ChoralNet - ChoralNet Daily New postings in ChoralNet DailyWestminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, Alto II and Bass II section leaders Barbara Prince, %23 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%rd 19SepGMT+0000 
Wednesday Rehearsal:   6:30-8:30
Sunday Rehearsal and Service:   9:15-noon
Additional special services as called
Send resume and 2 letters of recommendation to:
Dr. Melanie Ohnstad, Minister of Music and the Arts
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1200 Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55403-2419
For more information contact Barbara Prince:
Thank you.
Searching for singers - especially Tenor and Baritone Martha Butler, %23 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%rd 18SepGMT+0000
                SEARCHING FOR SINGERS - especially TENOR, BARITONE             
                   Occational Solos are a possibility
              HOLLYWOOD MASTER CHORALE- A group of men and women who share the love and dedication of working as a team. 
                Using every rehearsal to create beautiful music, and to come out ready to perform.
      The beginning of our 20th Anniversary Season will include:
  • With Members of the L.A. PHIL and Top Studio Artists
  • The Hollywood Master Chorale and the Calvary Chapel Schools of Downey Kids
     Tuesday. December 2nd, 2014 - 7:30 P.M.  - First United Methodist Church of Pasadena
  • A combination of holiday favorites, and highlighting Charpentier for good measure.
  • The Hollywood Brass Ensemble
   Saturday, December 6th, 2014 – 7:30 P.M. - Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church
            A Cabaret fundraiser, celebrating the Golden Decades of Television through music, featuring the talents of past and current singers
        Saturday, January, 31, 2015 – 6:30 P.M. 
  • FOR AUDITIONS: Schedule your meeting with our Director Lauren Buckley, by contacting the Audition Coordinator through Craigslist
             Please include your contact and information regarding vocal training, and experience.
  • TUES:  Sept. 23rd  - 7:15 P.M.  (Date due to conflict) 
  • WED: Oct. 1st - 7:15 P.M.
  • WED. Oct. 8th - 7:15 P.M.
    Please be prepared to sing along with rehearsal, and also bring two copies of your best audition solo, in the correct key, for our Director and Accompanist.
  • REHEARSALS:   Wednesday evenings - 7:30 to 10:00 p
  Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, 505 N. Rodeo Dr, BH 90210 
    For more information, visit our website at:
     Sing with Us!
San Diego Master Chorale presents "The Operatic Chorus" | Sunday, September 28 John Russell, %23 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%rd 18SepGMT+0000 join us for a free concert of opera chorus favorites from the early masters to modern favorites!
Sunday, September 28 | 4:00pm
Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church
17010 Pomerado Road
San Diego, CA 92128
Choral Scholar Positions Daniel Parsley, %23 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%rd 14SepGMT+0000
Choral Scholar Position Announcement
Announcing auditions for the 2014-2015 Choral Scholars paid internship program at Faith United Methodist Church. One Choral Scholar position is available for each vocal section (SATB chorus.) These positions are designed to provide real world experience for college students wishing to pursue careers in sacred music, music education, music ministry, or music performance.
Choral Scholar Requirements:
· A sincere desire to participate in the life of a church & to participate in the musical enrichment of FUMC.
· Superior musicianship skills; desire to learn and grow in their understanding of sacred music.
· Ability and desire to form relationships with congregation members and choir colleagues.
· Attendance and participation in Chancel Choir rehearsals, typically held Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 , and Sunday worship at either 8:30 or11:00 AM      worship.
· Willingness to provide occasional solo or small group ensemble music for Sunday worship.
· Enrollment in a collegiate, degree granting program at an accredited academic institution.
      Choral Scholar Benefits:
· Monthly monetary stipend awarded for participation in the program.
· Experience working with gifted volunteer based ensemble; experience working as a musical leader.
· Education towards a more holistic understanding within the vast genre of sacred music.
· Exposure and increased knowledge of appropriate repertoire and understanding of the collaborative and interactive nature of liturgy and music.
· Opportunity for solo vocal work  in both fall and spring choral-orchestral masterworks presented in worship.
· Opportunity to participate in FUMC’s resident auditioned vocal chamber ensemble, Schola Cantorum.
· Working with a growing vocal music program and participating in the life of a vibrant congregation, which can further empower and support scholars for future  careers in music.  
     For more information and to schedule an audition with the Choral Scholar Program team, please contact:
      Daniel Parsley, Worship Arts Coordinator and Chancel Music Director
      330-499-6040 ex. 28
BESH BESH, BESH-M SH’MO - Bulgarian Vocal Music - See-A-Dot Music Publishing Fahad Siadat, %23 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%rd 15SepGMT+0000

Based on bulgarian vocal music, this tune features jazz harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and mixed meter. It’s fun to sing and a great closer to a show. It can be tricky, but a good collegiate chorus or very tight small ensemble would fit very well.

Four Part Mixed Chorus with Divisi and Soloists


New chamber chorus in Matawan, New Jersey needs tenors and altos Steven Russell, %23 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%rd 14SepGMT+0000 new chamber chorus is forming in Matawan, New Jersey. We meet on Monday evenings and are looking for one or two tenors and an alto. We will explore a wide variety of music and performance possibilities. Send email to ]]>3rd Annual New England Area Collegiate ACDA Conference - this weekend! Sandra Howard, %23 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%rd 12SepGMT+0000 invite you to join us for the 3rd Annual New England Area Collegiate ACDA Conference, to be held on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. The 2014 conference will feature presentations by choral music educators and conductors from the region and will offer professional networking opportunities for attendees. The focus for this year’s conference is choral repertoire and performance practice. All ACDA members and choral enthusiasts are invted to attend. You can register at the door with cash or check the day of the conference!!!
The Conference Schedule:
9:00-9:30 a.m.        Registration & Coffee in Redfern lobby
9:30-10:10 a.m.      Centergy Warm up - Prof. Diane Cushing, Keene State College
10:20-11:20 a.m.    Baroque Repertoire & Performance Practice - Dr. Daniel Carberg, Keene State College
11:30-12:30 a.m.    Contemporary Composers: Repertoire & Collaboration - Dr. Rachel Samet, Bucknell University
12:30-1:30 p.m.      Lunch at Zorn Dining Commons (provided)
1:40-2:40 p.m.        Folksongs for Children’s Choirs - Ms. Becky Luce, Bernice A. Ray Elementary School, NHACDA Children’s Choir R&S Chair
2:50-3:50 p.m.        Vocal Jazz Repertoire & Teaching Strategies - Prof. Karen Sayward, Boston College, NHACDA R&S Jazz Choir Chair    
Registration Fee:        $10.00 ACDA collegiate member
(includes lunch)              $15.00 collegiate non-member
                                    $25.00 ACDA member
                                    $35.00 non-member
                                    FREE   collegiate chapter advisors
For more information, contact Dr. Sandra Howard:
Stick Time: Look What You Did! Scott Dorsey, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
Wow!  Look at this.  A whole choir full of young men!
It wasn’t too long ago, however, that they didn’t look or sound like this.  Every single one of these gentlemen was at one point in the not-too-distant past a gawking, unsure, confused adolescent with a voice that was - on its best day – miserably unreliable.  These fellows were the slouchy, pimply, irascible boys in your choir who made you want to tear out your hair.  They were disruptive, occasionally stinky, and vocally unstable.
Look at them now. Poised.  Confident. Well-dressed (and probably not stinky). Singing beautifully.  And it’s all YOUR FAULT!  Yes, of course, they are the recipients of the tutelage of their present conductor; but he would doubtless be the first to credit the nurturing care of their previous directors for seeing these chaps through the tormented waters of adolescence.
If you are a middle-level or secondary school choral conductor, please look around your choir today and try with all your might to see the future of the young men in your care.  They could very well be singing like this in just a couple years.
All of us in the choral profession thank you for your herculean efforts with these guys.
There’s No Code to Crack: Increasing Your ACDA Involvement Scott Dorsey, %12 %b %2014 %16:%Aug:%th 16AugGMT+0000
       Recently, a colleague wrote indicating that he “had an itch” to have a greater involvement within the profession.  He was curious about how one finds their way into an area of professional responsibility and service within ACDA.
       It’s not an unreasonable query.
       Spend even just a short while reading the Choral Journal or attending any of ACDA’s various events, and you’ll start to read a lot of the same names and see the same faces of those who function in various leadership and service roles.  It’s easy to wonder how one gets an opportunity to participate.
       The present writer is by no means an expert on the subject, but a few thoughts for “getting out there” do come to mind.
FIND THE HOLE. Identify some area in your state ACDA organization that is being under-served. Is every Repertoire & Standards Chair in your state filled? Does your state newsletter offer repertoire reviews?  Who stuffs the reading session packets into those handy tote bags before the conference?  Is there an ACDA student chapter that could use an extra hand from an experienced teacher?  Once you find a hole, then . . .
MAKE ‘EM AN OFFER.  Contact your state or division president and volunteer.  Volunteer for what? Anything!  Hand out programs at the door during the state conference.  Help set up the risers!  Offer to pick of the clinician from the airport. Offer to write a repertoire or concert review for the newsletter. Your state president will squeal with delight to hear you utter the words, “I couldn’t help but notice that our board needs someone to . . . .”
WRITE IT DOWN.  Our association has an enormous publication footprint; from the smallest state newsletter to the Choral Journal and the ever-growing online presence, ACDA is dedicated to sharing of ideas and creating inspiration.  You, too, have thoughts and experiences to share.  State and divisional editors are on an almost maniacal search for material. We can almost guarantee that your state newsletter editor would be thrilled to receive an unsolicited well-written article about some facet of the art.  You might also consider writing a guest blog for this very space right here on ChoralNet.  We would be happy to help you get started (you can reach us at
START SMALL.  It’s important to remember that we grow into things; some call it “paying your dues.”  No one starts their conducting career on the faculty at Enormous State University nor do they begin their ACDA service life as a divisional president.  Most of the folks in those positions had their first association job in some small but important role at a state event.  ACDA’s current President, Karen Fulmer, started her ACDA career by sitting at a table processing honor choir registrations at a divisional conference.  Oh, and if you think that a small component isn’t important, try losing your car key.
       No matter how one starts, service to one’s professional association is an amazing way to gain experience, develop life-long friendships, and serve the greater good of the choral art.
Poster Session Applications Sought Scott Dorsey, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Aug:%th 15AugGMT+0000
The American Choral Directors Association will sponsor a session to disseminate the results of excellent research about any aspect of the choral art at its 2015 National Conference in Salt Lake City, February 25– 28, 2015. Participants chosen for the presentation will be required to prepare a poster describing their research and to be available during the presentation session to discuss their work with interested conference attendees.
LEARN MORE and APPLY today.  The deadline for applications is September 30.
Attention Procrastinators! Honor Choir Auditions Enter Final Week Scott Dorsey, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Aug:%th 15AugGMT+0000 procrastinators! The auditions for the 2015 ACDA National Honors Choirs close in one week.
There will be five honor choirs rehearsing and performing during the 2015 National Conference in Salt Lake City:
     Children's Honor Choir     [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     Middle School/Junior High School Boy's Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     Middle School/Junior High School Girl's Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     High School Mixed Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     College/Community Latin American Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
The audition process for all five honor choirs ends September 30.
O Holy Night w/ brass Michael Salvatierra, %23 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%rd 2SepGMT+0000 for an SATB arrangement of O Holy Night with brass accompaniment of any kind (though ideally for quintet).
Does such a thing exist?  Or have you found another way to combine a purely instrumental arrangement with a choral arrangement? 
Thanks for the help.
"Io mi pensai" - Arcadelt Kiersten Honaker, %23 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%rd 0SepGMT+0000 anyone have a reliable translation for the Arcadelt madrigal "Io mi pensai"? I know it's old style Italian so it's tricky to translate. I can't find a translation anywhere and I don't trust my skills with the dictionary since the Italian isn't standard. Any help is appreciated! For reference, here's the text:

Io mi pensai che spento fuss'el foco
Ch'adamar voi m'inchina
E gli ard'hor piu e piu mi s'avicina
Sdegno mi fé parer che 'l fusse spento
Ma l'empia gelosia
Me'l raccese via piu che fiamm'al vento
E voi nimica mia
Piu bell'ogni hor vi fat'e manco pia
Ma se pietate havesse alma Nanina
Il diro pur voi sareste divina.
Want to Change the World Through Song? Audition for Lavender Light Gospel Choir-NYC Andrew Miles, %22 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%nd 22SepGMT+0000 voice can change the world and it might be yours. Membership in Lavender Light is by audition. We are seeking women and men who have gospel music experience.

Auditions are by appointment only! To make an appointment, please call us at (212) 714-7072, and leave a message with your name and telephone number. Someone will get back to you shortly.
In planning for the audition, please prepare a gospel song, spiritual, or hymn. A pop song is also acceptable to demonstrate the quality of your voice. This should be a song that you know well and feel comfortable with. You may sing a cappella or with your own sheet music -- accompaniment will be provided. If you prefer to sing with a taped accompaniment, you must provide your own tape or disk player. In addition, you should read our Mission Statement (see the About Us page).
To familiarize potential members with our methods prior to auditioning, we hold open rehearsals. All interested candidates are urged to attend one open rehearsal. You can schedule your open
rehearsal visit when scheduling your audition appointment.
Be the change you want to see in the world...audition for Lavender Light and raise your voice to make a difference. 
St. Olaf College: Choral/Voice Position Alison Feldt, %22 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%nd 21SepGMT+0000
The St. Olaf College Music Department seeks applicants for a full-time term appointment, beginning August 15, 2015, with rank and salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. This is a one-year appointment with potential for subsequent appointments.
The primary responsibility will be to conduct the 100 voice Manitou Singers (first-year women’s choral ensemble) and possibly a chamber vocal ensemble of 12-20 singers whose repertoire is drawn from the diverse genre of choral chamber music with a focus in choral music written prior to 1750. Other responsibilities may include teaching studio voice and voice class, and courses in pedagogy for adolescent voices, choral literature, and music education depending on the individual’s strengths and areas of expertise.
A Master’s Degree is required. The successful candidate will be a pedagogue and artist of outstanding ability who will contribute proactively to the artistic and intellectual life of St. Olaf College. In particular, successful candidates will demonstrate, both in leading an ensemble and in teaching, how excellent music making and a liberal arts education are mutually beneficial in the life of undergraduate students.  The candidate is expected to maintain a professional profile through active work such as a guest conductor/adjudicator of choral workshops, choral festivals, honors choirs; lecturer at professional conferences; as well as publications of scholarly research including choral composition. In addition to a proven record of success in choral music, the candidate will demonstrate a deep understanding of pedagogy for the voice, and will show a commitment to the mission of both the department and college. Competency in conducting choral/orchestral literature and keyboard skills sufficient to support instruction is desirable.
The search committee will begin reading applications on October 20, 2014 and will accept applications until the position is filled. Interviews will begin in January 2014. If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, please email Cheryl Bristol,
Applicants must submit application materials 1-4 online at
                                                  A complete application includes: 1) a cover letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) official or unofficial graduate and undergraduate transcripts, 4) names and email addresses for three professional references who can speak to the candidate’s abilities as a choral conductor, teacher and singer, 5) a DVD recording of recent choral ensemble performances that represent a variety of musical styles, and 6) four sample concert programs of which three should represent concerts with a female choral ensemble.
The DVD recording and four sample programs should be mailed to:
Dr. Alison Feldt, Chair
St. Olaf College
Music Department
1520 St. Olaf Avenue
Northfield, MN 55057
Star-Spangled Christmas, Dec 12 and 14, 2014, Old Lyme CT Peter Amos, %22 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%nd 18SepGMT+0000 Brio Choral Society presents its much loved Christmas Concert featuring Schubert, Dvorak, Gabrieli, Stroope, plus traditional Christmas Carols. Two performances. 
Full orchestra, four professional soloists, conducted by Dr. Stephen Bruce. for more details and tickets. 
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Seeking Professional Baritone/Bass Chorister Ryan Jackson, %22 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%nd 18SepGMT+0000

The Choir of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is accepting applications from professional Baritone or Bass-Baritone choristers for a vacant position in the professional choir.

The music program at FAPC employs eighteen outstanding professional singers who provide leadership for the mixed voice volunteer choir, and also sing concerts and services separately as the FAPC Chamber Choir. We are seeking exceptional ensemble singers who are excellent sight readers, have superb pitch, and demonstrate the flexibility to perform in a variety of styles, both within the ensemble and as soloists. The ability to sing comfortably without vibrato is essential.

The choir rehearses regularly on Wednesday evenings, sings services on Sunday mornings and other special occasions (Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc.), and performs several concerts throughout the year. The choral season runs from September through early June.  Professional choristers take turns serving as soloists during the summer months.

Compensation for these positions is very competitive. The successful candidate will begin rehearsing with the choir ASAP.

To be considered for a live audition, please submit a letter of interest to FAPC's Director of Music, Ryan Jackson, via email: Please include a current resume and at least one sound file.

Recent live recordings of the choir:

"In te, Domine, speravi" from Lux Aeterna - Morten Lauridsen:

The Dying Soldier - Traditional, arranged by Mack Wilberg & Nigel Short:

A Ceremony of Carols, op. 28 - Benjamin Britten:

Invitation to join One Earth Choir 2015 - for Choirs and Participants worldwide Roman Calzaferri, %22 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%nd 18SepGMT+0000

Many Native Languages, one only Human Dialogue

     One day  - 21. 02. every year - 2015: 4th edition
     One hour - 11.00 Greenwich mean time
     Seven continents, people in cities wherever
     sing or listen or play the same music as a symbol that we speak 
     the same language on Earth, the human language of all times -
       54 Countries    1 Music    3'190'000 Participants invite  You  to be part of the Choir
       Subscribe  your Voices  NOW   and see the Choir grow every day - 

Looking forward to hearing from you -

Anna Bacchia, Author of the One Earth Choir Project
Roman Calzaferri, Communication Engineering
& the One Earth Choir Team

