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TTBB: Unison/2-part music for young men

Thank you very much to Neil Johnson, Wallace De Pue,
Paul Mark, Jussi Doherty, David Hamilton and Meredith
Kane for their suggestions. All of which are compiled



Original question:

Can anyone recommend unison or 2-part repertoire for a
beginning young male choir, age range 13-16?



"Cindy" by Neil Johnson, published by Heritage Music
Press for TB. Has gotten great reviews by everyone
who has used it. (Really, I'm not just

Let me know if you decide to use it and how it works
for you.



Dear Simon Loveless,

Originally, this piece was written for T and B. Since
I am able to transpose it to any key that you request,
you may wish to make the piece ideal for your men's
voices. The treble arrangement has enjoyed many
performances; however there is seldom a call for music
to fit beginning male singers. If you are interested
in this piece, I will send you a treble score and
sound bite, because I have one ready. Please let me


Wallace De Pue

Can anyone recommend unison or 2-part repertoire for a
beginning young male choir, age range 13-16?
PRAYER TO THE MUSE, A (unison or two-part singing by
treble voices / piano. Another arrangement is for S
or A and T or B voices. When sung in unison, the
second voice is transferred to the right-hand part for
the pianist. When the piece is sung in two parts, the
pianist has the option of playing both the treble and
bass staves or using both hands on the music in the
bass staff. This piece may serve as a secular
benediction for the end of a concert of music.

This prayer is not a religious work, but it has that
character. The piano part emits an "antique flavor"
that will entice a listener. The music should be sung
in English; however, the musical message may be easily
understood by an international audience. The text is:

Let me bathe in music when the heart within me falls.

Let me feel the sound vibrations touch against the

Let great music thrill me as I live from day to day.

Let me witness beauty when an instrument will play.

Hear my prayer, O lovely muse who calms my anxious

Help me share your radiant voices.

Let it be my goal.

Forever more, I say amen.

The poetry is in simple iambic pentameter. The music
is an example of lyrical simplicity. Anyone who has
taken two years of piano lessons should play the
keyboard part very well.

Vocal ranges are: treble voice F1 (first space) to f2
(top line); c (second space) to C1 (middle C). (2:00)


GLORIA (from Mass for 2 Equal Voices) and WHEN LOVE IS
KIND (SA+pno).
Both by John Biggs, published by Consort Press.

Paul Mark


As a MS chorus teacher, I've had a small boys chorus
in my program for about 7 years. Most of the time, I
find new stuff for them through BriLee Music
publishing. The quality is great, and they specialize
in music for young voices... Literally no one else
does it as well as they do. I don't work for them or
anything-- they're just that good.

Specifically... I know of only one unison piece for MS
boys that works very well. Here:

Two Unison Songs for Male Chorus: Come Sail Away With
Me & The British Grenadiers
by Mark Patterson
BriLee Music
View Score

Here's a list of five great and easy TB pieces I've
done with my group.

Every Time I Feel the Spirit
arr. Donald Moore
BriLee Music

New River Train
arr. Donald Moore
BriLee Music

Oh, Pretty Woman
arr. Allan Billingsley
Warner Bros

That's Where My Money Goes
by Jim Leininger and Lou Williams-Wimberly
Alliance Music

My Lord
by Joyce Eilers (spiritual style)
Hal Leonard
*This is actually a 3pt mixed song written
specifically for a MS boys choir. It is very easy and
the kids loved it.

Let me know if you'd like any more recommendations!

Mr. Jussi Doherty
Choral Director
Diplomat Middle School
Cape Coral, Florida, USA


Hello Simon

I have a work for 2-part male choir that I wrote for a
school here in
Auckland. Sort of a sea shanty type of piece with a
text suited to
boys. I
also have some relatively easy TBB pieces also written
for "developing"
school groups. If you'd like me send over a copy of
each for you to
have a
look at let me know.


Composer, choral conductor, music educator
fax: (+64 9) 6232053
email: david(a)

"Creativity, now, is as important in education as
literacy, and we
treat it with the same status."
Sir Ken Robinson


Get a book called "Heroes and Vagabonds." I think it's
arranged by
Mark Patterson. It's a collection of solo pieces for
men, and the key
of each piece gets progressively lower as the book
progresses. I just
transpose the pieces to fit the male ranges.


Simon Loveless

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