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Sean Ivory, Go Where I Send Thee

Hi, List Members,
Sorry to have taken so long, but I did receive email from Sean Ivory
about how to do the last page of his arrangement - here goes:
At bar 47, do the women's parts as written (4x). On the second repeat,
the men come in with their part on page 8. Everything will come together
at bar 49 to the end!
As to the piano, at bar 47 as written for 3x, then do the next chord
inversion (i.e. G-C-E) in the right hand for 2x, then the next inversion
(C-E-G) for 2x in the right hand. ("I usually add the octave on the last
one in the bottom of the right hand). (Don't transpose, as some
suggested in response to my post).
I hope this makes sense, I tried it with my choir and it does work. I
just wanted confirmation from the arranger, and I got it! Good luck.
Linda Tedford tedebrs(a)