ChoralNet - Daily New postings in DailySinging in Salt Lake: National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %18:%Oct:%nd 18OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
The National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain (NYCC) is the elite performing ensemble of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. For singers aged 18 to 25, it provides its members with a variety of experiences in different areas to help create the most highly-skilled and multi-talented choral singers in the UK, including performing, recording and educational projects.  Established in 1983, The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) is renowned for its standards in the education and training of young singers and the main choir—the National Youth Choir—is firmly recognized as one of the world’s finest vocal ensembles. Originally set up as a single choir of 100 of the best singers in the nation, NYCGB now provides the widest musical experiences for over 750 young people aged 9-25. The educational structure comprises four Junior Choirs which provide opportunities for girls to audition from the age of 11 and boys from the age of nine, two Training Choirs for singers aged 13-18, the National Youth Choir itself for singers aged 16-22 and the world-renowned chamber choir.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Concert Formations" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
By engaging the power of the visual in performance, we extend our impact and viability in a culture increasingly disconnected from the choral tradition. This session will introduce movement principles partnered with art music in the context of performance, augmenting the meaning and potency of the repertoire performed. Topics include the connection of body and mind, the role of singer formation and formation changes in expressing an extra-musical end, visual impact, physical improvisation in the context of performance, and the critical role of program conception. This session will most readily apply to choral conductors of the secondary and collegiate levels.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Composition Spotlight: Among the Signs Scott Dorsey, %05 %b %2012 %22:%Oct:%th 22OctGMT+0000
Composition Spotlight ~ by Jack Senzig
(Each week we look at a piece of useful repertoire from the ChoralNet Community Composition Showcase.  A variety of voicings and levels of difficulty will be presented.  Enjoy!)
Among the Signs by Robinson McClellan  for SAB a cappella  (click for PDF, audio, or perusal video)
Level: Small but skilled church choir or higher
Uses: Ecumenical Concert
This piece would program well with:  Russell Robinson’s arrangement of Haydn’s Achieved is the Glorious Work (from “Creation”) available from JWPepper or Sheet Music Plus
Among the Signs combines Christian and Muslim texts, monophony and imitative polyphony, chant like rhythms and strictly metered passages.   McClellan skillfully scribes unison choral chant phrases that blossom into beautiful harmony. 
In the middle of the piece he quotes the hymn tune Resignation and some of its text including “No more a stranger or a guest…” Several emotionally moving text painting tools are employed.  McClellan makes electricity crackle by offsetting the word “lightning” in all parts by 1 beat in a 3/8 meter.    
Take a close look at section D on page 4.  The composer creates an image of a drenching rain by using an offset three eighths pattern in a 2/4 meter.    Your audience will appreciate that each of the three verses begin with the same A section theme, giving them something to hold on to.
The richness of the harmony and texture is remarkable considering it is accomplished with only three voice parts.  The men’s range is more T than B (A3- F#4).
This piece is available from the composer.
(Original publication: October 7, 2012)
Sunday Inspiration: How Lovely are Thy Dwellings Fair (Brahms) Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Dec:%th 18DecGMT+0000
NEW EP from Dopplers (Denmark) - feat. Anders Edenroth & Katarina Henryson (The Real Group) Søren Pedersen, %24 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000 is with great pleasure we announce the release of the debut EP coming from Copenhagen based vocal group Dopplers (Denmark). Recorded by Northern Europe's best producer Henrik Birk Aaboe (Vocal Line) the EP is showcasing some of his best work so far! The EP contains four songs, which shows some of the signature work of the leader Astrid Vang-Pedersen (Dopplers, Papaya, VoxNorth).
  1. World of Yesterdays is an original song written by Dopplers-member Jasmin Rose Patel.
  2. Take me Coco is an arrangement from Zap Mama and Astrid Vang-Pedersen.
  3. Wolf and I - an original song from the danish singer Oh Land, arranged by Kristoffer Brodersen and Astrid Vang-Pedersen for Aarhus Vokal Festival 2013.
  4. Så tag mit hjerte - Original song written by Astrid Vang-Pedersen, lyrics Tove Ditlevsen. The soloist on this song is Anders Edenroth and Katarina Henryson from The Real Group.
The EP is available online at iTunes and will very soon be on Spotify as well!
It is also possible to buy the CD on the website
You can also listen on Soundcloud right here
What's on Great Sacred Music, Sunday, January 25, 2015 Robert Kennedy, %24 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000
In case you cannot hear the show live, the playlist is on Spotify
for you to enjoy: GSM - January 25, 2015
Don't forget that we have more choral and organ music programmed
on Sunday evenings beginning at 10 p.m. eastern.
Rob Kennedy
Great Sacred Music
The Classical Station
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Sir John Stainer: God so loved the world ~ The Crucifixion
Choir of St. John’s College, Cambridge, George Guest
Don Carlo Gesualdo: Ave Regina coelorum
Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerly
J.S. Bach: Chorale Prelude: Kommst du nun, Jesu, vom Himmel herunter BWV 650
Hans Fagius, organ
1724 Cahman organ in Kristine Church, Falun, Sweden
Stainer's oratorio The Crucifixion was written in 1887 for use by choirs of average ability.
Don Carlo Gesualdo was an Italian nobleman who was also a brilliant composer, lutenist
and murderer.  BWV 650 is one of six chorale preludes Bach transcribed from cantata
movements. Johann Georg Schubler published them in 1748 an event which was unusual
for Herr Bach as most of his cantatas were never published within his lifetime.
Pierre Villette: Jesu, dulcis memoria
BBC Singers, Stephen Jackson
Franz Liszt: The Lord's Prayer (Pater noster) ~ Christus, Part 2
Gachinger Kantorei Stuttgart; Krakow Chamber Choir;
Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Helmuth Rilling
Henriette Bonde-Hansen, soprano; Iris Vermillion, mezzo-soprano;
Michael Schade, tenor; Andreas Schmidt, bass
Louis Marchand: Fonds d'orgue
Joseph Payne, organ
Fisk organ, Opus 78, University of Vermont, Burlington
French composer Pierre Villette studied with Maurice Durufle. Hungarian
composer Franz Liszt's oratorio Christus runs about three hours in length.
Hopefully the Pater Noster will whet your appetite to listen to the entire oratorio
on Spotify. The American organ building firm of C.B. Fisk hails from Gloucester,
Massachusetts and is considered one of the finest builders in business today.
George Frideric Handel: Praise the Lord ~ Solomon
Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists, Sir John Eliot Gardiner
Herbert Howells: Jubilate, "Collegium Regale"
Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, John Scott
Gyorgy Riutov: Velikoye Slavosloviye (The Great Doxology)
Chorovaya Akademia, Alexander Sedov
Alexander Mossevnin, tenor
Praise the Lord is the final chorus from Handel's oratorio Solomon which
was first performed in March 1749. English composer Herbert Howells wrote
his setting of the morning canticles entitled Collegium Regale for King's College,
Cambridge. I searched everywhere for information on the Russian composer
Georgy Riutov (1873-1938). Let me know if you find anything on him.
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Valiant-for-Truth
Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys, John Scott
John Cook: Fanfare
Nigel Potts, organ
The Schoenstein Organ of St. Paul's Parish, Washington, DC
I thought it would be interesting to present the distinguished church musician
Dr. John Scott in two of his major roles this morning. Earlier we heard him directing
the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London where he was director of music from 1990-2004.
Now we hear him conducting the choir of St. Thomas' Church, New York, where he has been
since 2004. New Zealand-born Nigel Potts is Organist & Choirmaster of Christ & Saint Stephen’s
Episcopal Church in New York.
J.S. Bach: Cantata 73, "Herr, wie du willt, so schick's mit mir"
Holland Boys' Choir; Netherlands Bach Collegium, Pieter Jan Leusink
Marjon Strijk, soprano; Sytse Buwalde, alto; 
Nicovan der Meel, tenor; Bas Ramselaar, bass 
Simon Crouch thinks highly of the tenor aria in this cantata which was written
for the third Sunday after the Epiphany. 
Dominique Phinot: Missa Si bona suscepimus
The Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice
Stephen Rice founded The Brabant Ensemble in 1998. 
Max Reger: Phantasie und Fuge uber B-A-C-H, Op. 46
Lionel Rogg, organ
1976 organ by Grönlunds Orgelbyggeri in Church of Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm
Reger's Fantasy and Fugue on the Name of Bach is a dazzling tour de force for a
virtuoso organist such as Lionel Rogg.
Ludwig van Beethoven: Christ on the Mount of Olives
National Choir & Orchestra of Lyon, Serge Baudo
Monica Pick-Hieronimi, soprano; James Anderson, tenor; Victor von Halem, bass
Apparently Beethoven wrote this oratorio in a few weeks in 1802. It is a fine work which
is not performed much these days.
Jehan Alain: Postlude pour l'Office de Complies
Raphaele Garreau de Labarre, organ
Dondaine 1792/Sauvage 1851/Dalstein-Haerpfer 1872/Staudt 1913/Alfred Kern 1969
/Daniel Kern 1988 organ in Eglise Saint Maxim de Thionville, France.
Jehan Alain was the older brother of the renowned organist Marie-Claire Alain. Maitre Alain
was killed in action in World War II in 1940.
A Festival of Psalms: has anyone on here done this? Jeff Reynolds, %24 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%th 19JanGMT+0000 this forum gets the most traffic, and this topic does not fit in any of the forums, I'll start here. 
To the question: Have any of you produced a Festival of Psalms in which you performed ALL the Psalms? If so, did you do it all in one chunk, or Wagner Opera style do it in large chunks with intermissions? Separate days or nights? What order? This could be big, very big. Surely someone on here has done this and can divulge their secrets of success.
I'm hoping to produce a Psalmfest in late summer. To mix it up, we will have some spoken Psalms, some chanted solo voice Psalms, some Plainsong /Gregorian/Ambrosian Chant Psalms, some two/three/four'/five/and six part homophonic and polyphonic settings from many eras, including Gospel and contemporary. There will be some space between each for the oh-so-Roman, "examination of conscience". There are many great settings out there. Most of those do not work with our voicing and need to be doctored. This event would take place in a very large and live space with plenty of reverb. My idea is to have the many groups performing sit in clusters around the hall which is totally open and have the audience sit on folding chairs intermixed with the chant that mystically ping-ponging from one cluster to another. Not quite a Psalmnodal Flash Mob, but alot of that same magically appearing. I have produced Music Festivals before and know how to make that work, but would be interested in any feedback by those who have previously trod this trail.
I'm the Komplinmeister of four Compline Choirs at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in tiny Nevada City, California with mostly Medieval chant and for polyphony, these Renaissance voicings: all male quire ATBarB; male quartet AATB; mixed quartet with one female SATB; all female quire SSAT. I'm only interested in Compline. We've done about 70 Compline services. We have built up quite a clientele. The nut of Compline is the chanting of the Psalms. All else may fall away, over time, but the Psalm will be there still. The four Psalms assaigned to Compline are: 4, 31, 91, 134. I have engraved about 45 settings of the late, great, mystic Peter Hallock that he quickly scratched out for his men of the Compline Choir in Seattle, WA over a 55 year period. They are simply marvelous: the work of genius. I have, maybe 125 other Psalm settings of one kind or another that we use on a revolving basis, with maybe a dozen that I have set myself.  I have engraved about 1600 pieces, many with no metre, no bar lines, no rhythm, no stems, precis style, specifically for Compline on my trusty Sibelius. Most of them are pieces for our changeable 'big five': Orison, Hymn, Psalm, Nunc dimittis, Anthem. Our style could be construed as Anglo-Roman.
regards, as always, jefe (former bass trombonist, Los Angeles Philharmonic 1969-2006)
In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum
Accompanist needed asap Walnut Creek CA Suzie Peterson, %24 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%th 17JanGMT+0000 accompanist is needed for Walnut Creek Chorus for Monday nights from 7-9 PM. The theme of this season's concert is "Come Travel with Me" witn music from different countries, eg, Liebeslieder Waltzes by Brahms, Away from the Roll of the Sea, etc. For more information contact Suzie Peterson, Director at ]]>Need Vaughan Williams Flute Part David Almond, %24 %b %2015 %14:%Jan:%th 14JanGMT+0000 Solo flute part for Magnificat for Contralto, Flute and Piano (1932)
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Ralph Vaughan Williams/(Michael Mullinar?)/Oxford University Press
Starting: ASAP
For: through May 1
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: No
This flute part is out of print; it was specially prepared for performance with piano.  It is not one of the two orchestral flute parts.  Any help here will be greatly appreciated. 
Acappellago presents...Where the River Meets the Sea Patricia Smith, %24 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000
Acappellago presents "Escape to... Where the River Meets the Sea" on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 7:30 pm & Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 4:00 pm.
Sail away with Acappellago in our spring presentation featuring the rich choral literature surround mankind's relationship with the water. Whether on the bonny banks of "Loch Lomond," beside the "Shenandoah," or at a "Seaside Rendezvous," we know you'll enjoy the many ways that composers and lyricists have been inspired by the magic of rivers and seas. Our program includes classical pieces, spirituals, popular songs, a lost setting of the Illinois state song by choral great Norman Luboff and the Chicago premiere of "Where go the Boats?' by contemporary composer Dale Trumbore.
The Saturday, March 14th performance will be held at Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook, IL and the Sunday, March 15th performance will be held at the Congregational Church of Batavia, IL. Tickets are $17, $15 seniors and students and are available by calling 708-484-3797 or online at:
