ChoralNet - ChoralNet Daily New postings in ChoralNet DailyWINTER NORTH & SOUTH Jenny Crober, %27 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000're celebrating the season with our  "WINTER NORTH & SOUTHconcert! 
Our performance will feature an eclectic array of musical selections by Northern composers and songwriters, including Canadian folk legend Stan Rogers’s iconic Northwest Passage, Elise Letourneau’s jazz-inspired A Mid-Winter Night's Dream, Ola Gjeilo’s stunning Northern Lights, and Morten Lauridsen’s deeply moving masterpiece, O Magnum Mysterium.

In contrast, we'll be featuring the festive and sometimes tender Carols & Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest by Conrad Susa (with harp, guitar & marimba accompaniment), as well as other seasonal celebrations from the South.

Our choir will be joined by some of Canada’s finest musicians.  Along with our resident pianist, Elizabeth Acker, we will be accompanied by Lori Gemmell, harp, William Beauvais, guitar, Les Allt, flute, tin whistle and pan pipes, and Michelle Colton and Ray Dillard, percussion.

We'll also be holding our annual carol singraffle and holiday bake sale that evening.

Date: Saturday, December 6, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave. (Jackman Ave./Chester subway)
Tickets: $25 Gen. Adm.  /  $20 Seniors  /  $10 Students
Contact:; 416-947-8487

Please join us for this very wintery event!


Jenny Crober,
Artistic Director,
VOCA Chorus of Toronto
61st Christmas in Music Concert John Maerhofer, %27 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000 Warrenton Chorale, Youth Chorale and Handbell Ensemble under the direction of John W. Maerhofer will present their 61st annual Christmas in Music concert at the Warrenton Methodist Church on December 4,5 & 6 in Warrenton, Virginia.  ]]>Christmas song arrangements from the Netherlands Jetse Bremer, %27 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000 a few of the most famous Dutch Christmas song arrangements are
made accessible for English / American choirs.
A good English translation is made by Robert Coupe, a tenor of the professional Netherlands Chamber Choir.
Please listen to this choir and take a look at the sheet music at:
Singing in Salt Lake: NOTUS Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %16:%Oct:%nd 16OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
NOTUS: IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble comprises twenty-four of the finest singers from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Directed by Dominick DiOrio, NOTUS specializes in a diverse repertoire of new vocal music, with equal emphasis on both emerging and established composers. Notable recent appearances include: a demonstration choir at the 2014 Central ACDA Division Conference and a performance at Carnegie Hall on the Distinguished Concerts International NY Artist Series. In 2013, NOTUS hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw, and NOTUS was the first collegiate ensemble to perform the Sarabande from her Partita for eight voices.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Happy Thanksgiving! Scott Dorsey, %19 %b %2013 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Using SmartMusic" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
SmartMusic Can Do That? Maximizing Rehearsal Time with Smart Music (Cynthia I. Gonzales, clinician)
Although known as an interactive software for instrumentalists, SmartMusic is a valuable tool for choral musicians. SmartMusic is an effective “sight-singing tutor” outside of class and a “teaching assistant” in a rehearsal. As a sight-singing tutor, SmartMusic provides a visual assessment: pitches and rhythms performed correctly appear with green-colored noteheads, while red noteheads indicate errors. As a teaching assistant, SmartMusic contains transposable exercises to use as warm-ups.
Whether projected onto a screen or used only as an aural prompt, exercises can be looped or grouped into a playlist. Session participants will learn how SmartMusic provides tools to maximize rehearsal time.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Building Skills 6 Richard Sparks, %02 %b %2014 %03:%Nov:%nd 3NovGMT+0000
More from Daniel Coyle: Tip#9 “To Build Soft Skills, Play Like a Skateboarder”
As Coyle says:
Soft skills catch our eye because they are beautiful. Picture the soccer star Lionel Messi improvising his way to a brilliant goal, or Jimi Hendrix blazing through a guitar solo, or Jon Stewart riffing through a comic monologue. These talents appear magical and unique. In fact they are the result of super-fast brain software recognizing patterns and responding in just the right way.
While hard skills are better put together with measured precision, soft skills are built by playing and exploring inside challenging, ever-changing environments. These are places where you encounter different obstacles and respond to them over and over, building the network of sensitive wiring you need to read, recognize, and react. In other words, to build soft skills you should behave less like a careful carpenter and more like a skateboarder in a skateboard park: aggressive, curious, and experimental, always seeking new ways to challenge yourself.
After this, Coyle uses some great examples from Brazilian soccer players, Chicago’s Second City improvisational comedy troupe, and the (!) Brontë sisters to show how in different situations, flexibility and creativity are developed. He then closes with:
When you practice a soft skill, focus on making a high number of varied reps, and on getting clear feedback. Don’t worry too much about making errors—the important thing is to explore. Soft skills are often more fun to practice, but they’re also tougher because they demand that you coach yourself. After each session, ask yourself, What worked? What didn’t? And why?
As always, I highly recommend getting Coyle’s book yourself.
But the question is, how does this apply to a conductor? As recreative artists, where does our own creativity come in?
One is in learning how to be expressive and teaching your singers the same. Of course we all bring our training and lifetime in music (however long that is!) to our understanding of interpretation, whether generally or specifically in understanding performance in various periods, national styles, the particular style of an individual composer, languages, poetry, expressive diction, vocal color, varied use of vibrato, etc., etc. This is part of our never-ending learning process, which also includes listening to great artists (not just great choirs), whether singers or instrumentalists, or conductors of the past or present (one of the great things about the wealth of recordings available to us). This never-ending learning process is one of the reasons I love what I do . . . no worries that I can learn it all—and I should never get bored!
In your own preparation then, as you learn a particular piece of music, besides the usual research about the music, composer, and text, once you begin to really learn the piece, it’s time to experiment (without worrying, as Coyle says, about errors) with different tempi (and variation in tempi, ritardando/accelerando, and rubato), shapes of phrases, colors, articulations, places to breathe, etc. I do this by literally singing phrases myself, but also purely in my own internal musical imagination (which is a great thing to develop—the ability to imagine and hear the whole score: texture, voices, instruments, harmony, dynamics, etc.). Sometimes it can help to isolate different elements one at a time: experiment with articulation (legato, marcato, staccato and everything in between), with vocal color (bright to dark), and so on. With rubato, when is it appropriate, when not? How much rubato works with the composition—or does too much rubato destroy the structure of the music?
I’m having a great time with the Mozart Vesperae solennes de Dominica, which I’m doing with my Collegium Singers right now. It’s the much less known of the pair of Vespers settings Mozart wrote, and an absolutely wonderful piece. But it’s music which needs careful work to shape expressively: varied dynamics, articulations, attention to text (both meaning and diction) and text accent (which does not always fall on strong beats), length of final notes, and (of course) tempi. These all feed into phrase shape, which I think of as the heart and soul of expressive interpretation.
All of this experimentation gradually builds an interpretation. Now does this finalize it? Of course not! The ensemble will affect what you do—perhaps a tempo you’ve imagined simply doesn’t work. And the room where you sing will also make its own contribution. When I tour with choirs, the different rooms can make a big difference in tempi, in how much time you take at the end of a section of music. Music is a live art—it’s an interaction between you, the ensemble, room, and audience. I’ll always remember a concert in the Stanford University Chapel with the Choir of the West from PLU—and the great reaction of the choir to the room after we cut off the first chord we sang! For that particular performance I had to allow much more time at the end of sections and it made an impact on my tempi, as well. But any different room will have its own effect.
Another thing young conductors need is practice controlling what the ensemble does with just gesture (unless you’ve decided its fine to talk to your ensemble in performance!).
When rehearsing, even early in the process, particularly if you’re drilling a phrase or section of the music, start varying what you do (tempo, ritardando, dynamics) and show changes with your gesture, expecting the singers to follow. This gives you many more reps in learning how to control what the singers do with gesture alone. Don’t wait until the dress rehearsal to experiment! Do it as soon as you can—you can also explore your own creativity, exaggerate various things (dynamics, tempo rubato, etc.) that you’d never want to do in a performance.
But the idea is . . . find ways to practice your creativity as an interpretive artist!
Settings of American Poets Needed Joseph Mendolia, %27 %b %2014 %02:%Nov:%th 2NovGMT+0000 Sounds Vocal Ensemble is an a cappella group based in Tampa, Florida. Our April 24-26 concert series is titled "Pillars of American Poetry". We are seeking compositions using texts of famous American poets (Teasdale, Dickinson, Whitman, Sandburg, etc etc). Here are the parameters needed:
4-6 parts SATB (basses no lower than an F)
Approx 12-16 singers
A cappella
Moderate difficulty 

I need any submissions by January 1, 2015. Please email your PDFs and audio files, if available, to soaringsoundsve(a) 
Thank You,
Joseph Mendolia
Mozart Vespers Dominica K321: Created Viola Part? Rebecca R. Winnie, %27 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000 all,
We are planning to perform the Mozart "Vesperae de Dominica", KV 321 at the end of May, 2015. Our chamber orchestra will perform with us and there are wonderful viola students who need to be included. We are considering hiring someone to create a viola part from the violin 2 part (and cello, when V2 gets too high). But before I go down that road, I am wondering if anyone has already created a viola part for this work? If so, might you be willing to share? Thank you for your consideration! RRW
Tenor Soloist in SATB Quartet for Christmas Day Kathy Anthony, %27 %b %2014 %01:%Nov:%th 1NovGMT+0000 Tenor Soloist needed to sing in a professional quartet (SATB) at the University Parish of Holy Ghost on Christmas Day at the 10:15 am mass. Must possess good reading skills, be a fast learner, able to learn music on your own and have experience singing in quartets. Music will be given to you on acceptance of this job. Compensation is $50.00 for the service and one hour rehearsal prior to the service. If all goes well, you will have other opportunities to sing in the quartet throughout the year. If interested, kindly contact Kathy as soon as possible. Thank you! ]]>Looking for recording space near Lancaster, PA Brandon Mullet, %26 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000 am conducting a touring choir next summer, and we are meeting in the Lancaster, PA area to rehearse. This is not my home area and I am looking for a beautiful sound space in which to record this group. Can someone recommend a venue? Thank you! ]]>KUSC and LA Master Chorale Announce Two-Year Broadcast Partnership Extension Susan Gordon, %26 %b %2014 %08:%Nov:%th 8NovGMT+0000
The Los Angeles Master Chorale – the renowned resident choir of Walt Disney Concert Hall led by Artistic Director Grant Gershon – and KUSC (91.5 FM) – the largest and most listened to classical public radio station in the country – have announced they are extending their broadcast partnership for two seasons, with 14 of the acclaimed choir’s Disney Hall concerts from the 2012|13, 2013|14 and 2014|15 seasons airing in two seven-week series, entitled "KUSC's SoCal Sunday Night: The LA Master Chorale in Concert.”  The first series of seven Sunday evening broadcasts, hosted by KUSC’s Alan Chapman, launches December 21, 2014, and runs through February 1, 2015.  The second series runs December 2015 – January 2016.  The two-hour weekly radio program, which runs from 7-9 PM, showcases the choir’s versatility and wide-ranging repertoire.  KUSC broadcasts of the Los Angeles Master Chorale are supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.
Gershon, who personally selected the slate of concerts to be featured on the broadcast, states, “We greatly value our relationship with KUSC, the country’s leading classical music radio station, which reaches more than 800,000 listeners.  Taking our music outside our concert hall and onto KUSC’s airwaves is a key component of the Chorale’s ongoing ‘on the stage, online and on the air’ initiative to expand its reach in the community and beyond.”
The first series opens December 21, 2014, 7 pm, with a broadcast of the Chorale’s holiday concert from last season, with Gershon conducting four seasonal classics – Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols, Respighi’s Laud to the Nativity, Stephen Paulus’s Christmas Dances, and selections from Nine Carols for Men’s Voices arranged by Vaughan Williams.  (A full list of concerts to be broadcast this season is included below.)
For information on the Los Angeles Master Chorale broadcast series on KUSC, please visit, or
Sunday, December 21, 2014, 7 pm
ARR. RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS                  selections from Nine Carols For Male Voices
OTTORINO RESPIGHI                                     Lauda per la Natività del Signore (Laud to the Nativity)
BENJAMIN BRITTEN                                       A Ceremony of Carols
STEPHEN PAULUS                                          Christmas Dances
(Performed December 8, 2013)
Sunday, December 28, 2014, 7 pm
GERALD FINZI                                                 God Is Gone Up
NICO MUHLY                                                   Bright Mass with Canons
ARVO PÄRT                                                     The Beatitudes
PAUL MEALOR                                                Ubi caritas
HUBERT PARRY                                              I Was Glad
                                                                                    conducted by LAMC Associate Conductor Lesley Leighton
NICO MUHLY                                                   A Good Understanding [WEST COAST PREMIERE]
                                                                                    with special guest Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
DAVID WILLCOCKS                                         Psalm 150
                                                                                     performed by Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
                                                                                    conducted by LACC Artistic Director Anne Tomlinson
TARIK O’REGAN                                              Dorchester Canticles
KURT WEILL                                                    Kiddush
JUDITH WEIR                                                  Ascending Into Heaven [WEST COAST PREMIERE]     
(Performed October 21, 2012)
Sunday, January 4, 2015, 7 pm
GIUSEPPE VERDI                                            Te Deum
CARL ORFF                                                     Carmina Burana
                                                                                    with special guest Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
(Performed November 3, 2013)                                     
Sunday, January 11, 2015, 7 pm
TRIBUTE TO MORTEN LAURIDSEN                                       
                                                                        Mid-Winter Songs
                                                                        Ave Dulcissima Maria
                                                                        Canticle/O Vos Omnes
                                                                                    accompanied by Morten Lauridsen
                                                                        Madrigali: Six ‘Fire Songs’ on Italian Renaissance Poems
                                                                        Les Chansons des Roses
                                                                                    accompanied by Morten Lauridsen
                                                                        O Magnum Mysterium
                                                                        ENCORE: Prayer set to poetry by Dana Gioia
(Performed March 16, 2014)
Sunday, January 18, 2015, 7 pm
PETER LIEBERSON                                         The World in Flower (West Coast Premiere)
JOHANNES BRAHMS                                       Ein Deutsches Requiem
(Performed January 27, 2013)
Sunday, January 25, 2015, 7 pm
J.S. BACH                                                        Mass in B minor, BWV 232
(Performed January 25, 2014)
Sunday, February 1, 2015, 7 pm
SAMUEL BARBER                                            Sure on this Shining Night
ABBIE BETINIS                                                Songs of Smaller Creatures
CHARLES IVES                                                General William Booth Enters Into Heaven
SHAWN KIRCHNER                                         Plath Songs (World Premiere)
ELLIOTT CARTER                                           Tarantella
SAMUEL BARBER                                            Agnus Dei
                                                                                    Lesley Leighton, conductor
ERIC WHITACRE                                             Three Songs of Faith
WILLIAM DAWSON                                          Ain’-a That Good News
ARR. JESTER HAIRSTON                                Hold On!
ARR. ANDRÉ THOMAS                                                Keep Your Lamps!
ARR. MOSES HOGAN                                      The Battle of Jericho
(Performed June 2, 2013)
"Three Poems by William Blake" for SSA João Camacho, %26 %b %2014 %08:%Nov:%th 8NovGMT+0000
Hello fellow choral enthusiasts,
I've composed this three songs for children/boys choir to enter the "Australian Boys Choir 75th composition Competition".
Now the score is freely available at my place at IMSLP. Although I don't have any recording, I know the Aus. Boys Choir just recorded it, so it's a matter of time.
Meanwhile, you can enjoy it. Download the score, sing it and don't forget to tell me how it went ;),_Jo%C3%A3o_Carlos)
Best regards, João
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Choral Methods" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES IN CHORAL METHODS COURSES (Judy Bowers, Steven Demorest, Rollo Dilworth, and Patrick Freer, clinicians)
Four experts in choral music pedagogy will lead this session. Each will present views of current issues in choral music education, with emphasis on how collegiate methods courses can be revised to foster the needed changes. Specific recommendations will be offered with regard to methods course curricula, instruction, assessment (edTPA, etc.), and increasingly rigorous requirements for teacher professional development.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Psalms" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
PSALMS:  BACK TO THE SOURCES (Joshua Jacobson, clinician)
Has any book been set to music more often than the book of Psalms? For nearly three thousand years the lyrical songs in this collection have inspired the creation of glorious music: plainchant, polyphony, popular tunes, and symphonic masterworks. But what did they sound like in antiquity—in biblical times? To discover the nature of this music, we will investigate clues offered by the Bible
and other ancient texts, archaeology, and comparative musicology.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
ACDA National Office Closed Scott Dorsey, %25 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000 National Office Closed for Holiday
The National Office of the American Choral Directors Association has closed for the 2014 Thanksgiving Holday. The office will re-open at 8:00 a.m., Monday, December 1.
Grad Assistantships in Choral Conducting or Music Education Susan Davenport, %25 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%th 17NovGMT+0000
Graduate Assistantships
Choral Conducting or Music Education
Fall 2015
Southern Illinois University School of Music has graduate assistantships available for 2015-2016. Assistantships include full tuition (in-state and non-resident) as well as a $6000 stipend. Please contact the specific professor below if you are interested!
Deadline February 15, 2015
Students interested in pursuing a master's degree in Choral Conducting or Music Education are encouraged to apply! 

SIU's graduate conducting program is highly selective, providing students with personal attention, ample podium time, and direct work in administering the collegiate choral program.
For more information contact:
Susan Davenport, Director of Choral Activities
Click here for more information on applications and auditions.
Director of Music, First Congregational UCC of Santa Rosa, CA Chris Alexander, %26 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000
Job Announcement:
Director of Music/Keyboardist
The First Congregational United Church of Christ of Santa Rosa is a progressive, open and affirming church, welcoming everyone regardless of age, race, education, economic status, marital status, sexual orientation or special needs.  A varied music program is an integral part of our weekly worship service.  If you want to learn more about our church, please browse our website.
The ideal candidate for our Director of Music/Keyboardist will have a foundation in traditional choral music and its role in worship, yet be ready and willing to blend in a wide range of musical styles.  The ideal candidate will also possess strong keyboard skills in order to lead weekly evening choir practices and Sunday morning rehearsals as well as provide service music during Sunday services.
Job Summary/Responsibilities
The Director of Music shall:
  • work with the Minister, staff and Worship Team to enrich the ministry of our church;
  •  provide musical leadership to the choir and the congregation;
  • expand upon our church's musical heritage so that it evolves with vision, energy and diversity;
  • incorporate choral, global and contemporary music into worship services;
  • direct weekly choir rehearsals and Sunday morning pre-service rehearsals.
  • play keyboard for congregational hymns, prelude, offertory and postlude in Sunday services;
  • provide music for special annual services such as Christmas and Lent;
  • take one Sunday a month as Sabbath, having coordinated music for that Sunday ahead of time.
  • View and download the full job description here.
The salary for this contracted professional part time position is commensurate with training and experience.
To apply or for more information about this opportunity
  1. Please email a current resume, along with the names and contact information (phone and email) of 3 references.  Indicate your connection to each reference.  Send your information ATTN: Chair, Director of Music Search Committee,
  2. Email a statement (no more than 100 words) in answer to this question:  What is your background with and feeling about using different musical styles in worship?
Auditions for Chicago Choral Artists Michael Costello, %25 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000 Choral Artists is holding auditions for its March 22 concert, Bach's Mass in B Minor, a joint venture with the Bach Cantata Vespers Chorus of Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest. A modest stipend is offered for these few open positions. Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, beginning February 3.
Auditions are held by appointment with Artistic Director Michael D. Costello at Grace Lutheran Church, 7300 Division Street, River Forest. Please e-mail for additional information.
Princeton Pro Musica presents "A Bach Christmas" Janet Pfeiffer, %25 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000
Nothing feels like the spirit of the season more than the grandeur of Bach’s music, with 100 choral singers, trumpets, drums, stellar soloists and orchestra, all in festive downtown Princeton. Step back in time to 1723-1724, Leipzig, Germany and enjoy the authentic sounds of some of the special music J.S. Bach wrote for Christmas-tide. Performed with a period-instrument orchestra, the Magnificat will have you dancing in your seat. The Christmas Oratorio is actually six cantatas written to be performed between Christmas and Epiphany. The full Chorus & Orchestra of Princeton Pro Musica will perform parts 5 & 6. This concert has been generously underwritten by The Scheide Fund, and will be a tribute to the late Mr. Scheide.
Tickets at $60, $45 and $25.
Group discount of 20% for 10 or more.
Order your tickets online today at
For more information and group sales, call (609) 683-5122
Universal Dream Beatrice Magee, %25 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000 all who seek dignity, home, and hope.
Calliope Women's Chorus
Friday December 5, 7:30pm
Augsburg College, Sateren Auditorium
755 22nd Ave S
$5 child/student
$10 adult
Church Organist and Choirmaster in Holliston, Massachusetts William Shaw, %25 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 are seeking an organist/choir director for a quarter-time position in a growing parish with many young families.  Our enthusiastic choir rehearses mid-week and sings at the 10 AM service.  Responsibilities include choir rehearsals, playing at the main 10 AM service (attendance 80-100), selecting and planning music in cooperation with clergy.  The candidate should bring enthusiasm, creativity, and good leadership skills.  Experience in The Episcopal Church helpful but not required.  Position is 10 hours/week with 4 weeks paid vacation and 2 weeks paid sick leave.  Salary commensurate with background and experience.  Start date is ideally January 2015.  Please send resume and letter of interest to St. Michaels Church at
Discover Europe with these Free Preview Tours for Music Directors - Summer 2015 Bill Bergeman, %25 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
Ever wanted to tour the Vatican Museum, explore Mozart's birthplace, or kiss the Blarney Stone? This is your chance!