Logo - ÌNIN One Earth Choir - The Civilization of Symphony   
    Vocal Sound - Bacchia Studio Cultural Association
    Lugano, Switzerland
DMA Choral program at UGA Tawn Thomas, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%nd 17SepGMT+0000 all,
Has anyone gone through or know someone who's completed or completing the DMA in Choral Conducting at University of Georgia? Thanks!
Mozart Requiem Marti Martinez, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%nd 17SepGMT+0000 top mixed choir of 10-12 grade students will be singing the Mozart Requiem in NYC in April.  We are going to do a pre-concert with another high school and our orchestra in January.  I just don't think we can do the whole Requiem by ourselves that early because of all the other music and concerts they will be rehearsing.  If I were to do an abbreviated version of the Requiem does anyone have any suggestions about what movements could or should be cut. Holding the concert at a later date is not an option. Thank you ]]>New Spiritual for Double SATB Choir by Peter J. Durow from Colla Voce Music Chris Matthews, %22 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%nd 14SepGMT+0000
Click the cover imager to hear and view the score in its entirety.
Peter J. Durow's arrangement of the traditional spiritual "Over My Head" is an ideal choice for an All-State, or similar festival choir. Score for unaccompanied Double SATB chorus, the repetitive nature of the composition makes for quick learning and allows the director a lot of flexibility with regard to interpretation and performance. Take a listen today at and don't forget to check out Peter's other works edited by Henry Leck and Rodney Eichenberger.
Period Appropriate Diction Matt Koehlinger, %22 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%nd 13SepGMT+0000 everyone! I am currently student teaching and I am working on A Little White Hen by Antonio Scandello (1517-1580) with the madrigal group. I just have one quick question for the choralnet community. Given the time period, is it appropriate to pronounce the word "white" with a -h in front of it? Sounding hwhite.
I'm just not sure if that would be correct to the time period. Thank you for your expertise!
New, Winter-themed pieces and more from Swirly Music Michael Kaulkin, %22 %b %2014 %06:%Sep:%nd 6SepGMT+0000 Music is pleased to announce some of the more recent additions to our offering of choral works by self-publishing composers.
Snowflakes by Bruce Lazarus is a short, peaceful, wintry song for a cappella SATB chorus, with lyrics by Linda A. Copp.
Christmas Time in the Eyes of a Child, by U.K. composer Gordon Thornett is a very charming and light-hearted secular Christmas song for children, and there is an equally delightful SATB version for adults.
We are also happy to now be carrying the music of Patrick O'Shea, starting with 8 beautiful SATB pieces. Some are a cappella, and some include piano or organ, there are also the fascinatingTre Madrigali Amarosi for SATB choir and solo violin, of which Dispietata Pietate is a gorgeous highlight. 
Be sure to poke around and discover the rest of our self-publishing composers including Mark Templeton, Kurt Erickson, Sanford Dole, William Campbell and myself.  All works are represented by complete full-screen perusal scores and performance recordings to assist you in getting to know them.
Michael Kaulkin
Founder, Swirly Music LLC
ACDA Conference Deadlines Scott Dorsey, %06 %b %2014 %21:%Aug:%th 21AugGMT+0000
Anyone who has ever attended an ACDA national conference knows they are large complex events that take untold thousands of hours of volunteer labor to stage.
Among the many challenges associated with a conference is the issue of keeping track of a wide variety of deadlines.   Here, then, is a complete list of these important dates related to the upcomng 2015 ACDA National Conference:
Honor Choir applications:  September 1-30
     [Learn More]          [Apply]
Poster Session application deadline:  September 30
     [Learn More]
Registration begins:  October 1
     [Learn More]
Student Composition Contest Applications due:  October 1
     [Learn More]          [Apply]
Conducting Masterclass Applications due:  October 1
     [Learn More]          [Apply]
Student Conducting Competition applications due:  October 31
     [Learn More]          [Apply]
Program Book advertising reservation deadline:  November 3
     [Learn More]
Exhibit reservation deadline:  November 3
     [Learn More]
Industry Showcase reservations due:  December 5
     [Learn More]
Early Registration ends:  January 21
     [Learn More]
Monday Motivation: Belly-Flops are Good Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Aug:%nd 17AugGMT+0000 ]]>Student Conducting Award Applications Sought Scott Dorsey, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Aug:%th 15AugGMT+0000
ACDA will again offer the Student Conducting Awards during the next national conference, February 25-28, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The objectives of the ACDA Student Conducting Awards are designed to acknowledge and reward outstanding graduate and undergraduate student conductors; to encourage score preparation and advancement of conducting and rehearsal skills; and to promote student activity at the ACDA National Convention.
These cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the final round of the conducting awards:
     First Prize, Graduate Level: $1000
     Second Prize, Graduate Level: $500
     First Prize, Undergraduate Level: $500 Second Prize, Undergraduate Level: $250
In addition, the sixteen semi-finalists (up to eight undergraduate and eight graduate) each receive complimentary registration to attend the 2015 National Conference.  The event is sponsored by Manhattan Concert Productions.
LEARN MORE about the student conducting competition and then APPLY. Application deadline is October 31.
Speaking of Voice: “My Go-To Warm-Up” by Raymond J. Roberts Scott Dorsey, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
MY GO-TO WARM UP, by Raymond J. Roberts (Milwaukee High School of the Arts)
The first sound produced during the singing process is the most important. It has little to do with first impressions and everything to do with getting a good start to the phrase.
Coordinated Onset: The hardest to achieve and most important to develop is the coordinated onset. The vocal cords close with the initial sound producing a quiet onset as in the vowel, “ah.” This onset is somewhere between the glottal attack where the vocal cords close before starting the sound and the breathy onset where the vocal cords close after initiating sound.  The name “coordinated,” appropriately refers to the need to synchronize and prepare all aspects of initial sound in order to achieve the best tone, including breath, vocal cords, and resonant chambers.
Sing this exercise on any vowel. You may want to try the exercise first with a voiced consonant at the beginning (v,z,m,n). When the onsets are more balanced, you can sing the exercise exclusively on vowels. Where indicated, take a complete, small, silent inhalation. This helps you prepare for the next vocal onset with minimal muscular involvement.
1’, 1-2-3’, 3-4-5’, 5-6-7’, 7-8-9’, 9-8-7’, 7-6-5’, 5-4-3’, 3-2-1 Start on C4
Ascend chromatically 7 half steps shifting through all five basic vowels.
(My Go-To Warm-Up” features a favorite warm-up used by those choirs who have been selected to perform during the 2015 ACDA National Conference.)
Unthrifty Loveliness (SAB piano) by Michael A. Gray Michael A. Gray, %22 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%nd 2SepGMT+0000
Unthrifty Loveliness (SAB piano) is the latest addition to the collection, “The Book of Sonnets” by Michael A. Gray.  It is a very energetic setting of Shakespeare’s witty sonnet on the love life of bankers!  Now available for free download at
Michael A. Gray
Full-Time Choir Administrator for the New Jersey Youth Chorus Patricia Joyce, %21 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%st 20SepGMT+0000
Responsibilities: The Choir Administrator is responsible for coordinating all administrative functions for each of the six (6) ensembles and providing support to the  Board of Trustees.  Tasks include managing office functions, coordinating logistics for rehearsals, performances, trips and events, organizing annual auditions, maintaining web site content and managing media and procured advertising.
Ideal Candidate:  The ideal candidate must be able to work independently, possess excellent organizational and verbal and written communication skills, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and work well with parents and volunteers.  Computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel) and knowledge of social media a must.  Up to 5 years prior experience preferred.  Experience with other choral or youth-based performing arts group a plus.  Flexible working arrangement possible, but must be able to attend afternoon and evening rehearsals.  Also must be available for performances and events on weekends and evenings, as needed.  Some overnight travel may be required.  B.A. degree required. 
Organization:  The New Jersey Youth Chorus, located in Morristown, NJ, is a not-for- profit, community-based youth chorus consisting of six different ensembles based on age, gender and development of voice.  Over its 22 years, the various ensembles have performed and recorded locally, nationally and internationally. Recently the NJ Youth Chorus performed with Queen Latifah at Super Bowl  XLVIII, at Carnegie Hall, for the Harlem Globetrotters at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ and with Escolania de Montserrat in Summit NJ.
Please send cover letter, resume  and salary requirements to  No calls please. ]]>
Seeking info on "town and gown" choirs Alexa Doebele, %21 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%st 18SepGMT+0000 of a growing choral program (yay!), I'm considering adding a "town and gown" choir to my university's current course offerings. I'd be interested in hearing from those of you at universities with a "town and gown" choir:

1) How did you get your choir off the ground? How did you get the community members involved?
2) Does your university require that community members register for the choir as a class, either for credit or for audit? If they don't require that community members officially register, do they have an issue with the "lost" tuition?
3) How do you get your students to embrace this kind of organization? (Some of my students have expressed that they think another choir should be "for them," not for community members.)

If you have any other thoughts regarding "town and gown" choirs or how to start one, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance!
Alexa Doebele
Concordia University Wisconsin
Sturm und Drang: Music for Uncertain Times Linda Price, %21 %b %2014 %05:%Sep:%st 5SepGMT+0000
The 2014-2015 season of the Marin Baroque Chamber Choir and period-instrument Orchestra opens with Sturm and Drang, Music for Uncertain Times, November 15, 2014, 8:00 P.M. at First Presbyterian Church, 72 Kensington Rd., San Anselmo.  The concert begins with Mozart’s D Major Divertimento (K. 136), featuring the San Domenico School Virtuoso Program’s Orchestra da Camera. Marin Baroque will present Telemann’s Overture in D major MV 55:D18; C.P.E. Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D minor, Wq. 23 with Yuko Tanaka, Harpsichord, and Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis in D minor (the celebrated Lord Nelson Mass).
Tickets: $25. (General); $20. (Seniors & Students); $5. (Children 10 and under) or call 415-497-6634     (March 2013 concert) (March 2014 concert)
Composition Spotlight: "Prayer and Answer " Scott Dorsey, %19 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000
(Each week we look at one or two of the best choral works posted in the Composition Showcase here on ChoralNet.  This is where we store a treasure trove of works that your choirs will love to sing and your audiences will love to hear.)
Prayer and Answer by Michael Sandvik for SATB divisi a cappella (Click here for PDF and here for AUDIO)
Level: Advanced Church Choir
Uses: General Anthem
Program Themes: Christmas, Holy Week
This Piece Would Program Well With: Be Born in Me by Jay Rouse from Contemporary A Cappella Christmas II available from Rouse/An A Cappella Christmas/
From a simple, gentle beginning, this piece blossoms into a heart rending song of faith.   Michael Sandvik’s multi-colored pallet reveals deep emotions.  The warmth of the text “I held you in my heart”, the raptured setting of “Cast away your chains,  Take up your cross and follow me”, and the rhythmic augmentation of the final “I will hold you in my arms”  show Sandvik to be a true aural artist.   I often use the goosebump test to divine an audience’s response and I find myself visibly moved by Prayer and Answer.  Bravo!
Prayer and Answer is available from the composer’s website:
Sunday Inspiration: Nunc Dimittis (Parsons) Scott Dorsey, %04 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000
Vocal Pedagogy/Studio Voice position robert knupp, %21 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%st 0SepGMT+0000

Music: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Mississippi College

Clinton, MS


Deadline: December 1, 2014

Starting Date: August 1, 2015

Salary: Commensurate with teaching and related professional experience

Employment Type: Full time, tenure track



Position: Voice and Vocal Pedagogy-tenor, baritone, or bass preferred. Tenure track faculty position beginning August 2015.


A Doctorate or ABD in vocal performance OR vocal performance/pedagogy is desirable. The ability to teach applied voice at the collegiate level is essential. Research interest in voice science will be considered an asset.


Teach undergraduate and graduate applied voice and vocal pedagogy. Serve as advisor of our graduate Vocal Performance and Pedagogy program. This individual will further develop the relationship between the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s voice research lab and our vocal pedagogy curriculum. (

Application Procedure:

Applicants must submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, copies of academic transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable at this time), and three references with contact information through email by December 1, 2014. Additional materials may be requested at a later date. Candidates being considered for the position will be contacted via email. Questions and applications should be sent to Dr. Robert Knupp, Chair of the Search Committee, at Applicants are welcome to visit our website at, and the music department at for further information.


Affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, Mississippi College has approximately 5,000 students. It is located in the Jackson metropolitan area (population 540,000) and is the second oldest Baptist College in the nation. U.S. News and World Report ranks the college as a best buy.

In compliance with federal law, including provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Mississippi College does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, or military service in admissions, in the administration of its educational policies, programs, and activities or in employment. Under federal law, the university may exercise religious preferences in employment in order to fulfill its mission and purpose.

Arizona Choral Society Fall Concert November 23 (Sun) Jonathan Ng, %20 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
Arizona Choral Society (ACS) is
                           dedicated to excellence in singing and authentic performance of music to help our audiences experience the transforming power of choral music. 
Fall Concert 2014 information:
Date & Time: November 23th (Sunday) at 3:30 pm. 
Venue: Catalina United Methodist Church, 2700 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson AZ 85716. 
Handel's Coronation Anthems no. 2 - The King Shall Rejoice;
Howells - Like as the hart;
Britten - O be joyful;
Copland - The promise of living from Tender Land;
Burleigh - My Lord, what a mornin';
Martin - Great day.
For more information please visit
Youth Choral Ensemble Associate Director Lexi Johnson, %20 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
Our youth choral group is looking for an associate director!
It should be someone from the Portland metro area, who is also is positive and excitable!  The right person is one who has great interactions with other directorss, shows ongoing commitment to development, is prepared for rehearsals, and be excited to work with youth singers!
Rehearsals take place during the afternoon, just after normal school hours, are relatively short, and rehearsals do not enter any evenings.
The role can be up to 4 short afternoons a week, if desired (or less, as well) with scale to match!
Please send your resume and interest letter addressing the above items to Lexi Johnson (contact through the "Contact this user" portion of this post, just above "Views" in the title)!
Arizona Choral Society calls for new members Jonathan Ng, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Arizona Choral Society (ACS) calls for new members for our upcoming season 2014-2015.   Fall Concert (2014) will be on November 23th (Sunday) at 3:30 pm.  Spring Concert (2015) is scheduled on March 8 (Sunday) at 3:30 pm.  Both concerts and rehearsals will be at Catalina United Methodist Church, 2700 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson AZ 85716. 
Our Fall concert features:  Handel's Coronation Anthems no. 2 - The King Shall Rejoice; Howells - Like as the hart; Britten - O be joyful; Copland - The promise of living from Tender Land; Burleigh - My Lord, what a mornin'; Martin - Great day.
FIRST FALL REHEARSAL WILL BE ON OCTOBER 7 (TUESDAY) FROM 6:30 PM TO 9:00 PM.  There are a total of seven rehearsals before the concert and a $50 membership fee per concert.  However we offer scholarship for students to cover their membership fee. For detailed information, please visit our website

Arizona Choral Society is
                        dedicated to excellence in singing and authentic performance of music to help our audiences experience the transforming power of choral music. 

Dr. Jonathan Ng, the founder and conductor of ACS, made his Carnegie Hall debut conducting Vivaldi’s Gloria accompanied by the New England Symphonic Ensemble in May 2007.  Many of the current members of ACS sang in this Carnegie Hall performance.  This is a 60-vocie mixed chorus and is open to all singers in Green Valley, Tucson and the surrounding areas.  For information please visit our website:
If you are interested in joining ACS, please contact our conductor Dr. Jonathan Ng for a brief vocal hearing by email – or call at (520) 481-8891.
Brief Hearing Requirements:
1) Prepare a song/aria to sing.  The song can be chosen from musicals, hymns, folk songs to oratorios or operas.
2) Singers will be asked to do some simple vocal exercises to check their vocal range.  This is not a high-pressured hearing.
The Delaware Valley Show Chorus presents Bingo Night! Kathleen Keefe, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
Come support the arts and play Bingo! The Delaware Valley Show Chorus is a group of women a cappella singers known for rich harmonies and diverse musical stylings. In order to support our winter and spring seasons, we are holding a bingo fundraiser, and we would love to see you there.
Saturday, October 4th at the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, at 356 Summit Road, Springfield, Delaware County, PA. Doors open at 6pm, bingo begins at 7pm. Admission is $20 in advance, or $25 at the door. Buy a table of 10 for $190! Admission buys entry into all bingo games, plus a light dinner and entertainment by our chorus. Reserve early to guarantee a seat!
For more information and to reserve tickets, call Paula at (610) 293-0505 or email
Accompanist for choir desired! Jessica Schneider, %20 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
Portland choral group looking for a pianist to accompany rehearsals. Desire a progressive and flexible thinker who works well with others, and can be versatile in his/her playing.
Should be able to effectively play 4 vocal parts (at least) with or without reduction, as well as sight read.

This is an accompanist role (versus soloistic), so being able to take direction is an important trait.  Loyalty and hard work is important for this role, as well.
Please send resume to the contact listed in this post.
What's on Great Sacred Music, Sunday, September 21, 2014 Robert Kennedy, %20 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000
In case you cannot hear the show live, the playlist is on Spotify for you to enjoy: GSM - September 21, 2014
Don't forget that we have more choral and organ music programmed on Sunday
evenings beginning at 10 p.m. eastern.
Rob Kennedy
Great Sacred Music
The Classical Station
Francis Jackson: Tantum ergo
Choir of York Minster, Philip Moore
Gordon Jacob: Brother James' Air
Clare College Chapel Choir, Timothy Brown
Dominic Wheeler, organ
Amy Beach: Prelude on an Old Folk Tune
Christa Rakich, organ
1933 Kilgen organ in St. Justin's Church, Hartford, Connecticut
Dr. Francis Jackson (1917-) succeeded his teacher and mentor Sir Edward Bairstow
as the Organist of York Minster in 1946. He retired in 1982. Scottish hymn writer James
Leith Macbeth Bain (1860–1925) was known as Brother James. He wrote the hymn tune
we know as Brother James Air. Dr. Christa Rakich studied with Anton Heiller. She currently
is Artist-in-Residence at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brookline, Massachusetts.
George Rochberg: Behold, My Servant
William Ferris Chorale, Paul French
Henry Balfour Gardiner: Evening Hymn
Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, John Scott
J.P. Sweelinck: Praeludium in F
Jacques van Oortmerssen, organ
Jean-Francois Moreau organ in St.John's Church, Netherlands
The Jewish High Holy Days begin at sundown on Wednesday, September 24. George Rochberg
composed "Behold, My Servant" on a commission from the Jewish Theological Seminary. More
English composer Henry Balfour Gardiner (1877–1950) is best remembered for this warm setting
of the compline hymn "Te ante lucis terminum", although he did write many other works. Jacques
van Ortmerssen recorded the organ works of Sweelinck on the Denon label in 1982-83.
Henry Purcell: O God, Thou art my God
The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys; Concert Royal, John Scott
John Rutter: Behold, the tabernacle of God
Cambridge Singers; City of London Sinfonia, John Rutter
J.S. Bach: Chorale Prelude "Vater unser im Himmelreich", BWV 737
Michael Murray, organ
1862 Walcker Organ at Metheun Hall
Purcell's anthem "O God, Thou art my God" dates from 1680-82. It is perhaps best known
for its final chorus which was made into a hmyn tune.  John Rutter's "Behold the Tabernacle"
is scored for chorus and orchestra. This is Rutter at his most festive.  The Walcker Organ was
imported from Germany in the 1860's for Boston Music Halls. Fashions changed and eventually
the organ was removed and sold several times. Thankfully it finally ended up in Methuen Memorial
Music Hall where has been lovingly maintained ever since. More about the organ
Hieronymus Praetorius: Magnificat quarti toni
The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood
Andrew Carwood's ensemble The Cardinall's Musick produces some sublime sounds. Read more
J.S. Bach: Cantata 99, "Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan" II
Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists, John Eliot Gardiner
Malin Hartelius, soprano; William Towers, alto;
James Gilchrist, tenor; Peter Harvey, bass
If you are an oboe d'amore or flute fan, you will love the opening chorus. The flute part is
especially beautiful. The German translates as "What God does, surely that is right".
W.A. Mozart: Missa brevis in B flat, K. 275
Leipzig Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra, Herbert Kegel
Mitsuko Shirai, soprano; Rosemarie Lang, contralto;
Aldo Baldin, tenor; Hermann Christian Polster, bass
Scholars seem to agree that this mass was written before 1777 for use at Salzburg Cathedral.
Baldassare Galuppi: Arripe alpestri in vallem
Il Seminario Musicale
Gerard Lesne, alto
Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785) is one of those obscure Italian composers whose sacred music
is not often performed. His claim to fame besides being a composer of comic opera was being
choirmaster of the Doge's Chapel at St. Mark's, Venice.
Gustav Holst: The Cloud Messenger, Op. 30
London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Richard Hickox
Della Jones, mezzo-soprano
Gustav Holst who was born on this day in 1874 was fascinated with Sanskrit, the language of
liturgical Hinduism in India. He spent years translating the Meghadūta, a Sanskrit poem on which
he based "The Cloud Messenger". This is one of those pieces of choral music which is hard to grasp
on first hearing. Indeed it was not well-received at its first performance in March 1913. I thought it
was worth airing on Great Sacred Music because it reveals a deep sense of spirituality. And Holst's
writing is so creative and appealing. Let me know what you think. More information about the
Cesar Franck: Fantasy in A for organ
Michael Murray, organ
1984 Ruffatti organ in Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco
The Ruffatti organ in Davies Symphony Hall comprises 5 manuals and 147 ranks. You can find the
detailed specification here:
choral singers Ekaterina Anoshkin, %20 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 for Hanns Eisler’s Cantata “The Mother” that will be presented on November 19th at Marsh Chapel BU. The performance will weave Eisler’s cantata with documentary material about the life and death of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson, Mo. The cantata will be semi-staged and sung in English. The event is co-sponsored by the Boston University Center for the Humanities, Arts Initiative, Center for the Study of Europe, Jewish Cultural Endowment, and Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature.

We are casting for

The Son: baritone
Chorus: seeking S/A/T/B
An honorarium will be provided to soloists and members of the choir.

At the audition, you will be asked to sing a 20th century or contemporary art song as well as to sing a short excerpt from “The Mother”. Please indicate for which role or chorus voice you want to audition, you can also audition for both. We ask that you bring a paper copy for the accompanist.

Rehearsals will be held at BU CFA

First rehearsal will be on September 27 at 3 pm
The rest of the rehearsals will be held on Saturdays at 3 pm–5:30 pm, October 4,11,25; November 1, 8, 15 (Nov 15th rehearsal will be at noon at Marsh Chapel). Singers will be called at different times inside this time frame, except last two rehearsals.

Dress rehearsal is on November 18th (Tuesday) from 8-10 pm. Marsh Chapel.
Performance November 19th (Wednesday), 7:30 pm

Please contact Katya Anoshkin at to schedule your audition.
SATB Section Leaders Needed Lee Hoffman, %20 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento is seeking SATB section leaders. Responsibilities from September through June include rehearsals on Thursdays 7-9 pm, church services on Sundays 10:15 am-12:15 pm, plus additional rehearsals and festival services (e.g. Christmas, etc.). Among the required skills are strong sight reading, ability to lead sectional rehearsals, as well as a collaborative spirit. The choir consists of  volunteers, and it performs repertoire from all stylistic periods. Pay is $40 per appearance (i.e. rehearsal, service), typically $80/week; additional pay for rehearsals and services. Contact Ms. Lee Hoffman, Director of Choirs, at or 916-442-8939 x308 to schedule an audition. The church is located at 1300 N. Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Christmas / Winter treble repertoire with String Quartet and Piano Mary Amond O'Brien, %20 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000, I'm looking for Christmas / Winter themed repertoire, sacred or secular that is scored for treble choir SA or SSA string quartet and piano or just string quartet.  Children's choir aged 10 - 16.  ]]>Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Choral Conference - Sept. 27! Kathryn Simon, %20 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000

College students: Want to work with experts in the field to learn more about working with male changing voices, building age-appropriate tone in your choirs, strategies for running efficient rehearsals, and a cappella music with GQ? Then come to the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Choral Conference on September 27 at The Catholic University of America!

