific fall!
> Warmly,
> Linda Spevacek
> Spevacek-Productions
> You should look at "Merry Christmas Jazz" by Tom Cunningham for SATB
> choir plus unison children's chorus. It can be sung a cappella, or with
> piano, or with symphony orchestra, and I believe a choralister made a
> brass arrangement. It's published by Hinshaw Music. More info on my
> web page.
> Tom Cunningham
> cflat(a)
> Web page on
> We did John Rutter's "Look at the World" last Spring; it was very well
> recieved by singers, congregation, and clergy. It's possible to make it
> work for children's choirs, youth choirs, and adult choirs - in any
> combination. This piece would work best in your second category: Good,
> SATB festival chorus, secular or non-denominational, limited instruments
> piano.
> Please post a compilation of responses to Choralist - I'm always searching
> for effective multi-generational choir music.
> Regards,
> Fred Hooper
> Director of Music
> Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
> Camp Hill, PA
> You should investigate Choristers Guild. Not everything they publish is
> everyone but they do provide:
> -excellent workshops and input on working with itty-bitties up through
> adolescents
> -good material in the 2 and 3 part areas
> -an excellent magazine with helpful suggestions and good, useable ideas
> You would greatly enjoy it.
> I will send you their website and snail mail addresses from home tonight.
> Peace,
> Carol Wooten
> I read your request for music on Choralist. May I offer some of my own
compositions? I have several
> for 2-/3-part high voices and piano.
> And for festival choir:
> a setting of St Francis's hymn "All creatures of our God and King"
> SAATBB brass quintet piano bass and drums 13 mins
> a setting of Axel Olrik's "Hymnus Amoris" (Latin text by Danish author)
> SATBwith div, children's choir (unis and 2-part), piano, cello, bass
guitar, percussion 12 mins
> Please visit my website for more information.
> I would be pleased to send you some of my material for your consideration.
> Best wishes
> Paul Ayres
> Flat 4, 2 Albany Road, Ealing, London W13 8PG, UK
> telephone and facsimile 011 4420 8998 2294
> electronic mail paulayres(a)
> website

Kayla Werlin

Dear listers,

Thank you so much to everyone who shared your repertoire suggestions
with me. Several of you also requested a compilation so here's what
I've received so far. Several people recommended Hope for Resolution
by Caldwell and Ivory. Here are some of the comments about it
> One of my favorite pieces for combined choir is Hope for Resolution by
> Caldwell and Ivory. It does have a religious text int eh beginning
> combined with an African freedom song later on. I don't know if the
> sacred text is a problem in your public never was in
> mine. It's a powerful piece.
> The piece, "Hope for Resolution" combines 'Of the Father's Love
> Begotten' with an antiapartheid song from South Africa. It begins
> treble unison, to treble
> canon, and when the freedom song enters, you can use any combination
> from unison to SATB. Also, you can make cuts in the music, to bring it
> in under 5
> minutes, and still have it work; cut the first treble canon, and cut
> the repeats in the freedom song, for example. Published by
> earthsongs.

> Hope For Resolution by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory is great. It pairs
> a hymn tune (Of the Father's Love Begotten) with the South African
> freedom song Thula Sizwe and includes parts for violins and a soprano
> sax! (I also wrote out the bass line for our string basses.) It may
> pose problems for your setting if you have to watch religious
> references, but it is intended to juxtapose two completely different
> cultures, which it does very effectively. A wonderful festival-type
> number.

