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Panis angelicus

Thanks to all who sent help regarding the text of Panis Angelicus. The
specific word in question, "manducat", means to chew (manducare). Let me add
in a translation sent to me by fellow "lister", Michael Hartney.

>The bread of angels has become the bread of men.
>The bread of heaven has put an end to prefigurations.
>O wondrous thing: the Lord is food for the poor, the slave and the lowly.
>Actually, the last line is literally "the poor, the slave and the lowly eat
>the Lord (manducat Dominum)", but to some this might sound a bit too
>And by the way, the "prefigurations" are things in the Old Testament (such
>manna) which were thought to prefigure the Eucharist.

Thanks again,

Robert C. Fullerton
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