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What are the best rehearsal Chairs?

Some time ago I asked for suggestions on good rehearsal chairs for
church choirs. I got quite a few responses, and the near-unanimous
opinion seemed to be strongly in favor of the Wenger chairs--either the
plastic "posture chair"--around $80?--or the padded "musician's
chair"--I got a quote in the fall for $140. Expensive but worth it,
everyone says. The only caveat from some is that the plastic one in
particular seems to be much less comfortable for "normal" sitting, as
opposed to "correct" sitting for singing. I heard this same comment
from a choir director here just yesterday. I sat in one, and I agree.

Someone recommended the metal "Posture-Fold Music Chair", with the same
caveat, but had no contact info, and I haven't found it.

A couple of others recommended plastic banquet chairs, at around $20 or
$30. I've used these for other things, and they are actually rather
comfortable and put you in a reasonable posture. Not sure how long
they'd last though.

And one person said the following: "I've done this twice in recent
years, and I found a great deal at Church Chair Industries in Rome, GA.
They have a web site and a toll free number. Their prices are around
$25-30 per chair, and I think they are nice chairs.
My singers love them."

For the info on Wenger, see their web site:

I think we're going to save up for the Wenger musician's chair.

Hope this is helpful!


Kevin Kelly
Choirmaster, Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church
Music Director and Conductor
The Prairie Ensemble and
East Central Illinois Youth Orchestra
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois