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ChoralNet: "Music" (the word) in many languages

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 17:37:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christine L Bock
Subject: "music" in many languages - results - LONG

WOW!!!!! I had no idea I'd get so many replies to my inquiry about how to
say music in other languages. Thanks to all of you knowledgable people
who answered. This is for a project that will hopefully integrate music
into several other subject areas, including geography, and social studies.
Many of you expressed interest in the results and asked that a compilation
be posted to the list. I've included all the replies, even though there
are duplicates. So here goes....

Christine Bock
Knoxville, TN

swedish - musik
finnish - musiikki
danish - musik
norwegian - musikk

Director musices
Musicum, Linköpings universitet, S-581 83 LINKÖPING, Sweden
Tel. + 46 (0)13 28 40 40, fax + 46 (0)13 28 27 70, NMT + 46 (0)10 691 61


In Turkish it is Müzik !


From: Ulrik Olason

Icelandic: Tonlist means music (the o in tonlist has an accent)

Ulrik Olason
Öldugata 33
101 Reykjavik
Tel. +354 552 7415


muzyka - Lithuanian
muzik - Albanian
ice - Tamil
mijucik - Tamil
musica - Latin

Monika Fahrnberger, Vienna, Austria

From: PoohCactus(a)

Try hooking up with the children's music network - there are several members
from other countries (including Israel) that could help you. becky



In Irish Gaelic, Music is


Jo Scheier
Urban Sky Consort


From: Kristin & Charlie Kehler

Hindi: Sangheet (short a, as in "uh")
Tamil: Isai (short first i, glide on the "s")
Sanskrit, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam:
Sangheetam (final "a" also short)

From: "Essie [iso-8859-1] Dubé"

After I read your message, I decided to do a web search. I entered
"+foreign +language +dictionaries" and it came back with a slew of things.
One particularly wonderful site is:

Once you're there, click "other languages" in the left sidebar. You will
be transported to a page that has (in addition to the languages you
mentioned) 15 others -- down to English-Esperanto!! A dictionary online is
a great idea.



Bill Pershing
PO Box 254
Wisner, LA 71378


Musikk in Norsk (norwegian)

Gary Weidenaar
International School of Stavanger, Norway (ISS)
Head - Fine Arts Department
e-mail address: garyaw(a)
ISS fax # - 47 51 55 2962 (dial 011 first from the US)

From: Lucas M Weiss

Moosiki (accent on last "i") means music in Greek.
Lucas Weiss
Westminster Choir College


In portuguese it is called:
Musica. It is pronounced much the same way as Spanish and Italian.
that is also how it is called in Ladino (the jewish spanish dialect.)

Ciro D'Araujo
Baritone in Rio de Janeiro

Bulgarian : Is pronounced "muzika" but is spelled in cyrillic that
looks sort of like this : MY3NKA (but turn the "N" around backwards)
Russian look similar: MY3blKA
Rumanian: MUZICA (put a little "u" or a the mouth of a smiley face over
the final "a"

Jim Holmes
Head Serials Cataloger
The General Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin


The word "music" in the Slovene language is
very different: they say "glasba".

Slovenia is the northernmost of the former
Yugoslav regions, bordering on Italy,
Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It gained
its independence in 1991 and is a beautiful
alpine country with a tiny stretch of coast
on the Adriatic. It also has a fantastic
choral tradition - they say that if you
put two Slovenes in a room you have a
choir. As an Aussie visitor (with no
family ties or other vested interests),
I found that to be absolutely true!

Francis Young, 11/30 Victoria Ave, Concord West NSW 2138
AUSTRALIA Tel. (+61-2) 9736 3105 Work: 9648 5877

From: "Joseph M. Young"

Polish: muzyka (MOO-zik-ah)

From: Kathy Sladek

According to the International Dictionary by Ouseg:

Czech - hubda (f)
Danish - musik (c)
Dutch - muziek (c)
Finnish - musiikki
French - musique (f)
German - die Musik
Hungarian - zene
Italian - musica (f)
Croatian - glazba (f)
Norwegian - musikk (c)
Polish - muzyka (f)
Portuguese - musica (f) (accent over "u")
Rumanian - musica (f) (short vowel sound mark over "a")
Slovak - hudba (f)
Spanish - musica (f) (accent over "u")
Swedish - musik
Turkish - misika;musiki

It also lists Russian Serbian & Ukranian, but not in Roman-style, so I
cannot send them to you. Hope this helps.

| | |
| Kathy Sladek | "Dying is easy...comedy is hard." |
| Baltimore County Public Library | Edmund Gwenn |
| | |
| ||
| ~ksladek/kathy/kathy.html| heritage/hphome.html |


in Danish: musik (pronounced MOO-zeek)

Tim Olsen

From: BACHLVR(a)

Muzika (pron MOO-zih-kuh) in Russian, perhaps also Polish.

Alex Ruggieri

From: "C.Szalai, Agnes"

In Hungarian we have two expressions: zene and muzsika
In Czech: hudba
In Finnish: musiikki
In Flemish and Dutch: Muziek
In Latin and Italian: musica
In Serbian: svirka
In Croatian: glazba

From: DanRatelle(a)

It's "zene" in Hungarian (same z and n as in English, and the e's are halfway
between our e of bed and a of hat). DR


Music, in Polish, is musyka. In Latin, it is musica. Not very interesting,
but true.

Judith Conrad, Clavichord Player (jconrad(a)
Director of Fall River Fipple Fluters
Church Musician at First Congregational Church, Bristol, R. I.
Piano and Harpsichord Tuner-Technician


Estonian: muusik

* Norman-Illis Reintamm *
* Conductor *
* Estonian National Opera *
* (Teater Estonia) *
* Tallinn, ESTONIA *
* EE0001 *
* norman(a) *

From: Caitlin McLaughlin

The Hebrew for song is SHIR, pronounced "sheer," or ZEMER, pronounced
"zeh-mehr." (Short e).


FINNISH: musikki

Rich Pinkerton
First United Methodist Church of Akron
From: Paul Mestrom

In Dutch you write the word as 'muziek'; pronunciation something like
'müzeek' (with a short 'ee' ). In Turkish it will sound like 'moezik' (with
a short 'oe'). As I have many Turkish pupils in the classes I teach music
to, I sometimes hear the word.

From: FordFred(a)

Music in Japanese = "ongaku" (ohn - gah - koo) - all syllables equally

From: Vlad Morosan

In Russian it's "mu-zy-ka" with the stress on the first syllable. The
"y" of the second syllable is a "short" -ih- vowel, similar to "it", but
a little darker.

Vladimir Morosan

From: Robert Irwin Engle

Hawaiian: mele
Samoan: musika


In the Estonian language, "music" is "muusika" -- pronounced "moo'-see-kah".

Ivar Tombach
From: Natalia Juszkiewicz

I come from Poland when we call music as a MUZYKA (MOOZICA)

From: Dirk Smits

Music in DUTCH


Music in LATIN



Music in Hebrew is "Moo-see-ka" with the accent on the 1st syllable.

Oddly enough, it's the same word in Latin if I remember right: "Musica".

Steve Barnett
Barnett Music Productions

From: wggr(a)

Dutch = muziek
Polish = muzyk
Portuguese = musica
Turkish = muzik (umlaut over the u)
Swedish = musik

From: Greg E Shepherd

It's "ongaku" in Japanese.

From: MusiRom(a)

Music in Romanian:

muzica = MOO-zee-kah


From: Kayla Werlin

Yin yue - chinese!
(wo ay chun guh - I love to sing!)


on August 6, 2003 10:00pm
philippines: musika