Other recommendations follow:
> Another thought is Moses Hogan's "Music Down in My Soul" - it's
> arranged for SSA or SATB. Published by Hal Leonard.
> Of course, there are lots of pieces to choose from that are scored for
> either treble or changed voices; perhaps you already have something in
> your SATB
> library (or vice versa), that is also scored for treble choir.
> Recently, we combined an elementary and jr. high Honors Choir in the
> piece "O Sifuni Mungu." The piece is not scored separately for treble
> choir, but you can arrange places for them to sing in the piece.
> Published by Word Music.
> Paul Halley has written a wonderful piece scored for SATB chorus with
> treble choir and piano four hands entitled "United in Song". It is
> published by Pelagos Music. It is very easy to put together.
> The text sounds like it might fit your occasion. It ends
> Come, my friends,
> Here's a gift in our hands.
> We are holding the hope and the drea.
> Many voices blend,
> May tongues from distant lands
> Come together and join in the theme.
> Now's the time!
> Here's the Place?
> Full of beauty, full of grace,
> Where we share in the same destiny.
> And, united in song,
> In this world, where all belong,
> We are one in a perfect harmony.
> The refrain is: All our voices sound with one refrain.
> Here them echo round time and time again.
> This is our family; this is our song.
> Brothers and sisters all, we are one.
> ________________________________
> Take a look at Robert Ward's "Earth Shall Be Fair". It's in 5
> movements, some w/treble choir, IIRC. Nice work.
> You may be interested in my newest choral work, "Song of the
> Mountains," an SSAATB setting of text by John Muir, which was
> commissioned by the Seattle Composers Alliance for the Combined Choirs
> of St. Joseph's School (middle school + high school choirs), who
> premiered the piece last week on May 6, 2004, at Benaroya Hall, on the
> "New Works New Hope" program.  I am attaching a pdf file of the score.
>  The complete text is available on my website, where you may also find
> information about many other choral scores.  The website also gives
> you an opportunity to hear performances of several works by such
> choirs as Seattle Pro Musica, The Esoterics, the William & Mary Choir,
> and Ars Brunensis Chorus.
>     Greg
> Greg Bartholomew
> Email: greg(a)
> Web:
> I have done both Song for the Mira and Away From the Roll of the Sea
> by McGilivray in our spring concert, which is for our high school and
> middle school groups and where by tradition, we combine on  the final
> piece.  Both pieces exist in SATB and SSA so we just alternate and
> combine.
> I highly recommend Paul Halley's "Les Petits Troubadours" for SA and
> SATB or his "Freedom Trilogy" (written for SSA, but adaptable for
> SATB).
> How about the movement for chorus and treble choir in Carmina Burana.
> It is tons of fun and sounds great. I don't remember the name of the
> movement. but it is near the end of the work. Also, doing a movement
> from Carmina is something that singers always remember. I sang it
> once at a state chorus festival and that is only state festival
> concert I really remember.
> "The Telephone" by Randall Thompson - from Frostiana

If I receive more suggestions, I will send an addendum to this
compilation. Thank you again for sharing your ideas.


Judith E. Zuckerman
Music Teacher, Waltham Public Schools
Music Director, Harvard Summer School Orchestra

Hi everyone

THANKS so much to all of you who sent ideas in response to my request for
pieces for SATB choir, piano, and children's choir. Here is the

Kirin Nielsen

Do you know the book "Classical Songs for Children" that came out
about forty years ago? Has all kinds of elementary-school songs that are
drawn from classicial repertoire, opera, early English, even Britten and
Stravinsky ("Tom the Cat").

Jack Noble White's All the Children of the World. (Hal Leonard, 1998).
Written for the Hong Kong hand-over ceremony for the Hong Kong Children's
Choir. This voicing is for SATB/Soloist or ensemble. I had a great alumna so
I did it with ensemble with Soloist. English with choices of chinese and
spanish if you choose. We all found it very satisfying kitch and in the
context of a memorial service for Columbine, suicides of two students and
the housefire which killed five little children, was very appropriate and
I might also recommend the Gloria from Rutter's Mass of the Children, very
festive and interesting. I don't know if there are separate octavos
available but my singers really love the piece which we will perform in May.

Stephen A. Stomps, Director of Choirs
Auburn High School Choirs

Earlier this year I was commissioned by a choral society to write a work
like this - it actually turned out to be two pieces - one for children
(2-part), one for adults (SATB), but they're very closely related - the two
songs are variations of each other, if you see what I mean.
This pair (called "Daisies and Icicles") fulfils all your other
- secular text
- short
- acc by piano
- suitable for spring
it's just you won't get adults and children singing simultaneously!
If you'd like to see the score (PDF or Finale), just ask.
Paul Ayres

There are several ChoralNet resources which might be useful: > Repertoire > by Voicing > Treble with SATB

the following piece is SAB with unison singing parts that can be performed
by children. It is scored for organ, but piano would work easily with the
piece. Short, sacred, $.95. (I don't currently have a piece SATB with
children, but maybe this one would work for your choir.)

