ChoralNet - Daily New postings in DailyWood St. Mark Passion want to buy used set Simon Berry, %05 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%th 17MarGMT+0000 St. Mark Passion
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Charles Wood
Starting: Before January 2016
For: To buy
Copies: 40
Willing to rent: No
I'm looking for a used set of copies of Charles Wood's St Mark Passion for use in Lent 2016.  I need 40 copies.  I would like to buy a used set - not rent or borrow.  Either Faith Press or RSCM editions will be fine.  Simon Berry.
Toronto Mendelssohn Choir: Sacred Music for a Sacred Space Anne Longmore, %05 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%th 17MarGMT+0000

You won’t want to miss this rare performance of Thomas Tallis’ 40-part Renaissance motet Spem in alium, widely considered to be the greatest piece of English early music.

Artistic Director Noel Edison has matched the beautiful space of St. Paul’s Basilica and the music to create a meditative journey. The concert will begin with the sound of music by the great English composer John Tavener washing over the audience from the balcony above. Choristers will then separate into eight choirs and surround the audience with the polyphonic richness of Tallis’ Spem in alium. The concert concludes with Choir and organ performing Gabriel Fauré’s luminous Requiem from the chancel.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit our website

Noel Edison conductor
Caron Daley, associate conductor
David Roth, baritone
Michael Bloss, organ

Toronto Mendelssohn Choir

Tavener: Song from Athene
Tavener: The World is Burning
Tallis: Spem in alium
Fauré: Requiem

Carolyn Eynon Singers present Babes and Beaux carolyn Eynon, %05 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000 Eynon Singers and guest children and dancers present a 15 song, Broadway revue at 2 wonderful venues this weekend; March 7 at 3 and 7;pm and March 8 at 4;00pm  in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Az.
Tickets availble thru
Sell out is expected so get your tickets today!
Conductor of Children's Choir (Grades 2 - 4) Audrey Riddle, %05 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000
Postion: Conductor of Children's Choir (grades 2 - 4)

The Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs is searching for a dynamic and inspiring choir director to lead our Con Brio Choir, which includes singers in grades 2 - 4, for the fall 2015/16 season.  The ideal candidate will uphold the organization's artistic integrity; demostrate mastery of diverse musical styles and repertoire for young voices while instilling a love for music and a desire for artistic excellence.

For the complete job description, please visit or click here:

Applications will be accepted through April 15, 2015

Since 1980, the Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs has been committed to promoting excellence in choral music and dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by instilling a life-long love of music through performance and education.

For questions please contact:
Audrey Riddle
Executive Director

Need Easter Song with Soprano and Chorus Lonnie Delisle, %05 %b %2015 %04:%Mar:%th 4MarGMT+0000'm looking for a choral anthem with soprano solo, fitting for Easter.
Mozart's Laudate Dominum would be perfect, but we've done that recently - something different that is just as good. Is that possible??
Director of Music Johann Van Der Sandt, %05 %b %2015 %09:%Mar:%th 9MarGMT+0000
The Drakensberg Boys Choir School is an independent boys’ choir school with an emphasis on choral singing. The school has a Christian ethos and caters for boys from Grade 4 to Grade 9.
A unique opportunity has arisen to apply for this world renowned position at the DBCS as the Director of Music. This position not only involves choral leadership but also includes a considerable role on the school management team.
The successful candidate will:
  • Have a post graduate qualification preferably to masters level (and above) in music
  • Have choral coaching and choral conducting experience
  • Have experience in coaching of performance repertoire
  • Be able to lead the preparation of new repertoire to international standard
  • Possess skill, knowledge and experience in vocal coaching
  • Have the ability to teach and lead the development of Music Theory, Aural and Practical Instrumental Tuition
  • Show competence in various performing genres to international level
  • Lead a team of competent musicians at international level
  • Have suitable administrative skills needed to lead a department
  • Have the ability to travel when required both nationally and internationally
The successful candidate will:
  • Report to the Executive Headmaster
  • Be expected to fully support the ethos of the school
  • Be committed to the duties associated with an independent boys’ boarding school
  • Be able to enjoy an enviable lifestyle accompanied by housing and other school benefits.
  • Be expected to commence service in July 2015
Letters of application, accompanied by a comprehensive CV and three contactable references, must be sent to the Executive Head via email ( before 16 March 2015.
Please note that the interview process will consist of interviews and a choir rehearsal appraised by the selection committee of the School Board.
Please note that the Drakensberg Boys Choir School reserves the right not to fill posts and that applicants are not guaranteed an interview.
Stephen Mosko large full score Constance DeFotis, %05 %b %2015 %05:%Mar:%th 5MarGMT+0000 Night of the Long Knives score
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Stephen Mosko
Starting: asap
For: 30' piece
Copies: one
Willing to rent: Yes
This large score was in a large library sale made in Boulder, CO in the summer of 2010. It turns out that I need it now. If the very kind teacher/conductor/composer, who has it would be willing, I would quite happily purchase it from him. Thank you.
Paid tenor and bass section leaders for Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci andrea fuentes, %05 %b %2015 %03:%Mar:%th 3MarGMT+0000,
The Celestial Opera Company,,  is looking for paid section leaders (tenor and bass) for its upcoming production of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci. The pay is $100.
If you are available/interested, please be in touch with your resume/experience and any conflict dates to
Our rehearsal schedule is below:
Thanks !
Chorus rehearsals:

·      March 15 at 7 pm -  Holy Family Grade School Music Room, 400 South Louise Street, Glendale, CA 91205

·      March 22 at 7 pm -  Holy Family Grade School Music Room, 400 South Louise Street, Glendale, CA 91205

·      Staging  Rehearals:
·      March 30 (Mon  7-10 pm) 1649 Yosemite Drive Los Angeles, CA 90041, Eagle Rock Covenant Church
·      April 4th (Sat 12-5) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030, The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      April 6  (Mon  7-10) 1649 Yosemite Drive Los Angeles, CA 90041, Eagle Rock Covenant Church
·      April 11th (Sat 12-6) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030, The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      April 12th (Sun 2-9) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030,  The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      April 13   (Mon  7-10) 1649 Yosemite Drive Los Angeles, CA 90041, Eagle Rock Covenant Church
·      April 18th (Sat 1-5:30) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030,  The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      April 19th (Sun 2-7) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030,  The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      April 20 (Mon  6-11) 1649 Yosemite Drive Los Angeles, CA 90041, Eagle Rock Covenant Church
·      April 25th  (Sat 1-5:30) 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030,  The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      Performances are:
·      Sun, April 26 4pm  1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030, The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      Sat, May 2 730 pm 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030, The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      Sun, May 3 4 pm 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030,  The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
·      Sat, May 9 730 pm 1424 Fremont Ave, S Pasadena 91030, The Woman's Club of S. Pasadena
eVoco Voice Collective presents "All-Night Vigil" at Christ Church Oyster Bay & St. Peter's By-the-Sea, Bayshore (Long Island) David Fryling, %05 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000
eVoco Voice Collective, under the direction of Dr. David Fryling, presents Rachmaninoff's "All-Night Vigil" in two nights of concerts, in two different counties on Long Island:

Saturday, October 25, 2014 @ 8:00 pm 
Christ Church Oyster Bay
61 East Main Street
Oyster Bay, NY
Sunday, October 26th, 2014 @ 4:00 pm 
St. Peter’s-by-the-Bay
500 S Country Rd
Bay Shore, NY 
Tickets are available online at
  • $10 student/senior
  • $20 general admission
  • Ticket prices go up $5 at the door–buy online!
More info at
2015 Symposium on American Choral Music Scott Dorsey, %09 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%th 22JanGMT+0000 ]]>CJ Replay: Developing Church Musicians Scott Dorsey, %15 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%th 18JanGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “The Training of Church Choir Leaders” by Russell Hammar)
       The greatest need in the field of church music today is for vital musicians, who are able to work with people; for persons who can develop the potential musical and spiritual resources in others. The choir director, therefore, must be much more than a well-rounded musician. He/she must also be a diplomat in the best sense of the word. I am convinced that the day has passed when churches are willing to tolerate or be hypnotized by cloistered, esoteric-mannered musicians.  Colleges and seminaries which are offering church music courses and degrees, have an obligation to their students of church music to stress the fundamental necessity of personal relationships as they influence the development of church choirs. The philosophical and psychological factors confronted in the church choir experience cannot be ignored if each church choir is to reach its maximum potential.
       The church choir director must consider such questions as:
  • What are the purposes and functions of the church choir beyond that of providing music for the church services?
  • What are the factors which best motivate the church choir member to give his/her time and energies to the church through his singing?
  • Is the choir member to be educated through this process of serving his/her church through music?
  • What are the rewards for the choir singer?
  • Does the church choir serve specific needs for artistic expression to its members? If it does, in what way does this happen?
READ the entire article.
Voci Women's Vocal Ensemble presents: Spring Forward! A Fundraiser Susan Sands, %05 %b %2015 %02:%Mar:%th 2MarGMT+0000 Voci Women's Vocal Ensemble for an intimate afternoon of music celebrating the coming of Spring. Featuring music from Voci's Fall and Spring concerts, as well as solo and ensemble music by a variety of artists.

Proceeds benefit our stunning, intergenerational women's choir in the East Bay.

Featured guests: members of REDSHIFT, a contemporary music ensemble with "dazzling technique and out-of-box creativity" (Lucid Culture NY) -- Piano, Clarinet, Flute

Includes reception of light appetizers and wine.

2015 Busan Choral Festival & Competition Robin Kim, %05 %b %2015 %02:%Mar:%th 2MarGMT+0000 the 11th Busan Choral Festival & Competition
For more information, please visit our webiste at

We are looking forward to meeting you this October!

Robin KIM, Overseas Team Director
Busan Choral - Korea Choral Institute
Nam-gu UN Pyungwha-ro 76-1 Busan Cultural Center
Busan, South Korea
+82-(0) 51-622-0534

2015 Busan Choral Composition Competition Workshops Robin Kim, %05 %b %2015 %03:%Mar:%th 3MarGMT+0000

WorkshopⅠ: Imant Raminsh

Time & Date: From 9:30 to 11:00AM, OCT 15, 2015
Venue: Busan Cinema Center, Busan, South Korea


Canada is the second largest country by area in the world. While aboriginal voices make their presence felt, its widely-spaced population is largely of immigrant origin, and many ethnic traditions and inflections can still be heard in its various regional musics.
Succeeding generations of Canadian composers have shared their cultural legacies and have give rise to a particularly rich choral repertoire. This short presentation will introduce participations to Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic, through its many and diverse choral voices.


The Atlantic Provinces - the Celtic heritage
Quebec - the French-Canadian legacy
Ontario - the British and colonial connection
The Prairie Provinces - the Germani, Mennonites, Ukrainians
British Columbia - beyond the mountains, looking westward to Asia and the "Pacific Rim"
The North - Canada's aboriginal lnuit voices

For more information, please visit our webiste at

We are looking forward to meeting you this October!

Robin KIM
Busan Choral - Korea Choral Institute
Nam-gu UN Pyungwha-ro 76-1 Busan Cultural Center
Busan, South Korea
+82-(0) 51-622-0534

2015 Busan Choral Festival & Competition: Composition Competition Robin Kim, %05 %b %2015 %03:%Mar:%th 3MarGMT+0000
Expiration of Opportunity: Tue, 2015-06-30
Entry Fee: 50.00
Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
2015 Composition Competition Regulations
Throughout its festival and competition history, Busan Choral has fostered cultural exchange and promoted high quality of choral music by attracting notable artists, conductors, and composers to one of Asia’s top choral festivals. The Busan Choral Composition Competition seeks to engage with aspiring young composers and to encourage the creation and performance of new works written for the choral music genre. The winning work will be premiered at the 2014 Busan Choral Festival & Competition during the week of October 14-17, 2015.

Composer must be born between JUN 30, 1995 and JUN 30, 1975 (exceptions may be considered under the CCC committee's review.)

Length and Format
  1. 3-10 minutes in duration
  2. Piece must be for unaccompanied, equal or mixed voices choir.
  3. Smaller, portable percussion instruments are allowed. (Xylophone, vibraphone and timpani not allowed).
  4. Text can be chosen from Latin, English or Korean. If another language is chosen, a detailed synopsis and pronunciation must be included in the score.
  5. Compositions must not have been previously published or awarded in previous composition competitions and never publicly per-formed.
Application (JUN 30, 2015 Deadline)
  1. Complete Application Form
  2. Résumé/CV (*.doc / *.docx)
  3. One high resolution photo (3,000dpi +)
  4. Copy of passport or ID Card with date of birth in JPEG format
  5. Score in PDF format
  6. English synopsis and pronunciation
  7. Audio recordings in MP3 format
  8. 5 original copies of the score mailed to the Busan Choral office by JUN 30, 2015 (Korea Standard Time). Submitted original copi-es of scores will be used only for judging so there MUST be No Personal Information Included on the score for a fair evaluation. Scores submitted to the Busan Choral office will not be returned.
  9. A written statement by the composer must accompany the application stating that the work is unpublished, has never been awar-ded in a previous competition and guarantees that the composition is an original work.
  10. By submitting this application, the composer agrees to transfer publication rights to Busan Choral, make audio and video recor-dings, share rights with TV, radio and other media outlets. Copyright will be retained by the composer.
Application Fee
  1. $50
  2. Deadline: JUN 30, 2015
  1. Winners will be announced on AUG 3, 2015 on BCFC Website.
  2. Composition will be judged by a panel of international jury. The jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  1. First Prize : $1,000
    1. i. The top prize winning work will be premiered at the 2015 BCFC in the week of October 14-17, 2015.
    2. ii. Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
    3. iii. International composers will be provided with round-trip ticket. Domestic composers will be provided with travel exps.
  2. Second Prize : $800
    1. i. Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
    2. ii. International composers will be provided with HALF of round-trip ticket. Domestic composers will be provided with travel expenses.
  3. Third Prize : $500
    1. Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
  4. All meals are to be borne by winners (except Breakfast).
Publication and Rights
  1. Busan Choral and the Korea Choral Institute will hold publication rights of the score. Busan Choral will hold performance and re-cording rights for up to two years following the results of the competition. This will be negotiated between Busan Choral and the composer.
  2. The winning work cannot be submitted for future composition competitions.
  1. Application : By JUN 30, 2015
  2. Application Fee : By JUN 30, 2015
  3. Result Announcement : On AUG 3, 2015
  4. Sending 5 Original Copies of Scores: By JUN 30, 2015 (in the Mail)
BCFC Bank Information
  1. Beneficiary : KCI (Korea Choral Institute)
  2. Bank : BUSAN BANK (Daeyeondong Branch)
  3. Account Number : 154-2000-0274-07
  4. Swift Code : PUSBKR2P
  5. Address : 1740-8, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
International Choir Festival competition 'The voice of wealth' Julia Kiss, %04 %b %2015 %21:%Mar:%th 21MarGMT+0000
International Choir Festival-Competition for those who love the sound of voice.

The competition is held in the picturesque place of Catalonia – in a national modern theater, at Lloret de Mar.

The Gala concert of festival-competition “Voice Of Wealth” will be held on the stage of the amazing Catholic church of Santa Maria.
The high arches of the temple and the adjusted proportion alone provide the perfect vocal sound.

The listeners and the performers themselves derive great pleasure from the acoustics embedded in the architecture of the building itself.
More info:
Houston Boychoir Summer Concert Tour Carole Nelson, %04 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%th 20MarGMT+0000
The Houston Boychoir will be on a concert tour from June 9th through June 14th, 2015. If you are in Texas, Arkansas or Oklahoma we would like to get to know you. We welcome the opportunity to sing a concert for you at your church, school or retirement community.
One of our favorite touring events is to sing with other choirs. 
If you would like to host the Houston Boychoir with your choir, it would be a fun musical exchange
and allow the singers to get to know one another through their music.
Our programs are a flexible mix of sacred classical repertoire and secular, folk and show tunes.
We are traveling by bus and have flexibility of scheduling within those dates.
We look forward to singing for you and with you and always to making new friends while on the road.
If you might be interested but want more information, you can contact me directly at
Thank you so very much,
To learn more about Houston Boychoir please visit our website:
Bach's St. John Passion - Music in the Somerset Hills Stephen C Sands, %04 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%th 20MarGMT+0000
Under the leadership of Artistic Director Stephen Sands, the Somerset Hills Community Chorus along with award-winning soloists and Baroque Orchestra will be performing J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion on Sunday March 22, 2015 at 2pm. The concert will be held at St. Mary’s Abbey at Delbarton School in Mendham, New Jersey. Special lighting effects and supertitles providing translations throughout the work will be provided for an enhanced musical experience. Julianne Baird, soprano, and Dann Coakwell as the Evangelist will be featured soloists.
Soprano soloist Julianne Baird is a distinguished professor at Rutgers University in Camden and an active performer with a glittering career in baroque opera and oratorio. Specializing in Bach’s Evangelist roles, Dann Coakwell is a sought-after international performer of Bach and Handel, an enthusiast of Benjamin Britten’s works, and recently debuted at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. Members of The Sebastians, an ensemble that specializes in baroque and classical music, will comprise the accompanying orchestra.
This concert is presented by Music in the Somerset Hills which is an organization dedicated to education, artistry and community through music. Its mission is to provide musical experiences of the highest quality to those who live and work in the Somerset Hills and the surrounding communities. The 2014-15 concert series consists of seven concerts, all at local venues, and all of them featuring distinguished musicians. In October, Julianne Baird sang a special program at MISH’s annual gala at Trump International Golf Club in Bedminster.  In December, the Somerset Hills Community Chorus gave a Christmas concert that included John Rutter’s Gloria and other holiday works.  Other concerts have presented solo and small ensemble musicians. 
The St. John Passion will be presented at Delbarton School located at 230 Mendham Road, Morristown, New Jersey. Tickets are $10 for students, $15 for seniors (65+), $20 for adult general admission, $30 for Reserved seating and $50 for Angel Donor preferred seating. To order tickets online, visit:, or call us at 973-339-7719. More information about the featured soloists can be found at:
Petite Messe Solennelle - Drexel University Chorus Hannah Rechtschaffen, %04 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%th 20MarGMT+0000 rarely performed piece, the Drexel University Chorus is excited to perform Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. The Petite Messe Solennelle is the most substantial of the works written during Rossini's later years, and indeed it is one of the most remarkable compositions of his whole career, demonstrating his ability to write beautiful melodies (often frankly operatic in character), an unfailing sense of colour and drama, and great contrapuntal skill. Its title exemplifies Rossini’s characteristic wit, as it is of course neither petite nor particularly solemn. The music ranges from hushed intensity to boisterous high spirits, and abounds in the memorable tunes and rhythmic vitality for which Rossini became justly famous.
Please join us at Drexel University, Main Auditorium, Main Building at 3:00pm on March 15th.
Tickets are $3 for students/seniors and $8 general admission.
Calling All Singers in Orlando! Sharon Boyajian, %04 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%th 19MarGMT+0000
The Concert Choir at First Church invites you to come sing in the Spring Concert entitled “Make A Joyful Noise,” which will be held on Sunday, April 19 at 7 pm.    Featuring “Gloria” by Karl Jenkins and other works with members of the Orlando Philharmonic.
How can I be a part of the Concert Choir?
Join us for an open rehearsal on Sunday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  Our address is 142 E Jackson St., Orlando, Florida 32801.
For information, call 4078496080 x138 or email ]]>
Re-building New York Ensemble Sig Rosen, %04 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%th 16MarGMT+0000
Soliciting inquiries from singers for fall auditions TBA. Repertoire will be mainly Medieval/ pre-tridentine liturgical work of rarely performed masters, coupled with instrumental/secular antecedents. Musicological interests and collegium experience highly desired. A cappella, with occasional instrumental -/colle parte. 
History of pioneering recordings.
Secular, not-for-profit organization founded 1960. Scholarships available based upon resources obtained.
do contact us directly through this site or by phone at 212 740 4050 
Sigmund Rosen
Call for Singers! Christopher Hansen, %04 %b %2015 %18:%Mar:%th 18MarGMT+0000
The Davis Street United Methodist Church in Burlington North Carolina seeks volunteer singers to join in singing their Easter Cantata.  The current 26-member choir wishes to add voices to the choir in order to perform with orchestra.  All voices are welcome!  The Cantata will be performed as part of the Easter Sunday morning worship service.  If interested in this singing opportunity please contact Chris Hansen at
Middle School/Jr. High Honor Choir - Salt Lake City Jan Tuin, %04 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%th 16MarGMT+0000 didn't get a chance to order a DVD of the Middle School/Jr. High Honor choir at the national convention in Salt Lake and now can't remember the name of the recording company. Can anyone supply me with that information? ]]>Choir Director Maryanne Specht, %04 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%th 17MarGMT+0000 United Methodist Church is seeking a dynamic and energetic individual to join staff and volunteers in growing a music program that leads to spiritual growth across our congregation and community.  The successful candidate will be familiar with traditional and contemporary church music, and will direct our Chancel, Youth and Bell Choir.
Interested candidates for this part-time position should send cover letter and resume top:
Rev. Anna Thomas
Centenary United Methiodist Church
200 Hillside Ave
Metuchen, NJ 08840 or via email to:
Part-Time Middle School General Music Teacher Monica Boylan, %04 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%th 16MarGMT+0000
Germantown Academy, a coeducational PreK-12 independent school with 1,100 students in Fort Washington, PA, seeks a part-time, experienced, dynamic general music teacher to start in August 2015.  This is a 10-month position.  Salary is highly competitive and commensurate with experience.  Please find the job description below.
Key Responsibilities:
The general music teacher will teach at least three sections of general music to sixth, seventh, and/or eighth grade students. Depending on the talents and strengths of the successful candidate, there may be other opportunities including: private lesson instruction and/or band, chorus, or string ensemble support.
  1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in music education, music performance, or a related field
  2. Experience teaching middle school, and a demonstrated desire to work with middle school students
  3. A diverse range of musical experiences is preferred.
Candidates who meet these criteria should send a cover letter, resume, and a list of at least three current references to:
Ms. Rachel Elwood
Human Resources Director
Germantown Academy
340 Morris Road
PO Box 287
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Or to:
Instant Christmas Classic!!! David von Kampen's "A Cradle Hymn" | MusicSpoke Aliana Kae, %04 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000's never to early to start planning your holiday programming! "A Cradle Hymn" is David von Kampen's stunning Christmas piece for SATB chorus unaccompanied. The opening extended vocalise is easily singable by the whole choir and creates an amazing mood. This score is well-suited to children's and youth choirs or college and university choirs who are looking for something simple and splendid! The presentation of the text by Isaac Watts is expressive and perfect for any Christmas celebration. This is a classic not to be missed. Hear it, see it, buy David von Kampen's "A Cradle Hymn" on MusicSpoke!  ]]>Church Choir Director's Workshop in Minnesota in June Rikka Estenson, %04 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%th 16MarGMT+0000 
David Cherwien, Director of the National Lutheran Choir, is the guest clinician for this 4-day workshop at Mount Carmel Conference Center in Alexandria, MN.
Cantabile is a workshop for directors and singers of church choirs. Besides relaxing on beautiful Lake Carlos and sharing ideas with other church musicians, you will sing and examine 30 anthems suitable for choirs of all ages. Anthems are appropriate for all church settings and span the entire church year. Other workshop clinicians are Rolf Anderson, Rikka Estenson, and Kay Hoffland.
To receive a brochure and register visit or call 320-846-2744.
Register by May 1 and receive $20 off your workshop fee!
Acappellago presents its annual spring concert Patricia Smith, %04 %b %2015 %14:%Mar:%th 14MarGMT+0000
Acappellago presents "Escape to... Where the River Meets the Sea" on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 7:30 pm & Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 4:00 pm.
Sail away with Acappellago in our spring presentation featuring the rich choral literature which explores our relationship with the water. Whether on the bonny banks of "Loch Lomond," beside the "Shenandoah," or at a "Seaside Rendezvous," we know you'll enjoy the many ways that composers and lyricists have been inspired by the magic of rivers and seas. Our program includes classical pieces, spirituals, popular songs, and contemporary music including the very exciting "Tides of Ocean" by Australian composer Matthew Orlovich and the Chicago premiere of "Where go the Boats?' by Dale Trumbore whom you may have met at the ACDA conference in SLC.
The Saturday, March 14th performance will be held at Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook, IL and the Sunday, March 15th performance will be held at the Congregational Church of Batavia, IL. Tickets are $17, $15 seniors and students and are available by calling 708-484-3797 or online at:
Big Sky Choral Initiative - Summer Program w/ The Crossing Kevin Krasinski, %04 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000 SKY CHORAL INITIATIVE

July 19th – 25th, 2015

A seven-day mountain training and performance experience for aspiring singers and conductors and a career development opportunity for high caliber professionals. High up in the mountains of Montana, the Choral Initiative is an artistic partnership between the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and The Crossing, and the project aims to bring a small group of top talent together in an environment that supports rigorous training and fosters the creation of inspiring new music.