September 20th is the last day to register online for MACCC and meet the early registration deadline! If you register by midnight on September 20, you will receive a free lunch and the chance to win a free conference registration fee (winner announced at the conference). If you register after September 20, you may still register online, but you are responsible for bringing your own lunch. You may also register on-site with cash or check, but please try to register online beforehand so that we know how many handouts to make… 

Grab a friend and experience a fun day of learning, networking, and building our choral community of leaders! Find out more and register here:

Proper choir name James Filosa, %20 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 there a technical reason to call a church choir either "Chancel Choir" or "Sanctuary Choir" or is just a matter of semantics?
Many thanks for all answers
Church Hymns Led By a Conductor Robert Petters, %20 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 anyone know the history and reason for why some churches have hymns led by a conductor?  (In my experience, the organist leads hymn singing.) ]]>New members need this book ! Morris Eileen, %20 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 Classic Cole Porter SATB (medley book))
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Arrg. by Mac Huff
Starting: ASAP
For: Need to purchase for ongoing use
Copies: up to "10", possibly more ???
Willing to rent: No
Find this is permanently "out of print". Our group "LARKS" have been using this book over 15 years in our program entertaining at SENIOR residences and ADULT DAY CARE CENTERS weekly. Newest members need own copies.
Director of Choral Activities - Tenure Track Nell Adams, %20 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000 November 15, 2014

Type: Tenure Track

Rank and Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience

Employment Type: Full-time

Position: Director of Choral Activities

Qualifications: A terminal degree in Choral Conducting or related field is preferred, although ABD candidates
will be considered. Evidence of excellence in choral conducting at the university or secondary level is required,
demonstrating a high level of musicianship and a passion for conducting and the teaching of choral conducting. The
successful candidate will possess commensurate skills necessary for the teaching of studio voice and will have the
ability to work in a cohesive manner with all music faculty in order to contribute to the vision and continued growth
of the department.

Responsibilities: The Director of Choral Activities will oversee all aspects of the university’s choral program.
This includes conducting the premier choral ensemble, teaching and advising all graduate conducting majors,
teaching undergraduate choral conducting classes, recruiting students, and establishing and maintaining active
relationships with high school and community college choral directors throughout the state and region. Other
responsibilities will include private studio voice teaching and any other needs of the Music Department based on the
successful candidate’s qualifications.

Appointment: Duties will begin August 1, 2015

Application: Applicants must submit ONLINE one letter of application, a curriculum vitae with contact
information of three references, copies of academic transcripts, and three recent sample programs. All materials
should be emailed to Dr. Nell Adams at Applications should be emailed ONLY and sent no later
than November 1, 2014. Performance and rehearsal videos, along with additional materials, may be requested at a
later time.

The Mississippi College Singers, the university’s premier choral ensemble, is a nationally-recognized program that is a
vibrant part of choral music on campus and throughout the state, region, and nation. Over the past two years, the
Singers has performed at the ACDA Regional Conference in Jacksonville, FL, at Carnegie Hall in New York, in South
Africa, and at the Mississippi State ACDA Conference, as well as venues throughout Mississippi and the Southeast.
Affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, Mississippi College is a private, co – educational, comprehensive
university of Liberal arts and sciences and professional studies dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence.
Founded in 1826, Mississippi College is the oldest institution of higher learning and the largest private university in
the state of Mississippi. It is located in the Jackson metropolitan area (population 540,000), has a student population
of approximately 5000 students, and is consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a ”Best Buy.”
In compliance with federal law, including provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title IX of
the Education Amendments of 1972, Mississippi College does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color,
national origin, gender, age, disability, or military service in admissions, in the administration of its educational
policies, programs, and activities or in employment. Under federal law, the university may exercise religious
preferences in employment in order to fulfill its mission and purpose.
For more information about the Department of Music, please visit our website at
invitation Gencho Donchev, %20 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000
 Dear friends of music,
It is pleasure for us / organization committee / to invite your choir  in Bulgarian town of Harmanli for our IX th international choir festival "Harmonia"  from 4 to 6 June  2015.
We suggest the following offer:
1. Festival is not competitive. Repertoire is free at about  20 -25 minutes max. For more information please, visit
1. We are ready to accept your group  for 3-4-5 days.
2.We will organize  concerts, meals / breacfast, lunch, supper / , hotels-two stars, rooms for 2-3 persons, small trips, meetings. For which you will have to  pay or if you want we can offer choral exchange. In this case it is going to be free of charge.
         I hope that our offer is good for you. If you have any other wishes, please, contact us – e-mail  or     
        Looking forward to receiving good news from you as soon as posible
        Yours faithfully    
        Gencho Donchev
Saturday Respite: Choir-Geekery Run Amok Scott Dorsey, %31 %b %2014 %15:%Mar:%st 15MarGMT+0000
(With abiding respect for St. Matthew)  One possible definition of choral music might be “wherever two or more are gathered, there is a choir.”  We are not easily impressed by techno-gadgetry, but to one who is an unapologetic choir geek this is incredibly cool . . .
GUEST BLOG: "ACDA Hosts America Cantat VIII," by Tim Sharp Scott Dorsey, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
The America Cantat is an international choral festival that takes place every three years in a different American country. Past host countries include Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, and Mexico. I am proud to say that through ACDA’s hosting and sponsorship of this event, the United States of America now joins this American list of host countries. I am thrilled to also announce that partnering with ACDA and the America Cantat organization in this unique collaboration is the commonwealth of the Bahamas, which is where America Cantat VIII will take place on August 21-31, 2016.
Choirs from the United States and throughout the Americas are invited to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime international festival. Of the many rich experiences offered to choruses of all descriptions and voicings, the outstanding feature of America Cantat VIII is the opportunity for individual singers to participate in a choir outside of their own, with singers from other countries working side by side under the baton of a specialist from one of several South, Central, and North American countries.
The artistic director for America Cantat is the organization’s president, Oscar Escalada of Argentina, who has been a member of ACDA for many years. He has formed an artistic committee comprising representatives from past participating countries, along with representatives from the United States and Canada.  The operational side of the planning will be accomplished by representatives from both the Bahamas and ACDA national staff as well as ACDA members.
By sponsoring America Cantata VIII, ACDA further moves into my vision of creating an association that has direct ties with our North, Central, and South American colleagues. Choirs participating in America Cantata VIII will experience an immersion into the many cultures represented throughout the Americas and have the opportunity to contribute their own music to the understanding of our guests joining us from the Americas and around the world. Furthermore, this all will take place in the paradise setting of the Bahamas.
Registration for America Cantat VIII will open in January 2015 when full schedule and artistic and concert details will be presented by the artistic committee. ACDA is thrilled to partner with the Bahamas as we host a festival unlike any other available to us throughout the world. All choirs are invited, and all choirs will find a place in this cultural, noncompetitive event.
Please plan to join us in the Bahamas in August 2016 for America Cantat VIII. It is exciting for our American Choral Directors Association to be able to offer choral singers and choral directors this performance and cultural immersion event. Watch for the opening of the website on January 1, 2015, along with full details and registration material. Above all, put August 21-31, 2016, into your calendar now and prepare for the event of a lifetime.
Help with Haydn Frank Albinder, %20 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 all,
I'm performing an arrangement (in English) of what seems to be a movement from a Josef Haydn oratorio. But I don't think it's from Creation or the Seasons. I've scanned the first page and pasted it in below. Any idea what it is? Thanks for any help you can provide!
Tenor section leader/soloist needed Pamela Kuhn, %20 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 section leader/soloist needed for The MasterSingers in Greenwich, CT.  
Must be free for Wednesday evening rehearsals with concert on November 16th.  
Would suit under grad/graduate music student or professional singer.  
This is a paid position.  Sight singing skills and sound overall musicianship are required.  
Please contact Pamela Kuhn at 203-661-6431 or
Oktoberfest in Song - Taylor Festival Choir William Bennett, %19 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 

Contact: William Bennett

Taylor Music Group
Phone: 843.725.9186

Taylor Festival Choir

Robert Taylor, conductor
Performs Oktoberfest in Song

Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014


Charleston, SC (October 5, 2014) – The internationally renowned Taylor Festival Choir (TFC), led by founder Dr. Robert Taylor, will present an afternoon of festive German choral music in a program entitled “Oktoberfest in Song” at 4pm, October, 5 at the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul. After the concert, TFC is partnering with Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer at 4 Vanderhorst to provide a post-concert Oktoberfest gathering.


Inspired by the Oktoberfest celebrations throughout Europe and the United States, the Taylor Festival Choir will perform music befitting such a festive day. Repertoire will include Brahm’s beloved Liebeslider Waltzes, featuring Susan McAdoo and College of Charleston Professor of Piano Robin Zemp on piano, as well as two settings of the Lutheran celebratory text Singet dem Herrn Alle Welt, by J.S. Bach and Heinrich Schütz respectively. The Bach setting is widely considered J.S. Bach’s greatest small-scale choral work.


Also, the newly formed Seomra TFC (Chamber TFC) will perform German madrigals written by the early-Baroque master Heinrich Schein. These settings will specifically address the libatious nature of the day, with tongue in cheek “German” humor.


Tickets can be purchased at the door, or at

Preferred Seating $30 (Limit of 40), General Seating $20

Student Preferred Seating $18, General Student Seating $10




The Taylor Festival Choir (TFC) is a professional chamber choir based in Charleston, SC. Founded and conducted by Dr. Robert Taylor, the choir is inspired by the life and career of Bob Taylor, the conductor’s late father and a noted choral musician and pedagogue. Since its inception in 2001, the Taylor Festival Choir has toured and been heard in prestigious venues and festivals throughout the U.S., and has garnered a reputation of excellence among critics and choral specialists alike. TFC was one of only two American adult chamber choirs featured at the prestigious 2009 American Choral Directors Association National Convention and 50th anniversary celebration.


TFC has recorded with MSR Classics and Centaur Records, and its most recent release Sing We Now of Christmas, recorded with legendary guest artists including Liz Carroll, John Doyle and Kim Robertson, has been called “a choral feast that will linger long in your memory after you’ve heard it” (Audio Society of Atlanta). Its current recording project features BBC composer of the year James MacMillan’s Mass, as well as the world premier recording of Celtic Mass by Michael McGlynn. TFC is part of the Taylor Music Group, and serves as the professional choir-in-residence at the College of Charleston. It presents a full concert season in the Charleston area, and serves as the flagship ensemble for the Piccolo Spoleto Celtic Arts Series.


Personnel in the ensemble represent conductors, educators, performers and professionals from states throughout the U.S. The Taylor Festival Choir performs the finest choral literature from all eras, with particular emphasis on new music and folk music from the Celtic nations. Dedicated to bringing the beauty and spiritual enrichment of choral music to as wide an audience as possible, the Taylor Festival Choir tours frequently, and performs outreach concerts in schools and churches throughout South Carolina and surrounding states. TFC recently toured Ireland with sister ensemble Na Fidleiri in 2013. A one-hour DVD of their performances will soon be produced and aired on SCETV.


• “One of the finest choirs in the country” – Stephen Paulus, composer

• “Charleston now has its own world-class choir” – American Record Guide

• “NO WONDER the Taylor Festival Choir has such a stellar reputation. Their concentration, their precision, their passion, and, above all, their unity of sound are unsurpassed.” – Charleston Today

• “Absolutely beautiful and expressive singing” – Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt, conductor


Dr. Robert Taylor is the Founding Artistic Director of the Taylor Festival Choir and the Taylor Music Group. He is also the Director of Choral Activities at the College of Charleston, and the Director of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Chamber Singers.

"PSAUME 42", for mixed choir, flute and piano by Anthony Sylvestre Anthony Sylvestre, %19 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 ! I present to you my new choral work for mixed choir, piano and flute.
The piece with french lyrics, lasts about 6'45"s.
The lyrics are directly inspired by the psalm 42.
You will find the pdf sheet music and can listen to the mp3 mock-up on the website :
I remain at your entire disposal for any further information. Thanks for visiting.
Best regards,
Anthony Sylvestre
Emotions in Vocal Performance Study at the University of Jyväskylä Shawn Michael Condon, %19 %b %2014 %08:%Sep:%th 8SepGMT+0000
I am looking for participants to take part in a study on emotional expressivity in performance. I am currently finishing my graduate studies in the Music, Mind, & Technology program at the University of Jyväskylä inFinland.  
My research is focused on how singers use and apply emotional expressivity in their performances, from the beginning of the rehearsal process through their initial performance (jury or recital). Ultimately, the goal is to develop techniques for teachers of large ensembles (choirs) to more easily incorporate expressivity into their instruction.  Ideally, participants would be students pursuing a performance degree at any level of their studies. The study would begin at the beginning of the semester in September and continue through their juries. Participants will need to report their progress online four times via questionnaire and then through follow-up emails or Skype conversations.
Interested students can reply directly to my email address expressing their interest at:  shmicond(a)
The study link is here:
Thank you so much again.
Accompanist for Community Chorus David Williams, %19 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Harbour Choral Arts Society in Hanover MA seeks an accompanist for rehearsals for the 2014-15 concert season.  Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7pm-9:15pm, with occasional extra rehearsals (scheduled at start of season).  HCAS is a 22-25 voice community chorus that runs from September to May.  We sing two concerts in December and two in May. Position to start October 27, 2014.
General Musical Requirements
  • Excellent piano, accompanying and sight-reading skills required
  • Knowledge of both the accompaniment and choral parts
  • Be well prepared for all rehearsals and concerts (music director provides syllabus for each rehearsal a week in advance)
  • A strong ear for what is happening in the choral parts and ability to highlight problem passages for singers.
  • The ability to read from open vocal score 
  • Expertise playing a wide variety of musical styles 
  • Accompany the choir for all rehearsals (Monday evenings + 4 Sat mornings Sept-May )
  • Accompany the choir for all concerts and performances (4-5 per season)
  • Support the rehearsal process by leading section rehearsals when requested by the Music Director. (Music Director provides detailed syllabus for sectional rehearsals)
  • Proficiency with various keyboard instruments (continuo/organ) a plus
  • Participate in special events whenever possible.
Preferred qualifications (but not a requirement):
  • Ability as an organist.
  • Improvisational skills are HIGHLY desirable, particularly in hymn/carol playing (alt harm, interludes, etc.)
  • Thorough attention to registration with firm understanding of performance practice 
To be considered, please send the following: 
  • An email with the subject heading “HCAS Accompanist” that includes a cover letter and CV with three references. 
  • Links to video/audio of past performances that demonstrate diverse musical styles should be included if available (not required).
A phone interview will be scheduled in early October and qualified candidates will be invited to audition with the choir Saturday morning October 18. The audition will consist of a rehearsal portion (35 minutes and a solo demonstration of up to three pieces that show contrasting style (5 -10 minutes) and an informal interview (15 minutes).
Pianist/organists will have an opportunity to demonstrate skills on both instruments and access to the organ prior to the audition date can be arranged.
Performance Dates are Saturday December 12 (evening) and Sunday December 14 (afternoon).
Interested applicants should submit resumes to and for further clarification or to answer any questions,  please call David Williams, music director, at 410.212.4656. 
Chorus Auditions Announcment Mary Neumann, %19 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000

Looking for a few more Basses: Come sing with us in 2014-15! The Halalisa Singers welcome experienced singers in all sections who love to sing and enjoy diverse languages and styles. Open rehearsals: Mondays Sept. 22 and 29 at 7:30-9:30pm Hancock Church in Lexington, 1912 Massachusetts Ave on the Battle Green. What you need to do to Audition: Contact Mary Neumann, Artistic Director at to reserve your spot at the Open Rehearsal. Arrive early to collect your music and sit with your section. After rehearsal, stay for a brief range check and sing from 2 selections from our season repertoire covered that evening.

Traditional Zulu Choral Music and Dance Lee Saville-Iksic, %19 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 ]]>WATER - Western Illinois University Madrigals and Singers James Stegall, %19 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
The Western Illinois University Madrigal Singers and University Singers
Dr. James Stegall, conductor
Hyerin Tark, piano
The College of Fine Arts and Communication Recital Hall
Saturday, October 4, 2014
Free admission

On October 4, 2014 the Western Illinois University Madrigal Singers and University Singers conducted by Dr. James Stegall will present their Fall Choral Concert entitled “WATER.”  We all recognize that water is an extremely powerful element that permeates our lives in many ways.  In fact, being near rivers and lakes as we are in rural Illinois often invokes spiritual experiences that prove soothing to the body, mind and soul.  It is in this light we seek to celebrate our relationship with water with selections spanning the Renaissance to present via instances of tears, rivers, thirst, and even boats.  
Program ___________________________
        I.  The Madrigal Singers
Salve Regina - plainchant, c. 9th century
Weep, O Mine Eyes - John Bennet (1575-1614)
Die mit Tränen säen warden mit Freuden ernten - Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672)
When Jesus Wept - William Billings (1746-1800)
Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103, No1 - Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Drop, drop, slow tears - Graham Ross (b. 1985)
       II.  The University Singers
Deep River - Mack Wilberg (b. 1955)
Beautiful River - arr. William Hawley (b. 1950)
Water Night - Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)
Bring Me a Little Water Silvey - arr. Moira Smiley
Cool Water - ar. Roy Ringwald (1910-1995)
O Waly, Waly - arr. daryl Runswick (b. 1946)
       Eli Roth, cello
The Boatmen's Dance - Copland transcribed Irving Fine (1914-1962)
      Terry Chasteen, tenor

Wade in de Water - arr. Allen Koepke (1939-2012)
Publishing pop song arrangements Megan Lied, %19 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 frequently arrange pop music for my students and after some encouragement from peers, I am wondering how to go about publishing arrangements.  I know there are lots of laws surrounding derivative works and copyright, and I have no experience publishing music.  Here are my questions:
1. What are the basics of the laws relating to publishing arrangements?
2. How do I obtain permission to attempt to publish an arrangement?  (Who do I contact, what/how do I ask, etc.)
3. What are the steps to publish any piece of music, and what publishers should I look into?
4. What other steps or challenges have I overlooked that I should know about?
Any answers to any or all of these concerns would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Artistic Director Logan Price, %19 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 Raleigh Boychoir seeks to hire a visionary new Artistic Director, the third AD in our forty-six year history. The Artistic Director has primary oversight of the Boychoir's choral and instrumental music program, working with the board to assemble the artistic team. The AD conducts the Performing Choir and is responsible for the overall education, training and development of the choristers in our four choirs. More information, including a full job description and requirements, can be found here: . Please email a resume, cover letter and salary requirements by October 3, 2014 to Please, no calls. ]]>Harold Rosenbaum's Summer 2015 Choir Tour of Vienna, Austria Jeffrey James, %19 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 Harold Rosenbaum has announced Summer 2015’s choir tour to Vienna, Austria. This is open to everyone, singers and non-singers alike. Participants will join singers from Europe in Haydn’s “The Creation” under the direction of Gerald Wirth, the conductor of the Vienna Boy’s Choir, in Haydn’s own church.