All choir directors interested in taking their ensembles on a concert tour to Europe in 2016 are invited to join us on one of our three Director Preview tours next summer. This is a terrific opportunity to see what their groups will experience, including detailed inspection of potential concert venues.

Each Preview Tour is free when a group registers for their 2016 tour.  Eligible participants include an organization’s music/artistic director, executive director, president, or similar.
Click on the images below to learn more.
Italy Director Preview TourAustria & The Czech Republic Director Preview TourIreland Director Preview Tour
Gloria! December 5 at Reynold's Memorial Baptist Church Johncie Carlson, %25 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 Blue Ridge Chorale of Culpeper, VA will be presenting their Christmas concert Gloria! at 7:00 pm on Dec 5th, at the Reynold's Memorial Baptist Church in Sperryville, VA.  Both the adult and youth chorales will perform a variety of sacred and secular, classical and contemporary Christmas music.  Free of charge, with suggested donation at door. ]]>S-Cubed Successful Sight Singing for Middle School Beginners A 21st Century Resource Dale Duncan, %23 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%rd 14NovGMT+0000 for guitar and chamber choir Leonard Enns, %25 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%th 17NovGMT+0000'm starting a search for repertoire for chamber choir and guitar.  At the moment things are wide open thematically, and I'm interested in both short and medium length works (up to 15 min. or so).  I'm not looking for arrangements.
Leonard Enns, music director
DaCapo Chamber Choir 
Singing While Conducting Choirs Aliana Kae, %25 %b %2014 %16:%Nov:%th 16NovGMT+0000!
Can you provide some input on singing as you're conducting your choir? (Or whistling while you work, as some might say!). 
Just wondering whether others have this habit and what purpose it serves you? Is it a habit, or is there a conscious thought process behind it? Does anyone find it too distracting? Does it make you feel as though you are a member of the choir, as opposed to a director when you sing along? Do you think it puts you on an equal footing with your choristers or is that gap non-existent in your mind? 
Do you sing while you conduct? Why or why not? Insights, opinions, and advice are welcome! 
eVoco Women's Ensemble Auditions Now Open David Fryling, %25 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000 eVoco Women’s Ensemble has openings in all voice parts, and invites women of the highest musical, technical, and expressive abilities to audition for the 2015 inaugural concert project event. We will rehearse six Sundays evenings in March and April, and present our inaugural concert program May 9th and 10th in Oyster Bay and Bayshore, NY. Rehearsal schedule and an online request form for auditions can be found by visiting
The eVoco Voice Collective firmly believes in the transformative power of music. As such, we aspire to be passionate advocates for excellence in the choral art by presenting evocative concerts and recitals of the highest caliber, summoning the power of the empathetic imagination to remind us of our shared human experiences.
If you're interested in joining this truly special collection of women, it's easy to reserve an audition time online--just click through to to read more about us, the audition process, and to sign-up now. Auditions occur in January 2015.
Soloists need for Christmas Eve Hannah Carr, %25 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
Soprano, Alto and Bass soloists needed for a Christmas Eve Service in West Roxbury: 
Rehearsal Monday Dec 22nd, 4 - 6.
Service Wednesday 24th Dec 7:00, Call time 6:00. 
Compensation: $150 for rehearsal and service. 
Please contact Hannah:
Soloists needed for Dec 14th Service Hannah Carr, %25 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000, Alto, Tenor and Bass soloists needed for a short Advent Carol Service in West Roxbury: 
Rehearsal morning of Sat 13th Dec, 10 - 12
Service Sunday 14th Dec 4:30, Call time 3:00. 
Compensation: $150 for rehearsal and service. 
Please contact Hannah:
My supervisor does not allow us to put compsers/arrangers names in the program Tracie Heim-Broman, %25 %b %2014 %13:%Nov:%th 13NovGMT+0000 All. Happy Thanksgiving!!
I work at a private school in North Georgia, and unfortunately do not control what information goes into our concert programs, as we have an Arts Administrator.  My supervisor claims there is not 
room for the composers/arrangers names in the concert program. I have a major problem with this.  Other than explaining the professional expectation that we include this necessary information, as well as how helpful it might be for future programs, my hands seem tied.. 
Does anyone know if there is an actual policy that we MUST put that information in a concert program?  Thanks for any helpfulness, or unique wording I might provide to my administration as to why we must include this. 
Thanks much, 
Tracie Heim-Broman
Tenor and Bass/Baritone section leaders for Cathedral Choir Gianfranco DeLuca, %25 %b %2014 %13:%Nov:%th 13NovGMT+0000
The Cathedral of St. Patrick, located in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, is
currently seeking tenor and bass/baritone section leaders. The Cathedral Choir sings on Sundays
at the 11:00 a.m. Mass. There are additional liturgies at Christmas, during the
Easter Triduum (Holy Week), and other times as announced. Rehearsals are held on
Thursday evenings from 7:30pm-9pm. Sunday morning call time is 10am. Extra rehearsals
may be called occasionally. The stipend would be $40 per call. Requirements
would include good sight singing skills, excellent intonation, an ability to sing in
Latin and English, good leadership and pastoral sensitivity skills, and willingness to
informally coach/advise volunteer section members. Singers with an interest in Gregorian
chant and polyphony are especially encouraged to apply.
Please contact Gianfranco DeLuca, Director of Sacred Music, at:
704-334-2283, extension 425
The Cathedral of St. Patrick
1621 Dilworth Rd. East
Charlotte, NC 28203
Jonah by Dale Wood David Friddle, %25 %b %2014 %12:%Nov:%th 12NovGMT+0000 Jonah
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Dale Wood
Starting: Jan 1, 2015
For: one month
Copies: whatever's available
Willing to rent: Yes
Does anyone have a copy(ies) of the anthem Jonah by Dale Wood, published by Carl Fisher? I'd like to borrow/purchase for Jan 25, 2015. I hope someone can help me.
Thanks. David Friddle
Six New "Amens" by Daniel E Gawthrop Dan Gawthrop, %25 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000 choir directors who make regular use of a sung Amen in their services know how quickly these can become stale. Here is a set of six brand new Amens for SATB chorus by Daniel E Gawthrop which can add a fresh sparkle to your service. Of only moderate difficulty and ranging from four to eight measures in length, each is in a different key. Although intended to be sung a cappella, discrete keyboard support may be added at the conductor's option. Published by Dunstan House, the set is available from your regular music retailer (MSRP: $1.75; catalog number DH1407) or for faster service you can order directly from the distributor:
Courtney's Stars of Tomorrow: Celebrating a King w/ Grace Bumbry Courtney Carey, %25 %b %2014 %13:%Nov:%th 13NovGMT+0000 mezzo-soprano Grace Bumbry performs Brahms’ Alto Rhapsody, Op. 53
along with spiritual classics sung by a roster of rising talents to commemorate the
Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in a special series of concerts.

Saturday, January 17 & Monday, January 19 , 2015 | 7:00 p.m.
United Palace Theater
4140 Broadway New York, New York 10033
TICKETS: | 1-800-838-3006
$100, $75, $50, $35, $25
Tapiola Chamber Choir NE US tour June 2015 -- concert opportunities? Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, %25 %b %2014 %08:%Nov:%th 8NovGMT+0000 Tapiola Chamber Choir from Finland will be touring in the northeastern US in late June 2015, and we are currently looking for opportunities for a couple of extra performances in the New York City -- Philadelphia -- Washington DC corridor between Sunday 21 June and Friday 27 June, inclusive. We will be independently mobile and will have accommodation sorted out, so we would be simply looking for venues or persons willing to organize a spot concert or an appearance at a pre-existing event.
Since 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jean Sibelius, the Tapiola Chamber Choir will be traveling with a program including some of Sibelius's choral gems, but the program will feature a wide range of Finnish choral music, including something by yours truly; details are yet to be confirmed. The program will be flexible, allowing for performances ranging from a 15-minute cameo to a full 75-minute concert.
If you have read this far and are potentially interested, please contact myself ( and cc our tour organizer in the US, Marja Kaisla ( to keep her up to date.
Also if you have read this far, please note that the Tapiola Chamber Choir is not affiliated with the world famous children's choir, the Tapiola Choir.
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
Helsinki, Finland
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Music in the Public Domain" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %21:%Oct:%st 21OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Of the thousands of multi-movement or extended choral masterworks that are appropriate for ensembles at the high school or collegiate level, only a handful are regularly performed. Of these, virtually all represent Western European schools. This session will explore valuable yet under-performed programming choices that utilize creative instrumentation pairings apart from the traditional string orchestra. An array of world regions, styles, and voicings will be featured along with lesser-known works from composers of the established canon and trustworthy editions from the public domain.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Vocal Jazz Rehearsals" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
This fun and informative session is for musicians of all levels and experience and highlights the essential elements of the vocal jazz idiom and how best to prepare for successful and efficient rehearsals and performances. Specific topics will include swing, Latin, ballad, score study, improvisation, basic theory, and special effects. The session will also include reading vocal jazz arrangements courtesy of Hal Leonard Publications.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
GUEST BLOG: “ACDA Through the Intern’s Eyes” by Taylor Jack Conley Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2014 %19:%Oct:%th 19OctGMT+0000
       I have spent two summers in the ACDA national office, and the time has been profoundly fruitful. Working in the national office of an organization dedicated to the choral art allowed me to grow my knowledge and love of the art. I was able to work with ACDA’s spectacular staff members in their various departments.
       I spent the better part of the summer of 2013 in the archives organizing and cataloging the plethora of resources the national office possesses. The projects I began that summer actually carried over into my second summer internship. When I returned in 2014, I gradually updated the list of conference recordings the archives contain (about 6500). I grew my knowledge of choral repertoire just by listing hundreds of titles on an Excel spreadsheet. Every time a title would interest me, I would look it up and listen. This project will be something I am happy to have been asked to update over time. I will have the pride, and responsibility, of having my name on an ACDA archive project. I worked on a membership drive researching the various resources available to the different membership categories (students, church choir directors, high school directors, etc.). Sifting through all that ACDA has to offer opened my eyes to the staggering amount of resources members have access to. Needless to say, I know where to go to answer choral related questions from now on (Hint: try ChoralNet).
       Not only did I get to work on various projects around the office, I got to see the inner workings of ACDA. Before I stepped foot in the office, I envisioned a staff of 50 working every day to advance the choral arts around the world. On my first day I was a bit surprised when I met twelve staff members. When I see marvelous work ACDA does with only twelve people at the helm, I can only imagine what this great organization could do with my previously imagined staff of fifty.
       What would be the greatest thing I took away from my time at the ACDA national office, you might say? I would say that I see a great future ahead for ACDA, and the choral art. From the Choral Journal and ChoralNet, to the ACDA Career Center, there are a, sometimes overwhelming, amount of resources ACDA has to offer. Members do not merely belong to a group, they use the tools provided to grow, and encourage the betterment of choral music. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to get to work closely with the ACDA staff. I built friendships, gained mentors, and obtained a wealth of knowledge I hadn’t expected. Devotion to the idea that choral music, all music, can make the world a better place is what drives the American Choral Directors Association, and is why I’m am thrilled, and always grateful, to have spent two summers working towards that idea. “To foster and promote choral singing…”
Fort Hays University Singers Perform in ACDA Museum Scott Dorsey, %24 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
The Fort Hays Singers from Fort Hays State University (Terry Crull, conductor) paid a visit to the McMahon International Choral Music Museum on November 21, to share part of their 2014 tour repertoire.  The Fort Hays Singers’ concert tour will include performance throughout the central United States.
This performance was the latest in the ACDA Visiting Choir Series.  The series features casual concerts in the McMahon Museum (located in the association’s national office building) by touring choirs that visit the Oklahoma City area as a part of their tour itinerary.
If your choir would like to sing in the McMahon Museum as a part of the Visiting Choir Series, contact Scott Dorsey at
Stick Time: Intent Matters Scott Dorsey, %24 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000
If an English literature teacher assigns the writings of Hunter S. Thompson or Ernest Hemmingway, is she advocating drug or alcohol use?  Are choral directors who program a work with a sacred text proselytizing? Is the science teacher explaining human biology being lewd or provocative?
The answer to all three questions is a resounding, “Of course not!”
Yet year after year those of us in the choral music field come under withering fire for programming historically valuable and educationally viable music that just happens to have sacred text.
In the document Music with Sacred Text: Vital to Choral Music and the Choral Art, your association has stated. “It is important to recognize the fact that almost all of the significant choral music composed before the 17th century was associated with a sacred text. Since choral music with a sacred text comprises such a substantial portion of the artistic repertoire representative of the choral medium and the history of music, it should have an important place in music education.”
As you ponder this, enjoy a selection from a recent performance at an ACDA divisional conference.  While the text of this work is sacred, the educational intent of its study and performance was not.
Video Games Live! Stephen Stomps, %25 %b %2014 %01:%Nov:%th 1NovGMT+0000 you are lucky enough to be in a chorus of an orchestra performing Video Games Live. Do so. You will have a blast! I was invited to join an ad hoc group of great singers to be in a backup choir with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. I was a bit skeptical, to be sure, having never been a gamer. The audience was filled with enthusiastic, crazy gamers of all ages who's response made us all feel like rock stars. This is not really an artistic event but invigorating great fun. So check your area's symphony schedule and raise your hand.  S
Tenor and Bass Section Leader positions: Burbank Chorale Mikhail Shtangrud, %25 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000 Chorale seeks paid Tenor and Bass section leaders.
Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, 7:00PM-9:30PM at Woodbury University in Burbank.  Winter Concert will be on Saturday, December 6 at 7:30PM.  Compensation is $45 per rehearsal and $55 for a concert. 
Successful applicants will be expressive singers with solid sight-reading skills and strong collaborative spirit.  Regular attendance, punctuality and good communication skills are essential for this position.  
Please email your resume to to apply and request an audition.
Established in 1920, the Burbank Chorale is the longest continuously performing arts organization in the San Fernando Valley and one of the oldest musical organizations in the State of California. Our Mission is to attract individuals who share a love of music, dedication to musical growth, and the desire to provide excellence in performance.
Trinity Wall Street presents Twelfth Night Festival Laura Malick, %24 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000
For information about specific concerts please visit:
Boasting an “engrossing” and “enviable variety of repertory” (New York Times), Trinity Wall Street’s Twelfth Night Festival returns to celebrate the twelve days of the nativity with a full program of mostly free events – at St. Paul’s Chapel and Trinity Church – from December 26 through January 5. The festival kicks off on December 26 with a traversal of Bach’s complete Orchestral Suites by the Trinity Baroque Orchestra, with the Trinity Scholars directed by Trinity’s Associate Organist and Chorus Master Avi Stein, who also anchors a program of concertos for organ and strings on December 29. Julian Wachner leads the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra in two accounts of Handel’s Saul on January 2 and 4. Following its success in the past two Twelfth Night Festivals, the Gotham Early Music Scene (GEMS) brings back its hit staging of The Play of Daniel, a 12th-century liturgical music drama depicting the story of Daniel in the lions’ den, with two shows each day on December 27 and 28. Rachmaninoff’s Vespers were a highlight of last year’s festival, when Steven Fox led the Clarion Music Society in the composer’s setting of texts from the Russian Orthodox all-night vigil ceremony. This year, the same forces reprise the choral masterpiece on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A cornucopia of early music and more rounds out the festival, and it draws to a triumphant close on January 5 with a performance by Roomful of Teeth, the trailblazing vocal group whose eight classically trained members have also mastered Tuvan and Inuit throat singing, yodeling, and pop techniques. 
Locations: Trinity Church: Broadway at Wall St; St. Paul’s Chapel: Broadway at Fulton
Text to "Chant for a Long Day" Stephen Hatfield Shelley Withee, %24 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 of Music, St. Luke's Episcopal, Bethesda MD Patricia Rogers, %24 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 US DEVELOP A MUSIC PROGRAM!  St. Luke’s, a diverse and growing congregation, is seeking a Minister of Music—a talented musician and leader who is able to engage the congregation as a whole, and individuals and groups in the congregation, in a dynamic music program that both uses traditional Episcopal sources and draws on a wide range of other sources. For more information about St. Luke’s and a complete job description, please visit  Interested candidates should send their resumes by mail or by e-mail to ]]>Choral Valley Spring Festival wendy nixon stothert, %24 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 Valley welcomes choirs to the Comox Valley, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island for the Spring Festival on Mar. 22, 2015.  This non-competitive festival for adult community choirs will be facilitated by clinician Brian Tate, a well-known Canadian composer/arranger/conductor/vocalist.  Space is limited to 8 choirs who will perform and receive feedback on-stage for 35 minutes each. The focus is on learning and sharing together. Please visit for more information. ]]>Princeton University Glee Club presents Wynton Marsalis' ABYSSINIAN 200: A GOSPEL CELEBRATION Renata Dworak, %24 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 a preview at...  
Wynton Marsalis, Pulitzer Prize Winner and Nine-Time Grammy Award Winner, composed his Gospel Mass "Abyssinian 200 - A Gospel Celebration” for the 200th anniversary of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. This December, the combined forces of the Princeton University Glee Club and Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble will bring this glorious intersection of American Jazz and Gospel to the stage of Richardson Auditorium, in a holiday concert which promises to be as powerful in its message as it will be uplifting in its entertainment. Each movement of this monumental work characterizes a different preacher carrying a very distinct message. For one movement, the listener is kneeling alongside young Marsalis and his mother back at St. Francis Catholic Church in his hometown of New Orleans, attentive to the order and purpose of the mass. For another, Marsalis transports us to the wooden pews at Harlem's historic Abyssinian Baptist Church, where the soul of the gospel tradition has been singing call-and-response since 1808. Elsewhere we find meditations to which Marsalis himself composed the text, and the brilliant capturing of a late evening at a 1930's New York Night Club, bumping shoulders with the Big Band and Duke Ellington himself.
The Glee Club will precede this performance with an Advent sequence, featuring the music of Roderick Williams and Arvo Pärt, and culminating in the performance of Giles Swayne’s extraordinary Magnificat, based upon melodies that the composer collected in Senegal in the 1980s. 
Don’t miss this extraordinary collaboration! For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit
The complete program follows: 
O Adonai, et Dux domus Israel – Roderick Williams (b. 1965)
Sieben Magnificat-Antiphonen – Arvo Pärt (b. 1935)        
I.           O Weisheit
IV.        O König aller Volker
Magnificat I – Giles Swayne (b. 1946)
Abyssinian 200: A Gospel Celebration - Wynton Marsalis (b. 1961)
Processional: “We Are On Our Way
The Lord’s Prayer
Gloria Patri
Meditation: “Lord Have Mercy
Invitation: “Come and Join the Army
Offertory I: “Body and Blood
Offertory II: “Lamb of God
Choral Response: “Through Him I’ve Come to See
Recessional: “The Glory Train
Princeton University Glee Club
Gabriel Crouch, director
Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble
Dr. Anthony D.J. Branker, director
WHAT:  Princeton University Glee Club & Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble
WHEN:  Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at 5:00pm
WHERE: Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, Princeton University
TICKETS:  Tickets are $15 General; $5 Students and are available for purchase by calling 609-258-9220 or online at
For further information please contact Renata Dworak at 847-769-3919 or
Gloria! December 7 at the State Theatre in Culpeper Johncie Carlson, %24 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000 Blue Ridge Chorale presents their Christmas concert at 3:00 pm on December 7th at the State Theatre in Culpeper, VA .  A variety of Sacred and secular, classical and contemporary Christmas music performed by both our adult and youth chorales.  Ticketing through the State Theatre (540-829-0292)   ]]>"Reason for the Season" a Christmas cantata by D. Clydesdale Ruby Agnir, %24 %b %2014 %16:%Nov:%th 16NovGMT+0000 Re: [ChoralNet] Daily - 23 November 2014
From: Ruby Agnir <>
The Christmas Choir of Atonement Lutheran  Church of Wesley Chapel, FL, is
performing the cantata "Reason for the Season" by David Clydesdale on Dec
14, at 10 a.m. at the church.  Continuing the tradition, the cantata
replaces 2/3 of the Sunday service.  This is the choir that I am director
of and have been for four years.

