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In Praise of Music

Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 01:46:40 -0400
From: FSAlbinder(a)
Subject: To Music - Summary (long)

Many thanks from Steven Sametz for all of the information supplied by so many
for his "To Music" request. Here's a list of the pieces submitted:

There is a piece by Fanny Mendelssohn which has not been performed in
modern times (it was performed only once in FM's lifetime) on St.
Cecilia. It currently exists only in manuscript, and is being prepared
for publication by ArtsVenture Ltd., which is Suzanne Summerville

Dello Joio "Hymn to St. Cecilia." (this got the most votes by far)

Handel: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day

Michael Hurd _Music's Praise_

Purcell _Hark how the wild musicians Sing_

for SSA; Lajos Bardos' Cantemus

"For St. Cecilia" by Gerald Finzi

Byrd - O Ye That Hear This Voice, a5 (Setting of poem by Sir Philip Sidney;
re-settings of consort songs))

Tomkins - Music Divine, a6 (a beautiful piece with a humorous twist at the

Bateson - Music Some Think No Music Is, a6

Gibbons - O That the learned Poets, a5

Gibbons - What Is Our Life?, a6 (Setting of a poem by Sir Walter Raleigh)

ODE TO MUSIC of Eugene Butler

Jackson Berkey's Arma Lucis

Kodaly's Laudes Organi

William Schuman's Orpheus with his Lute

Herbert Howells' Hymn for St. Cecilia's Day

Modern Music - Billings
Music When Soft Voices Die - Gordon Jacob (beautiful piece)
Music When Soft Voices Die - Fissinger (not as good)
some piece by Theron Kirk (but not so good)
Musica, die ganz lieblich Kunst - Johannes Jeep (17th cent)
Viele verachten die edele Musik - Johann Bachofen (18th cent.)
Lob der Musik (Johann Ahle (17th cent.)
Die Musik allein - Heinz Lau (20th cent.)
Musik - Lau
Vorspruch - Distler
Lob auf die Musik - Distler
Zum Lobe der Musik - Johannes Drie§ler (20th cent.)

Handel's Alexander's Feast

Cipriano da Rore - Musica dulci sono

"Hymn for St. Cecilia" by Roland E. Martin (University of Buffalo).

Lloyd Pfautsch Musick's Empire or Consecrate the Place and Day from

Paul Peuerl's "O Musika, du edle Kunst"

Haydn - "Cacilienmesse"

Gounod - "St. Cecilia Mass"

"Sing, Sing" arr. Alice Parker #1345 Lawson-Gould
"Musicks Empire" Lloyd Pfautsch #51418 Lawson-Gould
"Musik dein ganz lieblich Kunst" Johann Jeep #HMC-934 Hinshaw

Elgar: There is Sweet Music

And finally, this long chunk is from Jim Feiszli's CHOREF Database:

Adler, James
Spring; from 'Songs of Innocence and of Experience (#1)'
Arista: AM121, 1983

Musica vivat aeterna
Mark Foster: MF3008, 1985

Welcome To Our Music Feast
Mark Foster: MF3008, 1985

Callahan, Charles
A Musician's Prayer
Randall Egan: , 1988

Carter, John
Praise the Lord!
Hope Publishing Company: JC285, 1984

Carter, John
Psalm 150; from 'The Carter Collection'
Jenson Publications: 405-03011, 1978

Clements, John
There is sweet music here
Belwin Mills: 60383, 1960

Dinerstein, Norman
Frog-school competing; from 'Frogs (#5)'
Carl Fischer: CM8096, 1979

Fink, Michael
What sweeter music
E.C.Schirmer: 2771, 1970

Kim, Earl
From 'To Autumn'; from 'Some Thoughts on Keats and Coleridge' (#5)
Merion/Presser: 342-40162, 1992

Lane, Jack M.
Choristers; from 'Three Homilies (#1)'
Lawson-Gould: 52191, 1984

Lane, Jack M.
The Male Voices; from 'Three Homilies (#2)'
Lawson-Gould: 52191, 1984

Lane, Jack M.
Women Singers; from 'Three Homilies (#3)'
Lawson-Gould: 52191, 1984

McCray, James
Music When Soft Voices Die; from 'Remembrances of Love'
Mark Foster: MF3020, 1988

Micheelsen, Hans Friedrich
Wo man singt
Willy Mueller: WM2542/1SM, 1965

Raminsh, Imant
Nootka Paddle Song
G.V.Thompson: VE.I.1077, 1984

Richardson, Michael
A Capital Ship
Mark Foster: MF1065, 1988

Rodby, Walter
No One's Perfect
Somerset Press: WR1012, 1972

Waxman, Donald
I hear the Minstrels in our street; from 'A Burgundian Noel' (#2)
Galaxy Music: 1.3023, 1985

