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Nature: Water

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 18:45:26 -0500
From: promza(a) (Patricia Romza)
Subject: compilation: repertoire on 'water'

What a wonderful torrent of responses ;-) !

Many, many thanks to everyone who responded! I asked a similar question
last year and only received sea chanty information, so it looks like I
caught many of you at a good time this time around--or perhaps the last
query jogged a few more of those little grey cells, n'est-pas?

Internet-resident women's choir guru Monica Hubbard (hi, Monica!) suggests
settings of "By the Waters of Babylon" and I can't think of a single one,
so if anyone has a suggestion, please send it my way and I'll make a second

I'd hoped for more repertoire by composers Renaissance through Classical,
and am still especially looking for madrigal or madrigalesque works to do
with my chamber choir. Nevertheless, there is a wonderful variety

Below are the compiled responses. I'll post the actual concert repertoire
once I've waded through (oops ;-) ) all your great suggestions. One must
resist the temptation to do a half hour of nothing but "Deep River"
settings by great choral arrangers!



_Water under snow is weary_ by Harri Wessman,
originally for ssaa with instrumental ensemble, but a piano version has
been published by an American publisher (sorry, I don't have the details,
but the original version is published by Fazer Music).
Noel Ancell (nancell(a)
Also suggested by Hilary Apfelstadt and by Nancy Menk
, who said it is published by Walton.

Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey in the Rock member) has a women's spiritual
arrangement of "Wade in de Water" - lots of divisi and very low for all.
Kathy Roma commissioned it for her women's chorus. Ysaye is on line and
can send you a copy with authorization to xerox for $50.00.

"The Water is Wide" - many versions and voicings.
"Down by the Riverside" - great arrangement by John Rutter for SATB.
"By the Waters of Babylon" - many versions
"Hear the Murmuring Waters" - Monteverdi - a must for any SATB choir.

Monica J. Hubbard (mhubbard(a) )

The Burleigh arrangement of Deep River is wonderful, and is published by
G. Schirmer. I believe, though, the voicing is SSatBB. Other Water
River Stay 'Way From My Door Arr. Jacques Rizzo
Shenandoah arr. james Erb

CJ Liotta (cjliotta(a)

have you considered Daniel Pinkham's new Alleluia to the Waters, E.C. Schirmer
it ain't easy but it's wonderful.
TTBB or SATB and piano.
5 short movements. the whold thing takes about 8 minutes. lots of unison and

Carl Stam
(I considered it for my chamber singers, but they just did Pinkham's
"Wedding Cantata" last year so that's enough Pinkham for a while!)

We have an SSA arrangement of Skyeboat Song, SBMP 74

AND a fabulous SATB piece titled INSCRIPTION FOR A WAYSIDE SPRING, by Ben
Allaway. Wonderful text.

Barbara Harlow, President
Santa Barbara Music Publishing

"Miniwanka" by R. Murray Schafer is an effective contemporary (graphic
notation) piece for treble voices (although TB optional parts are indicated).
It chronicles the various states of water -- rain, streams, rivers, ocean --
through sound effects. Uses text from North American Indian tribes. Publisher
is Berandol. It's $5 a copy, but well worth it.

Hilary Apfelstadt
Also suggested by Len Ratzlaff, Diane Loomer, and Don Kendrick, who said
that it was published by Arcana.

"Deep River"?
mnabholz(a) (Mark Nabholz)

"River In The Rain" from "Big River."
John & Susie Howell (John.Howell(a)

Hmm. There is probably a good jazz verson of "Roll, Jordan, Roll," but Take
6's arrangement is not publicly available (and I'm not that good a

You should really e-mail my friend Clayton Lein, who might be out of the
country but is VERY good with things like this. He is at
and should be willing to help.

Good luck. Sounds like a neat program.

Jonathan Miller (SingWow(a)

Can you use SSATTB? If so try Singing in the Rain, Arr. April
Arabian published by UNC Jazz Press. For Ladies voices, Rain Dance
by C. Nygard is very easy and quite pretty. K. Shaw has a nice ssaa
arrangement of I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.

I just did an hour and a half concert based on water, but most of the
pieces were pop because it was our end of the year, weird
performance. We included The River, Garth Brooks, River of Dreams,
Billy Joel, Splish Splash, Wade in the Water, I Love a Rainy Night.
You are looking for more classical stuff, I think, so I won't bother
you with anything else.


You could consider arrangements of Deep River by Burleigh, Clausen,
Ringwald, or Shaw/Parker. There are tenor and bass splits in the Ringwald;
the Shaw/Parker has a TTBB section; the Clausen has short SSAA splits; the
Burleigh has short soprano and bass splits.

Rodney A. Wynkoop

Try Phil Mattson's arrangement of "Deep River." If it's not in print,
contact him for his manuscript version. It's beautiful.

I have a few old copies of "Cool Water," a la the Sons of the Pioneers,
for men's voices. Easily adaptable.

I made an edition of "Beauty Sat Bathing by a Spring," but that might
be pushing the envelope....

I think that the Manhattan Transfer has an in-print version of
"Trickle, Trickle ( splash, splash: tell me how long will this rain

Maybe Ivor Davies' "Prayers from the Ark"? The Raven prayer has the
great line, "Aha! I cry, 'Avant moi, le deluge!"

Try Monica Hubbard's database for women's voicings. Good luck! (N.B.
Been there, done that--it's a great database!)

Gordon Trousdale
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

I've performed the following pieces with a women's quartet:

Away From the Roll of the Sea (SSAA w/piano), arr. by Diane Loomer
Cypress Publishing, distributed by Intrada
This is a setting of a folk-song-like piece by Allister MacGillivray.
Lovely rolling melody, with a short a cappella section in the middle.

Sad Song of the Sea (SSA, a cappella), arr. by George Brandon
Thomas House
This is a spare, hauting arrangement of this folk song.

Sea Moods (SSA, accompanied) by David Eddleman
Neil A. Kjos Co.
This setting of a text by Christina Rossetti is one of our audience's

Amy Fogerson (fogerson(a)

Parker/Shaw's "Deep River" is beautiful, and not too fancy. Sorry, I
can't remember if any of the voices divide. I'm fairly certain divisi is
minimal, if at all.

The folk-tune "The Water is Wide"
(51123......32165...) is really beautiful, and there are lots of SSA
arrangements out there, I think. Sorry I can't recommend one specifically.

"Shenandoah" - again there is more than one arrangement out there.

Paul Meers

It includes quite a bit of divisi writing, but René Clausen's arrangement
of "Deep River" is wonderful. It's published by Mark Foster.