SATURDAY, March 7th, 2015
Chicago, IL (Northwestern University, 11:00 – 2:00 P.M.)
Philadelphia, PA (Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill)

For any additional inquiries, contact John Zirkle at


Donald Nally

Donald Nally is conductor, Spoleto USA, and for many seasons at the Spoleto Festival in Italy. He has served as artistic director of the Vocal Arts Ensemble of Cincinnati and the Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, recipient of the Margaret Hillis Award for Excellence in Choral Music. Among the many ensembles Donald has guest conducted are the LA Philharmonic, the American Composers Orchestra, Latvian State Choir in Riga, the Grant Park Symphony Chorus in Chicago, the Philharmonic Chorus of London, and the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, His ensembles have sung with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Ballet, Spoleto USA, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia Cymru, RAI National Symphony Orchestra, and I.C.E.; his work is heard on numerous recordings on the Chandos, Navona, and Innova record labels.  In 2012 Donald received both the alumni merit award from Westminster Choir College and the Louis Botto Award for Innovative Action and Entrepreneurial Zeal from Chorus America. His book, Conversations with Joseph Flummerfelt, was published in 2011.


The Crossing is a professional chamber choir conducted by Donald Nally and dedicated to new music. Consistently recognized in critical reviews, The Crossing has been hailed as “ardently angelic” (Los Angeles Times, 4/14) and “something of a miracle” (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/14). Formed by a group of friends in 2005, the ensemble’s reputation has since grown exponentially and “has made a name for itself in recent years as a champion of new music.” (The New York Times, 2/14). Highly sought-after for collaborative projects, The Crossing was the resident choir of the Spoleto Festival, Italy in 2007; appeared at Miller Theatre of Columbia University in the American premiere of James Dillon’s Nine Rivers with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE); joined Bang on a Can’s first Philadelphia Marathon; and has appeared with the American Composers Orchestra, Network for New Music, Lyric Fest, Piffaro, red fish blue fish, Tempesta di Mare Baroque Chamber Orchestra, PRISM Saxophone Quartet, Toshimaru Nakamura, Dolce Suono, and in the summer of 2013, The Rolling Stones. The ensemble has sung in such venues as Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; they made their Lincoln Center debut this past summer in a world premiere of John Luther Adams in a collaboration with the Mostly Mozart Festival, Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival, eighth blackbird, Jack Quartet, and TILT brass.

Silent Rehearsal Harriet Jarmon, %04 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%th 15MarGMT+0000 teach middle school choir and have noticed that periodically our band teacher has her classes have "silent rehearsals". Has anybody ever tried this with your choir? If so, what are some of the things you focus on, hope to accomplish, and what are the outcomes?  ]]>Director of Music and Liturgy Randall Castello, %04 %b %2015 %07:%Mar:%th 7MarGMT+0000

Director of Music and Liturgy needed for Lutheran Church of Honolulu (ELCA). We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation with a long and rich history of serving diverse members of the community and performing high quality music for faithful worship and community concerts. The director provides faithful, professional leadership in planning and preparing music appropriate to the liturgy, coordinates and hires auxiliary musicians, and works with clergy and lay staff collaboratively to nurture and uphold deep spirited worship with reverence and joy. Please see our website for a complete job description and for more information on our church:

The director plans, rehearses, and conducts two Sunday morning services and one evening prayer service 2x month. Piano/keyboard skills are required for the early Sunday service, but an organist is present for the choral service. The director must be available and present for Advent/Christmas and Holy Week/Easter services. Other occasional services and/or concert opportunities may also be required. The position requires approximately 25 hours per week. Salary offered: $38,000 to $40,000 annually - depending on skill, education and experience. Health insurance offered.

Application Process

Interested candidates should send cover letter, resume and 3 professional references no later than March 31, 2015. Candidates must also submit one-page plans for each of the two Sunday services for the feast of Pentecost using Lectionary Cycle Year B:

· One service in contemporary Lutheran liturgical style (i.e. Marty Haugen/David Haas)

· One service in formal Lutheran Choral Eucharistic style

(Do not send audio or video files.)

Please send application materials to:

Lutheran Church of Honolulu ~ 1730 Punahou St. ~ Honolulu, HI 96822 ~ Attn: Selection Committee - Director of Music and Liturgy,

Or email to: with subject: Director of Music and Liturgy candidate

Choral Music for the Soul: Schubert Mass in G, Mozart Ave verum corpus, Vaughan William, Howells, Durufle, Rizza, Rutter Scott Lamlein, %04 %b %2015 %11:%Mar:%th 11MarGMT+0000
Choral Music for the Soul
The St. John’s Youth and Adult Choirs, with organ and chamber orchestra
Scott Lamlein, director - Floyd Higgins, organ
Sunday, March 15, 2015, 4:00 p.m.
Sacred Music at the Red Door, at St. John's Episcopal Church
679 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119
Admission is free; donations accepted. Suggested donation: $20
The St. John’s Choirs present sublime choral works from Vienna, and from the Anglican and American choral tradition, with chamber orchestra and organ. Disconnect from the outside world, and connect with the sacred, in this concert that includes Schubert’s beautiful Mass in G, Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus, and many other beautiful works.
Ave verum corpus, K. 618                                                       Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (1756-1791)
Mass No. 2 in G Major, D. 167                                                                  Franz Schubert (1797-1828) 
I.     Kyrie                                                                                                
II.    Gloria
III.   Credo
IV.   Sanctus
V.    Benedictus
VI.   Agnus Dei
Margaret Beers, soprano; Matthew Reid, tenor; Nick Filippedes, baritone; Aaron Krerowicz, bass.
Choral varié sur le theme du “Veni Creator”, Op. 4                                                                                          Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986)     
                               Floyd Higgins, organ, with chant sung by the Men of the St. John’s Choir
from Quatre Motets sur des Thèmes Grégoriens op. 10:  Ubi caritas                               Maurice Duruflé
from Five Mystical Songs:  Antiphon: Let All the World                 Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1968)
How Can I Keep from Singing                                                                                Edward Tyler, 1995
The St. John’s Combined Choirs
I Sing a Song of the Saints of God                                                                     Michael Bedford, 2004
O God, My Heart Is Ready                                                                                 Peter Niedmann, 2005
My Eyes for Beauty Pine                                                                            Herbert Howells (1892-1983)
The St. John’s Youth Choir
Sing Me to Heaven                                                                                       Daniel E. Gawthrop, 1991
You Are the Center                                                                                               Margaret Rizza, 1997
The St. John’s Combined Choirs
Sing My Soul, Thy Perfect Love                                                                                 Ned Rorem, 1962
Like as the Hart Desireth the Waterbrooks                                                                    Herbert Howells
The St. John’s Adult Choir
I Hear a Voice a-Prayin’                                                                              Houston Bright (1916-1970)
A Gaelic Blessing                                                                                                       John Rutter, 1978
The St. John’s Combined Choirs
Building Skills 17 Richard Sparks, %12 %b %2015 %02:%Feb:%th 2FebGMT+0000 from Daniel Coyle:  Tip #27 Close Your Eyes
As Coyle explains, "One of the quickest ways to deepen practice is also one of the simplest: Close your eyes. . . It sweeps away distraction and engages your other senses to provide new feedback. It helps you engrave the blueprint of a task on your brain by making even a familar skill seem strange and fresh."
I realized while reading this that I've asked my choir to close their eyes and sing in the past, but I haven't done it for quite a while. This does several things: as Coyle mentions, it "sweeps away distraction" and makes "even a familiar skill seem strange and fresh." But it also forces the choir to listen much more intensely. They have to listen and use other skills (maintaining an inner sense of pulse) to stay together as an ensemble without watching you conduct (and perhaps you realize you aren't as necessary as you thought! Or better, you can use your gesture more for shape and direction than keeping time).
I do sometimes stop conducting and ask my ensemble to sing without me—I want them to shape phrases independently, to concentrate on subtle details of ensemble, even learning to feel ritards together.
But I'll remember to ask them to close their eyes now and then.
April Choral Journal Now Available Scott Dorsey, %03 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%rd 17MarGMT+0000
The April issue of the Choral Journal is now available at the ACDA website.  The issue includes such articles as:
   <> Exploring the Science of Ensemble: Gestures, Emotion, and Collaboration in Choral Music Making (Seighman)
   <> Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Choral Conductor and the Mirror Neuron System (Pietilainen-Caffrey)
   <> Effective Conducting in the Choral Classroom: An Interview with Rodney Eichenberger by Adam Con
   <> Working with Operatic Soloists in the Ensemble (Henderson)
   <> A Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Working with the Adolescent Brain/Voice (Blue)
   <> Helping Singers Learn: Why Teach Words First (Rafe)
    . . . and MUCH more
The April issue will be in members' mailboxes soon, buy why wait for the postal service?  Read the Choral Journal online today.
Name That Choir Tune (No. 26) Scott Dorsey, %03 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%rd 19MarGMT+0000
Women's Chorale Director (Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota) Garrett Lathe, %04 %b %2015 %05:%Mar:%th 5MarGMT+0000 TITLE:    Women’s Chorale Conductor

ORGANIZATION:    Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota 

ORGANIZATION SUMMARY:  The Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota (YCCM), founded in 2005, is an organization that offers a high quality choral experience for auditioned high school singers in Central Minnesota. YCCM currently offers a mixed-gender choir, a women’s choir, and a small chamber ensemble.

TERM:     Twelve-month part-time position, Concert season running September through May

COMPENSATION:    Commensurate with experience and qualifications

REPORTS TO:    Artistic Director 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  YCCM's Women's Chorale, established in 2011, is an auditioned ensemble of singers in grades 9-12. The Women's Chorale Conductor will be responsible for selection of music, arrangements for concerts, and running weekly rehearsals. The Women’s Choir Conductor will also operate in the broader scope of the organization as a member of the artistic staff, complying with the mission and values of the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota. The Women’s Chorale typically performs between 4-6 performances each year.


  1. Artistic and Educational Programming:
    • ​​Plan, schedule and conduct all rehearsals and performances so as to assure sound pedagogical training appropriate for the adolescent female voice.
    • Program appropriate repertoire to meet the mission of the choir.
    • In collaboration with Artistic Director, pursue and facilitate commissions when applicable.
    • In collaboration with the Artistic Director and Executive Director, seek out and facilitate rich collaboration opportunities.
    • Together with the Artistic Director, supervise and provide an enriching educational experience for college music interns.
  2. Communications:
    • Through effective collaboration and communication, assist in establishing a successful team with Artistic Director and Executive Director.
    • Clearly communicate expectations for choir members as outlined in YCCM policies.
    • In collaboration with Executive and Artistic Director, establish and execute a system of regular communication with choir members and parents.
  3. Singer Management: 
    • In collaboration with Artistic Director, recruit choir candidates and select members through a fair audition process.
    • Facilitate management of student absences.
    • Hold choir members accountable to established expectations as outlined in YCCM policies.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music Education.

  • Expertise and experience in conducting women’s choir preferred.

  • Demonstrated ability to organize multiple priorities and projects and produce results in a timely fashion.

  • Effective writing skills.

  • Effective interpersonal skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team and contribute to a positive working environment.

  • Hours must be flexible enough to accommodate Sunday rehearsals at St. John’s University, meetings with Artistic and Executive Directors, and monthly Board Meetings.

  • Must provide own transportation.

  • Computer skills necessary, with demonstrated ability in Google documents, spreadsheets, email, and manipulating basic documents, forms, etc.  

  • Must possess the ability to stand, sit, lift up to 40 pounds, twist, bend, maneuver equipment and musical apparatus.

INQUIRIES:     Any questions regarding the position can be sent to Artistic Director Garrett Lathe

TO APPLY:      Email cover letter, résumé, and three letters of reference to the Search Committee <>.

Review of applicants will begin on April 1

POSITION BEGINS:  July 1, 2015  (season begins September 2015)

2nd Kips Bay Choral Festival Grant Mech, %04 %b %2015 %00:%Mar:%th 0MarGMT+0000 Shepherd Singers, led by Grant Mech, and The Caldwell University Chorale under the direction of Dr. Laura Greenwald present music of Palestrina, Mundy, Brahms, Stainer, and more, accompanied by guest organist Stanley Fink.  The handbell and piano team of Akiko Hosaki and Hyosang Park, Duo Grazioso, will also present some hymn arrangements and music of Tchaikovsky and Khachaturian.
The concert is free and open to the public.
The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd: 240 East 31st St., New York, NY 10016
Issues with school choirs singing in a local church venue for concert? Jeff Dixon, %03 %b %2015 %22:%Mar:%rd 22MarGMT+0000 all,
I am in my second year at a small high school of 750, and have two choirs of around 30 members each. Historically, attendance for our performances are relatively low (100-120 people) in our beautiful, giant auditorium that seats the entire student body. My theatre colleague and his sound engineer students set up our stage with mics and monitors for my choirs to be heard, but understandably it is not a very natural sound. Just a few weeks ago my choirs sang at a local church and sounded absolutely fantastic,  having finally experiencing the natural resonant quality that comes from singing in an acousticly forgiving space.
     I have a meeting with my administration in the next couple of days about changing the venue from our auditorium to the local church. I expect Separation of Church and State issues to arise with at least one of my admins, does anyone have  advice or experience performing a concert in a 'religous space' and how to present it sympathetically to my administration?
Alto Section Leader Nicholas Thomas, %03 %b %2015 %21:%Mar:%rd 21MarGMT+0000 Isaac Jogues Catholic Church in Hinsdale, Illinois is looking for an alto section leader for the parish choir. The alto section leader music have good sight-reading skills. The choir performs a wide variety of musical styles, presenting 3 choral anthems at the 10:30 Liturgy each week. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the choir room. The choir sings at the 10:30 Liturgy each week with a 10 a.m. call. The choir also sings at all the major feast days along with all the services during Holy Week. The choir season is September throught June. The stipend is $50.00 per call. If interested please send an email to or you can leave a message on the music office phone 630.655.6669.
Position is available immediately.
FREE MUSIC: New 18th Century Edition for SATB Choir Martin Banner, %03 %b %2015 %21:%Mar:%rd 21MarGMT+0000 have a very limited number of copies left of my new edition of Johann Michael Haydn's IPSA VIRGO VIRGINUM, published by Carl Fischer Music,  for SATB choir with keyboard accompaniment (optional strings, oboes, trumpets, timpani and continuo). This piece would work well for high school and college level choirs. If you'd like to receive a complimentary copy of the vocal score, please message me with your snail mail (NOT email) address. First come, first served! ]]>Children's Choir Director Edward Landin, %03 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%rd 20MarGMT+0000
Children’s Choir Director
Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, is seeking a part-time (about 5 hours per week, including some evening and weekend commitments) Children’s Choir Director. The successful candidate will:
  • coordinate and lead the Carol Choir (Kindergarten-1st grade) and Beginners Choir (2nd- 3rd grade)
  • participate in other artistic and program plans established by the Fine Arts department and in annual Vacation Bible Camp (late June)
  • work collaboratively with full-time, part-time, contract, and volunteer staff
  • model a Christian faith and spirituality
The Children’s Choir Director is a member of the Fine Arts staff reporting to the Assistant Director of Music, Edward Landin.
Experience: The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree; possess strong keyboard, early childhood, and vocal skills; have demonstrated the ability to recruit, train, mentor and inspire volunteers; have administrative and organizational skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills; and will not be a member of the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.
Salary: Competitive salary
If interested, please send a letter of inquiry and resume to:
Jeffrey Brillhart
Director of Music and Fine Arts
Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
625 Montgomery Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA  19010
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Delivers Magical Sound to Washington, D.C. following ACDA Appearance! Stephanie Aboukasm, %03 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%rd 20MarGMT+0000 magnificent Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste and fresh off the heels of their appearance at the ACDA National Conference, created quite the buzz last night with an electric performance at National City Christian Church  in Washington, D.C. The ensemble celebrated anniversaries of major choral conductors, Jean Sibelius (150), Veljo Tormis (85), and Arvo Pärt (80). Audience members were stunned by the choir's enchanting sound and exciting repertoire. The concert was presented by Serenade! International Choral Series. 
MCI Festival in Salzburg, Austria for The Sound of Music Betty Frable, %03 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%rd 20MarGMT+0000 Arizona-based San Tan Chorale and Fountain Hills Community Chorus for our summer tour. Whether you participate as a vocalist or guest, you are in for a magnificent and unique concert celebration and tour to Salzburg, Austria. Be part of a massed choir performing a newly commissioned world premiere medley of The Sound of Music for the movie's 50th anniversary festivities. Contact for more details of local rehearsal schedule in Fountain Hills and Mesa as well as a full tour brochure. We've room for six more in our group so contact us soon! ]]>#tweet: birdsongs and tech with Santa Clara University Choirs Scot Hanna-Weir, %03 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%rd 19MarGMT+0000 Santa Clara University Choirs under the direction of Dr. Scot Hanna-Weir will present an innovative concert of birdsongs and technology. Featuring two world premieres and one second performance alongside Renaissance and Romantic repertoire, the concert is a fresh look at inspiration and the forces of change. Come in person or watch the live stream
For ticket information and a full program, visit:
For the live stream, visit:
Santa Clara University Choirs
Scot Hanna-Weir, conductor
Dan Cromeenes, piano
Mission Santa Clara
Friday, March 6, 2015
7:30 pm Pacific Standard Time
- Program - 
B. RUVIARO (b.1976) | #tweets (2015) | sound installation
E. WHITACRE (b.1970) | little birds (2000)
E. DIEMER (b. 1927) | i know a bird (1990)
- SCU Concert Choir
J. LENNON (1940-1980) P. McCARTNEY (b. 1942) | blackbird (1968)
- SCU Supertonic
C. JANEQUIN (1485-1588) | le chant des oiseaux (1529)
J. ARCADELT (1507-1568) S. HANNA-WEIR (b. 1981) | il bianco e dolce cigno... e dolce cigno (1539 / 2014)
- Bruno Ruviaro, electonics
S. GENDEL (b. 1977) | #dreamsongs (2014) | *world premiere*
- Songyi Chun, cello
- SCU Chamber Singers
- Intermission - 
L. RENÉ (1902-1982) | rockin' robin (1958)
- SCU Vocalicious
M. KHUMALO (b. 1932) | akhala amaqhude amabili (1998)
B. RUVIARO S. HANNA-WEIR | sympathy (2015) | *world premiere*
- Rachel Law, soprano
V. TENG (b. 1978) | hymn of acxiom (2013)
- SCU Concert Choir
A. BETINIS (b. 1980) | be like the bird (2009)
M. SEDEK (b. 1985) | little bird (2010)
S. BARBER (1910-1981) | under the willow tree | from vanessa
- Maggie Simons, mezzo-soprano
- SCU Chamber Singers
F. MENDELSSOHN (1807-1849) | die nachtigal (1843)
J. BRAHMS (1833-1897) | ein kleiner, hübscher vogel (1868-9) | from liebeslieder waltzer
J. BRAHMS | nachtigall, sie singt so schön (1868-9) | from liebeslieder waltzer
P.D.Q. BACH (1807-1742)? | the passionate shepherd to his love (1981) | from liebeslieder polkas, s. 2/4
- Dan Cromeenes and Melissa Lin, piano
- SCU Concert Choir
BRIAR CLIFF UNIVERSITY SINGERS - Spectrum - Southern Spirit Choir Tour Sean Burton, %03 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%rd 19MarGMT+0000 Briar Cliff University Singers and Chamber Choir of Sioux City, Iowa will present an eclectic program titled "Spectrum" during their "Southern Spirit Choir Tour."  The repertoire list and list of engagements are as follows (all events are free admission):
Three Madrigals - Emma Lou Diemer
Full Fathom Five - Paul Carey (SATB version commissioned for the BCU Singers)
Gate Gate - Brian Tate
Adiemus - Karl Jenkins
Lord of the Small - Dan Forrest
The Whisper - Craig Courtney
Sing Me to Heaven - Daniel Gawthrop
Sing We and Chant It - Thomas Morley
O Vos Omnes - Tomas Luis de Victoria
Cantique de Jean Racine - Gabriel Faure
Psalm 23 - Franz Schubert
I'm Bound Away - arr. Donald Moore
Ave verum Corpus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Neighbors' Chorus (La jolie Parfumeuse) - Jacques Offenbach
Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace - Mary McDonald
I Am His Child - Moses Hogan
Amazing Grace - arr. Keith McCutchen
Tuesday March 3, 2015, Concert at Our Lady of Grace Chapel, Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, Iowa, 7 p.m.
Friday March 6, 2015, Concert at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church and Student Center, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, 7 p.m.
Saturday March 7, 2015, Joint-Concert at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday March 8, 2015, Worship Service at First Presbyterian Church, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 10:30 a.m.
Monday March 9, 2015, Exchange at University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 11 a.m.
Monday March 9, 2015, Concert at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, New Orleans, Louisiana, 7 p.m.
Wednesday March 11, 2015, Worship Service at First United Methodist Church, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, 5:30 p.m.
Dr. Sean Burton, conductor
Dr. Jeremy Owens, accompanist
John Krager, student conductor
University of Washington Choral Festival Ryan Mullaney, %03 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%rd 19MarGMT+0000 Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton Choral Depart­ment will host the UW Choral "Festival of Excellence" and guest clin­i­cian Dr. Eric John­son of North­ern Illi­nois Uni­ver­sity on April 13, 2015 at the Meany The­ater for the Per­form­ing Arts at UW.  Your stu­dents will enjoy a video­taped on-stage clinic with Dr. John­son, an off-stage clinic with Dr. Geof­frey Boers, Direc­tor of Choral Activ­i­ties at UW, and a spe­cial direc­tors lun­cheon.  Visit the UW Choral Fes­ti­val Page for all the details and reg­is­tra­tion flyer!
  • On Stage Per­for­mance and Clinic with Eric Johnson
  • Off-Stage Clin­ics with the UW Choral Faculty
  • HD Video of your per­for­mance and clinic
  • HD Video feed­back from each conductor
  • Writ­ten and ver­bal comments
  • Per­for­mances by UW Cham­ber Singers and Uni­ver­sity Chorale
  • Director’s lun­cheon with Dr. Johnson

Cost $260*
*includes director’s lun­cheon
Apply by March 15, 2015
Email Dr. Geof­frey Boers for more details:

Reg­is­ter via mail by down­load­ing and fill­ing out the flyer below:
Make Checks Payable to:
UW School of Music, c/o Geof­frey Boers
Box 353450
Seat­tle, WA 98195–3450

San Francisco Bach Choir presents 'A Bach Sampler: A cantata, a mass, a motet' Martha Westland, %03 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%rd 19MarGMT+0000
San Francisco Bach Choir
Magen Solomon, Artistic Director
A BACH SAMPLER: A cantata, a mass, a motet  
with Rita Lilly, soprano; Heidi Waterman, mezzo-soprano; 
Kevin Baum, tenor; Nikolas Nackley, bass; 
and the Jubilate Orchestra
Join us on March 7 & 8 and savor three of J.S. Bach's choral masterpieces! 
Our program begins with the vibrant and intricate motet Lobet den Herrn, one of only six surviving motets by Bach. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the rarely-performed Lutheran Mass in F,  with its rich choral writing and beautiful arias, and featuring colorful oboes and virtuosic horns. Our concert will conclude with one of Bach's most beloved and dramatic cantatas, Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Sleepers, Awake!), as the watchman alerts the bridesmaids (the Church) to the approach of the bridegroom (Christ).
Motet No. 6: Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden, BWV 230
Missa in F, BWV 233
Domine Deus (Bass aria)
Qui tollis (Soprano aria)
Quoniam (Mezzo-soprano aria)
Cum Sancto Spiritu
Cantata: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 140
Chorale (Chorus)
Recitativo (Tenor)
Aria Duetto (Soprano, Bass)
Chorale (Tenor section)
Recitativo (Bass)
Aria Duetto (Soprano, Bass)
Chorale (Chorus)
Saturday, March 7, 8PM
Sunday, March 8, 4PM
Free lecture by John Prescott on Sunday, 3PM
At historic Calvary Presbyterian Church 
Fillmore and Jackson Streets, SF    
General Admission: Advance $30/Door $35
Senior (age 62+): Advance $25/Door $30
Students with ID: $10
Youth up to age 18: FREE
Weighted Fine Arts Credits Audra Dierksen, %03 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%rd 16MarGMT+0000 high school fine arts department is looking into a weighted fine arts credit for Art, Theatre, Band and Choir next year. Are there any other schools that currently have weighted choir? If so, what does this look like?
Thanks for all your advice in advance.
Audra Dierksen
Organist/Associate Music Director Mary Ashton, %03 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%rd 17MarGMT+0000
Job description: Organist/Associate Director of Music
St. David’s Episcopal Church, Austin, TX
We are seeking a dynamic musician and enthusiastic individual with extraordinary abilities in playing organ literature, leading of congregational singing, improvisation, piano skills, and choral conducting, as well as high levels of leadership, organization, and graceful communication.
The position is 3/4 time. Compensation is competitive in accord with AGO guidelines, and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Health and pension benefits are included in the package. The position includes two weeks of paid vacation (the number of weeks increasing over time) as well as one week of paid continuing education.
St. David’s is a progressive, music-loving congregation in downtown Austin, and one of the largest Episcopal Churches in Texas. The pipe organ in St. David’s Historic Church is a 55-rank, 3-manual Pilcher/Hofmann instrument, in a space that will be renovated for improved acoustics. The thriving music program includes three adult choirs, two children’s choirs, a youth choir, a handbell choir, and multiple instrumental ensembles.
If interested in applying for this position, please email the following to David Stevens (
  • Resume
  • Recordings of you playing:
    Two pieces of contrasting examples from literature for organ
    Three verses from two hymns of contrasting styles; including at least one verse of each reharmonized.
  • Three references
  • Optional:
    Video recording of rehearsal or performance with ensemble or choir
    Audio recording of examples of improvisation
    Samples of programs created or collaborated in creating other than organ recitals
We will begin reviewing resumes after April 6, 2015. 
The Organist/Associate Director of Music:
  • Plays for two large, Rite II services with choir on Sunday mornings. This includes playing organ literature, leading hymns and service music from the console, and playing with the choir on both piano and organ (including challenging organ and piano accompaniments, such as Anglican and baroque literature).
  • Plays for extra liturgical services (an average of thirteen per year in the Historic Church and three per year at St. David’s Trinity Center) and for concerts (an average of eight per year). The Associate Director sometimes selects and leads the music for these services/concerts.
  • Leads the St. David’s Singers, an adult choir that is open to those with all levels of musical experience and which is comprised thirty-five active singers. This includes overall leadership and teaching of the choir (with both a high musical standard and a compassionate spirit), conducting and playing for weekly Tuesday evening rehearsals, programming music in a variety of genres for the year (the choir sings in about seventeen services per year, including opportunities not limited to Sunday Eucharists), recruiting volunteer choristers, hiring paid choristers to join the choir once-per-month, communicating regularly and clearly to the choristers, and conducting and/or playing for the choir in services.
  • Leads two noontime concert series – the Lenten Concerts at Noon (on four Thursdays in Lent) and the Caroling at Noon concerts (on three Thursdays in December). This includes artist recruitment and relations, publicity, logistics, and designing the physical programs.
  • Organizes publicity (both within the parish and to the larger community) for special liturgical services and concerts, oversees music-related pages at the church’s web site, and edits (though does not design) service bulletins.
  • Plays for Wednesday evening Parish Choir rehearsals. The Parish Choir sings a wide range of advanced literature and is comprised of experienced choristers. The Choir serves three Sundays per month at the two Sunday morning services. The Associate Director of Music conducts (and plays) for the Parish Choir in the absence of the Director of Music.
  • Plays at Youth Choir rehearsals.
  • Plays at Children’s Choir rehearsals.
  • Arranges periodic music for instrumentalists and organ, and rehearses with instrumentalists and instrumental ensembles.
  • Assists the Director of Music in administration of the program.
  • Meets regularly with the other music staff members.
The Associate Director has the right of first refusal for weddings, blessings, and funerals (except in extraordinary circumstances where the family has a significant personal connection to another musician), which are compensated separately.

