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Calculate Voice Attack Time using MATLAB Software

I am a graduate student at Westminster Choir College and am pursuing a thesis using VAT measurement to determine if kinesthetic touch and/or movement can positively affect the voice attack timing/coordination. In reading articles such as "Validation of a Glottographic Measure of Vocal Attack" and others, I saw that it mentioned using a largely automated computer-based system that helps extract VAT measures from the SP and EGG signals. In this article, it noted a "custom Matlab script" for the automatic computation, and I know that another researcher used VAT software through MATLAB as well. If anyone could offer me any more specific information regarding whether or not there is still access to such a program (or if I would have to customize one myself), how to obtain it, and how to transfer the values from the SP and EGG signals into the program to garner the results, I would be much obliged.
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