Paul Nesheim (nesheim(a)

Check out my "Inscription for a Wayside Spring" and "Morning Prayer". Both
with Santa Barbara Music Publishing, both a cappella. Beautiful images of
water in both, the latter as dew. I'm beginning work now on a large work on
the Mississippi for woodwind quintet, cello and perc.

Ben Allaway (BENLMNOP(a)

Alice Parker's new arrangement of the traditional spiritual
"Take Me To The Water" G.I.A. Publications 1995, is super!
Best Wishes,
Rebecca R. Winnie (RRWinnie(a)

There's an SATB arrangement called "Shall We Gather at the River" which
combines the title melody/words with the melody/words of "Deep River." I
think the arrangement is by John Carter. Published by Beckenhorst Press in
1990. Good luck.

A local composer Ron Hannah has a very original version of "Deep River". It
has a wide range (divisi parts, very low bass, very high soprano)and its not
easy but it's worth the work. If interested contact him at

Best wishes,
Mel Unger

I think CPP or Warner publishes (or did publish) a jazz version of Jobim's
*Aqua de Beber* that was pretty hot. If you can't locate it, I own a set (24
vocal scores, 2 pno/conductors + rhythm section parts).

Hope this helps.

Robert A.M. Ross

I like Robert Fountain's arrangement of "Deep River" best. It's published by
Curtis Music Press and distributed through Neil Kjos.

Good luck!
Ben Locke

I hope by now you are flooded with responses to your Tuesday query that the
SATB Deep River arrangement you are looking for be the Norman Luboff
arrangement. (Also suggested by Diane Loomer (dloomer(a)
Come to think of it, there is a good arrangement of the spiritual "Wade in
the Water" on a recent disk from Juniata College's choir. And an old church
anthem that begins with descending lines from various parts, "He shall come
down like rain..., upon the new mown grass."
Jim Green

N.B. Does anyone recognize the anthem Jim describes? I have a childhood
recollection of something similar and would be interested in finding the

My favorite arrangement of "Deep River" is still the oldy-but-goody Fred
Waring version (Ringwald, arr?), Shawnee Press.
It may be a stretch, but have you looked at the James Cram "Three Prayers
from the Ark"? 3 animals are represented: duck, turtle, and butterfly. The
duck would be especially appropriate ("Dear God, send us a flood of water.
Let it rain tomorrow and always")
I don't know if it's still in print, but I love Kirby Shaw's vocal jazz
arrangement of "Rainy Day".
Best of luck on a very interesting program idea!

Susan Mueller (SGEMueller(a)

1) my favorite Deep river SATB (partially splitted to SATTBB)
is arranged by Henry Thacker Burleigh (found in "EUROPA CANTAT 11" -
Moeseler Verlag Wolfenbuettel)

2) A sublime "Water-piece" of 19th century (if you sing in german )for SSA:
Hans Georg Naegeli: "Wasserlied"
found in: Hans Georg Naegeli "Ausgewahlte Gesaenge" (11 lovely SSA-originals)
Nagels Verlag Kassel

Best wishes from Mainz, Germany
Uwe Schmidt (SchmidtUwe(a)

A friend of mine, Ted Reid at Fountain Valley High School in southern
California, did a program several years ago called "Water Works". I'm
listing his program. I would be interested in the results of your query when
you have time to send them. Thanks!


River (from the movie "The Mission" by Ennio Morricone
Ecco mormorar l'onde by Monteverdi
Auf Dem See by Mendelssohn
Full Fadom Five Thy Father Lies by Michael Fink
Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains by John Dowland
Placido e il mar by Mozart
Just As the Tide Was Flowing by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Shenandoah arr Erb
Roll Mighty River by Joseph Martin
Loch Lomond arr. Charles Ruzicka
Poor Man Lazarus arr. Hairston
Deep River arr. Robert Shaw
Lazy River by Hoagy Carmichael
Wade In the Water arr. Patsy Ford Simms
River In Judea by Jack Feldman
The Coasts of Barbary arr. Jeanne Julseth-Heinrich
River Song by Cynthia Gray

SSA (or SA)

Wasserfahrt by Mendelssohn
O Waly, Waly arr. Benjamin Britten
Down by the Riverside arr. Kirby Shaw


I Want to Be a Sailor by Joseph Martin
A Whale of a Tale by Normal Gimbel

Hope this helps.

Richard Messenger (RichMess(a)

Gerre Hancock (organist/choirmaster of St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in
NYC) has written a wonderful SATB arrangement of Deep River.

I have forthcoming (July 1) a lovely, haunting SSA plus piano arrangement by
Alice Parker of the Canadian folk song, "Adieu de la mariee", about a bride
who leaves everthing she knows the day after the wedding to become a pioneer.
The English text begins "Away far down the river, away by the flowing river,
I heard all the small birds singing, and this is what they sang".

I am still correcting proofs and will go to the printer in about a week. I
having done the exact pricing yet, but it will run in the neighborhood of
$1.40-$1.60 retail.

This particular piece is the simple midle piece of a set of three, called
"Women on the Plains." The outer two are much different--extremely lively,
with meters changing about every measure or two and a great deal of rhythmic

Let me know if you'd like a pre-publication proof.

Best wishes,
Mary Lycan
Treble Clef Music Press

Donna Sparks and Timothy Olsen
(olsent(a) also offered their own arrangements of "Deep River".

Jean Sturm le magnifique ran MUSICA on the SSA portion of my query and
received the following answers:


Le Kleebach, F-68140 MUNSTER (France)
(+33) 89 77 33 00 / FAX (+33) 89 77 51 94 /
e-mail: 100451.700(a)Compuserve.Com,
(+32) 81 73 57 96 / FAX (+32) 81 73 78 72 /
e-mail: 100256.3252(a)Compuserve.Com

with the collaboration of several partners around the world
(list on request).

Access by MINITEL: (+33) 36 43 1515 MUSICA or entry nod of your area
or by "Minitel-Internet" (information for access on


Genre, Musical Style, Musical Form : .NOT.CHILDREN

Genre, Musical Style, Musical Form : .NOT.SACRED

Arrgt: Arvinte, Constantin (1926-) [Roumania]
Publisher: Manuscrit
; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Song, Folksong, Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women, men, children voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : E minor Duration : 3.50 mn
Text in Rumanian # of Verses: 30" x 5

Berton, Henri-Montan (1767-1844) [France]
Editor or restitutor: Villatte, Jean
Publisher: Paris: France: Henry Lemoine, 1951 [in Anthologie du Canon 1]
Ref. : JV.1951 p.104 ; 1/2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Canon, Secular, Classic, Romantic
Choir Type : SAH or TTB or SSA (3 mixed, children, women, men voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Duration : 1 mn
Text in French
Availability in library of CAPA: 10