Please visit for more information on St. David's Episcopal Church. ]]>
Registration Open for Encore Chorale Summer Choral Institute at Chautauqua Institution, NY Jeanne Kelly, %03 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%rd 16MarGMT+0000
Encore Chorale will host a 6 day Summer Choral Institute for singers age 55+ at the famed Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua NY from August 30-September 4, 2015. Registration is now open and can be completed online here
This is the 8th year that Encore Chorale has hosted a choral institute at Chautauqua. Encore Chorale is the nation’s largest choral program for older adults. With 13 chorales in the Baltimore-Washington area and 5 affiliate chorales nationally, Encore is a non-profit organization that is quickly becoming the premier choral arts program serving the older adult singer.  Our Summer 2015 choral institute at Chautauqua will attract adult students from all over the country to learn a new art, or continue to perfect lifelong skills.  Participants do not audition, do not need to have any formal singing experience, and they may, at their option, be seated for rehearsals and performances.
The daily schedule includes 2 mandatory rehearsals each day, morning and afternoon, with optional movement/yoga classes in the morning and vocal technique and sectionals after lunch.  The repertoire includes classical selections, oratorio, American Songbook, Broadway favorites and more. Music is all SATB and is provided to participants in advance of arrival to aide in preparation for the program. The program fee includes accommodations and all meals at the Athenaeum Hotel, but a commuter rate for local attendees is also available. In the evening we present recitals and concerts featuring performers of local and national repute for the entertainment of the participants. These events are free and open to the public.  On the final day of the institute our program participants offer a grand finale concert that is free and open to friends, family and the community. 
Please share this information widely. In addition to the Choral Institute at Chautauqua Encore will host another Choral Institute earlier in the summer at Washington College in historical Chestertown MD from June 14-18, 2015. These are both truly wonderful programs and past participants have used them as both a mini-vacation to explore a new area, as well as an opportunity to learn and meet others with the same passion for singing.  Questions are welcome – please direct any inquiries to our office at 301-261-5747.  If you would like a brochure, just get in touch to or direct interested parties to our website, to download the brochure and registration form. 
Registration Open for Encore Chorale Summer Choral Institute at Washington College, MD Jeanne Kelly, %03 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%rd 16MarGMT+0000
Encore Chorale will host a 5 day Summer Choral Institute for singers age 55+ at Washington College in historic Chestertown, MD from June 14-18, 2015. Registration is now open and can be completed online here
This is the 8th year that Encore Chorale has hosted a Maryland choral institute. Encore Chorale is the nation’s largest choral program for older adults. With 13 chorales in the Baltimore-Washington area and 5 affiliate chorales nationally, Encore is a non-profit organization that is quickly becoming the premier choral arts program serving the older adult singer.  Our Summer 2015 Maryland choral institute will attract adult students from all over the country to learn a new art, or continue to perfect lifelong skills.  Participants do not audition, do not need to have any formal singing experience, and they may, at their option, be seated for rehearsals and performances.
The daily schedule includes 2 mandatory rehearsals each day, morning and afternoon, with optional movement/yoga classes in the morning and vocal technique and sectionals after lunch.  The repertoire includes classical selections, oratorio, American Songbook, Broadway favorites and more. Music is all SATB and is provided to participants in advance of arrival to aide in preparation for the program. The program fee includes accommodations and all meals on campus, but a commuter rate for local attendees is also available. In the evening we present recitals and concerts featuring performers of local and national repute for the entertainment of the participants. These events are free and open to the public.  On the final day of the institute our program participants offer a grand finale concert that is free and open to friends, family and the community. 
Please share this information widely. In addition to the Choral Institute at Washington College, Encore will host another Choral Institute later in the summer at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY from August 30-September 4. These are both truly wonderful programs and past participants have used them as both a mini-vacation to explore a new area, as well as an opportunity to learn and meet others with the same passion for singing.  Questions are welcome – please direct any inquiries to our office at 301-261-5747.  If you would like a brochure, just get in touch to or direct interested parties to our website, to download the brochure and registration form. 
2016 GRAMMY Music Educator Award Nomintations Sought Scott Dorsey, %03 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%rd 16MarGMT+0000
It’s time to nominate a truly exceptional music educator for the 2016 GRAMMY MUSIC EDUCATOR AWARD.
The inaugural award went to choral conductor and ACDA member, Kent Knappenberger.
LEARN MORE and then nominate that great music educator.
Lost cantata? Thomas H. Shellenberger, %03 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%rd 15MarGMT+0000
I'm trying to locate a cantata from the 70's (I think) based on the hymn "I Love to Tell the Story". i think it had a narrator, but am not sure about it.  I do remember the hymn being sung many times throughout the cantata.  Perhaps it presented the story of the hymn...but again, not sure about that. When I heard it years ago it was performed with a large choir and orchestra.  It was done at a local church. The church has had many choir directors over the ensuing years but the current director knows nothing about it and can't find it in their choral library.  There are still several of us who remember that performance so this isn't imaginary. Can any of you help us find what we're looking for?  If so please reply.  Thanks...
Looking for chorus performance & midi files of Thomas Bateson - Love is the fire ANAT SHABO, %03 %b %2015 %12:%Mar:%rd 12MarGMT+0000 everybody,
The Oratorio choir of Jerusalem is working on the mentioned above music.
We would appreciate any help
Anat P. Shabo (Ms.)
Help to plan a Highschool Concert Denham Pereira, %03 %b %2015 %11:%Mar:%rd 11MarGMT+0000 
I've been given the task of organizing a highschool concert with an all girl choir and I'm not sure where to begin. 
The concert needs to have a theme and the music of all genres (Jazz, Spiritual, Classical, Sacred, pop etc) need to have something that represents the theme and help the production flow smoothly. How does one go about choosing a theme? 
The Choir is a 45 all girl choir and I'm wondering where would be the best place to look for superb arrangements?  
Has anyone on here got any advice on how I can begin? Maybe share their experiences of producing a similiar concert? Some repertoire ideas? Some theme ideas?
Some good Jazz | Spiritual | pop | Classical arrangements? 

The concert is scheduled for end of August

... :)

Look forward to reading some helpful comments. 
Any help would be much appreciated! 

music on water/steam/industrial theme? Kate Simmons, %03 %b %2015 %11:%Mar:%rd 11MarGMT+0000 a possible choral performance in a steam+water museum (fine acoustics in those big old pumping houses!) -- I am looking for *a cappella* pieces to do with steam power and the industrial use of water -- no immediate titles spring to mind -- so I appreciate the collective wisdom of ChoralNet here
please note, I am NOT looking for pieces about water in terms of rainfall, lakes, seas, rivers, water of life, water of baptism, etc -- there are so many hundreds of pieces to choose from with this theme!
thank you in advance for your ideas
Kate Simmons
Roma Music Festival 2016 Gregor Laskowski, %03 %b %2015 %10:%Mar:%rd 10MarGMT+0000 International festival of choirs and orchestras in Rome (Italy)
09.03. - 13.03.2016
ROME – a multifaced myth
Names such as “Eternal City” or “Centre of the World” are not too modest. However, the Italian metropolis boasts them, and emphasizes its significance in the world history. During a short stay it is simply impossible to visit all attractions of the town whose history dates 3000 years back. Among the most important ones there are: the Vatican with St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps, the Catacombs, the Collosseum, the Roman Forum or Trastevere – the commercial district of Rome. You may enrich the cultural variety of this exceptional city by participating in concerts held in churches and concert halls during the Roma Music Festival.
Annelies-Southborough, Mass Robert Eaton, %03 %b %2015 %13:%Mar:%rd 13MarGMT+0000 fulll orchestral version of Whitbourn's Annelies will be presented at St. Mark's Arts Center, Southborough, MA on Sunday March 8.  Pre-concert talk by Joshua Jacobson at 3:00, concert to begin at 3:45.  Although the chamber version of this poignant work is frequently performed the original full orchestral version provides a rich and significantly different perspective. ]]>Community forum subscriptions are back! Martin Knowles, %03 %b %2015 %08:%Mar:%rd 8MarGMT+0000 you subscribed to messages in any/all of the Community Forums, you've probably noticed that things have been rather...quiet recently. That's due to a bug, which we've now fixed. You've likely gotten a lot of emails catching you up...and from now on, you'll get emails when someone posts in the usual way. Apologies for radio silence...and for the subsequent filling of your inbox! ]]>GUEST BLOG: "From Pop Dominance to Choral Artistry," by Joseph Brickey-Goldsmith Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2015 %15:%Feb:%th 15FebGMT+0000
Choral music has seen a dramatic surge of interest over the past few years thanks to popular primetime television shows such as Glee, The Sing-Off, etc.  While this is wonderful for choral programs, it also calls into question what to do when your students want to sing pop centric choral repertoire.  The transition from a "pop" dominated atmosphere to one centered around choral artistry is enough to keep a director awake at night. However, after some time, the benefits will out-weigh the struggle.  My students have stated they believe the fine choral arts require much more "dedication and nitpicking" during rehearsal; whereas, pop choral music is more focused on pleasing an audience.  
One of the primary goals of directing a choir, or any musical ensemble, is to build a solid foundation of musicianship.  Students who have mostly performed pop centric choral music will possibly resist the idea of learning and refining their musical skill set.  My students are no exception here. There will always be a student to convince!  Though, a rule I have is "You cannot say you hate a song until after the concert".  Fortunately, because of our "dedication and constant nitpicking", I've yet to hear a student utter those words. 
During the beginning of each semester, you will always be bombarded with the statement "We should do (insert name of pop song)".  Again, I am not immune to these requests and often say "I'll look into it but in the mean time let's start reading through this" as I hand out a jazz standard or composer similar to Moses Hogan and Eric Whitacre.  As usual, the newer or younger students turn their noses up a little to this new and unusual sound but with your enthusiasm and persistent rehearsal techniques they will soon become addicted to it.  In due time, your choirs, especially the advanced groups, will start avoiding the pop genre all together or use it as "fun and easy" crowd-pleasers to perform at a concert or graduation ceremony.  In all honesty, the main strategy to achieve higher levels of choral musicianship in your classroom is enthusiasm, consistency, and dedication to the choral arts by you!
ACDA Featured on NPR Scott Dorsey, %03 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%rd 15MarGMT+0000
With some notable exceptions, NPR stations are a primary source for broadcast classical music in most communities in the U.S.  So when ACDA shows up in an NPR story, many of us are excited to hear our corner of the music world highlighted in that way.
So it is for a trio of singers from Denver who were featured in an NPR article on the ACDA conference, and their participation in the National Children’s Honor Choir.
LISTEN to the NPR report about ACDA.
Arrangements of Hark the Herald Angels Sing for choir and audience David Mohr, %02 %b %2015 %21:%Mar:%nd 21MarGMT+0000'm looking for arrangements of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" accompanied by organ alone, and with verses arranged for both choir alone, as well as for both choir and audience participation.  I know they're out there - I just haven't come across one yet.
Join Stan Lee's Virtual Choir George Shaw, %02 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%nd 20MarGMT+0000'm George Shaw, and I composed a fun/geeky song with Marvel's Stan Lee, and we're doing a Virtual Choir like Eric Whitacre. We're hoping to assemble an online/YouTube geek choir to sing this geek anthem that I composed with Stan's lyrics (originally written for his acceptance of the Lifetime Achievement award at the Geekie Awards). 


Watch the video below on how you can submit yourself singing along, and we'll post a video of everyone singing. Submissions open until April 1, 2015.

-George Shaw
"Best in Bright Lights" theme Leigh Anderson, %02 %b %2015 %18:%Mar:%nd 18MarGMT+0000 choir program has a pops concert at the end of each year, and this years' theme is "Best in Bright Lights" which can be comprised of Broadway music, TV or movie themes, or even video games. I would love some suggestions as I make my repertoire choices this week. Thanks in advance! ]]>Need to borrow Jeff Sandquist, %02 %b %2015 %22:%Mar:%nd 22MarGMT+0000 Advance Democracy
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Britten
Starting: as soon as possible
For: May 15, 2015
Copies: 40 - 50
Willing to rent: Yes
Please contact me at the email given.  Thanks!...js
Mar. 17 audition for new-music chorus Fahad Siadat, %02 %b %2015 %22:%Mar:%nd 22MarGMT+0000*** Rehearsals: Thursday *** Rehearsal neighborhood: Midtown West
C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective is holding auditions for singers, singer/conductors, singer/conductors/composers or any combination thereof on Tuesday, March 17 from 7 to 10 PM, location TBA. The audition will consist of vocalizing for range and timbre, prepared pieces, which will be e-mailed ahead of time, rhythmic and melodic sight singing, and a mini-interview if time allows. Openings are currently available in all voice-parts except alto.

C4 is a semi-professional choir that is directed and operated collectively by its singing members, functioning not only as a presenting ensemble in its own right, but also as an ongoing workshop and recital chorus for the emerging composers and conductors who form the core of the group. It is the first organization of its kind and one of the few choral groups in the nation to focus exclusively on the music of our time, performing only music written in the last twenty-five years. The group's repertoire is challenging and requires members to have excellent musicianship skills and sight reading ability. Singers should have singing experience and a strong interest in contemporary choral music.

The group performs three cycles per season, and a small honorarium is paid to C4 members for each cycle. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 7 PM to 10 PM with few exceptions. In addition to the weekly rehearsals, the group will also rehearse two Saturdays per each cycle. If you are interested in setting up an audition please send an e-mail to with a copy of your resume and a short statement describing why you are interested in performing in a contemporary choral collective. Visit for more information about the group and audio samples. ]]>
Associate Conductor, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Anne Longmore, %02 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%nd 20MarGMT+0000
The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir is accepting applications for the position of Associate Conductor.
The TMC Associate Conductor Program provides talented and world-class-potential choral conductors with coaching, training and mentoring from Canada’s pre-eminent choral organization, while providing the TMC and its Artistic Director with high-calibre conducting support. 
The Associate Conductor will work closely under the guidance of the Artistic Director, by attending all rehearsals and performances, directing the TMC ensembles when requested, and providing general music assistance.  He/she will report to the Artistic Director on all artistic issues, and to the Executive Director on administrative, organizational, and outreach activities.
Primary Responsibilities
  • Learn all repertoire being sung by the TMC ensembles each season
  • Attend all rehearsals of the TMC ensembles as a non-singing member
  • Rehearse and conduct the TMC ensembles in select rehearsals throughout the season, as requested by the Artistic Director
  • Become familiar with orchestral scores of works with orchestra that the TMC is preparing, and be prepared to rehearse and conduct those works as requested by the Artistic Director
  • Conduct the TMC ensembles in select performances throughout the season, at the request of the Artistic Director
  • Assist the Artistic Director with singer auditions throughout the season
  • Collaborate with the Artistic and Executive Directors on artistic programming as requested
  • Participate in TMC education and outreach activities as mutually agreed upon
  • Attend TMC administrative and/or Board meetings as requested by the Artistic and Executive Directors
  • Represent the TMC organization at community and cultural events as requested
The successful candidate will be a gifted and passionate conductor who is at an early stage in their career and is
  • Presently qualified to work in Canada
  • Committed to furthering choral music in Canada
And with
  • A post-graduate degree in choral conducting or equivalent experience
  • Experience in conducting both choral and orchestral scores
  • Fluency in both choral and orchestral score study
  • Ability to identify vocal issues and problem solve
  • Highly developed keyboard skills
  • An in-depth knowledge of, and passion for choral music
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
This is a two-year contract position (September to June) with a salary of Cdn $12,500 for the first year and $15,000 for the second, and is supported by a continuing education bursary of $2,500 per year.  The position starts September 2015.
Please apply with a letter of application, current resumé, two reference letters and video recordings of yourself conducting a choir in both rehearsal and performance.  
  • Your letter of application should outline your career goals and how this position will align with those goals, what specific skills or areas of focus you would like to work on over the two years of the position, and why working with Noel Edison and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir will help you develop those skills. 
  • We recommend you upload your video samples to a private YouTube page, and send us the links. Alternatively, you can mail us a DVD of your samples.  Please make sure they are compatible with Windows Media Player or QuickTime.
Deadline for applications is Friday, March 20, 2015 at 5:00 pm.  
Auditions/interviews will be held on  April 13/14 and/or April 20/21, 2015.  
Cynthia Hawkins, Executive Director
Toronto Mendelssohn Choir
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 404
Toronto, ON M5S 2R4
For more information on the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and on Noel Edison, visit
Volunteer Winds and Strings Needed to Accompany Choir Jason Noll, %02 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%nd 20MarGMT+0000
Volunteer Musicians Needed to accompany choir of 16-20 for “We Remember Calvary: A Contemporary Tenebrae Service” by Joel Raney. The rehearsal is Wednesday April 1st 7:30-9:00pm and the service is Thursday April 2nd 7:30pm at First Presbyterian Church, Lansdowne PA. Contact Jason Noll at if interested.
Instruments needed:
Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, and Electric Bass
Paid SATB for Pro Choir; Composer's Choir Daniel Shaw, %02 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%nd 19MarGMT+0000

The Composer's Choir is a professional recording choir that operates in New Haven, CT. We are currently holding auditions for all voice parts. We are a medium loud – semi straight-tone choir.

Singers are hired on a gig by gig basis and the hours and pay vary depending on the gig. All gigs are different, but something like 2 rehearsals and 1 recording session for $350 would be about average for a gig. The choir for any given recording is typically either 8 or 16 singers.

In some situations we can get travel money for singers if you are coming in from out of state.

Auditions can be done in person or online through recordings.

If you would like to know more or would like to set up an audition please email:

and please be sure to put “Audition” somewhere in the subject box.


Dan Shaw

Artistic Director, Composer's Choir

Mozart Requiem Levin Organ Allan Petker, %02 %b %2015 %18:%Mar:%nd 18MarGMT+0000 Organ part to the Levin edition of the Mozart Requiem
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Mozart/Levin/Organ
Starting: March 9, 13th at the latest
For: 2 weeks
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
Will gladly pay shipping, of course.  Thanks, Allan Petker
Ad Te Clamamus - Michael John Trotta - SATB.unaccompanied Michael Trotta, %03 %b %2015 %04:%Mar:%rd 4MarGMT+0000 
Ad Te Clamamus - Michael John Trotta - SATB/unaccompanied
click on cover for full score for and recording
This popular Hymn dates back to the Middle Ages composed by the German monk Hermann of Reichenau. It has been sung as part of the Daily Office since the 13th Century, with a text dating back to as far as the 11th Century.
This setting juxtaposes a mournful polyphonic motive and  a solemn hymn-like refrain that gradually builds in intensity. This work reveals different sides of an earnest cry for help from beyond: the complexity of personal confusion, the simplicity of being pushed beyond one’e own means, and the urgency that increases when the help is not apparent. 
Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiæ,
vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.
Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevæ,
Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes
in hac lacrimarum valle.
Eia, ergo, advocata nostra, illos tuos
misericordes oculos ad nos converte;
Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui,
nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.
O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria.
To you do we cry, poor banished children.
Quickly see us in our need become our advocate
Turn your eyes toward us
To you do we sigh, groaning and weeping
In the valley of tears
Show is the fruit of your womb
After this exile
Quickly see us in our need become our advocate
Turn your eyes toward us
O merciful, O pious, O sweet one
To you do we cry
NEW DATE and TIME: Handel Choir of Baltimore presents "Wild Roses" Molly Peterson, %02 %b %2015 %23:%Mar:%nd 23MarGMT+0000
8 pm Tuesday MARCH 3, 2015
Second Presbyterian Church
4200 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Join Handel Choir for a bouquet of rare blossoms to induce a midwinter reverie of heady aromas, whirling passions and bittersweet longings. You'll hear Brahms' pulse-quickening German-language setting of Hungarian folk songs; Lauridsen's ethereal and deeply moving Mid-Winter Songs drawn from writings of English poet, novelist, critic and classicist Robert Graves; Poulenc's masterful settings of French surrealist texts by Paul Éluard and Guillaume Apollinaire; and Polish composer Gorecki's settings of Polish folk songs depicting the lives of the peasants whose fates are tied to great rivers -- "broad waters" -- that course through their lands.