In Nature's Realm - Acappellago's biennial fundraiser Patricia Smith, %24 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000 invites all our audience members and friends to our biennial benefit performance, where our singers will regale you with solos and small ensemble performances of songs about nature. The evening includes hors d'oeurves and desserts, coffee and soft drinks, a cash bar, and a silent auction with many goods and services, including (appropriately) an African Safari. Mark your calendars today.
This event will be held in the lovely LeJardin Room at Catigny Park, 1S151 Winfield Road, Wheaton.
Tickets are $45 pp or $40 pp for a table of 8-10. To order tickets, visit or call 708-484-3797.
Bach St John Passion Come & Sing Workshop Angela Law, %24 %b %2015 %14:%Jan:%th 14JanGMT+0000
10.30am - 5.00pm Sat Feb 7, St Mary’s, Henley on Thames, OXON, RG9  2AU
David Smith, Piano
Will Balkwill, Evangelist
Benjamin Goodson, Conductor 
Come and spend a day singing the magnificent St John Passion in German with 
dynamic 23-year old Musical Director of Henley Choral Society, Benjamin Goodson. 
We will be looking at how Bach sets the Passion narrative and the role that the
chorus plays in portraying the drama. Join us for a wonderful day of learning and singing  together.
£15.00 if booked before January 31st; £20 thereafter or on the door.  Score hire available.
Contact Jenny Fleming on 01491 575165 email or download
more information and a registration form at
UGC - HELP LIBERIANS FIGHT & RECOVER FROM EBOLA Martin Edelman, %24 %b %2015 %13:%Jan:%th 13JanGMT+0000 us for a concert and cocktails featuring the UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB of NYC, at 6:30 PM, February 3rd, at The Brick Church, Madison Avenue of 91st Street in Manhattan.  Proceeds from the concert will benefit the African Dream Academy's Ebola Survival & Recovery Fund.
The UGC will offer songs recently sung at their concert at Lincoln Center (ATH), and will include: Steersman Leave the Watch (Wagner), Nachtelle (Schubert), Gentle Annie (Foster), Boatmen's Dance (Copland).
Street Requiem – Sydney Premiere 2015 Caroline Knaggs, %24 %b %2015 %06:%Jan:%th 6JanGMT+0000
School of Hard Knocks presents the Sydney premiere of STREET REQUIEM – for those who have died on the street
by Kathleen McGuire, Andy Payne & Jonathon Welch
A concert in memory of those who died in Martin Place and Paris.
Saturday 21 February 2015, 8PM
Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium
Dr Jonathon Welch AM & Dr Kathleen McGuire, conductors
Cheryl Barker, soprano
Jonathon Welch, tenor
Massed ‘Absolutely Everybody’ Sydney choir
Including members of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, Macarthur Singers, Door in the Wall and THECHO!R (Melbourne)
Tickets $30 adults $20 conc/u16
Information only: 0419 337 283
Proceeds benefit the School of Hard Knocks’ Sydney programs
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Care for the Changing Voice" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Celebrate the developing voices of male singers as they transition from a child voice to an emerging adolescent voice. This session will focus on strategies and repertoire that inspire males to continue singing during the years encompassing late elementary through middle school. Numerous audio and video examples of late elementary- and middle-level mixed and single-gender male choirs will be shared. Learn to identify elements and specific repertoire that nurture boys’ voices and develop artistry regardless of their vocal range or skill level.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Saturday Respite: Car with a Lawyer? Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %19:%Dec:%th 19DecGMT+0000
Wow, toss in texting while driving and it could be today!
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Nineteenth-Century A Cappella" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
The resurgence of a cappella music in today’s society brings us back to the roots of close harmony in the United States. This session will discuss the recreational harmonizing tradition that arose in the nineteenth century, especially as practiced within the African American culture in barbershops, bars, street corners, and other gathering places. These spontaneous musical explorations gave rise to the professional quartets, both black and white, that were staples in minstrel and vaudeville shows and became the most important artists of the burgeoning recording industry at theturn of the twentieth century.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Bass Player Needed for Jam Session Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%rd 17JanGMT+0000
Bass Player Needed for Jam Session
A bass player is needed for the “Jazz Jam with Phil Mattson” during the ACDA National Conference.  The session is scheduled for Thursday, February 26, 10:00 p.m. to midnight.
For additional information, contact Phil Mattson, (612) 355-0072,
ACDA Salutes: Elwood Keister Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000
This is just one of the 74 choral conductors on the ACDA Wall of Honor. LEARN MORE about the Wall of Honor and MEET ALL of the award recipients.
Seeking SOLOIST for role for Dido in Dido & Aeneas, June 2015 Linda Price, %24 %b %2015 %03:%Jan:%th 3JanGMT+0000 Baroque is seeking a SOLOIST for the role of Dido in Henry Purcell's opera Dido & Aeneas for June 26 & 27, 2015.  Performance will be in our outdoor courtyard theater at First Presbyterian Church San Anselmo.  Fully staged. Previous opera experience, both stage and vocal, required.
Marin Baroque is a 14-voice chamber choir with period instrument orchestra, with Music Director Daniel Canosa, based in San Anselmo, CA. Stage Director is Marla Volovna.  
To arrange an audition, please contact Betsy Levine-Proctor, or call 415-497-6634. 
Collegiate Directors: FREE Ticket Policies? Daniel Abraham, %24 %b %2015 %00:%Jan:%th 0JanGMT+0000 Collegiate Colleagues,
We are looking to gather information from other colleges and universities that have moved to any kind of free ticketing program for students for your ensemble concerts. If you offer free tickets to the campus student body or have tried some form of free ticket policy for some or all of your concert programming, could you please let us know. We are attempting to gather information for an audience outreach plan and are interested in your experiences with free ticketing.
In addition to your institution's name, we would like to know:
(1) What were the general outcomes experiences of moving to (or occasionally offering) free tickets for your concerts?
(2) Do you limit to the number of tickets a student can request per semester? and
(3) Are there student activities fees involved?
Feel free to be brief. Any responses would be very much appreciated!
Many thanks,
Daniel Abraham
Chair, Department of Performing Arts
Professor of Music & Director of Choral Activities
American University • Washington, D.C.
Easy SSATB festival music for more women than men Crystal Isola, %21 %b %2015 %01:%Jan:%st 1JanGMT+0000 am a high school teacher and my tour choir has fewer men than women. They are also pretty inexperienced. Any suggestions? ]]>An afternoon of Song! Toni Marie Palmertree, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%rd 19JanGMT+0000
Rutter "Requiem" Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%rd 19JanGMT+0000 Copies (lightly used, sold as a lot) for $155 ($5 per copy) + Postage (Contact via email with Address, and I will confirm postage - 1st Class or Book Rate), or trade for 31 copies of the Durufle - Requiem.
CONTACT Tom Vozzella at
St Paul's Cathedral Choir - U.S. Tour Tom Daggett, %23 %b %2015 %11:%Jan:%rd 11JanGMT+0000 the world-famous choir of men and boys from St Paul's Cathedral, London on its U.S. tour. The concerts will feature treasures of the English Cathedral repertoire, particularly showcasing music closely affiliated with St Paul's. Director: Andrew Carwood. Organist: Simon Johnson.
Boston: Trinity Church on April 16 at 7pm
Atlanta: The Cathedral of St Philip. Saturday April 18 at 7.30pm
Macon: Vineville United Methodist Church, on April 19, 4pm
Washington, DC: Washington National Cathedral on April 26 at 5pm
St. Paul: Cathedral of St Paul on April 28 at 7.30pm
Valparaisa, IN: Valparaiso University on April 29 at 7.30pm
For more information and to download our tour brochure, visit:
Borrow/Rent Orchestra parts Oklahoma arr. John Leavitt Chuck Stanley, %23 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%rd 17JanGMT+0000 Orchestra parts for John Leavitt arrangement of Medley from Oklahoma
Composer/Arranger/Edition: John Leavitt
Starting: now
For: through end of March
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
My chorus is performing John Leavitt's arrangement of "Medley from Oklahoma" and the orchestra parts are out of print.
chuck stanley
Enter to win S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Bundle bundle for FREE! Dale Duncan, %23 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%rd 16JanGMT+0000 am hosting a giveaway on my blog, and I will be giving away the Complete S-Cubed Sight Singing Bundle (normally $199) to some teachers!
Here is the link to learn more details:
Associate Director of Choral Activities Angie Batey, %23 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%rd 16JanGMT+0000
The University of Tennessee
School of Music
Notice of Faculty Vacancy
POSITION                             Choral Conducting/Music Education (one-year position)
RANK AND SALARY          Lecturer: nine month, full-time non-tenure-track appointment  beginning Fall Semester, August 1, 2015.
                                            Salary and fringe  benefits are competitive and commensurate with rank and    experience.
QUALIFICATIONS              Doctorate or ABD required. Proven successful experience as a choral
    director at the college/university level. At least two years successful
    public school experience and a commitment to teacher training are
    required. Ability to teach courses in choral music education.
    Demonstrated abilities in organization, and communicating and
    working effectively with faculty, students, and colleagues in the field.
    Commitment to preparing high quality pre-service music educators
    in a vibrant, collaborative, and collegial teaching and learning environment.
RESPONSIBILITIES           This position is a critical blend between choral conducting and
                                            choral music education. This faculty member will conduct choral
                                            ensembles, teach courses in choral music methods and conducting,
                                            coordinate and supervise course-related field experiences, and
                                            supervise student teachers. The candidate will also be expected to assist
                                            in the successful recruitment of choral and music education students.
GENERAL INFORMATION       The University of Tennessee is the state’s flagship institution, offering comprehensive
                                            programs of undergraduate, graduate, and  professional education, research, and public service
                                            throughout the state. The campus at Knoxville is the only public institution in the state with the
                                            Carnegie classification of “doctoral/research  university-extensive.” The campus offers more than
                                            300 degree  programs to its 26,000 students, who come from every county in  Tennessee, every
                                            state in the nation, and more than 100 foreign  countries. The Knoxville campus of the University of                
                                            Tennessee is seeking candidates who have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the
                                             diversity and intercultural goals of the  University.
SCHOOL OF MUSIC            The School of Music is part of the College of Arts & Sciences and  has a long and successful
                                              history of quality and commitment to  excellence. The School offers a broad and comprehensive
                                             professional music program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and is an accredited
                                             institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The school has 55
                                             faculty members and approximately 350 music majors and is  housed in the magnificent new state-of-the-art  
                                             Natalie L. Haslam Music Center.
APPLICATION                     Send letter of application (no e-mail applications), at least three current (within last 12 months)
                                             letters of recommendation, a DVD or secure link to an online source which includes a
     rehearsal segment, classroom teaching segment, as well as a performance segment
     representing diverse genres and musical styles, and curriculum vitae to:
Administrative Assistant,
Choral Conducting/Music Education Search Committee
School of Music
The University of Tennessee
1741 Volunteer Blvd.
 Knoxville, TN  37996-2600   
DEADLINE                            March 01, 2015, or until position is filled.
The University of Tennessee is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA institution in the provision of its education and employment programs and services. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or covered veteran status. The Knoxville campus of The University of Tennessee seeks candidates who have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the diversity and intercultural goads of The University.
Song in Romanian? Rachel Landowski, %23 %b %2015 %14:%Jan:%rd 14JanGMT+0000 All,
I am writing because I have this incredible exchange student from Romania and she would like to help us learn to sing something in Romanian. Is there something you have sung that you loved? She also knows Russian so that would be ok too. I'm looking for an SSA voicing. Thank you for your time!  
Rachel Landowski
Tumwater High School 
Need to Borrow/Rent Michael Bray, %23 %b %2015 %12:%Jan:%rd 12JanGMT+0000 Christ Lag in Totesbanden Realized continuo organ score
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Bach/Kalmus
Starting: Needed by 2/15/15
For: Return 3/30/15
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: No
Needed to borrow or rent:  Please help: I have string parts but need to borrow a realized continuo organ score for for the movements of Bach's  Christ Lag in Totesbanden BWV 4 for three Palm Sunday weekend concerts.  Happy to rent one.  Respond directly on the forum or email me:
Michael Bray
rehearsel file or cd Inke versnel, %23 %b %2015 %10:%Jan:%rd 10JanGMT+0000 Grote Orgel mis in Es. Hoboken xxII:4
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Joseph Haydn
Starting: a.s.a.p
For: till October 2015
Copies: SATB
Willing to rent: Yes
We want to sing the Big Organmis in Es from Haydn with our chamber choir at our jubileum in October 2015.
We want to rehearse our own part bij studyfile or CD. We want to pay fot it.
who can help us.
Inke Versnel.
Choral Conducting Master Course @ 2015 World Youth and Children's Choir Festiva - Hong Kong Wai Leung William Chung, %23 %b %2015 %08:%Jan:%rd 8JanGMT+0000

