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SA Choral Festival Planning Stage

Hey ChoralNet,
    My conducting partner and I are planning a festival for SA choirs with members up to 6th grade.  We have not found many such festivals in our area and want to give other directors a chance to travel with their choirs.   We are in the planning stage and would like to see if there is any interest as well as seek suggestions and advice.  We are looking for choirs that sing in 2 or more parts regularly and that use live accompaniment.
We have already partnered with the Composer's of Choral Music Community who will be writing two combined choir festival finales. 
We have an excellent performance facility that seats 450 with two tiered music classrooms nearby as well as other music department rehearsal spaces.
We have an excellent community Children's Choir that wants to attend as well as potential guest older choirs.  
We are planning this for May 2014 in Racine, WI.  
I would appreciate some ideas from anyone who has hosted a festival like this especially pointing out pitfalls I may not have considered.   
Anyone interested please send me info about your choirs. 
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