ChoralNet - ChoralNet Daily New postings in ChoralNet DailyReadings for Veteran's Day Patricia Corbin, %30 %b %2014 %12:%Oct:%th 12OctGMT+0000 are doing a joint concert with a local high school a week after Veteran's Day and we are ending the program with Marta Keen's "Homeward Bound" as an acknowledgement of Veteran's day, that has passed. I would like to have a couple of students read something (a poem, scripture, etc,) prior to that final selection to introduce it.  Any suggestions? ]]>General Use "Run Out" Repertoire Brian Clissold, %30 %b %2014 %12:%Oct:%th 12OctGMT+0000 Listers,
I would like to put together a 25-30 minute set of fairly easy general pupose music for my SATB adult community chorus. Some accompanied, some a cappella, sacred and secular fun stuff that we can use when we get calls for local community events. A mix of classical, pop, jazz, etc. is fine. I look forward to seeing your suggestions, and thanks in advance!
Assistant Accompanist Janet Willoughby, %30 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%th 14OctGMT+0000 Columbus area community chorus is seeking an accompanist to assist at rehearsals and performances between  Jan-June 2015.  . 
Rehearsals are Sunday evenings and some Wednesdays .  This position would be responsible for one Sunday a month and some Wed evenings and show week.
The position will play parts or piano accompaniment from the sheet music under the leadership of our musical director. 
An hourly rate of around $20 is paid for time spent at rehearsals/performances.  An interview will be arranged which will include performing a selection of your choice and sight-reading a song from the current season.
Please reply with resume to
Section Leaders needed for Christmas Cantata Christopher Hansen, %30 %b %2014 %13:%Oct:%th 13OctGMT+0000
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass section leaders are needed for a Christmas Cantata to be performed at Davis Street United Methodist Church, Burlington NC, on December 21st.  Singers are asked to attend a Wednesday night rehearsal on December 17th and the Saturday dress rehearsal on December 20th.   The performance of the cantata will take place during the 11:00am worship service on Sunday December 21st.  Interested singers should contact the Director of Music Ministries at
Anton Armstrong & Karen Kennedy in Prima Voce Itali'a by Choirs of America & Perform International Roland Zuehlke, %30 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%th 14OctGMT+0000
Italy, a land rich in musical and artistic heritage. Steeped in historical significance. Breathtaking in its beauty. Welcoming in its nature. What better place to host the first ever collaboration between Perform International and Choirs of America? This revolution in festival tours offers the opportunity to learn and sing with two of the pre-eminent choral music educators of our time in iconic, historic sites in Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. Prima Voce Itali’a: The Maestro Festival Tour will engage, inspire and educate every participant and create profound memories to last a lifetime. Join Anton Armstrong, Karen Kennedy, Gene Peterson and Christopher Scott Olin for an unforgettable experience.  Join us for Prima Voce Itali’a. For more information please visit our website at
1st Choir Festival in Salzburg Cathedral Anita Jungherr, %30 %b %2014 %13:%Oct:%th 13OctGMT+0000
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Coronation Mass
János Czifra, Musical director of Salzburg Cathedral, will conduct 2 days of masterclasses to work on this masterpieces of music, which will be performed with orchestra and excellent soloists in the cathedral on August 28th and 30th 2015.
Choirs as well as individual singers are welcome to apply.
If you need any help in hotel bookings, we will be happy to send you a good offer.
Please find enclosed the general information, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Attention: Limited number of participants!
Please apply with:
Kunst & Kultur – ohne Grenzen
Tel: ++43-(0)1-586 73 08
Choir festival at St. Stephen´s Cathedral, Vienna, AUSTRIA Anita Jungherr, %30 %b %2014 %13:%Oct:%th 13OctGMT+0000
Joseph Haydn: The Creation 215 years after it’s premiere in English language
Two years after the premiere of Haydn’s Masterpiece “The Creation” the composer translated his work – the English-speaking premiere took place in the Convent Garden London in 1800 – now, 215 years after this historic event, singers from all over the world have the unique possibility to perform this oratorio in St. Stephen´s Cathedral – in that church where young Haydn once joined the Boys’ choir to make his first experiences in choral music and where he married his wife Maria Anna Aloysia.
Gerald Wirth, artistic director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, will conduct 3 days of masterclasses to work on this masterpiece of music, which will be performed with orchestra and excellent soloists in the cathedral on Saturday, July 11th 2015.
The proceeds of the concert will be used for the restoration of the cathedral.
Please apply with:
Kunst & Kultur – ohne Grenzen
Tel: ++43-(0)1-586 73 08
Eric Whitacre: Lux Nova (Lux Aurumque Re-Imagined) Matthew Berry, %30 %b %2014 %11:%Oct:%th 11OctGMT+0000

