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Time of day

Dear Listers,
I recently asked for suggestions of music for different times of day,
especially dawn, dusk, noon, and afternoon. I also requested
suggestions for an arrangement of "Lazy Afternoon." I only received a
few replies, but here they are. Also, at the end, I'm listing music I
had already found myself. Thanks again to those who responded. If
anyone else thinks of anything, I'm still open to suggestions!


Anna Dembska
Composer, soprano, and Director, Schoodic Summer Chorus
Flying Leap Music



This piece has always been a favorite of mine:

When rooks fly homeward, by Arthur Baynon (Boosey & Hawkes?)

When rooks fly homeward and shadows fall,
when roses fold on the hay-yard wall,
when blind moths flutter by door and tree,
then comes the quiet of Christ to me.

When stars look out on the Children's Path
and grey mists gather on carn and rath,
when night is one with the brooding sea,
then comes the quiet of Christ to me.

text by Joseph Campbell


Below is a program we did a couple years ago - called Lazy Afternoons
and Enchanted Evenings: Savoyards Sing Summer . Most isn't a acapella
but I wonder if the titles could be looked up at JW Pepper for a
capella arrangments. The 1st half is Gilbert and Sullivan, the 2nd is
mostly musical theatre.


Lazy Afternoons and Enchanted Evenings:

Savoyards Sing Summer

ACT I: G & S and operetta
4 Solos (Sherry, Sheila, Kari, Kris) and 4 bits (Emily, Jennifer,
Melissa, Lisa) with Chorus: I Have a Song to Sing O - Yeoman of the
Duet : Gondolieri (David, Doug)
Solo: Would You Know the Kind of Maid - Princess Ida (Scott)
Trio: Three Little Maids - Mikado (Jennifer, Kari, Melissa)
Trio: Gently, gently or I am a maiden - Princess Ida (Scott, Doug, Sam)
Chorus: Brightly Dawns our Wedding Day - Mikado
Solo: The Sun Whose Rays are All Ablaze -Mikado (Kris)
Solo: Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes – Gondoliers
(David) ???????????????????????
Women's Chorus with duet: How Beautifully Blue the Sky – The Pirates
of Penzance (Karen and Mark)
Solo with Men’s Chorus: Sighing Softly to the River- Pirates (Doug)
Duet: Drink, My Darling- Die Fledermaus (Mark and Sherry)
Chorus: The champagne chorus from Die Fledermaus (solo 2nd verse:
ACT II: Broadway Musicals
Solo: Summertime - Porgy & Bess (Sherry)
Chorus: A Weekend in the Country - Sondheim
Duet: It's a Lovely Day - Call me Madam
Solo: Lazy Afternoon - Golden Apple (Jennifer G)
Solo: Some Enchanted Evening - South Pacific (Greg)
Duet: Old Devil Moon - Finian's Rainbow (Adam & Lisa)
Solo: Blame it on the Summer Night - Rags (Lisa)
Chorus: Too Darn Hot (Greg, Adam, Sam, Scott with Sherry, Lisa, Jen G,
Solo: Stranger in Paradise – Kismet
Duet: Soon It's Gonna Rain - Fantasticks-
Duet: Come to My Garden- The Secret Garden
Duet: Oh Happy We- Candide
Duet: We are Women- Candide
Closing Chorus: Make our Garden Grow- Candide


RE: Lazy Afternoon:
Arr. Gene Puerling
The best! Recorded by the Hi-Los.
If its out of print let me know. I have a copy.

Here is music I have gathered myself so far:

Ecco mormorar l'onde SSATB Monteverdi

"Marjorie, come feed the black sow" (round) anon
Cookoo as I me Walked (round) anon
"Come away, Come Sweet Love" SATB Dowland

Silent Noon various Ralph Vaughn Wiliams

"Rain, beautiful Rain" SATB Ladysmith Black Mambazo
a Karahod (a yiddish song about a dance party) SATB anon
Evening Hymn I'l be arranging it Purcell

I see the Moon (round) anon
Full Moon Outside My Window round unknown
Sad Slow Night SATB Anne Dodson & John Renbourn (this will be a
In the Middle of the Night Sweet Honey in the Rock

I received more beautiful and intriguing suggestions on this theme;
here they are. Many thanks to the recommenders!

Anna Dembska
Composer, soprano, and Director, Schoodic Summer Chorus
Flying Leap Music
forgot to reply on time, but here's an odd favorite:
Clocks by Stephen Chatman:

It's a very cool piece where the different sections mimic "voices" of
a cuckoo clock. It was a tremendous crowd-pleaser and something


Please take a look at our Website:
Sound Music Publications has a number of selection that would work for
Before the Rain, is perhaps one of the most beautiful choral selection
I have heard in sometime.
And, there are others....