Choral Conducting Master Course

Legendary Maestro of European Choral Conducting - Dénes Szabó

Dénes Szabó
  • A leading light in Hungarian choral music, who demonstrates Zoltán Kodály's and Béla Bartók music in the most genuine way
  • Owns dozens of records
  • Under his baton, Cantemus Choirs and Pro Musica Girls' Choir have attained over 50 world-champion titles
  • The winner of the European Grand Prix
  • Granted Hungarian Cultural Heritage Award in 2004

As the first Conducting Master Course in 2013 Hong Kong International Youth and Children's Choir Festival received wide acclaims from conductors and choral lovers, we invite Dénes SZABÓ, one of the world most sought-after European maestros, to conduct the master course and Pro Musica Girls' Choir as the lab choir in the 2015 event again. Not only will participants get valuable opportunities to work with this world-class choir, active participants will conduct the Pro Musica Girls' Choir and perform in the graduation mini concert.

Dénes SZABÓ was born in Makó, Hungary in 1947 and is a tremendous figure in Hungarian and international choral world. He studied music in Szeged, Miskolc and Budapest and subsequently began his teaching career at the Zoltán Kodály Primary School in Nyíregyháza. He founded the Cantemus Children's Choir in 1975 which later developed into a choral institute and began to operate as an independent artistic organization with three choirs in 2004. Under his baton, the choirs have won numbers of awards and championships in different important international choral contests, which made him an authority of the Kodály method.

In recognition of his artistic achievements and dedicated work in music education, Dénes SZABÓ was awarded the Ferenc Liszt-prize in 1985, the Bartók Béla – Pásztory Ditta Prize in 1993, the Kossuth Prize in 2000 and the Hungarian Cultural Heritage prize in 2004. Lately, he received the Artist of the Nation Award in 2013 and 2014 consecutively.

Application Form can be found at ]]>
One-time event liability insurance Charles Kaufmann, %23 %b %2015 %14:%Jan:%rd 14JanGMT+0000 anyone recommend a reliable, low-cost, one-time event insurance provider for classical non-profit organizations?
Charles Kaufmann, Artisitc Director
The Longfellow Chorus
Portland, Maine
Schubert Concert Program Ideas Melissa Gill, %23 %b %2015 %08:%Jan:%rd 8JanGMT+0000 all
I'm programming a concert for a mid level SATB community choir. We are performing the Schubert Mass No. 2 in G Major as one half of the concert and I'm currently looking for some choral pieces in a similar vein for the other half of the program. I probably need 3 or 4 pieces that are simple but effective.
Look forward to your ideas.
Thanks. Melissa
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Psalms" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
PSALMS:  BACK TO THE SOURCES (Joshua Jacobson, clinician)
Has any book been set to music more often than the book of Psalms? For nearly three thousand years the lyrical songs in this collection have inspired the creation of glorious music: plainchant, polyphony, popular tunes, and symphonic masterworks. But what did they sound like in antiquity—in biblical times? To discover the nature of this music, we will investigate clues offered by the Bible
and other ancient texts, archaeology, and comparative musicology.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Using SmartMusic" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
SmartMusic Can Do That? Maximizing Rehearsal Time with Smart Music (Cynthia I. Gonzales, clinician)
Although known as an interactive software for instrumentalists, SmartMusic is a valuable tool for choral musicians. SmartMusic is an effective “sight-singing tutor” outside of class and a “teaching assistant” in a rehearsal. As a sight-singing tutor, SmartMusic provides a visual assessment: pitches and rhythms performed correctly appear with green-colored noteheads, while red noteheads indicate errors. As a teaching assistant, SmartMusic contains transposable exercises to use as warm-ups.
Whether projected onto a screen or used only as an aural prompt, exercises can be looped or grouped into a playlist. Session participants will learn how SmartMusic provides tools to maximize rehearsal time.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Singing in Salt Lake: NOTUS Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %16:%Oct:%nd 16OctGMT+0000
Appearing in concert during the 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
NOTUS: IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble comprises twenty-four of the finest singers from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Directed by Dominick DiOrio, NOTUS specializes in a diverse repertoire of new vocal music, with equal emphasis on both emerging and established composers. Notable recent appearances include: a demonstration choir at the 2014 Central ACDA Division Conference and a performance at Carnegie Hall on the Distinguished Concerts International NY Artist Series. In 2013, NOTUS hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw, and NOTUS was the first collegiate ensemble to perform the Sarabande from her Partita for eight voices.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Choral Methods" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Oct:%nd 14OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES IN CHORAL METHODS COURSES (Judy Bowers, Steven Demorest, Rollo Dilworth, and Patrick Freer, clinicians)
Four experts in choral music pedagogy will lead this session. Each will present views of current issues in choral music education, with emphasis on how collegiate methods courses can be revised to foster the needed changes. Specific recommendations will be offered with regard to methods course curricula, instruction, assessment (edTPA, etc.), and increasingly rigorous requirements for teacher professional development.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Speaking the Two Languages of Technology Jeff Tillinghast, %23 %b %2015 %04:%Jan:%rd 4JanGMT+0000

Can you list all of the "music technology" that you use in your work? It's a trickier question than you might think. First, there are general tools which help us organize and communicate. Tools such as web browsers, Google Docs, e-mail and text messaging can be an essential part of our toolkit, but we use them in similar ways to most other fields. While there are minor variations, professionals from other fields might look at our use of these tools and find it similar to their own. On the other hand are the "discipline-specific" tools that are unique to our field: notation software, digital audio workstations, field recording devices and music distribution software are all pieces of technology that are specific to, or used in ways that are specific to music professionals. This is not solely a music concern, as each discipline has its own unique subset of technology tools, but even the most skilled technology user in one field is likely to be unsure how to use these specific "tools of the trade" in a field not their own. I was stumped recently when trying to help a student use a piece of scientific data logging software-- not because the program was particularly difficult to use, but because I didn't have the experience as a physicist to understand the software. 


This point is unlikely to surprise people-- musicians have always used specific tools to make music. What is surprising, though, is how many people have an imbalance between their levels of comfort with general and discipline-specific technology. Furthermore, both of these categories are essential to our trade, but while we categorize them all as "technology" I find that many users have a subconscious preference for one over the other that reflects their own "tech comfort level." Some users are highly comfortable working online and have their smartphones or tablets completely dialed in to their organizational and communication needs, but have never used a notation program or have never worked with a MIDI device. These users often have a high level of comfort with technology from their own personal use, but there's a huge leap in complexity from consumer-oriented devices to a complex notation program. That gap can be overcome with a some training and practice, but will often not come without a specific need to drive it. On the other hand, some users have built a high level of skill with recording tools or editing software through continual use, but are much less fluent with Internet use or digital calendars. In each case, the primary motivator is usually need. There are some people who continually aspire to learn new tools and skills solely for the enrichment or joy of learning. Most of us, though, are motivated more by the "why do I need to know this?" Those with strengths in one area can have a hard time understanding why everyone else doesn't use tool X or strategy Y.


A common trap is to think that it's easier to "learn how to use" general tools than discipline-specific ones. After all, you might think, so many people use calendars that it should be easy to find someone to teach us. It's true that there are myriad opportunities to learn basic skills in general tools, but users struggling with the "need to know" often need to be convinced that a tool is relevant to their specific needs. To continue the example, having a digital calendar is great, but how will it help keep a choir organized? General user training likely can't answer these questions. Discipline-specific tools, though, come with the relevance built-in. Their needs can be so specific, though, that finding other people to learn from can be challenging unless you happen to have a close colleague or friend as coach. I would suggest that to be a truly fluent technology user, one must be comfortable with both of these spheres, which means finding both the opportunities to use and learn discipline-specific tools while being comfortable enough with general technology use to be able to envision how these tools can be applied to an individual unique use case. With convention season coming quickly, we'll all be heading to conferences (such as ACDA) to add some bits to our professional toolbox. Amongst the reading packets, concerts and discussions of style and interpretation, there will be plenty of opportunities to read between the lines and see how our peers are using technology to do the work of being a choral conductor, both general and discipline-specific. If you reflect on your own technology usage and find that you are less connected to one of these two spheres, there are few better opportunities to learn from choral practitioners about working with either category of technology in a choral setting. 

