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Books and materials: Textbooks for Class voice

The following publications were submitted for use in class voice. Comments
from submitters are included after the complete list. Thank you all for
your help.

Thomas Dahle
Phipps Oratorio Society
Hudson Wisconsin

"Adventures in Singing" by Clifton Ware, published by MacGraw Hill.

"You the Singer" by Barbara Harlow, published by Hinshaw.

"Music Reading by Interval" by Brock McElheran, published by Britchmark
Music, Inc.

"Basics of Singing" by Jan Schmidt

"The Structure of Singing" by Richard Miller

"Essential Elements" and "Essential Repertoire" by Jon Leavitt and Emily

"Mixing Melodies Makes Beautiful Music" published by Cambiata Press.

"Adventures in Singing"

"Clif Ware's "Adventures in Singing" is ideal for this situation, and is
very well laid out. He includes not only technical information about the
mechanism, but several warm-up ideas as well as scores for about 2 dozen
songs form varying genres. I recently took this type of course with Dr. Ware
as the professor, and my chops have never been in better shape!"

"Adventures in Singing" published by MacGraw Hill. "I'm glad you're
interested in using my text/anthology, which sells over 6,000 annually." -
Clifton Ware

"You the Singer"

"Take a look at my book: YOU THE SINGER published by Hinshaw. It was
written for class voice for community college." - Barbara Harlow

"Music Reading by Interval"

"Music Reading by Intervals", by Brock McElheran. You may know the author -
he taught and
conducted at SUNY-Potsdam for 50 years, and at the Saratoga Potsdam Summer
Institute. Hismethod was developed over that time - it is designed for
adult singers, who can work independently (and with a partner), and improve
their reading skills." - Susan Brailove/Brichtmark Music, Inc.

"Basics of Singing"

"From what i've seen out there Basics of Singing by Jan Schmidt is the best
choice. It gives a simple overview of the mechanics of singing, it talks a
little about "theory" (whats a quarter note etc.). The repetorie is varied,
divided into Folk Songs, Showtunes, Art Song, and Rounds."

"The Structure of Singing"

"A good reference book (although one that would probably be way too heavy
to use as a text for the setting you described) is Richard Miller's "The
Structure of Singing". It is full of great advice, explanations, and
exercises related to particular vocal issues and therefore would be a good
book to use when students run into snags in their study."

"The Essential Elements" and "Essential Repertoire"

I've used the following in my music theory classes, and with my beginner
level choirs- both adults and JH/HS students: John Leavitt and Emily
have wonderful PRACTICAL means of teaching theory,sight reading, and
overall musicianship in each chapter, with short musical pieces that won't
insult adults and bore HS students. There are short term goals in each
chapter and the succeeding chapters reinforce what was learned prior.

"Mixing Melodies Makes Marvelous Music"

There is a series called Mixing Melodies Makes Marvelous Music which has a
couple/three pieces that are great for a "class voice" situation. The idea
is that four different people learn four different melodies and then mix
them together for a recital, etc. Each part may be sung as a solo or the
parts may be mixed for a duet, trio, or quartet. You can read about the
series at:

New Website (written March, 2002)

There is an upcoming website here in manila that has a full selection of
filipino pieces that are very good and would be able to develop the
students capacity in a summer vocal clinic like what you are putting. It
shall be available later part next week. I will keep you posted. Its a
whole selection of Asian specifically Filipino compositions from voice to
chorale music.
Candy Jimenez
Music Research and Content Acquisition
Music.Net Philippines Co., Inc.