3. Sept Choeurs ou Trios. - L'eau courante (Cette eau sur le gravier poli
qui chante et passe)
Bonnal, Ermend (1880-1944) [France]
Publisher: Paris: France: Durand [in Sept Choeurs ou Trios]
Ref. : 12952 ; 2/16 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, Choir
Choir Type : SSA (3 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): A
Duration : 2 mn
Text in French
Country or region : France Availability in library of CAPA: 1

4. Le carnaval de Venise (Reveille-toi, Venise la jolie !)
Bordese, Luigi (1815-1886) [Italy]
Text : Poncy, Charles (-)
Publisher: Paris: France: Gallet
Ref. : E.G.10005 ; 4 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Operetta
Choir Type : SA (2 women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : F major Duration : 3 mn
Text in French

5. Der Mond im Wasser (Seit der groáe Silbermond)
Bossler, Kurt (1911-1976) [Germany]
Publisher: Germany: Suddeutscher Musikverlag
Ref. : SM 1002
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Type of score : Full score
Text in German

6. Il etait une barque
[Chanson de route de Haute-Normandie]
Arrgt: Canteloube, Joseph (1879-1957) [France]
; Canteloube, Joseph (1879-1957) [France] (text adapt.)
Publisher: Lausanne: Switzerland: Foetisch, 1976
Ref. : F. 8597 F. ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Song, Folksong, Secular
Choir Type : SSA or SAA (3 women voices)
Soloists : ad libitum (1 soloist(s))
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : B flat major Duration : 4 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 9
Country or region : Normandy
Source of text: folklore

7. 6 choeurs de Guillaume Apollinaire. - Clotilde
Chailley, Jacques (1910-) [France]
Editor or restitutor: Corneloup, Marcel
Text : Apollinaire, Guillaume (1880-1918) [France]
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie, 1993
Ref. : CA 51 ; 3 p.; "choeurs accompagnes"
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, Song, Poem
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Instruments : Piano (ad lib)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Tonality : F major
Text in French

8. Le porteur d'eau (1965) (Comme il rentrait charge d'outres pleines)
Chauveau (-)Mus.: Apotheloz, Jean (1900-1965) [Switzerland]
Publisher: Lausanne: Switzerland: Foetisch, 1965
Ref. : 8273 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : folktune
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : B minor Duration : 1 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 1
Country or region : Switzerland

9. La merveille de la musique
Corneloup, Marcel (-) [France]
Text : Aragon, Louis (1897-1982) [France]
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie, 1977
Ref. : No 0936; "A Voix Egales"
Genre/Style/FORM : Canon, Secular
Choir Type : SA or SH (2 mixed, women, young children voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : D minor Duration : 1 mn
Text in French
Availability in library of CAPA: 60

10. Au bord de l'eau
Daetwyler, Jean (-) [Switzerland]
Text : Theytaz, Aloys (-)
Publisher: Lausanne: Switzerland: Foetisch
Ref. : F.8412 F.
Choir Type : SSA (3 children, women voices)
Text in French

11. Chansons et melodies populaires. - Menuet d'Exaudet (Cet etang qui
s'etend dans la plaine)
Exaudet, Andre-Joseph (-) [France]
Text : Favart, Charles Simon (1710-1792)
Publisher: Lausanne: Switzerland: Foetisch, 1958 [in Chante, Jeunesse!]
; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Minuet
Choir Type : SSA (3 children voices)
Type of score : Full score
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : G major Duration : 1.30 mn
Text in French
Country or region : France

Fau, Raymond (1936-) [France]
Arrgt: Grindel, Jacques (-) [France]
Text : Fau, Raymond (-)
Publisher: Bordeaux: France: P.I.F., 1972 [in Tutti Canti 2]
Ref. : p.10-11 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, Song
Choir Type : SSA (3 children, women voices)
Soloists : S (1 soloist(s))
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : C major Duration : 2 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 6
Availability in library of CAPA: 5

13. Je ne mettray plus d'eau en mon vin
Arrgt: Favre, Georges (1905-) [France]
Publisher: Paris: France: Durand, 1970 [in Choeurs a 2 voix (I) /
Noels, airs et Brunettes des 16eme et 17eme siecles]
Ref. : P.33-34 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Air, Secular
Choir Type : SA (2 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : F sharp minor Duration : 2 mn
# of Verses: 2

14. Margoton va a l'eau
Arrgt: Favre, Georges (1905-) [France]
Publisher: Paris: France: Durand, 1970 [in Choeurs a 2 voix (I) /
Noels, airs et Brunettes des 16eme et 17eme siecles]
Ref. : p.25-26 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Air, Secular, Song
Choir Type : SA (2 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): A
Tonality : G minor Duration : 2 mn
# of Verses: 6

15. Three amorous airs. - Waly, waly (The water is wide) [op.104]
Gardner, John (1917-) [Great Britain]
Publisher: New York: USA: Oxford University Press USA, 1971
Ref. : W87 (1)
Genre/Style/FORM : Choir, Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Instruments : piano (1)
Text in English
Source of text: folksong, English (Somerset)

16. Chanson de Melisande (L'eau qui pleure et l'eau qui rit)
Gauffriau, Jean (-) [France]
Arrgt: Gauffriau, Jean (-) [France]
Text : Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862-1949)
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie, 1988 [in Arc-en-ciel]
Ref. : p.26-27 ; 3 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, Contemporary, Choir
Choir Type : SSA (3 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Duration : 2 mn
Text in French

17. Venise (Dans Venise la rouge)
Gauffriau, Jean (-) [France]
Arrgt: Gauffriau, Jean (-) [France]
Text : Musset, Alfred de (1810-1857)
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie, 1988 [in Arc-en-ciel]
Ref. : p.20-22 ; 3 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, Contemporary, Choir
Choir Type : SSA (3 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Tonality : A minor Duration : 2.50 mn
Text in French

18. Berceuse bretonne; Margoton va t'a l'eau; Ou allez-vous ma kike ?; En
voila un; Catherinon
Arrgt: Jean-Baptiste, Lucien (-) [France]
Publisher: Paris: France: Duculot [in Mon petit choeur]
Genre/Style/FORM : Song, Secular
Choir Type : SA or SSA (3 children, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): A
Duration : 1 mn
Text in French
Availability in library of CAPA: 2

19. Es freit ein wilder Wassermann
Kahn, Robert (1865-1951) [Germany]
Publisher: Selters: Germany: Edition Provocale/Frankfurt: Germany:
Peters A
Ref. : epr 2064
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Text in German

20. Candle on the water
Kasha, Al (-) [USA]
; arrgt: Lojewski, Ed (-)
Text : Hirschhorn, Joel (-)
Publisher: Milwaukee: USA: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, 1976
Ref. : 08426404
Genre/Style/FORM : Choir, Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Instr.: ensemble instrumental (4
Instruments : piano (1), Guitare (1), Bass (1), percussion (1)
Text in English