Meet the ICEP Conductors: Blosser & Stal Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000
Here are two of the choral conductors who have been selected to participate in the 2015 ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP).
If you are interested in learning more about the International Conductors Exchange Program or how to become involved with the conductor exchange in 2015, please contact your ICEP division liaison. Please consider joining our ICEP Group on Facebook or the ICEP Choralnet Community for the latest news and information about the upcoming exchange with South America in 2016 and South Korea in 2017.
“Five from the Folder: Women’s Choir,” by Morna Edmundson Scott Dorsey, %24 %b %2014 %20:%Nov:%th 20NovGMT+0000
1. “Carol: Nowel: Owt of your slepe arise.” British, 15th century. Earthsongs.
A vigorous , rhythmic piece in three parts. Detailed pronunciation guide is a great help.  Lots of energy and tone.  We’re using it as a processional.  Loving it!
2. “O Magnum Mysterium.” Jakob Handl, ed. Hirsh. Treble Clef Music Press TC-220.
Our Christmas concert is with brass quintet, so I am finally programming this Renaissance double-choir work.  The brass will take Choir 1.
3. “Magnificat” (with piano and brass quintet). Gwyneth Walker. ECS Publishing 6832
A major solo for mezzo sop opens this 1992 work that has captivated our choir.  Typical brilliance of Walker that the magic is in simplicity and total command of her craft.
4. “I Just Lightning” (with percussion). Libby Larsen, OUP 019-386044-9.
Very demanding, rhythmic and energized piece. We’re doing this for the first time in March 2015.  Remembering Patty Hennings and her great enthusiasm for this piece.
5. “Psalm 23.” Franz Schubert. CPDL.
 Core repertoire for women’s choirs.  Sung in German.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at
Choral Music Baseball Card: Victoria Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Dec:%th 20DecGMT+0000 ]]>"Soon One Day": TTBB setting of spiritual now available Michael Sandvik, %23 %b %2015 %02:%Jan:%rd 2JanGMT+0000 popular spiritual "Soon One Day" is now available for a cappella TTBB choir. The TTBB version was commissioned by The Naperville Men's Glee Club for their 25th anniversary concert (concert in 2013) and was very well received. Scores are available from my website and from
the recording is the satb version
God Bless,
Michael Sandvik
Clip-on Light Advice Carla Strandberg, %22 %b %2015 %23:%Jan:%nd 23JanGMT+0000 in my group's performance venue is inadequate.  I am looking for light weight lights to clip on each singer's performance folder that will softly illuminate both sides of the folder.  The light must not be so bright that it reflects glare from the page into the singer's eyes.  I find a number of battery-powered lights but cannot tell about the quality of the light.  Please advise.  I need to purchase 24 lights by May. ]]>Florida Pro Musica at Stetson University School of Music Larry Kent, %22 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%nd 21JanGMT+0000 of a cappella choral works at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. Contact the Stetson School of Music for ticketing information.

The Program
Ave Maria - Gallus
Dixit Maria - Hassler
Quem vidistis pastores à6 - Victoria
Hodie Christus natus est - plainchant
Audivi media nocte - Tallis (by the Stetson University Camerata, Timothy Peter, director)
Two Tallis motets TBA
Ave Maria à4 - Guerrero
- Brief Interval -
Sicut cervus - Palestrina (by the combined choirs of FPM and Stetson Camerata)
Maria Magdalena et altera Maria à6 - Guerrero
April is in my mistress’ face - Morley (Stetson Camerata, Timothy Peter, director)
Weep O mine eyes - Bennet
Fair Phyllis I saw - Farmer
Salve Regina - Liszt
Nigra sum sed formosa à6 - Victoria

The musicians: Meghan Alfaro, Mary Cassaday Jones Michelle Klima (soprano); Judy Vincent Kent and Karen Eisele Western (alto); Rodney Shores and George Western (tenor); Peter Baker and Tim LaDue (bass); directed by Larry Kent ]]>
The 16th Varna International Conducting Workshop - Scholarships available! Kalin Tchonev, %22 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%nd 19JanGMT+0000
This summer, Varna International is excited to offer the 16th Varna International Music Academy and Conducting Workshop in Varna, Bulgaria from May 26-June 7, 2015. The Workshop will feature Haydn's Creation and will be held in collaboration with the Varna Free University. Click here to view the trailer which outlines the quality aspects of the program!
Fellow conductors will receive elaborate training from our expert faculty, will have ample podium time with the Academy choir and orchestra and will conduct a portion of the work during one of the two public performances in Bulgaria. 
All rehearsals and concerts of the Haydn's Creation Conducting Workshop will be video-recorded by authorized Varna International personnel. All conducting participants will receive a DVD of their podium time conducting portions of Creation during the rehearsals and the public performance. 
The Conducting Workshop will be introducing a new edition of Creation, featuring an up-to-date English translation of the work by Coro Online Publishing.  
Participants will be eligible for 1-3 undergraduate or graduate credits, international accreditation under the Erasmus program and diplomas granted upon completion from one of the established, high-ranking private universities of Europe!
Participants of the 16th Varna International Music Academy will stay at a four-star hotel located in the famous Golden Sands Resort. The Golden Sands is the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Stretching for two miles, the Golden Sands has glorious scenery with wooded hillsides sweeping gently down to meet one of the world's most beautiful beaches and the blue sparkling sea.
Varna International is offering partial scholarships to qualified conducting applicants. Please contact us for details!
To apply, conducting applicants should complete the application form on the Varna International website and include a letter requesting to be considered for the scholarship.
Thank you,
The Varna International Team
Organist- First Congregational United Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN Stephanie Sepiol, %22 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%nd 18JanGMT+0000 Congregational United Church of Christ in Indianapolis, IN is looking for an organist.
Position: Our organist enhances the music and hymnody of our congregational services of worship. In this ministry of music, the organist also supports the Choir Director in seeking to strengthen relationships among the Choir and worshipers alike.
Instrument: Schlicker Unified Pipe Organ; 2 manuals, 13 ranks
Essential Duties:
-Accompany hymns at 11am on Sundays and special services (e.g. Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday)
-Offer preludes, offertories, and postludes
-Provide accompaniment at choir rehearsals on Thursday nights (Sept - May)
-Be available to play for weddings and funerals, as schedule permits (Additional compensation arranged)
Skills and Requirements: An experienced musician is required for this position. Excellent accompaniment skills and the ability to sight read classical and contemporary music are a must. Ideally, the organist should hold a bachelor's degree or higher in music.
Annual Salary & Benefits: $10,000 & four weeks paid vacation plus fewer summer hours.
How to Apply: Send a cover letter and resume to Alice Rutherford at or 7171 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46240.
Concert Tour to Ireland this June! Richard Hynson, %22 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%nd 17JanGMT+0000 amateur singers are invited to join Bel Canto International's concert tour to Ireland, June 18 - 28, 2015.  Three concerts will be performed by tour members joined by three different Irish choirs and accompanied by the Degani Ensemble, a professional Irish chamber orchestra.  Works to be performed include Haydn's Mass in D Minor (the "Lord Nelson") and Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna.  For more information about Bel Canto, please visit; and for tour information, please contact tour manager Tom Barnum at ]]>Human Symphony Foundation Markus Williams, %22 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%nd 16JanGMT+0000
The Living Legends Singers are resident artist for the Human Symphony Foundation, an organization with a focus on the performing arts and social justice. We are currently auditioning singers to join us for the winter/spring season.  This is an exceptional group of singers who are dedicated to making music at the highest caliber. Highlights from the 2014/2015 season include works by Mozart, Gwyneth Walker, Elliott Carter, Undine Smith Moor, Robert Morris, and David Bakers “Images Shadows and Dreams”.  If you are dedicated to the art of choral music, and are looking for an outlet, we invite you to audition for the Living Legends Singers.  To arrange an audition please email the Artistic Director at, or call 443-364-8059.
Who we welcome:
  • Singers who are dedicated to the highest level of music making.
  • Singers who are socially conscious with a desire to diversify the concert stage.
  • Singers who bring professionalism to their work.
  • Singers who have the ability and desire to keep their commitments.
Why you should sing with the Living Legends Singers:
  • The Living Legends Singers is a special group celebrating diversity in who we are and in what we do.
  • We are out to change our world through music.
  • You want a challenge.
  • You want to explore composers and text outside the box.
CHANTICLEER in Concert - Detroit Donna Frentrup, %22 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%nd 16JanGMT+0000
CHANTICLEER is noted as “the world’s reigning male chorus” by The New Yorker magazine, and named Ensemble of the Year by Musical America in 2008. This San Francisco-based, GRAMMY® award-winning ensemble will be performing at the acoustically marvelous, historic Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit on Saturday, March 7, 2015, at 8 pm.
Tickets are $35 general admission, or $100 for preferred seating, and can be purchased at
CHANTICLEER’s repertoire spans ten centuries from Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony and Romantic art song to contemporary music, jazz, spirituals and world music. Praised for their “tonal luxuriance and crisply etched clarity,” Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its twelve male voices ranging from countertenor to bass. Since CHANTICLEER began releasing recordings in 1981, the group has sold well over a million copies and garnered two GRAMMY® awards. Chanticleer’s recordings are distributed by Chanticleer Records, Naxos, Rhino Records, ArkivMusic, and iTunes among others.
Doors open 45 minutes before each concert. Free, secure parking is adjacent to the Cathedral. To receive updates or more information please visit Cathedral Cultural Series on Facebook, write or call 313-237-5782.
Help! Looking for a fun 50's inspired piece for my elementary choir Renee Wagner, %22 %b %2015 %13:%Jan:%nd 13JanGMT+0000,
I'm a new choir teacher and I'm looking for recomendations for a fun two part piece that is based on 50's music.  I was thinking maybe something with a hand jive or based on Elvis or any other 50's rock. Piano accompianment or recorded accompianment would be great, and I'm looking for something that is just a few minutes long.  I really appreciate any suggestions!!
Thank you for your time and help - my kids will thank you too.
Mosaic Singers in Concert - Detroit Donna Frentrup, %22 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%nd 16JanGMT+0000 Sunday, Feb. 1st at 4 pm, the award-winning Mosaic Singers will present an afternoon of diverse choral music. The young and energetic Singers, just back from an international tour, won a gold medal and two silver medals at the 2014 World Choir Games in Latvia.
Tickets are $15 general admission, or $100 for a church choir group, and can be purchased at
The concert will be held at the historic Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 9844 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202. Doors open 45 minutes before the concert. Free, secure parking is adjacent to the Cathedral
New Spectacle for Orchestra and choirs Juan Carlos Casimiro, %22 %b %2015 %10:%Jan:%nd 10JanGMT+0000"Asturias, Sinfonía Natural" has been premiered on 9th august 2014 in Laboral Theatre, Gijón, Spain. This video resumes the most important moments of the premiere.
Composer: Juan Carlos Casimiro
Fresh Ayres concert (music by Paul Ayres) London UK Paul Ayres, %22 %b %2015 %10:%Jan:%nd 10JanGMT+0000"Fresh Ayres"
Saturday 24 January 2015
St Barnabas Church Pitshanger Lane, Ealing W5 (London UK)
admission free – suggested donation GBP10 in aid of Samaritans
Fenella Humphreys, violin
William Petter, tenor
William Vann, piano
Queldryk Choral Ensemble
& London College of Music Chamber Choir
Join the Queldryk Choral Ensemble and London College of Music Chamber Choir, with three world-class guest professional musicians, for an evening of music by award-winning composer and arranger Paul Ayres.
William Petter (tenor) and William Vann (piano) will give the world premiere of The Light Walking, a song-cycle setting three poems on the subject of childhood: 'The Salutation' by Thomas Traherne, 'Light Gatherer' by Carol Ann Duffy, and 'Walking Away' by Cecil Day-Lewis. Fenella Humphreys (violin) will perform Ayres's early work Sonatina.
A female-voice ensemble (members of LCM and QCE) gives the London premieres of Look well to this Day and Nick a ting Nock a ting (works recently awarded prizes in composition competitions in Croatia and Russia respectively), and lightens the mood with arrangements of Diamonds are Forever and Stronger.
The full choirs will showcase of selection of Paul's work as an arranger of all kinds of musical material from folksongs (Suo Gan, Wisla) and spirituals (Deep River, Wayfaring Stranger) to pop (One Day Like This).
And, as if that were not enough, all the artists will perform movements from Messyah, Paul's ongoing, and nearly complete, project to re-write Handel's Messiah. Prepare for versions of And the Glory of the Lord, Hallelujah, He shall feed His flock and Thou art gone up on high, as you've never heard them before! Unless perhaps you happened to catch the US performance a few years ago, of which The San Francisco Examiner wrote: "Messyah may have smashed one of the most popular icons of the Christmas season, but it is hard to accuse Ayres of malice. He picked up all the pieces and reassembled them, always lovingly, often imaginatively, and occasionally hysterically comically... when Ayres cuts loose with his few pop settings with jazz combo accompaniment, the joyousness of the result is as true to the religious spirit as was the original setting."
tickets are not sold in advance
seating is unreserved
doors open at 6.40pm
admission is free, with a suggested donation of GBP10
location: St Barnabas Church, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 1QG
more information at

