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Tuscany Project 2014: Gospel + Making a Song Your Own

Location: Italy
Choir type: Other Choirs
What Is the Tuscany Project?

Twenty-two years ago, four friends combined their skills as musicians, singers, actors and teachers to create an annual artistic retreat. Their dream was to create an environment where individuals could experience the power of the human voice as a celebration of the human spirit. This dream came out of their common belief that music, and particularly singing supported by a community of like-minded Individuals inspires and transforms lives. They imagined a place where once a year individuals from every walk of life, of any age and musical experience level, could step out of their daily life and into a paradise where artistic freedom and musical exploration are encouraged and nurtured.
That dream became The Tuscany Project
At the core of our work are a number of principles:
 -The power of breath
-The connection between voice, body and soul
-Freeing the body and voice
-The belief that everyone is capable of singing
-The encouragement to take risks
-Balancing being in the spotlight with being lit from within
-Participants come together in a supportive environment where the group and the individual’s process are respected.

The work we do is not about competition; it is about celebrating each participant’s own unique voice in a vibrant, international community of singers and teachers.
2014 Option 1:
Group Singing Each day starts with a morning movement class followed by group singing with Phillip. Afternoons are free to relax. Dive into the "infinity pool” overlooking the green hills of Umbria. Hike the surrounding Umbrian countryside, nap, read, practice or visit the neighboring villages and hill towns (you will need to arrange for your own transportation).

2014 Option 2:

Group Singing + "Making a Song My Own"

(limited to 16 participants)

Each day starts with a morning movement class followed by group singing with Phillip. Participants choosing this option will dedicate afternoons to "the art of making a song your own." We will work on vocal and acting technique, finding a personal connection to the material, bringing forth the “story” in a song, making an authentic connection with an audience, musicality and musical style. At the end of the workshop, these participants will share their songs at a final celebration.
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