Harold Rosenbaum will train tour members before departing on this tour. He will also conduct participants in another Vienna church, and the group will tour Vienna and other nearby cultural and musical landmarks. All details can be found by clicking on the two links below, where you can also sign up. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Maestro Rosenbaum at For itinerary questions and sign-up information, click on the pages below or visit Encore Tours at

Sign-up information can be found at The leader ID Number is 87349 and the leader name is Rosenbaum.
Harold Rosenbaum, recipient of the 2014 Ditson Conductor’s Award from Columbia University, is the founder and conductor of the New York Virtuoso Singers and the Canticum Novum Singers. He is also lead choral conductor for Parma Recordings, and a Soundbrush Records artist. He is the 2010 winner of ASCAP’s Victor Herbert Founders Award and the winner of the 2008 American Composer Alliance’s Laurel Leaf Award, given in recognition of “distinguished achievement in fostering and encouraging American music.”
A strong proponent of and advocate for contemporary composers and American composers in particular, Rosenbaum has commissioned more than 60 works, and has conducted more than 475 world premieres. Visit him at
Let Ev'ry Mortal Ear Attend (SATB) Jude Jicha, %19 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 hymn arrangement is part of a series adapted from the "Olive Leaf" shape note hymnary. It works wonderfully as part of a service and has an elaborated verse for the choir and conductor to have a beautifully expressive section of the text. This piece has a catchy southern tune and sometimes marchlike character that will indeed make "ev'ry mortal ear attend and ev'ry heart rejoice."
Craig Jessop to conduct the National Memorial Day Choral Festival at the Kennedy Center, May 24, 2015 Bill Bergeman, %19 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
Choirs are now being accepted to the 2015 National Memorial Day Choral Festival, taking place May 22-25, 2015 in Washington, D.C.  The event culminates in two outstanding performances – the first, on Sunday, May 24, is a matinee concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; and, the second, as part of the Opening Ceremonies for the National Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 25.
Dr. Craig Jessop will return for his fifth year as Artistic Director and Conductor.
Conceived in 2008 as a joint venture by the American Veterans Center and Music Celebrations International to attract greater attention to the true meaning of the Memorial Day holiday, Washington, D.C.'s annual Memorial Day Choral Festival honors those veterans past and present who have sacrificed so much for the liberties we currently enjoy in our country - as well as around the world.
For more information, please visit the Memorial Day Festival website:
GREECE: Sing in St Paul's footsteps | Simon Carrington Choir Festival | Amazing custom tours Michael Clohesy, %19 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 Greek performance tours

KIconcerts is proud to offer the best range of Greek performance tours! Perform in Athens, sail the Greek Islands, walk in the history of our very civilization, be swept up in the spirit, warmth and distinctive rhythms of life in Greece.

Simon Carrington – under $3000 per person ex NYC

  • winter festival in the warmth of the Mediterranean – Dec 27, 2015 – Jan 3, 2016
  • Perform individually, rehearse with the master, sing in two gala combined concerts with Greek singers under Carrington’s direction
  • Sail to 3 great Islands in one day enjoying Greek dance and song en route

Sing in the footsteps of Saint Paul

  • Travel as St. Paul did through Greece singing in places of deep significance to Christianity
  • Add the power of your voice to the spirit imbued in these profoundly moving sites

Custom tours from March to October

  • Featuring a 3 or 4 day cruise through the Greek Islands including Mykonos, Ephesus, Patmos, Crete and Santorini
  • Sing on board, sing in Athens, sing in an exchange setting with a Greek choir
  • Explore the treasures of this ancient city

Preveza International Choral Festival/Competition

  • One of the warmest of Europe’s choral festivals
  • Staged in early July
  • Combining the festival, the 4 day Greek Islands cruise and performances in Athens.

Easter in Greece

  • Greece celebrates its Easter a few weeks apart from us making it the best destination in Europe for tours during Holy week and over our Easter
  • Visitors during late March 2016 will find exchange ensembles welcoming and audiences plentiful

Join us in Greece – experience the hospitality, the passion and the history!

Custom Tours | Choir Festivals | Facebook | Contact KI


I Sing the Body Electric choral Shannon Huneryager, %19 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 I Sing the Body Electric choral
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Ed Lojeski (?)
Starting: as soon as possible
For: now through December 2014
Copies: 15
Willing to rent: Yes
Hi there,
Looking for this out-of-print choral arrangement.  I would appreciate any leads!
Thank you!
TENOR soloist and section leader Carrie Anne Wilson, %19 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 Memorial United Methodist Church is now hearing auditions for a tenor soloist and section leader for its Chancel Choir.
The Chancel Choir sings one Sunday morning service at 11:00 AM and rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30.
For more information on Glenn's music program, please visit our website:
To schedule an audition, please contact Steven Darsey 404-634-3936 or
IX International Choir Festival Malgrat de Mar - Barcelona, Spain Giuseppe Corsaro, %19 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000 
IX International Choir Festival
Malgrat de Mar
Barcelona - Spain
from 7th  to  12th - April 2015
The festival is competitive, but is also open to groups who wish to perform only, without taking part in the competition.
A CAPELLA choral music competition in four categories:
  1. Children choirs
  2. Youth choirs
  3. Choirs of equal voices (women voices – men voices)
  4. Mixed voices
For other details, and rules,  visit  our website:
tel / fax +(39) 095 7278224 - Mobile ( +39) 339 1345667
skype contact: gabrielegrimaldi
best regards
Gabriele Grimaldi

"Orisons" (prayer songs) for children Stephen Donnelly, %19 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000!
I'm a children's choir director at a presbyterian church. The idea of "Orisons" are new to me but we have the opportunity to sing the orison one Sunday per month. These are usually very short and unaccompanied "prayer songs" that start the service. 
Can anyone suggest some good resources to find shorter prayer songs that would fit this need? An anthem is just too long for this. Also, cheesy, "cutsie" songs don't go over well with this congregation.
Any help would be appreciated!
Looking for novelty Winter/Holiday piece for adult women's chorus Kathleen Hansen, %19 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000'm looking for a light-hearted piece for my adult women's chorus - it's a large group, 85 members or so. I'm not too picky about the voicing SA, SSA, long as it's fun, funny, or grin-worthy.  The ensemble has a good level of talent, but I'd prefer something that's not too time consuming to learn.
Ideally it would be a wintery song... but secular Christmas would be ok. Christmahannukwanzikah-ish? Preferably accompanied.
Choral Music Baseball Card: Lauridsen Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Aug:%nd 17AugGMT+0000 ]]>2015 National Conference Exhibit and Advertising Space Now Available Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %20:%Jul:%rd 20JulGMT+0000
Interested in gaining access to the biggest choral audience of the 20154-15 academic year?  Then YOU need to advertise and exhibit during the 2015 ACDA National Conference (Salt Lake City, Utah, February 25-28).  Access to this remarkable commercial opportunity is limited to ACDA’s Industry and Institutional members only.
Space in the both the Program Book (the February issue of the Choral Journal) and the exhibit hall is limited, and will sell fast, so do not put this off.
You can LEARN MORE and APPLY online.  Contact Chris Lawrence ( with any questions.
Using the iPad in Rehearsal? Kill Pop-ups and Notifications with Guided Access Jeff Tillinghast, %17 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000

Browsing the forums in ChoralNet, many of our members are sharing their thoughts and questions about using the iPad in rehearsal. Many of these uses are personal-- organization, notes, scores/sheet music or other individual uses. There are many cases, though, where the iPad might be used for the whole group, whether through a projector or sound system. Sharing or making recordings (audio or video), playing accompaniment or pitch examples, projecting score markings or other notes, or displaying the rehearsal order for the day are all examples where the contents of the iPad are made public. What happens when a message comes in, though, or a calendar event pops up? If you've ever had a notification or pop-up appear in the middle of a public presentation, you know how distracting (and maybe even embarrassing) it can be. Even if you're not projecting, an iPad hooked up to a sound system will amplify all of the dings, dongs and beeps that come with your notifications to the whole rehearsal. Thankfully, there is a way to suppress all notifications when you're using the iPad in a rehearsal setting using a setting called Guided Access.

Guided Access allows users to lock into one particular app to help minimize distractions while working. It's a great tool for parents who want to keep the little ones in the finger painting app without being able to access the "all staff" e-mail. Once the feature is activated, you can't leave whichever app you're in until you deactivate it (which can be configured with a passcode for more security). It also has a feature where you can specify parts of the screen that won't receive any pop-ups. If you have a free app that pop-ups up with advertisements from time to time, for example, this could help eliminate those distractions. The real key of Guided Access for our purposes, though, is the fact that while it's turned on, no aural nor visual notifications will occur from any other app. This includes:
  • Calendar

  • iMessage

  • Mail

  • Addictive Games of your Choice

  • Anything else which pushes Notifications

You can, of course, disable many notifications permanently in the Settings app. Guided Access gives you the opportunity to temporarily disable them while you are sharing the iPad in the rehearsal setting and then have it go back to normal mode once you're done.
To activate Guided Access, first turn it on in the Settings app under General->Accessibility->Guided Access. Here, you'll specify if you want to use a passcode in order to turn it off once it's activated. While this helps prevent accidental toddler-mail, it can slow you down unnecessarily if you only use it for "presentation mode" as we're discussing here. Once Guided Access has been activated, go to the app you plan on projecting or playing and triple-click the Home button. You'll be notified that you're in Guided Access mode (and, as a bonus for those of you projecting, you can lock the rotation here so that you don't accidentally rotate your image while sharing). When it's time to leave the app, triple-click the Home button again to disable Guided Access and return to normal use.
Herein lies the limitation for some uses: Since Guided Access locks you into a particular app in order to prevent the notifications, if you actively flip between multiple apps in the course of the rehearsal, you'll have to turn Guided Access on and off each time you do so. While not a long process, it does add an extra step each time you want to switch between apps. Because of this, it works best for scenarios where you'll be in one app for a long period of time-- playing recordings, projecting sight-reading examples or presenting information, for example.
Using Guided Access can help you leave your iPad connected to a sound system or projector without having to fear a pop-up or audio notification causing a distraction or sharing your next doctor's appointment with your ensemble. While it's not a perfect tool for "app smashers" who are flipping between multiple apps in quick succession, it works very well for in-rehearsal use of individual apps.
“Five from the Folder: MS/JH Treble Choirs" by Nathan Dame Scott Dorsey, %07 %b %2014 %21:%Aug:%th 21AugGMT+0000
1.  “Stars, Songs, Faces (No. 3 from a Sandberg Set).”  Nick Page.  Boosey & Hawkes/Hal Leonard  HL48019128
2-part equal divisi and piano.  Call and response melodies combine with lush dissonances to create a great piece for working unified tone.
2.  “Metsa Telegramm.”  Uno Naissoo.  Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard HL35014178
SSA, with piano.  Great piece for introducing Eastern European cultures; in Estonian, choir mimics the sounds of woodpeckers.
3.  “Wind of the Western Sea.”  Bradley Ellingboe.  Hal Leonard HL43509074
SSA, with piano.  Beautiful piece that girls love; ideal for introducing three part harmonies with several repetitive motives.
4.  “O Magnum Mysterium.”  Ivo Antognini.  Alliance AMP0896
2-part, with piano and cello.  Gorgeous SA arrangement of the SATB a cappella work. Lots of tension and release amongst parts.
5.  “Spring Song.”  Eugene Butler.  Hinshaw HMC1220
SSA, with piano.  Great concert opener with driving piano accompaniment and easy three part harmonies.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at
ACDA Honor Choir Auditions Open Scott Dorsey, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Aug:%th 15AugGMT+0000
It’s one of the great features of any ACDA conference: Honor Choirs!
There will be five honor choirs rehearsing and performing during the 2015 National Conference in Salt Lake City:
     Children's Honor Choir     [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     Middle School/Junior High School Boy's Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     Middle School/Junior High School Girl's Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     High School Mixed Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
     College/Community Latin American Honor Choir          [EXCERPT]       [AUDIO]
The audition process for all five honor choirs runs through September 30.
Chorale Bel Canto - HMS Pinafore David Beach, %19 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000

Sunday, October 26, 2014, 4:00pm
Downey Civic Theatre, Downey

Stephen Gothold, conductor 
Staged and costumed principals present Gilbert & Sullivan’s classic comic operetta with Chorale Bel Canto as the chorus of sailors and young ladies, accompanied by the Opera A La Carte orchestra.

for tickets...HMS Pinafore

substitute accompanist needed Sept. 28 in Scottsdale Darin Read, %18 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 a substitute accompanist on Sunday, Sept. 28 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.  for a choral anthem.
North Scottsdale United Methodist Church - 11735 North Scottsdale, Rd. Scottsadale, AZ 85254
Contact Darin Read at or 602-315-7347
Southwestern OK State University's Fifth Invitational Concert Daniel Farris, %18 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Southwestern Oklahoma State University vocal choral division will host its fifth Invitational Choral Concert featuring Yukon High School's Colla Voce under the direction of Darin and Derek Chapin. Southwestern's Chamber Choir will perform Arensky's Serenade from Opus 57 featuring alumnus guitarist Bobby Wolfe, Roberton's "In the forest," and Cazier's "Some of these days" featuring Jordan Ewing, Viktor Wolf, Bobby Wolfe, and Jordan Satterlee as the Southwestern Chamber rhythm section. The women of Southwestern Singers's women will perform "O trenzinho" by Villa-Lobos, and the men will feature an early 20th-century composition by "A Spinster" called "The bachelor's song," conducted by graduate student Oscar Hernandez. Janis South is the rehearsal accompanist for Southwestern Singers and the pianist for the men's work.

Southwestern Singers will sing Tinel's "Twee kinderen," the first movement of Brahms's "Warum ist das Licht gegeben," and Bruckner's "Os justi." Together with Yukon High School's Colla Voce, the choirs will perform Whitacre's "Water night." 

The concert is free.

Tenor Staff Singer Needed Marilyn Biery, %18 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Music Department of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Episcopal) is auditioning candidates for the position of Tenor Staff Singer.
Known nationally for their excellence, the Cathedral Choirs sing for the choral service on Sunday mornings, choral evensong several times a year, and occasional concerts, as well as one domestic tour. 
Successful candidates for the position of staff singer:
      are good sight readers
      are able to provide vocal leadership
      have good intonation, tone, and diction
      are cooperative and willing to take direction
      are available, reliable, and punctual
      are outgoing, friendly, and have strong leadership skills
      are able to work with volunteer singers and foster community
Staff singers are paid “per call” at the rate of $55. Appointments are for one season and a staff singer may be re-appointed upon a new audition. There are regular opportunities for solo work, additional compensation and primary consideration for weddings and funerals. Religious affiliation is not required, although a sense of spiritual hospitality is expected.
Weekly rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.  The Sunday choral service is at 11:00 a.m. with a 10:00 a.m. rehearsal.  Choral evensong is generally on the fourth Sunday of each month at 4:00 p.m. with a 2:30 p.m. rehearsal. 
Located at 4800 Woodward Avenue, in the heart of Detroit’s mid-town cultural district, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul is the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and has a long tradition of excellence in music and the arts.  The Cathedral is the home of the Cathedral Choir School of Metropolitan Detroit.   Please visit our website at 
1. One piece in any language (or solo section from a choral work. The piece need not be memorized, but extra copies for the accompanist should be provided. 2. Prepare and sing an assigned piece of choral music (copy available in advance) 3. Sight-sing a passage of choir music with accompaniment. 4. Sight-sing a short melody unaccompanied. 5. Provide a resume of musical training
Interested persons are invited to contact Jeremy David Tarrant, Organist and Choirmaster:
Phone              313.550.9960
Claremont Chorale - last call for fall Gregory Norton, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Claremont Chorale, an independent chorus of sixty voices based in Claremont, California, is still accepting new volunteer singers.  Rehearsals have begun for the season's first concert, MARY'S LULLABY.  Monday, Sep 22, will be the last date for new members until January.
The Chorale rehearses on Monday nights, 7:30 - 9:45 p.m. in central Claremont.  For more information, visit our website:
Or contact Music Director Greg Norton at:
Men's choir sacred music Caleb Bennetch, %18 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 all,
I am a newly appointed church music director, and am looking for some good collections of men's sacred choral music-- preferrably TBB as I am very short on tenors. Are their any good online resources for men's music, or any good compilations for purchase? I am very tired of sifting through really poorly arranged music with fake accompaniments or bad mash-ups! Thanks for the help!
Two Rivers Chorale presents Christmas Garlands Maria Foley, %18 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
Two Rivers Chorale, under the baton of Timothy Sawyer, presents the warm and festive sounds of the holiday season as we prepare to record TRC’s popular Christmas CD.
November 14, 2014 - 7:30 p.m.
Christ Presbyterian Church
6901 Normandale Road, Edina, MN 55435
November 15, 2014 - 4:00 p.m.
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
3920 North Victoria Street, Shoreview, MN 55126
November 16, 2014 - 4:00 p.m.
Edinbrook Church
4300 Edinbrook Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
This concert features delightful Christmas carol settings and seasonal music for choir with cello and piano including arrangements by Dale Warland, Howard Helvey, René Clausen, John Rutter and more plus your chance to join TRC in singing several Christmas favorites!
It’s Christmas in November!
Free admission, donations accepted
Southwestern OK State University free OMEA/OCDA music workshop Daniel Farris, %18 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 Oklahoma State University's vocal/choral division will host a free OMEA/OCDA music workshop on 4 October 2014 for all students and teachers participating in the OMEA/OCDA auditions.  The workshop will consist of group and sectional rehearsals over the OMEA and OCDA music from 8:30 AM to 12 PM, addressing vocal technique, rhythmic/pitch accuracy, diction, articulation, musicality, and audition strategies to help with nerves.  At 1 PM, there will be a group meeting to discuss audition procedures and nerve-calming strategy.  Then, a voluntary mock audition will take place where pre-registered students may sing an audition as is experienced in the OMEA/OCDA audition process, then receive vocal and musical instruction on how to further sing a strong audition on the 2015 OMEA/OCDA music.


Please contact Daniel Farris at or 580.774.3208 to send your participants' information (mainly number of students per section) and the student names for the mock auditions.  There will be five slots for OMEA mock auditions and five slots for OCDA, so participation is first-come, first-served.  Students should bring their OMEA or OCDA music.

Set of 5 Wenger Risers for Sale Troy Bausch, %18 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 Short 3 Long 3 tier risers for sale.  Make an offer.  We have upgraded our set and we need to find a new home for these quickly. ]]>Music Program Assistant - First Congregational Church of Berkeley, UCC Derek Tam, %18 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 PROGRAM ASSISTANT
First Congregational Church of Berkeley, UCC, a progressive, welcoming community, is recruiting a Music Program Assistant to work in partnership with the Director of Music to plan, select and lead music at worship services and church events, with an emphasis on the 9 a.m. casual service.
Essential duties include:
    - Selects, coordinates and leads music at the 9 a.m. Sunday worship service in partnership with the Director of Music.
    - Coordinates and leads a weekly music rehearsal for worship leaders.
    - Initiates and grows a young adult choir.
    - As requested, provides special music at other services and events.
    - Participates in weekly worship team meetings.
    - Other duties as assigned.
This is a part-time (8-10 hours) non-exempt level position that requires:
    - The ability and desire to encourage the musical talents of church members.
    - Proven ability to recruit volunteers and to work collegially with them and other members of the church staff.
    - Basic MS Office skills.
    - Extensive knowledge and appreciation of a broad variety of musical styles, particularly contemporary ones.
    - 2+ years’ experience as a church music leader.
Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their cover letter and resume to Director of Music, Derek Tam, at Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2014, and will be reviewed as received.
Learn more about us at!
No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!
Choir chairs Rob Gerlach, %18 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 know this topic has been around the block in the last several years, but wondering what kind of choir chairs you would recommend.  Middle schoolers through adult singers will be using them.  Rob ]]>Choir and Big Band Susan Mueller, %18 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 anyone done a concert with choir and big band?  If so, do you have repertoire suggestions? ]]>Your Five Favorite UU Anthems Jon Arterton, %18 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 lead a Unitarian choir and am always looking for great music. We prefer pieces in English that have piano accompaniment and that have universal themes of peace, love and justice. To get the ball rolling, here's my list:
How Can I Keep From Singing (G. Walker)
Amazing Grace (arr. Schrader)
Take Me to the Water (R. Dillworth)
Like a Mighty Stream (M. Hogan & J. Jacobson)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (arr. K. Shaw)
Holiday repertoire for middle school choir christie tate, %18 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000'm looking for easy 2 part Holiday Repertoire. Any suggestions? ]]>HELP! I need SAAB Pop songs for university choir! John Kennedy, %18 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000 folks,

So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, our conductor has admitted defeat, and dropped much of the classical syllabus for choir this year, due to an abundance of pop singers in the choir who can't read music and don't like choral music. She's asking for submissions of pop stuff from us. I gave her what pieces I thought suitable from my own collection, but they're either too difficult, or too many parts. We've no tenors, two basses, and a plethora of women.

Can you suggest any decent arrangements of pop music that'd be suitable? We're doing Sara Bareilles at the moment, and it's driving me nuts, so I thought I'd reach out here and see if anyone knows of any popular tunes that have been arranged well for SAAB?