"God is Love"

Cecil Rigby
rigrax(a) (personal)

While these are sort of sacred, they would work just fine on a secular

THANKS BE TO GOD, by Marty Haugen, GIA Music #3994 - incorporates "We
Shall Overcome" - very effective

LOOK AT THE WORLD by John Rutter, Hinshaw Music

Hope these help.
Ned Wetherald,
Director of Music Ministry
State College Presbyterian Church
State College, PA

> I know that you're not interested in a commission, however, are you
> interested in contemporary works? I have a work which was commissioned by
> Youth Pro Musica, set to a poem by Christina Rossetti. Also, Steve
> Heitzeg has a beautiful work for children's choir. His music and contact
> information can be found at My information is
> below.
> Most sincerely,
> Amy Scurria

"Let the King Come In" by Lloyd Larson. (Tune is Darwall's "Rejoice the
Lord is King"). I used it with my adult choir SATB and children's choir. It
also has a handbell part that about 4-5 ringers can handle and an optional
trumpet part. It was very effective as a closing piece for our spring
concert because it involved everyone. I ordered it through J.W. Pepper.

Look at Paul Halley's piece "Les Petits Troubadors" published by
Presser (I think) or his piece "Freedom Trilogy" written for SSA, but
easilyy adaptable for mixed choir. Published by Pelagos . You can find
him on the internet. Good luck!

Although this is for 3-part treble choir and SATB, the 3-part is so
easyIt's a canon "Of the Father's Love Begotten" set against "Thula Sizwe"
the African freedom song. Great piece of music! It is called "Hope for
Resolution" and it's a little more than 4 minutes long (I think), by Paul
Caldwell and Sean Ivory, published by Earthsongs. Accompaniment is piano and
optional violin and soprano sax! Good luck.

You might be interested in my IN THE BEAUTY WAY, for mixed chorus and
children's chorus and piano on a text in English and Navajo. It's
available from Boosey & Hawkes #M051470846.

I also have a new setting (new tune, new arrangement of text) of
AMAZING GRACE for adult and children's choruses, piano and flute (or
Scot's fiddle). It is B&H #M051474806.

A new work,SIMPLE BOAT, will also be out this spring, though not in
time, I suspect, for your concert. The children sing the Fisherman's
Prayer: "O Lord, Thy sea is so great and my boat is so small" and
the adult community of singers resond with words from Buddhist
writings "If you wish to go across the water, let me be a boat, a
raft, a bridge." "A simple boat for going here and there, to bring
about the benefit of beings." Information about this project for War
Child Netherlands and the October premiere are at

Another piece, THE SINGING WILL NEVER BE DONE, will be out,
hopefully, by summer on the Sasoon text "Everyone Sang".

If you'd like, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the published
pieces. Let me know your mailing address and I'll get them right out
to you.

Best wishes in your search!
David Brunner

As a possibility, there is a piece that was commissioned by the All-Saints
church in Pasedena CA for organ, piano, bells, SATB and 2-part children's
chorus with a short child solo at the beginning. It is composed on the text
- O Sacrum Convivium (LATIN TEXT). It is approximately 5 minutes long. It
can be done on one piano with three hands - or a good pianists can combine
the two parts.
I think the piece is very lovely and uses many rhythms in mixed meter.
It is published by Boosey & Hawkes, but I don't know if it is available yet.
I can send you a copy.

Be well,
Francisco Nunez.

steven stucky wrote us 6 pieces called Skylark for SATB and
children....secular, and kinda hard. unaccomp. BEAUTIFUL but unpublished
as of yet.

May I suggest 2 of my pieces:

"Things That Never Die" SATB & piano, text by Charles Dickens
"Pacem" SATB, piano and C-instrument

Both published by Shawnee Press.

Lee Dengler

for part of your requests: look at Andrew Carter ( UK ) compositions, he has
some of SATB + Children, wonderful pieces!

Take a look at Imant Raminsh's Alleluia, Amen. It is beautifully written
with a unison melody for children and SATB a ccapella. Michael Mendoza also
has a piece that is published by Alliance , it is a Spanish text, however, I
am drawing a blank on the title - great piece! It was commissioned for
combined honor choirs at the Southwest ACDA conference a few years ago.
Hello Choralist members,

Thank you to those who replied to my query. Below is
my original post, followed by the responses.

