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Elementary choir uniforms

When I started in elementary choir a while ago, the school bought dresses for the girls.  The dresses had an empire waist and were maxi length.  If they fit well, they looked great but the dresses were rather hard to fit since elementary girls are not uniform in body structure to begin with.  I started using white long sleeved shirts, black skirts, (pants for the 1/2 dozen boys) with a bow tie and cummerbund.  We have used this for a while, sometimes changing tie color for variety.  I would like to do something different but am out of ideas.  We need to have something a little dressy due to our competitions we participate in.  Any new ideas?
on June 28, 2013 8:01am
We used black pants for ALL (including girls), white tux shirts, red cummerbunds and red ties, black socks and shoes, in all 6 of our elementary schools.  It's a great look, and formal enough for competitions.  We bought child-sized tux shirts from Simco Formalwear.
on June 30, 2013 1:57pm
Another way to dress up (and vary) your black pants and white dress shirts - snazzy vests. You can choose a single color or a palatte (jewel tones, two tone etc...)
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