21. Die Fisch im Wasser wohnen
Kurzbach, Paul (1902-)
; mel.: Hainhofer, Phil. (-) [Germany]
Editor or restitutor: Wohlgemuth, Gerhard
Text : Hainhofer, Phil. (-)
Publisher: Hofheim am Taunus: Germany: Hofmeister, 1990 [in Wir singen
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular, folktune
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Type of score : Full score
Tonality : B flat major Duration : 2 mn
Text in German

22. Gesang der Geister uber den Wassern [op.88] (1840) (Des Menschen
Seele gleicht)
Loewe, Carl (1796-1869) [Germany]
Publisher: Vieweg
Ref. : LP
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Instruments : Klavier (1)
Type of score : Full score

23. PETRKLIC (Primrose). - ZALOBA (Sedi ptacek na karlatce)
Martinu, Bohuslav (1890-1959) [Slovakia]
Publisher: Prague: Czechoslovakia: Panton, 1960
Ref. : P 044 ; 3 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Song
Choir Type : SA (2 women voices)
Instruments : violon (1), piano (1)
Type of score : Full score
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): D
Tonality : polytonal Duration : 1.50 mn
Text in Czech; adapted in English, German
Country or region : Czechoslovakia

24. Chansons et melodies populaires. - La petite ville (Simplement , au
bord de l'eau, vois, on t'a batie)
Arrgt: Mayor, Charles Lucien Adolphe (1876-1950) [Switzerland]
Text : Moulin, R. (-)
Publisher: Lausanne: Switzerland: Foetisch, 1958 [in Chante, Jeunesse!]
; 1 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Song
Choir Type : SA (2 children voices)
Type of score : Full score
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): A
Tonality : F major Duration : 1 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 3

25. Barcarolle
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) [Austria]
Text : Roubier, Albert (-)
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie [in Florilege Voix Egales]
Ref. : p.40-41
Genre/Style/FORM : Classic, Secular
Choir Type : SSA or SAA (3 women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : C major Duration : 1.50 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 3
Availability in library of CAPA: 40

26. Declic (1991) (Voyage, voyage dans le temps)
[introduction instrumentale - le big band - la matiere - la lumiere -
l'eau - les animaux - l'homme]
Noyer, Eric (-) [France]
Publisher: Lyon: France: A Coeur Joie, 1992
; 62 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Comedy song, Musical comedy, Variety
Choir Type : SA or AA or TB or BB (2 children, women, men voices)
Soloists : Recit. (1 soloist(s))
Instr.: Orchestre de jazz or Orchestre de variete (2
Instruments : Piano (1), Batterie (1)
Type of score : Full score
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Tonality : F major Duration : 30 mn
Text in French

Arrgt: Pepping, Ernst (1901-1981) [Germany]
Publisher: Mainz: Germany: Schott [in Volkslieder]
Ref. : ED 3899
Choir Type : SSA (3 women voices)
Text in German

28. Du neant aux etoiles. - Terre, eau, feu (1983)
Petit, Jean-Francois (-) [France]
Text : Tranchand, Yves (-)
Publisher: Divonne-les-Bains: France: La Boite a Chansons, 1993
; 4 p.
Choir Type : SA (2 children, women voices)
Soloists : Recit. (1 soloist(s))
Instruments : piano (1)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : B flat major Duration : 3 mn
Text in French # of Verses: 2

29. MINIWANKA or THE MOMENTS OF WATER (1971) (The wise man delights in
Shafer, R. Murray (-) [Canada]
Publisher: Ontario: Canada: Arcana, 1980
; 15 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : avant garde, Choir, Secular
Choir Type : SA or SATB (4 mixed, women voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 3 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): C
Text in English
Source of text: Words describing water drawn from native American

30. A rushing of new waters. - Adon olam
Stern, Robert (-)
Publisher: New York: USA: Transcontinental Music Publications [in Four
Centuries of Jewish Choral Music]
Ref. : 991297-11
Choir Type : SA (2 women voices)
Text in Yiddish

Villatte, Jean (-)
Editor or restitutor: Villatte, Jean
Publisher: Paris: France: Henry Lemoine, 1951 [in Anthologie du Canon 1]
Ref. : JV.1951 p.36 ; 1/4 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Canon, Secular
Choir Type : SSA or TTB or SAH (3 mixed, children, women, men voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 1 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Duration : 1 mn
Text in French
Availability in library of CAPA: 10

32. Fowles in the frith
Publisher: New York: USA: Lawson-Gould, 1969 [in The Choral Art]
Ref. : L.G.Co.51447; p.16-17 ; 2 p.
Genre/Style/FORM : Secular
Choir Type : SA or TB (2 children, women, men voices)
Diff. CHOIR (from 1 to 5) : 2 Diff.CONDUCTOR (from A to E): B
Tonality : B flat major Duration : 1 mn
Text in old English
Country or region : England
Musicological sources: Wooldridge, Early English Harmony

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Patricia Romza, Director of Choral Activities
St. Ambrose University
**Philippians 3:13-14**

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:22:54 -0500
From: promza(a) (Patricia Romza)
Subject: 'water' repertoire summary addendum

Greetings, everyone! There were quite a few follow-up e-mails to my first
compilation, so I have reproduced them below. I must admit that when David
Griggs-Janower reminded me of Laster's Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged
in Biblical Order, I immediately e-mailed our reference librarian and asked
that we purchase it, as not having it I'm out of the habit of consulting it
frequently. It is a great resource for all sorts of repertoire searches.



Must not have seen your request for songs about water, but have just read
your compilation and would like to add one which is probably not yet very
well known. We have just done a concert which included Gorecki's "Szeroka
Woda" (Broad Waters), a set of five Polish folk songs with the theme of
rivers (except for the fourth). These are very interesting, hauntingly
beautiful, songs which we and our audiences have enjoyed immensely. They
have not been published but we obtained permission to copy the manuscript
from Boosey. If your interest is piqued, drop me a note and I'll provide
further information. Learning and singing in Polish was definitely a new

David Clayton
Virginia Wesleyan College
Norfolk, VA 23502

I was delighted with your "Torrent of responses" re water repertoire and
wish to add to Monica Hubbard's suggestion of a setting of "By the waters
of Babylon".

The text is from Psalm 137. I have just recently published a setting of
this text by the Russian composer Artemiy Vedel (1767?-1808) with both
Slavonic and English singing texts. It is for SSAATTBB a cappella and
available from Paraclete Press: Catalog # PPMO 9503. The setting covers
verses 1-5 and 7-9.

The title in Slavonic is 'Na rekakh Vavilonskikh' and the English title
is 'By the banks of Babylon's streams."