After the church performance, we will be taking it to two assisted living
facilities in Zephyrhills, FL -- West Winds Assisted Living Facility at 1
p.m. and Westbrooke Manor at 3 p.m., both on Saturday Dec. 20.  This is our
yearly tradition of bringing Christmas cheer to the residents of
facilities.  Non-residents are always welcome to attend.

If you are in the area, please come and share our joy over the reason for
the season.

Ruby L. Agnir, M.A.
Choir Director
Atonement Lutheran Choir
S.R. 54, Wesley Chapel, Florida.
Tel. No. 813-991-1924

Director of Worship and Music Scot Sorensen, %24 %b %2014 %16:%Nov:%th 16NovGMT+0000 Lutheran Church, a large urban congregation in Madison is seeking a full-time Director of Worship and Music.  Full information about the position can be found on the website. ]]>Major work about food / drink Matthew Frable, %24 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000'm searching for a major work over 40 minutes in length for adult chorus (SATB), soloists and orchestra.  This is for a non-audition community chorus of about 70 singers.  English or Latin would be ok - possibly a combination of languages might work.  I do not want something that is a cappella or with a lot of divisi.
The theme of the major work should be food, eating, beverages, drinking, etc.  
Thank you
Free Psalter Hymnal (1987 edition) Published by CRCNA Kai Ton Chau, %24 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000 have about 100 copies of "The Psalter Hymnal" (1987 edition, or known as "They Grey Hymnal") published by Faith Alive Christian Resources (of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA)). Here is a link on Amazaon if you need to know more about the hymnal itself:
These hymnal are available for FREE -- you are responsible to pick up or to arrange for transportation.
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Condition: Good to fair (the hymnals have a stamp inside, but no embossing on the outside)
Choral Director - Tenure-track Assistant Professor Robert Gluck, %24 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000
The Department of Music and Theatre at the University at Albany, SUNY, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Choral Studies, to begin September 1, 2015. The successful candidate will serve as Director of Choral Studies, responsible for directing the University–Community Chorale and University Chamber Singers, teaching conducting and diction, student advisement, and community outreach. Additional responsibilities include teaching courses for non-majors and electives corresponding to the candidate’s expertise. It is expected that applicants will demonstrate a commitment to research and an ability to teach a diverse group of undergraduates. Doctoral degree from a university accredited by the U.S. Department of Education or internationally recognized accrediting organization is required by the time of appointment. Candidates should apply through the Interview Exchange portal and send three letters of recommendation to Prof. Bob Gluck, Chair, Search Committee, Performing Arts Center Room 312, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222. Applicants should address in their cover letter their experience working with and teaching individuals from diverse backgrounds. Applicants also should provide a statement on teaching and research. Application deadline is January 15, 2015. The University at Albany is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/IRCA/ADA Employer.
New Carol just in time for Christmas (SATB)!! João Camacho, %24 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000 ChoralNet companions, just composed a new carol for Christmas. Anyone interested just visit my page at IMSLP, dowload it and enjoy.
And don't forget to let me know how it went ;)
Best regards, João!,_João_Carlos)
Chorale II Holiday Concert 2014 Karen Bates, %24 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000 II, a community choral group, will present a holiday concert on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 5:00 PM at Briarlake Baptist Church, 3715 Lavista Road Decatur, GA. The concert will include several selections focused on the Biblical text, Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Also included are Christmas favorites by John Rutter, Mark Hayes, and Moses Hogan.
The Master Ringers handbells from Briarlake Baptist Church will present a mini-concert of seasonal music in the midst of the choral presentation. Admission is free.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God,
and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”
G. F. Handel                                Four Soprano Recitatives  (from Messiah)
   Marla Stracner, soprano
Glory to God
   with Terry Bates, trumpet
J. S. Bach                                    Gloria in Excelsis Deo  (from Magnificat)
F. J. Haydn                                  Gloria In Excelsis Deo  (from Heiligmesse)
   with Jeanne Giager, flute
[chorale sits in pews]
                        Guest Artists:  Briarlake Baptist Church Master Ringers
   Susan Purcell, director
A Child is Born
Sing We Now of Christmas
Ukranian Carol
G. Donizetti / arr. Liebergen    Gloria (from Messe di Gloria e Credo)
   with Jeanne Giager, flute
J. Rutter                                       Angels’ Carol
   Peggy Ray, director
M. Hayes                                      Gloria in excelsis Deo
   Peggy Ray, director
[chorale sits in pews]
                        Guest Artists:  Briarlake Baptist Church Master Ringers
   Susan Purcell, director
Jingle Bells
Rudolph, the Red Nosed Raindeer
Joy to the World
(Please join in singing Hymn 87 from a hymnal near you.)
N. Sleeth                                      Jazz Gloria
   Trumpets:  Terry Bates, Jack Sartain, Brian Dewey          String Bass:  Peggy Ray
   Trombones:  Morey Arnold, Dennis Kitchens                    Bongos:  Claudia Harris
Arr. M. Hogan                             Glory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn King
   Nancy Van Wyk, soloistChorale II will present a holiday concert on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 5:00 PM at Briarlake Baptist Church, 3715 Lavista Road Decatur, GA. The concert will include several selections focused on the Biblical text Gloria in Excelsis Deo. The Master Ringers handbells from Briarlake Baptist Church will present a mini-concert of seasonal music in the midst of the choral presentation. Admission is free.
RelaxSing Holiday - Under the Tuscan Sun - 5 to 12 September 2015 Jill Wood, %24 %b %2014 %10:%Nov:%th 10NovGMT+0000
RelaxSing is an Events company, which brings people together for short breaks or holidays to relax and sing in spectacular locations.
Our Events are always exciting and different as a choir is formed from whoever comes to the Event, so the make up is quite different each time.
Suitable for all levels of experience. Fun and laughter guaranteed!
See for details of all our events and holidays.

To find out more about this all inclusive singing holiday, please click on the flyer below ;

Singing Weekend - RelaxSing Dandenongs, Australia - 20 to 22 March 2015 Jill Wood, %24 %b %2014 %10:%Nov:%th 10NovGMT+0000

RelaxSing is an Events company, which brings people together for short breaks or holidays to relax and sing in spectacular locations.

Our Events are always exciting and different as a choir is formed from whoever comes to the Event, so the make up is quite different each time.

Suitable for all levels of experience. Fun and laughter guaranteed!

See for details of all our events and holidays.

To find out more about this all inclusive singing event, please click on the flyer below ;

Sessions in Salt Lake: "Vocal Registrations" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
This session will provide conductors a research-based and practical discussion of vocal registers through the perspective of youth singing. The first half of the session will use video, illustration, musical examples, and vocal exercises to clarify the anatomical events of vocal registration. The second half will address the social contexts and meanings of register singing and their relevance to the conductor and singer. Recommendations and exercises for rehearsal, performance, repertoire, and lifelong singing will be offered. This session will be useful for anyone who would like a clearer understanding of vocal registration and its application, including conductors of adult singers.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Teaching Musicianship" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %21:%Oct:%st 21OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
MUSIANSHIP THROUGH REPERTOIRE (Elizabeth McKinney & Francisco J. Nuñez, clinicians)
Take an in-depth look at how Francisco J. Nuñez inspires and equips independent musicians in the Young People’s Chorus of New York City. This session will address sustaining interest and enhancing music reading skills through repertoire for elementary, middle school, and high school choirs. Participants will explore compositions that support music-making and foster strong vocal technique no matter the age or ability level.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Monday Motivation: What REALLY Matters? Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %17:%Oct:%rd 17OctGMT+0000 ]]>Ken Malucelli choral works heard worldwide this season Ken Malucelli, %24 %b %2014 %05:%Nov:%th 5NovGMT+0000, Friends of Choral Music.

     Many of my choral works are being premiered, recorded and/or performed between the beginning of Dec. and into 2015, both here in the U.S. and internationally: Ottawa; London; Moscow; Lima.

     Of special interest: the premieres of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" fantasy for orchestra and chorus in Austin, TX, and "The Twelve (animated) Days of Christmas" in Des Moines, IA.  Other U.S. cities include: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, San Ramon and Rancho Cordova, CA; Reno and Carson City, NV; Portland, OR; Aurora, CO; Minneapolis/St-Paul, MN; Naperville, IL and regional Vermont.

     For your interest, a complete list of what-where-when is on the Performance Schedule of my Web site,  If you are nearby those cities, perhaps you can attend a performance, to hear a piece live.

     Thanks for your interest and have a wonderful holiday season!

Ken Malucelli

A Vocális Christmas: 12/5 and 12/6, Buffalo, NY Michael Manganiello, %24 %b %2014 %05:%Nov:%th 5NovGMT+0000 Vocális Christmas is a community tradition that heralds a joyous season. This concert cycle offers a peaceful break from the pre-holiday clamor: relax to the sweet sounds of an intimate choral celebration. A special extended intermission at the Karpeles venue will feature mulled wine and cider, and lots of treats!

Friday, December 5, 8:00 pm
Saints Peter & Paul Church
5480 Main Street, Williamsville, NY

Saturday, December 6, 7:30 pm
Karpeles Manuscript Museum
Elmwood Avenue at North Street, Buffalo, NY

Tickets are sold at the door one hour before the concert begins. $15 per person, $10 student tickets.

Season subscriptions are available: $45 per person for one concert each series weekend.
For more information, please visit our beautiful and newly-redesigned website!
WGBH/Sing That Thing - registration closes on Tuesday, November 25 Patricia Alvarado, %24 %b %2014 %01:%Nov:%th 1NovGMT+0000 That Thing Flyer
WGBH has long been hoping for the opportunity to create a television program that showcases the vital kind of inspiration that comes from choral singing.  The time seems right...and we're bringing to life Sing That Thing!, a TV series hosted by Anthony Trecek-King of the Boston Children's Chorus. 
Sing That Thing! is open to high school, college, small and large adult ensembles who possess the stories and the passion that we can uncover with the curiosity and celebration that public broadcasting is known for.  But time is running out!  Registration for Sing That Thing! closes Tuesday, November 25. 
To register you group, visit:
Questions? or 617-300-2289
The "singers" on Sheet Music Plus etc Jon Arterton, %23 %b %2014 %23:%Nov:%rd 23NovGMT+0000 anyone know if some of the "singing" samples on websites like sheetmusicplus is produced electronically? Some of it sure sounds that way..... ]]>New music for Chorus (SATB), Brass and Timps. Gordon Thornett, %23 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%rd 20NovGMT+0000 Thornett's original SATB setting of "Noel!", already published by Oxford University Press with accompaniment for piano/organ or full orchestra, has just been published in a new arrangement for choir, brass ensemble, timps and percussion. This new accompaniment is available on hire from OUP.  It's a lively, syncopated setting of the traditional text, "The First Nowell" in 7/8 time. See
Another piece for choir and brass is Gloria in D, which is to receive its American premiere on December 13th by Richard Hynson and the Bel Canto Chorus in Milwaukee. This uses a brass sextet (3 trumpets and 3 trombones), timps and organ. It also features a soprano soloist.  The setting lasts about 8 minutes.  The score can be obtained from, where you can view sample pages and hear a digital version; parts available from the composer.
South of France Summer School with members of the Hilliard Ensemble August 2015 Kate Cobb, %23 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%rd 19NovGMT+0000
We invite you to join a group of singers for a week (eight nights) of intensive choral study, involving a challenging a cappella repertoire.  
Led by Errol Girdlestone, international conductor and choirmaster, and founder member of the Hilliard, we rehearse for up to six hours a day and perform a concert at the end of the week. We are based in the beautiful Luberon region of the south of France (nearest airport Avignon).
There will also be a chance to do madrigal work with Paul Elliott, tenor and founder member of the Hilliard and currently Professor of Music at the Early Music Institute of Indiana University.  
We are especially looking  for TENORS AND BASSES but all voices are welcome to apply.  The week is appropriate for experienced choral singers with good sight-reading ability, as well as experienced singers who are able to do their own prior preparation. 
Dates: 8th/16th August 2015
Ensemble Repertoire for 2015:  Frank Martin - Songs of Ariel & Vaughan Williams - Shakespeare Songs
Cost :270euros (about $335) which includes all tuition. Accommodation can be arranged at the 3* Hotel Notre-Dame de Lumières, a former 17th century convent which has a private pool and all rooms are en-suite and air-conditioned. We rehearse in the hotel’s octagonal chapel each day. Hotel costs vary depending on double or single rooms but half-board in a shared room will cost 613.50 euros (about $760) euros per person. If you prefer you can arrange your own accommodation in the area. Non-singing partners are very welcome.
For details please email choir manager, Kate Cobb at or telephone 0033493206894.
Here's what singers in past years have said in answer to the question, What made you decide to come to this event?:
"Singing with Errol, his choice of music, Provence, good wine and food, warm weather, the high probability that I would enjoy the company of the singers you had invited. The week was good fun, musically challenging (but I expected that!) and it lived up to expectations."   
"I think first and foremost is the chance to sing under Errol’s direction. In my mind he is one of the best choral directors not least because he is a singer himself.  I like the way Errol demands nothing less than the best we can offer but helps the choir enormously to find how to give their best and always with that winning smile".
"I have come away from both years doing this, feeling I have learned more about my own singing, strengths, weaknesses etc. Key elements- a good friendly group, absence of competiveness, so a reasonably similar standard and the immense amount of effective hard work by all the team to make everyone feel welcome and important. Thank you! " 
Places are limited so please don't delay in contacting us!
Completing a program, "You are not Alone" suggestions Richard Nutting, %23 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%rd 19NovGMT+0000'm putting the final touches on a program titled, "You Are Not Alone" and I've received many great suggestions from this forum to complete the program. I've many show and pop suggestions, but would like to fill a portion of the program with music of a sacred theme. I conduct an auditioned adult community choir fulling capable of performing a wide range of music. Let me know what you think I might add to the sacred side of this concert. Thank again for your help.
Richard Nutting
Colorado Springs, CO
Invictus: SSAATTBB a cappella with divisi. For advanced choir. Matt Wetmore, %23 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%rd 17NovGMT+0000 from composer Matt Wetmore

Invictus is a setting of the poem by William Ernest Henley.  Full of dramatic imagery, this poem was perfect for exploring harmonies that clash a bit more than the standard a cappella choral work, as well as sudden dynamic and tonal shifts.  A healthy challenge for any choir.

Difficulty: Professional (4/5)

Duration: 5'00''

Listen, view samples, and purchase:

The Season for Caroling Beverly Lennon, %23 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%rd 15NovGMT+0000 Middletown Concert Chorale (Middletown, NY) will present 3 concerts, "The Season for Caroling", featuring Britten's "Ceremony of Carols".
In addition there will be a "caberet" style presentation of chorale members singing seasonal music, ending with the chorale presenting other familiar carols.
The chorale is under the direction of Ms. Danielle Cornacchio and accompanied by Mr. Gregg Michalak on piano.
Concerts are as follows:
Saturday, Dec. 13, 7 PM, First Presbyterian Church, 60 Sussex St., Port Jervis, NY 12771
Sunday, Dec. 14, 3 PM, St. John's Lutheran Church, 391 Mount Hope Rd.,  Middletown, NY 10940
Saturday, Dec. 20, 7 PM, North Congregational Church, 96 North Beacon St., Middletown, Ny, 10940
Tickets: $8.00, Seniors/Students $5.00
Post concerts receptions will be held at each location.
"Christmas Pops Spectacular" presented by York Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Kathleen Shannon, %23 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%rd 14NovGMT+0000 Symphony Orchestra Presents Christmas Pops Spectacular, a New Holiday Tradition in York
Special guest Hershey Handbell Ensemble to perform
YORK Pa. – The York Symphony Orchestra (YSO) will bring a new holiday tradition to York when they perform their Christmas Pops Spectacular on Saturday, Nov. 29 at 4:00 p.m. at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center. This heart-warming event will kick off the holidays with Christmas favorites, as YSO welcomes the York Symphony Chorus and special guest Hershey Handbell Ensemble.
Presented by Gallery B, York’s newest downtown art gallery, this is the second concert directed by our new Music Director, Lawrence Golan. From the programming to the presentation of each performance, Golan plans to bring a new experience to the audience. It’s no coincidence the first sold out concert of the season was named New Beginnings. This new annual holiday tradition of performing their Christmas Pops Spectacular is another “new beginning” Golan has established as he continues to make an impact on arts entertainment in York County.
Concert highlights this year will include “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas” from Home Alone, “Waltz of the Flowersfrom The Nutcracker, “Concert Suitefrom The Polar Express, “A Holly Jolly Sing-Along,"  "I'll Be Home For Christmas," a vocal jazz favorite conducted by Chorus Master Kathleen Shannon, and special selections performed by the Hershey Handbells.
Christmas Pops Spectacular will be presented at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in downtown York on Saturday, Nov. 29 at 4:00 p.m. The new, reduced ticket prices will apply, ranging from $9 - $39 for the public and $5 for students. For additional information and tickets, call 717-846-1111 or visit
Messiah Sing Benefit Steven Wheltle, %23 %b %2014 %12:%Nov:%rd 12NovGMT+0000



Monday, December 22nd, 8:00 p.m.

Stars Theater and Arts Center

123 E. Vance Street





Fuquay Varina Emergency Food Pantry


In 1742, Handel premiered The Messiah in a theater as a charitable event with a small orchestra, soloists and chorus. YOU are invited to continue in the spirit of that performance with us!


Bring your music, your voice and some non-perishable food and celebrate the season with the one of greatest choral works every written. We will sing and hear the Christmas section of Handel's Messiah complete with all the solos and concluding with the Hallelujah Chorus. You will sing with a great orchestra, hear song amazing soloists and help the needy of our community all at the same time.


Admission: 1 or more non-perishable food item per person.


Make your reservation now!

Go to and click Messiah sing.

