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Seeking Repertoire and Ideas for a program called "A Springtime Journey"

I am looking for ideas and repertoire for SATB, SA, SSA, TB, TTBB etc. for a concert called "A Springtime Journey" for a Community Chorus of about 50+ members.  Selections could be accompanied by piano, percussion other incidental instruments, organ or small orchestra.  Will appreciate any and all ideas.
Kathleen Hacker - Director
Lompoc Valley Master Chorale
on January 6, 2013 8:01pm
Songs about journeys? Songs about spring? Literal or metaphorical?
on January 6, 2013 10:12pm
Here are some works of mine to look at.
Hark, Hark the Lark SSA, trumpet, and piano.
From the Shakespeare poem.  Originally written for
children's chorus, so the vocal parts are not too
difficult.  The piano accompaniment is moderately difficult.
Let me know if you want to see a score and hear a recording.
      ....And winking May-buds begin
      To ope their golden eyes
In Just– is for unaccompanied mixed chorus.  (I assume that
is acceptable, though your call does not make this explicit.)
A setting of e e cummings poem.  Short; not difficult.  This is
the opening number of my 4 e e cummings songs, which I wrote
for the San Francisco Choral Artists.  The piece has won three
composition contests, and can be found in the PROJECT:ENCORE
database of Schola Cantorum on Hudson.
     in Just-
     spring          when the world is mud-
     luscious the little
     lame balloonman

     whistles          far          and wee
Brian Holmes
Winnder, 2012 American Prize in Choral Composition.
on January 6, 2013 10:40pm
Hi Kathleen,
Love the idea.  If only someone arranged Vaughan Williams "Songs of Travel" for chorus!
Here are some suggestions, and at the bottom are a couple compositions of mine.  If you're interested in either of those, please feel free to contact me at: andrew.j.miller.4(a)
- Rutter, "For the Beauty of the Earth"
- Rutter, "All things bright and beautiful"
- There are SATB arrangements of "Fields of Gold" by Sting. 
- Any setting of "Songs of Innocence" would fit perfectly.
- Traditional Hymn: For the fruit of all creation.
- Stephen Paulus' "The Road Home" if your group can do 8 pt divisi
- Any arrangement of "An Irish Blessing". 
- Matthew Culloton's "Famine Song" would be PERFECT. 
The next two below are two of my original compositions that might work.
I just finished writing this one.  It's a memorial song, but fits Spring very well.  Every program can use a tear jerker. :)
This one fits into just about any program, is accessible, enjoyable, and creates that 'special' moment. (Also available in SATB)
on January 7, 2013 4:29am
A really cool piece is Dean Rishel's "For Spring is Here." It's the third song of his group "Rubaiyats" and is a setting of a verse by Omar Khayyam. A bit jazzy, up tempo. A cappella, though, so it might not suit your needs. But check it out at
on January 7, 2013 5:49am
Hi Kathleen!
If you are up for a challenge with your group, I would recommend the Glink "Traveling Song".  It can be done in Russian (if you choose the Russian, go to and get the diction CD; well worth the work!) or in English.  The song tells the story of the excitement surrounding the opening of the Transcontinental Siberian college students loved it so much that it is the senior request number for this Spring's concert.  Best of luck!
Dr. Casey J. Hayes
Franklin College, IN
on January 7, 2013 7:46am
Hi, Kathleen --
I hope you'll take a look at my setting of Robert Louis Stevenson's A Song of the Road, for SATB, trumpet, and piano four hands. It was commissioned and premiered by an auditioned community chorus, and has proven popular with performers and audiences alike. More info, including performance MP3 and sample score PDF, available at:
All best!
Jonathan Santore
on January 7, 2013 8:46am
Hi Kathleen,
We sing a gorgeous Georgian piece "Gazapkhuli" ("Spring") that is SSA, TTB, or any combo thereof! Check it out at (includes translation). If you're interested, email me at kaia(a) and I can hook you up with the sheet music and the people to contact for rights.
Sing on!
on January 7, 2013 11:02am
Here are three for you to consider:
  • Song of the Mountains (SATB with divisi in SA only and piano accompaniment): setting of text by American naturalist John Muir
  • The Tree (unaccompanied SATB): setting of pa oem by 19th Century American transcendental poet Jones Very with references to each season
  • When I Land (unaccompanied SATB): setting of a meditative poem by a WWII pilot
You may listen to recordings, review texts and download perusal pdf scores on my website:
on January 7, 2013 4:09pm
Good Day, Kathleen
I have both conducted and written for community choruses and can offer the following specifically 'spring' works.
The Apple Tree in Bloom. "Spring" from The Five Seasons on poems by Vermont poet James Hayford. Harmonic; commissioned by a community chorus. SATB, optional flute, and a not-difficult piano accompaniment.
Spring Grass, from Reflections on Walden Pond, to a text by American environmentalist and writer Henry David Thoreau; commissioned by a community chorus. This a cappella SATB piece explores accessible sound clusters. 
A Lover and His Lass, to poetry by William Shakespeare. (CAMMAC prize for new choral music) A contemporary ‘modal’ madrigal. SATB. Fastish, 'spring-like'. Refrain: "In springtime, the only pretty ringtime...sweet lovers love the spring!".  BERANDOL (Canada)
Donald Patriquin
2010 ACCC (Canada) Associated Publishers Prize for New Choral Music
on January 7, 2013 4:16pm
It's a great theme, Kathleen, and there are so many possibilities! I'll just suggest the following for now.
E. J. Moeran's Songs of Springtime, a wonderfully charming set of seven a cappella works for SATB voices. The movements are:
  1. Under the Greenwood Tree (Shakespeare)
  2. The River-God's Song
  3. Spring, the Sweet Spring
  4. Love is a Sickness
  5. Sign no more, Ladies (Shakespeare)
  6. Good Wine
  7. To Daffodils (Robert Herrick)
As I understand it, you can purchase individual movements in addition to purchasing the entire set, which is 17 minutes in length. The publisher is Novello.
Stephen Chatman also has a charming set of three pieces entitled An Elizabethan Spring for SATB a cappella. The movements are:
  1. Spring, the Sweet Spring
  2. There is a Garden in Her Face
  3. The Urchin's Dance
The publisher for the score I have is Waterloo Music. I think the duration of the entire set is only about 4 minutes. Short and sweet. The work has been recorded by the Vancouver Chamber Choir conducted by Jon Washburn on Due North, one of several CDs that Washburn and VCC have made of Chatman's choral works.
George Gershwin has a fun piece called Sing of Spring, with lyrics by his brother Ira, for SATB choir and piano. Full of nice 1930s popular & jazz harmonies.
And I should mention Britten's Five Flower Songs, op. 47, especially in this centennial year of his birth.
And many more. Happy foraging!
John Muehleisen 
on January 7, 2013 5:16pm
Debussy Salut Printemps, SSA  (SSAA?) and sop solo - great piece!
Could do a set about birds, bugs etc - LTOS of thsoe from the renaissance on. Sme lesser-known ones:
  Chatman - Woodpecker, Mosquitos
  Larsen Chameleon Wedding
  el Grillo
LOTS about birds, of course.   the Bluebird, Chant des Oiseux, madrigals..
Saint-Saens Les Fleur et les Arbres
Eliz Alexander - Spring Revels
Ron Perera - In Just Spring
Wm Hawley - io son la primavera
Schutz - Ride la Primavera
Persichetti - Spring Cantata (women)
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