White, David Ashley
When in Our Music God is Glorified (Hammerling)
Hinshaw Music: HMC-983, 1972

Lassus, Roland de1532-1594
Musica Dei donum optimi
Roger Dean: CA-105, 1974

Lassus, Roland1532-1594
Musica est Dei donum optimi
Mark Foster: MF3008, 1985

Lassus, Roland de1532-1594
Musica est Dei donum optimi

Vecchi, Orazio1550-1605
Fa una canzone
Bourne: B211706-355, 1963

Vecchi, Orazio1550-1605
Fa una canzone
Bourne: B211706-357, 1959

Vecchi, Orazio1550-1605
Fa una canzone
Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: 556, 1960

Gabrieli, Giovanni1557-1612
Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: 51908, 1976

Gumpelzhaimer, Adam1559-1625
Lasst froelich nun uns singen; in 'European Madrigals for Equal Voices
Musikverlag zum Pelikan: Ed. 2062, 1956

Hassler, Hans Leo1562-1612
Komm Musik
Shawnee Press: A-1902, 1990

Pilkington, Francis1562-1638
Music, Dear Solace
Broude Bros.: OEE9,

Hassler, Hans Leo1564-1612
Tanzen und Springen (Gagliarda)
Faber Music; cpyrt by Regal Music Ltd., 1984; ISBN 0 571 10052 X

Peuerl, Paul1570-1630*
Froelich zu seyn
Bourne: ES27a, 1978

Widmann, Erasmus1572-1634
O Musica
Fidula-Verlag Boppard: 56,

Tomkins, Thomas1572-1656
Music divine; in 'Oxford Book of English Madrigals (#25)'
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343664 7, 1978

Weelkes, Thomas1575-1623
Come Let's Begin
Broude Bros.: CR20, 1983

Weelkes, Thomas1575-1623
Hence, care, thou art too cruel; in 'Oxford Book of English Madrigals
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343664 7, 1978

Schein, Johann Hermann1586-1630
kuehle Maien, Der
Belwin Mills: OCT2463, 1981

Hilton, John1599-1657
You Lovers that have loves astray; in 'European Madrigals for Equal Voices
Musikverlag zum Pelikan: Ed. 2062, 1956

anonymous, 1600-1699*
Templa, Bras, ese Psalterio; in 'Three Spanish Romanzas (#1)'
Thomas House: C28-8501, 1985

Blow, John1648-1708
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses
Walton Music: WM-155, 1979

Blow, John1648-1708
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses
Roger Dean: CC-102, 1975

Blow, John1648-1708
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses
National Music: NMP-187, 1986

Purcell, Henry1659-1695
A Catch by Way of Epistle; in 'The Catch Book (#102)'
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343649 3, 1987

Purcell, Henry1659-1695
A Catch for three voices in commendation of the Viol; in 'The Catch Book
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343649 3, 1987

Isum, John1680-1726
Celia learning on the Spinnet; in 'The Catch Book (#53)'
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343649 3, 1987

Handel, George Frideric1685-1759
Music, spread thy voice around; from 'Solomon'
Marks/Hal Leonard: 00007787, 1959

Handel, George Frideric1685-1759
Oh, Had I Jubal's Lyre
Gentry: JG-3001, 1958

Handel, George Frideric1685-1759
Your Voices Tune; from 'Alexander's Feast'
Belwin Mills: OCT2408, 1977

Warren, Thomas1730-1794
To our Musical Club here's long life and prosperity; in 'The Catch Book
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0 19 343649 3, 1987

Billings, William1746-1800
Meet America's William Billings
Mark Foster: MF331A, 1979

Billings, William1746-1800
Modern Music
Peters: 66340, 1971

Beethoven, Ludwig Van1770-1827
Choral Fantasia
Baltimore Music Co.:

Beethoven, Ludwig Van1770-1827
Sweet Power of Song
Thorpe/Presser: 392-03005, 1992

Spohr, Louis1784-1859
Like a Mighty Eagle
Kjos: 2502, 1939

Rossini, Gioacchino1792-1868
Chant Funebre
Joseph Boonin: B.103, 1972

Mason, Lowell1792-1872
Let Us Endeavor
Carl Fischer: CM7927, 1975

Mason, Lowell1792-1872
O Music
Mark Foster: MF3008, 1985

Schubert, Franz1797-1828
Psalm 092
Alexander Broude: AB823, 1978

Schumann, Robert1810-1856
Sanger, Der; Opus 145,No.3
Lawson-Gould: 52363, 1985

Schumann, Robert1810-1856
Schifflein, Das; Opus 146,No.5
Broude Bros.: BB135, 1954

Willis, Richard Storrs1819-1900
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Carol)
Walton Music: WW1082, 1986

Leslie, Henry1822-1896
Charm Me Asleep
Hinshaw Music: HMC-827, 1981

Brahms, Johannes1833-1897
AbendstNndchen; from 'Three Songs, Opus 42'
Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: S-011-52340-00, 1985

Brahms, Johannes1833-1897
The Fiddler; in 'Six Folk Songs (#2)'
Marks/Hal Leonard: 00007913, 1948

Brahms, Johannes1833-1897
Wenn die Klaenge nah'n; from 'Canons for Women's Chorus, Opus 113'
Edition Peters: 6860, 1966

Brahms, Johannes1833-1897
Zigeunerlieder, Op.103
Hinshaw Music: HMB-167, 1988

Tchaikovsky, Peter Illyich1840-1893
The Song that I loved as a child; in 'Three Songs by Peter Ilyich
Tchaikovsky (#3)'
Shawnee Press: A-1797, 1986

Dvorak, Antonxn1841-1904
Napadly pisne v dusi mou
Broude Bros.: BB85, 1952

Elgar, Edward1857-1934
O Wild West Wind
Novello: 07-2324-10, 1908

Elgar, Edward1857-1934
There is sweet music
Novello: 07-2324-10, 1908

Vaughan Williams, Ralph1872-1958
Stainer & Bell/Galaxy: 1.5038.1, 1911

Vaughan Williams, Ralph1872-1958
Orpheus With His Lute
Hinshaw Music: HMC-507, 1981

Vaughan Williams, Ralph1872-1958
Silence and Music
Oxford University Press: 56.809, 1953

Ives, Charles1874-1954
Peer International: 02-093576-101, 1953

Ives, Charles1874-1954
On the Counter
Peer International: 02-093576-101, 1955

Warrell, Arthur1883-1939
In Saint Paul's
Stainer & Bell: W28, 1933

Berlin, Irving1888-1991
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Coronet/Presser: 392-41693, 1993

Howells, Herbert1892-
A Hymn for St. Cecilia
Novello: 29 0507 08, 1961

Jacques, Reginald1894-1969
Patapan; in 'Carols for Choirs 2 (#49)'
Oxford University Press: ISBN 0-19-353566-1, 1970

Hindemith, Paul1895-1963
Frau Musica
Schott: AP42FS, 1945

Cowell, Henry1897-1965
Do You Doodle As You Dawdle?
Edition Peters: 6991, 1966

Finzi, Gerald1901-1956
For St. Cecilia
Boosey & Hawkes: 16383, 1948

Carter, Elliott1908-
Musicians Wrestle Everywhere
Mercury Music/Presser: 352-00119, 1982

Carter, Elliott1908-
To Music
Peer International: 01-03141-121, 1955

Nin-Culmell, Joaquxn1908-
rDcnde est la M Teodora?; from 'Three Traditional Cuban Songs'
Rongwen Music: RM391c, 1955

Distler, Hugo1908-1942
Psalm 098
Arista: AE110, 1965

Distler, Hugo1908-1942
Singet frisch und wohlgemuth; Opus 12, No.4
Concordia: 98-5111, 1973

Schuman, William1910-
Orpheus with his lute
G.Schirmer: 46868, 1971

Dello Joio, Norman1913-
Sing a Song Universal
Associated: AMP7982, 1987

Britten, Benjamin1913-1976
Hymn to St. Cecilia; Opus 27

Binkerd, Gordon1916-
Boosey & Hawkes: 5631, 1967

Binkerd, Gordon1916-
There Is In Souls; from 'Institutional Canons'
Boosey & Hawkes: 5794, 1971

Kirk, Theron1919-
A Song for St. Cecilia's Day; from 'Songs of Life'
Walton Music: WW1005, 1984 (distributor: Hinshaw)

Kirk, Theron1919-
O Music, Beloved Art
Walton Music: WW1001, 1984

Willcocks, David1919-
Psalm 150
G.V.Thompson/Oxford University Press: G-231, 1984

Fissinger, Edwin1920-
Music, When Soft Voices Die; from 'On Flowers and Love (#4)'
Walton Music: WW1115, 1987

Kalmanoff, Martin1920-
To Music
Broude Bros.: BB2035, 1960

Pfautsch, Lloyd1921-
Echoes; from 'Three Songs of Nature (#1)'
Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: S-011-52372-00, 1985

Pfautsch, Lloyd1921-
Music, When Soft Voices Die
Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: S-011-00793-00, 1959

Pinkham, Daniel1923-
Hinder not music; from 'Listen To Me (#2)'
E.C.Schirmer: 2019, 1965

Pinkham, Daniel1923-
Piping Anne and Husky Paul
Ione/E.C.Schirmer: 2654, 1988

Starer, Robert1924-
Music Is
Alexander Broude: AB964, 1982

Mechem, Kirke1925-
Lament for a Choral Conductor
National Music:WHC28, 1972

Parker, Alice1925-
Many in One
Augsburg: 11-2378, 1987

Goemanne, Noel1926-
Heavenly Harmony; from 'Ode to St. Cecilia'
Mark Foster: MF330A, 1976

Coleman, Cy1929-
Rhythm of Life; from 'Sweet Charity'
Shawnee Press: A-1316, 1975

Zaninelli, Luigi1932-
Up the Street the Band Is Marching Down
Walton Music: W3400-1, 1971

Mellnas, Arne1933-
Wilhelm Hansen/Walton Music: WH-101, 1972

Butler, Eugene1935-
In Commendation of Music
Hinshaw Music: HMC-486, 1981

Butler, Eugene1935-
Ladies and Ye Youthful Lovers; from 'Three Contemporary Madrigals (#1)'
Somerset Press: SP687, 1969

Butler, Eugene1935-
Carl Fischer: CM7905, 1975

Butler, Eugene1935-
Music, When Soft Voices Die
Art Masters: 1017, 1966

Shearer, C. M.1940-
When To Her Lute Corinna Sings
Southern Music: SC64, 1978

Pierce, Brent1942-
The Trumpeters and Singers Were as One
Plymouth Music: BP-134, 1986

Rutter, John1945-
Fiddler Man; from 'Three American Lyrics (#1)'
Hinshaw Music: HMC-815, 1985

Rutter, John1945-
O Clap Your Hands
Oxford University Press: A307, 1973

Rutter, John1945-
The holly and the ivy
Oxford University Press: X271, 1979

Gawthrop, Daniel1949-
Sing Me to Heaven
Dunstan House: DH9101, 1991

Gawthrop, Daniel1949-
There is Sweet Music
Belwin Mills: SCHCH77111, 1986

Clausen, Rene1953-
A Jubilant Song
Mark Foster: MF3048, 1993

Clausen, Rene1953-
All that hath life & breath praise ye the Lord!
Mark Foster: MF223, 1981

Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 16:01:40 -0400
From: SVSTHP(a)
Subject: Re: To Music - Summary (long)

Re the To music list-

While reading I realized that I had missed sending one piece, a setting of
"Music When Soft Voices Die" for TTBB by Leonard Enns, published by Thomas
House (1C0579105).


Vern Sanders
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 22:51:33 -0400
From: WmSword(a)
Subject: Re: To Music

Thanks for the great list of ideas for a "In Praise of Music" concert. here
are a couple of additional suggestions:
Sir Arthur Sullivan, "Orphus with his lute"
Two Canons - Lowell Mason, "O Music, sweet music" and Lassus, "Musica est dei
donum optimi"
G.F. Handel, "Music spread thy voice around" (SOLOMON)
Rutter, "the Music's Always There With You"
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 23:11:31 GMT
From: Patsy(a) (Patsy Moore)
Subject: To Music - yet more

A few more suggestions for the To Music repertoire list:

Richard Rodney Bennett: What sweeter music?
(Carols for Choirs 3)

C. Hubert H. Parry: Descend, ye Nine! (Ode on St. Cecilia's Day, words
by Alexander Pope)
(Novello Octavo Choruses Chor.782)

The following three are all in Penguin 2nd book of English Madrigals
(madrigals for 5 voices):
William Byrd: Come woeful Orpheus
includes the memorable line *Of sourest sharps and uncouth
flats make choice* - we've all met some of those 8-)
Francis Pilkington: Sing we, dance we on the green
Thomas Weelkes: Sing we at pleasure

I have transcribed and edited the following two settings of parts of
Psalm 81 (the bit about blowing up the trumpet in the new moon etc):
Tiburtio Massaini: Exultate Deo (7 voices)
Ascanio Trombetti: Jubilate Deo (10 voices, 5 + 5)

Patsy Moore (patsy(a)
* aka Moore Music * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Publisher of "bridge to facsimile" editions of *
* unbarred Renaissance polyphony *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Patsy Moore (patsy(a)
* aka Moore Music * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Publisher of "bridge to facsimile" editions of *
* unbarred Renaissance polyphony *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
on December 25, 2004 10:00pm
Have you seen my setting of "Music, When Soft Voices Die" ( pub. by Lorenz )- now P.O.P., but now submitted to another publisher.
on March 8, 2005 10:00pm
In October 2005, my choir in Jakarta will make a concert. Now I am still trying to find one repertoire for choir which is accompanied by double pianos (duet for piano). Can you help me to find that repertoire? Do you have any suggestion? And can you send me the partiture for that repertoire to my email? (

Thank you very much for your attention and corporation.
God bless us.


Jansen Tanujaya - Indonesia
on September 28, 2005 10:00pm
please give me a free copy of your repertior. a prraise of song