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SAT: Christmas

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Subject: Seeking easy SAT Christmas church music

The title of the post says it all. No secular pieces please. I'll be happy
to compile and send to the list. Thanks in advance.

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Try " Be Born In Us Today " available free to hear, view score , and print

Sheri Wilson, Public Relations, Songs Of David

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I don't have a specific titles in mind, but there should be a wealth of
these in collected editions of early English church music. There is a long
tradition of males falcetto alto parts (as separate from counter tenors).
The alto part will seem a bit low for female altos. The T, of course would
be sung by regular tenors and the s by trebles. I have in mind
(unfortunately not now on my shelves, an Oxford Book of Medieval
Music--paperback size as I remember which had several examples.

Stephen A. Stomps, Auburn High School Choirs, Auburn New York 13021

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May I please recommend any of two works from the catalog of Picardie Court
Publications that is located on my web site? Besides the two pieces listed
below, you will find MANY Christmas pieces if you look at . A hard copy of anything that may
interest you will be sent as soon as possible.

Cannons Four Christmas may be ordered separately, since you are only
interested in sacred music; however, your best bargain is to order all four
in the set.

Sincerely, Wallace De Pue

AVE RARLA (unison singing) is a Telugu Song from India. A familiar Indian
melody was adapted to Christian lyrics and an astounding, monophonic choral
piece resulted. Ave Rarla is a "line song" between a soloist and a choral
ensemble. Any vocal combination is acceptable, but the piece should only be
sung in the original language. The following English translation is
included in the score:

Boundless love of God above, sent to Earth for mankind. Ah, yes, this
is our joy!
Foretold in scripture, pure promise of God, so sure.
Love's perfect treasure, He gives new to us. Ah, yes, this is our joy!
All the world is filled with the glorious news!
Christ, the savior is born to free us, though in manger lowly he is lying.
Prince, ruler, lord and master, he will be. Ah, yes, this is our joy!

A good rendition of this work has an amazing effect upon an audience.

CANONS FOUR CHRISTMAS is a set of four canons that appear in order if all
are to be performed. Each canon may be performed independently of the
others, depending on what is needed for proper programming:

1. AN OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS (two voices, violin, optional cider jug &
washboard) is a canon between two voices that may be accompanied by a
fiddler who can play "Turkey in the Straw"; however, nearly any treble
instrument may be used. It is a secular piece to fit between sacred pieces
for the sake of variety. The text is:
We'll have an old-fashioned country kind of Christmas.
We'll get some visitin' from lots of folks who've missed us.
We'll tell the Hatfields and McCoys to bring each other's children toys,
then we'll play guitars and fiddles like a
bunch of good old boys.
We'll have some turkey and dumplins for our vittles. There'll be a lot
of good stuff cookin' in our kittles.
We'll dress the Christmas tree up right, and join in singin' "Silent
Night," then we'll sit around the fireplace watchin'
yule logs give off light.
The vocal ranges are: voice 1, C1-e2; voice 2, c-E1. (2:00) EASY

2. THE LITTLE KING is a simple retelling of the Christmas story set in a
multi-verse canon. Contrast between the mood of the verses will help to
determine musical interpretation. The text is:
Hey, little king, where is your crown? Are your royal subjects out of town?
Is your manger the throne of Bethlehem? Hey, little king, smile on me with
your power.
Hey, little king, at twelve years old, you will preach God's commandments
to your fold.
You will be the king of Galilee. Hey, little king, smile on me with your power.
Hey, little king, on the cross you'll die as the soldiers are laughing
while you cry.
You will be the king of Golgatha. If only they knew, they would stand in
awe of your power.
Hey, little king, you'll rise again, and you'll be the king who'll judge
our sin.
We'll be on our knees when we meet our end. Hey, little king,
Hey, little king, smile on me, I'm your friend.
This piece is good to use in church and charming to sing in concert. (1:20)

3. WIND SONGS (double chorus: voices 1-2-3 only, or with voices A-B-C).
The choir director may arrange this Christmas canon in a variety of ways.
It may be performed upside-down in its original form. The text is:

In December, cold winds, sounding much like voices, say "Christ is coming
soon." Merry Christmas!
The voice range is: C1-f2. (0:30, minimum) MEDIUM

4. I THINK IT'S CHRISTMAS (SATB four-part canon) is one a single page, but
it contains a contrary canon, two perpetual canons, a cancrizan and a
triple canon! In other words, it is open to numerous different
arrangements and can take as much time to sing as is desired for a program
offering. The tempo is "vivace" in 7/8 meter. The soprano part is a
"round." The alto part is the soprano part, upside down. The tenor is a
"cancrizan" if performed with the alto. Regardless of the analysis, this
"contemporary" piece of music is an audience delight. The text is:

Snowballs flying through the air; time for heavy underwear; red and green
are everywhere; I think it's Christmas!
And even though there's little time to spare, there's a feeling people
care; folks are trying hard to share;
I think it's Christmas!
All little children find it hard to bear, waiting for a day so rare. Once
a year is hardly fair to think of Christmas.
Christmas is coming and all people are waiting for its love for all nations.
The voice ranges are: soprano, D1-f2; alto, D1-c2; tenor Eb1-f2; and bass,
a flat-C1.(0:45, minimum) EASY TO MEDIUM

Performance Ideas for "I Think It's Christmas!"

>From measures one through eight, many different arrangements are possible.
Since any single part may be sung effectively with any other part, a
director may choose to sing verse one with the soprano and alto as a duet,
verse two as a duet between the alto and tenor and verse three as a duet
between the tenor and the bass. The director may also choose to have the
soprano and alto hum against the music and text of the tenor and bass
parts. There are many, many other options one can use to create his own

* My e-mail address is wallace(a)
* My homepage is located at

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On my website you´ll find some pieces (for SATB,
but I´m able to arrange for SAT). See under
"Chöre/Kompositionen-Arrangements" and find the Editions list with PDF
files for download (demo scores).

Best, Otmar Stangl, Chief Director of Compovista

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The only Christmas SAT piece I know is entitled, "Up, O Shepherds" by J.
Herman Schroeder, published by Concordia.


Craig D. Collins, Director of Music Ministry,
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Cornelius, NC 28031

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"Dear Jesus Sweet Infant" by Ehret, Walter
"Tell Us Shepherd Maids" by Caldwell, Mary
I highly recommend the latter, which is a French Noel.

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All the best,

Brian Taylor,
Toronto, ON Canada

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on March 23, 2005 10:00pm
on June 27, 2005 10:00pm
Well, I'm hoping that you can with us some choral pieces for Christmas cantata. Thanks!
on February 6, 2011 4:06pm
This sacred, ecumenical piece works for a lot of holidays!  It's called "All People Rejoice!" and it's an arrangement of a piece by Buxtehude.   This site has all FREE downloads of copies of scores, texts, and digitized versions.  Just contact (eliminate underscores) if you plan to download and/or rehearse and perform any of the pieces.