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SSA or SSAA: with Cello


Here is a compilation of the responses I received when asking about pieces
for women's choir and cello. Thanks to all who responded, ST

--Are you familiar with David Brunner's O MUSIC for 4-pt women's
voices/cello/piano? It is a wonderful piece that I have performed both in
the original SSAA
version and in the SATB arrangement. The text is by Khalil Gibran. B&H
(Choral Music Experience series).

--Just this spring, I conducted Mulholland's HEART, WE WILL FORGET HIM with my
women's chorus. I transcribed the horn part for 'cello, and the result was
quite nice. It wasn't my idea, though. I got it from Charles Robinson at
the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory.

--I have an SSA piece with Cello set to Shakespeare's "Marriage of True Minds"
text. NIStephan(a)

--The Women's duet from the Bach Christ Lag works well with cello and
I've done it with both piano and harpsichord. Good either way...
Also think about the Pie Jesu from the Durufle.......solo cello with a small
ensemble and either organ or piano is effective.

--"Echo" by Jeffrey Van, text by Christina Rossetti, publ. by Mark Foster.
Octavo about 3 minutes long - beautiful text - lots of room for

--I have a setting of Psalm 23 for two part treble, cello, and piano. If
you'd like to take a look, I'd be happy to send you a copy.
Richard A. Smith
Wesley United Methodist Church
Muscatine, Iowa

--This spring I wrote a commission for 8 singers and 1 'cello. It was quite
a big hit, meant as a joke against the Villa Lobos 8 cellos and 1 soprano
piece. Came out quite well, range is from g-c''' Spanish rhythms, tonal
chords (the critizue I got was - I admire people that dare write so tonally
in this day and age:-)
hildigunnur runarsdottir
composer, singer, music teacher email jls(a)
njalsgotu 6
reykjavik, iceland

--We have an excellent piece NADA TE TURBE by Joan Szymko. See it at our
Barbara Harlow, President
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
260 Loma Media, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103
phone 805-962-5800 * fax 805-966-7711
Dedicated to nurturing the choral art.

--Schlof Main Kind, a Yiddish Lullaby
by Allan Naplan
Boosey & Hawkes Conductor's Choice Series # M051469338
3-pt women, piano, and cello

--There is a beautiful setting of the text Eternal Love ... all human thought
transcending... by Paul Sjolund for trebles and cello. It is one of my
favorites. I think it is published by Walton.

--The only one that comes right to me is Howard Cable's arrangement of Noel
Nouvelet. It's part of the Jean Ashworth Bartle Choral Series and was
arranged for the Toronto Children's Chorus. It's a really great
arrangement, but I don't know if it will fit your program.

--Donald Patriquin has some folk song arrangements for cello and women's
voices. Check with earthsongs. I think they handle all of his music.
These are recorded on a CD by the San Francisco Girls' Choir.

--Regarding your question on "Choralist", might I suggest my own setting of
Laurence Binyon, "Anthem for Remembrance"? This includes the fanous lines
"Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn / At the going down of the
sun and in the morning / We will remember them". It's for women's voices,
cello and organ, and is published by Yelton Rhodes music in California

Scott A Tucker
Associate Professor of Music
Director of Choral Music
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Music

Cornell University email:sat14(a)
233 Lincoln Hall Tel:(607)255 3423
Ithaca NY. 14853-4101 Fax:(607)254 2877

Hello again,

There have been several more responses since my original posting of pieces
for women's voices and cello So I offer this addendum. Enjoy.

--Try Jeffrey Van's "Echo" published by Mark Foster (Shawnee Press)
#MF-970. It's a lovely piece...4 part...on a Rosetti text.

--Regina coeli (SSA and continuo) by Jean-Baptiste Lully, ed. Jonathan Hirsh,
Treble Clef Music Press TC-193.

-- a "Stabat Mater" setting (in Latin) in ten short movements, with a
total duration of around 15 minutes. The choral parts are actually
unaccompanied, with the solo 'cello playing connective interludes and a
substantial lament movement in the center of the work (between movements 5
and 6). The music is quite diatonic, but the style is modern, in a sort of
"neo-medieval" way, as with Arvo Paert or John Tavener. Though diatonic,
there are some pretty intense dissonances, especially semitones and some
diatonic clusters.
The work was commissioned by the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble (12
singers) and
performed by them in their Spring series in 1995 in Loretto Chapel. They
liked it so well they did it again in the 1998 season. It was also nicely
performed by a group of college women at Capital University in Columbus,
Ohio, at a festival where I was the featured composer in 1999.
It could be done with any size group, with a minimum of 6. (The
range from 2 to 6 parts, with 3 or 4 parts most frequent.) It is not
difficult to learn, and I in fact have preferred performances with less
highly trained voices for reasons of blend and (less) vibrato.
Dr. Dean Roush |

--as yet unpublished, by
Andrew Rose. "Remember" based on poetry by Rosetti
for SSA and cello. Go to for details.

--Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening - SSA w/solo instrument - Greg A.
The solo instrument portrays a frantic horse on his ride through
the woods.
The treble choir enters and depicts the stunning beauty of the woods as the
rider admires the snowy night, then off the horse rides into the moonlight as
quickly as it came.
Greg Lapp
Brosscum Publications

--We have a dynamite piece in our catalog, part of a set of "newly
rethought" traditional Christmas carols. Since you put your snail mail
address at the bottom of your post, I am sending you a copy of the
piece: Once in Royal David's City. It is from the set "Silent Night" by
Daron Aric Hagen, a NYC based composer. There is a portion of the work
available (audio) on line at Do a classical music search for
"daron hagen" and go to the page for the ARSIS Audio CD 107 - Silent
Night, as recorded by the American Repertory Singers. Any cellist would
give his (or her) eye teeth to play the part!
Visit ECS Publishing at or
Arsis Audio full catalog of CDs at

--"Deus Abraham" (God of Abraham) by Joseph Jongen is for unison voices and
either violin or cello solo plus keyboard. It's published by Oxford.

--Finally, for those who have expressed interest. The piece we are doing at
Cornell is entitled "A Woman's Question" SSA, Cello and Piano composed by
Chase Morrison with a text by Adelaide Procter (1825-1864) It is an
unpublished manuscript which we will premier in November.

Scott A Tucker
Associate Professor
Director of Choral Music
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Music

233 Lincoln Hall 607 255 3423
Cornell University 607 254 2877 Fax
Ithaca, NY 14853 sat14(a)