Free S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Download until Sunday Nov. 30th Dale Duncan, %23 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%rd 14NovGMT+0000 1-Forbidden Pattern, the foundation of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program, is free until Sunday, November 30th.  Go here to download:
January is the perfect time to begin S-Cubed with your beginners, so now is a great time to try Forbidden Pattern.  Hundreds of teachers around the world have discovered this new approach to teaching Sight Singing to their middle school students, and they are enjoying the process of teaching literacy to their beginners!
To read reviews of the program and find out more about how and why it was developed and shared with other teachers, click here:
Until then, go download the free lesson and start investigating the 21st century sight singing "book".  
need a few good singers Steven Wheltle, %23 %b %2014 %12:%Nov:%rd 12NovGMT+0000 Western Wake Chamber Orchestra is performing a Messiah Sing Christmas portion of the Messiah and is seeking a small group of singers to serve as the "stage choir" for the event. We are seeking people who have previous experiance singing this work and are willing to be part of small ensemble.
The performance will take place Monday, December 22nd at 8:00 p.m. at the Stars Theater in Fuquay-Varina, NC.
Please contact Steve Wheltle for more information and to be part of this fun event. You can reach Steven via e-mail at or call 919-975-7589 
Associate Director Lexi Johnson, %23 %b %2014 %07:%Nov:%rd 7NovGMT+0000
Local area choral organization looking for an associate conductor to oversee ensemble.
The role entails planning and leading rehearsals Tuesday evenings each week (with potential to increase to more, if desired), as well as coordination and planning with leadership.
Desire a progressive and flexible thinker who works well with others. Dedication, passion, and loyalty are highly valued qualities for this role, as well as valuing the artistic aspects highest.
Interested applicants should send their resume to the poster of this ad.  Local candidates preferred.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Methods of Teaching" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Each one of us has a favorite method of teaching, but an outstanding teacher employs all three of the most commonly used methods. This session will present suggestions for student involvement, and presentation of an additional method will be discussed in detail.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Gospel Music" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%st 20OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
The African American gospel tradition has become a regular part of choral programs in school, church, community, and professional choruses across the world. As gospel-style selections become increasingly popular within the choral landscape, choral conductors with limited experience and training in this style are seeking technical tools that will allow their choruses to perform with stylistic accuracy and artistic integrity. This interactive session will present specific strategies for teaching and performing stylistic elements that characterize the African American gospel genre.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sunday Inspiration: Thanks Be to God (Mendelssohn) Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%nd 20OctGMT+0000
Camerata Baltimore Sings Excerpts from Messiah... And Other Christmas Favorites James Mayo III, %23 %b %2014 %05:%Nov:%rd 5NovGMT+0000, everyone!
Please join one of Baltimore's newest choral ensembles for their debut performance on December 5th and a second performance on December 6th!
Our featured artist for the evening will be Dr. Samuel Springer, assistant professor of organ at Morgan State University!
Please take a sneak peek of our performance here:
Now that you like what you've  heard (lol), please book your ticket online at this URL:
Tickets are selling fast and seating is limited! Purchase your ticket now!
We look forward to seeing you there!
James Mayo III,
Aritstic Director and Conductor
Choral sheet music collection for sale Taylor Ford, %22 %b %2014 %23:%Nov:%nd 23NovGMT+0000 have a collection of various pieces of choral sheet music both popular and classical. I am selling this music at half the list price or less for each piece. This is a good way for school music directors and church choir directors to obtain sample copies and increase your music library while spending within your reduced annual budget. If you would like to see my Excel spreadsheet with the full details of each piece of music, let me know and I will email the list to you. Please include your email address in your request. ]]>What's on Great Sacred Music, Sunday, November 23, 2014 Robert Kennedy, %22 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%nd 21NovGMT+0000
In case you cannot hear the show live, the playlist is on Spotify
for you to enjoy: GSM - November 23, 2014
Don't forget that we have more choral and organ music programmed
on Sunday evenings beginning at 10 p.m. eastern.
Rob Kennedy
Great Sacred Music
The Classical Station
To subscribe to my weekly playlist emailing:  send
your email address to
Christopher Tye: Omnes gentes
Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerly
Anton Bruckner: Ecce sacerdos magnus
Corydon Singers, Matthew Best
Thomas Trotter, organ
Sir John Goss: Praise, my soul, the king of heaven!
Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London; English Brass Ensemble, John Scott
Christopher Dearnley, organ
English Tudor composer Christopher Tye (1505-1573) was Magister Choristarum
at Ely Cathedral. Ecce Sacerdos Magnus translates as Behold! a Great High Priest.
It is commonly sung as an introit at the enthronement of a bishop. Sir John
Goss (1800-1880) preceded his student Sir John Stainer as Organist of St. Paul's
Cathedral, London.
Louis Vierne: Berceuse ~ 24 Pieces en style libre
Peter Hurford, organ
Reiger organ in Ratzeburg Cathedral, Germany
William Henry Monk, arr. Robert Prizeman: Abide With Me
Libera, Robert Prizeman
Ruth Byrchmore: Song
Schola Cantorum of Oxford, Jeremy Summerly
Philippa Healy, soprano
The gentle lilt and mood of Vierne's Berceuse evokes peacefulness. Libera
is a British boy band which enjoys an international reputation for its musical
singing. English composer Ruth Byrchmore (1966-) began her musical career
as Composer in Residence at Wells Cathedral. She is currently on the staff of the
Royal Academy of Music.
Carson Cooman: Psalm 66, "Be Joyful in God"
Royal Holloway Choir, University of London, Rupert Gough
Samuel Rathbone, organ
Christine Temple-Evans: I Love All Beauteous Things
Utah State University Chamber Singers, Cory Evans
Maria Theresia von Paradis: Sicilienne
Haig Mardirosian, organ
Dobson organ at Sykes Chapel, University of Tampa
American composer Carson Cooman is Composer in Residence at The Memorial
Church, Harvard University. American composer Christine Temple-Evans hails from
Arizona. The Dobson organ played by Dr. Mardirosian brings out the beauty of this
rarely-performed composition by Maria Theresia von Paradis (1759-1824) who was
a student of Antonio Salieri.
Joseph-Guy Ropartz: Messe Breve
Choeur Regional Vittoria d'Ile de France, Michel Piquemal
Francois-Henri Houbart, organ
French composer Joseph-Guy Ropartz (1864-1955) was a student of Jules Massenet and Cesar Franck.
J.S. Bach: Cantata 139, "Wohl dem, der sich auf seinen Gott ... "
Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki
Yukari Nonoshita, soprano; Robin Blaze,
countertenor; Makoto Sakurada, tenor; Peter
The German translates as "Well for him, who can depend, childlike, on his God". I agree
with commentator Simon Crouch that the opening movement is one of Bach's most pleasant
Howard Hanson: Lumen in Christo  
Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Chorale, Gerard Schwarz
American composer Howard Hanson wrote his Lumen in Christo for women's voices and orchestra
on the subject of light. 
Gaetano Donizetti: Credo
Slovak Radio-TV Chorus and Orchestra, Edoardo Brizio
Cinzia Forte, soprano; Stella Salvati,
mezzo-soprano; Roberto Bencivenga, tenor; Carlo Lepore, bass
We think of Donizetti primarily as an opera composer. Fortunately the master of operatic melody
left us several fine sacred choral works of which this Credo is one.
Francois-Joseph Gossec: Te Deum for Grand Orchestra
National Choir; Choir and Orchestra of the Sorbonne, Paris, Jacques Grimbert
Jill Feldman, soprano; Brigitte LaFon, mezzo-soprano;
Gerard Lesne, alto; Howard Milner, tenor; Glenn Chambers, baritone
A seldom-performed work by a little-known composer? Francois-Joseph Gossec's setting of the
ancient hymn of praise Te Deum Laudamus fits the bill on both counts. It is a substantial work
scored as it is for a chorus of 1,200 singers and an orchestra of 300 wind instruments.
David Briggs: Sortie (organ improvisation) ~ Messe pour Notre-Dame
David Briggs, organ
Nicholson/Hill, Norman and Beard organ in Gloucester Cathedral
English organist David Briggs (1962-) has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a brilliant improvisateur in the French tradition.
The Angels Sang Deborah Manion, %22 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%nd 20NovGMT+0000
Celebrate the holidays with Voce in this joyous program that includes Donald McCullough’s When Christ Was Born—a setting of medieval English texts for chorus, soloists, and harp. Harpist Marian Rian Hays, who commissioned and premiered the piece just last year, will join Voce for these performances. The program also includes music by choral superstar Eric Whitacre and a festive audience sing-along. Tickets are available online at  General admission tickets are $20; $10 for college students with ID; students under 18 admitted free. Call for group pricing. For more information, please call (703) 277-7772, or email VOCE at
New Hope-Solebury & Lambertville Community Choir Concert! Rick Rosen, %22 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%nd 20NovGMT+0000 New Hope-Solebury & Lambertville Community Choir begins its third season with a concert at Carversville Christian Church, 3736 Aquetong Rd, in Carversville, PA on Sunday afternoon, December 7th at 2:00 p.m. Choral music comes from a variety of composers including Handel, Tindley, Paulus, P.D.Q. Bach and others. Individual performances include songs from choir members Elizabeth Bowman, Tony Peterman, Virginia Ziegler, Jennifer Guglielmi, Jamie Brown, George Tilton, and Giuseppi Minniti.

NHS&LCC is made up of members of the immediate New Hope, Solebury, and Lambertville communities, as well as several singers from the surrounding areas. The Choir is under the direction of Episcopal minister of music. male a cappella group Cordus Mundi founder, and New Hope resident Rick Rosen.

Concert tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or reserved by contacting NHS&LCC at, or on Facebook. ]]>
Director of Music Ministries, First UMC, Mesa, AZ Mason Schreiber, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%nd 17NovGMT+0000
Job Title:                     Director Music Ministry
Reports To:                 Senior Pastor
FLSA Status:               Part-Time
Hours:                         Approximately 15 hours per week through the program year (August through May (Chancel Choir) with concentrated responsibilities in Advent and Lent.  In addition, a twelve-month responsibility of providing scheduled worship music during the summer months.
Salary:                        Very competitive in comparison to other church jobs in the same area. Negotiable based upon previous experience and qualifications.
  • Supervisor/Administrator: Oversees other music directors at FUMC
    • Create and maintain Music ministry budgets
    • Plan communications with music staff
    • Create and maintain performance schedules of all choral ensembles; adapting, changing schedule when conflicts arise.
    • Attend Worship Committee meetings (bi-monthly) as scheduled
    • Attend Church Council meetings (bi-monthly) as scheduled (as a non-voting member)
    • Select Worship hymns through collaboration with pastor and organist (using sermon titles, texts)
    • Supervise maintenance of and additions to music library
    • Recruit instrumental players for inclusion in music ministry
    • Interview prospective employees (with Staff Parish Relations Committee) in filling open staff positions
    • The Music Director shall give counsel to the Senior Pastor concerning appropriate music for the Sunday worship services including the selection of hymns, special music, anthems and service music. It is understood that the Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible for the church’s worship program and the Director of Music Ministry’s role is advisory.  The music selections for the 2nd Service (Praise Service) are currently being provided by the leader of the Praise Band.
    • Special Events:   
Certain seasons and holidays are particularly significant in the life of the church and may call for special musical activities. Examples of such events would include but not be limited to: Christmas cantatas, Ash Wednesday anthem, Palm Sunday musicals, Holy Week services, special Easter Services, weddings, and funerals.
  • Director of Chancel Choir
    • Recruit, organize and direct Chancel Choir for presentation of worship music through the church year, beginning in mid-August through May, normally every Sunday and at other designated times with attention to 1) church year calendar and themes, and 2) special events and activities of the congregation.
    • Develop a rehearsal and performance schedule.
    • Direct the Choir at weekly rehearsals (Typically Wednesday evening:  7:00 – 8: 30 p.m.; 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. during advent and lent in preparation for special performances. 
    • Plan rehearsals.
    • Select music for church services
    • Help soloists rehearse.
    • Study and interpret scores.
    • Plan and produce special musical events
    • Transcribe musical compositions.
    • Audition and cast singers for special musical productions
    • Direct instrumental ensembles for special services
    • Expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the choir’s range of music.
    • Work closely with the Chancel Choir accompanist, provided for rehearsals and Sunday presentations.
    • Summer Choir Break:  
The Chancel Choir normally takes a break from rehearsals and performance from June through mid-August.   It is the responsibility of the Director of Music Ministry to provide suitable special music during the month by lining up solos, quartets, or other music during this time.
  • Experience in directing a church choir and/or music program; adult music training
  • Familiarity with adult worship music of various styles
  • Enthusiastic. Organized. Excellent personal communication and administrative skills (written, 
verbal, and listening) are essential.
  • Familiarity and experience with skill- and age-appropriate music and sequencing for healthy vocal development and understanding of music.
  • Willingness to work cooperatively with music and worship staff to implement vision for the Music Ministry of FUMC
  • Willingness to extend invitations to potential choir members.
  • Formal training in choral conducting, music leadership, or music education, or equivalent 
  • Commitment to the Christian faith and the mission of First United Methodist Church. 
  • Ability to use music to deepen our worship experience and understanding of God in a 
progressive Christian setting.
  • Knowledge of Copyright laws
As part of our commitment to providing a safe space for children, an application, including disclosure questions, required information for background check, and interview conversation will be undertaken before beginning work.   
Send inquiries/resume by December 31st, 2014. Screening interviews will take place January 8th at First United Methodist Church. The final candidates will then participate in a rehearsal style interview on January 14th, 2015. Start date of position TBD between the dates of February 1st and July 1st of 2015.    
First United Methodist Church of Mesa is an open and affirming church. Please send resume to: by December 31st, 2014.
"I'm Me" from Raycreations Music John Ray, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%nd 15NovGMT+0000 brand new choral piece for middle school or young high school girls (S/A) chorus, I'M ME, is about finding one's own identity.
Thank you,
John Ray
Sessions in Salt Lake: "American Folksongs" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Many wonderful American folksong arrangements are programmed throughout the United States, giving singers exposure to this rich musical tradition while helping to preserve this important heritage. Conductors can also explore the depth, breadth, and character of this music through printed folksong collections that provide a wealth of material to educate, engage, and edify our singers. In this session, participants will survey a number of important American folksong collections by singing a variety of folksongs from these texts. They will also learn how to mine these collections for sight-singing curriculum, warm-up materials, and concert selections using simple arranging techniques.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Messiah" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%st 20OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Helmuth Rilling’s new book on Handel’s Messiah is aimed at conductors, singers, instrumentalists, and all those who know and love this masterwork. In this session, he will provide an overview of important issues related to performing Messiah from the perspective of a dialogue with the composer himself. Looking over Handel’s shoulder at the architecture of his oratorio, Rilling will discuss specific areas that influence the shape of a performance, including musical structure, forces, tempo, dynamics, articulation, and ornamentation. This discussion will focus on understanding the deeper meaning and significance of Handel's music for today's performers and audiences.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Saturday Respite: No Thanks, I'm Tryng to Cut Down Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %17:%Oct:%rd 17OctGMT+0000
After watching Curley stuff this Thanksgiving turkey, perhaps you’ll just have a sandwich instead.  Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
"My Most Meaningful Mentor," by Jack Senzig Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000
       I met John W. Downey when I was a student at UWMilwaukee.  One day in class I was sitting in the front row next to the grand piano.   Dr. Downey played Debussy’s First Arabesque.   It was the most beautiful piece of music I had ever heard.   With unbidden tears abundantly rolling down my cheeks I asked him if he would play it again.   He smiled and in his soft breathy voice said “Why certainly” and repeated the performance.   
       John saw in me a gift for writing melody.  He encouraged me and guided me in composition lessons to expand my childish palate and to help me grow as a musician and as a man.  I had begun composing a vocal piece with another teacher who had chided me to throw it away because it was, in her opinion, tonal garbage.  When I finally got to study with John he asked me what I had written.  All I had was several pages of my Psalm 13.  When he got done listening to it he beamed and said “That’s beautiful.” He made clear his sincerity and guided me to complete the work. 
       There were two things in particular that made the mentor/mentee relationship special.  He actually valued my opinion and he shared his life with me.  One time at a concert in his honor, I sat on one side of him and his wife on the other.  The piece was a setting of his spouse’s poem “A Dolphin.”  When the performance was finished he received plentiful applause from the audience but didn’t think to acknowledge the poet.  She was very upset with him.  I try hard to remember that situation every time I work with people who deserve recognition, not only in musical performances. 
       John sought and accepted my critique of his work in addition to giving copious critique of mine.  He wrote a set of pieces for the Chicago Children’s Choir. Our university choir director at the time did not perform much 20th century music.   When John asked him to give the pieces a read through he was turned down flat.  The stress he felt over the poor relationship with the director opened my eyes to professional relationships and has influenced my dealings with colleagues and students. 
       When I had a high school student who liked to critique me in front of the class, I remembered John Downey’s gentle example. I recognized the young man’s musicianship, choked down my ego and tried to mentor him.  I invited him to critique me every day after class and promised to consider his suggestions.  I valued his critique, some times changing my rehearsals and sometimes explaining why my approach was correct.  He started taking conducting lessons with me and chose and directed a piece for the choir to sing. He ended up getting a good scholarship to Luther in part because of the mentoring he received from me.  He is now a choral colleague and teaches at a university.
       I miss John Downey deeply.  I wish I could share the successes in my career but most came after his death.   It does make me happy to know that some of him is alive in me, and hopefully will be carried on by my children and my students.   
       Who was your mentor?  Tell us about him/her in the comments below!
       (Will you one day be someone’s most meaningful mentor?  Plant the seeds today for tomorrow's choral world. ACDA Mentoring [])
And the 2014 Membership Drive Winner is . . . Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%st 18NovGMT+0000
Director of Music Ministries Howard Tejchma, %22 %b %2014 %01:%Nov:%nd 1NovGMT+0000
Director of Music Ministries
First Congregational Church UCC
345 West Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI
The historic First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo, United Church of Christ, known for its vibrant music ministry, seeks a part-time (20-23 hrs. /week) Director of Music Ministries.  We are a multi-generational, open and affirming congregation of 460 members, located in downtown Kalamazoo in the center of this dynamic arts and educationally focused community.  We have a 25 member chancel choir with professional section leaders, featured special music, a children’s choir, and a bell choir.
The Director of Music Ministries will serve as the primary administrator of the music ministry in consultation with the senior minister and organist.  Our worship is rooted in classical church music, yet incorporates other diverse and contemporary styles as well. The major duties are to direct the chancel choir, supervise the organist and section leaders, and work with the Senior Minister to plan the worship service.
We are seeking a talented and committed person who understands the power of music to enhance the spiritual life of a congregation and how music can bring people to a closer communion with Christ and His teachings. In addition, the ideal candidate will have education and experience equivalent to a Master’s Degree, be knowledgeable in liturgy and theology, have a demonstrated ability to collaboratively produce a high quality worship experience, and a proven ability to work collegially with the senior pastor, music staff, and worship team.
Please go to for a detailed job description, to inquire further, and to apply for the Director of Music Ministries position.
"Sounds of the Season:" Festival Chorus and Jubilate Ringers on Dec. 12 Carol Bogard, %22 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%nd 0NovGMT+0000 on the Hill presents "Sounds of the Season," a traditional Christmas concert by the Festival Chorus and Jubilate Ringers with Malcolm Dickinson, Clarinet.  The concert will be held on Friday, Dec. 12, at 7:30 p.m. at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Wilton, CT, 36 New Canaan Road.
The ringers will premiere a Christmas suite of German carols arranged for handbells by Artistic Director Ellen Dickinson, who will conduct.
The Festival Chorus will perform selections from the Saint-Saëns Christmas Oratorio as well as traditional carols, both familiar and lesser-known:  "Torches," "What Sweeter Music," and "My Dancing Day," among others. Artistic Director David H. Connell conducts the chorus. 
Pipe organ, clarinet and saxaphone, and favorite carols sung by all complete this richly-textured "Sounds of the Season" celebration.
Tickets are $20 at the door; children, free.
Angel City Chorale - Season of Wonder Charlene Boehne, %21 %b %2014 %23:%Nov:%st 23NovGMT+0000 acclaimed 150+ member Angel City Chorale will perform its unique mix of Christmas and Chanukah favorites in its festive annual winter concert and sing-along. Led by Artistic Director Sue Fink, ACC will kick-off the holiday season with the choir’s sophisticated blend of styles, from classical to stunning carol arrangements, and gospel-R&B. This year’s 21st edition, Season of Wonder, will entertain audiences over two very special nights on Saturday, December 6, and Sunday, December 7, 2014. Attendees will also get the chance to lift their voices in song by joining in with the artistry of ACC and its instrumental ensemble on familiar carols. 