JK ]]>
Church Choir Accompanist Needed - February, 2015 Rick Rosen, %18 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 regular accompanist will be away for part of February 2015, so Church of the Messiah (Episcopal) in Gwynedd, PA (suburban Phila.) needs an accompanist for evening chancel choir rehearsals on February 19 & 26, and morning services on February 22 & March 1. Music (to be played exclusively on piano) includes offertories, communions and hymns. Rehearsals - $50@; services - $75@. Contact Rick Rosen, Minister of Music - ]]>Tenors and Basses Needed Tony Chunn, %18 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000
First United Methodist Church is welcoming tenors and basses to join our Chancel Choir.
The Chancel Choir sings weekly during the 11 a.m. worship hour. 
Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
In addition to morning worship leadership, the choir offers two major evening concerts with orchestra annually.
For more information, contact Tony Chunn via ChoralNet
New Set of Three Irish Lyrics by Robert Sieving from Colla Voce Music Chris Matthews, %18 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000      
Click the cover image to view the score in their entirety.
This new set entitled "Three Irish Lyrics" by Robert Sieving is an ideal choice to show off the talents of your unaccompanied mixed choir.  Each title is unique in character and offers a different challenge for your choir to tackle.  From the pulsing rhythms of "I Know Where I'm Going" to the lyrical counterpoint of "Do You Remember?, your choir is sure to enjoy learning and performing these new settings of such popular texts.  Be sure to check out all three at
Will Todd plays Evensong in Blue on October 5th Scott Toperzer, %18 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 composer and jazz pianist, Will Todd will join the music programs of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (Scott Toperzer, music director) and the First Congregational Church (Edwin Taylor, music director) of Ridgefield, CT in a Jazz Evensong service. The service will feature Mr. Todd's "Durham Jazz Evensong" heard on the CD "Evensong in Blue" by the choir of St. Martin in the Fields, as well as non-jazz choral pieces such as the Sanctus from the "Mass for the People of Guilford."  The choirs and Mr. Todd will be accompanied by a professional jazz ensemble.  The event is free and open to the public. Please join us on Sunday, Oct. 5th at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary of St. Stephen's church at 351 Main Street in Ridgefield.  ]]>Southern California Exchange - Sept 19 and 22 Brian Dehn, %18 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000,
I am taking my high school choir on a mini tour this weekend and would love to do an exchange with anyone. My previous plan has now fallen through! 
Friday, Sept 19
Monday, Sept 22
We are from South Orange County and are looking for something between home and Santa Barbara - so, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Northridge, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica, Ventura, etc. Anyone know anyone out there? We just want to sing for you and have you sing for food needed and we are nice! 
Feel free to respond privately! 
-Brian Dehn
JSerra Catholic High School
Joint Community Choir Concerts in New Zealand John Schulthess, %18 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000 to do four joint community concerts in Auckland, Taupo and Rotorua, New Zealand.
11 Days with air fare from Los Angeles in 2015 or 2016 from $ 3800 - Very inclusive.
Contact John Schulthess - - 626 798 1055
Sydney Opera House Performance Spot available June 24, 2015 John Schulthess, %18 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000 to a cancellation, we have one place available in the Sydney Youth Musicale in The Sydney Opera House on June 24, 2015.
Complete tour available with air fare from Los Angeles for 9 days at $ 2995.00
This opportunity will not be available for long so contact us immediately.
If you miss there will be another opportunity in June 2016.
John Schulthess - - 626 798 1055
"A Cappella Federation" Performs in ACDA Museum Scott Dorsey, %17 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
The "A Cappella Federation" (Brian Hogan & Casey McCarty, co-directors) enjoyed a day of rehearsal on September 13, in the McMahon International Choral Music Museum located at the national office of the American Choral Directors Association.
This performance was the latest in the ACDA Visiting Choir Series.  Other recent choral performers have included the Nordic Choir from Luther College (Iowa), the Schola Cantorum from Houston Baptist University, the Baylor University A Cappella Choir, the Concert Choir from William Jewel College, the Lawrence High School Concert Choir, and the Young Choirs of Central Oklahoma.
If your choir would like to sing in the McMahon Museum as a part of the Visiting Choir Series, contact Scott Dorsey at
CALL FOR PAPERS for ACDA’S 2nd National Symposium on American Choral Music: The Music of Latin America Scott Dorsey, %11 %b %2014 %13:%Jun:%th 13JunGMT+0000
The American Choral Directors Association Research and Publications Committee is inviting research papers to be presented at the Second National Symposium on American Choral Music to be held in Austin, Texas, June 12­–13, 2015.  The event will be cosponsored by the University of Texas at Austin Music Department, the UT Center for American Music, and the UT Institute of Latin American Studies.  
The Symposium theme is "Searching for a Latin American Musical Style,” focusing on works from both the colonial and modern periods.  The Symposium will include performances, paper/poster presentations, and composer/scholarly panels.
ACDA invites interested scholars to submit proposals (2–3 pages) for paper presentations at the Symposium.  The papers will be included in the published proceedings of the Symposium.  Send proposals to Dr. John Silantien, Department of Music, University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX  78249. Electronic submissions can be e-mailed to
DEADLINE for submissions is September 30, 2014.
Student Composition Contest Scott Dorsey, %15 %b %2013 %18:%May:%th 18MayGMT+0000 American Choral Directors Association is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Raymond W. Brock Memorial Student Music Composition Contest.
     The award includes a cash prize of $1,000 and the prospect of having the work premiered during a divisional or national conference of the American Choral Directors Association.
     The application and guidelines for the Student Composition Competition Application are available online. 
The deadline for application is October 1, 2014.
CJ Replay: Conductors Have Flappy Lips Scott Dorsey, %04 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article, “Forty Percent” by Scott S. Withrow)
"In an analysis of five choral conductors' rehearsals Thurman (1978) found that an average of forty per cent of rehearsal time was used for verbal communication by the conductors." (Choral Journal, January, 1980, page 11)
       FORTY PERCENT? As an average? Some conductors talk more than forty per cent? What conceit! Do those choral directors feel that their gems of spoken wisdom are worth the same or more than the experience of singing great music? Does that mean that out of every hour of rehearsal, 24 minutes are talk and only 36 minutes singing? Do we enjoy the sounds of our own voices that much? Or are we just careless? Or do we have so many details to take care of that we just can't sing much?
       Forty percent of rehearsal time spent in verbal communication by the conductor is too much! At least TWICE too much! Something has to be done about it, ere we be conductors without choruses.
       Obvious truism: the major purpose of a choral group is to sing. Truism No.2: the verbal expressions of any conductor, living or dead, are not a satisfactory substitute for experiencing great music by singing it.
       Consider the conductors who you have worked under and admired. What you remember about them may be opinion(s), favorite phrase(s), anecdote(s). It is safe to say that you do not remember anything they said that took more than 25 seconds to say!
       FORTY PER CENT IS TOO MUCH! Sing more and talk less! And your groups will sing better for it!
READ the entire article.
Books Worth Your Time VI Richard Sparks, %17 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 do we, given the enormous number of things we do in our jobs as conductors, keep sane and healthy? How can we deal better with stress?
Are there ways for us to do what we do with joy, full energy, and full engagement?
This week's title is The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. The subtitle tells the story: "Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal."
Jim Loehr has been a coach to hundreds of athletes, working with, among others tennis players Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, and Monica Seles; golfers Mark O'Meara and Ernie Els; basketball players Nick Anderson and Grant Hill; and speed skater Dan Jansen. Loehr's coaching was not about their athletic skills or technique, but in helping them manage their energy more effectively. After those successes, Loehr's company expanded to corporate clients and entrepreneurs.
In his language, you have to become a "corporate athlete"—we might say "conductor athlete" or "teaching athlete."
In order to achieve great performance he outlines several principles:
  1. Full engagement requires drawing on four separate but related sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  2. Because energy capacity diminishes both with overuse and underuse, we must balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal
  3. To build capacity, we must push beyond our normal limits, training in the same systematic way that elite athletes do
  4. Positive energy rituals—highly specific routines for managing energy—are the key to full engagement and sustained high performance
This has to do with all the elements that go into those areas of energy: what you eat, how you exercise, how you rest and sleep, etc. He says, "The richest, happiest and most productive lives are characterized by the ability to fully engage in the challenge at hand, but also to disengage periodically and seek renewal. Instead, many of us live our lives as if we are running in and endless marathon, pushing ourselves far beyond healthy levels of exertion. We become flat liners mentally and emotionally by relentlessly spending energy without sufficient recovery. Either way, we slowly but inexorably wear down."
The space (and time to write!) I have for this blog is far too short to fully describe the book. He uses a hypothetical example of a stressed out manager who's falling apart that they work with in order to go through the steps of building capacity (in all the areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It's a good way to illustrate the process they take clients through in their work (and to imagine your own challenges).
I've found this immensely valuable, although I'm not equally successful in all areas! However, this year is a good test for me: last year, in addition to my teaching and administrative job at UNT, I became Interim Chancel Choir Director at the largest Methodist Church in the world: Highland Park UMC. This year, however, I've added the title (and most of the job) of Interim Director of Music & Arts in a program with a big concert series and many other things to administer. I have help, of course, and the staff at HPUMC is wonderful. But I still have to find the time to get all the work done at both jobs and not short either place.
I'd already learned one of the biggest lessons from the book, which is that humans work best naturally in a rhythmic, pulsing way—i.e., we need to regularly exert effort, but then disengage, even if briefly. Over the last decade or so I've gotten much better at being able to work intensely with lots of focus and energy, but then disengage for a short time with an activity (which can be surprisingly short) that allows me to recharge my batteries. Much like the waves in the ocean, the energy we exert needs to be used in pulses of both energy and rest and renewal.
I'm much better at giving myself time for mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal. And I find ways, when I have a day off to truly disengage, renew and recreate (and I usually schedule a massage!). All of that is invaluable.
I'm not nearly as good keeping up with the physical side: making time for regular exercise, eating better, and getting enough sleep . . . but I'm working on it!
I think you'll find this book and its ideas a valuable addition to your library. All of us need to find ways to renew ourselves to be able to give our choirs the best we have to offer! And we need it to truly live life and not just survive it.
Ensemble Choir SPERA (Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, 23 March, 2015) Hajime Akiyama, %18 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 of the Ensemble Choir SPERA, an ecumenical choir in Japan will be held at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall on 23 March, 2015.
Tickets will be on sale on 22 November.
We look forward to seeing you at Opera City.

Ensemble Choir SPERA
Conductor: Koji Oguchi
Organ: Maki Nagase
March 23, 2015 (Mon)
Start: 19:00 (Open: 18:30)
Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall
Entrance Fee: 3,000 yen
Tickets will be on sale on November 22 (Sat)
Tickets are available from Opera City Ticket Centre (03-5353-9999) or e+ (
Inquiry: 03-3486-5175 or (Office Cuore)
Supported by: Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki and Kirisuto Shimbun, Co., Ltd.
For further information, please visit
Music of Sam Batt Owens Marilyn Oakes, %17 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000 any anthems in the public domain
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Sam Batt Owens
Starting: Now
For: 2 weeks
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
I knew Dr. Sam Batt Owens very well and spent quite a lot of time with him. I am aware of many choral anthems he composed that are no longer in print. I'd be deeply grateful for one (1) copy of anything he wrote that is out of print or in the public domain. I am especially interested in his setting of Psalm 100 but would be very appreciative of anything you could send me. Best address for me is: P.O. Box 672275, Marietta, Georgia 30006. I will promptly return every anthem.
If, by chance, you know how to reach his daughter, Jodie, I'd be grateful for her contact information, as well.
Thanks very much.
Marilyn T. Oakes
Memorial Concert: Dr. Marilyn S. Jones Kelli Falls, %17 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 celebration concert remembering and celebrating the inspiring life, of long time choral music educator Dr. Marilyn S. Jones
September 28th, 2014
Brighton Center for the Performing Arts
The Princeton Singers' 30th Anniversary Concert Kal Sostarecz, %17 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000

30th Anniversary Concert!

Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 8:00pm

Trinity Church, Princeton

When The Princeton Singers was founded thirty years ago, it was the dream of a few devoted singers and founder, John Bertalot. Under the direction of Bertalot and current Artistic Director, Steven Sametz, with the help of friends, the Princeton community, and generations of talented singers, The Princeton Singers is now recognized as one of the premiere professional chamber choirs in the country.

To celebrate, Steven Sametz has chosen a program of wonders, dreams, and visions from the Renaissance, to new works created through The Princeton Singers’ active commissioning program. We are joined by returning alumni to present works by Stenhammar, Debussy, Verdalot, and featuring Whitacre’s Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, a reprise of Sametz’s Dante’s Dream, and the premiere of a new work commemorating the thirtieth anniversary season by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Steven Stucky, Winter Stars.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, please log on to

Introducing the L.A. Choral Lab - an eclectic choral program, Los Angeles, 9/26/14 Michael Alfera, %17 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000, September 26, 2014
Zipper Concert Hall at the Colburn School
Los Angeles, CA
The L.A. Choral Lab is a newly-formed classical chamber choir based in Southern California consisting of 21 young professional choral artists. Watch their short "About Us" video here.
Their upcoming inaugural concert includes the following works:
Precious Lord - arr. Arnold Sevier [rehearsal audio clip]
From My Heart Springs a Song - Joel Martinson
glad and very, Op. 129 - Vincent Persichetti [i. little man - rehearsal audio clip]
Taaveti laul nr.137 [Psalm 137] - Cyrillus Kreek
Pablo Neruda in Love - Jeffrey Bernstein (2004)
Another Lullaby for Insomniacs - Matthew Brown (2011)
John the Revelator (Caldwell & Ivory) [rehearsal audio clip]
Bass/Baritone Section Leader Jade Maze, %17 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000
Hyde Park Union Church in Chicago, IL is seeking a bass or bass/baritone to join the Sunday morning Choir as a paid section leader.  Section leaders are paid per call ($35/call so $70/week with more calls during Christmas and Easter seasons).  Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.  Singers are called for rehearsal at 9 A.M. on Sunday mornings, in preparation for the 10:30 A.M. service.    
Hyde Park Union Church is a congregation that appreciates fine choral and organ repertoire, as well as contemporary pieces rooted in jazz and other genres. So your singing style can be strong in either contemporary/gospel or classical music, no preference. We are looking for a positive person that is reliable with solid vocal technique and some music reading ability.
Please send resumé/intro letter and sound clips (if available) to Director of Music, Jade Maze at 773-610-2996
 interview will involve:
*A conversation with the director of music
*Singing, unaccompanied, a 2-3 minute excerpt of your choice that demonstrates your vocal ability
Hyde Park Union Church
5600 S. Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
BASS and ALTO Choral Scholar Position Opening - New details Rozanna Goocey, %17 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 United Methodist Church, Durham, NC

Rozanna Vancil Goocey, Director of Music Ministries and organist   -

ORIGINALLY looking for undergraduates - but now open to all education levels.  


*Provide musical leadership to the Trinity Choir from August 2014 - May 2015.

(Approximately 35 Weeks, which allows for some weeks off.  Some days off by director’s choosing, and some days off by Choral Scholar’s choosing.)

*Attend all scheduled rehearsals, Sunday worship services, and additional seasonal services as requested by the director of music.  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:00pm.  Sunday morning worship begins at 11:00 with a 10:15 call for the choir.  Additional services may include, but are not limited to: Advent Lessons and Carols, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday.  Christmas Eve is not required.

*Serve as soloist or in a small ensemble as requested by the director of music.

*Be a model of professionalism, punctuality, and musical excellence to the other choir members.

*Build positive relationships with other choir members and work to develop their musical skills.

*If an absence is required, communicate with the director of music well in advance and work to find a substitute.


*Excellent vocal technique: Consistent and relaxed tone, good range, working towards a degree in voice or just recently graduated.

*Excellent musicianship: Sight-reading, intonation, ensemble sense, stylistic awareness.


*Being part of a community of wonderful people who love to sing

*Opportunity to develop as a musician

*Summer break, and weeks off throughout the year.


$35 per call.


Submit resume via email to the director of music at the email address above.  An in-person interview will involve:

*A conversation with the director of music

*Singing, unaccompanied, a 2-3 minute excerpt of your choice that demonstrates your vocal ability.

  This could be from choral or solo repertoire, and English, Latin, German or Italian is acceptable.

*Sight-singing and aural skills evaluation
Soprano Section Leader - Church Choir Sara Hanson, %17 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Seattle, WA (Wedgwood) is currently seeking stipend soprano leader for our Adult Choir for the 2014-2015 season. Qualifications for the position are excellent sight-reading skills, ability to lead the section vocally as well as by example, experience in choral singing, and a cheerful attitude. Occasional solo opportunities exist as well. Wednesday rehearsals 7:15 - 9:15 p.m.; Sunday warm-up and service 8:45 – 11 a.m.; one Saturday a Month, Mass as Cantor 5 PM with rehearsal before with pianist; as well as services during Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, and other services and concerts. The choir sings a wide variety of sacred choral literature, and presents at least one larger work each year. For more information contact Sara R. Hanson, Director of Music and Liturgy, 206.523.6776 x119 ]]>Join Elena Sharkova in Ireland summer 2016 - Galway & Dublin choir festival Michael Clohesy, %17 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 Ireland Choir Festival 2016 with Elena Sharkova

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to again serve as a festival conductor for KI in 2016. After the moving experiences performing in the awe-inspiring venues of the 2014 Passion of Italy KI festival in Rome, I am thrilled to plan the next musical, cultural and historic exploration – this time to Ireland!

I am looking forward to creating a program that expresses the passion of Irish music and the richness of its history and culture. A program that joins the lives and sounds of two continents through young people singing in one voice - reflecting the thoughts and feelings of those from around the world. A program that embraces audiences with a boldness and clarity of expression they will relish and remember.

The festival begins in the beautiful city of Galway - the Cultural Heart of Ireland - where the charming cobblestoned streets will have us stepping back in time to Medieval Ireland. We will enjoy our rehearsals there, getting to know each other, building our collective voice and celebrating our individuality through stand alone performances. Our first Gala Concert will be an unforgettable experience as the sound of the festival choir resonates in the amazing acoustics of the Galway Cathedral (tbd).

Traveling from Galway to Dublin, we will experience the whimsy of the Irish countryside looking here and there for a four-leaf clover. In Dublin, choirs will have further opportunities for individual concerts before we build to a crescendo with our final Gala concert at Christ Church Cathedral (tbd).