thanks to the generosity of a private sponsor, the church hire charge and the professional musicians' fees have been covered – this means that 100% of the money collected on the door will go to Samaritans
all information correct at time of going to press, but may be subject to alteration
the concert will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube – if you cannot attend, but would like to be informed of where to hear and see the music online, please send an email to (remove both number 5s from this email address!)
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Music in the Public Domain" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %21:%Oct:%st 21OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Of the thousands of multi-movement or extended choral masterworks that are appropriate for ensembles at the high school or collegiate level, only a handful are regularly performed. Of these, virtually all represent Western European schools. This session will explore valuable yet under-performed programming choices that utilize creative instrumentation pairings apart from the traditional string orchestra. An array of world regions, styles, and voicings will be featured along with lesser-known works from composers of the established canon and trustworthy editions from the public domain.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Vocal Jazz Rehearsals" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
This fun and informative session is for musicians of all levels and experience and highlights the essential elements of the vocal jazz idiom and how best to prepare for successful and efficient rehearsals and performances. Specific topics will include swing, Latin, ballad, score study, improvisation, basic theory, and special effects. The session will also include reading vocal jazz arrangements courtesy of Hal Leonard Publications.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
CJ Replay: How Little Has Changed Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Dec:%th 18DecGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “Quality in Choral Groups” by Harry Robert Wilson)
       Perhaps it is time that we choral conductors re-examine and re-assess our purposes and objectives.  Have our choral groups gradually become organizations devoted to entertainment of both singers and listeners? Has the emphasis unconsciously been placed upon the social values inherent in the term “glee club” to the neglect of the musical?  Have our choirs been deliberately used as media for public displays and community relations rather than the vehicle of aesthetic experience with they should be?
       Choral conductors must never cease in their study to improve themselves.  Complacent choral conductors mean complacent choirs.  We have a mission.  The cultural taste of the young people in this country is, partly at least, in our hands.
(NOTE: Though the sentiment of this commentary sounds quite current, it was published in the January 1962 Choral Journal)
READ the entire article.
Building Skills 11 Richard Sparks, %20 %b %2015 %03:%Jan:%th 3JanGMT+0000 from Daniel Coyle: Tip #14 "Break Every Move Down into Chunks."
This is something that most conductors know how to do, whether or not they know this terminology.
As Coyle says, "From the time we're small, we hear this good advice from our parents and teachers: Take it a little bit at a time. This advice works because it accurately reflects the way our brains learn. Every skill is built out of smaller pieces, what scientists call chunks."
His advice in terms of skills is to, "first engrave the blueprint of the skill on your mind." (see the post on Tip #2) "Then ask yourself:
  1. What is the smallest single element of this skill that I can master?
  2. What other chunks link to that chunk?
"Practice one chunk by itself until you've mastered it—then connect more chunks, one by one, exactly as you would combine letters to form a word. Then combine those chunks into still bigger chunks. And so on."
This is, of course, what we do when we rehearse. But I would also stress rehearsing the transitions from one chunk into another. That way you don't have chunks the choir can do easily, but can't string together. It doesn't take much time. Practicing one section or one phrase, just make the transition into the next one and then go back to practice again.
I remember that Lloyd Pfautsch, in his chapter on rehearsing in the Decker and Herford's Choral Conducting—A Symposium, suggests ranking the sections of a larger work by difficulty, then learning the toughest portions first to make sure they get more rehearsal time, rather than mindlessly starting at the beginning and working your way through in order. So, if there are 10 sections of a work and numbers 3, 6, and 9 are the most difficult, you'd begin by working on them, then gradually work on the others, connecting as you learn adjacent sections. Seems like common sense, but it's really a brilliant statement about how to approach larger pieces (this doesn't only mean major works, but any work which is multi-sectional).
Of course, you can also do that with your whole program, even if it's all shorter pieces: rank them in terms of which ones will take the most rehearsal time and plan accordingly. This is probably what most conductors do, but somehow in rehearsing larger works it can be forgotten.
Skills, not just rehearsals can (and should) be taught in this way, too. This analogy comes from a short article on coaching Lacrosse: "Think about how small children become mobile. First they crawl, then they learn to stand and eventually they take those first steps. Once they have mastered walking, the pace increases and they’re off and running."
In teaching young singers to sing properly you have to start with fundamental skills and master them (which also means constant reinforcement): first posture, then breath, then learning to use the breath to phonate, etc. Steps are taken gradually to build up the skill of making a good vocal (and choral) sound.
Look to see if some of the things you're trying to teach your choir have been broken down into small enough chunks for the choir to learn them properly. It's the way skills (and music) are built, from the ground up, one chunk at a time.
2015 Symposium on American Choral Music Scott Dorsey, %09 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%th 22JanGMT+0000 ]]>Continuing Education Credit Available at National Conference Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%th 16JanGMT+0000 members of ACDA attending the 2015 National Conference in Salt Lake City will have two options for continuing education:  Graduate Credit and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Both are conferred jointly by ACDA and the University of Central Oklahoma.

CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS (CEUs) are available to members at no cost.  The CEU Form is available online and will also be published in the conference program book.

GRADUATE CREDIT is available for one or two credits.  There is a tuition fee involved and application must be completed by JANUARY 30, 2015. ]]>
Church Music Director Needed Mary Honegger, %22 %b %2015 %03:%Jan:%nd 3JanGMT+0000 passionate person to lead the  Choir and coordinate music for Sunday services at our small Unitarian Universalist church in Grayslake, IL. 



Choose appropriate hymns/music to go with the themes of our services


Work with the worship committee and/or guest speaker for the week to choose music that is complementary to the sermon.


Direct a choir to sing approximately twice a month at services approximately 9 months out of the year.

               Run weekly choir rehearsals

               Choose music for the choir to sing


Coordinate music for special services, i.e. Christmas Eve, Music Sunday


Optional: Children’s Choir (possibly one service per month will be intergenerational/interactive


For more information or to submit your resume, contact us at :

Volunteers: Lyric Soprano & Mezzo for Palmer Singers Edward Palmer, %22 %b %2015 %03:%Jan:%nd 3JanGMT+0000 21, 3015
Wellington, near West Palm Beach FL
The new Palmer Singers at Wellington invite experienced soprano and mezzo sop./alto ladies to enjoy this new exciting ensemble. Monday evenings at 7, in Wellington, this SATB group works under the professional guidance of Dr. Edward Palmer, former member of the famed (professional) Robert Shaw Chorale.                   Details? Call EP at 561 659 3641. 
Hear EP sing on YouYube. Tag:   Malotte Lord's Prayer, Palmer
Simple Theme Song (SATB) to be repeated at every concert Eugenia Yau, %22 %b %2015 %00:%Jan:%nd 0JanGMT+0000 all, 
I am in the midst of finding an ideal song or two which can be repeated at every concert.  This has to be something simple/beautiful/short (SATB) that choir members will not be bored to sing it again and again in many years to come. Songs about life, music and people will be great. Non religious preferred. Any suggestions out there? 
Thanks from Eugenia Yau
Music Director (Part-time) Stanley Husted, %22 %b %2015 %01:%Jan:%nd 1JanGMT+0000
John Knox Presbyterian Church (925) 828-1846
Music Director Responsibilities:  Supervise the music program (chancel choir, praise team, bell choir, and organist)
Teach program participation techniques of musical performance & its significance as an adjunct of worshipCultivate a diverse language of worship music
Qualifications include:  Committed Christian, able to read music, care out duties in a caring & sensitive manner, adequate knowledge, training & experience in worship music and how it is integrated into life of congregation, ability to work with persons of varied ages & abililities, must pass criminal & sexual misconduct backgroud checks.
Compensation:  $10,400 per year based on average of 10 hours per week
Volunteer: High Tenor for a fine male octet. Edward Palmer, %22 %b %2015 %00:%Jan:%nd 0JanGMT+0000 21, 2015
Palm Beach County, Florida Area
Edward Palmer, formerly of the professional Robert Shaw Chorale, 
has launched ensembles in Wellington. A HIGH TENOR will complete
a fine Male Octet. Palmer will also direct the SATB chorus known as
the Palmer Singers at Wellington. Full info: 561 659 3641
SSA arrangement of Grieg's On the Water (out of print) John Newell, %21 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%st 22JanGMT+0000 On the Water (Mens jeg venter)
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Lawson-Gould
Starting: February 1
For: Until May 17
Copies: 20
Willing to rent: Yes
Does anyone have the out-of-print Lawson-Gould arrangement of this work (in English)? Can't find it anywhere. It is for the May 17 concert of Quoddy Voices, a community chorus in Eastport, Maine. Any thoughts? The original song by Edvard Grieg is extremely charming. We are willing to borrow or rent. You may respond on the forum or email me directly at
John Newell
Middle School Choir Jeri Haskins, %21 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%st 21JanGMT+0000 school choir position open for next fall at Oregon Episcopal School. We are a Pre-K - 12 independent school (not parochial) in SW Portland. See the job posting and find out more about this amazing place at  The job closes February 6th.  Contact Nancy Teskey, Music Department Chair with questions:  For the complete job listing see: ]]>Henry Leck’s 2016 Festival Riviera price drops as USD appreciates Michael Clohesy, %21 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%st 22JanGMT+0000

KIconcerts: Festival Riviera - France 2016 Choir Festival with Henry Leck

I’d be pleased to meet folk at ACDA who might be considering joining our festival in Nice on the Riviera in June 2016.

I know that our friends from KIconcerts will be announcing price reductions of up to $200 in the festival pricing at ACDA as they pass on the benefits of the recently appreciating US dollar.

You can make a time to meet with me at KIconcerts’ booth 1001 or by reply email. You would also be welcome as our guest at a dinner I am co-hosting with colleagues and KI on Friday 27 February at 6pm to discuss the festival.

I am looking forward to seeing those of you able to be in Salt Lake City for this year’s ACDA conference.


Henry Leck

Festival details | Contact KIconcerts | Facebook




Looking for Instrumental Pak parts Jeff Girard, %21 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%st 19JanGMT+0000 If I Were a Bell - Instrumental Pak parts
Composer/Arranger/Edition: arr. Mark Brymer
Starting: ASAP
For: 2 months
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
The instrumental pak parts for the Mark Brymer setting of "If I Were a Bell" (Hal Leonard, 08621141) have gone out of print, though the octavo is still available. Does anybody out there have the instrumental score and/or parts that I could use? Thank you all very much.


See-A-Dot Music Publishing is seeking 12 professional choral singers (3 of each voice type) for its 2015 Catalog Release Concert!

The ensemble will perform some of the best contemporary choral pieces from our recent catalog of work. The rehearsals and performance will be held in Manhattan and led by director Fahad Siadat.

Auditions will be on Sunday February 22 from 3-6pm. The audition will consist of a sight-reading exercise and a prepared excerpt from one piece from the 2015 Catalog.


Friday 4/10 – 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 4/11 – 4pm to 7pm

Sunday 4/12 – 3pm to 6pm

Friday 4/17 – 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 4/18 – 10am to 1pm

Sunday 4/19 – Concert at 3pm – call time 2pm (Judson Memorial Hall)

Please, send your Artistic Resume, head-shot, and a recording to Bill Heigen –

Compensation: $150.00 ($25.00 per service).

