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Meaning of: Adam lay ybounden


Paraphrase of "Adam Lay Ybounden"

Adam's (Man's) sin enchained him for four thousand years (the accepted time
from creation to Jesus' birth.)
He did not think it was too long to wait.
And all this was because of the apple Adam took,
as scribes have recorded in Holy Scripture.

If the apple had never been taken,
then Mary would never have become Heaven's Queen.
Blessed then be that apple's theft (because it ultimately brought
Therefore we must sing, thanks be to God!

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> >Listers:
> >Does anyone have a paraphrase for the following Middle English carol
> If you get a good one would you please post it or send it to me? I
> will make it available on the ChoralNet web site for other choral
> musicians.
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I have a similar question about the meaning of This Little Babe from Ceremony of Carols. Anyone have anything on a source for all this text of the Ceremony of Carols-Thanks-CHeryl Frazes Hill