Hope you get other classical setting suggestions for this psalm.


Anthony Antolini
Bowdoin College Music Dept.
Brunswick, Maine 04011

I didn't think of this until after you published your compilation, but one
piece my choir has done in the past which would work under this topic is
"Old Joe Has Gone Fishing" from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten. It is
published separately for chorus and piano by Boosey & Hawkes. It is not
easy (very fast 7/4) but as a canon, it can be taught efficiently.

Richard Householder
(N.B. I have both this and the "Song of the Fishermen" from the same opera
on my list of possibles.)

I don't remember the criteria for your original request, but I've been
cleaning out file cabinets (throwing away my horde of Grove photocopies,
for one thing, since buying the paperback) and I found my grad school
paper on German early baroque settings of Psalm 137: "By the waters.." The
study compared settings by: Praetorius (9); Hassler, Schein (2), Scheidt
(2), Schutz (3), and Tunder. The voicings are from 2-8 parts, and the
styles in the forms of bicinia, tricinia, chorale, and concerto. I found
most of them in collected editions. Also there is a wonderful French
baroque setting by M. A. Charpentier published by Heugel for sop, mez, and
bass with 2 flutes and bc. This one works better with soloists, but it
could be done verse anthem style. Pelham Humphrey has a verse anthem
version for ATB (TTB) soli, SATB choir, strings and continuo, published by
Concordia (#97-5008). I'm a big proponent of Humphrey's music.

Hope this helps.

Kathryn Smith, Dir. of Choral Activities, Webster Univ., St. Louis MO 63119

Last week, I described an anthem "He Shall Come Down Like Rain". I
couldn't remember the composer's name, tho' it's multiple descending entrances
were very familiar to my home choir. We looked it up last night at church,
and the composer is Clifford McCormick.
I also recommended Luboff's arrangement of "Deep River". In fairness, a
colleague mentioned Monday having heard the Princeton Singers do a "Deep
River" arrangement by Gerre Hancock. Both worth knowing.
Good luck!
Jim Green

Hi Patricia! By the waters of Babylon, also known as Super flumina
babylonis, set by, among others, I am sure, Palestrina, Salamone Rossi,
Humphrey Clucas, and there's one in an old collectin called Rare Choral
Masterpieces, pub. Schmitt, Hall & McCreary, compiled and edited by Parke
Barnard, and the work is called Psalm 137,m in Reports, and it's from the
SCottish Psalter, 1635.

I just turned to my Laster, Catalogue of Choral Music arr. in Biblical
Order, and looked up Psalm 137. There are about 2 dozen entires! They
include: WIlliam Boyce, ColeridgeTaylor, David Amram, Herbert Sumison,
Malcolm Williamson, JS Bach/Peter Cornelius (whatever that means),
Gounod, and others. And there are several other books like the Laster
that may have additional entires, especially more recent things.


David Griggs-Janower
Albany Pro Musica &
The University at Albany, SUNY
228 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303-5118

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:20:35 -0400
From: JaceSings(a)
Subject: Water music compilation

Dear colleagues--

Several weeks ago I wrote asking for music on the theme "water". Many
responses were received. Fountains of thanks! Here's an abbreviated

FYI--In October, the three doctoral assistants at the University of Kansas
will conduct their choirs in a concert themed "On the Water." I'm going to
program a sea chantey, "At the River" of Copland, hopefully the Delius "To be
sung on the water on a summer night," and two or three other works to be

Herewith, the list:
============================I am a composer and have
a composition entitled "Three Songs of Rain." Write me if you need
more information.
Ken Langer
Music Department
Lyndon State College
Lyndonville VT 05851
e-mail: LangerK(a)
=================================================The Water is Wide

Shenandoah -- Conrad Susa, Gwyneth Walker

***Miniwanka by R. Murray Schafer

Two Shanties -- Conrad Susa

Lee Kesselman
=====================================================Water songs....
My favorites are:
Deep River as set by Harry (Henry) Burliegh pub. G Schirmer
River Stay 'Way From My Door Harry Woods arr. jacques Rizzo Pub. Shapiro
Bernstien &Co.
Swansea Town, I Love My Love, and Song of the Blacksmith by G. Holst,
pub. Curwen/Schirmer. The third isn't sea related, but the three are
vocal settings of his Second Suite in F for Military Band.
Old Man Noah from Three Chanteys of the Yale Glee Club Series, pub. Schirmer
Shenandoah arr. Erb
To Be Sung on a Summer Night On the Water - Fredric Delius

CJ Liotta
University of North Texas College of Music
=========================================Try the Canadian Murray Schafer's piece Miniwanka. It was written about 25
years ago and then was considered avant garde. The title is taken from a
Native word meaning " Moments of Water " and chronicles the various stages
of water from raindrops to streams, to rivers, to lakes and so on. A very
good piece and considered to be a Canadian classic. If you need publishing
information, e mail me back.

Jeffrey C. Joudrey jjoudrey(a)
21 Muir St.,
Truro, Nova Scotia
==================================================I seem to remember a piece for any combination of performers (thus SATB)
either accompanied or unaccompanied would do) called Water Music by John
Cage, that is, if you're brave enough... Have fun...

Randall Giles

=============================================Copland did an arrangement of The Boatmen's Dance, if that is any help. And
I'm sure there are lots of arrangements of "The Erie Canal". Also, check the
R. Thompson "Frostiana Suite"---I think one of them is about water.

Paul Sinasohn
sinasohn(a) SF Native CAL '80
Editor, Academic Computers Magazine
CASA Arrangements Librarian
=============================================Water Music:

If you're interested in living composers, I've got two great pieces for you:

1. "The Great Sea" by Richard Emery. Beautiful and sensitive setting of
an Eskimo poem a cappella - lots of expressive dissonance. SATB
Contact Mr. Emery directly:

Richard Emery
7, Walker Road
Manchester, MA 01944
508-526-4274 [home]

2."The Sea is Awash With Roses" commissioned by the Oberlin Conservatory
Women's Chorus, SSAA a cappella, gorgeous contrapuntal setting.
by Cary Boyce


Also, Erb's "Shenandoah" arrangement.

Good Luck. Sounds like a great programming idea.

