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Choral Composition Question

I've finally gotten the courage to publish a choral work. What's next!? I honestly have no idea. It's my first choral work to win a competition & I want to make sure I do this correctly.
on March 16, 2014 4:01pm
Congratulations, Elizabeth!  My first competition winner led to my first publication, 
over twenty years ago.
Your should visit the website of Santa Barbara Music and purchase Barbara Harlow's book
How to get your choral composition published.  Here is a link.
The book is full of wisdom.  In approaching a publisher, it helps to have a good recording;
even if the editor doesn't need a recording to select the piece, a recording is a useful
thing to put on the publisher's website to attract buyers.  Make sure your have the
rights to use the words.  Make sure that the piece fits in the catalog of the publisher.
If you have contacts with any of the publisher's editors, use those, preferably if
your piece is like what they publish.
I think publishing with a recognized publisher is helpful to a composer, but only up
to a point.  Most composers don't make much money from published compositions; but 
publications can lead to commissions, which can be more lucrative.
Many composers have chosen to self-publish.  This has the advantage that
you collect a larger share of the purchase price; it has the disadvantage that you need to
spend time and money promoting the piece the way a publisher would.  This community
has had some useful and lively discussions of the issue involved; seek them out.
Meanwhile, don't sit on the piece.  Get it into the hands of any choral directors you 
know.  Remember this: now that the artistic frenzy of composition is finished, what
you have is merchandise.  Go ye forth market it!
Brian Holmes
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on March 17, 2014 3:17am
And get started writing the next one!  (:  Congratulations!  
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on March 18, 2014 1:43pm
Can you tell us what the voicing and text is? Difficulty level? I conduct a college women's chorus that loves trying new music. If it's appropriate for us, we'd happily give it a whirl!
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