Marty Cosgrove-----------------------------------
Hello everyone,

In celebration of my church's pastor being named a
Monsignor, I am looking for a sacred anthem that could
be sung by a combined choir of an SATB adult choir
(15-20 voices) and a unison children's choir (also
15-20 voices). The theme of the anthem can be general
praise, though you may wish to work with a theme
suggested by the readings: that Christ is the vine and
we are the branches.

The children are beginning training in music reading,
but for the purposes of this anthem, it would be
preferable if their part could be taught by rote (I
know, that's not the ideal, but we are at the
beginning stages with this program).

The children have done some harmony, so you don't need
to read "unison" as strict unison.

Thank you for your assistance! You may reply directly
to me at mjcosgrove(a)

Marty Cosgrove
Director of Music and Liturgy
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
Rockville, MD
Our church always loves it when we perform "This Is My
Father's World/He's Got the Whole World In His Hands,"
arranged by Joel Raney, published by Hope Publishing.
This is scored for SATB choir and unison children's
choir. It is a winsome, lyrical, flowing and
uplifting arrangement, yet simple and accessible. I
have often thought it would be a particularly suitable
setting for the Sunday of the week of Sept. 11th
(reassuring us of God's loving oversight and ultimate
control over what happens in our world), but our choir
does not begin its season until October.

Here is some information about it from JWPepper:


Joel Raney
Hope Publishing Company
This simply sparkles! Creative scoring reaches new
heights in this endearing medley of two beloved
classics. The children's choir joins the adults as
equal partners, each taking a turn with the melody
until an exciting final appearance of both tunes at
once! The world theme is beautifully
expressed and makes a great song for mission Sunday.
Dress the children in costumes of
different countries and put on a slide show while
singing this extraordinary song of universal peace.
Highly recommended!

Qty Number Description Price
8064480 SATB/Unison $1.60
Score Image Real Audio

Thanks for asking for these anthem recommendations and
for compiling them for us! I'm very much looking
forward to the compilation!


Cherwyn Ambuter----------------------------------------------
It's not on that theme, but I have an anthem for the
above forces on Brian Wren's *Bring Many Names* (based
on an original hymn tune for this text) that might be
appropriate. Please let me know if this might be of

Robert A.M. Ross
I recall that in a Doreen Rao CME week we (adults)
combined with the childrens choirs on a song called
"Welcome Home". It was quite nice. Sorry but I don't
remember the composer. (Several years ago.)

Vyva M. Hendrix, retiredf
Guntersville, AL-------------------------------------------------
There's a wonderful anthem called Spirit of God by
Michael Bedford published by Chorister's Guild. It has
an optional flute and handbell part. My choir loved
it. You can also do John Rutter's anthem Look at the
World. I believe it's published by Hinshaw.
Linda Eriksen --------------------------------------------------
Sorry I missed the theme. There's another combined
anthem by Michael Jothen called You are the Branches
published by Choristers Guild.
Linda Eriksen---------------------------------------------------
You can free download in my website:
"Ave Maria" (SATB+childrens) and "Laudamus Te"

Giuseppe Mignemi
Via G. Grasso, 20
95013 Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (CT) - Italy
K. Lee Scott has an anthem that calls for SATB and
children's choir - "Sing to the Lord a New Song" -
also has an optional ostinato handbell part, which is
included in the choral octavo or available separately.
It is published by Concordia Publishing House. Text
from psalms.

Marsha Seale
Dir. of Worship and Music
Holy Comforter Lutheran Church
Kingwood, TX------------------------------------------------
I have several SATB w/children anthems that might
interest you. "I Am a Child of God" is a favorite
children's hymn in our church; my arrangement
has SATB alternating with children, and the last verse
is children w/adults humming/alternating in
background. "A Child's Prayer" is done in similar
style. "Faith of a Child" is a new, unpublished piece
which you might enjoy. If you plan to work with the
two groups together in the future, I
have written several Christmas anthems using that
combination of choirs.

All of my published music is available through Jackman
Music (email address: jackmanmc(a) ), where you
can obtain perusal copies; "Faith of a
Child" will be published later on this fall, but I
could send you a copy of it in the meantime if you
will send me a complete mailing address.