Paul Meers
Director of Choral Activities
Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne
======================================="Water under Snow is Weary" is terrific. Finnish composition by Harri
Wessman and has orchestral accompaniment. It's beautiful! Walton pub.
==============================================you are, um, going to be inundated

Ridout: The River of Life (in the 20th Century Anthem Book, I think)
By the waters of Babylon (Super Flumina Babylonis) -- lots of settings
To be sung on the water (Barber)
Two acquarelles (Delius)
The Silver Swan (Gibbons)
Clear and Gentle Stream (Finzi) (best sustained nostalgia of any piece I
As torrents in Summer (Elgar)
The Shower (Elgar)
Sea Symphony (RVW)

David Singer
Apple Cmputer/CP&T 408-974-3162
======================================I hope you're deluged with repertoire for your fall concert. It's been
pouring all day here in Connecticut, and I'm writing to tell you of an
SATB/piano piece of mine called "Rain" with texts drawn from various
worldwide sources. I'd be happy to send you a copy. It was written for a
group in Tokyo but they never performed it, so you'd have a premiere if you

Donald Sosin

41 Horseshoe Lane
Lakeville CT 06039
"Prairie Waters By Night" by John Leavitt.
============================================Ricky Ian Gordon: Water Music--A Requiem (SATB multi-divisi, a capp.; rental
from Rodgers & Hammerstein library), difficult, but worth it

Andrea Clearfield: On The Pulse of Morning (SATB div, S & Bar soli, ch. orch)
On the Maya Angelou text. Available from the composer

Robert Ross (yours truly): Hymn to Earth (SATB, fl, cl, hp or pno, str or
org) Text by Jim Miller ("If the earth were a ball only a few feet in
diameter. . .) Available from the composer

Hope this helps.

Robert A.M. Ross
Artistic Director
Voces Novae Et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA
===============================================Re. water- Inscription for a Wayside Spring, Ben Allaway, text Frances
Cornford (grandaughter of Charles Darwin), satb with divisi, a cappella,
Santa barbara Music Publishing (call 805-962-5800 to order). This is the
most beautiful text, found at Winchester Cathedral by their baptismal font
during their 900th anniversary celebration "From a well-spring 900 years
deep." It was a labor of love for me and my first published work. Choirs
seem to have a very special experience with it.

If dew is in that category, another work of mine is Morning Prayer, Santa
Barbara Music Publishing, satb, a cappella. Scriabin piano melodies, 1st of
three planned Scriabin Motets (since there aren't any I thought I'd create

Tres Villancicos de Navidad, Ben Allaway, for choir satb, harp, flute and
percussion. These are my arrangements of the three spanish carols made
popular by Noah Greenberg. Pronunciation guide is right below text in the
score, new translation, lots of fun. E la don, don is now called Dansaron
with flamenco clapping added, too. Premiered by Eugenia Zukerman (Pinchas'
wife from CBS TV) Santa Barbara Music Publishing.

Hope this helps. I am in Des moines so could easily come and work with your
choir. If these don't fit, I'm currently working on a piece on the
Mississippi River for choir and woodwind quintet.( I'm of course available
for commissions, too!)

Please be in touch if I can help you further,

Ben Allaway
515-288-8883, or Santa Barbara MP can always give out my number
=======================================================I thought of another piece for you. It's new and contemporary and really
cool. It's called Cloudburst by eric whitacre. Walton music Co. Jo-Michael
Scheibe choral series.


I received some 48 responses to my inquiry about songs relating to "water",
SATB, accompanied or UN!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Now if this isn't a reason to make a contribution to the current fundraising
drive by Choralnet, nothing is! What a great resource. "(No, no one paid me
to make the pitch, it is totally voluntary.) I made my contribution to meet
their matching grant. Will you? You get a lot for a small donation to keep
this site and interaction going!

Here is the compilation that so many wanted to see.
All the best.
Richard Garrin


She Sat and Sang Alway" Robert Young (Text: She sat and sang alway, by
the green waters of the stream --Christina Rossetti)

"Sing Me A Song" Robert Young from Songs of Contemplation (Text: Sing
mea song of a lad that is gone . . . . over the sea to Skye. -- Robert
Louis Stevenson)

Bill McConnell
Palestrina--Sicut cervus
Mozart--Placido e il mar
Elgar--As Torrents in Summer
Clausen--The Water Is Wide


Ricky Ian Gordon's Water Music comes to mind. Big a cappella piece.

Mark Shapiro
Two Unaccompanied Part Songs: To be sung of a summer night on the water" by
Frederick Delius, "Deep River" arranged by Karen P. Thomas of Seattle Pro
Musica, and "Ecco mormorar l'onde" by Monteverdi.

Jenny Hughar

The Water is Wide (aka Waly, Waly) - many settings of (I believe) this
Away from the Roll of the Sea (contemporary Canadian composer)
Bridge over Troubled Water (S & G)
Over the Sea to Skye (and others songs related to Prince Charles: Charlie
over the Ocean, My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean)

Miniwanka by Murray Schafer (if you don't mind doing weird fun stuff with
your choir.)
Secular, SATB. I think it's published by Arcana Editions.

Or, if you're looking for something for just the women, Water Under Snow is
Weary (Vesi Vassi Lumen Alle in Finnish) by Harri Wessman. beautiful piece.

James Baldwin
"Water's Ripple and Flow", Czech Folksong, Arr. Deems Taylor. Published
by Fischer, I believe. Requires an excellent pianist. Beautiful
arrangement. I used it on an international tour and a Czech group happened
to be there. They loved it!!

Irwin Goldberg
Wood River by Connie Kaldor
Away from the Roll of the Sea and Song for the Mira
by A. McGillivray
The Log Driver's Waltz by Wade Hemsworth, arr.R. Smail (Cypress)
Cape St. Mary's (Newfoundland song)

My choir also really enjoys singing River In Judea.

Donna Brown
Water Night - Eric Whitacre

Spectacular work!
(no signature)
The Water is Wide (my favourite arrangement is by
Zaninelli) (Shawnee)
The Water of Tyne (" Neaum) (Roberton)
Song For The Mira (Macgillivray arr Calvert) (Gordon
Tides of Ocean (Orlovich) (Morton)
Ngana (Seasong) (Leek) (Morton)
Songs of the Sea (Sallinen) (SSAA)
Water Under Snow is Weary (Wessman) (SSAA)
The Shore (Hurse & Monk)
Sea Children (Walker)
Where the Gentle avon Flows (forgotten the composer,
sorry) (Chappell?)
At the River (my favourite arrangement by Copland)

Hey Rain (Scott arr Leek)
Simon Loveless
Pase el agoa - Anon. Spanish ca. 1500
"Pass over the water, my Julieta, . . . . "

Gerald Moore
Water Night by Eric Whitacre
Quite Rain - by Hildor Lundvik. This is part of a set of three called
Rain Song - by Houston Bright
In Time of Silver Rain - by Z. Randall Stroope
Rain Clouds - by Brent Pierce. This is with percussion and flute and has a
native American flavor.