More about the company:

Modern Show Stoppers (SSATB Preferable) Suzanne Kraai, %21 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%st 16JanGMT+0000'm looking for modern "show stopping" numbers... 
Past great successes included: "One Day More", "Somebody to Love", and "Thy Will be Done" 
Any suggestions out there?! 
Need copies of Weep, O Willow Kathleen Vogt, %21 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%st 17JanGMT+0000 Weep, O Willow (SSAATTBB) a cappella
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Sven Lekberg
Starting: Immediately
For: Until May 10, 2015
Copies: 80
Willing to rent: Yes
Haywood Community Chorus in Waynesville, NC, needs to borrow/rent/purchase 80 copies of Lekberg's "Weep, O Willow" (SSAATTBB, a cappella).  Alfred Publishing has only 14 in stock and does not know when or if they will get more.  Any help finding copies is appreciated.  Kathleen Vogt, Music Librarian.
Seeking Male Singers for NYC Based Choral Group Urban Kantorei Andrea Macy, %21 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%st 16JanGMT+0000 

Urban Kantorei is looking for male singers. Come to our next rehearsal to learn more!

All rehearsals will take place at Metro Baptist Church (410 W 40th St. and Ninth Ave) on Tuesday evenings at 7pm

If you would like to attend the next rehearsal, e-mail with your voice part and contact information.

Urban Kantorei is a mixed-voice choral ensemble of 36 voices whose membership ranges in age from 20 to 40. The ensemble is committed first and foremost to an uncompromisingly high artistic standard. Repertoire is mostly unaccompanied and the ensemble embraces a vast array of music from multiple periods and styles. Urban Kantorei is also committed to service-related activities and intentional social opportunities for its membership. The conductor is Dr. James M. Meaders. 
Golden Callings by Carson Cooman - See-A-Dot Music Publishing Fahad Siadat, %21 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%st 17JanGMT+0000 it’s opening chant like section to energetic ending, Golden Callings is an evocative setting of a beautiful text. The whole piece feels like a narrative told from a masterful storyteller. Great for a collegiate chamber women’s ensemble or professional group.
O Vos Omnes | Connor Koppin | MusicSpoke Aliana Kae, %21 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%st 16JanGMT+0000 unaccompanied setting for SATB choirs of a classic passage from the Book of Lamentations, Connor Koppin's O Vos Omnes is a non-traditional interpretation, as it is a prayerful setting. This setting puts all faith in the Lord and asks for divine intervention in the speaker's life. While dissonance is present in this setting, it is not used in ways that will disturb the listener. 
Read the full review here on MusicSpoke, on a piece which shows a "lush sensitivity to color" by a young composer, who demonstrates "real emotional depth and pacing in his writing."
Hear it, see it, buy Connor Koppin's O Vos Omnes on MusicSpoke here today!
Yale International Choral Festival T. Sean Maher, %21 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%st 15JanGMT+0000 International Choral Festival
June 16-20, 2015
Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
Featuring Voces Nordicae (Sweden), Entrevoces (Cuba), Jerusalem Youth Choir (Israel), the National University of Singapore Choir, the Yale Alumni Chorus, and the Yale Choral Artists, along with the symposium Choirs Transforming Lives (June 16), organized in association with IFCM and ACDA, and Conducting 21C, organized in association with the Eric Ericson International Choral Centre ]]>
A High, Lonesome Bluegrass Mass Andrea Macy, %21 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%st 15JanGMT+0000
Come Away to the Skies: A High, Lonesome Mass is a choral setting of the traditional Mass, using early American hymn tunes and bluegrass instruments. The performance is suitable for all ages and families. Featuring The Chuck Nation Bluegrass Band.
Friday, May 22, 2015  at 7:00 PM
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall
Tickets $20-$100
Call CarnegieCharge at 212.247.7800 or Visit
Box Office: 57th Street and Seventh Avenue
Looking for Class A SAB Music Geneva Whitmire, %21 %b %2015 %14:%Jan:%st 14JanGMT+0000 I am a choral director in Wisconsin, and am in need of song suggestions. I have a trio - SAB (or SAT), who want to do a piece for Solo & Ensemble Contest. They are high school students, and wish to do a Class A piece, but I am having trouble finding one. I have to submit it for permission in order for them to get it approved for Class A. I found a great piece, but it divides into 4 or 5 parts in a few measures, and they will not approve it.
Anyone with suggestions of piece that I can perhaps look at online (I need to see the entire piece if possible). I will purchase it but need to have this done this week if possible.
Sorry for the last minute stuff, but I just thought of posting here. You are all a wealth of information, so please help!
Thanks.  Geneva
Call for Singers (and lovers of the Irish!): Music on the Hill Festival Chorus Carol Bogard, %21 %b %2015 %06:%Jan:%st 6JanGMT+0000 on the Hill invites singers to join the Festival Chorus for a March concert of Celtic music in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Artistic Director Ellen Dickinson will conduct.  Rehearsals are Tuesdays, Feb. 3 - March 10, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the WEPCO church complex in Wilton (CT), 48 New Canaan Road.  Performance on Sunday, March 15, at 3:00 p.m., also at WEPCO.  No auditions; advance registration required.  E-mail or phone (203) 536-2601.  New singers welcome! ]]>Sessions in Salt Lake: "Teaching Musicianship" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %21:%Oct:%st 21OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
MUSIANSHIP THROUGH REPERTOIRE (Elizabeth McKinney & Francisco J. Nuñez, clinicians)
Take an in-depth look at how Francisco J. Nuñez inspires and equips independent musicians in the Young People’s Chorus of New York City. This session will address sustaining interest and enhancing music reading skills through repertoire for elementary, middle school, and high school choirs. Participants will explore compositions that support music-making and foster strong vocal technique no matter the age or ability level.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Vocal Registrations" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
This session will provide conductors a research-based and practical discussion of vocal registers through the perspective of youth singing. The first half of the session will use video, illustration, musical examples, and vocal exercises to clarify the anatomical events of vocal registration. The second half will address the social contexts and meanings of register singing and their relevance to the conductor and singer. Recommendations and exercises for rehearsal, performance, repertoire, and lifelong singing will be offered. This session will be useful for anyone who would like a clearer understanding of vocal registration and its application, including conductors of adult singers.
LEARN MORE about the 2015 ACDA National Conference and REGISTER today.
Meet the ICEP Conductors: Steel & Marmen Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000
Here are two of the choral conductors who have been selected to participate in the 2015 ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP).
If you are interested in learning more about the International Conductors Exchange Program or how to become involved with the conductor exchange in 2015, please contact your ICEP division liaison. Please consider joining our ICEP Group on Facebook or the ICEP Choralnet Community for the latest news and information about the upcoming exchange with South America in 2016 and South Korea in 2017.
Name That Choir Tune (No. 20) Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000
Conductors Chosen for Great Conductors on Great Music Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000
One of the many unique offerings of the 2015 ACDA national conference will be masterclasses led by Helmuth Rilling, John Nelson, and Simon Halsey.  Conductors for these masterclassees were selected through a demanding audition process.  ACDA is pleased to announce the conductors chosen to work with these three illustrious clinicians.  They are:
Rilling Masterclass (movements from Messiah – Wed., Feb. 25, 3:00-4:30)
Arianne Abela
Jonathan Rodgers
Christopher Windle
Nelson Masterclass (movements from Bach’s St. John Passion and Haydn’s The Creation – Saturday, Feb. 28, 11:00-12:30)
Katherine Chan
Ofer Dal Lal
Nathan Lofton
Halsey Masterclass (Britten Rejoice in the Lamb – Sat., Feb. 28, 1:00-2:30)
Anthony Bernarducci
Caleb Lewis
Michael Weinberg
The Salt Lake Choral Artists, Brady Allred, conductor, will be the ensemble in residence for the masterclasses, which will take place at Assembly Hall.
Piano Purchase Jennifer Gaderlund, %20 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%th 22JanGMT+0000 I am going to be purchasing a piano for my choral classroom. There are two that I am looking at. One is a traditional Yamaha Baby Grand (used). It has a lovely sound and would be a fine piano. The other one is a bit more non-traditional. It is the Yamaha AvantGrand N3 ( I am intrigued by all of the possibilites this piano offers. I have seen and heard both pianos in person, and I am pleased with the sound of both of them. They are also at comparable price points. So, I am wondering if any of you out there have a AvantGrand (or other comperable digital piano) and can speak to your experience with it, either positive or negative, or both!
Thank you!
Jennifer Gaderlund
TENOR SOLOIST Jared Stellmacher, %20 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000
Redeemer Lutheran Church in Hinsdale will be performing Theodore Dubois’ “The Seven Last Words of Christ” on Good Friday, April 3 at 7:00PM.  Dress rehearsal, Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00PM. Interested tenor soloists should email Jared Stellmacher, Director of Music, at including resume and audio clips. Pay competitive. 
Tenor needed in New Chamber Chorale in Matawan, NJ Steven Russell, %20 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000 Crossing, a new chamber chorale in Matawan, New Jersey is looking for a tenor. We are a volunteer chorus of sixteen singers. We sing a variety of styles of choral music.  ]]>Tenor Section Leader Jesse Ratcliffe, %20 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%th 19JanGMT+0000
Saint James Episcopal is a vibrant church located at 73 Culpepper Street in Historic downtown Warrenton. The services are traditional--utilizing the 1982 Hymnal supplemented with outside hymnody and standard choral literature. The 25-member choir is a warm and supportive group.
The section leader is required for each Thursday rehearsal from 7 to 8:30PM and Sunday worship services at 10:15AM (warm-up from 9:15-10). The section leader is to be prepared for each rehearsal, and on occasion lead a sectional. The responsibility for rehearsal participation weighs as much as the Sunday service. This person will serve, not as a paid soloist, but a choir member, thus have the attitude of a team member that is focused on the musical development of the group, and enhance the worship experience. The choir sings almost every Sunday, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, an occasional Evensong plus two non-liturgical choral programs. Additional opportunities may be presented for additional compensation.