We will seek out impromptu moments of song in town squares, in market places and in ancient laneways where Irish folk gather. Join us to share the joy of our talent, our unique ability to reach across the oceans and make new friends through song

Elena Sharkova

Contact KI for tour details | KIchoirs on Facebook

KIconcerts: Festival Riviera - France 2016 Choir Festival with Henry Leck


GOING BEYOND WORDS TO FEATURE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS MUSICIANS Stanley Schmidt, %17 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Beyond Words, now in its 22nd year will present another in its series called Choral Concert Live.  Featured will be musicians from The University of North Texas in Denton which is recognized as one of the top music schools in the world for Classical and Jazz.  Lidstener's will applaud the talents of the A Cappella Choir recorded at the ACDA National Convention in Dallas, March of 2013 un the baton of Dr. Jerry McCoy by Soundwaves Recordings of Huron, Ohio.  The Second part of the program features a significant choral work offered by the University of North Texas University Singers and Concert Orchestra, under the guidence of Dr. Richard Sparkks.  They Will perform Canadian Composer Allan Bevan's "Nou goth sonne under wode", a 30 minute  Good Friday meditation.
WHAT: Going Beyond Words, Choral Concert Live
WHEN: Sunday, September 21, 2014; Noon Central Time
WHERE: KVNO.ORG  Click on Listen
Prayer #1(From "Admajorem Die Gloriam" 1939)  Benjamin Britten'
Gloria  (From: "Mass for Double Choir"1922) Frank Martin
Entreat me not to leave you (2012) by American Composer Dan Forrest
Dream Variations, Mvt 2 and Song, Mvt 4 (From: "The Dream Keeper" 2009) William Averitt
Pianists for the Last two selections are Dr. Steven Harlos and Kiryang Kim
This was recorded at the ACDA National Convention in Dallas, 2013
This recording are available from: http://SOUNDWAVESRECORDINGS.ORG
"Nou Goth sonne under vode" by canadian composer Dr. Allan Bevan
The University of North Texas University Singers and Concert Orchestra, under the leadership of Dr. Richard Sparks
This 30 minute Good Friday meditation in four movements
It is scored for soprano soloist, narrator, mixed chorus SATB, and orchestra (2 oboes, 2 horns, harp, percussion, timpani, organ, and strings). Oneyda Padierna, an under graduate student is Soprano soloist and UNT faculty member Stephen Morscheck is the Narrator.  The performance was recorded on the UNT Campus on March 3, 2014.
An in depth description and discusstion of this work is available on my Blog of http://WWW.GOINGBEYONDWORDS.COM 
Look for show #3116.  
Comments may be directed to  A youtube version of this concert is also available at
When you are through listening you are encouraged to make plans to attend the ACDA National Convention in Salt Lake City
ALBION - Birmingham Jewelery Quarter Andrew Throssell, %17 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000
The choral group Albion gives concerts like no others! Its unique repertoire is made up of beautiful all-new versions of the music of Britain and Ireland. Much-loved songs like Danny Boy, Scarborough Fair, and Jerusalem – a staple of the Last Night of the Proms – are sung in special ‘reimagined’ settings with lush harmonies and soaring lines. Alongside them are striking new musical versions of favourite texts by Yeats, Robert Burns, and many other sources including the King James Bible.
“Without wishing to get to the point too soon, they are very, very good...Immediate and vibrant... Make an effort to see them live – I doubt you’ll regret it.”
Now Then magazine
Albion’s ten singers make inventive use of the special spaces in which they perform, surrounding the audience with sound, drawing people in to their new musical world. It’s an eclectic and exhilarating combination of familiar and fresh that audiences find compelling, moving, and unlike any other musical experience!
“SUPERB. Delay in clapping due to not wanting to break the spell”
Audience member, winter 2013
Albion come down from Yorkshire to Birmingham for the first time this autumn, bringing their WINTER SONGS show to the fantastic St Paul’s Church on St Cecilia’s Day. We’ll hear best-loved songs such as The Skye Boat Song and Loch Lomond alongside seasonal carols and songs including The Truth from Above and The Angel Gabriel. Music-lovers from Birmingham and beyond are invited to share in this special experience of beautiful music-making with a warm spirit.
“I was transported to another place for a short time – a little bit of heaven?”
Audience member, Christmas 2013
Touring this next March to TX, AR, LA, AL and TN... John Broman, %17 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 All!  Happy Wednesday!
 I am writing today on behalf of my husband, Dr. John Broman, Director of Choral Activities at The University of North Georgia, Dahlonega campus here in North Georgia.  John is taking his college choir on tour this spring, and needs hosts and places to perform in the following cities/areas on the following dates: 
Fri. March 13 - Memphis, TN
Sat. March 14 - Fr. Smith, AR
Mon. March 16 - Dallas, TX
Tues. March 17 - Houston, TX   OR   Wed. March 18 - Houston, TX
Thurs. March 19 - Baton Rouge, LA 
Fri. March 20 - Montgomery, AL
His ensemble will number about 45ish and are about the sweetest kids you will meet! Dr. Broman, the conductor and the contact for this tour, is needing a place for his ensemble to sing on the dates listed above-- a church, a college, etc. and would need a group of awesome music supporters to provide overnight accomodations for the group.. (supper, housing and breakfast)...
Dr. John Broman can be contacted at or by telephone at 612-300-1060 -- He would be so thankful to hear from you if you have ANY ideas for this tour.  
Thanks much for supporting great choral music by kiddos who haven't traveled all that much.  :)
Tracie Heim-Broman, Choral Director and Wife
Elgar's "The Snow" orchestra parts Borrow or rent David Kowalczyk, %17 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 orchestra parts for "The Snow" Elgar
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Novello edition (out of print)
Starting: October 1-December 10, 2014
For: 2 months
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
I would like to borrow or rent the orchestra parts (not just 2 Violins) of Elgar's "The Snow" (Novello--out of print).
David Kowalczyk
St. Joseph's Academy
Gently Used Formal Dresses Natalie Vieyra, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000'm looking for 20 black floor length formal choir dresses. I'm new to my program and they have been wearing the same robes for over 30 years. We recently consolidated and the robes no longer match the school's colors. Is anyone looking to sell a set of formal dresses?  ]]>PAID Section Leaders: CATHEDRAL of SAINT PAUL (MN) Sean Vogt, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
The Cathedral of Saint Paul invites applications for 3 open Section Leader positions (A1, A2, B2) for the Cathedral Choir/ Cathedral Schola Cantorum.  Section Leaders attend all scheduled Wednesday night rehearsals (7-9pm), Sunday 10am mass (with 9am call time), and other liturgies as assigned.  An appreciation for Roman Catholic liturgy and the highest caliber of sacred music is required.  The Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Schola Cantorum specialize in Renaissance polyphony and Gregorian chant. Christmas, Holy Week and Easter liturgies are required. Season begins in mid-SEPTEMBER and ends on the FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI (June). Performance expectations are consistent with nationally known professional resident ensembles.
Approximate Annual Compensation
$65/call @ approx 105-120+ calls = $6,825-$7,800+
The Cantor ministry flows from the Section Leader pool, at the discretion of the sacred music staff.
$75/call @ approx 52+ calls = $3,900+
Audition Procedure:
Prepare a solo aria (J. S. Bach Passion or G. F. Handel Oratorio); Prepare for sight-reading (rhythmic and melodic) and collegial dialogue. Please bring a copy of your CV/Résumé.  You may bring your own accompanist (if you prefer), although one is provided.
Plan for 15 minutes per audition.
Contact Dr. Sean Vogt by email only to schedule your audition:
Tenor Section Leader Wanted Paul Kusler, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Community in Winter Park (Diocese of Orlando) Florida is looking for a Tenor Section Leader.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and Sunday morning Liturgy at 10am with warm ups beginning at 9:20am.    Opportunity and additional income is possible with weddings and funerals as well as cantoring other weekend liturgies.   Please email Paul Kusler, Director of Music and Liturgy at   Position is available immediately. ]]>Bass Section leader/soloist for Valley Presbyterian Church carolyn Eynon, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 starting Wed October 1 for a BASS/Baritone section leader and soloist for a large Chancel Choir in Valley Presbyterian Church in Paradise Valley, Az. Auditions are on Wed. Sept 24 at 6;00pm in the choir room. send resume to Paid position. All Wed nights  and Sunday mornings are needed. ]]>Belgian Summer Sing Marie Fox, %17 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000, Belgium
July 21-25, 2016

The city of Ghent welcomes choirs from Europe and North America to perform in the stunning St. Michael’s Cathedral. Celebrate choral music as part of the “Ghent Arts and Music Festival,” Europe’s largest open-air cultural festival. Visit and perform in the capital city of Brussels and the beautiful and historic city of Bruges.
American Academy in Rome 2015 Rome Prize Robert Starkoff, %17 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 American Academy in Rome online application form for the 2015 Rome Prize competition is currently available on the Academy website at

The American Academy in Rome is the oldest American overseas center for independent study and advanced research in the arts and the humanities.  For one hundred and twenty years the 
Academy's eleven acre center in Rome has provided an inspiring environment for those who practice the fine and liberal arts.

The Rome Prize is awarded annually to about thirty candidates, each selected by a jury of distinguished peers through a national competition.

The winners are invited to Rome to pursue their work for periods ranging from six months to two years.  They are provided with stipends, residential accommodation, meals, private studies or 
studios, and most important, an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and artistic freedom, interdisciplinary exchange, and innovation.

Please visit the Academy website for more pertinent information about the Academy, the fellowship, application rules, guidelines, deadline, and fees.
Two New Sacred Unaccompanied SATB Releases From Colla Voce Music Chris Matthews, %17 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000  
Click the cover image to view (and listen to) the scores in their entirety.
Kurt E. von Kampen's "O Lux Beata Trinitas" sets both Latin and English text from St. Ambrose and II Corinthians. Careful attention to both voice leading and harmonic movement allows this text to float and shimmer and is ideal for filling up large performance spaces. The music material is accessible for a variety of mixed groups and would be ideal for schools with a religious affiliation. 
Andrew March's "Marian Antiphon No. 3", a setting of the Latin Liturgical text "Regina Coeli", utilizes rich, slowly unfolding harmonic progressions to emphasize the deep meaning of the text.  This title would be ideal for performance on a cathedral tour program and is sure to provide a rewarding challenge for your advanced mixed chorus.
New title for SSA and Piano by Patti Drennan from Colla Voce Music Chris Matthews, %17 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000
Click the cover image to view the score in its entriety.
This new release for SSA and Piano by Patti Drennan incorporates three of Emily Dickinson's most popular texts, contrasting stylistically from a slow, emotional setting to a light and lilting feel, then back to a fuller and more passionate setting. These short works, intended to be performed as a complete set, are suitable for treble choirs of all ages and our sure to be an audience favorite. Take a look at the score today at
Middle School Choir- Rehearsal Help Shelley Mitchell, %17 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 is my 3rd year teaching at a middle school in Indianapolis and I'm facing a new challenge that I'm just 'stuck' on.  Student's are 'shutting down'- rather than rising to the challenge.
In my 8th grade choir I have 56 students, 42 are girls.  The girls work very hard for me, but the boys become a distraction.  The students have the ability to sing SAB/3-part music, getting them to understand section work is difficult, as well as getting them to even get along.   Talking is our biggest issue.   When I work in sections its great, but then another section will just start talking, and now students are begining to show their frustration that the choir is not advancing as quickly.  The class period is an hour 1/2, which does not help.  I'm looking for any kind of inspirational ideas to keep students motivated, and excited to sing because many of them are 'shutting down'.  If you have any activities, videos, group work suggestions! anything helps. 
Please & Thanks in Advance!
MAGNIFICAT LECORNIER VINCENT, %17 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000 morning,
next year I want to organize a concert with several "Magnificat" for choir. I have the scores, because I have already conduct them, of Pachelbel (a capella), Vivaldi RV610 (soprano-alto solists and strings), Galuppi (soprano solo, horns and strings), and Durante (solists and strings).
Have you got any suggestions? I mean we can play in the first part Pachelbel (5mn) and Vivaldi (20mn), and in the second part Durante and Galuppi but I think Durante is a little light and less interesting...
Have you any ideas for another Magnificat with alto-soprano solos (for instance) and orchestra? But something not too hard like J.S.Bach.
Thank you for your answers.
Vincent Lecornier
Chef du Choeur de St-Nicolas (Paris)
Master class with a Russian choral conductor Ekaterina Anoshkin, %17 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000
Educational Bridge Project invites choral conductors, vocalists and choral singers to a master class with a Russian choral conductor Alexander Solovyev (Moscow).
Professor Alexander Solovyev is Dean of the Office for Foreign Students’ Affairs at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, and the artistic director and chief conductor of the internationally known Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatory, which extensively tours abroad and participates in international festivals and competitions, including the last World Choral Games. The repertoire for the master class will include sacred choruses by Schnittke, excerpts from Rachmaninov’s Vespers, and contemporary works by Russian composers.
Websites for reference  (Personal channel of Alexander Solovyev on YouTube)
Master class will be held on October 18th (Saturday), 2-4 pm, at BU CFA, room 171
Suggested donation $10
Please contact Katya Anoshkin at for registration, so we know how many people to expect.
Princeton Glee Club Presents: Schola Cantorum of Oxford University Renata Dworak, %17 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 University Glee Club Presents:  Schola Cantorum of Oxford University 
Oxford and the English Choral Tradition
Schola Cantorum of Oxford University, conducted by James Burton, brings music from the heart of the English choral tradition, including music by Gibbons, Parry, Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Thursday, September 18th at 7:30pm
Trinity Church
33 Mercer Street
Princeton, New Jersey
for more information, visit
Voci Presents “Voices in Peace XIII: Birth and Beginnings” (11/16 and 11/22) Terry Meyers, %17 %b %2014 %06:%Sep:%th 6SepGMT+0000
Voci’s thirteenth annual Voices in Peace concert will explore the power and fragility of beginnings. Through selections from Gustav Holst’s Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda as well as works by Ysaye Barnwell, Claude Debussy, Pekka Kostiainen, Jude Navari, Arvo Pärt, Karin Rehnqvist, Hector Villa-Lobos and others, we sing of the magical energy found in dawn, birth, and transitions. Then in a collection of lullabies from around the world, including works by Eve Beglarian, Annea Lockwood, Alice Parker, and Ralph Vaughn Williams, we discover the fragility and hope for peace of that accompany new life.
Sunday, November 16, 4:00 pm

St Mary Magdalen Parish
2005 Berryman St
Saturday, November 22, 2:00 pm

St. Perpetua Catholic Church
3445 Hamlin Rd.
(Note the different start times for the two concert dates)
$25 suggested donation at the door
$20 advance
$15 students
FREE for children between 6 and 12
Available at the door or online at
Information: (510) 531-8714
Name That Choir Tune (No. 6) Scott Dorsey, %16 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Enjoy more episodes of Name That Choir Tune.
Retreat: Why Do We Do it? Joshua Bronfman, %17 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000 just got back from my fall retreat with my top choir, and again I am faced with this inconsistency: Why do choirs go on retreat? Bands don’t. Orchestras certainly don’t.

I often receive a little grief from folks about the large expenditure of money. “Is this really necessary” and all that. My response is usually something like “Do you think I want to spend three days away from my family? Do you think I like to give away my entire weekend after working 14 hours days the first two weeks of school? Do you think I prefer spending a really big chunk of my budget on this and not on commissioning a piece, or bringing in a guest artist or going on tour, or whatever?” That usually ends the conversation.

Thing is, there is a pretty big benefit to retreat. Some might argue that it’s mostly in the minds of the singers, and not so much in the actual effect it has on the sound, but that is debatable.

The reason we go on retreat is trust. Singing is unique. It is a profoundly personal experience. We as singers know this. When you critique someone’s singing, you are, in some way, critiquing them; not like just their singing but them as a person. When a singer makes a mistake, there is no instrument sitting there between you and the mistake. It’s clear you made the mistake, and you need to fix it.

And so it is, that to sing in choir day after day, with people you don’t know, requires trust. And to take vocal risks in order to find your way to an informed and gratifying performance, it helps to know and trust those singers around you. Of course, this gets easier both with age, experience, and skill, but it is always an issue. Without trust, it is hard do this thing.

So for 18-21 year-olds, going on retreat, bonding socially, digging deep into new music, and sharing social time, we come to know and trust each other. I think it makes us better singers. We certainly enjoy being in the same room together for five days a week a little it more.

I guess this makes singers “weird” in a way. I guess I don’t care about that too much.

Have Yourself a Wacky Little Christmas: new free carol arrangements by Larry Minton Larry Minton, %17 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000, Glökschen - SATB, piano:  an arrangement of the 19th century German carol. My version opens with the sopranos and altos; the men join in with bell sounds, a wacky waltz, ending with a quiet lullaby. English and German texts are included.
While Shepherds Watched their Flocks - SATB a cappella: a Caribbean twist on the familiar carol text, with a new tune and excursions through the Bermuda Triangle to visit bits of Sweelinck's Hodie Christus Natus Est.
The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy - SATB a cappella: the famous Caribbean carol with the angels adding Gloria in excelsis Deo.
See them at Larry Minton's Choral Music:
First Year Doing a Chorus Andrew Pollard, %16 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000,
My name is Andrew and this is my first year teaching a chorus with 4th and 5th grades combined as a after school event. I am trying to get some ideas on some easy pieces to do for a winter themed concert in January. I am trying to stay away from the holiday themed concert. This is the first time the school has done a chorus and the students are slowly starting to see how music can be fun. So I would need some pieces that would be interesting to keep them hooked! I am super excited and any help would be greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
Substitute organist or pianist needed for 9/21/14 service@11AM Ronald Baltimore, %16 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 organist or pianist for 11AM service.
Please contact Pastor Veronica Palmer
SF Bay Area: Cantare Con Vivo's Ice Cream Social Family Concert Janice Lee, %17 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 Con Vivo's 2014-15 Concert Season "Learning to Live as One" presents...
"Steppin' Out With My Baby"
 Ice Cream Social Family Concert
 Sunday, October 5 at 4:00pm
 Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church
 49 Knox Drive
 Lafayette, CA 94549
Tickets: $20 General, $50 Family, $10 Student
Our season begins with our annual Fall family concert of folk and popular songs mixed in with Broadway show tunes. Songs by Elton John, Nora Jones, a medley from Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore along with a group of Irving Berlin songs, It Might As Well Be Spring, Sweet Honey in the Rock’s Wanting Memories and other entertaining tunes will have you humming and smiling throughout, ready to eat all the ice cream you want following this afternoon’s entertaining season kick-off concert.
For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit or call Cantare office at (510) 836-0789.
Church Choir Director / Musical Accompanist (part-time) Wilshire Presbyterian Church, %16 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000
Wilshire Presbyterian Church is a small multi-cultural urban church in the Mid-Wilshire/ Koreatown area.  Wilshire Presbyterian Church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Since 1912, Wilshire Presbyterian Church has stood on the corner of Third and Western in Los Angeles, witnessing and taking part in the life of the city. Over the century, the surrounding area has transformed from cornfields to single family dwellings, apartment buildings and businesses, and immigrants from all over the world have settled in the surrounding neighborhoods. Wilshire Presbyterian Church mirrors this diversity. We are an inter-cultural congregation that welcomes and embraces people from all different walks of life. Our motto is: "Come As You Are, Be Inspired, Share God's Love." In short, we are a church for everyone.
Support the Wilshire Presbyterian Church community in worship services. This post requires an experienced choral conductor who has strong organ and keyboard skills. This versatile musician must be comfortable in multiple genres including; classical, world music, gospel, jazz and popular styles. The ability to read music printed in lead sheet form (improvising accompaniment from chords symbols) is essential. 
Job Responsibilities
Serve as conductor/accompanist for the chancel choir and organist/pianist for weekly Worship Services, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve services.
Coordinate and rehearse weekly quartet offertories with the (SATB) staff quartet. The quartet meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. The choir joins the quartet at 9:15 am.
Accompany Weddings, Commitment Services, Funerals and Memorial Services as needed for additional compensation.
Provide solo repertoire in multiple genres for Preludes and Postludes for weekly worship services.
Attend monthly planning meetings with the pastor and Worship Committee (usually the first Saturday of each month) to select the coming month’s repertoire and evaluate the effectiveness of the prior month’s service music.

Coordinate with substitute conductors/accompanists when a Worship Service must be missed due to vacations and other planned absences.
Arrange for staff and volunteer soloists to provide solos during the summer months in cooperation with the pastor.
Long Range Goal:
Create, in cooperation with the pastor, a customized Wilshire Presbyterian Church Worship Music Book. This collection of lively repertoire will support the multicultural, indigenous congregation’s need for a fifty-two Sunday program, roughly aligned to the church seasonal year (e.g. Black History month in February).
Hours and Compensation
10 hour a week:  This includes 3-4 hours at church on Sundays (ordinarily from 9am-12pm) to rehearse with the choir and play the music for the 10:30am Worship Service.   
$250 per week - paid monthly at the end of the month.
An additional $200 will be compensated per monthly Worship Committee Meeting.
Fees for Weddings and Commitment Services are in addition to the weekly salary and are to be paid by the couple.
Fees for Funerals and Memorial Services are in addition to the weekly salary and will be paid by the family of the deceased.
2 weeks paid vacation per year.
Vacation time or leave may not be taken during the Season of Advent (the four Sundays before Christmas) through Christmas Eve or Lent (the four Sundays before Easter) through Easter Day.

