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Bells (non-Christmas)

Recently I asked for suggestions of choral pieces that had bells
as their subject, or that evoked the sound of bells. I asked that
Christmas texts be excluded, and preferred that the pieces be a
cappella. So here's what y'all came up with (in no particular order). I
am VERY grateful for all your suggestions, and your helpful comments.

Seeger (arr. Joyce) - Bells of Rhymney
Howard Helvey - Oh Peter, Go Ring dem Bells (Beckenhorst Press)
R. Murray Schafer - A Garden of Bells (Arcana)
Stephen Chatman - Dryads' Bells (ECS)
Vaughan Williams - Three Shakespeare Songs (Oxford)
Gallus/Handl - En Ego Campana
Dufay - Gloria
Ludwig Senfl - Das G'laut zu Speyer
Bishop - Dona nobis pacem (Brichtmark Music)
Purcell - Rejoice in the Lord Alway
Frank Arhold - The Bells
William Knyvett (arr. Stewart) - Bells of St. Michael's Tower (M. Witmark)
Andre Thomas - Rockin' Jerusalem
Elliot Gyger - Five Bells
Stephen Leek - Vertical Blue
Guys & Dolls - If I were a Bell
Wallace De Pue - The Bells (Picardie Court Publications)
Kristina Vasiliauskaite - Varpas
Gounod (arr. Root) - Ring OUt Wild Bells
John Leavitt - The Bells (Hal Leonard)
James Myers - Song of the Silver Bells (Hal Leonard/Cecilian Singers Press)
Dan Gawthrop - Ring Out, Wild Bells (Dunstan House)
Robert Elmore - Easter Bells are Ringing
Libby Larson - Ring the Bells

When I went to the MUSICA website and entered "bells" as a
keyword, I got 562 hits; however, Christmas texts and accompanied pieces
were included, and there's no telling what any of these are like. That's
why your personal suggestions via Choralist were most helpful.
My appreciation to all

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on April 22, 2006 10:00pm
I didn't see The Bells, a cantata by Sergei Rachmaninoff for soprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra. The text is translated in russian from the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe.