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SATB: with 1 Solo Instrument

Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 12:46:57 -0400
From: Lanny McManus
Subject: Music for Choir & Solo Instrument

[NOTE: Wyatt and McManus had many more instruments listed than what
appear in this file. These other instruments have been incorporated
into pre-existing ChoralNet files on a similar subject.]

During the weeks leading up to the regional ACDA conventions we asked
Choralist members for help in compiling a list of favorite works for one
solo instrument and choir with or without keyboard. At the same time we
had contacted all the publishers we could find and asked for music that fit
our topic and used the Musica database to compile as comprhensive a list as
possible of these works.

Those listed as highly recommended are works of high artistic merit while
Those listed as recommended are works that are good but might best be used
in a specific situation, most often in a church setting.

Larry D. Wyatt
Lanny R. McManus

Music for Solo Instruments and Choir
* Denotes Choralist Favorite

Composer, Choir, Title, Pub., Pub. #.

Melodica Total Received 1

Hall, William D., Mixed, The Lonesome Dove, National Music, WHC 24.

Clarinet Total Received 6
Highly Recommended

Bergman, Erick, Male, Nordisk Var, Fazer, W 12696.
*Johansson, Bengt, Mixed, Double Madrigal, Fazer, F.M.06042-6


Hassler, Hans Leo, Arr. Leaf, Robert, Mixed, O Sacred Head, Now Wounded,
Augsburg, 11-2412.
Arr. White, David Ashley, Mixed, I Will Arise, Augsburg, 11-10264.

Bass Clarinet Total Received 1
Highly Recommended
Avshalomov, Jacob, Mixed, His Fluid Aria, Howlet.

Horn Total Received 15
Highly Recommended
Dello Joio, Norman, Mixed, The Mystic Trumpeter, G. Schirmer.
*Mulholland, James, Treble, Heart We Will Forget Him, National Music, WHC-153.
Mulholland, James, Treble, Nobody Knows This Little Rose, National Music,
Mulholland, James, Treble, So I Let Him Lead Me Home, National Music, WHC-152.
*Washburn, Robert, Male, Come Away, Death, Oxford, 95.108.
*Washburn, Robert, Male, O Mistress Mine, Oxford, 95.107.
*Washburn, Robert, Male, Sigh No More, Ladies, Oxford, 95.109.

Ericson, Christopher, Mixed, Sally Gardens, National Music, WHC-59.
Hall, William D., Mixed, Aura Lee, National Music, WHC-45.
*Murray, James R., Arr. Gilbert, Nina, Male, Away in a Manger, CH-61.

Trombone Total Received 2
Englund, Einar, Mixed, Chaconne, Fazer, F.M. 05077-3.
Arr. Gilbert, Male, This Train, Santa Barbara Music, SBMP 178.

Tuba Total Received 1
Arr. Gilbert, Nina, Male, Wade in the Water, Santa Barbara Music, SBMP 179.

Violin Total Received 16
Highly Recommended
Rautavaara, Einojuhani, Treble, Viatonten valssi, Fazer, F 06974.

Butler, Eugene, Mixed, Letter to Philippi, Carl Fischer, CM 8259.
Cox, Michael, Mixed, Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, Alliance Music, AMP R003.
Arr. Goemanne, Noel, Mixed, Amazing Grace, GIA, G-1824.
Gibbs, Allen Orton, Mixed, Come, Holy Spirit, Augsburg, 11-10540
*Mechem, Kirke, Mixed, A Wedding Gift, G. Schirmer, 12478.
Arr. Shields, Valerie, Treble, Per Spellman, Mark Foster Music, YS 404.
Telemann, Georg Philipp, Come, Enjoy God's Festive Springtime, Augsburg,
Tucapsky, Antonin, Mixed, The Seven Sorrows Publications, Roberton, 63239

Viola Total Received 10
Highly Recommended
*Avshalomov, Jacob, Mixed, The Most Triumphant Bird, Howlet.
Cruger, Johann, Arr. Ferguson, John, Mixed, Ah, Holy Jesus, MorningStar
Music, MSM-50-0015.
*Arr. Ferguson, John, Mixed, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, MorningStar Music,

Ferguson, John, Mixed, Good Christian Friends, Rejoice and Sing,
MorningStar Music, MSM-50-4025.
Rhein, Robert, Mixed, Crucifixion, MorningStar Music, MSM-50-3033.
Shields, Valerie, Treble, Lovely Child, Holy Child, MorningStar Music,

Cello Total Received 15
Highly Recommended
Adler, Samuel, Mixed, Kol Nidre, Transcontinental Music, 991079.
*Avshalomov, Jacob, Mixed, Songs from the Goliards, Howlet.
Bruner, David L., Treble, O Music, Boosey & Hawkes, OCTB6798.
Ramish, Imant, Mixed, In the Night We Shall Go In, Jaymar Music, 02.369

Aloni, Aminadav, Mixed, Psalm 121, Transcontinental Music, 991210.
Sonninen, Ahti, Mixed, Kaksi Siionin virtta, Fazer, F.M. 06596-1.

String Bass Total Received 8
Highly Recommended
*Avshalomov, Jacob, Songs in Season, Howlet.

McCray, James, Mixed, I'm Nobody, National Music, WHC-171.
Arr. Nelson, Ron, Mixed, Three Mountain Ballads, Theodore Presser, 362-03379.
Zimmerman, Heinz Werner, Mixed, Psalm 100, Augsburg, 11-0640.
Zimmerman, Heinz Werner, Mixed, Psalm 23, Augsburg, 11-0638.

Choralist Favorites Not On List

Arr. Kakis/Serper, ,Psarolpoula, Plymouth.

Gold, Ernst, , Three Choruses on Native American Texts, Lawson-Gould.
Kesselman, Lee, Mixed, American Voices.
Mulholland, James, Treble, Love's a Lovely Lad.
Mulholland, James, , Life Has Loveliness to Sell.

Faure, , Mixed, Cantique de Jean Racine.
Arr. Kesselman, Lee, Mixed, Rosin the Beau, Boosey & Hawkes.
Leavitt, , , O Love Divine, MorningStar Music.

Arr. Kesselman, Lee, Treble, Wayfarin' Stranger, Boosey & Hawkes.

Arr. Kesselman, Lee, Mixed, Ballet ob de Boll Weevil, Boosey & Hawkes.
Rutter, John, , Out of the Deep.
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, Mixed, Fantasia on Christmas Carols.
Sjolund, Paul, , Eternal Love.

Participating Publishers
Abingdon, Agape, Alexander Broude, Alfred, Alliance Music, Augsburg
Fortress, Beckenhorst, Boosey & Hawkes, Carl Fischer, Choral Web,
Choristers Guild, Concordia, Coronet, E.C. Schirmer, Elkan-Vogel, European
American Music, Excellent Music, Fazer, G. Schirmer, GIA, Harmonia-Utgrave,
Harold Flammer Music, Hope, Howlet, Intrada Music, Jaymar Music, Laurendale
Associates, Lorenz, Mark Foster Music, MorningStar Music, National Music,
National Music, Oxford University, Roberton Publications, Santa Barbara
Music, Schott & Co., Shawnee, Somerset Press, Southern Music, Theodore
Presser, Transcontinental Music, Willis Music.