Compensation is $125 per week and $50 per additional service and rehearsal.
For more information, contact or 304-575-9027.
Many thanks,
Jesse Ratcliffe, Choirmaster
Staff Accompanist Susan Tusing, %20 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%th 19JanGMT+0000
Clayton State University, located in Morrow, Georgia (15 minutes south of downtown Atlanta) is searching for a full-time Staff Accompanist.  The position will begin on August 1, 2015.  More information, including how to apply, can be found at:
Chorus Manager | Part-time Dusty Francis, %20 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%th 18JanGMT+0000
POSITION SUMMARY: The Ars Musica Chorale seeks a Chorus Manager for our highly regarded choral organization. Working closely with the Board of Directors and the Music Director, the Chorus Manager will have primary responsibility for the timely submission of an annual grant application to the County of Bergen, NJ; will act as chief archivist and have responsibility for the maintenance and updating of key databases; and will assist several board members and chairpersons in areas including fundraising, marketing and publicity, mailings, and concert plans and arrangements.
The Ars Musica Board of Directors is a working board; therefore, the Chorus Manager will not be expected to take full responsibility for marketing, publicity, concert production and fundraising, but will assist the respective board members and committee chairs in these areas. The Chorus Manager is expected to be available 8-10 hours per week, including mandatory attendance at monthly board meetings, usually on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm, and some or all Tuesday night rehearsals, during which time recurring tasks might be completed.
GENERAL ADMINISTRATION: Maintain and update membership and mailing list databases; serve as liaison to the board; answer general inquiries and correspondence; make regular trips to the organization’s mail box; oversee the calendar and assist the Board President with communications to ensure the smooth running of all calendar events and deadlines; and develop and maintain an archive of historical materials.
TICKETING: Oversee ticketing processes with the Treasurer and maintain the volunteer box office team, track all sales and income for each performance and event.
FUNDRAISING: The Chorus Manager will assemble the necessary materials and submit our annual County grant application in a timely fashion. Ideally our Chorus Manager would also seek other granting opportunities.
MARKETING: The Chorus Manager will assist the Publicity Chairperson in the implementation of the marketing strategy for the concert season (production and mailing where appropriate of brochures, postcards, e-blasts, social media, etc).
CONCERT PRODUCTION: as needed, assist the Property Coordinator with contacting venues, coordinating rehearsal times and spaces; liaise with musicians and contractors as required by the Music Director or Treasurer.
QUALIFICATIONS: Experience with arts administration and a successful track record with grant writing and/or fundraising. The candidate should be self-starting, personable, professional, articulate, and willing to work with an active, involved Board. Graphics design skills and the ability to seek out and apply for additional grant funding opportunities are bonuses we would value highly.
TO APPLY: Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to: Resumes will be accepted through February 23, 2015. No phone calls, please.
Join the Christ Church Choir for Bach Cantata BWV 131! Mark Sullivan, %20 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%th 18JanGMT+0000 Choir of Christ Episcopal Church, Guilford, CT will be presenting Bach Cantata BWV 131, "Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir" at our 10:00 am service on Sunday, Feb. 22. We would be happy to welcome extra singers for this lovely work, especially altos and tenors. Christ Church Choir rehearses each Wed. evening from 7:30 to 9:15; there will be a runthrough of the camtata with instruments and soloists on Feb. 21 fro 10-12. Contact Music Director Mark Sullivan at Or consider joining us on a regular basis! ]]>Stephen Paulus Music Celebration: Singers Needed Jennifer Anderson, %20 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%th 18JanGMT+0000 musical celebration of Stephen Paulus is being held at Central Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday, March 22.  Musicians include soprano Maria Jette, pianist Stephen Swanson, organist/cellist Joseph Trucano, and vocalists Shanta Hejmadi, Emily Greenleaf, Bill Haugen, and David Winkworth.  
A mass choir will be singing Paulus’s “Mass” as well as “The Road Home”.  The concerts are March 22 at both 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 
Rehearsal are on Wednesday nights from 7:15—9:15:
· Feb. 11
· Feb. 25
· March 4
· March 11
· March 18
· Dress:  Saturday, March 21 from 9  - 11 a.m.
Performances on Sunday, March 22 at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Singers need to attend at least 4 of the rehearsals.  Professional childcare for rehearsals and performances is provided! Free parking.  
This is a very special opportunity to sing wonderful repertoire alongside fantastic musicians, including Maria Jette! 
Please contact Jennifer Anderson, Director of Music, to reserve your place in the choir!  RSVP by Feb. 1. 
Sacred German Music for Double Choir George Imirzian, %20 %b %2015 %18:%Jan:%th 18JanGMT+0000 conclude our season, we offer a program of sacred music from Germany, all for double choir. The Cecilia chorus will be joined by continuo instrumentalists and soloists, and the unaccompanied choral works will be interspersed with music for cello and piano. Beginning with J.S. Bach's monumental motet, 'Singet dem Herrn', and ending with the four sublime double choruses by Schumann, this concert provides a panorama of German choral music from the 16th to the 19th century, including works by Schütz, Hassler, Brahms, and Mendelssohn. Conducted by Nicholas White.
At All Saints Parish, Brookline.  Tickets $15-$62 (student/senior discount available). 617-232-4540 or ]]>
Looking for performance venue in Baltimore/DC area Patricia Guth, %20 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%th 17JanGMT+0000'm bringing about half of my 88-voice women's choir on a mini-tour from suburban Philadelphia down to Virginia Beach. We already have a concert venue in VA Beach but I am looking for something in the Baltimore/DC area for our first night or second afternoon - Friday, May 29 or Saturday, May 30. Any suggestions? A spot with a piano would be preferred. Thanks for any help you can provide! ]]>Grant Us Peace Andrea Macy, %20 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%th 17JanGMT+0000
A springtime offering of uplifting works, DCINY presents one of the most popular settings of the mass with Mozart’s K317 Mass in C Major conducted by DCINY Debut Conductor Catherine Sailer. The inspiring and enchanting Dona Nobis Pacem by Ralph Vaughan Williams is conducted by DCINY Debut Conductor Trey Jacobs.
Sunday, April 12 at 8:30 pm
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall
Tickets $20-$100
Call CarnegieCharge at 212.247.7800 or Visit
Box Office: 57th Street and Seventh Avenue
PROJECT : ENCORE™ Latest Additions Announced Darlene Wyzga, %20 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%th 17JanGMT+0000
PROJECT : ENCORE™ of Schola Cantorum on Hudson, a bridge between conductors and new, post-premiere choral compositions and their composers, is proud to announce this quarter’s acceptance of--
Signifying Nothing by Karen Siegel
A Dream Within A Dream by Michal Ziolkowski
into its keyword searchable database of new post-premiere choral compositions vetted by an international panel of prominent conductors.  Congratulations, all!
CONDUCTORS are urged to sign up to receive the quarterly publication, Sing It Again!, for regular updates on new repertoire!
COMPOSERS are urged to submit compositions that have been premiered, but have not been extensively performed beyond the premiere--as frequently as one per quarter--for review and possible upload into the prestigious PROJECT : ENCORE™ database.
A Concert Performance - Ellingboe's 'Requiem' w/ the Cathedral Festival Chorus Christine Papania, %20 %b %2015 %17:%Jan:%th 17JanGMT+0000 Concert Productions presents Bradley Ellingboe's magnificent Requiem with the Cathedral Festival Chorus, members of a professional local orchestra and soloists, under the direction of the composer himself on Monday, February 23, 2015 at 7:00pm at the historic St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.
Ellingboe's breathtaking Requiem has been conducted more than 200 times and first received its world premiere in 2010 at legendary Carnegie Hall. Ellingboe draws from the traditional Latin Mass text with additional poems by John Donne and George Herbert in Requiem.
Please note that this concert will not be ticketed. Free-will donations are encouraged. Seating is General Admission. To RSVP to this concert, click here.
Don't miss Ellingboe's Requiem at St. Louis Cathedral, one of New Orleans' most notable landmarks! 
For additional information: or call (877) (212) 279-1147.
Bradley Ellingboe's Requiem with the Cathedral Festival Chorus
Monday, February 23 at 7:00pm
St. Louis Cathedral
615 Pere Antoine Alley
New Orleans, LA 70116
Grants for Building Projects Christina Lamb, %20 %b %2015 %15:%Jan:%th 15JanGMT+0000, all.
I am not sure what forum heading this would belong to, but I am in need of some direction on where to find grant opportunities for building a new building or reconstructing an existing building for a performance venue.  My community choir is one of three community performing groups, and we have no public venue that is large enough or adequate for our performance needs.  We have a couple of churches in our area that we can use, but by performing in churches, our audiences often see us as being somehow attached to that church.  I would like to get the ball rolling on finding some grants to help us reach our goal, but I am not sure how to even begin.  If anyone out there has some helpful suggestions, please let me know.
Thank you so much!
Chris Lamb
Artistic Director, Greenfield Community Choir
Job posting in the next few days Bette Weir, %20 %b %2015 %16:%Jan:%th 16JanGMT+0000 from previous posting.  This job will be posted on the website in the next few days - NOT March.
Full time High School Choral position at Prairie View High School, Henderson, CO  (metro Denver area located near the airport).  Established program, 4 choirs, 150 singers, 2 piano classes, active booster club, supportive administration.  Applications at  See previous posting for more links.
questions?  contact Bette Weir at
10 Dutch folksongs Now available in English. Jetse Bremer, %20 %b %2015 %13:%Jan:%th 13JanGMT+0000 well-know Dutch folksongs arrangements now are availble in English.
Please take a look at my website, take a look at the sheet music and listen
to the Netherlands Chamber Choir.
The voicings can be adapted to your wishes
Jetse Bremer
Title Voicing Level Listen
Sheet music
Ain boer wol noar zien noaber*
A farmer wished to visit his neighbour
SATB 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Daar was een sneeuwwit vogeltje*
A little bird white as snow
SATdiv.B 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Daar was laatst een meisje loos
There was once a crafty maid
SATBdiv 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
De boer had maar enen schoen*
The farmer had just one shoe
SATB 2 mp3

