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A Show Worth Watching

Now this will be an unusual post for our community.  I watch very little TV.  There hasn't been a show on that I have enjoyed since reality TV became, well, a reality.  But finally there is a show that appeals to me as a composer, singer and musical director.   If you have not yet seen NBC's  SMASH are you in for a surprise.  it is incredible.  It's about a song writing duo who are working on a new show, trying to balance their real life with their work life.  It's about the hopes and dreams of people auditioning for a part, following their dream. It's about someone having a taste of the theater as a high school stage hand that grows up and wants to be a part of it, any part of it.  It has characters that are already fully developed and fantastically alive after just one episode.  Find this first episode and watch it.  I haven't been this excited for a TV show since ROOTS, no bad example, STNG, no bad example, Friends, no bad example. OK I have never been this excited for a TV show.  OK maybe STNG. (If you don't know what STNG means it's probably a good thing.)  I know what I will be doing on Monday nights from now on (thank God for DVR or I would have missed it.)
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