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Complete English-language Mass settings

I'm interested in comparing different English-language settings of the Catholic Mass. By this, I mean Masses that were written in English originally, not translations of existing Masses (i.e., translations of the Bach B Minor, etc.). I also mean entire major works---not just a Credo here or a Sanctus there. I've done a little searching to see how many I can find and this is what I've got so far:
The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass – Carol Barnett
Armed Man: A Mass for Peace – Karl Jenkins
Gospel Mass – Robert Ray
Mass of Creation – Marty Haugen
A Community Mass – Richard Proulx
(I do realize that some of these may not follow the form of the Catholic Mass exactly.) If anyone could guide me to any more of this type of work, I'd appreciate it. I suspect that most (all?) of this type of thing will be relatively contemporary, and also that there won't be a whole lot of them. Anyone know of any others?
on August 11, 2014 10:31am
Are you thinking in terms of a church service or a concert performance?
You will find a lot of English 'communion services' for choir and organ even before the word 'mass' regained popularity in the late twentieth century. Stars of the anglican genre, working for a church that saw itself as both catholic and reformed, were Stanford, Howells, Darke and Ireland. For orchestra, I've only found settings by Stanford but the others can still be pretty large-scale. Several settings also include music for morning and evening prayer. The most striking difference is that 'Glory be to God on high' comes at the end, after distributing communion. These movements therefore contain the gathering of themes that composers in Latin save for 'Agnus Dei'.
I hope that gives you something to work with.
on August 12, 2014 4:51am
These were found in the index of the Catholic hymnal, "Breaking Bread." Good luck.
Heritage Mass- Owen Alstott
Mass of Christ the Savior- Dan Schutte
Mass of Glory- Bob Hurd/ Ken Canedo
Mass of Renewal- Curtis Stephan
Mass of St. Paul the Apostle- Christopher Walker
Mass of the Resurrection- Randall DeBruyn
Celtic Mass- Christopher Walker
on August 12, 2014 4:56am
Hello Kiersten,
What a timely surprise to see your forum question! I am currently putting the finishing touches on a new edition of A Caribbean Mass that I wrote over a three-year period on the West Indian island of Cariacou, Grenada. During my three breaks there I was also organist and choir director in the Christ The King ‘Cathedral’ church where I was privileged to conduct the first performance. While there I worked with Mike Agostini, an excellent local pan (steel drum) performer and teacher. He was teaching steel drums to the kids at Bishops College, a small private school on the island, and encouraged me to write for his ensemble. I took up the steel drum while there, sat along side his students, and was totally hooked!
The resulting Caribbean Mass is fully performable by choir with keyboard alone, with optional flute and/or a single steel drum. The mass movements – The Ordinary: Kyrie, Creed, Agnus Dei, Sanctus & Benedictus, and Gloria – are fully scored as well for a variety of pans, while the Proper, which in this case includes  Kum Ba Ya, Let Us Break Bread Together, a couple of new hymns, Psalm 23, Thank you for the Love, Christ is Arisen This Glorious Day, The Lord's Prayer, Great Amen, Memorial Acclamation… generally has keyboard accompaniment. The entire English-language mass may be sung in unison or in two parts (women and men), though it is now scored also for SATB, the part-writing being somewhat the equvalent of four-part hymns. Many of the movements are written such that the congregation can join in the singing. While the mass is intended primarily for church use, movements of it may be sung in a concert setting. Portions of it appear in the United Church Of Canada hymnal.
Four movements may be heard on my website (, where there is also additional information on A Caribbean Mass. Sample pdfs available.
I will be leading a workshop of A Caribbean Mass outside Toronto in mid-October, in case you are interested in this. 
on August 12, 2014 7:48am
Look at, if you can find a copy, Barrie Cabena's Mass in the Dorian Mode.
Also, Healey Willan wrote two mass settings for the Catholic Mass and numerous complete mass setting for the Anglican Church which could now be used in the Anglican Ordinariate parishes (Anglicanum Coetibus).
Willan's works are now under the curatorship the of the Canons of St. John Cantius in Chicago.
Good luck with your project.
on August 12, 2014 8:08am
Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful! I'd forgotten about that Caribbean Mass, too, so thank you for bringing it up again!
on August 12, 2014 8:52am
I have programmed Healey Willan's Missa Brevis X for the fall. It's all in English, with the exception of the Kyrie. It includes the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus/Benedictus, and Agnus Dei. SATB a capella, with occasional divisi in Soprano. It was published by H. W. Gray, and is no longer in print, but if you can get your hands on a copy, Alfred Music will grant permission to copy for a nominal fee. It's a beautiful work.
I'm not familiar with his other masses, but I am aware that others are in English, too. 
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