Happy hunting!

Ann Kapp Andersen
Estinnes-au-Val, Belgium-----------------------------------------------
There's a lovely work by Gerald Coleman that
incorporates this Christ is the vine idea (I think!?)
called "Christ is with me". It exists in a
couple of versions--even one that includes voicing for
children's choir (Unison) with SATB. Available from

Kurt Amolsch
Cantor, Grace Lutheran Church, LaGrange, Illinois----------------------------------------------
I've had great success with Natalie Sleeth's Go Into
the World.

Terry English
Choral and education resources
Music Plus Corp.-------------------------------------------------
I would suggest William Byrd's "Sacerdotes Domini".
It is SATB, not overly long or difficult.

David Domet
St. Teresa Choir

Thanks again to everyone who replied. I will get in
touch with you if I need more information about the
piece(s) you suggested.

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Hello once again,

I wanted to add this last response to my compilation
from last week regarding combined unison treble and
SATB choirs:

-Marty Cosgrove

- Diane Loomer wrote:

Sorry I missed this the first time around - there's
a 'praiseworthy' arrangement for SATB choir and
children's choirs called "Naramata Alleluia", based on
the tune 'Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow'
published by Cypress Choral Music, Octavo # CP1013.
It's unison children's choir (or youth choir), SATB
choir, handbells(optional), piano or organ
accompaniment. Cypress can be reached at , or email cypress(a)

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Hello all,

Thank you to all who contributed. There were many great suggestions. Here are the results:

Deanna Joseph

I am on vacation and don't have access to my stack of "gotta do" music, but
at the top is a wonderful extended piece by Jonathan David for SATB + treble
voices. It uses medieval carols and contemporary composition. Please contact
Jonathan at his email (above) and he will tell you more.

Hope for Resolution
Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory

This is a terrific combined choirs piece putting together "Of the
Father's Love Begottten" (children's choir in 3 pt canon) and a South
African freedom song (SATB) accompanied and a solo instrument obligato.


You may be interested in "Song of the Mountains," my SSAATB setting of
text by John Muir, which was commissioned by the Seattle Composers
Alliance for the Combined Choirs of St. Joseph's School (middle school
+ high school choirs), who premiered the piece on May 6, 2004, at
Benaroya Hall, Seattle. The complete text is below.

I recently completed a revision to the score, most significantly
revising the piano accompaniment. You may hear the premiere
performance on my website (, where you may also
find information about many other choral scores. The website also
gives you an opportunity to hear performances by such choirs as Seattle
Pro Musica, The Esoterics, the William & Mary Choir, and the Ars
Brunensis Chorus.

My music has been performed across the United States and in Canada,
Australia and Europe. Capstone Records has released the Ars Brunensis
Chorus recording of From the Odes of Solomon on CD. Suite from
Razumov, for clarinet and string quartet, was awarded the Masterworks
Prize by ERM Media and was recorded by the Kiev Philharmonic for
release on the “Masterworks of the New Eraâ€? CD series. String Trio for
George Crumb, commissioned by the Oregon Bach Festival Composers
Symposium, was premiered by the Third Angle New Music Ensemble in July
2004 and reprised in April 2005 in Chicago by the Accessible
Contemporary Music Ensemble. My choral works have been performed by
such award-winning ensembles as Seattle Pro Musica, The Esoterics, and
the Oregon Repertory Singers, and also received readings by the Gregg
Smith Singers at the Adirondack Festival of American Music.

I am attaching a pdf file of the score. I would be pleased to provide
a hardcopy of the score and/or CD recording by regular mail, if you are

Greg BartholomewYou might be interested in one or more of my pieces for combined SATB
and children's choruses.

SIMPLE BOAT sets two texts: The children sing the Irish Fisherman's
prayer: "Dear Lord, be good to me. Your sea is so great and my boat is
so small" and the adult community of singers respond with the Buddhist
words "If you wish to go across the water, let me be a boat, a raft, a
bridge. A simple boat for going here and there." There are both piano
and orchestral versions.

AMAZING GRACE uses both the traditional and a newly composed melody.
The text is also treated in a fresh way. The published score is with
piano and flute (though my Scottish friend Mandy Miller suggests Scot's
fiddle would be nice...)

