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format suggestion

I just figured out that the New Content newsletters weren't low on content because of the 4th of July holiday, but rather because of a format change.  I couldn't find the Forum.  Up until June 26 the News, Forums and Blog were up top, Classifieds were down below.  Starting June 27 the newsletter format was re-arranged in alphabetical order, putting Classifieds above the Forums and News.   I'm willing to bet that there's been less response to Forum questions, and it's not simply because of the 4th of July.  
Why scroll through Classifieds to get to the 'good stuff'?  Website design talks about click depth, newspapers put their best stories front page above the fold.  I don't care about used risers for sale in a far geographical location, and if I have to scroll through riser ads I'm significantly less likely to read and respond to the Forum.  My interest and participation is directly linked to ease of use, and I suspect I'm not alone.  
Sadly Scrolling,
on July 7, 2010 4:34pm
Different users have different priorities about what constitutes the "good stuff" on ChoralNet, but you're probably right that the forums are the most popular feature. I'll look into re-ordering the contents of the Daily.
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