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Disney trip advice

I am planning to do one of the Disney Performing Arts workshops next June (2015). I've never planned a big trip. I wanted advice on the following:
--is it better to hire a tour planner/agency, or book hotel and charter bus myself?
--if you recommend hiring a planner service, can you recommend one to me?
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on January 6, 2014 5:21am
Hi There -
I took my choir to Disney 2 years ago and had an amazing time!
As a cost-savings measure, we decided to stay off site and we rented 4 homes in a subdivision about a 5-10 minute drive from all of the Disney Parks.  These proved to be extremely cost effective for a number of reasons, PLUS the accommodations were much more comfortable than staying in a hotel room.  (It was also safer in our opinion to have kids under one roof as opposed to running wild through hallways in Disney!
We rented four 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom houses and they were next door to each other, which made it really convenient.  We also made our own breakfasts at the homes, which was great - and also was a nice cost-savings.  Dinners were often at local restaurants (that was our splurge) but we did order pizza to the houses one time and also did Subway one night as well.  The kids had time in the private pools or living rooms to unwind after our busy days at the parks... So I would highly recommend that route....  Each home had 2 or 3 chaperones.
We found an excellent bus company who picked us up and dropped us off daily... they were reasonable and excellent to deal with.
If you have any questions, just ask!
Also - are you doing the workshop at Disney as well?  If you aren't, you's such a great experience. My kids LOVED it....  We also did the "Illuminations Dinner" at Epcot one night, and that was quite nice too.  Food was decent (not amazing, but ok), but being right there to watch the fireworks was pretty special!
Good luck with your planning!
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