IN THE BEAUTY WAY is on Navajo words, both in English and Navajo. With

All are published by Boosey & Hawkes. If you'd like, I'd be happy to
send you single copies of each. Let me know and I'll get them right
out to you.

Best wishes in your search!
David Brunner


My students have enjoyed Carolyn Jenning's "Climb to the Top of the Highest Mountain". Not too difficult, but quite effective.

I have composed Four Carols for trebel chorus and mixed chorus,
with chamber orchestra accompaniment. (It is part of a larger group
of carols called Now is the Time). Perhaps it would be
performable with keyboard accompaniment, using the orchestra
Let me sing of a maid (Duncan's version of I sing of a maid that is makeles)
Who will come to Bethlehem (Ruth Sawyer)
There is no rose (medieval)
I saw a fair maiden (medieval)

Usually the trebles sing in unison, sometimes in two parts, and
(rarely) in three parts. Duration 10 minutes. The four carols
run continuously. I can send a score and a recording if you are

Brian Holmes

There are several ChoralNet resources on this topic: > Repertoire > by Voicing > Treble > with SATB


Someone (Alice Parker?) has arranged from the Sacred Harp a piece called Chords of Love for SATB/Unison that I remember liking a lot


A few years ago I commissioned a piece from Alice Parker for SATB and children's choir. It is a setting of the hymn "I'll Praise My Maker," and is published by Hinshaw. It is accompanied by organ and optional handbells.

I thought you might like to know about it, since Alice is your neighbor up there, and a Smith alumna.

If you're interested in Christmas, we did a nice arrangement of
"Hark! the Herald Angels Sing"- Choral Fanfare and Processional Hymn,
arr. Michael Burkhardt, Choristers Gild, CGA 900. One or 2 SATB
ensembles, unison or SSA treble ensemble, (the 3-part is fairly easy
for an intermediate group, which ours is), congregation, brass
quartet, and organ. We did it with piano and brass quintet, who were
the 2nd SATB ensemble, per the options given in the arrangement. Very
nice, and I believe you might enjoy this.


I like John Rutter's "Mass of the Children." Some of it is really repetitive music, but for the most part, it's beautiful, and in classic Rutter fashion, it's accessible. The children's chorus is at most divided into three parts. If I think of more repertoire using these forces, I'll let you know.

Check out Andrew Carter's "Benedicite". It's a great piece for the forces
you specified. Parts for small orchestra are available but a keyboard
accompaniment works well too. The children's choir pices are published
separately under the title "Bless the Lord." Both are published by Oxford.

Regarding your notice on Choral-list, I know that British composer Paul
Ayres has a piece called "O praise ye the Lord" with this scoring.

His website is

In 2001 I was commissioned by Covenant Presbyterian Church in
Roanoke, Virginia to compose settings of four specific Psalms to be
used in a month-long program of congregational revitalization. They
were (1) a Psalm of Trust (Ps. 27); (2) A Psalm of Lamentation (Ps.
13); (3) a Psalm of Vengeance (Ps. 58); and a Psalm of Praise (Ps.
146, all with the Protestant numbering). As the pieces shaped
themselves, I found the theme of Trust In the Lord coming back in
each of them. My wife also composed a set of four Introits to fit
the four themes.

The second and fourth of these settings includes Youth Choir (which
could easily be sung by Treble Choir--unison, some 2-part, and some
very intuitive 3-part which could be simplified to unison). Each of
the four settings was also orchestrated with very specific
instrumentation worked out between the Minister of Music and me, but
each has a keyboard reduction that is perfectly adequate (and which
was actually used in the 8:30 service on each of those four Sundays).

The church wanted "contemporary" settings. Right! As we know, that
could mean anything from Steve Reiche to Amy Grant!! So I let my
imagination loose and explored the possibilities. Susie's Introits
are closer to contemporary classical (she was a composition major at
Indiana, and a very successful Episcopal youth choir director), and
my Psalm settings closer to popular stylings (I was a very successful
commercial arranger for about 50 years!), but without degenerating
into stereotyped Contemporary Christian.