Bruce Phelps
......when I wanted a similar
answer a few years ago I went to MUSICA and searched with "water" as
the key word and got dozens of ideas. ANother search with "river" or
"sea" would yield additional searches.
David Griggs-Janower

Healing Waters - Clif Hardin (Yelton Rhodes)
Song Over The Waters - Marty Haugen (GIA)

Jason Shelton
Some Unitarian-Universalist churches have a celebration of water each
year. There's a database of choral music which has been put together
specifically with this denomination in mind. If you click on the link
below, and then choose the category "water ceremony," you'll find nearly
a dozen varied pieces on the theme of water.

Elizabeth Alexander
Inscription for a Wayside Spring by Ben Allaway has beautiful images of
and its restorative, spiritual nature. Available from Santa Barbara Music
Publishing in Charlene Archibeques series. Text was taken from a poem by
Frances Cornford (Charles Darwin's grandaughter).

Ben Allaway
What about the movement from Daniel Pinkham's Wedding
Cantata which contains the text: "many waters cannot
quench love"
Carolyn Dwyer
Bach's cantata "Christ unser Herr zur Jordan kam," or anything else
related to Baptism or John the Baptist.

Nina Gilbert
Mendelssohn, "As the hart longeth for streams of water," based on the psalm
Schutz also has one that is named for the psalm (I can't recall that right

Lewis Worthington
Here are two that you should check out:
The Water Is Wide Traditional Folk Song
arr. by Richard Smith Publ. by Hinshaw (HMC 1428)

And an oldie (1926) that is beautiful:
Waters Ripple and Flow Czech Folk Song
arr. by Deems Taylor Pub. by J. Fischer (5676)
SATB with Soprano and Baritone solos
Deems Taylor's "Waters Ripple
and Flow"
Hope this helps. Best wishes. Gene Morlan
Take a look at two items in our catalog: DEEP RIVER (arr. Salli Terri), and
THE FROG & THE CROW (John Biggs) The latter is a fast paced, rhythmically
catchy piece accomp. by taped sounds of a river across which the frog and
crow are argueing. See at

Paul Mark
Have you looked at Water Night also by Eric Whitacre?

Very Beautiful.

Best Wishes
Barbara E. Pinto-Choate

Water Night by Eric Whitacre
Walton Music
Julia Thorn

You could try "The water of Tyne" which is a lovely Northern English folk
song. There is also Waly Waly.
Terry Cordery.
"On the Waters There We Hung Up Our Lives (Godspell)" original text from
Psalm 137 - "Beside the rivers/waters of Babylon we sat down and wept."

"Shall We Gather at(by) the River" Aaron Copland Solo has fabulous piano
accompaniment - has been arr. for SATB..

"River in Judea" Feldman.. canot recall other details.. hope that someone
else can provide them..

"Gleich wie der Regen und Schnee" (As the Rain and Snow..) Cantata No. ___
J. S. Bach
Pat Maimone

May I suggest a setting of Walt Whitman's poem A Song for All Ships, All
Seas by Jeffers. SATB I believe.

There are also songs composed by Jeffers to the other poems on the sea by
Whitman such as On the Beach at Night Alone.


Eric Whitacre's "Water Night" -- published by Walton Music.

Ken Elpus


"Down By the Riverside" SATB w/ piano arr. Rutter, John
Robert Griffith

Donna Rhodenizer has written a song called "The Love of the Sea" SATB opt.
Unison with Keyboard and optional Violin/Flute descant." The Love of the
Sea" is currently published by Leslie Music Supply of Oakville Ontario. It
is available from Leslie Music or Red Castle Publishing.

Donna Rhodenizer

there is a german humorous song by Joseph Haydn: "Freunde,
Wasser machet stumm" from "Vierstimmige Gesaenge"
It says: If you drink water, you will be mute like fishes. But if you
drink wine, you will talk a lot ...
SATB with piano, also possible a cappella
Edition Peters

Greetings from Germany
Thomas Kerzel

How about Lorre Wyatt's wonderful song, Somos el Barco/We are the Boat (the
stream sings it to the river, the river sings it to the sea, the sea sings
it to the boat that carries you and me) in Spanish and English, SATB with
piano. I'd be happy to send you a copy of our edition, arranged by Lorre
Wyatt and Bill Vanaver (with a little input from myself!).

Judith Cook Tucker, Publisher
World Music Press

What about the lovely English folk song 'The Water of Tyne' published in my
arrangement by Alliance Music, Houston (Tx).

Stuart McIntosh

I have an arrangement of "Peace Like A River" for SAB and soloists or
accompanist. You can look (and hear it) on the site
. Go to Browze Catalog, click on Composer Profiles, click on my name
(Brenda C. Kayne), and scroll down. You can listen to it by midi and see it
by acrobat, but the best way to view it is to download the scorch plug-in
and hear and see it at the same time.

There's also "We Shall Gather By the River", in a variety of arrangements.


I particularly liked The Waters of Life by Minnesota composer James Biery.
You can actually hear it on the Cathedral of Saint Paul's website Go to Liturgy and Music, then click on Choral
and Organ music.

Best Wishes,

Karla Cole

Choral SSAATTBB ....Grade-4

Dear Richard,

Here are some thing we've done recently that might fit:

I Gondolieri Rossini Carus-Verlag

Water Night Whitacre Walton

Das Schifflein Schumann Broude

Robert Molison

You might consider my "Endless Streams" on a text from Isaiah. It is
currently only available in the version accompanied by orchestra. Duration
ca 12 minutes. Premiere last spring with the Greater Anderson Musical Arts

Mark Kilstofte


Such folk songs as "The water is wide, but I must go."
Many sea chanteys

You're apparently not looking for repertoire with orchestra, but I must
mention the exhilarating "Sea Symphony" of Vaughan Williams. Either of the
2 middle movements would make a great concert selection with piano
accompaniment, though you'd need a very good pianist for the third movement.

Best wishes,
Nick Jones

I have an arrangement (satb, piano) of NORTHERN RIVER, from the musical:
COLOURS IN THE STORM by Jim Betts. The show is about Tom Thompson, the
painter who inspired the Group of Seven, some of Canada's finest painters.

I arranged the original production of the show, in 1990, and made a 35
minute suite which was performed by the Vancouver Actors Chorus in 2001.

Edward Henderson

Cançó del Mar ­ Double SATB, clarinet, bass clarinet, harp, violin, cello,
double bass. Moderate/advanced, ±10".
Setting of a Catalan text full of maritime images.

Earth Song ­ SA, tamborines, sop. instruments (ad lib). Moderate, ±5". 3
part canon. Environmental theme. Theatrical and effective.

The Desert Shall Blossom ­ SATB. Advanced, ±3". Motet for Advent or
general use, text from Isaiah. Rapid tempo, exhilarating counterpoint.

The Water of Life ­ SATB (some divisions) + organ. Moderate, ±5". Gentle,
lyrical anthem for Advent or general use. References to water from Old and
New Testaments. Requires a good organist.