Please Email Resumes to:
Subject line: Choir Director & Musical Accompanist Position
Please Mail Resumes to:
Attention: Worship Committee
Wilshire Presbyterian Church
300 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Fee paid: Gospel Choir Needed for Sunday January 18, 2015 in Lenox MA Andrea Goodman, %16 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000
Guest Gospel choir needed for the second annual Cantilena Chamber Choir MARTIN LUTHER KING CONCERT OF SPIRITUALS and open sing on Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 3:00pm at Trinity Church in Lenox, MA. Dr. King will be remembered in poems and speeches, but the focus of the program will be a spiritual sing along with the choirs. A choir from Western Massachusetts or Eastern NY State preferred but not essential. An honorarium will be provided for transportation and services. The Choir need only prepare 15-20 minutes of music to sing alone, and one short work to be sung by a three-choir ensemble.
Please send an mp3 sample and a weblink to: Deadline: September 26th, 2015. Applicants will be notified by October 1.
Associate Conductor of the Performance Division Julia Zarcone, %16 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
Job Title: Associate Conductor of the Performance Division
CANTABILE YOUTH SINGERS of SILICON VALLEY, a independent choral organization in the San 
Francisco Bay Area educating and inspiring over 300 children and youth aged 4-18 is looking for 
a dynamic conductor and music educator for the full-time position of the Associate Conductor 
of the Performance Division. Successful candidate will work side by side with Cantabile's Artistic 
Director, Elena Sharkova, directing the top three choirs of the organization. Other
essential duties include direction of the musicianship curriculum, leading outreach 
performances and assisting in collaborations with local professional arts organization such as: 
Symphony Silicon Valley, Stanford Symphony, Montalvo Arts, San Jose Opera and Ballet San 
Position Status: Full-time, with competitive salary and benefits package
Cantabile offers the opportunity for artistic growth, mentorship and cutting edge musical 
performance and leadership-come join us!
Associate Conductor of the Performance Division Job Duties and Functions:
Direct a fifty-member choir of middle school students (aged 11-14). Lead the choir in weekly 
rehearsals and conduct in performances. Post weekly updates on the rehearsal blog. Create 
recordings of vocal parts as necessary and distribute to singers online. Conduct evaluations and 
auditions twice per year and create tracking information for these processes. Prepare program 
notes for all concerts.
Serve as assistant conductor to the Artistic Director and accompanist for Cantabile’s most 
senior choir, Vocalise (aged 14-18). Conduct sectionals, rehearsals and in concert. 
Serve as an assistant director of 16-member a cappella group of high school singers. Supervise 
and direct the singers in community and private events, serve as primary contact in booking 
and organizing performances.
Develop, articulate, and supervise delivery of a graduated musicianship-training curriculum 
based on the series called “A Young Singer's Journey” for students of Prep 3, Intermediate, 
Ensemble and Vocalise choirs. Train, supervise, and observe all musicianship instructors and 
student/parent helpers. Innovate new teaching solutions for musicianship curriculum.
Be responsible for artistic planning of the Festival and outreach to local school choruses and/or 
community youth choirs.
ANNUAL TOUR and Retreat:
Serve as assistant conductor on Cantabile annual domestic and international tours. Serve as a 
Bachelor in Music Education or Choral Conducting required, MM preferred Minimum of three 
years of successful teaching in a school or community setting Experience in staff and faculty 
supervision Commitment to working in a diverse and engaged artistic community
Office skills: facility with Google Suite, Microsoft office, social media platforms
Ability to communicate easily and effectively with multiple constituencies-parents, directors, 
board members and the public
Ability to multitask and handle a fast-paced work environment
Experience in producing concerts and events
To apply: 
Submit a cover letter telling us about your interest in the position and why you are a good 
candidate, and your resume/CV electronically to The secondary part 
of the review process will require submitting a 30-minute video of the applicant teaching/
conducting a choir class. 
The position is open only to those with current work permission and visa to work in the USA.
This position is full time and reports to the Artistic and Executive Directors of Cantabile Youth 
Singers. The role requires afternoon, evening, and weekend work throughout the teaching 
year about 50% of the time. Please submit resume, cover letter, and salary history when you 
respond. Professional references will be required from the selected candidate. Please submit 
all required materials to No phone calls please.
About Cantabile:
Our Mission Statement: Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley offers children and teens 
comprehensive choral music education and performance opportunities of the highest caliber, 
thereby engaging their hearts and minds, encouraging a lifetime appreciation of the arts and 
the diversity of humankind, cultures, and languages.
Cantabile is a non-profit, non-denominational youth’s choral program located in the Silicon 
Valley in California. Our choirs tour the world and sing locally and share their gift of song with 
many diverse audiences. Each year Cantabile hosts seasonal concerts, a community youth 
choir festival, class recitals, a fundraising gala, open houses and parent orientations. Cantabile 
singers frequently collaborate with Bay Area’s professional music and arts organizations such 
as Stanford Arts and Stanford Symphony, Montalvo Arts, Symphony Silicon Valley, Ballet San 
Jose and West Bay Opera. Internationally acclaimed conductor and music educator Elena 
Sharkova has been Artistic Director of the Cantabile Youth Singers since 2004; she oversees 
all educational and performance aspects of the program and directs Cantabile’s senior 
choirs Vocalise and Aria.
More information about Cantabile can be found at:
Associate Director Emily Freeman, %16 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 choral organization looking for an associate conductor to oversee ensemble.  Local candidates preferred.
The role entails planning and leading rehearsals one evening a week, as well as coordination and planning with leadership.

Candidates should have a working knowledge of rehearsal structuring, healthy vocal technique, music direction, and versatility in working with a wide variety of musical styles and repertoire for different choir types. Desire a progressive and flexible thinker who works well with others.
Dedication and loyalty are highly valued qualities for this role.
The position will have access to all of the organization's resources, including but not limited to marketing and advertising, public relations, publicity, development and design, and administrative assistance.

Interested applicants should send their resume or CV to the email address listed.
Songbook Wanted Bonnie Burns, %16 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 singing group is in search of the songbook Celebration & Worship for Women Voices.  Please email if you know where we can find this or if you might have one. ]]>Church seeking part-time organist David Dornack, %16 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
Rose City Park Presbyterian Church is seeking an experienced organist to play for our weekly 10 a.m. Sunday worship service and to accompany the choir, which rehearses Thursdays from 7:30-9 p.m. from September through May.  We generally have 100 people in Sunday worship, and we have a 3-manual Rodgers Instruments Trillium Masterpiece Series 968 organ.  To learn more about our church and its mission, please visit This is a part-time position; no relocation package available.
If you are interested in this position, please contact our pastor by September 19:
Rev. David Dornack
Rose City Park Presbyterian Church
1907 NE 45th Ave
Portland OR 97213
503 282-0965
Tenor section leader Larry Gerling, %16 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Presbyterian Church, Oceanside is in need of a tenor section leader. Thursday rehearsals 7-9. Sunday service at 10:30 with rehearsal at 9:30. Contact Larry Gerling  760 224-2178  or ]]>Announcing a short, easy, whimsical St. Francis' Day piece Clare Shore, %16 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000, friends!
If you're looking for a short piece to serve as an introit, etc., on St. Francis' Day, you can listen to (and order) my 'God Bless the Animals' for unison chorus and piano on SheetMusicPlus (Published by E.C. Schirmer Publishing - EC.7693):
"Is your puppy jimmerjawed?
Does your cat have four left paws? Does your turtle lack a tail?
Does your parrot really smell? Oh, God bless the animals, pretty, witty animals.
God bless the animals, large and small, furry, hairy, stinky, smelly, slimy, feathered,
finned and scaly. God bless the animals (one and all)."
Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus Has Openings in All Sections for our Upcoming Holiday Concerts Bill Toups, %16 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000

The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus will be holding auditions for our upcoming holiday concerts, “A Gay Christmas Carol.” The concerts will be held on December 13th and 14th. Rehearsals for the holiday concerts will begin on Tuesday, September 30th.

The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus welcomes both singing and non-singing members.

The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus is committed to excellence in men’s choral performance, yet we welcome singers of all experience and skill levels.

If you are interested in joining TGMC, please email us at

The Artistic Director may conduct “vocal interviews” with new singers to determine placement into the appropriate voice section. This is not a high-pressure audition, and no prepared selection is required.

Tenor Section Leader - FUMC Pasadena Jean-Sebastien Vallee, %16 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Tenor Section Leader
FUMC Pasadena
First United Methodist Church in Pasadena is a large church in a beautiful building with a magnificent musical tradition.
The Church sanctuary is large and beautiful with a historic organ and a warm and lively acoustic.
The Church chapel is more intimate and is also acoustically inviting -  the perfect space for solo and chamber music recitals.
 The Ideal Candidate:
  • Holds a graduate degree in Music
  • Excellent musicianship
  • Experienced and confident choral singer
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Perform at weekly Sunday Services with the Chancel Choir (10am service; September through June)
  • Perform for special services throughout the year (Christmas, Holy week, etc.)
  • Attend two (2) Thursday rehearsals per month (September through June)
  • Salary commensurate with experience ($4,000-$6,000 / year including 8 weeks off)
Interested candidates should send their resumé and a recording of a recent solo performance to Dr. Sébastien Vallée :
Deadline application: September 24, 2014
help with sacred repertoire Lori Maves, %16 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 am looking for two pieces for my church choir.  I hope you can help.  I would like to do a choral arrangement of "You Have Been Good" by Twila Paris.  I can't find one.
Also, years ago, at a different church,  my choir did a piece with the following openeing line, "Thou dids't leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crown when Thou camest to earth that day"( but in Bethehems town there was found no room....)   I believe it was part of a contata previously sung(sang?) (singed!) I think it was paired with "O Come to my heart Lord Jesus".....   But, I don't think that is the song. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.   Would anyone know what song that is, and if there is an octavo available for that piece? (Or, would anyone have the music I could borrow?)
Any help you can give on these would be great.  I tend to not want to substitute different music when I set my heart on certain pieces, and these are two I am setting my heart on (upon....?)
Thank you!
Choral Spotlight Festival @ Carnegie Hall - Space available Ricky Lee, %16 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Choral Spotlight Performance at Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall for Saturday, April 18.
An event that spotlights outstanding choirs and choral programs, allowing deserving ensembles the opportunity to be featured in a 30-40 minute SOLO performance on the Main Stage.
This opportunity is available for a limited time, as there will be much interest. 
Registration DEADLINE is OCTOBER 15 - to secure one of the Spotlight Ensemble spots
As a full service Performance Tour Operator specializing in performance tours for bands, choirs, and orchestras to International and Domestic destinations, we are also able to design a complete tour with lodging, meals, sightseeing activities, and tour escort to accompany the Carnegie Hall experience.
You are of God, little children (SATB) Jude Jicha, %16 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000's my newest original hymn. It is short, but beautiful and doable with a choir of almost any skill level. There's lots of expressive opportunity for the conductor/choir in a concise piece. The  MP3 obviously doesn't have any allargando/fermata marks, but you'll get the idea if you preview the PDF along with it. I hope you like it.
Accessible Literature for Middle and High School Choral Ensembles & the Adolescent Changing Voice Marsha Olsen, %16 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 session will focus on literature selection for middle school and high school choral ensembles as well as understanding the adolescent changing voice in both male and female singers.   Along with a reading session and discussion or literature, this session will discuss four key elements essential to understanding the adolescent voice change including:  how to identify it, the stages of development, how to place voices within your choir, and repertoire selection. 

Instructor:  Dr. Felicia Barber, Assistant Professor, Music Dept, Westfield State University

Dates:  Friday, October 24th, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

           Saturday, October 25th 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Location:  Bates Hall, Room 126, Westfield State University

10 PDPs

Seating is limited.  To register, contact CENTER Program Director, Marsha Olsen,  

In Defense of New Music Publishing Fahad Siadat, %16 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000

Recently I've come across articles, cartoons, and conversations where people depict the music industry as an unsavory and unnecessary evil. It occurred to me that, as a publisher, we were included as one of the bad guys! Well, that doesn't sit well with me. If you've ever wondered what exactly a publisher does, and what they can do for you as a composer or conductor, you can read the article HERE. I've also copied it below (though it's better formatted on the original page). 

I hope you'll see we aren't soul-sucking vampires who exploit artists and then go home and roll in gold coins. ;)


In Defense of New Music Publishing

5 Ways Publishers Help Composers and Conductors

I’m sure you’ve read about the evils of publishing companies, record labels, and the music industry at large. I recently came across one post on that called the publisher’s share of sales “unjust and morally reprehensible”, which made me wonder, is this the common perception of publishers? I was shocked anyone would see what I do as taking advantage of my fellow composers rather than a vital service to the field. Publishing isn’t a lucrative business, it’s a passion project we pursue to advocate for the music we love.

I can’t speak for other companies as I have little dealings with them and don’t presume to know how they do business, but I can share the main reasons we are an indispensable part of composers’ professional lives and why conductors need publishers too.


“Oh, you don’t want to perform my music, it’s not very good” said no composer ever.

This is, by far, the single most important part of what I do as a publisher. I deal with a ton of unsolicited music submissions and it takes a huge amount of time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sure, not everyone likes the music we pick, but conductors whose tastes align with our own know they have a place to find something they’ll love.

It’s especially crucial when dealing with new music. A composer’s name is their brand; how can you get your foot in the door if you’re barely known? New music publishers willing to take on up-and-coming talent are a vital discovery tool. With the right curator, you get a resource like Saturday Night Live for comedians, a brand you can trust that will showcase great unknown artists so you get to know the next generation of composers.


This is the other biggie. I don’t mind sharing that a full 80% of expenditures for See-A-Dot Music in the last year were for marketing. My experience tells me most composers don’t have an extensive budget set aside for getting their music out there. One of my more industrious composers recently mentioned one of her pieces was doing very well because it had a handful of performances. I think it’s a good start; but I want to see 10x as many, and with a global outreach and dedicated budget, that’s totally possible.

It’s not about the money we spend on promotion, it’s also time. It takes our marketing team countless hours to send newsletters, design catalogs, update social media, make promo videos, and all that other marketing stuff. Most composers I know have day jobs and compose in their spare time, they don’t have time for the awkwardness of self-promotion. One composer referred to the divide between her ‘immortal work’ of music creation vs. ‘the mundane crap’ of music business. It’s no surprise how most people prefer to spend their free time.


Shoddy (or non-existent) websites, illegible scores, and poor communication/organizational skills are not uncommon plights of dealing with artistic genius. As a conductor I’ll hear a piece and search for it online, but will be unable to find it available anywhere; sometimes I can barely find information about the composer. One of the things I see publishers do is make sure every composer has their own page, that all pieces are available on-line, and professionally engraved. We follow up with every conductor who buys a score from us, respond promptly to emails, and offer rehearsal resources. This is huge for conductors, and it helps composers present themselves in the best possible light as well.

Of course, modern technology makes a lot of the above available to anybody. These aren’t secret tools exclusive to publishers, but the ability to manage it all and make it work and look great is our specialty.


A lot of what we do is build good relationships with conductors getting to know their individual ensembles to send the right kind of music their way. People we meet at conferences can attest: we are always asking about their choirs, what they like to sing, if they have themes for their upcoming concerts, and their level of expertise. We recommend specific repertoire that fits their group and match them with the right composer when they are interested in commissions. Building relationships is core to what we do and it’s invaluable to both conductors and composers.

It’s not just ensemble leaders, part of a publisher’s job is to connect with other key programmers as well, like festival organizers, who rely on a publisher’s curation to make their jobs easier. Publishers can open the door for composer who are starting out, or connect them in areas (like overseas) they might not have otherwise reached.


I recently had a conversation with one career composer in his mid-50’s who, until joining the See-A-Dot Music roster, had never published his work. He has many recordings, tons of commissions, and at least one master-piece that will be seminal to the canon of contemporary music. He shared with me his concerns about his music becoming lost after he passes away and wanted to find a way to keep his work alive years down the road; until recently he hadn’t thought beyond how to make a living.

This struck me with a deep sense of personal responsibility and the most intimate part of what I do. There’s a profound trust between myself and the composers that I will make sure their life’s work isn’t forgotten and it receives the legacy it deserves. It’s a great honor to work with these artists, one we don’t take lightly.


-Fahad Siadat

Director, See-A-Dot Music Publishing, Inc.

Wilhousky Battle Hymn with band Nathaniel Lew, %16 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 a long-held dream, I have convinced the band director on my campus to do the Wilhousky "Battle Hymn" together with the chorus this spring. (The idea resurfaced when I heard the US Marine Band and the Morgan State University Choir do the piece together at Fort McHenry this past Saturday night.)
My question is whether the band arrangement available online is the right one. I have always (naively) assumed that Wilhousky made the band arrangement himself. But SheetMusicPlus sells a band version "by" Wilhousky but "arranged by" John Nielsen. Are those the right parts to use with the choral parts, or do I need to find a different, original Wilhousky band arrangement? (I have never heard Nielsen's name used in connection with this oft-performed piece.)
Thanks in advance for your guidance,
Nathaniel Lew
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont
Part refund of membership fees on resignation Simon Loveless, %16 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 I've put this in legal because I'm not sure where else it fits)
Those of you whose choirs charge an annual fee (as opposed to quarterly/monthly/etc)
If a singer resigns midyear, do you refund any part of their fees for the remainder of the year?
- always?
- only in certain circumstances? (which?)
- never?
And why?
Seeking applications for Assistant Professor of Music Education, Georgia College Jennifer Flory, %16 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 Assistant Professor of Music Education
Position: Full Time Faculty, Tenure Track, 10-month
Location: Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA
The Department of Music at Georgia College, a fully accredited member of NASM, seeks a dynamic person to coordinate and expand a Music Education program at one of the nation's top public liberal arts universities. We seek a highly motivated individual who is committed to music education, research, teaching, and engaged learning within the context of a strong liberal arts environment devoted to diversity, global engagement, and the free exchange of ideas. Diversifying our curriculum geographically, temporally, and thematically is a high priority, so evidence of comparative and cross-cultural scholarship is particularly welcome. Evidence of methodological innovation and creative teaching strategies is highly desirable. In keeping with the University's mission, we especially encourage applicants who will further our goal of cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity. For more information about Georgia College, please visit Applicants must have a terminal degree in music education (A.B.D. considered), and a record of successful public school teaching.
Preferred Characteristics: Experience and/or certification in an array of teaching methodologies (e.g., Dalcroze, Gordon, Kodaly, Orff-Schulwerk).
Job duties include: Coordinate the MME and BME degree programs. Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the music education sequence.
Work closely with the College of Education, as a member of the Education Preparation Council. Active participation in professional organizations in the field of music education. Recruit and Mentor undergraduate and graduate music education students. Other duties assigned according to experience, expertise or departmental needs.
GCSU is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative-Action Institution committed to cultural, racial, and multi-ethnic communities and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We promote equal employment opportunities regardless of race, religion, color, gender, marital status, genetic information, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. It is expected that successful candidates share in this commitment. Persons who need reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act to participate in the application process should contact the Office of Human Resources at 478-445-5596.
Georgia is an Open Records state. The finalist will be required to submit to a background investigation. Applications must be made online, at this link:
You will be asked to submit a cover letter, a current CV, and the contact information for 3, and no more than 5, references. A writing sample stating your philosophy of music education must accompany the application. The philosophy should not exceed 500 words. Selected applicants will be requested to submit additional materials at a future date.
For more information about this position, please contact:
Cliff Towner, Chair, Music Education Search Committee
Mezzos and tenors needed Guillaume St-Gelais, %16 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 Segno Vocal Ensemble is looking for new voices for the actual season. Experience and sight reading skills are clearly a "plus". Short audition to be planned. 2014-2015 program will be all-canadian (French, English and Latin). For audio, please visit: ]]>Presenting The Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute’s Sunday Seminar on October 5 in New York City Jeffrey James, %16 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
September 15, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeffrey James Arts Consulting
516-586-3433 or
Presenting The Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute’s Sunday Seminar on October 5 in New York City
The Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute will present its second Sunday Seminar in New York City of the 2014-15 season, on October 5, 2014 - 2:00 to 5:00 PM at Nola Studios, 244 W. 54th St. (between Broadway and 8th Avenue), 5th Floor, Studio 7.
Join Harold Rosenbaum and other choral conductors for problem solving sessions and in depth discussions of choral works and how to master the difficulties in them. The Seminar will also focus on individual conducting technique as it relates to all that which the group discusses. Attendees are welcome to come with questions about music they are or will be conducting.
Additional seminars will be offered on November 2, and November 30, 2014.
Sunday Seminars are open to conductors of community, college, high school, church and youth choirs.  Eight conductors maximum per session and auditors are welcome.
The sessions are $50 each, auditors $30. For complete details, including workshop application form, visit (scroll down to Sunday Seminars). Registration must be completed no later than two days before each Seminar.
For questions and more information, email Harold Rosenbaum at
Harold Rosenbaum, recipient of the 2014 Ditson Conductor’s Award from Columbia University, is the founder and conductor of the New York Virtuoso Singers and the Canticum Novum Singers. He is also lead choral conductor for Parma Recordings, and a Soundbrush Records artist. He is the 2010 winner of ASCAP’s Victor Herbert Founders Award and the winner of the 2008 American Composer Alliance’s Laurel Leaf Award, given in recognition of “distinguished achievement in fostering and encouraging American music.”
A strong proponent of and advocate for contemporary composers and American composers in particular, Rosenbaum has commissioned more than 60 works, and has conducted more than 475 world premieres. Visit him at
For more information, contact Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at
Mack Wilberg's TTBB Cindy Timothy Myers, %16 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 Mack Wilberg's TTB Cindy
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Mack Wilberg
Starting: Octoboer
For: Until February
Copies: 85
Willing to rent: Yes
I am trying to do this piece for a PMEA festival.
Lyric Fest in Pittsburgh: La Bella Vita! at Shadyside Presbyterian Church (Sept. 28, 2014) Mark Anderson, %15 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Music in a Great Space Concert Series Presents Lyric Fest in Pittsburgh: La Bella Vita!

