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Composers who immigrated to different lands

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 06:35:25 -0400
From: "Jon Erik Schreiber"
Subject: Immigrant composers - compilation(long)

Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for immigrant composers. The
list (along with others I could think of), plus some background, is
included below. I couldn't find any composers from Early America (between
the Revolution and the Civil War), and got very few from after WWII. Any
more info. from these time periods would be greatly appreciated (or ideas
on how to fill them, if I can't find composers?). Also if anyone can
update, or correct anything below, please let me know!!

Thanks again

Jon Erik Schreiber
Homestead United Presbyterian Church
barely employed music educator

The Colonies

There was a school of composers who were born in Europe and
moved to Pennsylvania to escape religious persecution. They lived and
worked primarily in the Moravian settlement of Bethlehem. Johannes Herbst
(born 1775 in Germany), Jeremiah Dencke (born in Langenbilau, Silesia in
1725), Johann Friedrich Peter (born in Heerendyk, Holland in 1746), and
David Moritz Michael (Germany, 1751). Christian Latrobe, another Moravian
composer, was active primarily in North Carolina; he was born in
Switzerland. Hinshaw Music Company (Box 470; Chapel Hill, NC 27514:
919.933.1691) is in the midst of publishing a whole series of Moravian

Early America

Post Civil War

>>>Irving Berlin(real name Isidore Balin)- b. 5/11/1888 in Temun, Russia/
brought to US in 1893.
>>>F. Melius Christiansen- b. 4/1/1871 in Eidsvold, Norway/ came to US in
1888, studied at Northwestern, then in Germany/ from 1903 his death in
1955, he lived in Minnesota.
>>>Nathaniel Dett- b. 10/11/1882 in Drummondville, Quebec/ came to US as a
young man (c1905) to study at Oberlin/ worked in US until he died in 1943.
>>>Victor Herbert- b. 2/1/1859 in Dublin, Ireland/ came to US in 1886 to
work at the Met.


>>>Dezso Delmar- b. 7/14/1891 in Timisoara, Hungary/ came to US after WWI
in 1922
>>>Frederick Loewe- b. 6/10/1904 in Vienna, Austria/ emigrated to US in
>>>Gian Carlo Menotti- b. 7/7/1911 in Cadegliano, Italy/ came to US in 1927
to study at the Curtis Institute.
>>>Nicolas Slonimsky- b. 4/27/1894 in St. Petersburg, Russia/ came to the
US in 1923 to work at Eastman/ became a citizen in 1931.
>>>Jule Styne- b. 12/31/1905 in London, England/ brought to the US in 1914.


>>>Samuel Adler- b. 3/4/1928 in Mannheim, Germany/ joined US Army in 1950/
won medal of honor for his work with the US Army Symphony Ochestra in
Germany and Austria.
>>>Bela Bartok- b. 3/5/1881 in Transylvania, Hungary(Romania)/ moved to US
1940, five years before his death.
>>>Jean Berger- b. 9/27/1909 in Hamm Germay/ became a French citizen in
1935/ joined the US Army in 1941, then settled in New York.
>>>Ernest Bloch- b. 7/24/1880 in Geneva, Switzerland/ lived in New York
from 1917-1930/ then back to Switzerland/ returned to the US in 1939, and
settled in Oregon.
>>>Lucas Foss- b. 8/15/1922 in Berlin, Germany/ came to America with his
parents in 1937 to study at the Curtis Institute.
>>>Paul Hindemith- b. 11/16/1895 in Hanau, Germany/ driven out of Germany
in 1935/ began working in US in 1940/ became a US citizen in 1946/ settled
in Switzerland in 1953/ died in Frankfurt (near his home town) in 1963.
>>>Ernst Krenek- b. 8/23/1900 in Vienna, Austria/ bounced around Eroupe
from 1923 to 1937, when he came to the US/ became a US citizen in 1954.
>>>S. Rachmaninov- b. 4/1/1873 in Oneg, Russia (family estate)/ left in
1917 after revolution/ settled in US in 1935.
>>>Arnold Schoenberg (originally Scho(umlaut)nberg)- b. 9/13/1874 in
Vienna, Austria/ spurned by the Nazis in 1933, he reassumed his Jewish
faith and came to the US.
>>>Igor Stravinsky- b. 6/7/1882 in Oranienbaum, Russia(near St.
Petersburg)/ moved to Paris in 1911/ became a French citizen in 1934/
settled in US in 1939.
>>>Kurt Weill- b. 3/2/1900 in Dessau, Germany, emmigrated to the U.S. in


***>>>Peter Child- b. 1953 in England/ came to US around 1973 to study at
Reed College
>>>Paul McCartney & John Lennon, et al.
***>>>Chen Yi- b. c1950 in Guangzhou, China/ came to US in 1986/ earned
doctoral degree from Columbia in 1993/ still works in US.

Other suggestions, but I either couldn't find info., found contradictory
info., or whatever. Please feel free to correct any errors!

>>Luciano Berio-Italy
>>Mark Blitztein-born in US
>Pablo Casals
>Frederick Delius - England
>Antonin Dvorak-Bohemia, but of course he was just visiting
>>Jerome Kern-born in US
>Tania Leon, who came to the US from Cuba? I don't know if
she has written any choral works, though I suspect she has. I believe she
isComposer in Residence at Avery Fisher Hall.
>>>Darius Milhaud- b. 9/4/1892 in Aix-en-Provence, France/his father was an
almond salesman/ only lived in US from 1940-1947, but continued to visit
US often.
>Arvo Part (a = Umlaut), an estonian composer who emigrated
first to Austria and lives now in Berlin (D)?
>>Imant Raminsh-Latvia/ moved to Canada, not US.
>>>Edgard Varese- b. 12/22/1885 in Paris, France/ came to US in 1915 and
lived in both New York and Paris.
on August 7, 2007 10:00pm
Mr. Schreiber,

if you're still looking for immigrant composers, you can include my name (although it's
likely to change within a month or two, probably to Cyril Deaconoff).
I was born in Russia, but immigrated to US. You can visit my web page at

All the best.

Kirill Dyachkov, DM
IU School of Music
on February 20, 2009 10:00pm
Hi, Jon,
Where are you located now?
Roger Smith