Lux Nova sees Eric Whitacre's best-selling Lux Aurumque re-imagined with a middle section of new material from his musical Paradise Lost

This piece for unaccompanied SATB Choir incorporates poetry by Edward Esch, translated into Latin by celebrated American lyricist Charles Anthony Silvestri.

Available in the UK and Europe from

DEADLINE is TOMORROW for Student Conducting Award Scott Dorsey, %27 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%th 15OctGMT+0000 will again offer the Student Conducting Awards during the next national conference, February 25-28, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The objectives of the ACDA Student Conducting Awards are designed to acknowledge and reward outstanding graduate and undergraduate student conductors; to encourage score preparation and advancement of conducting and rehearsal skills; and to promote student activity at the ACDA National Convention.
These cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the final round of the conducting awards:
     First Prize, Graduate Level: $1000
     Second Prize, Graduate Level: $500
     First Prize, Undergraduate Level: $500 Second Prize, Undergraduate Level: $250
In addition, the sixteen semi-finalists (up to eight undergraduate and eight graduate) each receive complimentary registration to attend the 2015 National Conference.  The event is sponsored by Manhattan Concert Productions.
LEARN MORE about the student conducting competition and then APPLY. Application deadline is October 31.
CJ Replay: Local Gigs for the Choir Scott Dorsey, %25 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “Scheduling Choral Programs and Community Relations” by Robert L. Garretson)
       What choral conductor has not received numerous requests for programs from various groups in the community? Each conductor must determine how many and on what basis these programs should be accepted. Throughout the country a wide range of practices exists. Some directors accept relatively few programs because they wish to focus their efforts in rehearsals upon the development of musicianship, while other directors strive for the highest possible performance standards which they believe is most readily achieved through extensive performance. These two goals are not incompatible; however, a balance must be maintained.
       Many school music directors express the philosophy that one of the objectives of the school music program is to serve as a bridge of understanding between the school and the community. In striving toward this goal, as well as maintaining a balance between the development of musicianship and performance standards, the director needs specific information about all the program requests received.
       The following is a suggested procedure: 1) Prepare a standard form including such pertinent information as date, time, place, sponsoring group, contact person and phone number, length and type of program desired, the size and nature of the performance hall, estimated audience, the condition of the piano (how recently was it tuned?), and the admission charge, if any. 2) Relate to the inquiring party that you will send them a performance request form to be completed, and that when returned it will receive the prompt attention of both yourself and the choir council (usually consisting of the officers).
       In the initial conversation make clear that all engagements are dependent upon the students' schedules, including examinations and other commitments that might not be readily known to   you. The use of such a form enables the director to secure all necessary information at one time and eliminates, or at least minimizes.
READ the entire article.
Improving Skills 3 Richard Sparks, %17 %b %2014 %04:%Oct:%th 4OctGMT+0000
From Daniel Coyle’s The Little Book of Talent: Tip #5 - Be willing to be stupid.
The point, of course, isn’t to be stupid, but to be willing to fail, to take risks. Coyle uses the example of Wayne Gretzky falling in practice and says, “As skilled as he was, Gretzky was determined to improve, to push the boundaries of the possible. The only way that happens is to build new connections in the brain—which means reaching, failing, and yes, looking stupid.”
There is a great Nike ad with Michael Jordan, which you probably already know, but it makes the same point: without taking risks (and failing) you won’t fail . . . but you’re unlikely to grow either.
But what does this mean for the conductor?
It certainly means challenging yourself. How can you push yourself beyond your current boundaries, your current skill level?
Repertoire is one logical area—it’s the basis for all we do, after all. Eric Ericson always maintained that his choirs (and he) grew through the challenges of particular repertoire:
You asked how technique and proficiency developed, and I can almost mention certain pieces which were "rungs on the ladder" . . . because that's how I feel so strongly when we've learned a difficult and very good piece. I'm thinking naturally from the viewpoint of the Chamber Choir with [Lidholm's] Laudi from 1947, Fyra körer from 1953, then the big pieces of Stravinsky, Nono . . . Dallapiccola perhaps most of all, which is where we learned to read notes and rhythms. And then of course we have a Swedish piece, again by Lidholm [1956--Canto], that we struggled with for half a year. I have a certain sense that, when you "come out on the other side" after having done a piece like Lidholm's Canto, you are a better musician, a better conductor, a better chorister. Canto feels like a final exam for the '50s choral life . . . early pieces that were difficult tonally and rhythmically became less so. Canto combined all the difficulties one was thrown between.
