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Duruflé Requiem: Programming ideas

Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 22:15:42 -0700 (MST)
From: David Topping
Subject: Durufle Requiem lit Compilation

(Note: this is the second of three compliations posted on behalf
of Jon Hurty. DBT)


Some time ago I wrote asking for works to program with the Durufle
Requiem. Following is the compilation.

>I think this is a great opportunity to present a short unfamiliar work in
>a contrasting style. Many liturgical works from other eras would fit the
>bill - I did a program with the Durufle several years ago and opened with
>a wonderful setting of "Salve Regina" for solo quartet, strings and organ
>by Haydn. Used a string quartet only and it works very well.
>John French Ursinus College

>Several years ago we did the Requiem and preceded it with the Gregorian
>Missa Pro Defunctis. The students and audience benfitted from hearing and
>learning the basis for the later mass. It was a good combination for us and
>not "too much of a good thing."
>Charles Chapman
>Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ.

>I will immodestly suggest a work of my own: FOUR SEASONAL METAPHORS of
>about 20 minutes' length. I think of it
>in connection with the Durufle because it was premiered on a program which
>included that work and knowing that,
>I scored it for the same orchestral forces. The piece was premiered in
>Washington National Cathedral by the
>Cathedral Choral Society and Orchestra under the direction of J. Reilly
>Lewis. I would be happy to send you a
>score and tape if you will send along your snail mail address.
>Dan Gawthrop

>Short but very tasty with the Durufle would be the Faure Cantique de Jean
>Racine; I know that there is at the very least an arrangement with harp that
>may be coordinated with organ if desired. There may be an orchestra version
>as well; I can't remember how we did it with Robert Shaw's group in France in
>1988 (shameless name drop *clunk*). Though now that I think of it, one of the
>performances was outdoors, in front of the one standing wall of some Roman
>ruin, so there must have been an orchestra, there not having been an organ
>I also remember that I used to have an Ambrosian Singers recording of the
>Faure Requiem, and to fill out the B side of the LP, they did a *sung*
>version of the Faure Pavane. Seriously. It would fill out your program
>nicely, but I have no idea who might publish it, and I do not remember
>whether it was accompanied or not.
>At any rate, it sounds like you will have a concert enjoyable for all, since
>the Durufle Requiem is just one of the most pleasant things you can ever ask
>a choir to sing--easy on the voice as well as sumptuous to the ear...
>Best wishes,
>Martha Sullivan
>Cambridge, MA

>The Canadian Centennial Choir performed the Durufle last year. We did it
>in the
>second half, along with the Quatre Motets. The first half was comprised
>of the
>Messe Solennelle by Louis Vierne, and the 8-part Crucifixux by Antonio Lotti.
>I found that this programme went extremely well because the two major
>works were
>with organ, and were quite a sing for the choir. The motets and the Lotti
>provided a slight comparison of two styles of a cappella writing from
>James Caswell
>Music Director
>Canadian Centennial Choir
>770 Canterbury Avenue
>Ottawa, ON
>K1G 3A6

>I am a composer on the faculty at Cal State, San Bernardino. I have a work
>for choir and orchestra (or 2 piano, brass sextet, percussion) that you
>might be interested in as a companion piece to the Durufle. It's a
>"festival style" piece that is characterized by rich harmonies and driving
>rhythms. A description of the piece follows along with a brief
>biographical sketch of my work.
>If you're interested I'd be glad to send a recording and any combination of
>the following scores:
> SATB with 1 piano (rehearsal score)
> SATB with orchestra
> SATB with 2 pianos, brass sextet, timpani and 4 percussionists
>Thanks for considering it!
>Larry McFatter D.M.A.
>Music Department
>California State University, San Bernardino
>San Bernardino, CA 92407
>(909) 880-5861

>The Faure Requiem works well with the Durufle. THere are several
>recordings with them featured together. (Shaw Telarc) The similarities
>between the two are remarkable and provide for an interesting, not too
>long program.
>Matt Mehaffey
>Bucknell University

>To program with the Durufle Requiem:
>Lili Boulanger's "Du fond de la'bime" (other titles: "De Profundis" or "Psalm
>130"). 25 minutes; orchestra and organ; stunning. Published by Durand, whose
>American agent is Presser in Bryn Mawr. There are a couple of recordings.
>Best wishes,
>Mary Lycan
>Treble Clef Music Press
>415 Wesley Drive
>Chapel Hill, NC 27516-1521
>phone 919-932-5455

