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Mysterious Gloria

I’m wondering if any choral experts out there would be willing to look at an unidentified score.  Here’s the situation: a library patron has asked me for help identifying part of a choral work.  Her choir is performing it and no one, including the director, knows who the composer is.   Because of the size of the document, I can’t attach the full score.  If any choral experts have time I would be happy to send a pdf of the score or if anyone can suggest another list where I might post this question, that would be wonderful!
Thanks in advance!
Lauren Noel
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on January 10, 2014 6:31am
Unfortunately, no.  I was only sent pages 11-23.  However, I will check with the patron and see if I can find out more about how this particular choir found itself in possession of the mystery score.  I hope my next message to you all will have more substance.
I SO appreciate everyone's help, advice and expertise!  What a great group! 
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