A dessert reception follows each performance. ACC’s Season of Wonder tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door, with discounts for children (ages 5-12) and seniors. Preferred front-of-house seating may be reserved online for an additional fee.
Both evenings will start at 7:00pm.

Wilshire United Methodist Church
4350 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Experienced Musician Seeks Job Opportunities Dan Bishop, %21 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%st 22NovGMT+0000
Experienced musician would like to secure a full or part time music position in the greater DC, but who is also willing to relocate for a full time position. I have over 18 years experience as an organist choir master/director of music ministries and 19 years independent school experience as a choral director, accompanist, organist, vocal coach, musical theatre director and director of fine arts, all encompassing pre-k through 12th grade. My undergraduate degree is in piano performance with a minor in voice and a graduate degree in music education with an emphasis in vocal performance. I can be reached at
CANTARE CON VIVO "Jingle All The Way" (San Francisco Bay Area) Janice Lee, %21 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%st 22NovGMT+0000 us as over 150 singers plus a full concert orchestra present Cantare's December Holiday Concert, featuring works by Bach, Tschesnokoff, Lauridsen, Wilberg, Dilworth, Mealor, Nielson, Bradford and others. Our December concerts are the very finest and will leave you ready to experience the joy and passion of the season. Included are Bach's Sanctus from his Mass in B minor, Gary Fry's exquisite setting of O Holy Night, The Many Moods of Christmas Suite 1, I'll Be Home for Christmas, and several other Holiday favorites. And you get to join in singing along with all of us!
Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 4:00 PM
First Presbyterian Church of Oakland
2619 Broadway, Oakland, CA
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church
1801 Lacassie Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA
David Morales, Artistic Director
tickets: $38 General Admission, $33 Seniors, $10 Students
To purchase tickets please visit
For more information about our wonderful organization, please visit
or visit our Facebook page at
Stephenson "Magnificat" performed in Chicago area Jim Stephenson, %21 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%st 21NovGMT+0000 Stephenson's "Magnificat" (commissioned by the Grand Rapids Symphony and Chorus) will receive two concert performances in the coming weeks.
First, on 11/23 at 3 pm by the North Shore Choral Society in their seasonal concert in Glenview, IL.

Then the NSCS will partner with the Evanston Symphony, under the baton of Larry Eckerling, for a performance on December 7 at 3 pm.

For more information about this work - including the options to listen and view the score, please visit:

Thank you!

MUSICALS' CELEBRATION IN GREECE. 5th WORLD CHOIR FESTIVAL ON MUSICALS. Thessaloniki 24th - 26th April 2015 Stratos Tsichlas, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%st 20NovGMT+0000
5th  W O R L D   C H O I R   F E S T I V A L  O N  M U S I C A L S
24th-26th April, 2015
Organization : Choir ”KORAIS”
The historic city of Thessaloniki with its rich ancient monuments, the multicultural city of the Eastern Mediterranean which is located at the shadow of mountain  OLYMPUS - the mountain of the Gods and the legends - is inviting you to visit it and to participate in the 5th World Choir Festival on Musicals, to be held from the 24th to 26th of April 2015.
The Festival is not only an annual celebration of the most beautiful melodies of the musical theatre and cinema internationally but also a meeting of choirs which share the joy of singing and dancing and communicate their musical feelings, living unforgettable moments together.
The Festival, dedicated from its very beginning to Peace, Friendship, Collaboration, Brotherhood and Solidarity of people, will be commemorated to Thrassos Kavouras, who was the leading conductor and organizer of the largest International Chorus Festivals in Greece.
  • The Festival is addressed to all types of choirs and vocal ensembles all over the world.
  • The Festival does not have a competitive character. However an Audience Prize will be awarded to the best choir, after a voting, at the end of each concert.
  • Each choir is invited to interpret five songs, at least three from Musicals while the remaining two of free choice, preferably songs from pop music, jazz or from film soundtracks.
  • The program of the first and the last day in the morning, will be open, allowing the participation to choirs that do not include Musicals in their repertoire.
  • The choirs may accompany their program with dancing performances and choreographies.
  • The Festival gives the opportunity for dancing schools or dancing groups to participate with choreographies related with international Musicals.
  • The Festival Opening Ceremony will take place at the Odeion of the Roman Agora, ancient monument of great value in the city.
  • At the end of the Festival a great Greek feast will be given to all the participants.
  • The accommodation of the choirs will be at 3*, 4* and 5* hotels with a very attractive cost. Staying in Thessaloniki displays a special archeological and cultural interest. In this way, the choirs will combine their participation with the acquaintance of the rich historical monuments of the city as well as the ancient Greek cities located in the surrounding area.  ( You can see all the sights and the ancient cities   HERE  ).    
For further information, please visit our website:  WORLD CHOIR FESTIVAL ON MUSICALS              (
The 5th World Choir Festival on Musicals awaits your participation in the Musicals’ Celebration.
For the Choir “KORAIS”
                 Stratos Tsichlas                                                    Jasenka Ostoji?
   President of the Organizing Committee                                       Artistic Director
Choir “KORAIS”
53 Alkminis Str. 542 49.THESSALONIKI, GREECE
Tel.& Fax : 0030 2310 309900
Part-time Music Director/Organist Barbara Drasher, %21 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%st 19NovGMT+0000
Epiphany Lutheran Church, 2375 GA Highway 20 SE, Conyers, GA  30013 is seeking a part-time Music Director/Organist to begin January 5, 2015. Responsibilities include directing the Chapel Choir which rehearses on Wednesday night and one youth choir which meets before Sunday School, playing for our 8:30 and 11am worship services, and coordinating service music with the pastor and worship planning teams. Additionally, he/she will be responsible for providing music for special services (Wednesday nights during Advent and Lent, Christmas Eve and Holy Week services, etc.) and will be given right of first refusal for weddings and memorial services.
The successful candidate will be proficient in organ and piano performance, be able to comfortably play liturgical music/hymns and accompany the choir in rehearsal and in the service. He/she will also provide a positive and energetic leadership experience to the volunteer Chapel Choir, including selecting anthems both appropriate to our worship and to their strengths as an ensemble.  Instruments used in worship are a 2-manual Schlueter pipe organ with electronic enhancements, a recently refurbished Knabe baby grand piano and Electronic Keyboard. Salary is commensurate with education, skills, and experience, to range from $20,000 - $25,000 per year. Please direct inquiries to Pastor David Armstrong-Reiner at ]]>
Lithuanian mixed choir is looking for an exchange program partners around the world Tera Balkeviciute, %21 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%st 18NovGMT+0000 represent mixed Lithuanian choir "Varsa", mostly we sing lithuanian folk music and we would like to make an exchange project with other choir from other country. We arent looking exactly the same style or twin sister choir, want to experiment and find or  inovative partners or something different: different style, different audience. ]]>Rutter's Requiem learning files Carlos Gómez-Orellana, %21 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%st 17NovGMT+0000 dear colleagues, 
This year I am reharsing Johnt Rutter's Requiem and, as you may all know, there are some strong disonances that choralists find very difficult. 
I am looking for learning files (with real voices if possible) in CD ou MP3 format. 
Would any of you have any leads?
Thank you very much in advance
Nine year old girl with vibrato Russell Thorngate, %21 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%st 17NovGMT+0000 from Up North;
     I recently agreed to teach voice lessons to a granddaughter of a friend, who is a nine year old girl. I haven't given private lessons to one so young before, though I did teach elementary vocal (general) music for fifteen years. Putting aside the advisability of teaching her at all (please), and admonitions to not push her to be a belter, I would like some advice. She often sings with vibrato, which I've never heard in one so young, except what I felt was artificially produced vibrato by young singers on TV shows. Her vibrato will happen at the end of a phrase, or the bottom of a five-note descending vocalise. Should I 1) discourage it, 2) ignore it, or 3) try to cultivate it?
Interim Choir Director Sharon Boyajian, %21 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%st 17NovGMT+0000
Emmanuel Church in Thousand Oaks, CA is looking for an energetic interim choir director for their traditional worship service choir of 35 singers. 
Position starts in January 2015 with an expected commitment of six months.  This will include the services for Lent and Easter.
Position reports to the Senior Pastor.  Experience in planning worship services with the Pastor is a plus.
Please forward your resumes and/or requests for further information to the following email address:
Tse Go La by Andrea Clearfield - See-A-Dot Music Publishing Fahad Siadat, %21 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%st 15NovGMT+0000

A deeply lyrical piece composed of a soaring melody layered upon itself. This piece is a movement from the larger cantata Tse Go La (coming soon!) and gives ample opportunity for soloists to shine and offers satisfying lines for the singers. Good for teaching phrasing and musical expression, as well as stylistic ornamentation.

Three part treble chorus or SATB and piano accompaniment


The Princeton Singers - A Child's Christmas in Wales Kal Sostarecz, %21 %b %2014 %11:%Nov:%st 11NovGMT+0000

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Trinity Church, Princeton

Saturday, December 13th at 6:00PM

$25 adults/$10 students

Narrated by actor Christopher Coucill, holiday carols accompany a reading of Dylan Thomas’s classic story.  This local favorite will be, as always, replete with snowballs, Christmas whiz-bangs, harrowing pranks and a heart-warming ending. This program is recommended for children ages 10 and older. For tickets, please visit

Join the winning team Piroska Horváth, %21 %b %2014 %10:%Nov:%st 10NovGMT+0000

 Meeting Music wins in Malta

It´s official! Meeting music will be Festival Coordinator of the next edition of the Malta International Choir Festival, October 29 – November 2, 2015.  Together with the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism the series of this well-known Festival and Competition will be continued.


A total of five coordinators offered their bid and ideas to the Maltese partners in August and only one was chosen and won that call. Since the beginning in 2005, Piroska Horváth has already and successfully directed and supervised the past editions. She is now back with the artistic director Gábor Hollerung and the renewed Inchoral Evaluation System. Join the international winning team and become a winner too! For more information about the event, registration and deadlines please contact us (info(at)

meeting music
Konrad Adenauer Str. 36
35415 Pohlheim

tel: +49 6403 9784225
“Five from the Folder: Mixed Voices” by Michael Ekbladh Scott Dorsey, %28 %b %2014 %19:%Aug:%th 19AugGMT+0000
1.  “SingUnto God.”  Paul Fetler. Augsburg Fortress 11-1244
Released in 1959, this powerful and rhythmic work is great for the advanced church choir or college choir, especially with the frantic buildup to the ending.
2.  “Lebenslust.”  Franz Schubert.  CPDL
A perfect piece to teach Romantic style. It’s accessible to nearly all levels of singers and the score can bedownloaded for free or purchased from various publishing companies.
3.  “In the Beginning.”  Daniel Pinkham.  Ione Press EC.2902
An exciting piece published in 1970 with an electronic tape of pre-recorded sounds. This easy piece is a classic with High School and College choirs.
4.  “Ezekiel Saw de Wheel” William Dawson.  Kjos Music Co./Tuskegee Publications T110
One of the United States’ most gifted spiritual composers of the 20th Century, Dawson gives us a choral work teaching us about history as well as challenging us as singers.
5.  “Choral Dances from Gloriana.”  Benjamin Britten.  Boosey & Hawkes 17411
Taken from Act 2 of the opera Gloriana, these six seemingly easy brief works range from the light and energetic to soft and subdued. Excellent for the choir who likes a challenge.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at
Singing in Salt Lake: University of Texas-Arlington A Cappella Choir Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of UT Arlington Director of Choral Activities Karen Kenaston-French, is the premiere choral ensemble of the university. Performing a diverse array of challenging choral literature from the Renaissance to the present, the A Cappella Choir presents several concerts each year, tours annually, and periodically presents major works with orchestra. The A Cappella Choir formed the chorus for the 2012 Dallas Symphony Orchestra series featuring the music of film composer Michael Giacchino. In 2013 the choir released its first CD, “The Road Home,” which has been broadcast nationally on NPR’s “With Heart and Voice,” and was named a finalist in the 2014 American Prize for Choral Performance. The choir gave an invited performance at the February 2014 state convention of the Texas Music Educators Association, the largest convention of its kind in the country.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Kodály Pedagogy" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%st 20OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
This choral reading/group participation session will address readiness, preparation, and presentation of choral repertoire for young choirs, along with continued development of singing, reading, writing, part-work, and aural skills in the choral setting. In this workshop, participants will explore Kodály-based strategies for analyzing and teaching choral music for beginning, intermediate, and advanced children’s choirs. A choral reading packet will be provided.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Who's in YOUR Choir . . . Ellen? Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %21:%Oct:%nd 21OctGMT+0000 ]]>PACIFIC BOYCHOIR "HARMONIES OF THE SEASON" Jonathon Hampton, %21 %b %2014 %01:%Nov:%st 1NovGMT+0000

Friday, December 5, 2014 - 8:00pm
For more than a decade, Pacific Boychoir's Harmonies of the Season concerts have been an inspiring Bay Area tradition. Hear holiday favorites, both new and old, sung by the top level SATB choirs, inlcuding the day school Troubadors, Changed Voices, and the elite a cappella group, Continuum. Enjoy music by Bach, Handel, Holst, Elgar, Rutter, and more. Come celebrate the season with us! Learn, hear, and watch more at

Tickets $17-$30, available at the door and online here >

First Congregational Church 
2345 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
suggestions for unison baroque or classical pieces Barbara Prowse, %21 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%st 0NovGMT+0000,
I have a sweet choir of young singers (7-11) who I see once a week for choir. I would like to do some unison baroque or classical music with them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Last year we did Nymphs and Shepherds, and we have done Bach Rejoice o My Spirit and  We Thank Thee lord I Pray.  
Thanks Barbara
HELP! 12 Days After Christmas James Jones, %21 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%st 0NovGMT+0000 Orchestration for "12 Days After"
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Silver
Starting: ASAP
For: Through Christmas
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
Seems this is out of print... does anyone have a copy in your files? Or know where I can find it?
Sacred poetry repertoire Jennifer Lester, %20 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000'm planning a program of settings of sacred (non liturgical) poetry for mixed chorus (about 28 adults, mix of professionals and volunteers,) a cappella or with organ, most "mainstream" languages are fine. We stick to "art" music; we avoid popular or folks styles. So far I have works of Hildegard (also Ferko settings of Hildegard texts), Hugo Wolf, Gerald Finzi, Carson Cooman, James Woodman, Jon Laukvik, and a commission by Richard Clark, text tba. I could use some more 19th century rep but any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.  ]]>Suspicious Cheese Lords Composition Contest Daniel Ebeling, %20 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000

Suspicious Cheese Lords Composition Contest

As part of its mission to broad the global repertoire and listenership of choral music by supporting emerging composers, the Suspicious Cheese Lords are pleased to announce the opening of their inaugural composition contest.

For complete contest information and application forms, please visit:


First Place - $1,000 cash prize and a premiere of the entry composition during the 2015-16 season

Second Place - $500 cash prize

Third Place - $250 cash prize

Contest Guidelines

1) This contest is limited to residents of the United States and Canada not older than 35 at the time of entry submission.

2) Only one work per composer will be accepted.

3) Entries are to be scored for a cappella men’s choir, including male altos (the comfortable range of our male altos extends to the D a major ninth above middle C). Composers are encouraged to not exceed more than six independent lines, whether solo or ensemble parts, for any significant length of time. Applicants may set texts from the book of Psalms or Proverbs. The choice of language and/or translation is left to the discretion of the applicant. Entries must be ten minutes or less in length.

4) Compositions must be received not later than 5:00 PM, January 31, 2015.

5) Entries may be submitted either electronically or through regular mail. Applicants who wish to submit electronically must e-mail a completed application form and a pdf file of their entry composition Applicants who wish to submit their application by mail must send a completed application and four (4) clearly reproduced copies of their entry compositions to: SCL Competition Contest, 1236 Euclid St NW, Washington, DC 20009. Non-readable copies or pdfs will be eliminated from the contest and the composer so notified.

6) Application materials will not be returned. Applicants who choose to mail their application are strongly urged to retain a copy of their entry for their own reference.

7) The composer’s name must not appear on their entry composition. A pseudonym shall be clearly printed on the manuscript and on the Application Form. Compositions are to remain anonymous to the judges.

8) Suspicious Cheese Lords claims the right for first performance of the entry submission; therefore, compositions must be works that have never before been performed in public, outside of a studio or classroom in an academic forum or workshop setting. Entries may have been previously submitted in other contests, providing that no part of the composition has been a prize-winning entry as of the date of submission.

9) Performance of the prize-winning piece is offered during the 2014-2015 season; however, Suspicious Cheese Lords reserves the right to award the prize without performance, as well as the right to perform more than one prizewinning entry. It also reserves the right to make no award, if, in the opinion of the judges, the compositions submitted to not meet standards of excellence.

10) This competition is not open to current or former members of the Suspicious Cheese Lords, or their immediate relations.