POULENC Sept Chansons (Seven Songs) (selections)
LAURIDSEN Mid-Winter Songs
GóRECKI Szeroka Woda (Broad Waters)
BRAHMS Zigeunerlieder (Gypsy Songs) (selections)

Handel Choir of Baltimore
Joy Schreier, piano
Arian Khaefi, conductor
Preconcert lecture at 7 pm by Sam Baltimore, lecturer in music history and cultures at Towson University.
TICKETS: $37 Premium (preferred seating in front pews), $27 Standard, $10 Student with ID
Tickets will be available at the Saint Paul Street entrance to the church starting at 6:45 pm.
All tickets purchased for the "iced out" Sunday March 1 concert will be honored.
Photo: Frosted Rose by Bill Tyne, Nov. 19, 2005.
WomenSing Youth Inspiring Youth--Commissioning Emerging Composers Composition Competition Teresa Caldwell, %02 %b %2015 %20:%Mar:%nd 20MarGMT+0000
Youth Inspiring Youth – Commissioning Emerging Composers Call for Composers
Special 50th Anniversary Edition
“Giving Voice to Women”
As part of its Youth Inspiring Youth-Commissioning Emerging Composers project, WomenSing is pleased to announce its 2015-2016 choral composition competition. In special recognition of WomenSing’s 50th Anniversary Season, “Giving Voice to Women,” this edition of the competition will be open exclusively to young women composersFemale composers, ages 18 through 30, who are residents of California and have not previously won this competition, are eligible to submit samples of their works for consideration.   Up to two winning composers will each create a new work based on River of Words poetry.
Project Description
WomenSing ( and River of Words, Center for Environmental Literacy at St Mary’s College of California (, in special recognition of WomenSing’s 50th anniversary season, are offering young female composers the opportunity to create new choral music, mentored by teaching artist Alice Parker. Up to two winners will be commissioned to write a treble choral work based on the highly inspired children’s poetry from the River of Words project, which will be premiered by WomenSing on June 5 and June 8, 2016. Works will be part of a season-long celebration of WomenSing’s 50th, and should reflect our theme, “Giving voice to women for 50 years.”  Each commissioned composer will receive a commissioning fee of US $1,000 and a recording of the work. Mentoring will include public composer’s workshops in conjunction with WomenSing’s Treble Voices Now new music festival on April 15 and 16, 2016, six weeks prior to the premiere. 
Founded in 1995 by former US Poet Laureate and 2008 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Robert Hass, and writer Pamela Michael, River of Words has energetically enlisted youth from around the world to compete annually in both art and poetry on the subject of the environment.
  • The competition is open to female California residents who have reached their 18th birthday but have not yet reached their 30th birthday by the submission deadline of May 1, 2015, and who have not previously won this competition. 
  • Submissions must be an original work for accompanied or unaccompanied chorus (not necessarily treble), must have been composed within the last three years, and should be between three and five minutes in length.
  • All submissions must be anonymous. The composer’s name must not appear on the score. Please remove all names and identifying marks.
  • Judges for the competition will be Alice Parker, teaching artist; Cristian Grases, advising composer; Charles Bruffy, conductor of the Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Chorale, and advisor to WomenSing; and Martín Benvenuto, artistic director for WomenSing. The decisions of the judges are final, and up to two winners will be notified by May 29, 2015. WomenSing reserves the right not to award a prize.
  • Each composer will choose texts from the River of Words Collection no later than August 3, 2015.
  • Each composer will deliver a draft for review to the commissioner/s and teaching artist by November 2, 2015.
  • The final approved score and parts, ready for reproduction, will be due no later than January 8, 2016.
  • Workshops with all performers led by Alice Parker will be held on Friday April 15, and Saturday, April 16, 2016 in Orinda, CA, as part of Treble Voices Now, WomenSing’s new music festival.
  • The commissioned works will be premiered by WomenSing on June 5 and June 8, 2016.
  • Deadlines are strictly adhered to due to WomenSing’s performance schedule.
To enter
Please complete the YIY-CEC Cover Sheet, a brief 1-2 paragraph bio, and submit it along with five (5) clearly legible copies of the work. A sealed envelope labeled with the title of the work must accompany each submission. The sealed envelope must contain the attached completed YIY-CEC Call for Composers Cover Sheet, the 5 copies of the choral work, and the brief bio. Please send submissions to:
       WomenSing Youth Inspiring Youth Composition Contest
       P.O. Box 2014
       Orinda, CA 94563
Scores and applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2015.
For further questions please contact Teresa Caldwell, Youth Inspiring Youth-Commissioning Emerging Composers, at
Youth Inspiring Youth – Commissioning Emerging Composers
Call for Composers
Special 50th Anniversary Edition -- “Giving Voice to Women”
To be eligible for consideration in WomenSing’s Youth Inspiring Youth-Commissioning Emerging Composers (YIY-CEC) Project Composition Contest, please complete this form, then print, sign and date the form, and submit it with your biography and five (5) clearly legible copies of your score.
Application Materials must be postmarked by no later than Friday, May 1, 2015.
WomenSing Youth Inspiring Youth Composition Contest
P.O. Box 2014
Orinda, CA 94563                  
NAME:           ____________________________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH: (month/day/year)__________________________________________
ADDRESS:     ____________________________________________________________
(street address, city, state, zip)
PHONE: ___________________________  ALT PHONE:            ________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________
TITLE OF THE WORK/Year Composed: _____________________________________________
CHECKLIST:  I have included the following:
      5 copies of an original score, composed within the last three years that is three to five minutes in length, with my name and identifying marks removed.
      My biography
      This completed Competition Cover Sheet
I verify that the above personal information is accurate, and that I am a California resident between the ages of 18 and 29 as of May 1, 2015.
Signature and date
Diablo Choral Artists concert Sue Cevasco, %02 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%nd 19MarGMT+0000 Choral Artists (formerly Voices of Musica Sacra), directed by Mark Tuning, presents "Vespers: Music for Evening Prayers", featuring Stanford’s and Byrd’s Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis, Pergolesi’s Magnificat and Handel’s Dixit Dominus with string ensemble.  
March 13, 8:00 pm, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1924 Trinity Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA
March 15, 3:00 pm, St. John Vianney Catholic Church, 1650 Ygnacio Valley Rd., Walnut Creek, CA.
Apollo Chorus of Chicago Choral Classics: Britten, Lauridsen, and Schubert Guillermo Munoz, %02 %b %2015 %19:%Mar:%nd 19MarGMT+0000

Apollo Chorus of Chicago

Choral Classics - Britten, Lauridsen, and Schubert

Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Pre-Concert Talk with Music Director Stephen Alltop: 6:45pm

Rockefeller Chapel

5850 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago

In collaboration with the Renovo String Orchestra

The Apollo Chorus is known for its diverse repertoire of classic choral works. Each year we strive to expand the classical experience of our audiences and this year is no exception. Our Choral Classics concert will take you from 19th century Vienna with Schubert’s dynamic Mass in A-flat, one of his most profound compositions, to 20th century England and America with Britten’s Simple Symphony and Lauridsen’s soaring Lux Aeterna. To hear Lauridsen's sublime "O nata lux" movement and Schubert's most powerful mass setting in the majestic space of Rockefeller Chapel is an experience you will never forget. 

Students must present ID when picking up tickets. Teachers attend for free with a school ID.
Groups of 10 or more receive $5 off each ticket. Please call 312-427-5620 to purchase.

Bach Cantata 99 Christopher Boveroux, %02 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%nd 17MarGMT+0000 United Christian Church of Austin, Texas, invites you to join us for a service featuring Bach Cantata 99, "Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan," presented in its original context within a service.  Written for the September 17, 1724 service at the Leipzig church where Bach served as cantor, this cantata is an excellent example of Bach's representational writing and style.  The 11 am service will feature the cantata.
Immediately prior to the 11 am service, music director Chris Boveroux will give a talk on the history and musical representation of the cantata, featuring live musical examples from the chorus and orchestra.  This will begin at 10 am.  Admission is free, though donations are welcome.
United Christian Church
3500 West Parmer Lane
Austin, TX 78727
Pre-service talk: 10 am
Service: 11 am
C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective Presents 4 C4: Music Written for C4 – Second Concerts of 2014-15 Season on March 5 and March 7 in Manhattan Jeffrey James, %02 %b %2015 %17:%Mar:%nd 17MarGMT+0000
March 2, 2015
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeffrey James Arts Consulting
516-586-3433 or
C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective Presents
4 C4: Music Written for C4 – Second Concerts of 2014-15 Season on March 5 and March 7 in Manhattan
What: 4 C4: Music Written for C4
When: Thursday, March 5 at 8 PM and Saturday, March 7 at 7:30 PM
Where: March 5 at Church of the Transfiguration and March 7 at Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Symphony Space, both in Manhattan
C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective will present 4 C4: Music Written for C4, the second concerts of its’ By the Numbers 2014-15 New York season on Thursday, March 5 at 8 PM at Church of the Transfiguration, 1 East 29th Street (between 5th and Madison Avenues) in Manhattan and Saturday, March 7 at 7:30 PM at Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, also in Manhattan.
4 C4: Music Written for C4 will feature World Premieres from Winners of the 2014 C4 Commissioning Competition: 1st Prize - Gordon Williamson Tape Recorder, 2nd Prize - Carlo Vincetti Frizzo Through the Cumberland, 3rd Prize - Texu Kim Stre-----tch! and other World Premieres, Hayes Biggs’ (C4) Goe, Lovely Rose, Bora Park’s Three Haiku and an encore of the 2011 Competition Winner, Matthew Brown’s Sublunary. The program will also include encore performances of works from C4 alumni Harry Einhorn, Ian David Moss, Malina Rauschenfels, and Joseph N. Rubinstein.
Tickets for the March 5 and March 7 concerts are $20 in advance, $25 day of performance, with 10 $4 "Rush" admissions 30 minutes advance at the door. A reception will follow the Saturday evening performance. Tickets can be ordered at For more concert information, call 516-586-3433 or email
All C4 concerts are ADA accessible. For MTA transportation information, visit
C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective exists to enrich artists and audiences alike through passionate advocacy of new choral works: performing pieces written within the last 25 years; premiering and commissioning new choral work; and mentoring emerging singers, composers, and conductors of today’s choral music. C4’s adventurous programming fills an important niche in the cultural life of New York, and the ensemble has proven its commitment to presenting high caliber music in a welcoming atmosphere.
C4 received the 2014 Chorus America/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming. This is the first time they have received this honor. Their first CD release, Volume 1: Uncaged (, is on the 4Tay label. Visit them at For photos or more press information, visit
Join their Facebook page at
This program is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. Additional support comes from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and The Cary New Music Foundation, administered by New Music USA. C4 is a member of the New York Choral Consortium.
For other press inquiries, please contact Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at 516-586-3433 or
Good Choral Concert Program Templates Susan McCreary Duprey, %02 %b %2015 %16:%Mar:%nd 16MarGMT+0000!
I have a "casual" concert coming up and want to create a simple "in house" concert program for the event (nothing fancy).  I thought I could find some templates on the Internet, but I am not having much success.  Many of the templates I saw were for elementary school piano recitals.
I use a Mac and had hoped Pages would have a template.  No luck.  My chorus is a 100-voice adult community chorus.   Anyone know of a simple, elegant chorus concert program template that I can use?
Susan McCreary Duprey
Kona Choral Society
Windward Choral Society
Judith Lang Zaimont’s Parable, A Tale of Abram and Isaac Performed by Musica Sacra on March 4 at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, NY Jeffrey James, %02 %b %2015 %15:%Mar:%nd 15MarGMT+0000
March 2, 2015
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeffrey James Arts Consulting
516-586-3433 or
Judith Lang Zaimont’s Parable, A Tale of Abram and Isaac Performed by Musica Sacra on March 4 at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, NY
New York, NY – American composer Judith Lang Zaimont’s Parable, A Tale of Abram and Isaac will be performed by Musica Sacra choral ensemble, Kent Tritle, Music Director, on Wednesday, March 4 at 7:30 PM at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in New York, New York.
The text for Parable, A Tale of Abram and Isaac comes from the Brome Mystery Play, adapted by Wilfred Owen. Written for soprano, tenor and baritone soli, chorus SSATTB and organ, the piece was Commissioned by Florilegium Chamber Choir and first performed by them and New York’s Merkin Hall in June 1986. Since then, other performances have included the International Jewish Music Conference; Society of Composers, International; Louisiana State University; Madison Festival Choir (WI); and The New York Virtuoso Singers. The work has been recorded by Naxos for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music and also for the Leonarda label.
Other works on the program are the World Premieres of Juraj Filas’ The Wisdom of the Wise Old Man, Michael Gilbertson’s Returning and Robert Paterson’s Lux Aeterna. The performance is made possible with generous support from The Sorel Organization and Joanne Spellun.
Featured performers will include Kent Tritle, conductor, Michael Sheetz, conductor, Lianne Coble, soprano, John Tiranno, tenor, Malcolm Merriweather, baritone, Arthur Fiacco, cello and Walter Hilse and Raymond Nagem, organists.
Tickets are $50 reserved, $25 general admission. For tickets and more information, call 212-330-7684 or visit
Since its founding in 1964 by conductor Richard Westenburg, the mission of Musica Sacra has been to create definitive, professional, choral performances of the highest caliber for the widest possible audience. It supports its mission by presenting concerts, recording, commissioning and performing new choral works, and educating audiences, students, and the general public in the appreciation and history of choral music. Visit them at
Judith Lang Zaimont is internationally recognized for her music's distinctive style, characterized by emotion, expressive strength and dynamism. In both orchestral and choral works, her creation of inventive and widely varied colors and textures is repeatedly cited. A 2003 Aaron Copland Award winner and 2012 winner of Tempus Continuum and Third Millennium ensemble prize and an American Prize in Orchestral Composition, she has enjoyed a distinguished career as composer of over 120 works with performances by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony, Berlin and Czech Radio symphonies, Camerata Bern, Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava and the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra. Her music is widely performed throughout the U.S. and Europe and has been recorded for MSR Classics, Naxos, Navona, Harmonia Mundi, Arabesque, Milken Family Foundation, Albany, Jeanne, Leonarda, Northeastern, and 4Tay labels. Her principal publishers are Subito Music (, Galaxy/ ECS, Jeanné, Lauren Keiser Music Publishing and Vivace. She is creator and editor-in-chief of the critically acclaimed book series The Musical Woman: An International Perspective. More information about Ms. Zaimont, including sound clips of many of her compositions, is available at
Inquiries about her music can be directed to Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at 516-586-3433 or
Vocális Chamber Choir presents "Spirit in Sound" - 3/14 and 3/15 Michael Manganiello, %02 %b %2015 %14:%Mar:%nd 14MarGMT+0000
Spirit in Sound is an eclectic prism of sound. This unique program seeks out the vast spectrum of the human voice to create a special musical soundscape. This concert features works by Vaughan Williams, Duruflé, Hopkins, Ferko, Weelkes, Pärt, McGlynn, Deprez, Hrušovský, and more.
Tickets are sold at the door one hour before the concert begins. $15 per person, $10 student tickets.
Season subscriptions are available: $45 per person for one concert each series weekend.
Saturday, March 14, 7:30 pm
Parkside Lutheran Church
2 Wallace Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Sunday, March 15, 4:00 pm
St. Matthias Church
374 Main Street, East Aurora, NY
For more information, visit
Choral conducting Kurt Thomas Cursus Inge Joldersma, %02 %b %2015 %14:%Mar:%nd 14MarGMT+0000 Conducting in Utrecht NL July 3 - 11
Kurt Thomas Cursus 49th ed!

nine days conducting and singing, how nice!
different levels:
  • C with few instruments
  • D chamber choir a.c.
  • E big choir with string orchestra
  • New: Gregorian Chant, singing and - for those wanted - conducting
fee A - E: 790 euros, students 650 euros
fee Gregorian Chant: 550 euros
application: asap click engl. vers.

Monday Motivation: Look Inside Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Dec:%th 18DecGMT+0000 ]]>“Vocal Advantage: Breath (part 4)” by Dina Else Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2013 %21:%Aug:%rd 21AugGMT+0000
VOCAL ADVANTAGE: BREATH (part 4), by Dina Else
We left off last week discussing noisy versus silent breath inhalation.  Before we leave this topic I’d like to address one more way that noisy inhalation sneaks into the process.  In my travels I have had the privilege of singing under, and observing many fine conductors.  One of the fairly consistent habits I’ve noticed is the conductor, him or herself, taking a noisy breath as a part of their initial conducting gesture.  Most of the time the conductor isn’t even aware that they are doing it.  The problem with this habit is, as we discussed last week, noisy breath intake is associated with clavicular breathing.  When we are conducting our choirs and we take a noisy breath, what do you suppose our singers do in response?  You guessed it!
This leads me to my next point, the conducting gesture itself.  This is the definition of a conductor on  ‘a conductor is someone who leads and guides a group of singers in order to perform a piece to the best of their abilities.  The conductor makes sure that the music piece is interpreted properly by acting as the guide to the singers.’  Later on in the description it says, ‘[the conductor] is able to build a connection with the musicians and uses hand gestures or signals that the musicians clearly understand.’  What is doesn’t say is what the hand gestures or signals are supposed to convey to the singer. We know the answer to that!  When we think back to our conducting classes in college we know the gesture conveys several things; the beat, the phrasing, the dynamic level being sung, etc.  
What we often over-look is that the conducting gesture also greatly affects tone quality and especially affects the breath intake.  When you are preparing your gesture, keep in mind that you want you singers to experience a breath intake that drops down into their body.  Conducting preps that are high tend to entice the singers into a high, clavicular breath intake.  In parenting terms; your children don’t listen to what you say, they watch what you do.  If we want our singers to form the habit of a correct breath intake, we have to make sure our conducting gesture encourages just that!!
(original posting: September 30, 2013)
Broadway Babes and Beaux presented by Carolyn Eynon Singers carolyn Eynon, %01 %b %2015 %23:%Mar:%st 23MarGMT+0000 choral music fans! Just returned from an incredible National ACDA conference in Salt Lake City where we were inspired by all the wonderful national and INTERNATIONAL choirs who are the finest in the world. Music is truly an international language and we at CES are presenting music theatre with a twist; Besides our own fabulous members we added 13 children to sing and dance on the Broadway selections; we have REAL witches and a cauldron for Harry Potters' Double Trouble, and we have a Chorus Line dancer for ONE! Not to be missed;
tickets; on line; for further info; 480-529-2630 This is  multi-generational entertainment!
Come join Kansas City's LGBTQ youth chorus Elven Hickmon, %02 %b %2015 %00:%Mar:%nd 0MarGMT+0000, Kansas City's unique and most colorful youth chorus for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,  Transgendered, Queer and straight allied youth. Our program purpose is to educate and empower through performance. We explore, discover, celebrate and share through performance. 
Placements are scheduled for each Sunday starting March 1st from 630-830 pm. Please visit us online at to set up an appointment. 
Wish You Were Here Mark Sirett, %01 %b %2015 %13:%Mar:%st 13MarGMT+0000 Cantabile Choirs of Kingston under the artistic direction of Mark Sirett welcomes to the podium Pearl Shangkuan as guest conductor for 'Wish You Were Here", part of its postcards series 2014-15, at Sydenham Street United Church, Kingston ON, Sat. Mar. 7 at 7:30.  Music by Runestad, Quartel, Takach, Lauridsen, Paulus and more.  Tickets available from ]]>Bellevue Chamber Chorus: "Spirit Rising" James McTernan, %01 %b %2015 %11:%Mar:%st 11MarGMT+0000 your spirit soar as Bellevue Chamber Chorus, directed by Fredrick Lokken, presents Spirit Rising, featuring the stunning "Dark Night of the Soul" for chorus, piano, and string quartet by Ola Gjeilo. The varied program includes sacred and secular works from early Baroque to the rousing Gospel powerhouse "John the Revelator"! The BCC will be joined by the Shoreline Singers, the select a cappella ensemble from Shoreline Community College. 
Sunday, March 8, 2015, 3pm
Grace Lutheran Church
9625 NE 8th St
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tickets $9-$18, available at door
--Eric William Barnum, "Dawn"
--Jean Berger, "Alleluia" from Brazilian Psalm
--Leonard Cohen arr. Mark Brymer, "Hallelujah"
--Ola Gjeilo, "Dark Night of the Soul"
--Herbert Howells, "Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks"
--Stephen Paulus, "The Road Home"
--Johann Hermann Schein, "Die mit Tränen säen"
--Traditional arr. Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory, "John the Revelator"
--Richard Wagner, "Pilgrim's Chorus" from Tannhäuser
--William Walton, "Set me as a seal upon thine heart"
Bellevue Chamber Chorus: "Spirit Rising" James McTernan, %01 %b %2015 %11:%Mar:%st 11MarGMT+0000 your spirit soar as Bellevue Chamber Chorus, directed by Fredrick Lokken, presents Spirit Rising, featuring the stunning "Dark Night of the Soul" for chorus, piano, and string quartet by Ola Gjeilo. The varied program includes sacred and secular works from early Baroque to the rousing Gospel powerhouse "John the Revelator"! The BCC will be joined by the Shoreline Singers, the select a cappella ensemble from Shoreline Community College. 
Saturday, March 7, 2015, 7:30pm
St. Luke's Lutheran Church
3030 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tickets $9-$18, available at door.
--Eric William Barnum, "Dawn"
--Jean Berger, "Alleluia" from Brazilian Psalm
--Leonard Cohen arr. Mark Brymer, "Hallelujah"
--Ola Gjeilo, "Dark Night of the Soul"
--Herbert Howells, "Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks"
--Stephen Paulus, "The Road Home"
--Johann Hermann Schein, "Die mit Tränen säen"
--Traditional arr. Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory, "John the Revelator"
--Richard Wagner, "Pilgrim's Chorus" from Tannhäuser
--William Walton, "Set me as a seal upon thine heart"
Testing/Recording Laura Groves, %01 %b %2015 %14:%Mar:%st 14MarGMT+0000 posted about testing middle schoolers, and a reply mentioned multitrack recording with mics while the entire chorus sang.  I love the idea, and can find recording software, but was wondering if they used a multitrack recorder or what.  I have a portable sound system that I could set as line in, but am not sure how to set it to record each mic separately.  Any info about particular software or recording equipment would be great.  Thanks! ]]>Composition Spotlight: We Are The Music Makers Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2012 %15:%Nov:%th 15NovGMT+0000
(Each week we look at a piece of useful repertoire from the ChoralNet Community Composition Showcase.  A variety of voicings and levels of difficulty will be presented.  Enjoy!)
We Are The Music Makers by Tom Council for SATB piano or brass (click for PDF and audio)
Level: High School or higher
Uses: General Concert Use
Program Themes: The title would be a great anchor piece for other songs about music makers.
This piece would program well with: Crying for a Dream by René Clausen available at JWPepper and Sheet Music Plus
Not all pieces in the Composition Showcase are by self-published composers.  Published and self-published composers are welcome.  The requirement that composers offer only their six best works with no more than three in the same voicing helps to insure that only quality works are displayed.  Tom Council's We Are the Music Makers is published by Colla Voce.  If you are looking for a powerfully stirring number for any concert this piece will deliver, especially when using brass accompaniment.  
This works is available through Colla Voce Music, Inc.
(Original publication: November 18, 2012)
Sunday Inspiration: Sanctus (Taverner) Scott Dorsey, %15 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000
What's on Great Sacred Music, Sunday, March 1, 2015 Robert Kennedy, %28 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000
In case you cannot hear the show live, the playlist is on Spotify
for you to enjoy: GSM - March 1, 2015
Don't forget that we have more choral and organ music programmed
on Sunday evenings beginning at 10 p.m. eastern.
Rob Kennedy
Great Sacred Music
The Classical Station
To subscribe to my weekly playlist emailing:  send your email
Franz Schubert: Psalm 23 in A flat, D. 706 "Gott is mein Hirt"
Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Claudio Abbado
Brigitte Poschner, soprano; Barbara Bonney, soprano;
Dalia Schaechter, alto; Margareta Hintermeier, alto
William Horsley: There is a green hill far away
Choir of Wells Cathedral, Malcolm Archer
Rupert Gough, organ
Henry Purcell: Thou knowest Lord
Clare College Chapel Choir, Timothy Brown
Dominic Wheeler, organ
Schubert's setting of Psalm 23 was written for a concert. Wells Cathedral Choir
produced a five CD set entitled The English Hymn in 1999. "Thou knowest, Lord
the secrets of our hearts" comes from the Funeral Sentences of 1677 Funeral Music for Queen Mary.
Sir William Harris: Strengthen ye the weak hands
Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, John Scott
Andrew Lucas, organ
Vincenzo Ugolini: Quae est ista
The Studio of Ancient Music of Montreal, Christopher Jackson
Dietrich Buxtehude: Canzonetta in A minor, Bux WV 225
Nicholas Danby, organ
1590 organ by Georg Slegel II in St.-Marienkirche in Lemgo
Sir William Henry Harris (1883-1973) was Professor of Organ
and Harmony at the Royal College of Music from 1921 to 1955.
Christopher Jackson is one of Canada's top early music specialists.
Nicholas Danby (1935-1997) was Professor of Organ at both the Royal
College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, London.
Philip the Chancellor: Sol oritur in sydere
Imogen Holst: A Hymne to Christ
Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, Graham Ross
Charles Wood: Expectans Expectavi
Choir of Truro Cathedral, David Briggs
Simon Morley, organ
Philip the Chancellor (1160-1263) was a French theologian and
Chancellor of Notre Dame Cathedral. Imogen Holst (1907-1984) was
the only child of English composer Gustav Holst. English teacher and
composer Charles Wood numbered Ralph Vaughan Williams and Herbert
Howells among his pupils.
Martin Herbst: Forty days and forty nights
Choir of Wells Cathedral, Malcolm Archer
Rupert Gough, organ
from the Los Huelgas Codex, c. 1300: Chants for Morning
Anonymous 4
Max Reger: Fugue in D, Op. 59 No. 6
Andrew Lucas, organ
Mander organ in St. Paul's Cathedral, London
The Lenten hymn Forty days and forty nights is sung to an adaptation
of German composer Marti Herbst's tune "Aus tiefer Not". Anonymous 4
is well-regarded for its interpretation of plainsong. Andrew Lucas is the
Master of the Music at St Albans Cathedral.
J.S. Bach: Cantata 150, Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich
Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki
Yumiko Kurisu, soprano; Akira Tachikawa, counter-tenor;
Koki Katano, tenor; Peter Kooy, bass
Johannes Brahms quoted the bass line of the last movement of this
cantata in the final movement of his fourth symphony. 
Josef Haydn: Salve Regina
Tolzer Knabenchor; Tafelmusik, Bruno Weil
Ann Monoyios, soprano
Haydn wrote his Salve Regina in 1770/71 at Eisenstadt.
W.A. Mozart: Missa brevis in G, K. 140
Leipzig Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra, Herbert Kegel
Helen Donath, soprano; Annette Markert, contralto;
Uwe Heilmann, tenor; Andreas Schmidt, bass
This Missa Brevis seems to have been composed after Mozart returned
from his third trip to Italy.
Johannes Brahms: A German Requiem, Op. 45
Berlin Radio Choir; Berlin Philharmonic, Sir Simon Rattle
Dorothea Roschmann, soprano; Thomas Quasthoff, baritone
Brahms considered his Ein Deutches Requiem his finest composition.
Marin Baroque: Birds of Paradise, Exotic Music of the Old & New Worlds Linda Price, %28 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000                                                     Marin Baroque Chamber Choir and period instrument Orchestra
                                                         with renowned early brass ensemble The Whole Noyse
                                                                       and Music Director Daniel Canosa
                                              BIRDS OF PARADISE, EXOTIC MUSIC OF THE OLD & NEW WORLDS  
We include Rameau's suite from Les Indes Galantes; the Le Chant des Oiseaux full of bird song by Clément Janequin; an ensalada, San Sabeya Gugurumbé, with a mixture of Castilian, Catalan, Portuguese, and African vernacular by Mateo Flecha; the plaintive Con Que La Lavare by Juan Vasquez, a popular poem and song in 16th-century Spain and a beautiful example of a villancico; and other music from the Latin American missions.  Our orchestra features the vihuela, baroque guitar, and percussion.
We are joined by The Whole Noyse, which is celebrating its 30th year as one of the country's leading early brass ensembles.  Specializing in performing music of the Renaissance and early Baroque, The Whole Noyse focuses on the combination of cornett, sackbut and curtal, instruments that made up the primary professional wind group of the 16th and 17th centuries.  In keeping with the versatility expected of wind players of the period, the ensemble also doubles on recorders and often mixes in the sounds of shawm, slide trumpet, gittern, violin, and viola.
Saturday, March 28, 8 pm, First Presbyterian Church San Anselmo
Sunday, March 29, 8 pm, La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley
Tickets: (San Anselmo)
Or call 415-497-6634
SYMPHONY CHORUS OF NEW ORLEANS presents SINGERS OF UNITED LANDS Steven Edwards, %28 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000 a week of educational outreach to the area's schools, colleges, and retirement communities, Symphony Chorus of New Orleans presents a Festival Concert at 7:30 PM on Friday, March 6 at the Nims Performing Arts Center of the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, LA.
Program includes:
Hope for Resolution by Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
Where the Music Comes from by Lee Hoiby
Music from this year's S.O.U.L. countries:
Lao Duang Duean (Thailnad)
Lay Lay (Iran)
Andarale (Ecuador)
Musungedi (Cameroon)
Hymn to the New Age by Lee Hoiby
*Bengi Lele by Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
*This is our first performance of a Chorus America consortium-commissioned piece
Participants include Delgado Community College Chorus, Lusher Charter School, Isidore Newman School, Ursuline Academy, Academy of the Sacred Heart, Singers of United Lands, and Symphony Chorus of New Orleans.
For tickets or information visit
A Cappella Across Borders: Harmonia & Le Choeur-Quebec Robert Pacillo, %28 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%th 19FebGMT+0000

Two acclaimed vocal ensembles to perform in NYC!