Sheet music

Sheet music

Dientje Dientje*
Deanie Deanie
SATB 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Komt vrienden in het ronden*
Come friends and gather round!
SATB 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Plompaard en zijn wuvetje*
Bumpkin and his little wife
SATB 1 mp3

Sheet music

Sheet music

Schoon jonkvrouw ik moet u klagen*
Fairest maid I must complain
SATB 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Wij zijn al bijeen
We are gathered all
SATB 1 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music

Wij zijn gebroeders*

We all are brothers
Drinking song

TTBB 2 mp3 Sheet music
Sheet music
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Methods of Teaching" Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %15:%Oct:%nd 15OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
Each one of us has a favorite method of teaching, but an outstanding teacher employs all three of the most commonly used methods. This session will present suggestions for student involvement, and presentation of an additional method will be discussed in detail.
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GUEST BLOG: “Publishers, Composers, Conductors (Part 3)” by Jameson Marvin Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %18:%Dec:%th 18DecGMT+0000
How do we get to the point of making this decision? There are many overlapping answers, but I think for choral directors it is because we try to figure out how the music is related to the text. I try to understand why the composer wrote what she/he wrote! When I look at a score in any depth, I am especially intrigued by trying to understand the gesture hidden behind, implied by, the symbolic notation of it! – I find that this search often leads me towards answering the Question “why do I want to perform this piece”. It is because, I have come to understand the answer to the “other question”: why the composer wrote what she or he wrote.
And THAT revelation I find to be incredibly compelling – because I want to share it! I want to tell my students about it, and I imagine myself doing just that as I sit at the piano trying to gain more and more insight. In rehearsals I often say to the singers – “the composer didn’t have to do that” – and as we discover together “why” he or she did that, their excitement is palpable, their enthusiasm grows – they understand it; they get it! And this knowledge may inspire them.
For conductors, acquiring this “inspired revelation” is a complex process. In other words, realizing the symbolic notation, in sound, requires the mind’s ear, the conceptualization of all the information that the symbols reveal, and of all that they imply. Bringing this composite picture to aural life requires imagination. Score study is the catalyst that fires the imagination. Score study spawns the mental-aural image, and this insight acts as a powerful energizer in rehearsal for us to motivate singers towards achieving our conception of the composer’s intentions.
The kernel of inspiration for the composer is drawn from the text. Our job is to analyze how the composition illuminates the text by what he/she writes, from the total design to the details that order its architecture: the harmony, melody, rhythm, and texture (and instrumentation in concerted works). This study reinforces and clarifies our mind’s ear of the composer’s expressive vocabulary: tempo and tempo change, dynamics, phrasing, articulation, and rubato (written down and implied).
We bring these insights to rehearsal. In rehearsal our object is to develop ensemble – a unified sound continuum that project our mental-aural image of the composer’s intentions. Achieving ensemble is challenging. It is made possible through unifying pitch, duration, timbre, and intensity – get it in tune, get it in balance, get it together, and match the vowels - placing a foundation to project the full arsenal of expression signaled by the composer.
So, in sum -- all these structural, stylistic, and expressive elements will relate in some way or another to text meaning and affect or emotion. Does the composition reflect the text broadly or in detail? Does the composer try to illuminate the meaning of a word, or the mood of a verse, or a single line of text, or by reflecting a change in mood -- a passing emotion, or simply by providing a general mood for the entire composition.
NEXT WEEK, we will consider music’s divine ability to inspire.
READ Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.
Sessions in Salt Lake: "Gospel Music" Scott Dorsey, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Oct:%st 20OctGMT+0000
The 2015 ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will feature the interest session:
The African American gospel tradition has become a regular part of choral programs in school, church, community, and professional choruses across the world. As gospel-style selections become increasingly popular within the choral landscape, choral conductors with limited experience and training in this style are seeking technical tools that will allow their choruses to perform with stylistic accuracy and artistic integrity. This interactive session will present specific strategies for teaching and performing stylistic elements that characterize the African American gospel genre.
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Stick Time: Hogwood on Performance Editions Scott Dorsey, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Dec:%th 20DecGMT+0000 is a surprising commentary from famed conductor and scholar Christopher Hogwood. In this excerpt, he suggests that detailed critical performance editions are not necessarily useful to the active choral conductor.
Songs of Spring: "This Have I Done for My True Love" David Almond, %20 %b %2015 %04:%Jan:%th 4JanGMT+0000
Kearsarge Chorale
at Colby-Sawyer College
Songs of Spring – “This Have I Done for My True Love”
Sunday 26 April 2015 at 3 in the afternoon
Sawyer Fine Arts Center
Colby-Sawyer College
New London, New Hampshire
Magnificat – Ralph Vaughan Williams
Paula Rockwell, mezzo soprano
Nicole Densmore, flute
Three Choruses from The Seasons: Spring – Franz Joseph Haydn
Liebeslieder Waltzes – Johannes Brahms
Three Marian Antiphons – David L. Almond
 “This Have I Done for My True Love” – Gustav Holst
“Ave Maria” – Josquin Des Prez
Easter Hymn (Cavalleria Rusticana) –Pietro Mascagni
David L. Almond, Artistic Director
Joe Henderson, Collaborative Pianist
Simeon Morrow, associate pianist
Part Time Music Director, South Lyon, Michigan Mike Horlocker, %20 %b %2015 %01:%Jan:%th 1JanGMT+0000
First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of South Lyon
Director of Music
Accountable to:         Session through the Administrative Committee
                                    Supervision by the Pastor/Head of Staff
Hours per Week:       Fifteen (15) hours per week yearly average under salary
                                    3 Sundays vacation
Overall Function:      Develop a meaningful musical program to enhance the spiritual substance and atmosphere of all worship services.
  1. Direct and rehearse the Chancel and Bell Choirs. (Normally, choirs do not perform between mid-June and Labor Day.)
  2. Responsible for providing and playing music for every Sunday worship service, special worship services, and special choir performances (Cantatas, Musicals, Tenebrae Service, etc.). Sunday music includes but is not limited to Prelude, Introit, Anthem, Offertory, Benediction, and Postlude. Weddings and funerals are also included in responsibilities.
  3. Approve all special music (accompany if necessary).
  4. Overall responsibility for children’s music programs.
  5. Order, maintain, and organize all music as necessary.
  6. Participate, as required, in community ecumenical services.
  7. Attend staff meetings.
  8. Be responsible for maintenance of all musical instruments.
  9. Be responsible for the care and maintenance of the sound system and all microphones, music stands, monitors, and any other accessory equipment.
  10. With the pastor, staff the monthly Worship and Music committee meetings.
  11. Schedule substitute Organist/Accompanist when needed.
  12. All vacations should be scheduled between mid-June and Labor Day, unless approved by Pastor/Head of Staff.
Send resume to: First Presbyterian Church of South Lyon, 205 E. Lake St., MI 48178 
or send via email to:
question about note in Martin's Mass for Double Choir Cliff Ganus, %19 %b %2015 %23:%Jan:%th 23JanGMT+0000 Frank Martin's Mass for Double Choir, Agnus Dei movement, the two Bärenreiter editions show a discrepency on the first chorus note in the third measure, in the unison statement of Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mun-di.  Publication #5419 shows a C-natural.  Publication #7594 (2014) shows a C-sharp on that note.  Has anybody investigated? ]]>Where do you buy your choral and organ music? Estelle Cole, %19 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%th 22JanGMT+0000 am curious what websites and publishers you use to buy choral and organ music...
What do you search for and what do you find the most user friendly?
Any comments or thoughts are very helpful for a research project I am doing.
choral music for secular candlelight service Brenda Durden, %19 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000,
I am in charge of picking two choir anthems for a service in remembrance of the students that were killed at a high school in Marysville. The service is at the school and an Episcopal Priest is in charge. Different religions will be represented. I was told to not have a Christian theme to the music. Any ideas. 
Brenda Durden
Sing with The Stamford Chorale Carol Bakinowski, %19 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000

The Stamford Chorale invites new members in all voice ranges to the first rehearsal of the spring season on Tuesday, Jan. 20, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Atria, 77 Third St., Stamford. Open rehearsals continue until mid-February. An audition is not required.

The group’s concert in May will be “The American Folk Song - Musical Gems of Our Country.”

For more information, call 203 359-0659 or email


Music Director and Conductor, UMS Choral Union Liz Stover Rosenthal, %19 %b %2015 %21:%Jan:%th 21JanGMT+0000
UMS (University Musical Society) of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Job Title: Music Director and Conductor, UMS Choral Union
Posted: January 19, 2015
End Date: February 13, 2015
Formed by a group of local university and townspeople who gathered together for the study of Handel’s Messiah, the UMS Choral Union has performed with many of the world’s distinguished orchestras and conductors in its 136-year history. Since its first performance of Handel’s Messiah in December 1879, the oratorio has been performed by the UMS Choral Union in Ann Arbor annually. Based in Ann Arbor under the aegis of UMS (University Musical Society), the 175-voice Choral Union is known for its definitive performances of large-scale works for chorus and orchestra. The UMS Choral Union is a community-oriented volunteer chorus open to adults and students by audition.
Job Duties
-Conduct the chorus in weekly rehearsals (Monday evenings, 7-9:30pm)
-Conduct annual performances of Handel’s Messiah with orchestra (traditionally scheduled the week/end following Thanksgiving)
-Prepare chorus for periodic appearances with major orchestras in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and throughout the southeast Michigan region (as scheduled)
-Coordinate and conduct Summer Sings, a participatory program where community members gather to sing through a major work with piano, soloists, and guest conductors (three Mondays in the summer)
-Serve as public face and spokesperson of the UMS Choral Union
-Lead and/or participate in a limited number of strategic arts initiatives for UMS including education, community engagement, development, and marketing activities
-Work with UMS programming staff on casting and future planning for UMS Choral Union activities
-Contribute to larger strategic planning initiative for the UMS Choral Union
-Run auditions for new and returning members
-Supervise Chorus Manager and Chorus Librarian
-Established reputation as a conductor and music director
-Ability to attract capable singers
-Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate choristers
-Master’s degree or equivalent professional experience required
Commensurate with experience. This is a part-time position, equal to approximately 25-35% of a full-time portfolio of work.
To Apply
Please submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae/resume, links to online video recordings of conducting (face to camera, preferably including a rehearsal situation), and a list of five references with contact information via email to:  Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to also include links and media samples of pre-concert lectures, community engagement and arts participation initiatives, and/or online arts initiatives and arts blogs.
Applications should be submitted by February 13 to ensure full consideration.  Final candidates will be invited to campus for an interview and audition on March 30 or April 13, 2015.
About the UMS Choral Union
Based in Ann Arbor under the aegis of UMS, the 175-voice Choral Union is known for its definitive performances of large-scale works for chorus and orchestra. The UMS Choral Union further enriched that tradition when it began appearing regularly with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) nearly 20 years ago.
The UMS Choral Union was a participant chorus in a rare performance and recording of William Bolcom’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience in Hill Auditorium in April 2004 under the baton of Leonard Slatkin. Naxos released a three-disc set of this recording in October 2004, featuring the UMS Choral Union and U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance ensembles. The recording won four Grammy Awards in 2006, including “Best Choral Performance” and “Best Classical Album.” The recording was also selected as one of The New York Times “Best Classical Music CDs of 2004.” The UMS Choral Union was involved in a second Naxos recording project released in 2014 when it joined forces with the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance Chamber Choir, University Choir, Orpheus Singers, and University Symphony Orchestra in a performance of the rarely-heard Oresteian Trilogy by Darius Milhaud, conducted by Kenneth Kiesler. The recording is nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Opera Recording.”
Other recent highlights of the UMS Choral Union’s schedule include a 2010 performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 (“Resurrection”) at Hill Auditorium with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas. In May 2013, a small group of chorus members joined the Detroit Symphony and Leonard Slatkin in a performance of Ives’s Symphony No. 4 as part of Carnegie Hall’s Spring for Music festival in New York.
            The UMS Choral Union’s 14-15 season began in September with a special appearance with choral forces from the University of Michigan as part of the Michigan vs. Miami of Ohio halftime show dedicated to the bicentennial of the Star-Spangled Banner. In November, the chorus performed Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas. The season continued in December with the chorus’s annual performances of Handel’s Messiah at Hill Auditorium with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. On February 14, the UMS Choral Union will perform Mendelssohn’s Elijah at Hill Auditorium with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra with Jerry Blackstone in Blackstone’s final performance as music director. In May, the chorus will return to Detroit for performances of Puccini’s Tosca with Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
About UMS
UMS grew from a group of local members of the University and townspeople in the 1870s who gathered together for the study of Handel’s Messiah. Led by Professor Henry Simmons Frieze and conducted by Professor Calvin Cady, the group assumed the name The Choral Union. Many Choral Union members were also affiliated with the University, and the University Musical Society was established soon after in 1880.
Since that first season, UMS has expanded greatly and now presents the very best from a wide spectrum of the performing arts: internationally renowned recitalists and orchestras, dance and chamber ensembles, jazz and global music performers, and contemporary stagework and classical theater. Through educational programming, the commissioning of new works, youth programs, artist residencies, and collaborative projects, UMS continues to strengthen its reputation for artistic distinction and innovation.
For more information, please visit
UMS Choral Union video links of interest: 
Handel’s Messiah Preview:
Brahms’ Requiem Preview:
Carmina Burana performance with Detroit Symphony Orchestra:
Beethoven 9 performance with Detroit Symphony Orchestra:
UMS and the University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.
College Avenue UMC seeks Praise Team Director Christopher Brush, %19 %b %2015 %20:%Jan:%th 20JanGMT+0000 Avenue United Methodist Church in Muncie, Indiana seeks a part-time Praise Team Director to lead musical aspects of our contemporary worship service.  This area of worship at CAUMC has grown in recent years, so the position has been expanded to ten to fifteen hours per week, fifty-two weeks per year.  Our  music ministry has a long-standing tradition of uplifting our congregation with excellent music that enhances worship experiences at CAUMC.  The church is two blocks south of the Ball State University campus, so there are many opportunities to engage with skilled student and adult musicians.
Muncie, Indiana is located approximately 45 miles northeast of Indianapolis.  The Ball State University School of Music is a major Midwest hub for music education and music technology.
For more information or to view the detailed position description, visit  Please submit application materials to  We are currently interviewing candidates for this position, but will accept and review applications until it has been filled.
Please contact Christopher Brush, CAUMC Director of Music, with any questions at
College Choir Seeking Church Concert Venue in NC or VA Julia B. Thorn, %19 %b %2015 %22:%Jan:%th 22JanGMT+0000 Susquehanna University Choir, a Lutheran Liberal Arts Institution is seeking concert venues between Atlanta, GA and Philadelphia, PA on Friday and Saturday March 6-7, 2015.  This is an excellent choir with a varied program of literature that would appeal to any congregation.  The church commitment would be a pre concert meal, free will offering and if possible housing for 48 wonderful students.  If housing is not possible other arrangements may be made if necessary.  Please contact Dr. Julia Thorn at at your earliest convenience. ]]>MUSICALS' CELEBRATION IN GREECE. 5th WORLD CHOIR FESTIVAL ON MUSICALS. Thessaloniki 24th - 26th April 2015 Stratos Tsichlas, %19 %b %2015 %19:%Jan:%th 19JanGMT+0000