From Sheena Phillips:

Here are a few more suggestions that I have used with community
choruses. Some can be viewed online at, a sheet music
website that I run with friends in Scotland, where I used to live:

Day is dune (Day is done)
Setting of a poem about the end of the day, by William Soutar

Indian Summer Sunday
Depiction of an afternoon floating on a Scottish loch

Under de stora traden (Under the tall trees)
Depiction of twilight - in Swedish

When day is done
Setting of a poem by Iain Chrichton Smith

Incidentally, I have also written an arrangement of Purcell's 'Evening
Hymn' for Soprano solo, SATB chorus and cello - so let me know if you
would like to see it!

The day is past and gone - early American (Sacred Harp)

Early one morning just as the sun was shining - English folk song -
the King's Singers sing an arrangement by Jeremy Jackman

Maybe not the type of music you are looking for, but there is a
wonderful cantata by Telemann entitled "Die Tageszeiten" (The Times of
Day). Each of the four movements begins with a solo aria and is
followed by a very brief, but lovely SATB chorus. All four solo
voices are represented.

I have a setting of an Emily Dickinson text, Evening (this is off the
top of my head...I may have the capitalizations wrong):

The Crickets sang, and set the sun,
and workmen finished one by one
their seam the day upon.

The low grass loaded with the dew,
and Twilight stood as strangers do
with hat in hand, polite and new,
to stay, as if, or go.

A Vastness as a Neighbor came,
a Wisdom without face or name,
a Peace, as hemispheres at home,
and so the Night became.

I was doing a solstice progression through the darkest night and back
to morning. I realized that my "night" portion of the program was
primarily slow, minor-key, and scary. I wanted to hear the night as
warm and loving, and this was a perfect text. I wrote it for my
women's chorus, Amasong, and the Alto 2's sing a tenor-like range. I'd
be happy to work it out for SAT... Please let me know if you'd like a
perusal copy.

I also have done an arrangement of the "Sunshine Song" from the
Kundalini Yoga tradition: "May the long time sun shine upon you, all
love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on." I
have this for both SSAA and SATB voicings. My husband did a setting
of Byron's "She walks in beauty like the night" for women's voices.
On this same program, Amasong sang Libana's wordless "Russian Lullaby"
from which could be easily done by equal voices of any range. The
"Lyke Wake Dirge" is "This ae nighte, fire and fleet and candle-lighte
and Christ receive thy soule," which is a Yorkshire song, also
included chillingly in Britten's Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and
Strings. It was arranged by one of my singers on this program.

Here's the rest of that program. Let me know if you need more info on

We Are Light—The Fire Within
Watsha! Folk song from Lesotho, arr.
Shirley McRae

Calling the Darkness
Malolo (Lullaby on a Samoan text) Annea Lockwood

Russian Lullaby collected by Libana

Embracing the Night
Evening Meagan Smith

Lyke Wake Dirge Traditional Yorkshire, arr. Elizabeth

Awaiting the Dawn
Kresnice Folk Song from Slovenia, ed.
Karmina Silec

Yonder come day Georgia Sea Islands Spiritual


“…and your face shines like the sun!”
Cuncti Simus 15th century Spanish, ed. Ricardo Soto

Tota Pulchra es Maurice Duruflé

She Walks in Beauty Benjamin Day Smith

text by Lord Byron

We Are Light—We let our lights shine!

Divorce Song Juliette Dade

Small Group

Sunshine Song Traditional, arr. Meagan Smith

Mouth music Dolores Keane/John Faulkner

This Little Light of Mine Traditional, arr. Meagan

Best wishes,


Meagan Johnson Smith, Music Director
AMASONG: Champaign-Urbana's Premier Lesbian/Feminist Chorus
P.O. Box 902, Urbana, IL 61803

Choral songs by Veljo Tormis--see his web site for names of publishers
--Eesti õhtupalv [Estonian Evening Prayer] text also in English and
Russian, SATB, ca. 2 minutes, poem by Hando Runnel
There are 5 other evening songs--but they are each part of a cycle of
songs so I'm not listing them here.
If you want to sing them in Estonian you can ask for the free Estonian
Pronunciation Guide from Fennica Gehrman, Helsinki.

I have an SATB unaccompanied piece, "I'll Tell You How the Sun Rose,"
text by E. Dickinson, published by Yelton Rhodes

Donald Callen Freed, Ph.D.