Robert Pacillo, artistic director



            Robert Ingari, artistic director



Works of Gesualdo, Bruckner, Duruflé, Grieg, Parry, Debussy, Poulenc, Ingari, Boulay, Schiavo, Ticheli, Raminsh, Biebl, & Hairston

Harmonia is one of Western New York’s finest vocal ensembles. 

Le Chœur is Québec’s premier professional vocal group, promoting music of Canada and French Québec.

Both groups will present a diverse program of classic and contemporary choral works, from Bruckner's "Christus factus est" to the Raminsh "Ubi caritas". 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

2:00 pm

Church of Our Saviour

59 Park Avenue

New York, NY

(near Grand Central Station)

Free Will Offering

Suggested donation $20

Grand Piano Size Advice Aaron Harp, %28 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000've been researching grand pianos to replace the electric piano in our choir room. I have come across a Yamaha G-5E 6'6" baby grand at a very reasonable price. My concern, however, is it's size. The room is large enough so the physical size will not be an issue. I'm just wondering whether the piano will be too loud for our purposes. Currently my choir sizes run from 20-50 students. With the lid closed will this piano be way too overpowering? ]]>PC COMMUNITY CHORALE SEEKS AMERICANA/PATRIOTIC MUSIC Lark Underwood, %28 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%th 18FebGMT+0000 Plant City Community Chorale is an SATB 25-voice group looking for original medium to difficult music evoking America or American ideals for their July 3, 2015, Patriotic Concert.
We are interested in SA, TB, as well as SATB arrangements.
Please contact Lark Underwood, PC3 Secretary at pccchoralesecretary(a) for more information. 
Our website is being updated, but you may peruse our current site at:
          To celebrate the installation of Claudia L. Bolaño as the Plant City Community Chorale’s (PCCC) new Artistic Director, the Chorale planned an Open House and Winter Sing.  The Winter Sing allowed interested singers the opportunity to preview the music to be performed by the PCCC in its coming Spring and Summer concert seasons; while the Open House was an occasion for singers and the community to meet Bolaño.
            “With the retirement of our previous Artistic Director Kenneth R. Watts due to health reasons,” said Executive Director Barbara Avery, “the PCCC Board was thrilled to find that not only was Ms. Bolaño available for consideration, but she had been actively seeking a mixed-voice choral group with which to connect!  It was kismet!”
            Claudia Liliana Bolaño is a native of Bogotá, Colombia, where she attended the prestigious Pontific Javeriana University (PJU) majoring in Instrumental and Choral Conducting, and Piano. 
In 1998, she moved to Lakeland, Florida, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a major in piano performance from Florida Southern College.  She was the recipient of the Lowell Mason Music Education award, an honor granted to the Student Teacher of the year.  Bolaño also created the Choral programs at Lakeland and Mulberry Senior High Schools, both of which consistently received superior ratings at FVA district and State festivals. 
            She earned her Master degree in Choral Conducting from the University of South Florida (USF) where she studied with Dr. James Bass.  During her time at USF, Bolaño was co-conductor of the Women’s Chorus, worked with both the Collegiate and Chamber Singer ensembles, received a nomination for the prestigious professional fraternity Phi Kappa Lambda, and had the honor to conduct the Chamber Singers at the Trinity Wall Street Church in New York City. 
Bolaño currently works as adjunct faculty for Harrison School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Lakeland, Florida, where she lives with her husband Ernesto and their children Juan José and Juliana.
Ann McFall, PCCC Soprano said, “I’m excited to have Claudia as our new Director!  I’ve heard her high school choirs and they have always done a fantastic job, so I’m ready to get to work on this season’s music!”
            The Open House/Winter Sing was held at First Presbyterian Church in Plant City, 404 West Reynolds Street, starting at 7:00 p.m. on February 16, 2015.  Some of the music sung was just for that evening’s fun and some were pieces to be worked on for the PCCC spring concert in late April or early May.
            PCCC Alto, Josie Floran said, “The open sings are so much fun!  The Winter Sing lets us try out new music and refresh our memory of pieces we haven’t sung in a long while.  It doesn’t matter if you can read music well or not—you’re sure to be sitting next to someone who is familiar with the music … and we always help each other whenever we sing together!”
About the Plant City Community Chorale
The Plant City Community Chorale is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization providing educational, cultural, musical, and social experiences to enrich its members and audiences living in the communities surrounding Plant City.  PCCC strives to promote and demonstrate diversity in the arts; and seeks to provide opportunities for its members to learn and improve the craft of choral performance.
For more information about PCCC, go to or call Lark Underwood, PCCC Secretary at (813) 757-0212.  Like the PCCC on Facebook: Plant City Community Chorale.
Heartland Men’s Chorus and the Lawrence Children’s Choir celebrate America’s modern families Rick Fisher, %28 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000
Heartland Men’s Chorus will celebrate the diversity of the American family in its spring concert “Modern Families,” March 28 and 29, 2015, at the Folly Theater. The concert is the latest in the group’s series of “musical documentaries” that use music, narration and multi-media elements to illustrate a particular social issue.
Artistic director Dustin S. Cates has a personal connection to the topic. He and his husband are the parents of a 3 year-old son.
“I wanted to celebrate the love and dignity that all families deserve,” said Cates. “There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ family. It seems every person defines the word family in slightly different way.”
As expected from a gay men’s chorus, HMC will present a number of songs and stories specific to LGBT families, but Cates expects the concert to appeal to people from all types of families. The music included is diverse, including classical works, contemporary pop songs and rap.
Lawrence Children’s Choir will begin the concert with a set of four songs. Heartland Men’s Chorus will join them for “The Weaver,” a new commission by local composer Jacob Narverud. HMC will finish the first act with musical selections celebrating love and family, including “Luminescence,” a song written by Dr. Andrea Ramsey commemorating the birth of Cates’s son, Emmaus.
The musical documentary comprises the concert’s second act, and includes “Not My Father’s Son” from the Broadway musical Kinky Boots, Annie Lennox’s “A Thousand Beautiful Things” and Rene Clausen’s “Set Me as a Seal.” The chorus will reprise two songs by composer Robert Seeley that have been popular in previous performances: the marriage equality anthem “Marry Us” and the plaintive “In My Mother’s Eyes.”
For the first time in its history, the chorus will perform a contemporary rap number, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore’s “Same Love,” featuring a guest appearance by local rap artist EvoKlone Alex.
Narration linking the songs together comes from the stories of individual chorus members, as well as stories collected from members of the Midwest Alternative Family Alliance (MAFA), a local nonprofit group that acts as catalyst for social action on behalf of LGBT families.
Nancy Bean, a Kansas City adoption social worker and member of MAFA, will facilitate a pre-show discussion on the topic of family building in the LGBT community beginning 20 minutes prior to each performance.
To further illustrate the diversity in contemporary families, audience members are invited to submit photos of their “modern families” via the chorus’s website, to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #OurModernFamilies. To date, more than 50 photos have been received.
“Modern Families” is the second concert in the HMC’s 29th season. The group regularly performs with more than 120 singers, and draws the largest audience for choral music in the region.
Heartland Men’s Chorus presents “Modern Families” at 8:00 p.m. March 28, and 4:00 p.m. on March 30. All performances are at the Folly Theater, 300 W. 12th Street, Kansas City, Mo. Tickets range in price from $15-$40 and are available at or by calling 816-931-3338.
#    #    #
Meaningful répertoire that is faster Karen Schuessler, %28 %b %2015 %14:%Feb:%th 14FebGMT+0000 Colleagues,
I just finished planning the last concert of this season for my 50-voice community choir. The title is Sing Joy: The Power of Song (highlighting song's social and personal power). In researching repertoire that speaks to the power of music in our lives, the main challenge I ran into was that almost all the stunning music I could find was in a slow tempo. (Earth Song-Ticheli, The Road Home-Paulus, etc.) Understandable and beautiful as that is, it makes for an unbalanced program. The program is now well-shaped, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend any repertoire of a similar quality and depth that is in a faster, more obviously energetic vein.  
Many thanks for your replies,
Karen Schuessler
Karen Schuessler Singers
ACDA Salutes: Julius Herford Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000
This is just one of the 74 choral conductors on the ACDA Wall of Honor. LEARN MORE about the Wall of Honor and MEET ALL of the award recipients.
Saturday Respite: Losing Battle? Scott Dorsey, %15 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000
It’s one thing for this dinosaur to say it (and say it, and say it, and say it), but when a hip 20-something says it, then maybe - just maybe! – the message will get through.
Composers Who Utilise Tone Clusters? Jason Kertson, %28 %b %2015 %01:%Feb:%th 1FebGMT+0000 a big fan of Eric Whitacre's work, I've really grown to adore the use of tone clusters... I think they can make a piece extremely beautiful, and provide more colour and vibration. After searching around, I discovered Eriks Esenvalds, Frank Ticheli, Blake Henson, and a few other composers who latch onto the consistent use of chord clusters. 

Does anyone have any other recommendations on composers who use an abundance of chord clusters throughout their music? 

Thank you!
Jason ]]>
Mass in B Minor - Bach Meredith Baker, %28 %b %2015 %01:%Feb:%th 1FebGMT+0000 Long Island Choral Society under the direction of Meredith Elaine Baker will present this monumental work with professional orchestra and professional soloist at 8 pm on Saturday, 14 March, 2015. This will be at the Performing Arts Center of Adelphi University, in Garden City, NY. Please visit our website: for ticket information and a map. Soloists are Megan Weston, Andrea Soposnik, David Kellett, and Matthew Curran ]]>Director of Music Ministries- Calvary Presbyterian Church chris nichols, %27 %b %2015 %23:%Feb:%th 23FebGMT+0000 Francisco’s Calvary Presbyterian Church Seeks a
Director of Music Ministries
The members, staff and friends of historic Calvary Presbyterian Church are enthusiastic about the growth in
our spiritual and music ministries and the exciting possibilities ahead. We invite you to consider joining this
vibrant community and partnering with our dynamic pastoral leadership team. Calvary strives to provide high
quality music, both in our services and in community outreach. A classical foundation is enriched with a
variety of musical genres and various resident and guest artists, providing a base for even more growth and
creativity. We seek someone with a personal Christian commitment—with a sense of call to a full-time music
ministry—to build on our strong music legacy and develop new opportunities that reach across generations
and into the community.
Provide Music Ministry for Worship Services
Provide and lead the music in weekly and special worship services, illuminating the Word and inspiring
the congregation; collaborate with the pastors, the resident musician, the organist and other music staff
in planning worship services; support efforts to further build a Sunday evening service with music of its
Lead the choir and foster its musical and spiritual growth:
• direct rehearsals of the Chancel Choir, soloists and instrumentalists;
• produce and conduct at least two annual Chancel Choir concerts performing major musical works;
Educate the choir and congregation about the music selections and the many ways music enhances
Create New Opportunities: Build on Church’s Vision Through Music
Help develop and implement a plan with the pastors and lay officers for how music might evolve at
Calvary. Examples would be:
• expanding our children’s choir and incorporating music education;
• taking music out into the community in support of our mission work;
• developing musical opportunities for various sectors of the congregation and community (e.g.,
a youth choir, gospel choir, jazz vocal group, new instrumental ensembles, additional
• bringing new ways to enhance the worship experience with music.
We believe inspirational music will continue to be a major attraction for those considering membership.
Our highly regarded choir has been growing in recent months and we believe it and other new programs
can attract even more participation.
Manage Staff and Build Relationships
Encourage innovation, enthusiasm and mutual respect among the part-time music staff (organist,
resident musician, professional soloists, children’s choir director, etc.) and lay staff (music librarians).
Build mutually beneficial relationships with outside music or arts groups (such as our current
collaboration with the SF Academy Orchestra). Nurture connections with regional artists and
educational institutions to encourage involvement in Calvary programs.
Calvary Presbyterian Church ~ 2515 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 ~ 2
Manage Music Resources and Other Functions
Build music library and maintain music files; manage maintenance of organs and pianos; advise on
major music related acquisitions and manage the music budget.
Essential qualifications:
• Degree in Music (choral, vocal, or conducting emphases preferred); familiarity with classical
music history, repertoire, theory, interpretation, and lyric diction
• Extensive experience conducting choruses and instrumentalists; demonstrated ability to work
with professional and non-professional singers alike
• An understanding of the liturgical year, church music and worship in the Reformed tradition
• Experience in programming church music for worship, drawing inspiration from scripture and
the sermon theme, to create spiritually inspiring services
• A positive, creative personality: is good-natured, imaginative and enthusiastic; is able to attract,
inspire and retain membership in an inclusive choral community and other music programs
• A collaborative spirit with strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well with the pastoral
and music staff and the congregation; a flexible team player focused on building productive
• Appreciation for classical music; fluency in diverse musical styles (classical/sacred, jazz,
gospel, and contemporary/secular); ability to recognize and select music of high quality across
genres and effectively integrate and conduct it
• Keyboard (piano) proficiency.
Desired qualifications:
• Masters or Doctorate degrees in music
• Experience conducting choral groups in multiple genres of music
• Organ proficiency is a bonus
ACCOUNTABILITY: This position reports to John Weems, who is the “Pastor and Head of Staff”
Submissions requested by April 13, 2015, but we are open to later submissions as well. Please submit:
• CV/resume/dossier with a one page cover letter explaining why you might be the person we seek
• A list of references (three or more desired) with full title, contact information and an explanation of
their professional relationship to you.
Selected candidates will be invited to send additional materials that illustrate their abilities and to interview
with the search committee. They may be asked to lead the Calvary Chancel Choir in rehearsal.
Please send application materials to: (preferred) or to:
Director of Music Ministries Search Committee
Calvary Presbyterian Church
Attn: John Weems
2515 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
COMPENSATION: Full-time salary with benefits based on education and experience; will be
commensurate with comparable positions in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will also provide a study leave
and expense allowance. ]]>
O Sifuni Mungu - 2 choirs and percussion a cappella Neviton Barros, %27 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000 O Sifuni Mungu - 2 choirs and percussion a cappella
Composer/Arranger/Edition: I Don't Know
Starting: ASAP
For: Not specific
Copies: 01
Willing to rent: No
Friends, by any chance, does somebody know where can I find this specific arrangement (2 choirs and percussion a cappella)? I sang it a looooooooong time ago, lost my score, and I would like to do it with my vocal group again, but only find on internet for SATB or SSAA or TTBB or 2 parts with piano...
Any help, please?
Thank you! 
P.S.: I'm trying to buy it, but only found on the website the section for borrowing. :)
Conference for Church Musicians Faith Brill, %27 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000 comprehensive church music experience, sponsored by the Fellowship of American Baptist Musicians, celebrating it's 50th conference in 2015.  The Conference for Church Musicians is held annually at the beautiful Green Lake Conference Center, in Green Lake, WI 
FABM website: / Green Lake Conference Center website:
2015 Clinicians:
John Dickson -- Adult Choral Clinician
Kenney Potter -- Youth Choral Clinician
Heather Potter -- Children's Choral Clinician
Stephanie Wiltsie -- Handbll Clinician
Howard Helvey -- Organ Clinician
Dan Goeller -- Instrumental Clinician
Thomas Long -- Worship Leader
Lloyd Larson -- Piano Clinician
~Work with nationally and internationally renowned clinicians in both ensemble and workshop settings
~Participate in small ensembles
~Worship opportunities every day
~Connect with other church musicians
~Six evening concerts
~Revel in the beauty of God’s creation
~Relax and rejuvenate for the upcoming year
Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine Creates a Sizzle at ACDA National Conference with Classical Movements! Stephanie Aboukasm, %27 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%th 18FebGMT+0000 all-male Cuban choir, Sine Nomine created quite the buzz this week at the ACDA National Conference, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Classical Movements. With Classical Movements' help, the group was able to embark on an extensive U.S. tour that has already included stops in Frederick, MD; Downingtown, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Fairfield, CT; and Washington, D.C. Their incredible sound, employing male voice for the soprano, alto, and countertenor parts, as well as tenor and bass, rang through the Salt Lake City Convention Center and drew in many interested fans at Classical Movements' booth following their performance. 
The group still has another leg of their tour left, where they will perform a cappella versions of traditional and modern Cuban works, early Latin American songs, and spirituals in the following cities:
  • Collegedale, TN: Sunday March 1 - 7:30 PM at Southern Adventist Church (4829 College Drive East, Collegedale, TN)
  • Asheville, NC: Monday, March 2 - 7:00 PM at First Congregational United Church of Christ (20 Oak Street, Asheville, NC)
  • Charlotte, NC: Wednesday, March 4 - 7:00 PM at Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter (750 E. 9th St, Charlotte, NC)
For more information about the group and its tour, please contact Operations Manager, Cameron Grimes at or at +1 703-683-6040. Alternatively, if you are currently at the ACDA National Conference, stop by Booth #98 to speak with Classical Movements staff, Neeta Helms and Johan van Zyl. 
Sine Nomine performs at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT (photo credit: Sacred Heart University)
FREE MusicSpoke T-Shirts at Booth #8014 Aliana Kae, %27 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000 you're at 2015 ACDA in Salt Lake City, come visit us at Booth #8014 and get your FREE MusicSpoke t-shirt!
Limited quantiies, while supplies last, come sport the 'Spoke and get some swag! You might recognize some of the dapper fellows in the photos below: stop by and say hi!
Rossini: Stabat Mater and Faure Requiem CHICAGO AREA Marek Rachelski, %27 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000 Niles Metropolitan Chorus and Musica Lumina Orchestra present these two masterworks on Sunday, March 29 at 3:00 PM. Rehearsals Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:00 PM in Niles IL. Basses/Baritones are especially invited.
(702) 806-8421 for more information.
Director of Music Ministries Deborah Surniak, %27 %b %2015 %15:%Feb:%th 15FebGMT+0000 United Methodist Church, an 880 member congregation located in the beautiful coastal town of Southport, North Carolina, seeks a part-time (30 hours/ week) experienced Director of Music Ministries to plan, organize, direct, and implement its traditional music ministries, including supervision of the assistant director, pianist, and organist.  The Director shall report to the Senior Pastor and provide vision and leadership for the entire Trinity traditional music program, while glorifying and worshipping God through music and nurturing and enriching the congregation.   The Director shall have primary conducting responsibility for two adult choirs (65 members total) and two adult hand bell groups (23 ringers) and shall provide oversight of the assistant director who directs children and youth choirs and bell groups and an orchestra.  The Director shall plan, develop, and implement weekly worship services and special seasonal worship services and performances.  The Director shall have a thorough knowledge of worship and sacred music and all genres of Christian music and demonstrate deep Christian faith and nurture an atmosphere of serving God as well as fostering excellence.  A Bachelors Degree in Music or Music Education, and/or equivalent knowledge and a minimum of 4 years experience in a leadership role in a similar church setting is required.  An understanding of Wesleyan theology is desired.  Compensation will be commensurate with experience.  A complete application will include a cover letter, resume, and a statement (not more than one page) of the candidates’ philosophy regarding church music ministry. Applications will be received through March 31, 2015. ]]>Easter at Christ Church—join us for Britten "Festival Te Deum" and Hampton "Repeating Alleluia"! Mark Sullivan, %27 %b %2015 %12:%Feb:%th 12FebGMT+0000 Christ Church choir is welcoming singers for our Easter services, which this year will feature the wonderful Britten "Festival Te Deum" and Calvin Hampton's "A Repeating Alleluia." All singers are welcome! Contact Mark Sullivan at ]]>“Five from the Folder: Mixed Voices” by Eileen Chang Scott Dorsey, %25 %b %2014 %18:%Nov:%th 18NovGMT+0000
1. “Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 227.” J.S. Bach. CPDL
One of his six motets, 5 voice with or without instruments.
2. “Abendlied, Op 69, No. 3.” Josef Rheinberger. CPDL
Six voice (SSATTB), a cappella, text is from the book of Luke 24:29.
3. “Festival Te Deum.” Benjamin Britten. Boosey & Hawkes 48021233
SATB, soprano solo, organ accompaniment, Powerful!
4. “Gloria.” Jan Sandtröm. Walton Music WW1277
SATB/SATB Chorus, Soprano and Tenor soli, a cappella.
5. “Draw on, Sweet Night.” John Wilbye. CPDL
Six voice (SSATTB), Secular Madrigal,  a cappella.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at
Who's in YOUR Choir . . . Andy? Scott Dorsey, %09 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%th 19JanGMT+0000 ]]>Take a Long-Distance Peek Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2015 %21:%Feb:%th 21FebGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference is in full swing here in Salt Lake City.  The city is overrun with happy choral directors all having a wonderful time hearing astonishing ensemble performances, taking part in stimulating interest sessions, reading new literature, all while seeing friends old and new.
For those who can't be in Utah, ACDA is providing a daily blog to keep you abreast of the happenings during the 2015 National Conference.  Members of the Ithaca College Student Chapter are fanning out through the various performance venues to provide us with a running commentary on the choral happenings in Salt Lake City.
READ the Blog
Help!!!!! Anna Jaggie, %27 %b %2015 %02:%Feb:%th 2FebGMT+0000,
I have been struggling to form a acurate description of a chorus teacher.
Would you please help me?
~Anna Jaggie
Choral Workshop/Festivals David Covington, %27 %b %2015 %01:%Feb:%th 1FebGMT+0000 am interested in what Choral Workshop/Festivals that may be taking place in the USA this summer that one can either audition for or participate in. Several years ago, like many others, I took part in several such Workshop/Festivals with Robert Shaw that were held on the campus of Westminster Choir College. So, if anybody would recommend any such festivals that involve a performance of major works I would appreciate it. Or if you know of a source that lists the many workshops available, that would be helpful too. I have been out of the loop for several years but have 40 years of professional experience singing with or conducting choirs and hold a BM, MM and Ph.D. in Choral Conducting/Choral Music Education. Thank you.
Women Composers Festival of Hartford Amelia Nagoski, %27 %b %2015 %02:%Feb:%th 2FebGMT+0000 are just a few days left to express your support for women composers and high calibre live performances with affordable tickets through WCFH's IndieGogo funding campaign. The swag is fun, and the cause is important for all of us!
Thanks very much for walking in the footsteps of Eleanor, Beatriz, and Isabella!
St George International Choir Choir Festival Dimitris kitsos, %27 %b %2015 %01:%Feb:%th 1FebGMT+0000

St George International Choir Festival, 15-21 July 2015
The St George International Choir Festival takes place this year in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, capital city of Makedonia and second largest city of Greece. It is part of the St George International Music Festival which takes place annually and is based in Municipality of Volvi-Asprovalta, Vrasna, Stavros, in the Strymonic Gulf, 75km east fromThessaloniki.

The St George International Choir Festival is a non competitive event that welcomes the participation of choirs coming from all over the world by performing in the beautiful indoor and outdoor venues of Thessaloniki. Ancient Greek and Byzantine theaters, old castles, concert halls, various archeological places of significant importance and modern amphitheatres are some of them. 

The repertoire for each choir is absolutely free. No particular songs have to be performed mandatorily nor are there bans on particular periods or music genres. 

The variety of venues selected for the performances, the numerous events and the extremely rich repertoire make St George International Choir Festival one of the most attractive and spectacular international choral festivals. 

Pacific Edge Voices : 35 & Beyond : A Birthday Gala Lindy Miller-Castro, %26 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000

35 & Beyond: A Birthday Gala

6:30 pmNorthbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda, Berkeley

Pacific Edge Voices - A Birthday Gala: 35 and Beyond


Come party with us!


The members of Pacific Edge Voices invite you to a 35th birthday party, celebrating the group's musical hallmarks past and present, and a future filled with lively music-making and warm community. The party includes ample food and wine, a silent auction and raffle, lots of musical moments - including audience participation - and much more.


This is a special year for us: a new identity, a new direction, and a milestone birthday. We're offering a special birthday ticket price ("35 for 35") in the hope that all our friends and alumni will come out to relive special moments in our history, maybe sing a song or two, and inaugurate our next 35 years.


Also new this year: We are offering seating by tables of eight. You can reserve a premium table, with great sightlines and a bucket of bubbly, or one of the regular tables for eight of your favorite friends. Of course, tickets are also available individually.