What repertoire will push your musicianship, your conducting technique, your ability to teach a particular style? The risk of failure or looking stupid is there, but believe me, it’s worth it.
Coyle says, “Feeling stupid is no fun. But being willing to be stupid—in other words, being willing to risk the emotional pain of making mistakes—is absolutely essential, because reaching, failing, and reaching again is the way your brain grows and makes new connections. When it comes to developing talent, remember, mistakes are not really mistakes—they are the guideposts you use to get better."
Another worthwhile book I’ve written about is Mindset by Carol Dweck—the full post is here.
It deals with two different mindsets regarding learning. From that blog post:
Dweck says, "Everyone is born with an intense drive to learn. Infants stretch their skills daily. Not just walk and talk. They never decide it's too hard or not worth the effort. They walk, they fall, they get up. They just barge forward."
Somewhere along the line, though, some children learn that they are being evaluated and become afraid of challenges (and paradoxically, continual praising children as being smart or supremely talented can lead to the fixed mindset).
She tells of a study where they offered four-year-olds the choice between redoing an easy jigsaw puzzle or trying a harder one. Even at this age, kids who had a fixed mindset--that is, they believed in fixed traits--chose the safe one. They told the researchers, kids who are born smart "don't do mistakes." The other children with a growth mindset--who believed you could get smarter--couldn't imagine doing a puzzle they'd done before. One girl said, "I'm dying to figure them out!"
Again from Dweck, "So children with the fixed mindset want to make sure they succeed. Smart people should always succeed. But for children with the growth mindset, success is about stretching themselves. It's about becoming smarter.”
All of us have things we’re comfortable with: our conducting technique, rehearsal technique, our usual way of doing things. Sometimes in order to grow, we have to give up our comfortable ways and change our technique—in a very real sense, change who we are. This almost certainly will mean that for a period of time you’ll be uncomfortable and, in fact, probably won’t do as well. But you need the time to grow those new connections in your brain—and perhaps, feel “stupid” for awhile. But if you’re not willing to go through that process you won’t grow.
So, if you want to grow and improve, don’t be afraid of mistakes and failure: "be willing to be stupid.” Challenge yourself, put yourself in situations where you’re certain to struggle. And give yourself the opportunity to change and grow.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Bel-Canto Singing" Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%th 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Choral blend does not have to be bland! Using key bel canto vocal principles, this session will focus on raising the common denominator of vocal ability across an entire choir. Can your choir sing in a harmonically rich, vocally energized fashion while still blending beautifully and singing perfectly in tune? Absolutely! Discover how to remove both the effort and the blandness out of ensemble singing and replace them with self-sustaining, three-dimensional sound that will transform the way your choir feels about what it does. Leave with a new vocabulary and means of conveying important vocal concepts. State-of-the-art acoustical analyses will also be provided.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Singing in Salt Lake: Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %16:%Oct:%th 16OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo (MET) is a joint mixed choir comprising members from “Koyukai”—a group of choirs with Ko Matsushita as their artistic director. MET contributes to the accession, retention, and progression of chorus culture by participating in festivals and events, making concerts at schools and welfare facilities, being a model choir in choir master classes, recording CDs, and giving performances abroad. MET has been invited to the world premiere of Ah Nagasaki: Ashes into Light (Robert Kyr, 2008), which takes its motif from the atomic bombing to Nagasaki city. In 2011, MET was invited by Shenzhen, China, to perform in the exhibition of works together with the Shenzhen symphony orchestra.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Messiah Sing-along with the New Jersey Chamber Singers Vanessa Pezzutti, %30 %b %2014 %03:%Oct:%th 3OctGMT+0000

Hear the New Jersey Chamber Singers sing excerpts from the "A Spotless Rose" concert series followed by a sing-along of Handel's Messiah featuring our members as soloists. A delicious buffet dinner will be provided by the church at the end. Admission is free; an offering will be collected.

Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 4PM
Holy Innocents Church
Marine Street, 410 S. Atlantic Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
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New Jersey Chamber Singers "A Spotless Rose" concert in New Egypt Vanessa Pezzutti, %30 %b %2014 %03:%Oct:%th 3OctGMT+0000 Jersey Chamber Singers is proud to present a winter program entitled A Spotless Rose.  This concert will transport audiences into a magical winter landscape through a concert experience that heightens the senses, soothes the spirit and awakens the imagination. In addition to traditional carols, the program will feature Morten Lauridsen’s Les Chansons des Roses.

Friday, December 12, 2014 at 8PM
Laurita Winery
85 Archertown Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533
Tickets will be available on:

Tickets will be available on:
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11 Royal Blue Girls Choir Dresses Cindy Nelson, %30 %b %2014 %01:%Oct:%th 1OctGMT+0000
Like-new (only used once!) Eleven Choir girl dresses. (company Southeaster) These beautifully designed  royal blue, polyester, washable dresses add a touch of class to your girls choir. There are 11 dresses sizes:
6-size 7's,
3- size 10's,
1-size 12, and
1-size 8.
Only used in one performance.  These dresses are being sold for only $30 each or $200 for all.
New Jersey Chamber Singers "A Spotless Rose" concert in Red Bank Vanessa Pezzutti, %30 %b %2014 %03:%Oct:%th 3OctGMT+0000 Jersey Chamber Singers is proud to present a winter program entitled A Spotless Rose.  This concert will transport audiences into a magical winter landscape through a concert experience that heightens the senses, soothes the spirit and awakens the imagination. In addition to traditional carols, the program will feature Morten Lauridsen’s Les Chansons des Roses.

Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 4PM
United Methodist Church
247 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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New Jersey Chamber Singers "A Spotless Rose" concert in Toms River Vanessa Pezzutti, %30 %b %2014 %03:%Oct:%th 3OctGMT+0000

New Jersey Chamber Singers is proud to present a winter program entitled A Spotless Rose.  This concert will transport audiences into a magical winter landscape through a concert experience that heightens the senses, soothes the spirit and awakens the imagination. In addition to traditional carols, the program will feature Morten Lauridsen’s Les Chansons des Roses.

Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 8PM
Christ Episcopal Church
415 Washington Street
Toms River, NJ 08753
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Ringwood Friends of Music presenting the 300th Birthday Celebration of Christoph Willibald Glück (1714 – 1787) Vanessa Pezzutti, %30 %b %2014 %03:%Oct:%th 3OctGMT+0000

Sunday, November 16, 2014
7PM (call time 3PM, dinner provided 6PM)
Community Presbyterian Church
145 Carletondale Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456
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German composer Christoph Willibald Ritter von Glück was a

powerful force in the Viennese music scene and throughout

Europe in the 18th century and his reforms have had resonance

throughout operatic history. The young Mozart, with whom he

had contact, Salieri, Weber, Berlioz and Wagner, were all

influenced by his ideas. To commemorate his life, music and

his inspiration to other great composers, the Ringwood

Friends of Music (RFM) presents the Glück 300th Birthday

Celebration on Nov. 16 at 7 pm. Program includes Mozart’s

Variations on a Theme by Glück, K. 455, and arrangements for

solo piano from Iphigénie en Aulide by Brahms and von Bülow,

arias, duets and choruses from various operas, including

Orfeo, Alceste, and Iphigénie en Tauride, transcriptions for

violin and piano by Kreisler, excerpts from the Ballet Don

Juan for strings, and Reineke’s Improvisations on a Gavotte

by Glück for piano four-hands. Maestro and founder of the

RFM, Donaldo Garcia invites all ‘for an inspiring evening of

music-making honoring Glück.’ Performers include the 28-voice

New Jersey Chamber Singers, led by Artistic Director Reid

Masters; Erin Schwab, soprano; Kurt Alakulppi, tenor; Regis

Iandiorio, violin; Adam Kent, piano; Ana Berschadsky and

Anita Gordon, duo pianists; as well as the Juilliard student

string quartet. Admission is free to the concert, held, as

always, at Community Presbyterian Church, 145 Carletondale

Rd., Ringwood. Call 973-835-5862.

Oratorio Society of New Jersey to Present Mozart's Requiem and Bach's Magnificat in D on November 1