Deadline: 31 Jan 2015
Looking for a part-time middle school choir director Jenny Skrivseth, %20 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000 
Who:  Looking for a passionate choral music educator with a teaching degree that loves middle school students.
What:  This is a part-time job teaching 2 to 4 periods of choir daily in grades 6 through 8.  Could be 4 classes in the morning or 2 in the afternoon.
When:  Job could start as early as January 5th if we can find the right person.
Where:  Missoula County Public Schools in Missoula, Montana.
Why:  Current teacher is looking to go part-time indefinately to stay home with her new baby.
Mountain of Praise from Raycreation Music John Ray, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 OF PRAISE....contemporary anthem for worship choir or praise team with piano (optional rhythm section and horn). Take a look and listen!
Thanks...John Ray
Big Spender parts Brian Lanier, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 Big Spender parts
Composer/Arranger/Edition: flexible
Starting: now
For: 6 months
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
I am looking to borrow/rent parts for Big Spender by Cy Coleman.
Brian Lanier
Graduate Assistantship in Conducting - University of North Carolina at Greensboro Carole Ott, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
2015-2016 Academic Year
POSITION: DMA or MMus in Choral Conducting degree program
The Conducting Area Faculty at UNCG is dedicated to the success of our graduate students as conductors in both academic and professional settings. UNCG offers the Master of Music degree and The Doctor of Musical Arts degree in instrumental conducting and choral conducting.
Graduate students in choral conducting at can expect to receive regular podium time with the University Chamber Singers, University Chorale, Women’s Glee Club and Men’s Glee Club, and are appointed as assistants to these ensembles. Responsibilities include sectional work, rehearsing, and performing both as a vocalist and as a conductor. Other opportunities for conductor development occur in one-on-one lessons and seminar classes, teaching conducting, and other responsibilities within the School of Music. There are also ample opportunities within local area and state for professional singing and conducting. The UNCG choral conducting program has had student participation in ACDA conducting competitions and master-classes and has a proven track record of placement for future graduate student or post-doctoral job placement. We will look forward to receiving your materials and to meeting you.
STIPEND:  Well-qualified applicants will receive up-to-full waiver of tuition and applied fees as well as a stipend.
Master of Music in Conducting (MMus)
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
For the MMus: Bachelor degree in music
For the DMA: Bachelor degree in music, Masters degree in music (preferably in conducting)
APPLICATION:  Please send an e-mail of interest to Dr. Bill Young: or Dr. Carole Ott: Application, including supplemental materials, must be complete by January 9, 2015. Qualified applications will be invited for an on-campus audition before March 1, 2015.
Catherine Keen Hock, Department of Music Performance
UNCG School of Music, Theatre and Dance
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
UNCG has long been recognized as one of the top music institutions in the United States and has been fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 1938. The Department of Music Performance (including composition and jazz) offers the only comprehensive music program from undergraduate through doctoral study in the State of North Carolina. Our outstanding facilities, world-class faculty, and numerous ensemble experiences, provide an environment for artistic and educational success.
Our MM programs offer conservatory-type performance training and complement this with academic offerings directly related to careers in performance. These students graduate with the performance and entrepreneurial skills enabling entry into the profession or further studies. Our DMA students are fully prepared as artist/scholars ready to join the academy.
Located in the artistically thriving Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, the Triad area provides a wealth of cultural opportunities for our students. Students regularly attend and perform in concerts by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, the Greensboro Opera Company, the Winston-Salem Symphony and the Eastern Music Festival, along with a myriad of musical theatre, jazz, and chamber music ensembles.
Montgomery Chorale Artistic Director Rebecca Taylor, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
                                                                                    November 20, 2014
Dear Colleagues:
The Montgomery Chorale, Montgomery, Alabama, celebrated its 40th Anniversary last season with a wonderful performance of Bach’s masterpiece, Mass in B Minor, with members of the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra.  After twelve seasons as Artistic Director/Conductor of the Chorale and another 20+ years of association with the Chorale, I have resigned and have been hired by the Board of Directors to chair the committee conducting the search process for the Artistic Director/Conductor of this vital community arts organization.
Our search process will be in three stages, and we expect to announce our new Director in late May of 2015.  Our schedule is as follows:
1.   We will accept Letters of Interest until January 1, 2015.  A brief letter should include a paragraph expressing        the potential applicant's "mission statement" about choral singing in general and about volunteer auditioned        community choirs in particular.  Also, a very brief description of choral education and experience should be         included.
2.  Before February 1, 2015, we will send applications and job descriptions to candidates at whom we would like to look closer.Those completed applications will be submitted before March 1, 2015.
3.  In the subsequent two months, the committee will visit choirs of potential candidates, interview candidates, and invite finalists to conduct a rehearsal with the Chorale in May.
We are also looking for an Artistic Director/Conductor for the Montgomery Youth Chorale, which has been in existence since 2002.  Their repertoire has included diverse selections, including a wide range of choral literature from Carmina Burana to Caldwell and Ivory’s “Children go where I send thee” to the second act of La Bohème. After successful years of great musical accomplishment, the Youth Chorale, made up of outstanding young artists themselves, is on temporary hiatus, pending the hiring of a new director.  It is possible that the same person might be interested directing both positions.  Interested candidates should submit Letters of Interest in line with number one, above, but writing about children’s choirs, of course.  More information about the Chorale and the Youth Chorale may be found on our website at
If you or someone that you know is interested in this position, please submit Letters of Interest before January 1, 2015.  All letters should be addressed to:
Ms. Rebecca B. Taylor
Montgomery Chorale
315 Clanton Avenue
Montgomery, AL  36104
We look forward to hearing from you.
Rebecca B. Taylor, (334) 263-5529
Carnegie Hall - Gotham SINGS! Ensemble Showcase Sean Berg, %20 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000 SINGS! 

Ensemble Showcase

Sechrist Travel is producing a special project at Carnegie Hall on April 18, 2015 for which we have an opening for an OUTSTANDING ensemble.

This Spotlight Performance Series is a part of our Gotham SINGS! Ensemble Showcase. This opportunity will offer you and your ensemble a FEATURED performance in Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall. 
We are offering a *SPECIAL* PERFORMANCE ONLY package, which includes all Carnegie Hall rental fees, stage labor, advertising, dedicated audience development, concert programs, and concert management.  You will not see this offer and opportunity anywhere elseThis opportunity can provide a platform to celebrate a recent achievement or anniversary, or can be an additional performance opportunity for a currently planned tour with your preferred Tour Operator!
We have extended the application deadline to December 1st!
This 30-minutes of stage time is the ideal opportunity to highlight an OUTSTANDING band, choir, or orchestra in a solo spotlight performance. You will share the evening with 3 other prominent Choral Programs from across the US!  International Ensembles are encouraged to apply. 

The Featured performance on Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 8:30pm in the Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall, will feature four select ensembles, with each presenting their own mini-program.
We are VERY pleased to offer your ensemble this prominent experience and opportunity in historic, and prestigious, Carnegie Hall. 

The selection process includes receipt of 2-3 digital recordings of the ensemble, a current ensemble and director(s) bio, and completion of the application form.
Please contact Sechrist Travel right away should you have interest.  Please share this opportunity with a friend and/or colleague that may have interest in this opportunity.
As a full service Tour Operator, Sechrist Travel is happy to put together a package that includes transportation, lodging, sightseeing, Broadway, Service Projects, and meals at your request.

Visit -
Email -

Spem in alium in Grinnell, Iowa John Rommereim, %20 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%th 17NovGMT+0000

Friday, November 21, 7:30 pm, Sebring-Lewis Hall, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

The Grinnell Singers present Respice.

This concert spans five centuries, with music ranging from the simplest hummed tune, to what is one of the world’s most intricate and complex musical constructions, Thomas Tallis’s  40-part motet, Spem in Alium. The Singers will also present three selections from Rachmaninov’s All-Night Vigil, and distinctive works by Nils Lindberg, Eric Whitacre, Frank Martin, Richard Bjella, and James MacMillan. The Grinnell Chamber Singers will offer a piece of Cuban jazz by Guido Gavilán, a setting of García Lorca's luminous poetry by Carmen Cavallaro, and a poignant song without words by the director, John Rommereim.

Sainte-Chapelle             Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)                       
Selections from the All-Night Vigil op. 37     Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943)      
                        V.  Lord, Now Lettest Thou, Thy Servant, Depart in Peace                   
                                    Austin Wadle, tenor
                        VI. Birthgiver of God, Rejoice
                        XII The Great Doxology
 from the Mass for Double Choir       Frank Martin (1890-1974)
            I. Kyrie
Spem in alium                                                 Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)
Till Minne                                                       Nils Lindberg   (b. 1933)   
          The Grinnell Chamber Singers
El Grito                                                 Carmen Cavallero (b. 1947)
Canta! Guido                                          Lopez Gavilan (b. 1944)
Amara                                                    John Rommereim  (b. 1958)
The Grinnell Singers
            Idumea                                                  Rick Bjeila, arr.                       
                        Austin Morris ’15, tenor
                        Leah Meyer ’15, violin
The Gallant Weaver                        James Macmillan (b. 1959)
Te lucis ante terminum                    Peter Aldrich ’15 (b. 1993)
University of Toronto Choirs in Concert on December 7 Hilary Apfelstadt, %20 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%th 17NovGMT+0000
University of Toronto Choirs present GLORIA!
Sunday, December 7 at 2:30 p.m. in MacMillan Theatre on campus (
Pre-concert music in the lobby provided by Young Voices Toronto Allegria, Zimfira Poloz, conductor.
The concert features a variety of seasonal music from around the world performed by the Men’s Chorus (André Heywood, conductor), the MacMillan Singers, and the Women’s Chamber Choir (Hilary Apfelstadt, conductor), and the Women’s Chorus (Frances Farrell, conductor).   Massed choirs will end the concert with John Rutter’s delightful Gloria, accompanied by brass, percussion and organ, conducted by André Heywood.
Tickets are available at the door on the day of the performance or on-line from
Celebrate the Season with Exultate Chamber Singers Hilary Apfelstadt, %20 %b %2014 %16:%Nov:%th 16NovGMT+0000
Exultate Chamber Singers presents
A Canadian Noël
Friday December 5th, 8 pm
St. Thomas's Anglican Church
383 Huron Street (just S of Bloor, between Spadina and St. George)
Tickets: $25 / $20 (seniors) / $10 (students)  ( 
The music: snappy, charming, complex, silly, simple, touching, beautiful - a diverse and lovely collection, all by Canadian composers (except for the good old caroling chestnuts, where you join in, but even those are arranged by Canadian Derek Holman, for choir and organ).
The stories: Back by popular demand, the choir is sharing short Christmas stories drawn from their own experiences and gleefully read by members of the choir (who seem to secretly wish to be actors more than singers).
The guestsThe delightful Mississauga Children's Choir under the baton of Caron Daley, and organist Daniel Bickle, Music Director at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
James Q. Mulholland's "If Love Should Count You Worthy" is now available for TTBB Chris Matthews, %20 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
Click the cover to view the score in its entirety.  (SATB audio sample available)
James Q. Mulholland's ever-popular "If Love Should Count You Worthy" is now available for TTBB with Horn and Piano.  Represented on countless reading sessions, clinics, and festival lists, this poignant work, warning of Love's best and worst characteristics, offers everything choirs and audiences have come to expect from Mulholland.  Masterful voice leading, lush harmonies, and powerful musical contrasts work together to ensure a long-lasting experience for both your choir and audience members.  Take a look at the score today at and while you're there, take a listen to the original SATB setting.  Don't forget to peruse the "Related Items" to view Mulholland's similar titles or search the "TTBB" tag to view all of our offerings for male voices.
The Lord Is My Shepherd, SATB, accompanied, no divisi Michael Sandvik, %20 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
My setting of the 23rd Psalm, "The Lord Is My Shepherd" is newly available to the public.
Through December 31, all music is on sale at 10% off (except Christmas music, which is 25% off).
Repeat: My arrangement of "Away In A Manger" is also now available to the public. Right now, through December 10, it is on sale for 25% off.
**While considering the music, feel free to print a complimentary perusal score for your convenience.**
God Bless,
Michael Sandvik
AMPlify Choral Teaching Artist Lindsay Aleshire, %20 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000

Part-Time, Hourly Position
Starting January 5, 2014

Statement of Job:

The Choral Teaching Artist will lead AMPlify Choir rehearsals and teach musicianship classes during after-school hours, in alignment with AMP’s mission.


  • Learn, understand and represent the AMP philosophies for uplifting youths, families and communities through the pursuit of musical excellence
  • Through AMP’s general music class, introduce AMP students to basic musical skills, including but not limited to: singing, recorder, music notation, ear training
  • Lead at least two 1.5-hour choir rehearsals (students will be beginner vocalists, mixed between grades 1 and 9)
  • Lead at least four performances of AMPlify Choir demonstrating skills acquired
  • Work collaboratively with the AMPlify Director in the selection of choral repertoire representing a wide variety of musical styles
  • Actively seek opportunities for AMP to collaborate with other organizations
  • Mentor AMP students
  • Coordinate and cooperate with AMP administrators in keeping track of AMP students’ attendance and progress
  • Form effective partnerships with fellow AMP teachers through planning and co-teaching
  • Aid in defining and assessing musical learning outcomes
  • Attend peer exchange and professional development workshops
  • Execute additional administrative tasks as necessary

Ideal candidate will possess:

  • Passion for music as a vehicle for positive social change
  • Desire to work with disadvantaged, urban/rural youth
  • Ability to inspire, work with and mentor youths ages 6 and up
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Music or relevant field
  • Experience teaching/leading general music and/or choral ensembles,
  • Georgia (or other) PSC Certificate, Level P-12
  • Classroom experience, preferably elementary or middle school
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and be comfortable working in a team
  • Ability to adapt, be flexible and have a sense of humor
  • Desire to help AMP develop into a nationally-recognized music training program

Notes:  Pay rate is $45/hour for teaching 3-6 hours/week, minimum 24 weeks. Background check required.

To Apply: Please send an email with resume attached to with subject “AMPlify Choral Teaching Artist” no later than December 12, 2014. Teaching Auditions and interviews  to be held  December 15 – 19, 2014.

Young Men's Vocal Workshop Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
The University of Oklahoma’s School of Music will sponsor the annual Young Men’s Vocal Workshop on Friday, November 21, 2014, beginning at 8:30 a.m.  The event concludes with a concert at 4:00 p.m.
For additional information, contact David Howard at
City Carol Sing - 2014 E. Burns, %20 %b %2014 %06:%Nov:%th 6NovGMT+0000
The Sixth Annual
Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
1585 Yonge Street • Toronto, Ontario
With Special Guests
Deborah Hay :: Ted Dykstra :: Gord Martineau
The True North Brass
The Toronto Children’s Chorus
The Larkin Singers
The Hedgerow Singers
Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Choir
William Maddox, organ
Eric Robertson, music director
with donations being accepted for the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank
Phone: (416) 922-1167
CJ Replay: Rehearsing Bach Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %16:%Oct:%rd 16OctGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “J.S. Bach and the Concerto: Ritornello as a Guide to Rehearsal” by Chester L. Alwes)
       When a student conductor starts to rehearse a choral/ orchestral work of J.S. Bach by announcing "we'll skip the introduction and begin at measure . . . (where the chorus comes in)," I wince. Although this decision is pragmatic (the accompanist rarely needs to practice his/her part), eliminating the introduction is a false economy. By so doing, we overlook that element of the composition that is most critical to our understanding of the piece and, ultimately, to the choir's ability to perform the work intelligently-the ritornello. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the enormous help that a clear understanding of this "introduction" affords choir and conductor.
       Literally, the ritornello introduces not just the choral entrance, but the substance of the composition. As Christoph Wolff puts it:
The ritornello ... establishes order by setting up a fixed organizational scheme with the proper sequence of musical ideas . . . their systematic connection, their correlation, and finally, their logical succession.
       The ritornello is to Baroque concerted music what the exposition is to the later sonata form: the orderly presentation of the ideas that comprise the basis of the composition.
       Bach first encountered this principle of composition in the music of Antonio Vivaldi, to which he was introduced by his cousin Johann Gottfried Walther during his tenure at the Weimar Court (1708-17). Bach and Walther frequently engaged in a friendly competition, involving the transcription of concertos by Vivaldi and others for keyboard. Through this process, Bach learned Vivaldi's unique concepts of musical structure; he even admits that Vivaldi's works "taught him how to think musically.”
Concerto composition provided an ideal vehicle for exploring and developing ways of "musical thinking," ... The concerto as a musical genre or form was a secondary consideration, and the same was true of counterpoint, thematic invention and other technical aspects of composition, including even word-tone relationships in vocal works.
READ the entire article.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Aging Voices" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%st 20OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Voices change and evolve throughout a lifetime. As an ever-increasing number of amateur and professional “Singing Seniors” look to choirs as a rich and edifying activity during their senior years, choral directors will benefit from a deeper understanding about the older, evolved vocal instrument. Through a multimedia presentation, anecdotes, and common sense, we will consider the effects of aging on respiration, vibration, and resonance. Equipped with facts, “age-optimal” exercises, fundamentals, and concepts, we will collectively strategize to develop appropriate vocal and musical approaches, expectations, and choices for choirs whose populations include “Singing Seniors.”
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Singing in Salt Lake: Salt Lake Vocal Artists Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
Organized in 2010, the Salt Lake Vocal Artists, are the international ambassadors for the Salt Lake Choral Artists, an organization of seven choral ensembles and over 300 singers.  They have won four First Prizes in Tolosa (Spain) and five First Prizes in Arezzo (Italy), and represented the US at the World Choral Symposium in Argentina. Recent concert tours have included Bulgaria, Turkey, and Japan for the Karuizawa Festival with Ko Matsushita. In 2015 they will be the featured performers at the Chorbiennale in Aachen, Germany.  They have commissioned over twenty works and collaborated with composers such as Ola Gjeilo, Eriks Esenvalds, Ko Matsushita, György Orbán, Josep Vila, Ivo Antognini, John Høybye, Sergey Khvoshinsky, Dan Forrest, Jake Runestad, and others.  Their well-established presence on YouTube has captivated millions of viewers and their CD recordings are available on iTunes.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today ]]>
My Most Meaningful Mentor Richard Sparks, %10 %b %2014 %03:%Nov:%th 3NovGMT+0000 is a difficult choice, since I've been lucky to have some wonderful teachers and mentors. For example, Neil Lieurance was an influential teacher—without him I probably wouldn't have made a career as a conductor. Neil died this past year at the too-young age of 70. I wrote about him here. But beyond his influence in HS, Neil immediately treated me like a colleague after I graduated and began my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington—I'd visit and he'd share whatever music and recordings were interesting him. He followed my work with early ensembles I conducted and was always willing to give advice. He was a true mentor.
Rod Eichenberger, my undergraduate conducting teacher (although he let me take part in the graduate conducting class as an undergrad), has been another great teacher and mentor. I started hanging around his office and listening to his conversations with the grad students around my junior year (among them Bruce Browne and Larry Marsh) and he told me if I'd file the large stacks of scores for him, I could keep any duplicates. This not only gave me the beginning of my personal library but a great overview of choral literature—if I filed a piece by Hindemith, I'd look through the file to see what else Hindemith wrote for chorus. And, like Neil, he remained a mentor long after I graduated (to the current day, in fact). When I took the job at Pacific Lutheran University, following Maurice Skones, he called and congratulated me, but also said, "As someone who followed Charles Hirt at USC, I know something about the challenges of following a legend. If you ever want to call and talk, don't hesitate." This was a gift . . . and a relationship that has continued up to the present.
But for this post about my most meaningful mentor, I'll speak of Eric Ericson. Eric was never my teacher, but has undeniably been a major influence on my music-making, repertoire, and approach to so many things.
I was aware of Eric's recordings from at least the early '70s (Neil Lieurance or Rod probably introduced me to them). I was fascinated with the amazing sound of his Chamber Choir and the Swedish Radio Choir, the purity of their intonation, and the repertoire they performed. In 1983 at the ACDA Conference I heard the Radio Choir live for the first time. And since I'd just auditioned for the DMA program at CCM, was invited by John Leman to join the masterclass conducting choir and got to observe Eric's teaching first-hand.
The following fall I began at PLU and in 1985 Bruce Browne called and said Eric's Conservatory Chamber Choir would be performing at the ISME conference in Eugene, OR and wanted some other opportunities for the choir. So I built the PLU Summer Choral Workshop around Eric and the choir. They were in San Francisco before coming to Tacoma, so Eric flew up and the choir came a day later on their tour bus. This was my first time to get to know Eric, watch him work on conducting technique with the whole group and a small group of master class conductors who worked with the Chamber Choir. It was an amazing experience.
About a year later I participated as a singer in a choir put together by Bruce Browne for his Haystack Workshop for which Eric was the clinician, I brought Eric and the Conservatory Chamber Choir back to PLU's summer workshop a few years later as well.
When I began thinking of a topic for my dissertation, I knew it would be about Swedish choral music, so I traveled for the first time to Sweden in April of 1989, where I searched for "the" topic, and Eric was the guide, introducing me to lots of people and resources. I sublet the apartment of one of his wife Monica's sons. I would then return for the full summer of 1990 to do research (and sublet the apartment of another of Monica’s son’s). Given the topic of my dissertation, Swedish A Cappella Music Since 1945 (published later here) I spoke with Eric numerous times, spent time in the Radio’s library, spent time going through Eric’s personal library of scores in his apartment, and Eric made connections for interviews with virtually every important choral composer of the this time period, plus many conductors and administrators.
I’ve also seen Eric work many times with his various choirs in rehearsal, recording sessions, and concerts. He was also the first conductor with a group of singers that would become Choral Arts. I’ve had numerous discussions with him (and those close to him) about his art. Eric was eternally curious about anything choral—always wanted to know what you were doing, what others he knew were doing, what repertoire you were doing (and it wasn’t easy to stump him about a huge range of rep: “Oh yes, I did that in the late ‘60s" or (about some obscure American piece), "Yes, I know that."
It’s hard to separate out all aspects of Eric as mentor, but so many opportunities have come from my work with him. There’s so much repertoire I’ve learned due to him. Approaches to sound (even though few of us have the level of voices of the Radio or Chamber choirs), and intonation have also come from him. And incredibly important is his work ethic and dedication. Eric lived for music and this showed in his every approach to music, music-making, and his choirs.
I owe him an immense debt. And thanking all my teachers and mentors, I hope I have been a mentor to those students and conductors I’ve come worked with over the years. That will certainly continue as long as I’m able to help. It’s an important way of giving back all that I (or you!) have been given over the years.
ACDA has a great new mentoring program and I hope you’ll consider being a mentor or mentee. Make sure you check it out!
(Will you one day be someone’s most meaningful mentor? Plant the seeds today for tomorrow's choral world. ACDA Mentoring [])
**LAST POSTING** Choral Scores & Books - Everything Must Go! William Morton-Ortega, %20 %b %2014 %02:%Nov:%th 2NovGMT+0000 thought I had sold everything, then I found yet another box of books! Here's the rest. All are in good condition.
PayPal only. UPS Ground shipping included in price. Thanks!
Choral/Vocal Scores
1 for $10
2 for $15
3 for $20
4 for $25
All 5 for $30
1. Haydn - The Creation (German/English/French translation; piano reduction)
2. Durufle - Requiem (organ reduction)
3. Britten - Rejoice in the Lamb
4. John Rutter - Requiem (2 COPIES)
5. 100 Best Songs from the 20's and 30's - solo jazz standards (binding has separated in 1 spot, easy to fix)
Books & Textbooks
1 for $10
2 for $15
3 for $20
4 for $25
5 for $30
6 for $35
7 for $40
8 for $45
9 for $50
10 for $54
11 for $58
12 for $62
13 for $65
14 for $68
15 for $71
16 for $73
All 17 for $75
1. Palisa - Norton Anthology of Western Music, Fourth Edition (scores of musical examples)
2. Joan Wall & Robert Caldwell - Diction for Singers (English, Latin, German, Italian, French, and Spanish)
3. Clifton Ware - Basics of Vocal Pedagogy
4. Paul Griffiths - Modern Music and After: Directions since 1945
5. Carol Kimball - Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature (Revised Edition)
6. Christine Ammer - Harper Collins Dictionary of Music, Second Edition
7. Phil Goulding - Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers and Their 1,000 Greatest Works
8. Meribeth Bunch - Dynamics of the Singing Voice, Third Edition
9. Donald Passman - All You Need to Know About the Music Business, Fifth Edition
10. Excellence in Singing, III - Developing Flexibility in the Parts that Control the Voice
11. Excellence in Singing, IV & V - Advancing the Technique
12. Charles Burkhart - Anthology for Musical Analysis, Sixth Edition
13. James C. McKinney - The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults
14. Phillip Miller - The Ring of Words: An Anthology of Song Texts
15. Lawrence C. Johnson - A Singer's Companion to the Church Year
16. Robert Jourdan - Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our Imagination
17. Robert J. Morgan - Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories
All Scores + Books for $100
2015 Summer Music Institute at Western Illinois University James Stegall, %19 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000 SUMMER MUSIC INSTITUTE AT WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY
   Junior High Week  - June 14-20, 2015
   Senior High Week "The College Experience!" - June 21-27, 2015
   Participate in multiple ensembles, both vocal and instrumental!
Information and contact:
Messiah Sing-Along Victor Fields, %19 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000

