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Soir d'ete by Badings

Here are the three most useful responses to my request for a translation of
"Soir d'ete" by Henk Badings. The first one may be copyrighted since it
was used on the Shaw recording. The second seems to be original to the
sender. You could contact Mr. Megill to be sure.

Larry Smith
Missouri Baptist College

Taken from the Robert Shaw liner notes (Appear & Inspire)....

Summer Night

Lison, my pet, let us quit the hill,
for day is dying at the red horizon;
before it dies, let us seize the moment:
come, let us tarry, my Lison!

In the vast peace of the evening's onset
romance arises from the little crickets,
and the flat plain that Phoebus sets ablaze
savors the ecstasy of the last rays.

Coaxing sounds come from the oak trees:
they are the lullabies of the little birds.
And her door closed, Rose the farmer's wife
sings the same thing between two cradles!

It is the pristine hour when the boughs
sift the murmur of the great calmed wind.
The langorous hour when the lover
hangs happily on the arm of her beloved;
it is the touching hour when everything enchants us,
when the bell sings the Angelus in the distance.
And it is the grey hour when the gentle breeze
Impregnates and intoxicates itself with the smell of hay:

It is the hour when everyone loves, when, tired of blasphemy,
the Evil One himself is a little better.
The heart divests itself of everything that soils it.
The soul kneels before the Lord!

Lison, my little one, let us quickly pray,
so that we may not be separated for Eternity,
and that we may be invited to flee this life
at the ravishing hour of a beautiful summer's evening.

Geoff Warder
Music Industry Arts
Fanshawe College, London, Canada
(519) 452-4430 Ext. 4831 voice
(519) 452-3139 fax


Here's a translation I did for the Westminster Choir a few years back.
It's a great set of pieces, isn't it?
Andrew Megill
Westminster Choir College of Rider University
Princeton NJ

I'll attach the file, but just in case it doesn't work, I'll copy it in
(the formatting will be askew, but you can probably reconstruct it if the
attachment doesn't work).
There's a word-by-word translation and then a poetic one, for programs or
helping your singers get the more general sense.

La nuit en mer

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