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John Rutter, Requiem

Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your prompt and wonderful suggestions. Here is a
compilation of replies.

Judith Higbee
Director of Music
Church of the Saviour
Cleveland Hts., OH

**************One excellent companion piece would be Mack Wilberg's
arrangement of "My
Shepherd Will Supply My Need" (Hinshaw, SATB) which utilizes flute
(violin), oboe and harp.

Allen Pote also has an arrangement of "I Lift Up Mine Eyes" (Hope?, SATB,
two oboes, or oboe, clarinet, 2 clarinets)
I have a seven-minute setting of "O Gracious Light"
for choir, piano and harp. The piece is lyrical and
dolce; the choral writing is fairly simple; the tenor
of the piece accords VERY well with a spirit of
healing and solace; and the piece is a good stylistic
fit with Rutter (in fact, I am conducting the piece in
Detroit, in the same service as a performance of
Rutter's "The Lord is My Light and My Salvation").

Karl Henning, Ph.D. Clarinetist & Composer
Woburn/Boston, Massachusetts E-mail: windsongXL(a)
Worldwide Web:
"My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" arr. by Mack Wilberg uses harp, flute,
and oboe. It's a very moving piece, and Pres. Bush quoted from Psalm 23
in his address last week. It's about 4 1/2 to 5 minutes long, so you
would probably want to add another shorter one as well.
V Williams Donna Nobis Pacem
Especially good for veterans day etc.
We did the Rutter last year, and coupled it with Tavener's Funeral
Ikos---VERY effective, and an instrumental piece for flute, harp and gong by
Alan Hovhanness called Upon Enchanted Ground. We did the Instrumental first,
then the Tavener and ended with the Rutter. It all lasted about an hour.

The flutist and the oboist may have some good repertoire ideas. The Tavener
Song for Athene is also good, and there's a beautiful piece by Eleanor Daley
from her Requiem called In Remembrance ("Do not stand at my grave and
weep"...). Gordon V. Thompson pub. That one I would recommend very
highly---we're doing it on All Saint's Day.
We Remember Them (Donald McCullough) - Hinshaw - piano
Things That Never Die (Lee Dengler) - Shawnee - comes in SSA or SATB
Short single octavos, perhaps not what you're looking for. Easy to learn.
If you are using strings, you may want to consider Beethoven's Elegy.
Rutter's "The Lord is My Light and My Salvation".
How about Rutter's I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes. That is on the same CD as the
original Rutter Requiem CD(1986- the one with the two leaves on the cover).
It's absolutely beautiful, and definitely very healing. It's 7 minutes long
and not that hard.
My choir presented a hastily arranged performance of the Rutter Requiem last
Sunday night. We also presented Rutter's "Be Thou My Vision".
I can think of some short pieces:
The Last Words of David -- is that Randall Thompson
we will do He Watching Over Israel from Elijah before our Messiah perf.
Judith, I understand your situation. This is a terible time, isn't it!
Maybe the Rutter needs to be paired with something joyful.. even a Hymn
sung by congregation and choir? Also, a VERY effective closing after the
benediction is Paul Sjolund's Go Forth into the World in Peace (Hinshaw)
for choir and flute. Good luck.
Dear Judith,
I wonder would it go with Bernstein's Chichester Psalms? If so, I might
consider that combination myself for a concert next year. Thank you for
bringing the Rutter to my attention.