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Advice Sought for Renaming/Rebranding a Chorus

Aloha, Colleagues!
I am into my fifth year as Artistic Director/Conductor for the 24-year old chorus, the Kona Music Society (note the name of the group doesn't reflect that we are a choir).  
KMS is an all-volunteer chorus of mixed voices.  We are 75 singers strong with a paid accompanist and director (me).  We have four major performances a year and several small ones.  We perform Messiah annually as well as another major work in the spring - all with orchestra.  Our annual budget is around $90,000/year.
As the organization heads into its 25th year anniversary next fall, at my suggestion, I'm asking the board to think about renaming/rebranding the group so that our name reflects what we truly are, a CHORUS.  We have calls all the time asking if we are an orchestra, music club, etc. etc.  
I would love any input from those of you who have considered this in the past or have gone through a name change/rebranding process.  I have read what Chorus America has to say about this and it has been helpful.
Susan McCreary Duprey
Artistic Director, Kona Music Society
Artistic Director/Founder, Windward Choral Society
on March 6, 2014 6:42pm

Is Kona Choral Society too similar/obvious/uninspiring? 

It would be a minimal change. You'd keep the graphics pretty much the same. It wouldn't confuse annual Messiah attendees, etc.

Or were you thinking of something radically different?


cheers – DB

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