>Jon, Try either the Kodaly, Missa Brevis, or Messe Solennelle by Jean
>Langlais. Glad to see your name once and a while on this list and see
>you doing good things with ALCM.
>David Stein

>One work that I've heard many times which seems to work well is the Faure
>Requiem. Do the Faure in the first half, take intermission, and do the
>Durufle (which I think is a real gem of a piece - are you doing the full
>or chamber orchestration?).
>Good luck!
>Todd M. Norton
>TA in Choral Conducting
>University of Colorado, Boulder

>Faure, Poulenc, and Frank Martin come to mind. Let's see - the Faure
>"Cantique de Jean Racine" would be ideal. Poulenc has some a capella
>things that are nice - Mass in G, 7 chansons, the two sets of liturgical
>motes. Frank Martin's "mass" as well as his requiem are very nice. How
>about the Pizzetti "Missa di requiem." It is chant based and might work well
>with the Durufle. If you want to do more Durufle you might consider the
>"Missa cum jubilo" written for Men's voices. Perhaps some Respighi -
>you'll have to do some digging. Oh, just thought about some English stuff
>- how about the Vaughan Williams "Mass in G" or "Serenade to Music," or
>Herbert Howells. Both his "Requiem" and the "In Paradisum" are
>stunning. Perhaps the Finzi "Magnificat" might work as well. Good luck.
>Steve Z.

>Jon, I have been giving Joseph Jongen's Mass for choir and organ a long
>look for possibility of doing next year. I believe it's also scored for
>orchestra, but am not sure what that scoring is. I'll try to find out and
>let you know. It looks like a great piece for organ though, and of
>course, choir. Probably about the same duration as Durufle.
>Len Ratzlaff
>Department of Music
>University of Alberta

>I sang in a concert a few years back that paired the Durufle with the Bach
>Magnificat. It worked pretty well. Good luck.
>R. Paul Drummond
>Central Methodist College
>Fayette, MO 65248

>I'd also suggest James Hopkins' Songs of Eternity; 18 minutes long. We've
>recorded it with the Pacific Symphony. Very moving; commissioned for the
>Pacific Chorale several years ago. It's accessible. It's on our "Voices"
>CD, paired with "Voices" by Stephen Paulus.
>Hope these ideas help.
>Rich Messenger

>Next time I do the Duruflé, I plan to program Lou Harrison's St. Anthony
>Mass. which, like the Duruflé, is a chant based work which uses the same
>(or very close to) the strings, organ, trumpet and harp instrumentation as
>the reduced Requiem scoring. The parts are not difficult, largely two part
>and lots of unison.
>Good Luck,
>Bill Fletcher
>William A. Fletcher
>Music Department, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH 03301
>fletcher(a) * 603-229-5500 ex. 6059

>Herbert Howells Stabat Mater-not very long. Tenor soloist-make a good
>first half. Faure is always nice with Durufle. Good luck!
>Dennis Wallisch
>Vocal Education Major-choral conducting emphasis
>North Dakota State University

>My favorite pairing has been the Poulenc Gloria which works well with
>just organ if orchestration is too much. I personally think the Faure
>Requiem which is often paired with Durufle is too much of the same
>color. Recently did the Finzi- Requiem da Camera with the Faure. It
>would work well with Durufle. How about the Vierne Messe?
>Good luck.
>Bob Eaton

>A few things come to mind, depending on concert circumstances:
>att. J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 15 (same instrumentation)
>Purcell: Te Deum & Jubilate in D (Novello)
>Hovhaness: Missa Brevis (Peters); Prayer of St. Gregory (instrumental only;
>trpt & strings; also *The Holy City*)
>Bach (for real): Cantatas BWV 61, 4; (if you can afford oboes) 29
>Haydn: Nelsonmesse
>Hope this helps.
>Robert A.M. Ross
>Artistic Director
>Voces Novae Et Antiquae
>Philadelphia, PA

>About your Durufle request, when ROS did it several years ago, we did a
>death theme: Bach Cantata 4, Schutz Selig sind die toten, and Brahms
>Begrabnisgesang (which I rescored for strings & organ from winds). Then
>the second half was Durufle.

>AL Sturgis

Dr. Jon Hurty
Director of Choral Activities
Augustana College
639 38th Street, Rock Island, Illnois 61201