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How to find electric Candles

Battery operated candle compilation

My question: Are there reliable, inexpensive
battery-operated candles to be found? If so, where?

The responses:

Battery operated candles are available through MusicK8
Marketplace. They keep them in stock, and sell them by
the zillions every year. Kandle Lights from
I found battery operated candles at Lowes and Hobby Lobby
for less that $1 a piece. The batteries probably cost
more than the candle!
Please visit our web site at for a
photo and prices.
Target usually has these around Xmas time. I always stock
up during the after Christmas sales, just in case.

A lot of people don't like these because the are
obviously fake.

There have been discussions in the past, you might want
to search the archives (or using
Our school bought some electric candles but we were never
pleased with them. The cheap ones work but the "candle"
effect is lost. I think there are more expensive versions
that are effective but we needed well over 100.
I purchased several of these at Target. I don't know if
Target exists in your area, however they have usually
stocked a great number of them during the holiday
shopping months. You may also wish to try Walmart.
I got these candles for my choir in the Gamble Catalog,
Chicago, IL.
I would try a halloween store (or website)..some sort of
party supply place...this is a good time to look for them
with Halloween around the corner.
I found them at a crafts store called AC Moore. I don't
know if they're national or not, but they do have a
website. Check out

I have to tell you that the idea didn't turn out so
great. The candles cost about $1.00 each, which isn't
bad, but then figure all of the batteries!!! Two AA's
per candle. Plus they were soooo sensitive, they ended
up flickering, not turning on, and shutting off
ompletely. It was a nice effect.....but I tried it with
over 100 high school students and would not recommend

Thanks for all the replies!
Tony Bernard, Music Ministries Director
St. Andrew United Methodist Church
3455 Canton Rd.
Marietta, Ga 30066

on September 21, 2007 10:00pm
RE: "I got these candles for my choir in the Gamble Catalog,
Chicago, IL." I just saw this posting above. I am looking for information on GAMBLE'S Store in Chicago. Can you tell me more about the store/catalog you got your candles from? THANKS.