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SATB: with Two Pianos (extended works)


Thank you so much for responding to my request for two-piano-accompanied,
extended choral works and/or opera choruses for the same sort of forces.
Listed below are the reponses I received. I think we're going with the
Rossini Petite Messe Solenelle. I have included pertinent e-mail addresses
for pieces needing a "follow-up."

Penelope Cruz

1. This is short, but if you're considering some opera choruses, I made a
reduction of "Va, pensiero" for piano 4-hands, which makes a much better
sound than the usual piano reductions. It's unpublished (simply through
sloth on my part), but I would be happy to have you look at it and use it if
you're interested.

Bob Copeland

Robert M. Copeland Ph: 724-847-6665
Department of Music FAX: 724-847-5017
Geneva College E-mail
3200 College Avenue
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

2. Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms

3. Two excellent ones would be "The Promise of Living" and "Stomp Your Foot"
from Copland's "Tender Land" and the E. C. Schirmer publication of the
"Finale from the Gondoliers" by Gilbert and Sullivan.

4. Rossini's "Petite Messe Solennelle"

5. Britten's St Nicolas calls for two pianists. The full accompaniment has
a string orchestra, two percussionists and an organ, too, but we
considered doing it with just two pianos and percussion. Requires a
tenor soloist.

6. John Corigliani's Tribute to Brahms

7. Slave's Chorus from Nabucco

8. Berio Magnificat, which also needs 2 soprano soloists. Worked well..

9. Lukas Foss: Psalms (C. Fischer) SATB, STT soli (short ones); 2 pianos.

10.William Schuman: A Free Song SATB div., 2 pno. version on rental from G.

11.There's always Brahms' own two-piano arrangement of his "Requiem" for an
all Brahms program.

12. Alice Parker: Songstream (Galaxy/ECS)

13. Gregg Smith: Scenes of Love/An American Liebeslieder (may now be pub.
Lawson-Gould; otherwise available from the composer; comtact
; tell them I sent you)

14. PDQ Bach: Liebeslieder Polkas (10 octavos from Presser), calls for pno 5

15. I have two works for piano 4-hd: Departmental (on a text by Robert Frost
about ants); SATB div, S solo; recorded by the Gregg Smmith Singers on
Premier CD 1030 Songs of Humor & Satire and:
A yet-unperformed Psalm 110 (Dixit) for SATB div, pno 4-hd & percussion,
which I'm looking for an excuse/occasion to finish up for a group interested
in premiering it. Please let me know if the last two pieces might be of

Robert Ross, Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA

16a. There is also a piano 4-hand version of the Coronation Scene from Boris
Godunov. I think it is in the Harvard Glee Club collection from E C
Schirmer. It's arranged for men's voices, I believe, but the mixed voice
original would work with it.

16b. Also, from the same source, Bach's "Wie will ich mich freuen", a cantata
duet that is most effective with either men's or women's voices. I don't
immediately recall the particular cantata from which it comes.

17. "Crying for a Dream" by Rene Clausen. It is scored for 3 (!) SATB choirs
- I would think you could play with that out of your 50 voices. . .
Narrator, Children's Choir (may be sung by semi-chorus from SATB
Choirs),Flute, 2 pianos, four hands (Piano I also plays triangle)

This was commissioned for the 1994 North Central Division of ACDA.
It is an incredible piece - not too difficult. The text is based on Teton
Sioux Music - taken writings by Frances Densmore. It is in 3 movements with
the 3rd movement from Chief Seattle - "How Can You Buy the Sky"