Messiah Sing-Along
Sunday, November 30, 2014 3:00PM: Market Square Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg
Download the Flyer!
$12.00 general admission / $5.00 students
Tickets available from any HCS member, or at the door
Purchase your ticket online! general admission only
20 S 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Click here for directions from Google Maps
Parking is available at Market Square Garage, adjacent to the church on the corner of Second and Chestnut Streets. There is an entrance to the church from the second floor deck.
Scores will be provided for the audience, or bring your own!
Featured Performers
Colette Boudreaux, soprano
Gwendolyn Bowers, mezzo-soprano
Scott Joiner, tenor
Jeffrey Gates, baritone
The Orchestra of the HCS
The Messiah (parts 1 and 2) - G.F.Handel (1685-1759)
Overture    Orchestra
Recit.: "Comfort Ye My People"
Aria: "Every Valley Shall Be Exalted"    Scott Joiner, tenor; Orchestra
Chorus: "And the Glory of the Lord"    HCS; Orchestra
Recit.: "Thus Saith the Lord"
Aria: "But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming?"    Jeffrey Gates, baritone; Orchestra
Chorus: "And He Shall Purify"    HCS; Orchestra
Recit.: "Behold! A Virgin Shall Conceive"
Aria & Chorus: "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion"    Gwendolyn Bowers, mezzo-soprano; HCS; Orchestra
Recit.: "For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover the Earth"
Aria: "The People That Walked in Darkness"    Jeffrey Gates, baritone; Orchestra
Chorus: "For Unto Us a Child is Born"    HCS; Orchestra
Pastoral Symphony    Orchestra
Recit.: "There Were Shepherds Abiding in the Field" 
Recit.: "And Lo! The Angel of the Lord Came Upon Them" 
Recit.: "And the Angel Said Unto Them" 
Recit.: "And Suddenly There Was With the Angel"    Colette Boudreaux, soprano; Orchestra
Chorus: "Glory to God"    HCS; Orchestra
Aria: "Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion"    Colette Boudreaux, soprano; Orchestra
Recit.: "Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind Be Opened"
Aria: "He Shall Feed His Flock Like a Shepherd"
Aria: "Come Unto Him, All Ye That Labour"    Gwendolyn Bowers, mezzo-soprano; Colette Boudreaux, soprano; Orchestra
Chorus: "His Yoke Is Easy, and His Burthen is Light"    HCS; Orchestra
Recit.: "Behold, I Tell You a Mystery"
Aria: "The Trumpet Shall Sound"    Jeffrey Gates, baritone; Priscilla C. King, piccolo trumpet; Orchestra
Chorus: "Hallelujah!"    All
Anton Armstrong & Karen Kennedy | 2016 Prima Voce Itali'a :: The Maestro Festival Tour Geoffrey McQueen, %19 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000
                                        Armstrong  ::  Kennedy
2016 Prima Voce Itali'a
The Maestro Festival Tour
On behalf of Artistic Directors Anton Armstrong and Karen Kennedy, we are pleased to announce the inaugural Prima Voce Itali'a Festival Tour.
Taking place in Italy from June 20-28, 2016... and co-produced by Perform International ( and Choirs of America (, Prima Voce Itali'a promises to be an unparalleled international experience for all participating choirs. Come with us and explore Milan, Venice, Florence, Siena and Rome. Along the way, Choirs will enjoy engaging workshops, "random acts of performance" in amazing locations... and rehearsals and concert performances under the direction of our incredible Artistic Directors: Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Kennedy! Performance opportunities will include... A Cori Spezzati Concert in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice; a Gala Concert Performance in Florence under the direction of Dr. Armstrong; a Private Visit with a Short Performance in the Sistine Chapel (tentative); Mass in St. Peter's Basilica... and a Grand Finale Concert in Rome under the direction of Dr. Kennedy.
Don't miss this opportunity to work with two of the greatest choral maestros of our time... and... did we mention it all takes place in Italy? For details, please contact us at (800) 284-2177 or send an email to us at We hope you will consider joining us and look forward to hearing from you soon...
Welcome to the Revolution!
Geoffrey McQueen                        Christopher Scott Olin
Executive Director                         Artistic Director
Choirs of America                          Choirs of America
Choral Director Malcolm Cummings, %19 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%th 19NovGMT+0000 Choral Director for Community Chorus (Plainville Choral Society) starting Sept 2015
Group is known for a wide range of musical presentations.
Year runs from Sept to June
Contact:   for job description and to apply.
Cantate Dresden 2015 / Germany - International Choral Meeting Wolfgang Buchmann, %19 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
Dear singers,
A warm welcome to the Cantate Dresden 2015 in the Baroque art and cultural capital of Saxony. For the second time colourful songs of choirs from different genres and countries will sound in this European music centre, where great composers as Heinrich Schütze, Carl Maria von Weber and Robert Schumann did work.
I look forward to your voices in Dresden
Matthias Hieke
President of the Choir Union of Eastern Saxony
Through the last century the Saxonian metropolis has developed to one of Germany's most attractive cities. The old towns preserved buildings, the famous rebuilt „Frauenkirche“ (Church of Our Lady), the pedestrian zones on both river banks attracts thousands of tourists and visitors daily from around the world. Musically highlights are friendship concerts, a common concert in the heart of Dresden and a performance in the famous Church of Our Lady.
Date: Nov 5-8, 2015 + Nov 3-6, 2016
Accompanist Wanted for The United Methodist Church at Wentzville Mark Dumas, %19 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000 United Methodist Church at Wentzville, Missouri is seeking an accompanist to play for our Adult Choir and Children's Choir rehersals on Wednesday evenings and our 9 a.m. Sunday morning worship service. This is a part-time salaried position. Please contact Rev. Mark Dumas at or call (636) 327-6377 for morre information. 
Responsibilities include:
- Providing piano and/or organ music for weekly Sunday morning worship service and special event's.
- Select appropriate prelude, offertory and postlude music for each service.
- Accompany the Adult and Children's choirs during Wednesday evening rehearsals and Sunday morning worship service, August through May and special events. (scheduled in advance)
- Accompany occasional solo/small ensemble 'special music' as scheduled throughout the year.
- Prepare and perform appropriate piano/organ 'special music' throughout the summer.
- Prepare and lead hymns and service music for worship throughout the year.
- Experience as an accompanist
- Excellent sight reading skills
- The ability to read both open score and selected voice parts
- Ability to work with amateur musicians in a supportive environment
- Strong communication skills
- Strong interpersonal skills
To apply, email your resume, along with names and contact information of three professional references to or call (636) 327-6377.
Londonderry Air, "O Danny Boy" Tenor Solo, SATB, strings (violin and viola soli within), two flutes, bass clarinet James Johnson, %19 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%th 19NovGMT+0000 work was begun in 2007, and then set aside, but recently I reorganized and completed it. The poem's first verse is presented by the soloist, followed by a variation of the melody vocalized without text, and finally the tenor is joined by the chorus for the second verse. Several instrumental interludes are included. I will soon prepare a version for organ and voices, as the instrumental parts will reduce nicely for an organ with sufficient romantic color. The vocal parts are not at all difficult. About 6:15.  ]]>Winter Holidays Concert: Songs & Parrandas by Cantigas Diana Saez, %19 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%th 19NovGMT+0000, Washington's Premier Latino Chorus presents: "Winter Holiday Celebration: Songs & Parrandas"
When: Saturday, December 6th at 7:00 pm
Where: Bethesda United Methodist Church at Bethesda, MD.
Welcome the holiday season with Cantigas's most popular concert of the year. Enjoy a festive array of holiday songs from Latin America, Spain, and the US. Relish beautiful melodies created by Spanish Renaissance composer Francisco Guerrero and Mexican Baroque composer Juan Gutierrez de Padilla. Join our traditional holiday sing-slong! And be sure to get your tickets early: www.
Guest choir: Richard Montgomery High School Madrigals under the direction of Ronald P. Frezzo. 
Trinity Choir and Baroque Orchestra Present Messiah Laura Malick, %19 %b %2014 %16:%Nov:%th 16NovGMT+0000 at Trinity Wall Street represents a high-water mark of the holiday season in New York City. December has long brought acclaimed annual performances of Handel’s Messiah by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra. In the words of the New York Times, “to experience the full, formidable range of Messiah…let Trinity be your guide.” This season, Julian Wachner, Trinity’s Director of Music and the Arts, will lead the ensembles in the Messiah at Trinity Church (Dec 17, 19, 21) and Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall (Dec 18).
Trinity Wall Street was instrumental in pioneering Handel’s famous oratorio in the New World: Trinity Church presented the second American performance in 1770, besides playing a part in the American premiere of Messiah just eight months earlier and only blocks away at Burns’s Coffee House on Broadway, where the concert served as a fundraiser for Trinity’s organist. Given this history, it is fitting that it was with Messiah that Trinity Wall Street made its Lincoln Center debut three years ago, launching a new annual holiday tradition. 
Wed, Dec 17 at 7.30pm; Fri, Dec 19 at 7.30pm; Sun, Dec 21 at 3pm: Trinity Church (Broadway at Wall St) 
Thurs, Dec 18 at 7.30pm: Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center
Trinity Baroque Orchestra; Choir of Trinity Wall Street; Julian Wachner, conductor
George Frideric Handel: Messiah (complete)

Dec 17, 19 & 21: $45, $75, $95; available from  or at Trinity gift shop, Broadway/Wall St
Dec 18: $45, $65, $85; available from: or from CenterCharge: 212.721.6500

Call 212-602-0800 or visit for further information
Messiah at Davidson College Christopher Gilliam, %19 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000 College Choirs, Lake Norman Choral Artists, North Carolina Baroque Orchestra, and guest soloists will perform Handel's complete oratorio on Monday, November 24 at 7:30 PM in Duke Family Performance Hall on the Davidson College Campus. Guest soloists are Margaret Carpenter, soprano; Charles Humphries, countertenor; Daniel Stein, tenor; and Jeffrey McEvoy, baritone. 
Tickets can be purchased at the following link, with a discount provided for our "Holiday Ticket Package" that includes the annual Holiday Gala only one week later.
If you are in the area, we hope you will join us!
Looking for SATB version of Straw Carol Carol Schlitt, %19 %b %2014 %13:%Nov:%th 13NovGMT+0000 am looking for a copy of the out of print song "Straw Carol" by FRIESEN / EKLU.  Any assistance in finding this song is greatly appreciated.
Carol Schlitt
Freeburg, IL
Looking for recorder parts for A Midsummer Night’s Dream : Fairy Songs Patricia Abbott, %19 %b %2014 %12:%Nov:%th 12NovGMT+0000 have just ordered copies of Alice Parker’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Fairy Songs, published by Treble Clef Music (TC-157), for SA and 2 recorders.
The distributor tells me the separate recorder parts are no longer available. Does anyone have a copy I could buy or borrow?
Pat Abbott
EMSB Chorale, Montreal, QC
Need to borrow/rent vocal scores Bach's B Minor Mass Barbara Depman, %19 %b %2014 %13:%Nov:%th 13NovGMT+0000 vocal scores for Bach's Mass in B minor
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Barenreiter 5102a
Starting: December 19, 2015
For: Until March 16, 2015
Copies: any amount up to 60
Willing to rent: Yes
We will also pay shipping costs.
Our Next Concert: Celebration of Christ the King festivity and concert to commemorate the innauguration of the New Major Altarpiece of its Parish. Victor Duart-Belloque, %19 %b %2014 %14:%Nov:%th 14NovGMT+0000
Next Sunday november 23rd at noon, we have an appointment a the Christ the King Parish of Valencia to celebrate its festivity. This year we will offer another concert, following the mass to commemorate the inauguration of the new and beautiful Mayor Altarpiece.
This Parish that was erected over the midden that hosted the remains of St Vincent Martyr, after his martyrdom inflicted by Daciano in 304 a.c. has both the importance of the hagiography of this patron saint of Valencia, and the fact that it is the Parish of the Agoustinians Fathers School that hosts Catoria Hipponnensis and that was the witness of our coral baptisim, in the some distant Christmas of 2005.
Therefore our commitment to this concert is max, and it will consist in the coral escort of the Eucharist, with our premier of the Messe Breve in C Major K 06198 of Charles Gounod for a mixed choir and organ, along with other religious pieces of our repertoir. 
Maestro Arturo Barba Sevillano  will be at the keys of the organ and Inmaculada Buriel Montoro at the conducting stage.
After the mass, and in front of the new Mayor Altarpiece, we will interpret a selection of coral peices dedicated to this happy event ant to all that have made it possible one way or another.
The program for the concerts are enclosed herewith.
Concert by Collegium Singers - "Christmas Truce" 15th December 2014 in Wellington, Somerset, England Philip Bevan, %19 %b %2014 %12:%Nov:%th 12NovGMT+0000 Concert - "Christmas Truce" by Collegium Singers under conductor Peter Leech on Monday 15th December 2014 at 7.30 pm in St John's Church, Wellington, Somerset, England, TA21 8RE.
Tickets £12, Students £6, under 12's free Tel Taunton TIC 01823-336344 or book on line through our web site at
This year's Christmas concert takes the form of a commemoration of 100 years since the famous Christmas Truce during the First World War. In the week leading up to Christmas 1914, groups of British and German soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings, gifts and Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve soldiers from both sides even mingled in 'no man's land', offering each other gifts of food and souvenirs. The Christmas Truce is now seen as a symbolic moment of peace and humanity amidst the terror and slaughter of the Western Front. By the end of 1915 the high commands of both sides forbade any future 'fraternisation'.

This concert will feature both English and German Christmas carols from the WW1 period, as well as readings from both sides on the front line of battle. The focus of the readings from the British side will be letters and stories from soldiers who served with the Somerset Light Infantry. As a special tribute to the fallen, composer and conductor Peter Leech has written a new choral work, 'In Flanders Fields', for this performance. There will also be plenty of well known carols with audience participation. It will be a rare Somerset Christmas concert not to be missed!
German Choral Classics - Concert by Somerset Chamber Choir in Taunton, Somerset, England 15th February 2015 Philip Bevan, %19 %b %2014 %11:%Nov:%th 11NovGMT+0000

Concert by Somerset Chamber Choir; Richard Pearce organ; Graham Caldbeck  conductor  

At Kings College Chapel, South Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3AB at 3pm.

Choral and organ favourites by: Bach, Brahms, Bruckner, Handel, Haydn, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Reubke, Rheinberger, Schubert, Schütz & Wagner

 Tickets £18 & £15 (reserved) £11 (unreserved) Can be booked on line at or Tel 01823-336344.  Can also be purchased on the door.