Individual tickets: $35 each

Regular table $280 (seats 8)

Premium table $400  (seats 8, best sight-lines, bottles of bubbly for your party)


Order your tickets and tables online or by calling (510) 848-8022. Advance sales only and seating is limited

Haydn's Stabat Mater - Vesper Chorale and Vesper Chamber Orchestra Jenna Grisham, %26 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000 E R F O R M A N C E S
Saturday, March 14th - 7:30 p.m.
St. Matthew Cathedral
1701 Miami St. - South Bend, IN 46613
Sunday, March 15th - 3:00 p.m.
St. Joseph Chapel (Holy Cross College)
54515 State Road 933 North - Notre Dame, IN 46556

Vesper Chorale returns to its roots by offering a Lenten concert in its Basically Baroque Concert Series: Joseph Haydn's Stabat Mater. The lyrics of Stabat Mater reflect on mother Mary's suffering as she stands watching Jesus on the cross. Enrich your understanding of this solemn season by experiencing Stabat Mater and other Lenten pieces during this powerful performance by Vesper Chorale, Vesper Chamber Orchestra and Guest Singers. Featured soloists include Elizabeth Scheicher, Soprano; Lisa Bloom, Alto; Emanuel Caraman, Tenor; and Johnny Boehlefeld, Bass. A pre-concert lecture will begin 30 minutes prior to concert time.

$28 Adult, $25 Senior, $14 Student/Child
Tickets are available at, by calling Shirk's Piano Gallery at 574-255-7889 or at the door.

Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, Indiana, Indiana Arts Commission, First United Methodist Church-South Bend, Kern Road Mennonite Church, South Bend Tribune, WNIT Public Television, WVPE

* Vesper Chorale and Children's Choir of Michiana are ensembles ofMusical Arts Indiana Inc. ]]>
Two Organs: Sacred and Profane Amy Dale, %26 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%th 19FebGMT+0000
Grand Philharmonic Chamber Singers presents
Two Organs—Luis Vierne’s Messe Solennelle and music of Faure, Debussy and others
Jan Overduin, organ; Mark Vuorinen, conductor
Sunday March 8, 2015
3 p.m.
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church
Duke and Water Streets, Kitchener
$25 General Admission
Tickets at
Cascadian Chorale "Welcome Home!" Joy DeCoursey-Porter, %26 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000 Chorale, located in Bellevue Washington and under the direction of Dr. Gary Cannon celebrates its 50th year with a special Spring concert and corresponding CD release entitled "Welcome Home."
Please join us in celebrating 50 years!
Handel''s Esther: Grinnell Singers with Lyra Baroque Orchestra John Rommereim, %26 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000

The Lyra Baroque Orchestra, a professional period-instrument ensemble from Minneapolis, will join forces with the Grinnell Singers to perform Handel’s Esther.

The Performance

The concert will start at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 1, in Sebring-Lewis Hall in Grinnell. Although the concert is free and open to the public, tickets are required. Tickets may be picked up at the Bucksbaum Center box office beginning at noon on Monday, Feb. 23. For more information, call the box office at 641-269-4444.

Members of the orchestra will perform on replicas of instruments in use during the 18th century, including a full complement of string instruments, as well as oboes, horns and trumpets. Iowa Public Radio plans to record the performance to be broadcast across the state at a later date.

Handel’s oratorio tells the story of Esther, the Jewish queen of Persia, as she acts courageously to save her people from destruction.

The production will feature guest soloists:

  • Linh Kauffman, soprano, as Queen Esther
  • Seth Keeton, baritone, as the villain Haman
  • Richard Joseph, tenor, as the King of Persia
  • Craig Lemming, tenor, as Esther’s Uncle Mordecai
  • Nicholas Miguel, baritone, as the Priest of the Israelites

Grinnell College Blanche Johnson Professor of Music John Rommereim will conduct.

The Panel Discussion

The performance will be preceded on Friday, Feb. 20, by a panel discussion titled “Stories Told and Retold: Handel’s Esther and Narratives of Oppression and Genocide from Biblical Times to the Present.”

The discussion will start at 4:15 p.m. in Lawson Lecture Hall, Bucksbaum Center for the Arts Room 152. The panel will include Rommereim as well as:

Jacque Ogg, musical director of Lyra Baroque Orchestra will play harpsichord. The orchestra also includes Grinnell Music faculty member Guinevere McIntyre playing on natural horn.

Grinnell welcomes and encourages the participation of people with disabilities. Bucksbaum Center for the Arts has accessible parking in the rear of the building north of Sixth Ave., and Sebring-Lewis Hall is fully accessible. Accommodation requests may be made to Conference Operations.

Song/Play: Music for Treble and Youth Voices Andrea Macy, %26 %b %2015 %15:%Feb:%th 15FebGMT+0000
A family friendly afternoon of music, entertainment, singing and fun! MacArthur Genius Fellow and Founder/Conductor of the Young People’s Chorus of NYC, Francisco Núñez leads the young, talented and energetic Distinguished Concerts Singers International in a culturally-minded and engaging program of original Latin-inspired music.  The Central Oregon Youth Orchestra, a nationally recognized ensemble shares the stage with the Vancouver Orchestra Club in an equally entertaining program.
Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall
Tickets $20-$100
Visit or call CenterCharge at 212-247-7800
Box Office: 57th Street and Seventh Avenue
Cappella Cantorum Men's Chorus Registration/Rehearsal Barry Asch, %26 %b %2015 %14:%Feb:%th 14FebGMT+0000
Cappella Cantorum 30 voice Men’s Chorus non-auditioned Registration/Rehearsal will take place Monday, March 23, 7 PM, John Winthrop Middle School, 1 Winthrop Rd. Deep River, CT 06417.  Rehearsals are Mondays at 7:30 pm. $32 covers Music and Registration. Spirituals, Gospel, Sea Chanteys, Classical and Broadway Music will be featured. Bring a black 3-ring notebook. Late registration will be the following Monday, March 30, 7 pm, at JWMS. Contact Barry at 860-388-2871 for more information, register & pay  on  The first concert is Sun. June 7, 3 pm, at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 56 Great Hammock Rd. Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Cappella Cantorum MasterWorks Chorus, Faure Requiem, Schubert Mass in G Barry Asch, %26 %b %2015 %14:%Feb:%th 14FebGMT+0000 “Requiem,” “Cantique de Jean Racine” and Schubert “Mass in G,” Concert: Sunday, March 22, 3 pm at St. Mark R.C. Church, 222 McVeagh Rd. Westbrook, CT 06498. Tickets online at $25, or phone 860-577-2950. Tickets at the door $28. The  Cappella Cantorum MasterWorks Chorus, led by Barry Asch, with the Cappella Cantorum Chamber Orchestra and featuring  Soloists: Soprano-Patricia Schuman and Baritone-Christopher Grundy. A reception follows the concert. ]]>Tour with song in Hungary / Europe Anikó Kovács-Rózsavölgyi, %26 %b %2015 %12:%Feb:%th 12FebGMT+0000 Musik – Land Travel Agency specialises in the planning and organisation of customised tours and programmes in Hungary for choirs and other groups.

*Performance options:
Joint concerts with Hungarian choirs
Open-air concerts in Budapest, Esztergom or at Lake Balaton
Church concerts in Budapest, Esztergom or in other towns
Musical co-operation in church services
International Choir Meeting – Dorog
International Church Choir Meeting – Esztergom
Independent concerts/performance options.
*Tours, sightseeing:
Budapest, Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre, Plattensee  and other towns.
*Relaxation and fun:
Wine-cellar party with wine-tasting, puszta programme with horse-show and horse and buggy ride, medieval tournament with royal feast, winter/summer bobsled ground.
*Tour guiding:
in English, German, Italian, French, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Estonian, Swedisch, Portuguese or Hungarian
Here are a few examples of our programmes. Please look through our list and choose the most suitable for you.

 Programme – for choir 7 days
Tour with song in Hungary / Europe
Programme proposal for a choir (7 days, 6 nights)
1st day:                       
17.00   arrival at the hotel in Budapest, warm-hearted welcome with champagne,
occupation of the rooms, dinner with music
2nd day:                    
10.00   departure to the Buda Castle
10.30   visit to the royal castle, the Matthias Church and the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion)
12.00   free time
13.30   lunch in Budapest
15.00   sightseeing (Heroes’ square, Vajdahunyad Castle)
16.00   departure to the Puszta (Lajosmizse)
17.30   Puszta programme
           welcome with apricot brandy and savoury scones
           horse and buggy ride, horse-show, riding possibility
           dinner with gipsy music at the village inn
21.00   departure to Budapest
22.00   night tour of the Budapest lights
23.00   arrival at the hotel
3rd day:         
09.00   departure to Esztergom
10.00   visit to the Cathedral, which is the biggest church in Hungary
11.15   church concert in the Cathedral or musical co-operation at a Holy Mass in the Saint Anna church
13.00   lunch in Esztergom
14.30   visiting the Christian Museum and/or free time
15.45   departure to Dorog
16.15   rehearsal, changing possibility
17.00   International Choir Meeting- Dorog
19.30   dinner with music and friendly evening with all participants of the Choir Meeting in Dorog
22.00   departure to Budapest
23.00   arrival at the hotel
4th day:           
08.00   departure to Lake Balaton
11.00   visit to the Abbey of Tihany
12.30   lunch in Tihany
14.00   bathing at Lake Balaton (in case of cold weather: trip to the surrounding area)
18.00   dinner in Balatonfüred
20.00   departure to Budapest
22.30   arrival at the hotel
5th day:                  
09.30   departure to Margitsziget
10.15   stroll at the Margitsziget (Margaret Island)
10.30   river cruise
12.00   free time in the city centre (Váci street, pedestrianized streets)
13.30   lunch in Budapest
15.30   departure to Piliscsaba
16.15   rehearsal in the culture house or in the baroque church
17.00   concert
18.15   departure to the wine-cellar
18.45   wine-cellar party with music and wine-tasting (6-8 wine varieties )Hungarian dinner with unlimited wine
22.00   departure to Budapest
23.00   arrival at the hotel
6th day:                     
10.00   departure to Szentendre
11.00   visit to the Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum or free time
13.00   lunch in Szentendre
15.00   departure to Visegrád
15.45   visit to the Castle of King Matthias or free time at the all year bobsleigh run
17.15   departure to the Solomon Tower
17.30   medieval tournament at the Solomon Tower
19.00   royal feast in the Renaissance restaurant
21.15   departure to Budapest
22.00   arrival at the hotel
7th day:          
09.30   home journey
Moore information: 
   Musik - Land Travel Agency
        Madách Imre u. 20.
        H-2534 Tát
Fax: 00 36 33 444 679

International Choir Meeting in Dorog (Hungary-Europe) Anikó Kovács-Rózsavölgyi, %26 %b %2015 %12:%Feb:%th 12FebGMT+0000
Choir travel to Hungary – 2015
Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear Choir Members, Dear Singer Friends,

In the name of MUSIK - LAND Travel Agency we would like to invite Your Choir to Hungary in 2015
Get know, and discover hospitable Hungary trough singing together!
We offer the follows for You:

Appearance opportunities:
- Concert with a hungarian choir together
- Concert in a church in Budapest, Esztergom, or an other city
- Musical contribution in a divine
- International Choir Meeting in Dorog – 2015
- International Church Choir Meeting in Esztergom – 2015
- Concert by oneself

Tours and Sightseeing with English-speaking tour guides:
- Budapest, Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre and other cities,
  Balaton lake

Humour and lot of fun:
- Cellar-party with music and wine tasteing
- "Puszta" Programme (horse show, riding, carriage)
- Middle ages medieval tournament, and "king's feast"
- Summer sledge bob
- etc.

If You would like to read more information (for example complete reference list), and see some interesting and funny photos please feel free to visit our website:
The programme proposals on the website can be changed after your wishes and suggestions.

Let us surprise You!
If You wish we can send any informations about programs, accomodations, and prices.
Best regards,
Musik - Land Travel Agency

Rózsavölgyi Károly

        Musik - Land Travel Agency
        Madách Imre u. 20.
        H-2534 Tát

Fax: 00 36 33 444 679

We found Your adress on the internet.
We are sorry, if we disturb you with our mail.
Feel free to send us back an email with subject "Unsubscribe", and we don't send You letters any more.
CONDUTING 21C - Musical Leadership for a New Century Bo Nilsson, %26 %b %2015 %09:%Feb:%th 9FebGMT+0000 course aims to provide conductors with professional development by combining artistic excellence and social justice. It will take place on the beautiful island of Skeppsholmen in the Stockholm city centre. C21C is part of the Music & Humanity Festival also consisting of concerts, workshops and talks.  
Course Leaders:
André de Quadros, Lone Larsen and Agneta Josepson
Manado State University Choir, Indonesia and Voces Nordica, Sweden
Apply by April 13
Read more
CONDUCTING 21C - Musical Leadership for a New Century Bo Nilsson, %26 %b %2015 %09:%Feb:%th 9FebGMT+0000 course aims to provide conductors with professional development by combining artistic excellence and social justice. 
It will take place at Yale University within the second Yale International Choral Festival, which brings choirs from all over the world to Yale’s campus for five days of concerts and workshops.
Course leaders:
André de Quadros, Jeffrey Douma, Lone Larsen and Judy Braha.
Voces Nordicae and Yale Choral Artists

Apply by March 16, 2015
Read more
Fest der Kulturen 2017 - "Grand Prix of Nations" from January 18 – 22, 2017 in Berlin, Philharmonie, Germany Luke Turrint, %26 %b %2015 %09:%Feb:%th 9FebGMT+0000

Fest der Kulturen 2017 - "Grand Prix of Nations"
January 18 – 22, 2017

Berlin, Philharmonie, Germany

After the 1st „Grand Prix of Nations“ 2015 in Magdeburg this event will continue to take place in Germany and hosted by Germany’s capital Berlin in 2017! The INTERKULTUR event is embedded in the Berlin "Fest der Kulturen" 2017 where the Rundfunkchor Berlin and further top class choirs and orchestras will be performing. The chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonie, one of Germany’s best concert halls, will offer a dignified ambiance for the „Grand Prix of Nations“.

The competition initially starts with an Open Competition, in which all choirs can participate regardless of their cultural background and their level of proficiency. If they have qualified for the following „Grand Prix of Nations“ they will compete in an exciting challenge for the Grand Prix. It will be a great joy for INTERKULTUR to welcome you as a participant at the „Grand Prix of Nations“ 2017 at the Berlin Philharmonie. Berlin is waiting for you!

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

Sing'n'Joy China 2015 - International Choir Festival & Competition from November 4 - 8, 2015 in Shunde, China Luke Turrint, %26 %b %2015 %09:%Feb:%th 9FebGMT+0000

Sing'n'Joy China 2015
International Choir Festival & Competition Shunde – Foshan
November 4 - 8, 2015
Shunde, China

Together in Harmony: Sing'n'Joy China 2015 invites singers from all over to celebrate a festival of music and global harmony in the land of the rising sun. Choirs who wish to participate in the festival only will have the opportunity to register for an Evaluation Performance with international jury members, for Friendship Concerts and for a huge festival choir project that combines several participating choirs. Interested choirs can also participate in the competitions of the event. Offered categories will be „Adult Choirs“, „Children’s and Youth Choirs“ and „Folklore“. The special feature of the event: In the Evaluation Performance, choirs can obtain valuable guidance for their participation in the 9th World Choir Games, to be held in 2016 in Sochi / Russia.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29
Bass-Baritone Choral Scholar for Episcopal Church Karen Hindenlang, %26 %b %2015 %14:%Feb:%th 14FebGMT+0000

Choral Scholar position for bass / baritone available immediately in downtown Ithaca NY church, with Thursday evening, rehearsal 7:00-8:30, and Sunday morning warm-up and worship service, 9:30-11:40

Looking for singers with a collaborative spirit, superior sight-reading skills, excellent intonation, and the ability to sing comfortably with good tone and minimal vibrato.  No duties as section leader required other than modeling good vocal technique and rehearsal participation. Offering $25 a call (usually $50 a week), and experience in the classic tradition of sacred choral music under professional direction.  NB: no incense!

Please send brief résumé and, if possible, a short sound file or video to the Director of Music:
Graduation/Convocation pieces Barbara Van Patter, %26 %b %2015 %13:%Feb:%th 13FebGMT+0000,
I direct a 25 voice SATB choir at a small Christian school. Any suggestions for graduation and/or convocation pieces?
Barbara Van Patter
CJ Replay: When Basso-Continuo was New Scott Dorsey, %14 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%th 16JanGMT+0000 excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “Instrumentation of the Basso Continuo in Early Seventeenth-Century Vocal Music,” by Steven Zopfi)
       During the first half of the seventeenth century, composers created enormous quantities of vocal music employing the new basso-continuo method. Inherent in this new method was a flexibility of instrumentation. Composers rarely specified which instruments were to be used in the performance of the basso continuo, because they and their contemporaries were familial- with the conventions of continuo instrumentation. Modem musicians, until recently, have lacked that first-hand knowledge, and have had much less upon which to rely when making instrumentation choices. Recent research, however is beginning to shed light on the continuo practices of the early Baroque era, and can provide important guidelines for modem choral performances of this repertoire.
       A useful place to begin discussing continuo instrumentation is with Agostino Agazzari's Del sonore sopra iI basso (1607), by far the most informative treatise on continuo instrumentation in early seventeenth-century Italy. In it, Agazzari lists a rich variety of continuo instruments, describes the manner of playing them, and suggests ways in which they might be used. Agazzari classified instruments as either "foundation" or "ornamental." Foundation instruments are those that "guide and support the whole body of the voices and instruments of the consort: the organ, harpsichord, etc.," while ornamental instruments are "those, which in a playful and contrapuntal fashion, make the harmony more agreeable and sonorous, namely the lute, the harp, lirone, etera, spinet, chitorrino, violin, pandora, and the like." In other words, foundation instruments are chord-playing instruments that provide harmonic support for the other voices, while ornamental instruments are mainly melodic instruments that are capable of melodic ornamentation and harmonic filler.
READ the entire article.
Building Skills 16 Richard Sparks, %12 %b %2015 %02:%Feb:%th 2FebGMT+0000 from Daniel Coyle: Tip #26 Slow It Down (Even Slower Than You Think).
Coyle: "This urge for speed makes perfect sense, but it can also create sloppiness, particularly when it comes to hard skills (see Tip #8). We trade precision—and long-term performance—for a temporary thrill. So slow down. Super-slow practice works like a magnifying glass; It lets us sense our errors more clearly, and thus fix them."
Coyle also has a nice post on his blog about called, "Slow is Beautiful," which includes video of golf great Ben Hogan showing how he uses slow practice.
This is a critical rehearsal tool for the conductor, but there are various ways to use it. And surprisingly, I see it used infrequently by too many conductors.
In a fast passage, at a certain speed some members of the choir will never perceive the pitches (or patterns) accurately. You can practice the passage 20 times at a fast tempo and it'll still be sloppy. But a fewer number of repetitions at a slower speed can allow the singers to absorb the pitches and build them in correctly. The same thing is true for instrumentalists. When I rehearse strings, for example, if the music has awkward string crossings, difficult bowings, or simply calls for extreme speed, the only way to make it better is to slow it down. For both singers and instrumentalists, "muscle memory" must be developed that allows passage work that can be done accurately without consciously thinking of every individual note.
With a choir, it also makes it even easier if you take away another variable (text) and sing on a neutral syllable or count-sing (if your choir does that regularly). Since I do lots of baroque music with my chamber choir that specializes in early music, this is always the first tool of choice with a fast melismatic passage or fugue: take away the text and slow it down.
It's the same when performing (or learning) an unfamiliar language. I'll usually do a "repeat after me" session when first going through an unfamiliar text in another language. My going too fast only means that the choir can't even perceive the sounds correctly, much less repeat them accurately—and it will waste time, rather than saving it.
And sometimes to shape a phrase with subtlety, a slower rehearsal speed allows the ensemble to feel and shape phrases together in a way they can't at a faster speed.
Slower can be faster. And slower can much more quickly get the ensemble to a fast, yet clean performance.
Get Your SLC Tee! Scott Dorsey, %26 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%th 19FebGMT+0000 ]]>Accompanist: The Palmer Singers at Wellington Edward Palmer, %26 %b %2015 %03:%Feb:%th 3FebGMT+0000 is a paid opportunity. We are a classically oriented chamber chorus. Rehearse in Wellington, Florida on Monday evenings. Open score reading is desirable, but not necessary. Vocal ability a plus as much music is a cappella
and one could also sing in a friendly, rewarding, no-nonsense atmosphere.
For more info, call Dr. Edward Palmer at 561 659 3641 or e-mail.
Kevin T. Padworski selected as the next Artistic Director of the Colorado Chorale Kendall Bridges, %26 %b %2015 %04:%Feb:%th 4FebGMT+0000 T. Padworski will begin his tenure as Artistic Director of the Colorado Chorale beginning with the 2015-2016 season. He is also Director of Music & Organist at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver.  He performs extensively, and has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards declaring mastery in three disciplines. Professionally, he has appeared with the Jubilate Deo Chorale and Orchestra, Dallas Symphony, Colorado Repertory Singers, Choral Arts Society, Colorado Symphony, Colorado Children’s Chorale, Lamont Symphony Orchestra, Opera Colorado, Evans Choir, Lamont Chorale, and numerous solo and collaborative performances. As a conductor he has worked here and abroad, working under the mentorship of Duain Wolfe, Catherine Sailer, Lawrence Golan, Joseph Martin, Rollo Dilworth, and Simon Carrington. As a composer he actively writes for soloists, instrumental, and choral ensembles. He also enjoys maintaining a role as collaborative pianist with various organizations, including the Colorado Children's Chorale, Colorado Symphony, and the University of Denver.
Kevin began and organ, graduating magna cum laude. He later earned a certificate in Leadership his musical studies on piano at age 7, started learning saxophone when he was 9, began vocal and organ instruction at 13, and accepted his first professional organist position the same year. Upon receiving the Mozart Music Scholarship at Eastern University, he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education with recitals in saxophone from Duke Divinity School and a Master of Music degree in Conducting with Choral Concentration from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music, where he was nominated for a Recital of Distinction and was named Outstanding Conductor.
Mr. Padworski is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, the Fellowship of American Baptist Musicians, American Choral Directors Association, American Guild of Organists, and is listed in multiple Who's Who publications.
The Holly and the Ivy | Jason Horner | MusicSpoke Aliana Kae, %25 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000

"The Holly and the Ivy," in a madrigal style, is carol arrangement for a cappella SATB choir and tambourine. It is well-suited for choirs with a range of abilities from high school, church choir, collegiate level singers, and community ensembles. The middle section features the use of alleatoric composition and is open to many creative possibilities. The final verse includes more dissonant harmonies and is inspired by thematic material that uses a harmonic progression most often recognized as Pachelbel’s “Canon.” 

Preview the full score while you listen to Jason's "The Holly and the Ivy" on MusicSpoke!

Seeking Soprano or Alto Section Leader (Spanish) -- Newark, NJ Ian Tomesch, %25 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000 Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is seeking a paid soprano or alto section leader for its Spanish mass choir, which sings choral music in a variety of styles.
Required qualifications:
1. Proficient Sight Reader
2. Able to sing in and understand Spanish
Wednesday rehearsal, 7pm
Sunday call, 9:20 am for 10 am service.
To schedule an audition, contact Olfary Gutierrez, (973) 484-2400 or
Chorus of Communities in NJ auditioning new members for Spring Concert Richard Morgan, %25 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000 Morgan, Artistic Director of The Chorus of Communities (Essex Co., NJ) is continuing to audition new members for the COC's 25th Annual Spring Concert.  The 30 member chorus encourages all voice parts to audition, however, Soprano 1 is the current focus.  The concert will be held on Saturday, April 25th at 7:30 PM at St. Luke's Epsicopal Church in Montclair.  The concert will include Rutter's Requiem, Vaughan Williams' A Song of Thanksgiving and 3 Alleluias by Thompson, Young and Mozart.  Join us for a brief audition and rehearsals held each Monday evening from 7:30 - 9:00 PM at Bethany Lutheran Church in Belleville.  For more information please check out our web site and follow us on Facebook! ]]>middle school spring pieces Dawn Emerman, %25 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000'm looking for some WOW spring pieces for my middle schools choir.  
2 or 3 part, but does not require a strong male presence (I only have 5 out of my 54 person choir).  I am looking for any genre, since I can always use it in future years, but would love something new to 'hook' the kids who say everything is old and/or religious.  I am new to the school and have been working with whats here...not great selection!  
Thank you so much!!!!   
Looking for a Choir in NYC to collaborate with EFA artist Anne Hege, %25 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000
EFA Project Space, a nonprofit gallery in midtown is organizing an
exhibition of international artists that will open Friday, April 10th. The
exhibition explores the intersection of politics and the metaphysical. One
of the artists, Regina Jose Galindo, who is from Guatemala and much
celebrated and recognized in the international art community, is
orchestrating a performance that requires a choir. The performance is
deeply personal and political as well as spiritual. We are hoping to find a
choir that would be willing to give an hour-long performance on Saturday,
April 11, 2015, as well as a much shorter "sneak preview" at the opening
reception for the exhibition on Friday, April 10th.
*Brief Description*
A choir sings the phrase I’M ALIVE continuously for an hour. The phrase is
sung in different keys and rhythms, from the soft and melodic to the most
aggressive and discordant notes. The composition is defined by the choirs
in collaboration with the artist
If interested, please contact:
Claire Barliant, Curatorial Advisor, EFA Project Space, 212-563-5855 ext. 231
Governor's Honors Program Accompanist Tom Fitzstephens, %25 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000
Support Staff Vacancy Area:
Music/Vocal Piano Accompanist (1) The Piano Accompanist serves as the rehearsal/performance accompanist for the GHP Music Department and works closely with the vocal instructor.  The Piano Accompanist must be able to lead choral sectionals, sight-read and perform solo vocal and instrumental repertoire, and accompany choral performances.
      Required Qualifications:
  • Three (3) or more years of experience successfully facilitating instruction, counseling, or school support services in a secondary or post-secondary environment.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • High level of professional integrity
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Significant experience working with gifted secondary learners
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Proven ability to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities
  • Ability to participate in coaching and professional growth opportunities
Used Handbells Wanted Matthew Caine, %25 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000 Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church, Camden, SC, our children's and youth music programs have grown such that we are in need of an additional 5 octave (C3-C8) set of handbells. It is cost-prohibitive for us to purchase a new set at this time. In addition, we need to replace several bells between C4 and C7 of our existing set. Consequently, we are looking for a church, school, or community-based music group who may have handbells they are no longer using and would be interested in donating or selling them to us.
3 octave set (C4-C7), preferably Schulmerich
5 octave set (C3-C8), no preference of brand
Additional octaves (C2-B2, and C#8-C9) also welcomed.
Please contact Matt Caine at matthew(a)
*I am particularly interested in churches in Georgia and Florida, as I already have a trip scheduled to those states during the first part of March. However, I will also consider bells from other locations.
15th Annual Women Composers Festival of Hartford Heather Seaton, %25 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000 more information please visit the festival's website:
Boston Cecilia - 'BRAHMS: Ein Deutsches Requiem' George Imirzian, %25 %b %2015 %15:%Feb:%th 15FebGMT+0000 to rehearsals being disrupted by the recent winter storms, we have decided to postpone the program of Sacred German Music for Double Choir we originally had announced until October 2015. In its place, The Boston Cecilia will be offering a performance of Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms. Featured soloists will be Carolina Freiberg, soprano, and Paul Max Tipton, baritone. The chorus will be accompanied in Brahms’s version with piano duet by pianists Barbara Bruns and Carolyn Skelton. Conducted by Nicholas White. ]]>Choir Director Wanted Danny Marmorstein, %25 %b %2015 %14:%Feb:%th 14FebGMT+0000 Olam - Miami, FL

Rehearse and conduct volunteer Jewish temple choir weekly, preferably Tuesdays, 7:30 - 9 p.m., 9 months of the year. Time off is similar to the public school calendar. Must play piano and accompany as well. $100 per rehearsal.
Once a month Friday night service choir sings 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. $150 per service
Jewish High Holy Days consist of 4 services; dates vary year by year according to Jewish calendar (lunar). $500 per service.
Total yearly compensation approximately $7000.

