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Britten, Rejoice in the Lamb: Pronunciation of "Jakim"

Here is my original post:

I have found this question in the Choralist archives, but don't find an
answer: What is the pronunciation of the name "Jakim" in Britten's
"Rejoice in the Lamb." I've heard it pronounced as "Jay-keem" and
"Yah-keem." We had a very lively discussion about it in rehearsal
yesterday and I promised I would try to find out the "correct" way to say

The answers fell into two general "camps:" pronounce it as Britten
would have been thinking about it (Jay-kihm) or pronounce it like it
would be in Hebrew (Yah-keem).

There were compelling defenses of both positions and the responses were
about 50/50. So, I think I'll just flip a coin the day of the
performance and not worry about it!

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