To The Horizon: Images of New Zealand (#1,#5,#7,#11,#12) ­ SATB (divisions,
solos in some songs). Moderate/advanced, ±30". Cycle of 12 New Zealand
songs, some folksong-like, others evocative or intense. Background notes.
Also available individually.

That's about it! PDF perusal scores available on request. More information
if needed on the choral page of my new website:

Good luck!


Christopher Marshall - composer

Trond Kverno - Ave maris stella
Barber - To be sung on the water
J. David Moore - Bound to the Wave (men)
Frederick Piket - Sea Charm (poetry by Langston Hughes)
Billings - Euroclydon
Japanese folksong - Kompira fune fune
Anibal Sampayo - Ky Chororo
Bahamanian folksong - Run come see
arr Erb - Shenandoah
Flecha - La Bomba
Dinerstein - Frogs
Mozart - Placido el mar (Idomeneo)
Beethoven - O swiftly glides the bonny boat
Copland - The boatmen's dance
Holst - Swansea town
MacGillivray - Away from the roll of the sea

Best wishes
Christopher J. Hatcher

2 excellent works by Judith Bingham - "Waterlilies" (from "a Garland for
Linda" ) and "The Drowned Lovers", both published by Maecenas Music -

Both highly recommended.

Peter Broadbent
the end.
Richard Garrin

on September 11, 2003 10:00pm
I wrote an arrangement of "Peace Like A River" for SSAB with piano and vocal solo (could be substituted with trumpet). It's difficult but effective. Also wrote "Old River New," a testament to longlasting love and one of the oldest rivers in the world - for SA, mandolin (or clarinet), electric piano, cello or bass.

You can get a gist of either piece with digitized versions at (click on the 'repertoire' lists) or you can e-mail me for a .pdf file of either score at
on April 23, 2005 10:00pm
Hi. There seems to be an interest in the choral music of Samuel Barber-so here is one for your theme.
"To Be Sung On The Water" Op. 42, No. 2 by Samuel Barber
Transcribed by the composer for SSAA.
on August 24, 2005 10:00pm
Stoke Fleming, for unaccompanied SATB choir, 2000 (Duration 3:30) by Greg Bartholomew (

Stoke Fleming is a small hamlet southwest of Dartmouth on the English Channel. The text for this meditation on the rocks and the waves was written during a weekend stay there in 1978. The music was completed in January 2000. The piece received a reading by the Gregg Smith Singers at the 2000 Adirondack Festival of American Music.
on March 14, 2006 10:00pm
I was delighted to find this list as I am in the middle of planning a "water" concert as well. A few to add:

Healing River, Hellerman/Minkoff, arr. Haufrecht, (was Plymouth Music)
Lullaby for Seafarers, Zaninelli (Shawnee Press)
The Navy Hymn, arr. Scott (TTBB--Shawnee Press)
Rain, Come Down, Kirchner (Santa Barbara)--a beautiful piece about healing
on June 15, 2007 10:00pm
My choir just did "The Moon Is Distant From the Sea" by David Dickau (poetry by Emily Dickinson) and we all LOVED it! On the same program we enjoyed doing "River in Judea"--Feldman, arr. Leavitt.
on May 5, 2014 8:47pm
Los Santos High School Mixed Choir
Abandon Ship!
End Of The Year Concert
Mr. Gilbert, Director

Vagues, Vents (Waves, Wind)………………………………………………………………………..…Serban Nichifor
Down To The River To Pray.........................................................................................................Traditional, Arr. M. Noia
On The Good Ship Nancy Lee……………………….……………………………………………….……George L. Cobb
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree…………………………………………………………………………………..…………Peter Bird
Deep River………………………………………..............................................................................................Traditional, Arr. Renato Tagliabue
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?................................................English Sea Shanty, Arr. Robert Shaw
Piece information:
Vagues, Vents... (Waves, Wind…)
Three SATB quartets
Serban Nichifor (b. 1954)
Copyright © Serban Nichifor 1988
Dolcissimo, ♩ = 40
This will be one of the biggest musical challenges I present them with, and also an opportunity for them to have a great time making sound effects.
Down To The River To Pray
SATB choir
Traditional, Arr. Noia Marcello Creative Commons
F, B-flat, C
4/4, 3/4, 2/4
Spiritual, ♩ = 65
A spiritual, through-and-through. Lots of sustain and breath support needed.
On The Good Ship Nancy Lee
Piano and one unspecified treble voice; sung carefully in unison by choir
George Cobb (b. 1886)
Public Domain
Moderato,♪= 120
Seeing as the whole group is singing a single part, the diction needs to be spot-on or else it will quickly become muddy.
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
SATB choir
Peter Bird (b. 1951) Creative Commons
5/8, 3/4, 2/2, 5/4,
Moderato, ♪= 120
Forces singer to use lots of support while also asking that he/she deftly jump fourths and fifths. I see a choir going out of tune on a measure where no one has been able to take a breath yet and they are shaky.
Deep River
SCTB (Contralto)
Arr. Renato Tagliabue Creative Commons
Spiritual, ♩ = 80
They have to get the emotion and inflection right in this one. By “right,” I just mean having it at all. Seeing as this is high school, I’d encourage them to practice their rhythms individually and truly know the song.
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
BBTT (half the men on bass, half on tenor; half the women on bass, half on tenor)
English Sea Shanty, Arr. Robert Shaw (b. 1916)
Published by Alfred Music (AP.LG51053)
D Dorian
Work chant, ♩ = 112-120
Requires martellato-style singing, strength of downward leaps, and clear diction.
This is a water-themed high school mixed choir concert. Many composers have been emotionally compelled to write music about oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, and mist. bushes, the sea, and the wilderness are all part of nature, just as the sounds notated by these composers are all part of the tonal landscape. This concert program explores how water is a deeply ingrained part of life for everyone. The variation of style really helps create a theme. I’m accessing a wide variety of composers and using more complex music than your average high school choir.
I decided to open our performance with Vagues, Vents because it is a tense, developing, building piece that uses misty, watery imagery. Nichifor wrote the piece with ebbing and flowing “white sound,” which strongly resembles waves at the beach. Marcello’s arrangement of Down To The River To Pray is next for several reasons. I feel it is a good direction in which to direct the musical experience and it will contribute to the theme. Plus, I chose to have two spirituals in this set and that decision requires careful placement in the program. Cobb’s On The Good Ship Nancy Lee is more upbeat and is what the program needs at this point in terms of feel and style. It fits the musical and thematic pace. At this point, the group will sing Deep River. This might create a bit of tension in the audience as it goes against what one would normally expect. However, this will set the mood perfectly for the happy bounce of a shanty. What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor is characteristically catchy, and it brings to life the sailor in all of us.