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Mechanical License question

Can anyone confirm that it is, indeed, acceptable for a publisher to charge $10.00 per song for a mechanical license to produce 20 copies of a CD?  I have been accustomed to paying .091 per title, per CD.  This year, I received a bill from one publisher, with a charge of $10.00 per song, for 20 copies (which the publisher noted only as "under 110 copies").  I know that Harry Fox Agency charges for a minimum number of copies, but I did not realize that individual publishers might do the same.  Thank you for your help.
on August 10, 2013 5:15am
Denise, it's not at all unusual for a publisher to set some sort of minimum quantity for mechanical licenses. We've run into that hundreds of times over the years. 
on August 10, 2013 8:00am
In the USA, the mechanical license rate is set by law, and there is no minimum. Furthermore, if you fill out the proper notification and pay the statutory fee, the publisher is legally obliged to issue the license (that's why it's called a compulsory license) within a reasonable time. More info: Publishers like to pretend that they won't issue the license if you don't satisfy other conditions (e.g. minimum orders) but those aren't legally enforceable. Here's a summary from the copyright office, and here's the law itself.
These limitations don't apply to Harry Fox, which is a service agency and can add conditions, additional fees, etc. You'd have to contact the publisher directly for each title.
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