The City of Angels Community Choirs - The First Noel: A Video Christmas Card Mike O'Donoghue, %25 %b %2015 %08:%Feb:%th 8FebGMT+0000

Leg Lamp Productions announces the release of a brand new video from a new choir that has been quickly gaining a name for itself in the Los Angeles, California area over the last few years. It's The City of Angels Community Choirs, and they are conducted by Richard Medrano. On December 13, 2014, the choir performed a stirring rendition Dan Forrest's arrangement of The First Noel. Over the last few weeks the staff at Leg Lamp Productions took a mastered audio file of that performance and created what it calls a" Video Christmas Card" set to this holiday classic. Using state of the art computer generated imagery, photographs, and classic works of art, this video tells the story of the Nativity from over 2000 years ago.

Recorded in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo and filmed in Ultra 4K HD, it's a great way to put you in the mood for Christmas all year round!

There are two versions of the film: Vimeo: (HD 720P Version) You Tube: (Ultra 4K)


Four new Einojuhani Rautavaara publications Henna Salmela, %25 %b %2015 %08:%Feb:%th 8FebGMT+0000
In My Lover's Garden (I min älsklings trädgård) SSAA
A suite of three choral songs to texts by Edith Södergran, English translation by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (Swedish/English)
Four Songs to Poems by Aleksis Kivi. TTBB. Texts in Finnish.
Four Romances from the opera Rasputin SATB
According to Rautavaara these are "unabashedly sentimental and thoroughly melodic pieces". Available also for male choir.
Ave Maria gratia plena SATB
First edition of Rautavaara’s early male choir work in a version for mixed choir.
Available at (web shop)
Singing Christian Music (Part III) Joshua Bronfman, %04 %b %2015 %12:%Feb:%th 12FebGMT+0000 last two posts (here and here) dealt with some of the problems that arise when we sing in choirs in public school settings. The problems happen all over, and are not new. I think I may have one way that we can help to make thing better.

I believe that we need to start, before we do anything else, by letting parents and students know up front about the inherent Christian-ness of choral singing, and allow them to make a decision whether participating in the art form is something they are interested in. Denying it, or neglecting to mention the strong tradition in the form, sets the choir director, the parents, and the singers up for a potential clash (a clash we repeat over and over again across the country), which benefits no one. We need to let everyone know that there is a strong Christian tradition in this art form, and that we will be performing many sacred Christian pieces at the same time that we are committed to inclusion and diversity. The parents and the students must also know that we are willing to make accommodations for students who feel that this piece or that one makes them feel uncomfortable. 

By letting it be known right away that this is what the student is getting into, I think we empower young singers and their parents to make informed choices about whether they should participate or not, and to go into the situation with open eyes and minds. We have tried for decades to evade, minimize, obfuscate or even deny the Christian-ness of the art form. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge the truth of the matter...I would wager that many of the fights we engage in might be eliminated or minimized with this upfront discussion. The parent of the young singer would not have been forced to react to Silent Night, but could have had the discussion with their child at the very beginning, before problems arose. Of course the young singer could still have felt uncomfortable, which is why we also commit to accommodations, or could have elected not to participate, but at least they would be doing so proactively and honestly.

The next most important thing to remember is that the need for a diversified program does not go away when we decide to be open and up-front about the inherent Christian-ness of choral music. I want to reiterate and emphasize that this approach that I advocate for does not mean abandoning in any way our committment to inclusion, accommodation, and diversity. In fact, by taking this open, honest stance, we must work even harder to show our young pupils what is all out there in the choral world. This is our duty as educators.

In my next post I will talk about the factors that contribute to the appropriateness, and the perceived appropriateness of specific choral pieces on a choir concert program. Some are legal (as in, the supreme court) and some are cultural. Stay tuned for that discussion. For now, I’m sure there is more to say on this topic, so I will let the commentators chime in...they always have good stuff to add.

Name That Choir Tune (No. 25) Scott Dorsey, %19 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%th 18FebGMT+0000
The Fun Begins Today Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2015 %21:%Feb:%th 21FebGMT+0000
The ACDA National Conference opens TODAY in Salt Lake City! If you can’t be with us, you can easily follow the action on the Conference Blog!
Plan NOW to attend your 2016 Divisional Conference!
Staff Section Leader Andrew Halladay, %25 %b %2015 %05:%Feb:%th 5FebGMT+0000
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Broomfield, Colorado is seeking staff section leaders for their adult choir, Soli Dei. Positions are currently open.
The main responsibility of the position is to provide singing leadership for the choir both in rehearsal and worship. Rehearsals are 7:00-8:30 p.m. Wednesday nights. The season schedule (not including Wednesday rehearsals) can be found below.
Interested parites may send a letter of interest describing prior training and experience to Andrew Halladay at Recordings are appreciated, as well.
English version SATB Schubert's Der Tanz Carol Pyle, %24 %b %2015 %23:%Feb:%th 23FebGMT+0000'm looking for an SATB arrangement of Schubert's Der Tanz with English text. Is there such a thing?
Carol Pyle
Youth Choir on tour Tom Council, %24 %b %2015 %22:%Feb:%th 22FebGMT+0000
Dear Colleagues: 
Once again we are asking for your help in finding host churches for our youth choir, Elation.  They are touring with the musical "Godspell".  Here are areas we still need to fill.   Please respond back to me.
New Orleans, LA
Tallahassee, Fl
Somewhere between Tampa, Fl and Ft Myers area
Boca Raton to Orlando, Fl area
Pensacola, Fl
Baton Rouge. LA
Houston, Tx
Thanks for your help,
Tom Council
Bread from Heaven-English Eucharistic Motets for 2 and 3 part voices Heath Morber, %24 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000 to announce a new collection of Eucharistic motets in English from the Renaissance masters that I edited and is now ready for purchase!
All the relevant info, including a description and a generous sampling of the contents, is here:
Heath Morber
Director of Music
St. John's Catholic Chapel
Champaign, IL
The Kapelle--Concordia University Chicago Spring Tour Charles Brown, %24 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%th 19FebGMT+0000 Kapelle of Concordia University Chicago, under the direction of Dr. Charles Brown, will embark on a 10-day tour of the Midwest from February 27-March 8.  
Tour Itinerary: 

Friday, February 27, 7:30 pm
Our Savior's Lutheran Church 
2645 Old Jacksonville Rd.

Springfield, IL

Saturday, February 28, 7:00 pm
Zion Lutheran Church 
3866 South Old Highway 94

St. Charles, MO

Sunday, March 1, 7:00 pm
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church 
13145 Blackbob Rd.

Olathe, KS 

Monday, March 2, 7:00 pm
Immanuel Lutheran Church 
801 W. 11th St.

Rolla, MO

Tuesday, March 3, 7:00 pm
St. Paul Lutheran Church 
223 W. Adams St.

Jackson, MO

Wednesday, March 4, 7:00 pm
St. Paul Lutheran Church 
211 S. 21st St.

Paducah, KY

Friday, March 6, 7:00 pm
Carmel Lutheran Church 
4850 E. Main St.

Carmel, IN

Saturday, March 7, 7:00 pm
Holy Cross Lutheran Church 
3425 Crescent Ave.

Fort Wayne, IN

Saturday, March 14, 7:30 pm
Chapel of Our Lord
Concordia University Chicago
7400 Augusta St.
River Forest, IL

Concert Program:
God Be in My Head                                                                                                                       Paul Bouman (b. 1918)
from Mass, Op. 84                                                                                                           Vincent Persichetti (1915–1987)
        Agnus Dei
Jubilate Deo                                                                                                                       Grzegorz Miśkiewicz (b. 1969)
Es segne uns Gott TWV 8:8                                                                                       Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need                                                                                         Virgil Thompson (1896–1989)
The Lord’s My Shepherd                                                                                                         arr. John Ferguson (b. 1941)
Dominus regit me                                                                                                                          Rihards Dubra (b. 1964)
Vidi Dominum Sedentem                                                                                                 Antonio Juanas (c. 1762–c. 1821)
Heilig                                                                                                                 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809–1847)
Christ Is with Me                                                                                                              Gerald Patrick Coleman (b. 1953)
Like as a Father                                                                                                                       Luigi Cherubini (1760–1842)
                                                                                                                                                     arr. Austin C. Lovelace
I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb                                                                                                        arr. Charles P. Brown (b. 1969)
E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come                                                                                                 Paul Manz (1919–2009)
I Can Tell the World                                                                                                                    Moses Hogan (1957–2003)
Sit Down, Servant                                                                                                                       Stacey V. Gibbs (b. 1962)
Müde bin ich geh zur Ruh                                                                                               arr. Thomas Gieschen (1931–2006)
I-Park 2015 Environmental Art Program Agnes Miyuki, %23 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%rd 18FebGMT+0000 Deadline: March 9, 2015
I-Park, East Haddam, CT (U.S.), is pleased to announce its 2015 Environmental Art Biennale Program, fifth in the series. It will consist of a 3-week on-site residency during which a variety of site-responsive, ephemeral works will be created and installed within the I-Park landscape. The program will culminate in a public exhibition on September 20, 2015. Artists working in all the creative disciplines supported by I-Park’s Artists-in-Residence Program, plus performance art, are welcome and encouraged to apply: visual arts including environmental sculpture and moving image, architecture, sound art/installation, inter- and multi-disciplinary practice, language arts and landscape/garden/ecological design. Between 12 and 15 artists will be selected for this curated residency and exhibition. A stipend of between $2,200 and $3,000 will be awarded to each artist or collaborating team, depending on their particular travel circumstances. Application fee: $30 (U.S.). Program and application materials are available at Contact: Leslie Wolf,, 860-873-2468.
San Gabriel Valley Choral Company's Spring Concert christine maddox, %24 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%th 18FebGMT+0000
On Saturday, March 28 at 7:30pm, join the San Gabriel Valley Choral Company (SGVCC) for its spring choral concert “Resonant Witness,” a journey through grief, loss, and injustice, on the way to hope, healing, and reconciliation.  Featuring the music of J. S. Bach, Dvorak, Coleridge-Taylor, Hailstork, and Robles, this concert will be held in the beautiful Romanesque sanctuary of St. Luke's Episcopal Church (122 S. California Blvd., Monrovia, CA 91016).  Tickets range from $5-20 and may be purchased in advance at a discount here:
         Conceived as a musical tapestry that resonates within each of us, the concert will honor such harrowing human events as the Trail of Tears, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Crucifixion of Christ.  Highlights include a rare performance of a new version of “Amazing Grace” written in the Cherokee language and involving Native American flute, and Artistic Director Robles’ “Lift Ev’ry Voice,” a haunting arrangement of the Black National Anthem for solo and chorus, which was recently published by E.B. Mark Publishing for distribution by Hal Leonard.
         SGVCC, a mostly volunteer ensemble based in Monrovia, is experiencing tremendous artistic growth as it approaches its 20th anniversary.  In 2012, consummate conductor and soloist Dr. Zanaida Robles took over the helm as SGVCC’s artistic director.  Having recently earned her Doctorate in Musical Arts in Choral Music at the University of Southern California, her prior credits include serving as director of classical choirs for the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as well as preparing elite choirs for performances with such greats as Josh Groban and Kristin Chenoweth.
         For more info on SGVCC, see  In addition to purchasing tickets online and at the door, tickets may be purchased by sending checks payable to “SGVCC” to 101 E. Foothill Blvd., Monrovia, CA 91016.  Donations to SGVCC, a non-profit organization, are also gladly accepted online and by check.
William Weinert Conducting Workshop with Professional Orchestra and Chorus Charles Gambetta, %24 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%th 18FebGMT+0000
This summer the International Institute for Conductors will offer a 12-day workshop, “Conducting Choral Masterpieces,” in Bacau, Romania. This one-of-a-kind program offers both aspiring and experienced choral conductors unprecedented opportunities to work with a professional orchestra and choir on three iconic masterpieces from the choral/orchestral repertoire under the tutelage of four veteran conductors with over 100 years of teaching experience between them.
The Institute will accept up to 20 conductors for almost two weeks of study and performance, from June 20 to July 2, 2015. Joining Eastman Director of Choral Studies William Weinert on the teaching faculty are Robert Gutter, Conductor Emeritus of the Springfield Symphony and the Philharmonia of Greensboro; Ovidiu Balan, Music Director of the Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra; and Charles Gambetta, creator of the Laban-inspired Embodied Conducting™ method.
The workshop repertoire includes Mozart’s Requiem, Brahms’s Requiem and the Poulenc Gloria. Participating conductors will receive over 200 minutes of podium time including sessions with a piano sextet and vocal quartet, the full chorus with piano sextet, the full orchestra, and orchestra with full chorus. The faculty will also present classes in vocal techniques for conductors, score study, musicianship, and the Embodied Conducting™ method. In addition, all workshop participants will conduct movements from the workshop repertoire for two of four public concerts.
The fee, US $2,895, includes a double occupancy hotel room with breakfast for 13 nights. Applications submitted by March 15, 2015 will receive priority consideration; additional applications may be accepted after that date until the program is full. You will find complete details regarding the program including student endorsements and an online application form at or you may contact Institute Administrator Charles Gambetta at or by phone  336.643.8730.
Whether you are an aspiring conductor with at least one year of conducting study under your belt, an experienced conductor interested in mastering the essential skills and techniques for conducting choral works with orchestral accompaniment, or a collegiate choral conductor in search of professional development opportunities for promotion or tenure, this Conducting Choral Masterpieces workshop will support your musical and professional development.
Be sure to check out the Institute ad on p. 55 of the Feb. 2015 ACDA Conference program!
Director of Music Ministries Steven Lind, %24 %b %2015 %17:%Feb:%th 17FebGMT+0000 Westfield is searching for a dynamic individual to lead the congregation in expressing its faith and love of God through a diverse music ministry. Under the leadership of the Senior Minister, the Director of Music Ministries exercises an important ministry that reaches out to staff, choir and ensemble members, the congregation and the community. The Director of Music Ministries will be responsible for leading the congregation in a blended worship using a variety of music traditions and styles, including classical, traditional and contemporary, through the adult and children choirs, song leaders, hand bell choir, multigenerational orchestra, and praise band.
  • Facilitate the worship of God and nurture faith through the music ministry.
  • Work directly with the Senior Minister in the planning and leading of worship and the music ministries.
  • Select appropriate instrumental and choral music for each service.
  • Rehearse and direct the various ensembles (choirs, orchestra, song leaders) for all regularly scheduled Sunday services. 
  • Provide instrumental and choral music at additional seasonal and special services through the year.
  • Provide music for services at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.
  • Secure substitute musicians if not available and secure musicians as needed for special music programs.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings of staff and other appropriate committees.
  • Maintain the music, supplies and instruments of the church, arranging for maintenance, tuning and upgrades of the organ, pianos and other instruments.
  • Prepare and manage the music ministry budget
  • Obtain all copyright authorizations required by law for the music to be performed.
  • Bachelor's degree in a music discipline is required.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check and to comply with and follow FBC's Safe Child, Safe Church Policy, as well as other FBC codes of conduct at all times.
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience as a music director.
  • Be an accomplished pianist; the ability to also play the organ is highly desirable.
  • Have experience with all age groups including preschool, children, youth and adults.
  • Have an understanding for discernment of others' gifts and the ability to apply them to the worship service.
  • Have computer proficiency to use current PC-based word processing, email, web browser, spreadsheet and music arranging.
Expected Behaviors in Support of Ministry
  • Lead the music ministries faithfully, conscientiously and responsibly with the ministers, committees and congregation.
  • < >chedule rehearsals and program times in support of overall music and worship.
    Schedule time for professional and spiritual growth.
  • Allow sufficient time for personal needs, family responsibilities, exercise, relaxation and recreation and other interests. Monitor and maintain a good health regimen.
  • Attend music events to support the development of the music ministry
    All inquiries and resumes should be emailed to, or you may call the church office and ask to speak to Pastor Mayra Castaneda at 908-233-2278. Thank you.
Bass and Tenor for Holy Week Andrew Wallace, %24 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000's Corners Community Church in Westerly, RI needs a bass and tenor to join the volunteer choir on Manundy Thursday, April 2 and Easter Sunday, April 4.
Rehearsal: Saturday, March 21 9:30-11:00 am  OR  Thursday, March 26 7:30-9:00 pm
Service: Thursday, April 2 (Maundy Thursday) 7:00 pm with a 6:00 pm call.   Cantata plus hymns
Service: Sunday, April 5 (Easter) 10:00 am service only, 9:15 call   Two anthems plus hymns
Fee:  $50 per appearance
Contact Music Director Andy Wallace at
2nd CORALUA TRONDHEIM · Workshops · Singing Tour · Concerts Sara Martin, %24 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000
More information:
Coralua Trondheim - Welcome to Norway!
VPNYC Presents Rossini's Stabat Mater! Rachel Weinstock, %24 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000
Vocal Productions is proud to collaborate with renowned Maestro Geurguan Tsenov to bring this masterpiece right next to Union Square. Fueled by an all volunteer staff, Vocal Productions NYC is a non for profit company that showcases local talent young and old to give performers a chance to make music and the masses to come and enjoy it at an affordable price!
Two nights only! Thursday Feb 26th at 7pm and Friday Feb 27th at 7pm. Downbeat is at Washington Irving HS Auditorium 40 Irving Pl. Grab a bite and enjoy an hour of Rossini's most dramatic and beautiful music!
Tickets can be purchased online for $25 at: or at the door for $30. 
Côr World Choir. Millennium Stadium Cardiff, Wales on Saturday 21 May 2016. Jayne Minter, %24 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%th 16FebGMT+0000 are delighted to invite your choir to join the largest massed-voice choir ever assembled. This spectacular event will take place in the Millennium Stadium Cardiff, Wales on Saturday 21 May 2016.
Côr is Welsh for choir... The concert combining male, female and mixed voice choirs (20,000 voices) from across the world, will be accompanied by a major concert orchestra, renowned conductor and music director, together with some of the world’s finest solo artists and groups.

Televised and recorded for worldwide distribution the concert will highlight the power of choral music with both traditional and specially arranged pieces from well-known composers.

For your choir to be included in this unique and memorable event please complete the Registration Form via the website. All registered choirs will receive the Côr World Choir Music Pack with music, lyrics and CDs for your rehearsals.

Our website will provide updates, soloists and press releases which you may wish to pass onto your local media. Once you have registered you will be invited to join the Côr World Choir Community where you will be able to connect with all the participating choirs.

Our team has been staging large choral children’s concerts for the past twenty years including five consecutive nights in the 20,000 seater O2 Arena in London, as well as Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Dublin, working with the finest sound engineers (Britannia Row) who produce unequalled quality of choral repertoire for huge audiences.

If you have any queries please send an email to
Wishing you and your choir the very best and hoping you will join us in Wales next year.
The Côr World Choir Team
Minister of Music Kyle Ball, %24 %b %2015 %12:%Feb:%th 12FebGMT+0000 Presbyterian Church of Mt. Clemens
Opening for the position of Minister of Music for First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Clemens Michigan. Duties include playing for one Sunday Service, directing the Adult Choir and overseeing the musical life of the church. Part time 15-20 hours a week. Qualifications: Proficiency in pipe organ, piano and voice and knowledge of the Liturgy. To apply, send resume too
Middle School Sight Singing Site Wide Sale on TeachersPayTeachers Dale Duncan, %24 %b %2015 %11:%Feb:%th 11FebGMT+0000
Teacherspayteachers has amazing resources for music teachers.  The S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program is just one of thousands of other programs and time-saving lessons available on the website.  The lessons are created by Real teachers in Real classrooms and available digitally instantly. 
Starting February 25 12:01 AM ending that evening at 11:59 PM, there will be a site wide sale.  Using the promo code HEROES,  you can get 28% off the S-Cubed program as well as almost all of the other resources on the site.
This this is a great time to take the plunge into S-Cubed, and begin having a great time teaching sight singing to your middle school beginners!
 It is the 21st century way to learn to sight singing to your beginners.
See what people are saying about S-Cubed:
It comes complete with video links to the lessons being taught to real beginners.  
Click here to subscribe to the YouTube Channel:
Click here to see the Complete S-Cubed Bundle:
Princeton University Glee Club in the Annual Nollner Memorial Concert: MUSIC FOR ROYAL OCCASIONS Renata Dworak, %23 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%rd 20FebGMT+0000
ON FEBRUARY 27, 2015 AT 7:30PM
O taste and see  - Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Coronation Te Deum – William Walton (1902-1983)
I was glad - Henry Purcell
Hear my prayer, O Lord - Henry Purcell
Behold, O God, our defender – Herbert Howells (1892-1983)
I was glad  – Charles Hubert Parry (1848-1918)
My heart is inditing – Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
The Lord is a sun and a shield – William Croft (1678-1727)
Zadok the Priest –George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
Princeton University Glee Club
Princeton University Chamber Choir
Princeton University William Trego Singers
Nassau Sinfonia
Gabriel Crouch, conductor
The Glee Club’s annual concert in celebration of the life and legacy of Walter L. Nollner brings three centuries of glorious ceremonial music composed for British coronations to Princeton’s campus. The music ranges from the extremely familiar (Handel’s Zadok the Priest) to the utterly unknown (William Croft’s grand anthem The Lord is a Sun and a Shield was composed for the coronation of George the First exactly three hundred years ago and has been performed in the United States on one solitary occasion since then!). The coronations represented range from James the Second in 1685 to Elizabeth the Second in 1953. 
Alongside Princeton University’s Glee Club and Chamber Choir, the concert will feature a professional baroque orchestra, with organ provided by University organist Eric Plutz.
For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit
or contact Renata Dworak at