Sessions in Salt Lake: "Critical Thinking" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %18:%Oct:%st 18OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Choral directors constantly work to balance performance challenges with the delivery of academic content in school programs. By sharing rehearsal leadership responsibilities with chorus members, directors can build an ensemble of critical listeners and thinkers. Choral musicians of all ages can learn to develop critical thinking skills and musical independence. This participatory session will provide ideas to help choral musicians create, perform, and respond in ways that will foster musical independence. Quick composition ideas, creative warm-up exercises that connect with vocal challenges found in choral repertoire, and self-assessment techniques will be demonstrated in an interactive rehearsal environment.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Singing in Salt Lake: University of North Texas Jazz Singers Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %18:%Oct:%st 18OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
The University of North Texas Jazz Singers is the premier vocal jazz ensemble within the Division of Jazz Studies in the College of Music. Jazz Singers perform a challenging and varied repertoire, featuring both historical and cutting-edge repertoire and improvisation. The ensemble was awarded “Outstanding Performance” in the 2012 and 2013 Down-Beat Student Music Awards and was named the Collegiate Jazz Choir winner numerous times under the leadership of founding director, Paris Rutherford. UNT Jazz Singers has performed at state, national, and international music conferences and festivals, including those for the Jazz Education Network, International Association for Jazz Education, and the Texas Music Educators Association. UNT Jazz Singers is one of four vocal jazz ensembles that are part of a comprehensive Vocal Jazz Studies major at UNT, which comprises a global student population of thirty to forty students who pursue bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level degree programs.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
My Most Meaningful Mentors - Bruce Browne, André Thomas, and Steve Zielke Joshua Bronfman, %19 %b %2014 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
Picking one mentor in my life is difficult. There have been so many folks that have influenced me. I’m focusing on three right here, but there are countless more. Basically everyone at Florida State had some sort of impact on me. Likewise, colleagues at every place I’ve worked. I did not start this life as an old already filled with a well of wisdom and thoughtfulness. I basically learned by screwing up, and then having smarter people lead me to the truth, sometimes with a carrot, sometimes with a stick, but always with my best interest in mind.
Bruce Browne
Bruce was a huge musical mentor, and recently he has become my friend, too (something that you young conductors out there get to look forward to if you are lucky). One of my first foundational musical experiences was when he brought his professional choir, Choral Cross-Ties, to my high school (Ulysses S. Grant High in Portland, Oregon, where Rodney Eichenberger taught for a short time). The singing from that group was just out of this world. Hearing them sing was one of the top two or three foundational experiences in my life.
I later went to Portland State University for one year and somehow managed to make it into Dr. Browne’s PSU Chamber Choir. It was that year that really made me finally decide to be a conductor. We sang some incredible music...Ligeti, Distler, Brahms, Bach, and so much more. We also had as our guest conductor the one and only Eric Ericson. I was a young, stupid, freshman who could barely find his way around a Ligeti score, let alone have the awareness that I was in the presence of one of the greatest and most influential conductors of all time. The rehearsal were incredible. I remember him sitting at the piano to demonstrate a particular phrase in the Brahms, and being blown away by his musicality. That year of music making was prehaps one of the most memorable, and still influences me today.
Andre Thomas
So after that year I decided I wanted to be a conductor. There was some part of me that needed to get out of Portland, and so on the recommendation of Kenny Potter, I went to Florida State University. I wound up getting both my undergraduate degree in Music Education, and my doctorate from Dr. Thomas (Doc, for those in the know).
My experience at FSU made me the man I am today (and by the way there are a number of folks at FSU who could also be mentioned in this post...Judy Bowers and Kevin Fenton to start with). As I said before, I am not an old soul. I floated about, not really applying myself and making a lot of mistakes...I failed aural skills twice, mostly because I didn’t go to class.
Andre influenced me in different way than Dr. Browne. My rehearsal technique and demeanor are stolen almost note-for-note from Doc’s playlist (though no one I know can replicate the ‘Doc” stare. Ask around. It is a truly legendary look. You can see a version of it here). His ability to hold a room, to demand more from his singers, and to instill passion and devotion is unparalleled. Watching him work, either as a singer or an observer, is a truly wonderful experience. I’m not sure if there are many choir folks who haven’t seen him work, but for you young directors out there who haven’t, do yourself a favor and watch him work. Take notes. Steal his ideas. They are gold.
He also helped me by showing me how to really be a man and handle my business. He did so much tell me what to do (thought there was some of that), it was more through the model he presented. People rise up to do great things around him because of they see how he is, what he can do, and are inspired to push themselves. Plus, if you are around him and slacking, he’ll go after you hard! So there’s a little but of fear there, but it’s healthy. :)
Without Andre and also Judy, and Kevin, I wouldn't be here doing what I’m doing. Bottom line.
Steve Zielke
I got my Masters degree at Oregon State University with Steve Zielke. What I got from Steve was not so much musicality (though there was plenty of that), or “life skills,” though there was that too. What I got from Steve was the political, interpersonal, and opportunistic (in a good way) skills to help to expand and improve a program. Steve is talker. And he can talk to anyone about anything. He is great at observing the landscape of his department and community and finding opportunities to improve things. He knows how to find money. He knows how to get a kid excited and interested in coming to OSU. He thinks outside the box and comes up with thoughtful, creative ways to expand and grow his programs in a way that I haven’t seen from many folks. I learned a ton about recruiting from him, again, not so much by what he taught me directly, but by my observations of what he did.

So those are my mentors. I’d love to hear your feedback about the folks mentioned above, or your own mentors. Let’s share with the world the great people in our lives.
Name That Choir Tune (No. 15) Scott Dorsey, %18 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
Looking for an OrchestralNet version of ChoralNet Enrique Yuste, %18 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000 someone tell me if there is any web page or community for Orchestra similar to ChoralNet? Thanks in advance.
"The Sounds of Christmas" Concert with Adult & Childrens' Choirs + Orchestra Travis L. Boyd, %19 %b %2014 %05:%Nov:%th 5NovGMT+0000                                                    You are most cordially invited
                                        to attend a special Christmas Concert event.
                                         First Baptist Church of Duluth Worship Ministries
                                                                    will present
                                                       "The Sounds of Christmas"
                                           to share the message of God's greatest gift
                               through music, narration, media, drama vignettes, and more
                                             on Sunday, December 7th, at 6:00 p.m.

* You'll hear Christmas music, both familiar and new, that tells and celebrates the story of Christ's birth, shared by our Adult Choir and Orchestra, Children's Choir, Hearts of Praise (ladies' ensemble), our Men's Ensemble, and FBCD soloists like Sam Seaborne, Amy Becham, and Jennifer Williams Jones.

* Songs originally recorded by Casting Crowns, Keith and Kristyn Getty, and Francesca Battestelli as well as Christmas carols and chorals will bless you and allow you to worship the new born King of Kings.  These will include "Some Children See Him," "The Glorias of Christmas", "Behold That Star", "A Christmas Hymn", "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day", "Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven", "The Sounds of Christmas", "Heaven Everywhere", "Go, Tell it on the Mountain", "He Made a Way in a Manger", and others.

* You'll experience the beauty, majesty, and joy of Christmas!

Please put this date on your calendar, and invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to "The Sounds of Christmas"! The event is FREE, and childcare will be provided for ages 4 and under.
Go to our Facebook event page for "The Sounds of Christmas" at the link below for more information (including a Google Maps link) and to register your intention to attend. 
We'll be so blessed to see you there!!/events/866914700015372/
Need Soprano Section Leader Rasaan Bourke, %19 %b %2014 %03:%Nov:%th 3NovGMT+0000
Seeking a versitale, professional soprano section leader for a small church chorus in Hackensack, NJ.
This opportunity for compensated work is for the Christian woman who understands that there presence is to support, and inspirer volunteer singers with their brilliantly skilled instrument.
The audition process consists of a conversation with Director of Music Rasaan Bourke, a Wednesday rehearsal with the chorus, and a Sunday worship service.
International Choir Festival OC VIII Singapore Lukas Klein, %19 %b %2014 %02:%Nov:%th 2NovGMT+0000$20,000 in cash and awards are up for grabs!
Looking to perform in world class performing spaces in Asia?
Finding it hard to find opportunities to learn from top choir maestros from around the world?
Want to have customized learning?
Or just looking to integrate and experience the Singapore community and have great fun!
Look No Further!
The 8th edition of Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival (OCVIII) one of the most enriching choral festivals in Asia will be held in Singapore in 2015!!!
Festival Date: 23rd – 26th July 2015          *Block your calendar now!*
Festival Venue: Singapore Esplanade Concert Hall & Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Orientale Concentus is an International Choral Festival which has been held for 7 consecutive years in various countries in Asia Pacific such as China, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. With the resounding success of OCVII in Singapore this year with over 1600 participants, the upcoming eighth edition of OC will continue to be held in Singapore in 2015.
To ensure an enriching experience for all our participants, our festival provides numerous programmes including master classes conducted by our very own international adjudication panel, and social cause concerts like Concert in the Dark in 2014 and Sign of Music in 2015 -  a concert that seeks to raise awareness for the hearing impaired.
Participating groups will be able to benefit in the following ways:
·  Each participant can be part of programmes that contribute towards social causes in Singapore, what better way to learn and enjoy music by benefitting others in need!
·  Each choir will be able to receive immediate personalized feedback from the festival’s adjudicators during their individual master classes which will be based on the assessment of their performance during the festival competition zooming into problem areas for your choir!
·  Gain exposure to performing and competing at an international level
·  Networking opportunities to build relationship with choirs from different countries and cultures; and
·  Observe and learn from guest performances by outstanding demonstration choir(s)
Excited to know who will be adjudicating Orientale Concentus VIII? Keep a close watch (a) OC Website and Ace99 Facebook!!!   
Wait no longer and Register Now at to enjoy our EARLY BIRD PROMOTIONS! For a limited time only!
Should you have any queries please do feel free to contact our friendly OC Staff directly for more information:
Festival Executive - Niki Chong
Tel: (65) 6368 5692
HP: (65) 9778 9330 (Do feel free to whatsapp, viber or wechat us for a faster and more personal response!
To find out more about Ace 99 Cultural Pte Ltd and our other programmes, please visit
1.       Official Website at
2.       Facebook Page
3.       YouTube Channel at:
Please download the OC VIII prospectus for more information:
Chamber Orchestra/Choral Version of Last Movement of Beethoven 9 Susan McCreary Duprey, %19 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000 anyone know of a GOOD chamber orchestra/choral version of the last movement of Beethoven's 9th?  I'd like to program it as the last number in our 25th Anniversary concert without breaking the bank (or covering the voices of my volunteer community chorus).  Something the likes of the Linkelman edition of the Brahms' Requiem. My thanks! -Susan McCreary Duprey
Holiday Festival of Choirs at Western Illinois University James Stegall, %19 %b %2014 %00:%Nov:%th 0NovGMT+0000 21 Years!
Two Performances!
Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 2 pm and 7:30 pm
St. Paul Catholic Church
309 West Jackson, Macomb
Concert Program:
Ticket Price: $10.00 (General admission only)
WIU Student Free with ID (One ticket per ID only)
Tickets may be purchased at the Hainline Theatre Box Office, 309.298.2900.
The Hainline Theatre Box Office is open Monday through Friday from Noon to 5p.
Remaining tickets will be sold at the door if the performances are not sold out.
Get your tickets soon as these performances are often sold out!
Featured Choral Ensembles...
The Western Illinois University Singers
The Western Illinois University Concert Choir
The Western Illinois University Madrigal Singers
With Special Guests...
The Macomb High School Madrigal Singers
The Macomb High School Concert Choir
The De Soto High School Choir, De Soto, MO

We are pleased to bring you the annual Holiday Festival of Choirs, now celebrating 21 years of inspired performances for the Macomb and WIU community.  We will present two performances in a seamless presentation of beautiful and uplifting holiday choral music.  The concert features the choirs of choral graduates from the Western Illinois University School of Music along with our Western Illinois University Singers, Madrigal Singers, and Concert Choir.  Gayle Cooper will again be the Holiday Festival organist.  Audience members will join the Holiday Festival Choir on the carol sing along including our traditional singing of  "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah.
Winter Concert - Bucks-Mont Camerata Chorus - Free Admission Tery Kelly, %18 %b %2014 %23:%Nov:%th 23NovGMT+0000 ]]>Perform in Austria with Rollo Dilworth - Notes of Joy Choir Festival, June 2016 Michael Clohesy, %18 %b %2014 %23:%Nov:%th 23NovGMT+0000 Austria 2016 Choir Festival with Rollo Dilworth

Dear Director

If you’re thinking of a 2016 concert tour then consider joining me and the KIconcerts team in Austria. Our 2016 Notes of Joy Festival features individual performances, combined gala concerts in Vienna and Salzburg as well as extension touring and further concerts.

Our festivals are a great blend of individual ensemble touring as well as combined rehearsal and performance.

Any ensemble traveling overseas needs time to experience new cultures and the people of the great cities they are visiting as well as to have their own performance spotlight. Many also enjoy joining with other choirs in exceptional venues in front of large audiences under the Artistic Director of their chosen festival.

Nothing matches the spirit of international touring, little replicates a lifetime’s musical memories and the joy evident on singers’ faces when performing in some of Europe’s finest acoustics.

We all know that international touring is a major undertaking, but one that we see communities support as their ensembles are elevated to the world stage. There are few international choral destinations as compelling as Austria.

Let us know if touring overseas in 2016 is achievable for your ensemble Rollo Dilworth
Rollo Dilworth

Festival details | Contact KIconcerts

Looking for copies of, "Just One Person" Richard Nutting, %18 %b %2014 %22:%Nov:%th 22NovGMT+0000 Emerson's arrangement of "Just One Person" from the musical, "Snoopy" is no longer available. Wondering if anyone out there has a copy I can have or borrow. I'd love to do this with my choir. Thanks for your help.
Rich Nutting
Colorado Springs, CO
Substitution for drums in choral arranging Micah Horton, %18 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000 everyone,
I'm working on arranging a song for SSA and piano. The original is for solo vocalist, piano, bass, and drum set. There is one section that umps from pianissimo vocals and light piano accompaniment to a driving 16-bar forte section where the drum rhythms are carrying the forward progression, and the vocals are soaring.y arrangement is going to leave out the drums, but I'm having a hard time imagining how to recreate the same impassioned, driving feel with the choir and piano without the piano accompaniment getting too abrasive. Suggestions?
Children's Festival Chorus to present Winter Concert Edwina French, %18 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000's Festival Chorus of Pittsburgh will present a program of holiday music called "A Season of Hope" on Sunday, December 7th at 4:00 PM at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church located at 116 South Highland Avenue.  The program will be led by Shawn Funk, interim artistic director and conductor of the Bel Canto Choir.  He will be assisted by associate conductors Angela Evans and Steven Schmidt. 
Tickets priced form $12-$30 can be purchased at the door, or online at Showclix.
The program includes:
Come All You People (Uyai mose) by Alexander Gondo
Give Us Hope by Jim Papoulis
Gloria Deo! by Mary Lynn Lightfoot
Hashivenu - arr. Doreen Rao
Bist Du Bei Mir , by JS Bach
Gospel Train, Spiritual, arr. Shirley McRae
Patapan, Spiritual, arr. Audrey Snyder
O Let the Merry Bells Ring, by GF Handel
A La Nanita Nana, Spansih lullabye arr. David Eddleman
Sleep My Baby by Alec Rowley
Born, Born in Bethlehem, Spiritual, arr. Donald Moore
Brother James’s Air by James Leith Macbeth Bain,  arr. Gordon Jacob
Panis Angelicus , arr. Lee Kjelson
Hanukkah Holiday, by Linda Swears
Sing We Noel, by Lana Walter
It's Snowing, Medley arr. By Hillary Kinsale
The Sleigh (A la Russe), by Richard Kountz
Organist and Choral Accompanist Mark Singleton, %18 %b %2014 %21:%Nov:%th 21NovGMT+0000
Immanuel Congregational Church, Hartford, CT, is seeking applications for the position of Organist and Choir Accompanist.  This is a part-time, 15 hour a week position. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and three references to Mark Singleton, Director of Music, at  The deadline for applying is December 10th, 2014.
Requisite qualifications for the position will be:
  • Bachelor degree in music.  Masters degree preferred
  • Minimum of five years experience as church organist and choir accompanist
  • Ability to play multiple keyboard instruments including organ, piano, harpsichord and posativ organ
  • Strong proficiency in reading open score (including 4 – 12 part music) and orchestral reductions
  • Strong ability to improvise, employ free hymn accompaniments/harmonizations and utilize the full breadth of registration of the organ
  • Experience in playing in multiple styles of music from traditional to contemporary
  • Experience in Liturgical Worship preferred
Immanuel Church has a reputation as one of the finest traditional church music programs in Connecticut.  The Organist will be required to accompany the Chancel Choir (semi-professional ensemble) the Chancel Ensemble (all professional ensemble) and the children’s choir. 
Compensation will be commensurate with experience and education.
Immanuel Congregational Church is an equal opportunity employer.
Supplemental Holiday and Miscellaneous Event Ringer Available Kevin Tucker, %18 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000,  
 I truly hope that this correspondence finds you well and prosperous. My name is Kevin Tucker (Tenor) . I'm interested in offering my services as a staff singer for supplemental holiday and misc. events. I've been performing for twenty years, specializing in American based music and classical. I have performed many musically diverse programs that are noted for their musicality and versatility. I performed with the Martina Arroyo: Prelude to a Performance, Americolor Opera Alliance, American Opera Projects, Herndon Home Jazz Series, True Colors Theatre Company, the Moses Hogan Music Festival and local churches. I am confident that I can bring a high level of spiritual comfort, professionalism and passionate musicality. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have and I thank you in advance for your consideration.
 Kevin Tucker
 404-389-7709 ]]>
Edina Chorale - An American Portrait Thomas Paulson, %18 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000 American Portrait
Edina Chorale
Thomas Paulson, Music Director/Conductor
Saturday November 22, 2014 7:30 PM - South View Middle School Auditorium, 4725 South View Lane, Edina, MN
Sunday November 23, 2014 7:00 PM - Wayzata Community Church, 125 East Wayzata Boulevard, Wayzata, MN
The Edina Chorale, Edina, MN sings music from the broad spectrum of American culture including music of Billings, Barber, Copland, Randall Thompson & Woody Guthrie. The concert will also include Minnesota composers Daniel Kallman (In Endless Song - American Folk Song Suite) and 23-year-old Connor Koppin (i carry your heart).
ACDA Nat'l Conference looking for female roommate(s) Jesse Nance, %18 %b %2014 %19:%Nov:%th 19NovGMT+0000'm a female graduate student at Southern Methodist University, and I'm looking for other females to split a room with.  Many of the hotels are filling up quickly, so the sooner we could figure this out, the better.  Replies will be sent directly to me. ]]>Choral Conducting Graduate Assistantship at Long Island University Mark Shapiro, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000 Post (formerly the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University) is accepting applications for the 2015-17 graduate assistantship in choral conducting.  The opportunity carries full tuition remission plus stipend plus on-campus housing.  The assistant works with Dr. Mark Shapiro, Associate Professor of Music and LIU Post Director of Choral Activities, helping to administer and direct the LIU Post Chorus and the LIU Post Chamber Singers.  The assistant may also become involved with Dr. Shapiro's award-winning ensembles in New York City, The Cecilia Chorus of New York and Cantori New York.  Degree programs include M.A. in Music with concentration in performance, or with concentration in Theory/Composition, or with concentration in History.  Review of applications will begin February 1, 2015.  Please contact Dr. Shapiro at or by phone at 516-299-2949 to discuss your intention to apply, and for application instructions.  Visit for more information about this historic and beautiful campus, in close proximity to New York City. ]]>Schola Cantorum on Hudson Presents: You Are the Music Sara Sarakanti, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000

$20 advance

$25 at the door

Sat, December 13, 2014 8pm @ St. Malachy's - The Actors' Chapel

Works by Sametz, Runestad, Shank, Dickau, Forrest, and more, speak to music as a uniquely powerful catalyst for engaging the divine, engaging each other, even reaching deeper within ourselves. Largely featuring music written within Schola’s 20 seasons (!), favorites from the American choral canon by Thompson and Foster will also be included.

Unique choral offering in the holiday season!

Repertoire scheduled:

Thompson - Ye Shall Have a Song

Runestad - Alleluia

Shank - Musica animam tangens

York - To Music

arr. Johnson - Hard Times

Handel - Music, Spread thy voice around

Weist - Musica Dei Donum Optimi

Dickau - If Music Be the Food of Love

Mochnick - Music, When Soft Voices Die (from Shelly Songs)

Paulus - When Music Sounds

Brunner - I am in need of music

Willsher - Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing

Samitz - I Have Had Singing

Forrest - You Are the Music

As is our custom, the audience will help conclude the concert in the singing of a familiar carol.

Organist/Pianist/Accompanist Wanted - Immediate Hire! Jacqueline Cote', %18 %b %2014 %17:%Nov:%th 17NovGMT+0000
St. Mary Magdalen Church in Oakville, CT is seeking a permanent weekend organist/pianist. Immediate hire!
We are a small Roman Catholic Church located in the Greater Waterbury area. We celebrate 3 masses per weekend; a 4:00 pm vigil service on Saturdays, and 8:30 and 10:30 services on Sunday mornings with choir rehearsals in between masses from 9:30-10:30.
  • Accompany the cantor, choir, and congregation and perform solos for our 3 weekend masses
  • Accompany choir rehearsals
  • Accompany and perform solos for Holy Days of Obligation during Christmas, Easter, and other times throughout the year
  • Work closely with the music director and collaborate on weekly projects
  • High proficiency in piano and organ
  • Experience accompanying choral ensembles and soloists both in performances and in rehearsals
  • Sight reading skills
  • Previous experience in a Catholic Church setting preferred, but willing to train the right candidate
  • We are a close knit group, so it is important to have good people skills
If interested, please send a current resume