The setting of Psalm 13 starts with a lonely adagio introduction by
brass quintet, moving into verbal discussion among
the choir members, indicating their discouragement and depression, it
moves into--are you ready?!--an upbeat Rap and Gospel section that
expands on the negative feelings by turning to the positive search
for an answer. That's where the youth (or children) come in. It was
staged so that the youngsters came up out of their seats in the
congregation to remind their elders of the theme of the previous
week: "Trust In the Lord." The ending is tutti and very upbeat.

The setting of Psalm 146 is pure joyfulness from beginning to end,
set as an upbeat jazz waltz in one with the choir and youth
(children) singing both together and antiphonally. At one point the
choir sings the praise of God in 4 or 5 different languages and the
youth sing the English translations.

(I was especially proud of the way the choir brought off the Psalm of
Vengeance, which I set as a very angry grunge outburst. They did
remarkably well for a bunch of Presbyterians!!)

Now, here's the absolutely scary part. The first Sunday was
September 9, 2001, following a week of preparation in Sunday School
and adult classes, with a very fine sermon keyed to the Psalm text.
Two days later was 9/11/2001, a day that will live in infamy. Here
we were with a Psalm of Lamentation set for the following Sunday, and
a Psalm of Vengeance for the one after that. Naturally I called the
co-Pastors (a wonderful married couple) and asked whether they wanted
to call off the rest of the series. They said absolutely not, and
they would adjust their sermons accordingly (which they did
brilliantly). I also asked whether they wanted me to write out the
Arabic praise of God in Psalm 146, and again they said absolutely
not, and made the point that the attack was by terrorists and not by
devout Muslims. As you can imagine, the emotional level in those
next three services was incredible.

Our pieces are unpublished, or more accurately self-published, and
have only been performed by the church which commissioned them. I
have been remiss in submitting them for possible publication. If you
are interested in looking at any of them, please do let me know, and
I would be happy to send you copies of the keyboard-vocal score, and
to discuss the original orchestrations with you if you wish.

John Howell


A couple of years ago, I had exactly the same need for a joint concert I was
doing with Amare Cantare, a select mixed chamber chorus in Durham, NH, and
the Sandpipers, a treble chorus in Portsmouth, NH. I had trouble finding
anything that had music for the children's chorus that wasn't in unison. I
was working with a good children's chorus that could sing in parts. So, I
commissioned a work from Christopher Kies, a composer at the University of
New Hampshire; it is a setting of poetry by local elementary school
students. It is for adult chorus, children's chorus, piano, cello, flute,
celeste (we used a synthesizer), and percussion. We were ablt to have some
of the chorus members play some of the percussion. If you are interested in
the piece, I could give you Chris's contact info, and you could contact him
directly. The piece is not published, so you'd have to talk with Chris. I
wouldn't call it an easy work, but it is good.

Catherine Beller-McKenna
Music Director, Amare Cantare, Durham, NH


Do you know 'Hope for Resolution?' of Caldwell & Ivory? The SATB choir
sings an African song, and the treble chorus sings the chant "Of the
Father's love begotten." It's very effective.


The following was commissioned by the Lancaster Chorale and first
performed by the Chorale and the Lancaster-Fairfield Children's
Chorus. It's a setting of a Scottish plainchant hymn Aurora rutilat
('Dawn glows red') and has two treble lines as well as SATB divisi.

Sheena Phillips
Composer & Choral Musician

My Maker's World - arr. Curry (Alfred)
African Proclliance)


I have written a number of pieces which are available in multiple versions - - both treble voices AND SATB or SAB. In particular, my SHONA MASS (Boosey & Hawkes) has flexible voicings and has been done as a treble, mixed, and men's chorus work.

I do have one piece which is for SATB and SA (or SATB and SAB).
The title is SONG OF THE SKY LOOM. It is published by Kesselman Press. Texts are Tewa and Lakota.

Lee R. Kesselman

Deanna Joseph
Smith College Music Department
Sage Hall, 2
Northampton, MA 01063


on April 15, 2004 10:00pm
Children can be included in the Faure Requiem, in the Pie Jesu, Sanctus, and closing movements.

Children can be included in a number of Bach cantatas, singing the chorale melody. Examples: Gottes Zeit , Christ Lag in Todesbanden.

Children can be included in the Vivaldi Gloria's "Domine Fili Unigenite," and possibly in the solo, "Domine Deus".

Rutter has recently written "Mass of the Children," which features SATB choir with children's chorus.