Chorus crescendo in Handel's Messiah Jeremy godwin, %23 %b %2015 %23:%Feb:%rd 23FebGMT+0000 folks,
I'm working through Messiah as a learning project/future performing material. My undergrad isn't in music so perhaps this is a bit of a novice question. Is it proper performance practice for the chorus in Messiah to make use of a crescendo? If so, to what extent? There are some things I'm audiating but I want to make sure I keep performance practice.
My understanding is that the Baroque era used terraced dynamics almost exclusively. However, Bukofzer in 'Music of the Baroque Era' states that Handel specifically wrote in a decrescendo and anticipated the Mannheim School. Percy Young also advocated the use of crescendos quite regularly. 
Cheers and thanks!
-Jeremy Godwin
classical soprano wanted June Marano-Murray, %24 %b %2015 %02:%Feb:%th 2FebGMT+0000 needed to sing with church choir for evening rehearsal, March 25 and one service March 29 (Palm Sunday) for $115 total.  Church located in Hackensack, NJ.  Send resume if possible.   Contact June Marano-Murray at ]]>"Night Before Christmas" fantasy youtube upgrade Ken Malucelli, %24 %b %2015 %06:%Feb:%th 6FebGMT+0000 Austin's multi-camera, stereo-sound video of my "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" fantasy for chorus and orchestra, which they premiered on Dec 13, has just been uploaded to youtube.  Maestro Heller did a spectacular presentation.  The link is here:
Scores for both the fully orchestrated and piano-4-hands versions are available through Prince/SF Publications, ASCAP.  You may e-mail me directly for further information.
Ken Malucelli
Prince/SF Productions and Publications
Nancy Wertsch Music Reading Session at ACDA National Conference, SLC Chris Creaghan, %24 %b %2015 %01:%Feb:%th 1FebGMT+0000
Nancy Wertsch Music, Ltd. reading session at the National ACDA Conference, Thursday February 26th at 9:00am in Salt Palace, Room 150-G,
Come and explore the choral music of Nancy Wertsch in a reading session led by Dr. Brady Allred, the Artistic Director & Conductor of the Salt Lake Choral Artists. Offering music in a diverse range of styles, Nancy will share some of her favorite compositions and newly available works, ranging from 2 part music and arrangements of American tunes to full-fledged concert suites. Perusal scores and recordings are also available in our booth #3018, across from Pepper Land. Looking forward to seeing you!
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Singer or Musician?" Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %17:%Oct:%th 17OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Do you want to break the stereotype of singers and musicians being mutually exclusive? Are you tired of not knowing your students as musicians and spending so much time developing the concert without developing the musician? Through a paradigm shift, we can work in small groups and teach musical skills and knowledge that are otherwise next to impossible to teach in a “traditional” rehearsal. This session will include practical ways for teachers to implement music literacy activities, work in small groups to assess learning, and still prepare a high-quality musical performance.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Latin American Music Symposium" Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %17:%Oct:%th 17OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
ACDA’s Second National Symposium on American Choral Music will be held June 12–13, 2015, in Austin, Texas. It will focus on Latin American choral music of the colonial and modern periods, featuring some of the leading composers, scholars, and conductors in that field. This session will highlight the headliners, ensembles, and workshops to be featured at the Symposium, including several devoted to Latin American drumming.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Singing in Salt Lake: Pacific Standard Time Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%th 20OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (California State University Long Beach)
Pacific Standard Time is the top vocal jazz ensemble at California State University Long Beach, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music. They have had the honor of performing at the JEN Conference, the IAJE Conference, national and divisional ACDA conferences, and multiple California State conferences. They have also performed at the New York Voices Jazz Festival, Los Angeles Jazz Festival, the Newport Beach Jazz Party, and the West Coast Jazz Party. Pacific Standard Time has won the Collegiate Vocal Jazz Ensemble category at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival all three times they have competed. They have also received numerous DownBeat Magazine Student Music Awards: Outstanding Performance in 2010 and winners of the Collegiate Graduate Vocal Jazz Ensemble category 2011 through 2014.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
GUEST BLOG: “Choral Ethics (Part 8): Don’t Shoot the Piano Player” by Marie Grass Amenta Scott Dorsey, %05 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%th 19FebGMT+0000
"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." J.S. Bach
Lady C* contacted me a few years ago as I began to collect stories for my Choral Ethics project. She conducts a semi-professional chamber choir, much like mine, located in the Northeast. She’s an accompanist as well as a singer and we formed a friendship. She wanted to know if I’d like to hear about her experiences as an accompanist for a community chorus which she thought were quite extraordinary. After reading her emails, I had to agree. I’ve changed some details but have left the major points she’s made.
It started with her audition. She was tested for her ability to follow a conductor's baton, to sight-read orchestral reductions, to read open-score, and then played a solo piece of her choice - Liszt- to demonstrate her technical prowess.  The director was very impressed and she was hired immediately after auditions were over. It was grueling but she got the job.
Lady C was rarely told what to prepare for the next rehearsal unless she asked. She was given large masses with orchestral reductions and smaller jazz pieces with tricky accidentals in open-score formats. Everything had to be as perfect as possible the very first time without being given any clue as to what sections would be worked on. In rehearsal, the director gave unclear instructions as to where he wanted to start and both she and the singers struggled with trying to figure out what he meant.  With lightning speed, he gave a downbeat and was irritated when folks were fumbling.  Lady C quickly learned to flip to the page and measure he wanted within seconds but the cost was her nerves and a three hour rehearsal which always felt panicked.
She was unexpectedly not paid the first paycheck of the season one year. September was a brief month, as the chorus started up halfway through. Although she’d been paid the first week in October in previous years for the half-month of September, she wasn't paid THIS particular October. She inquired as to why, and was told, "The pay period is too short for the money we have to pay the payroll company. It's not worth it for the small amount you're paid."  During her time of employment, there was always some sort of paycheck issue.
She was told during the interview process, she would be responsible for arranging any substitutes.  If she couldn’t make a rehearsal she would have to contact a sub from an approved list.  The only problem was no one could supply her with that list.  When she pointed out there didn’t seem to be an actual list as she had been told, it was suggested she “audition” her own subs. If they played to as high a standard as was expected of her, she should contact the director for his approval.  She missed one rehearsal due to an inconvenient snowstorm—and rehearsal was cancelled anyway—and never missed another all the years she worked for them since all the other “quality” accompanists seemed to be busy during the very day and time she would need coverage, especially after being told who the director was. Even when her best friend from college, a bridesmaid in her wedding, was dying from stage 4 breast cancer and the family requested she come and see her before her death in another state, the director refused to allow her to miss a rehearsal. 
After several years on this rollercoaster, Lady C resigned from the position. She sent an email and didn't mention any of these issues, as she desired a collegial relationship with the organization. The music world is small and just wanted good will to follow.  She told them she had family matters to attend to—which was true—and those were big factors in her decision to resign.  She also really enjoyed the people in the chorus and respected the director’s musical abilities and wanted to leave on a positive note. He didn't acknowledge her resignation and suspects he was angry with her leaving. Lady C resigned more than two years ago, and still hasn’t heard a word back. This was a bad working situation, and the chorus goes through accompanists like crazy. You'd think the chorus administration or founding director would learn their lesson, but they haven’t.
* Name withheld by request
READ the entire series on choral ethics by Marie Grass Amenta.
       Choral Ethics in Not an Oxymoron
       Choral Ethics (Part 1): Songs My Mother Taught Me
       Choral Ethics (Part 2): Amateur Versus Professional
       Choral Ethics (Part 3): Kindness is NOT for Wimps
       Choral Ethics (Part 4): Reaping What We Sow
       Choral Ethics (Part 5): “Maestra Manners” Explains All
       Choral Ethics (Part 6): Judging Our Colleagues
       Choral Ethics (Part 7): Our Choral Culture
Stick Time: Graduate. Stop Singing. No Way! Scott Dorsey, %09 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%th 20FebGMT+0000
Over the course of an education, a choral singer could spend a decade singing daily in a school choir.  Then, with the pomp-&-circumstance of a graduation ceremony, that same singer passes from the educational system into the demands of the workaday world.  For the vast majority of those singers, that means leaving choral music behind.
There are precious few workplaces that would allow their employees to take off an hour a day for a choral rehearsal (though the world might be a better place if we had choirs at work).  In England, there are several outfits offering workplace team-building workshops that use choral singing to enhance business productivity.  The BBC has also produced a string of reality TV shows about choirs being started from scratch in unlikely places.
The singer eager to continue their choral life must look to church choirs and community choruses for their continued musical edification.  The positive effect of singing on the life of an adult chorister cannot be overstated, and the ensembles themselves offer a valuable artistic component to the life of any community.  Church and community choirs are a vital part of the choral landscape.
One has heard the concern that more church and community choirs are not heard performing during ACDA conferences.  The reason of course is really quite simple: their singers all have day jobs.  It would be tough to convince 50 people to burn three or four days of their precious vacation time and then pay for expensive travel to a conference city for a 25-minute performance.
That said, enjoy this example of a community choir from an ACDA divisional conference.  Note the wide spread of adult ages and the artistic caliber of this performance.
Graduate.  Keep singing!
Episcopal Organist/Music Director Position in San Clemente, CA Richard Cook, %23 %b %2015 %20:%Feb:%rd 20FebGMT+0000 Clement's By the Sea.
Contact, Rev. Patrick Crerer (Rector) for details at:

St. Clement’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church

202 Avenida Aragon

San Clemente, CA  92672

(949) 492-3401

Fax (949) 366-8944

Piano accompaniments for... Lance Harris, %23 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%rd 18FebGMT+0000'm looking to do both Mozart's "Te Deum" and Gorczycki's "In virtute tua, Domine" with my choir and do not have access to any strings.  Does anyone know of a piano accompaniment that has been arranged for either one of these in the even there are not other instruments?
Used Choral Works for Sale Matthew Caine, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%rd 19FebGMT+0000 Columbia Choral Society has used copies of repertoire sung in previous seasons for sale. Octavos are available $0.50 per copy. Major works are available at $1 per copy. If interested parties will need music shipped, advanced payment (with cost of shipping added) will be required. All works are for mixed chorus unless otherwise noted. Prices quoted are for the entire set of available copies of a particular work. Please contact Matt Caine, matthew ( a ) if interested.
Grainger, Percy, arr. Irish Tune from County Derry 108     $54.00
Hayes, Mark Hodie Christus Natus Est   Orchestration   $10.00
Koshetz, Alexander Hear, Ye People 29     $14.50
Mendelssohn Hear My Prayer 192   SATB $192.00
Mendelssohn Hear My Prayer 64   SSA $64.00
Nelson, Ron What Is Man? 66 Boosey & Hawkes   $33.00
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai Song of the Shpherd Lehl (from Snegourotchka) 31 Schirmer SSA $15.50
Rubenstein, Anton Reve Angelique (Seraphic Song) 19   SSAA $9.50
Saint-Saens Samson and Delilah 6   In English $9.00
Schubert, Franz The Omnipotence 35     $17.50
Steff, William Battle Hymn of the Republic 45 Shawnee   $22.50
Wagner, Richard Finale, Die Meistersinger 145 Schirmer in English $72.50
Unused Choral Works for Sale at a fraction of the purchase price Matthew Caine, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%rd 19FebGMT+0000 Columbia Choral Society has unused copies of repertoire sung in previous seasons for sale. Octavos are available $1 per copy. Major works are available at $3 per copy. If interested parties will need music shipped, advanced payment (with cost of shipping added) will be required. All works are for mixed chorus. Prices quoted are for the entire set of available copies of a particular work. Please contact Matt Caine, matthew ( a ) if interested.
Berkey, Jackson Native American Ambiences 2 SDG $6.00
Bernstein, L  Chichester Psalms  23 Boosey & Hawkes $69.00
Billings, William The Best of Billings 7 Walton $7.00
Britten A Ceremony of Carols (SATB) 5 Boosey & Hawkes $15.00
Carter, Andrew Benedicite 2 Oxford $6.00
Copland, Aaron The Promise of Living 8 Boosey & Hawkes $8.00
Davison, Gary How Shall I Sing That Majesty 3 Little Bear $3.00
Durufle Ubi caritas, Op. 10 6 Durand $6.00
Gabrieli In Ecclesiis 11 Schirmer $11.00
Gabrieli Jubilate Deo  10 Bourne $10.00
Gorecki, H.M. Totus Tuus 9 Boosey & Hawkes $9.00
Guest, George Two Advent Carols and a Lullaby 2 Paraclete $2.00
Handel, G.F. Messiah 11 Novello $33.00
Hogan, Moses Glory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn King 11 Hal Leonard $11.00
Hogan, Moses God's Gonna Set This World on Fire 5 Hal Leonard $5.00
Hogan, Moses Little David, Play on Your Harp 4 Hal Leonard $4.00
Hogan, Moses Lord, I Want to be a Christian 3 Hal Leonard $3.00
Johnson arr. Praise the Lord (Cameroon melody) 3 Earthsongs $3.00
Kodaly, Zoltan Abend Este 18 Universal $18.00
Lauridsen O Magmum Mysterium 3 Peer Music $3.00
Mechem Earth My Song 4 Schirmer $4.00
Mendelssohn There Shall a Star form Jacob 16 Kjos $16.00
Mozart God Is Our Refuge 3 National $3.00
Mulholland, J.Q. Banks O' Doon, The 4 Schott $4.00
Mulholland, J.Q. Canticle of Psalms 15 Colla Voce $15.00
Nordqvist, Gustaf Wonderful Peace 28 Walton $28.00
Perera, Ronald Hold Out Your Hands Over the Earth 8 Jerona $8.00
Phillips, Craig Teach Me, My God and King 3 Paraclete $3.00
Rutter, arr.  All Creatures of Our God and King  9 Oxford $9.00
Rutter, John Magnificat 9 Hinshaw $9.00
Schuetz, H. Psalm 100 (Echo) 16 Presser $16.00
Sjolund, arr.  Silent Night 18 Walton $18.00
Sowerby, Leo Now There Lightens Upon Us 4 Theodore Presser $4.00
Spencer, Williametta At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners 8 Shawnee $8.00
Vivaldi, Antonio Gloria in D (RV 589) 10 Carus $10.00
Whitacre, Eric Water Night 8 Walton $8.00
Wilburg, Mark, arr. Fum, Fum, Fum 26 Hinshaw $26.00
NEW for Black History Month! Zanaida Robles "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" from E.B. Marks Music Zanaida Robles, %23 %b %2015 %21:%Feb:%rd 21FebGMT+0000"Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing"
for Soprano Soloist, Mixed Chorus, and Piano
Zanaida Robles has created a marvelous new festival arrangement of “Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing” that brings new shades of meaning and drama to James Weldon Johnson's indelible words, while honoring J. Rosamond Johnson's original musical setting and melody.
Visit,, and for more information.
Zanaida Robles is a singer, conductor, composer, and music instructor born, raised, and educated in Southern California. As a concert soprano soloist, studio vocalist for film and television, and professional ensemble singer, Dr. Robles has sung throughout the United States, and in parts of Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, performing professionally under the batons of such conductors as Charles Dutoit, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Carl St. Clair, John Mauceri, Leonard Slatkin, Gustavo Dudamel, Jeffrey Kahane, Grant Gershon, and Michael Tilson Thomas. She has performed background vocals for various artists including the Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, and Juanes. She has also worked as a singer and pianist on the hit Fox Television series “Glee.”
Dr. Robles has prepared choirs for performances with such artists as Josh Groban, Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald and Wayne Brady. As a DMA Teaching Assistant at the University of Southern California (USC), she conducted the USC Thornton University Chorus for two years. Prior to this, she served for five years as director classical choirs at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). Under her direction, the LACHSA Classical Choirs performed for numerous festivals, concerts, and special events at Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and in venues throughout Southern California. She also served as chorus master for the CSUN opera department and interim director of the CSUN Women's Chorus. Dr. Robles is currently the Artistic Director of the San Gabriel Valley Choral Company, based in Monrovia, CA. She also conducts the Glendale College Chamber Singers and College Choir.
Dr. Robles is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions including the USC Scholar's Symposium Fellowship, the Young Musicians Foundation Gladys Turk scholarship, the USC Choral Department Scholarship, the USC Black Alumni Association scholarship, two L.A. Artist of the Future awards, the NFAA Young Arts level one award in classical voice, two Charles Dolo Coker Jazz Awards, the KCET Emerging Young Artist Grand Prize, the Cal State Long Beach 4-year Dean's Scholarship for Distinction in the Arts, and the NAACP ACT-SO national gold medal for music composition. She holds degrees from the USC Thornton School of Music, CSU Northridge, and CSU Long Beach. 
Ireland Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova, June 2016, more affordable than ever Michael Clohesy, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%rd 19FebGMT+0000 Ireland 2016 Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova

I hope my note finds you doing well.

Will you be attending the National ACDA Convention this month? I am hoping to meet with directors and choirs interested in touring to Ireland with me in 2016.

As you may have seen the Euro is dropping and KIconcerts is passing all of these benefits on immediately. This means that the price for the festival is already $200 cheaper per person than it was when the festival was announced 6 months ago!

If you are coming to Salt Lake City and wish to discuss the festival, please know you are invited as our guest to a dinner I am co-hosting with KIconcerts on Wednesday, February 26.

In case you are not attending the convention this time, please feel free to email me or the great team at KI back with any questions or requests for further information.

I am delighted to be conducting the Middle School/Junior High Girls Honor Choir this year for ACDA and equally so to be leading a festival in Ireland – a country of unique culture and history, spirited musical traditions, and, of course, magic!

Please, let us know if you are considering joining us in Ireland and, if you are in SLC, for dinner on the 25th.

Warm wishes,
Elena Sharkova

Festival details | Contact KIconcerts | Facebook


Announcing ChoralFest USA - A Celebration of American Choral Music - June 14, 2015 at Symphony Space in New York, New York Jeffrey James, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Feb:%rd 19FebGMT+0000
February 23, 2015
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeffrey James Arts Consulting
516-586-3433 or
Announcing ChoralFest USA - A Celebration of American Choral Music - June 14, 2015 at Symphony Space in New York, New York
ChoralFest USA was created by Harold Rosenbaum to delight and inspire audiences
with performances of choral works written by American composers since the time of
Aaron Copland, the dean of American composers.
This annual event, to be held at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th Street in New York City, will feature choirs from the New York region and beyond, singing in a free marathon concert. Each choir selected through the application process will perform for 15 to 20 minutes.
The final performance of the event will include the audience and choirs in a sing-along of Randall Thompson’s most popular work, “Alleluia”. Our hope and dream is to give choirs public exposure in an important New York City venue, to inspire choir directors to explore the vast repertoire of American choral music for future concerts, and to reinforce a love of American choral music in audience members.
The June 14, 2015 concert will be free and open to the public.

Doors open at 2:30 pm. In the spirit of Symphony Space’s legendary “Wall to Wall” events, audience members may come and go as they please, subject to seating availability, throughout the day.
We have selected all of our choirs for the June 14, 2015 event.

For choirs wishing to perform at our June 4, 2016 event:
Please download and fill in the informational form.
Applications must include a proposed repertoire of American music (15 to 20 minutes total, including pauses) and links to audio/visual samples of the choir in performance. There are no application fees or participation fees for choirs performing in ChoralFest USA.
American composers are defined as composers born in the United States, or those who immigrated to the USA and whose creative life was/is focused primarily in the USA.
Choirs may present a cappella music or music for choir and instruments. All ensembles using instruments other than a piano will provide their own players and instruments at their own expense. A piano will be available to choirs for the concert.

Any questions? Visit or contact Edie Rosenbaum, Managing Director, at
Harold Rosenbaum, recipient of the 2014 Ditson Conductor’s Award from Columbia University, is the founder and conductor of the New York Virtuoso Singers and the Canticum Novum Singers. He is also lead choral conductor for Parma Recordings, and a Soundbrush Records artist. He is the 2010 winner of ASCAP’s Victor Herbert Founders Award and the winner of the 2008 American Composer Alliance’s Laurel Leaf Award, given in recognition of “distinguished achievement in fostering and encouraging American music.”
A strong proponent of and advocate for contemporary composers and American composers in particular, Rosenbaum has commissioned more than 60 works, and has conducted more than 475 world premieres. Visit him at
Chanticleer National Youth Choral Festival Joe Ledbetter, %23 %b %2015 %18:%Feb:%rd 18FebGMT+0000
MARCH 30, 2015 - 8pm
Davies Symphony Hall
San Francisco, CA 
Chanticleer takes its extensive world-wide education program to new heights with its second National Youth Choral Festival™. The festival, which takes place between March 27 and 30 in San Francisco, will bring together over 200 student singers in 10 high-school choirs from across the country. The four-day choral immersion will place the visiting choirs in close, intensive interaction with the members of Chanticleer, who will coach them in all areas critical to the choral art. 
The Singing Life is under the artistic direction of Ragnar Bohlin, Chanticleer’s 2014-15 Guest Music Director and Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, and Chanticleer’s Education Director Ben Johns. It also features the participation of world-renowned operatic mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick, as soloist, composer and clinician.
The March 30th culmination will feature Chanticleer and the choirs in a day-long residency giving the choirs the opportunity to perform individually on the stage, and to attend master-classes led by Bohlin and Zajick. That evening, all ten choirs will come together with Chanticleer for a concert conducted by Bohlin, and instrumentalists from the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra in a program featuring the west coast premiere of Lars-Erik Larsson’s “God in Disguise”, and the world premiere of “Birdsong” by Dolora Zajick, composed specially for the occasion.
The participating choirs were selected by invitation, all of them having some prior experience in Chanticleer’s international education programs. The gala concert program for The Singing Life will also include winning compositions from Chanticleer’s Student Composition Competition: “Shalom!” by SF School of the Arts High School student, Elio Bucky, and “Journey” by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater student, Karin Kuulpak. In addition to the world premiere of her composition, “Birdsong,” Ms. Zajick will join Chanticleer in singing Schubert’s “Ständchen, D. 920, and the festival chorus in selections from Rossini’s “Petite Messe solennelle”. The program also features the combined choir performance of another Chanticleer staple: “Ave Maria” by Franz Biebl.
Choral Joy! Fran Thomas, %23 %b %2015 %16:%Feb:%rd 16FebGMT+0000 Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida sings songs from the heart of the American experience. The first performance is March 7 at 1 p.m. at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 2439 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL. An optional pre-concert brunch begins at noon.
The second performance is March 8 at 4 p.m. at Lamb of God Church, 19691 Cypress View Drive, Estero, FL. 
Preferred seating is $30; open seating in advance is $20 or $25 at the door; veterans' and students' seats are $15. Students under age 18 are free with a paying adult. Call 239-560-5695 or visit for tickets.
The Chorale is in its fourth season under the direction of Dr. Timothy McDonnell.
Acoustician in the Midwest Mark Munson, %23 %b %2015 %13:%Feb:%rd 13FebGMT+0000 trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Bowling Green, Ohio are considering ways to improve the acoustics of the church sanctuary. I can make obvious suggestions regarding carpet and thick pew pads, but would like to encourage the trustees to consult an acoustician to increase the chances of getting it right. Any advice from experience or hiring a consultant in the Midwest would be appreciated. Thanks. ]]>The Earth is The Lord's by Diane and Wes Hannibal arrng,by Roger Thornhil SAB Shawnee Press Hal Leonard Wes Hannibal, %23 %b %2015 %15:%Feb:%rd 15FebGMT+0000 SAB piece (flute optonal) Incorporating "For the Beauty of the Earth" Ideal for Spring, Earth Day, or Thanksgiving
Studio track available
Oxford Choral Festival with Dr. Jonathan Talberg Roland Zuehlke, %23 %b %2015 %13:%Feb:%rd 13FebGMT+0000
Join Dr. Jonathan Talberg, the Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir at California State University, Long Beach and mixed chorales from across the U.S. in the 2016 Oxford Choral Festival. Perform Fauré’s extraordinary REQUIEM — in its original version for Chamber Orchestra — and a trio of beloved American Spirituals as the cornerstone pieces of this wonderful event at the Sheldonian Theatre in the heart of Oxford. This sumptuous, magnificent 17th century building (where Haydn and Salieri played) has been the home of the Oxford Bach Choir for more than 100 years.
Visit Perform International’s booth 224 at the ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City or our Website for more information.
Sacred Choral Music Festival w/ Guest Composer R. Kevin Boesiger - 7:00 p.m., March 7th in Granby, Connecticut Jerron Jorgensen, %23 %b %2015 %13:%Feb:%rd 13FebGMT+0000 Church Sacred Choral Music Festival with Guest Composer R. Kevin Boesiger
On Saturday, March 7th First Congregational Church of Granby, Connecticut will be hosting choirs of Old Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, South Congregational Church, and First Congregational Church as part of the innaugural season of the Barbara Crouse Memorial Concert Series. As part of the festival, each choir will workshop individually during the day (open to the public to observe) with guest composer and conductor R. Kevin Boesiger, who has numerous works published through Lorenz Company, Hope Publishing Company, and Pavane Publishing. Also included in the festival will be three miniature workshops (open to the public to participate) on such topics as singing technique, musicality, and vocal health. The daytime festival will conclude in a 7:00 p.m. concert, on which each choir will share their own anthems before joining forces and conclude the concert with three of R. Kevin Boesiger's compositions. Included in these will be the premier of "Here in the Silence," set to words by poet and minister Ron Cadmus.

About our Guest Composer

R. Kevin Boesiger received a Bachelor of Music Education from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a Masters of Music in Music Composition from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He is the Creative Arts Pastor at Christ Community Church in Beatrice where he has served since 1990. Boesiger was previously the Choral conductor for Southeast Community College in Beatrice where he directed the choir and served as the musical director for their stage productions for 12 years. A published composer with the Lorenz Corporation, Hope Publishing Company and Pavane Publishing, he has studied with Mark Hayes, Dr. Randall Snyder and Boyd Bacon. Kevin performs and conducts on a regular basis for many community events, including the Beatrice Regional Orchestra, and enjoys his time as a husband and father of four. He has been married to Tami since 1986. 

For more information on the festival, please see below:
Date: Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Festival in Sanctuary: 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., individual choirs workshop with guest composer and conductor R. Kevin Boesiger (open to public to observe)
Miniature Workshops in Choir Room: (open to public to participate)
  • 9:50 - 10:10 a.m., "Musicality Makes Music" with director Mattie Banzhaf
  • 10:30 - 11:00 a.m., "Keeping a Healthy Voice" with director Jerron Jorgensen
  • 11:20 - 11:50 a.m., "Singing Secrets" with soprano Dr. Christi McLain
Concert: 7:00 p.m.
Location: First Congregational Church of Granby
               219 N Granby Rd
               Granby, CT 06035
Admission to observe the workshops and attend the concert is free, with a free-will offering accepted at the door. First Congregational Church of Granby is an Open and Affirming congregation. Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible.
Singing in Salt Lake: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %17:%Oct:%th 17OctGMT+0000