Music in a Great Space, the concert series at Shadyside Presbyterian Church, presents Lyric Fest in Pittsburgh: La Bella Vita!, on Sunday, September 28, at 4:00 p.m.
The Music in a Great Space concert series kicks off its 22nd season by welcoming Philadelphia-based Lyric Fest to Pittsburgh for an afternoon of Italian arias and art songs, performed by soprano Jen Aylmer, mezzo-soprano Suzanne DuPlantis, tenor Eric Rieger, bass Randall Scarlata, and pianist Laura Ward.
Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors (60 and over). Season subscriptions also are available: $70 for adults and $45 for seniors/students. For more information on the Music in a Great Space series, call 412.682.4300, or visit
Shadyside Presbyterian Church is centrally located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s university district, just a few blocks away from the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The church is situated on the corner of Amberson Avenue and Westminster Place, only one block off Fifth Avenue. Free on-street parking is available surrounding the church.
Stick Time: Youth ≠ Incompetence Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %16:%Aug:%nd 16AugGMT+0000
When did “youth” become a synonym for “incompetence?”  How can we accept - and teach! - musical pabulum just because it seems “age-appropriate?”
It could be argued that our younger singers need the BEST possible literature, just like their physical growth requires good nutrition.  You wouldn’t serve your kids a diet of Doritos®, would you?
There is a massive body of solid, meritorious, historically valuable (and yes, “age-appropriate”) choral literature available that is perfectly suited to young voices.  No, it probably won’t be handed out in a reading session with a flowery pink cover; nevertheless, the works that truly matter are well worth a little extra effort to locate them.
Here is a performance from a recent ACDA Divisional Conference.  This choir is performing a serious work, (the “Gloria” movement from a Mass), in a foreign language (Latin), by a composer of some historical importance (Benjamin Britten).  Don’t young singers in every community deserve the opportunity to sing such valuable music?
Take the Choral Journal Survey Scott Dorsey, %08 %b %2014 %17:%Aug:%th 17AugGMT+0000
The editor of the Choral Journal is currently conducting a reader survey to determine overall reader satisfaction with ACDA’s flagship publication.  The multiple-choice questionnaire takes less than five minutes to complete, yet it will provide enormously valuable information to the publication’s editorial team.  Naturally, the survey is anonymous.
Take the Choral Journal survey!
GUEST BLOG: "My Summer with ACDA: a Treasure Revealed," by Lucas B. Ensign Scott Dorsey, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Aug:%th 14AugGMT+0000
       As I was walking to the vending machine at the University of Wisconsin Platteville before my Choral Literature course, I was stopped by Dr. Bob Demaree about a potential great opportunity. He said something to the effect of “How would you like to spend your summer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the ACDA national office funded through UW-Platteville’s PACCE program?” Without hesitation, I simply responded “YES!” This opportunity appeared to be a great segue into my student teaching semester this fall. From there, everything began to come together for this internship to take place.
       Prior to my time with ACDA, I had a basic knowledge of the association. I understood that it served thousands of choral teachers, it produced a monthly Choral Journal, and it put on great national conferences every other year. I knew that most of the offices in the association were volunteers and I envisioned a staff of fifty strong. Choral Net was a resource I had used before, whether it was the daily posts by Dr. Dorsey, or the forums posted by different members. By and large, ACDA was a new resource that I was still learning about.
After spending two months with the national staff, I learned all about ACDA.
The Staff
The national staff contains twelve full time members working in almost entirely one person departments. Each staff member contains individual responsibilities that develop, renovate, and perfect according the association’s needs.
On Site Resources
  • Staff members, working hard each day for the members.
  • Multiple archival rooms that include original Choral Journals dating back to 1959, thousands of recordings, conference program books, newsletters from each state, monographs, and more.
  • A museum in which ensembles perform and learn about ACDA, this includes an original Eric Whitacre electronic piano.
Online Resources
  • The Choral Journal, 1959 to present.
  • Monographs, individual pages for each division and state chapter, “how to” guides for just about everything needed from a member, ACDA history, competition information, national conference information, ACDA radio, up and coming initiatives, and all of the necessary contact information.
Student Benefits
  • Developing a student chapter
  • The Choral Journal
  • Chor Teach
  • The up and coming mentoring program
  • Job postings
  • Choral Net
  • ACDA Radio
  • Research Opportunities for all
  • The International Journal of Research in Choral Singing
New Teacher and Seasoned Teacher Benefits
  • The up and coming mentoring program
  • Research Opportunities for all
  • The Choral Journal
  • ACDA Radio
  • A gateway to address those issues so many other new teachers face
  • Job postings
  • The International Journal of Research in Choral Singing
  • Leadership potential, making a difference and paying it forward
  • Chor Teach
  • Graduate and Continuing Education opportunities
  • Choral Net
       After spending quality time with each of the employees at the national office, I have learned how ACDA functions, how I will proceed as an educator to use these resources in a respectful manner, the importance of being active within the association; whether as a conference attender, a guest blogger for Choral Net, an author for the Choral Journal, or an R & S chair member. The deepest lesson learned comes down to a new perspective as a student and soon to be teacher.
       As an undergraduate, we live, breathe, and think choral music. When graduated, he or she is unleashed into the public school systems, and put into a situation where the wheel is awaiting creation. Often times he or she is the only choral music educator in the school, and a longing for the intellectually stimulating environment that is within a college choral program begins to come forth. ACDA is a professional organization wishing to fill those needs, in whatever length is desired. This association is available to help accelerate your growth, dive into top quality discussion on teaching methods and literature, and lifelong professional connections develop. My summer experience has taught me that ACDA covers the gamut of resources, and you can benefit greatly from becoming a member.
READ MORE about Lucas Ensign's "Summer of ACDA."
Tenors and Basses NEEDED for Premier Chamber Choir in Delaware Ryan Pryslak, %16 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000! A Few Good Men...
Opus One Vocal Arts, a premier chamber choir in Wilmington, DE now celebrating its 8th Season, is in need of tenors and basses to join us for our 2014-2015 Season.
Choir is made up of both professional singers and skill choral enthusiaists who enjoy performing a wide variety of repretoire in the greater Brandywine Valley community. This season will feature three main concert events: Fall 2014 includes a Halloween Themed Concert, a Holiday Cabaret Concert; Spring 2015 will end the seaon with a special concert themed "For A Royal Wedding" with for choir and chamber orchestra by Handel, Pinkham and others.
Rehearsals are Sunday evenings 6-8p.m. in N. Wilmington.
Please email our director Ryan Pryslak at or at 302-743-1201 with any questions and to discuss coming to our a next rehearsal and scheduling a hearing.
Pennsylvania's Sing Up! Membership Program Randy Yoder, %16 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000
Inline image 1
Hello ACDA-PA!
For the second year, ACDA is sponsoring the Sing Up! program to reach out to our colleagues and students and invite them to join ACDA.  You can easily help our membership to grow during September and October by simply mentioning it to colleagues and students who haven't yet discovered the world of great music and wonderful people that ACDA will bring to them.   It will only take a couple of minutes, and it will make a big difference in someone's musical life!

1) Complimentary memberships - National ACDA has offered the Pennsylvania chapter a total of 40 free one-year memberships.  They are available for people who have never been an ACDA member or who previously belonged, but have not joined for the last three years.  Simply ask your colleague if they would be willing to accept a free one-year membership, a $95 value!...if they are interested, just email their name and email (not post office) address to Randy Yoder at .  He'll send them the official invitation, and all they have to do is sign it, put a stamp on it and send it to the national office in Oklahoma City.....nothing to it!  Do it now, before they're all gone!

2) Student membership Initiative - Pennsylvania ACDA is pleased to offer 100 one-year memberships for just $5 to current college and university students. (The rest of the $35 cost is picked up by the state and national organizations).  The student must be a new ACDA member, a full or part time student and a Pennsylvania resident.  Pennsylvania's participation in the Student Membership Initiative will end on Friday, October 17, so don't delay! To access the printable registration form, click hereSimply ask your future choral leader to fill out and print the form, put it in an envelope with a check for only $5 written to "ACDA-PA" and send it to: Randy Yoder, 2101 Eastern Blvd., York, PA  17402.  Pennsylvania's participation in the Student Membership Initiative will end on Friday, October 17, so don't delay!

3) Colleague Referral Program - If you refer a friend and they join, both of you will receive gifts from ACDA........ Here's how it works:
  • For a limited time (until June 30, 2015), when you refer a colleague or student to ACDA and they become a member, ACDA will thank both of you.  Each will receive a thumb drive with 21 previously unreleased new choral works that were premiered during the 2014 divisional conferences.  Click here for details or contact Sundra Flansburg at to learn more.
  • Please note that new members who receive complimentary memberships or $5 student memberships are not eligible for the Colleague Referral Program.
AND.....don't forget to register for the 4th Annual ACDA-PA Fall Choral Conference at Seton Hill University on October 18 and 19!  Learn more and register here !
Thanks to all!
Randy Yoder, President
Matt Fritz, President-Elect
Chris Kiver, Vice-President
Susan Kelly, President-Elect Designate
Gospel Fest 2014! Derek Cressman, %16 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000
Gospel Fest 2014!
On Saturday October 18th, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Trenton N.J. will hold it’s third Gospel Fest.  Under the direction of Rev. William Herd, participants will learn several anthems during the day and perform that same day at 4:00 p.m.   Participants of every age and ability level are welcome but we do ask that an adult accompany children under 12.
A schedule of the day is below.
10AM-12:30PM   Morning Rehearsal
12:30PM-1:15PM  Lunch (Soup & Salad)
1:15PM-3:30PM Afternoon Rehearsal
4:00PM Concert- a free will offering will be taken
Pre-Registration will help us be best prepared but it is not necessary.
For more information and to register to sing with us please go to the Gospel Fest! Tab at our Website,
New SATB accompanied piece: "We're Going Home" Michael Sandvik, %16 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000

New SATB Piece: "We're Going Home" is available at my website, (also available from -


All pieces are on sale, 25% off the listed price, through September 21, 2014 as part of the website launch sale.


God Bless,

Michael Sandvik

New Piece for TTBB a cappella Michael Sandvik, %16 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000

New TTBB Piece: "My Prayer" is available at my website, (also available from -


All pieces are on sale, 25% off the listed price, through September 21, 2014 as part of the website launch sale.


God Bless,

Michael Sandvik

Bless the Beasts and the Children Frank Williams, %16 %b %2014 %02:%Sep:%th 2SepGMT+0000 have been trying to find a SATB or SAB arrangment for this song.  I want to use it for our Blessing of the Animals service.  I have contacted Hal Leonard and they said it is PERMANENTLY out of print.  I asked if they knew how I could obtain a copy.  They were unable to suggest anything but did mention to "google" it, so I did.  I saw a similar discussion on this on ChoralNet but Dean Macintyre(?) was looking for a two part arrangement. So to get to my question, does anyone have an SATB or SAB arrangement of Bless the Beasts and the Children that I could use?  
Thank you in advance,
Frank Williams
O Magnum Mysterium David Monks, %15 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 Christmas Motet, SATB with divisi.
South Pacific: In Concert Yvonne Dolby, %15 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
ProMusica Arizona presents South Pacific: In Concert
Friday, October 10, 8 pm
Saturday, October 11, 8 pm
Sunday, October 12, 4 pm
Herberger Theater Center, Stage West
222 E. Monroe Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
ProMusica Arizona launches its 2014-15 Season with the concert version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s massive hit South Pacific. This award-winning classic is set in an island paradise during World War II as sailors and islanders, men and women, confront prejudice and loss but find humor, happiness and love amid the perils of war. This historic musical features songs ranging from the haunting “Bali Ha’i” to the joyful “There Is Nothing Like a Dame” as people thrown together during war struggle through the conflict to find peace and common ground. The performance features the ProMusica Arizona Chorale & Orchestra along with professional singers in leading roles.
All seats are $40 (plus ticketing fees) at the intimate European-style Stage West at the Herberger Theater Center. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (602) 252-8497.
Bring your group to NYC Dennis Hunt, %15 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
Bring your group to the Big Apple for unsurpassed cultural attractions;  world-class concerts and events;  a spectacular Broadway show; and international culinary delights.  For music ensembles, we offer performance options and exchanges with NYC area groups as well as workshop opportunities.  Let us customize a terrific tour for your group of 20 or more.  
Concept Tours is in the heart of NYC.  Tel. 800-300-8841,,
Announcing New Choral and Organ Releases from Paraclete Press - Advent and Christmas Music included! Josh Kanaga, %15 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Press' New Releases are now available! The new catalog features gorgeous new works by Robert Lau, Robert Powell, David Ashley White, June Nixon, and Hal Hopson.
Please follow the links below or visit our website to view the music and listen to audio samples. ENJOY!
Several of our New Releases include:
"Holy God We Praise Thy Name" by Robert Lau
"A Virgin Most Pure" by June Nixon
"Away in a Manger" by Antony Baldwin
"The Wexford Carol" by Robert Lehman
"By Gracious Powers" by Hal Hopson
Give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions, or if you'd like to place an order. 
Look forward to hearing from you!
Josh Kanaga
Paraclete Press
800-451-5006 ext. 309/ 774-801-2020
'Like' us on Facebook:
Would like to purchase children's musical Edwina Cummings, %15 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000 "Hallelujah, Yippie Kie Yay"
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Pam Andrews
Starting: By the end of October 2014
For: To keep
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: No
Trying to locate and purchase a copy of this musical. Does anyone have it or know where I can get it?
Auditioning Singers for Hollywood Master Chorale Martha Butler, %15 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000       HOLLYWOOD MASTER CHORALE’S 20th Anniversary
       Stay Tuned for Hollywood Master Chorale’s next 20 Years!
 Auditioning Volunteer singers, especially Tenor and Baritone.
HMC’s upcoming Season will be loaded with stimulating activity.
“Good Tidings”: (December 6th)A combination of holiday favorites and highlighting  J.S. Bach’s “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” BWV 191
“Stay Tuned”: (January 31st) A Cabaret fundraiser, celebrating Television’s musical history, featuring the talents of past and current singers!
"Masterworks in March": Mendelssohn:  featuring both Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn in an interesting twist.
“20 (Songs) for 20 (Years): A program of 20 selections from HMC’s history representing the best of our past and present.      
AUDITIONS :  If interested, please contact our Audition coordinator, and then be prepared to sing with the rehearsal. Afterward the Director will give you an additional brief audition:
                                      WEDNESDAY, September 15th
                                      TUESDAY, September 23rd  (No other Tuesdays planned)

Contact HMC at:  Phone: 323-668-9233      e-mail:    or      HYPERLINK;  ""
Please include your contact information and a resume mentioning your vocal training and experience.

Rehearsal Schedule:  Wednesday evenings - 7:30 to 10:00 pm
Rehearsals held at:  Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church 
                             505 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210   
For more information, please visit our website at:
Sing with Us!
Volunteers: A Ceremony of Carols Edward Palmer, %15 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 sopranos and mezzo-sopranos for December presentations
of Benjamin Britten's  A Ceremony of Carols. Respond  via Choralnet.
Sheepscot Valley Chorus Welcomes New Singers Sean Fleming, %15 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000

The Sheepscot Valley Chorus begins their 34th season when rehearsals commence Tuesday, September 9th at 7:00, at the Wiscasset Congregational Church on Route 1. With a long history of community music making, the Chorus welcomes and encourages new singers to join us. Singers wishing to participate may call director Linda Blanchard at 207-380-2768, or simply come to the first rehearsal, voice at the ready.


Our major works this fall are the beautiful and lively Magnificats (Song of Mary) of baroque composer Francesco Durante and classical composer Franz Schubert. The Durante has been attributed erroneously to Pergolesi (who was Durante’s student), so music lovers may be familiar with the work under Pergolesi’s name. Singers will enjoy working on these works together, as the differences between the baroque and classical settings are quite striking, with much variety. Both pieces will be accompanied by a professional orchestra and feature professional soloists. The second half of the program will include a mixture of classical works and lighter holiday fare.


Sheepscot Valley Chorus is directed by Linda Blanchard and accompanied by Sean Fleming, both of Damariscotta. The Chorus will perform their concert Sunday, December 7th at 3:00 pm, as part of the Harbor Lights Festival in Boothbay Harbor. Please join us!

Baritone Choir Rep Rebecca Duren, %15 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 ADCA Hive-Mind,
I have a small choir of freshmen boys (7 of them).  This year, they all happen to sit in that "Baritenor" range - no true tenors in the group as of yet. 
What are some of your suggestions for rep?  So far, I've taught them a unison Shaker tune, and we're working on the Dilworth Shine on Me (which is perfect since both parts are mid-range).
Ideally rep would be 2-part Bari Bari.  Thank you in advance for your insights.
Honoring America's Heroes Ben Snart, %15 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Choralnet,
I am looking for pieces for an "Honoring America's Heroes" themed concert for my combined 7th and 8th choir. Heroes to be honored could include Firefighters, and Police Officers, as well as members of all branches of the U.S. Military. SATB scores are acceptable, but I don't have very many boys in my choir, so SAB, SAT, or 3 parts mixed would be preferable. If you could also please include the title, composer, and publisher information that would be extremely helpful.
Thank you very much.
Ben Snart
Middle School Musical Suggestions Jennifer Aitken, %15 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 middle school performing arts class has 18 girls and 2 boys. I'm looking for suggestions for our Spring musical (junior version). Several of my girls are willing to play male characters, too. Suggestions? 
Thank you!
Elijah - Mendelssohn’s Masterpiece Marek Rachelski, %15 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 - Mendelssohn’s Masterpiece
Join Marek Rachelski in singing this mesmerizing oratorio with the Niles Metropolitan Chorus and Musica Lumina Orchestra. Performance 7:00 PM Sunday, October 26, 2014. Rehearsals Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 PM now. 
@ St. John Brebeuf Church, 8307 N. Harlem Avenue, Niles IL 60714
Call (702) 806-8421           
*Handel’s Messiah rehearsals begin 10.28.14
Messiah Performance Tuesday 12.2.14
Call (702) 806-8421           March 19, 2015: Rossini Stabat Mater
LOTS of young men Lauren Melberg, %15 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 everyone!
I seem to have the best problem a middle school choir teacher can have. Currently in my 60 voice 7th grade choir, I have 36 young men. Over half of these young men are strong singers who love to sing. My issue lies in balancing their voices with the 24 women I have...there are a few strong young ladies, but the majority of them are pretty quiet.
What kind of repertoire do you reccommend? I am thinking SAB and putting some of the men on alto to augment the section and balance things out a bit. 
Is there any man-heavy music you can suggest? 
I don't want my men to run over my women, but I want to keep their interest in the long run and get them to continue choir!
Thanks for all the help!
Lauren Melberg
Intermediate Choir Conductor Patricia Thel, %15 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000
Director of Intermediate Choir of Trenton Children’s Chorus
Location: Trenton, N.J., USA
Web page:
Trenton Children’s Chorus seeks an experienced choral conductor for the Intermediate Choir (grades 6-8).
Trenton Children’s Chorus Mission:
“Empowering the social, academic and spiritual lives of children through artistry in music.”
History:  Founded in 1989, today’s program serves over 140 students in kindergarten through 12th grade from Trenton and the surrounding communities, and is under the care of a board of trustees, a paid professional staff, and volunteers.
Program:  The after-school program meets Tuesday and Thursday, September through May at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Trenton and includes rehearsal, drumming, music theory and enrichment, a generous healthy snack, tutoring and homework assistance in a caring, nurturing and safe environment.   The Trenton Children’s Chorus identifies and seeks educational opportunities for its members that they might not otherwise seek for themselves. TCC offers current students and graduates generous financial support for tutoring, music lessons, private secondary schools and college. Students are also placed in music and academic enrichment programs and summer camps.
Performances:  Performances have included venues at the United Nations, the Governor’s Mansion, the Governor’s Inaugural, the Library of Congress, Westminster Choir College and Princeton University.
Responsibilities include:
  • Selection of choral repertoire which reflects wide variety of styles and genres of age-appropriate literature
  • Cooperation with artistic director in combined performances
  • Rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:30 to 5:30PM, with responsibility to be on site by 4 PM
  • Conduct three standard performances a year on site, with possibilities of performance “run-outs” to other venues
  • Maintain communication with other staff, parents, and assistants
  • Attend at least four required staff meetings a year
  • Help direct hired classroom assistant (high school student)
  • Work with Artistic Director to develop a curriculum
  • Report directly to Artistic Director
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • Experience in Music Education
  • Classroom Management skills
  • Good vocal, keyboard and conducting skills
  • Strong collaborative skills
Rehearsals will be conducted with a hired accompanist and rehearsal assistant (high school student)  TCC has support staff on-site during rehearsal.
Part-Time Position, No Benefits
Salary commensurate with experience
Position available September 2014/ Background check required
To apply, please send resume in pdf form attached in an email to Patricia Thel at :
Please include any written letters of reference, or contact information for references and a list of repertoire you think appropriate for middle school choirs.
Any youtube clips or mp3 recordings or websites would be welcome.
Finalists may be asked to conduct a group of students as part of the interview.
Trenton Children’s Chorus is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, marital status, race, ethnicity, color, age, sexual orientation, national origin, cr ]]>
New singers welcome! Jacqueline Coren, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 Pendle Hill Chorus in Wallingford, PA is beginning it's 22nd year.
We're a 35-40 voice community chorus. There is no audition.
Singers range from beginners to experienced. Wednesdays 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
Call Jackie Coren at 215-843-5254. "We work hard and have a good time!"
2 Tenors and 2 Bass/Baritones Needed for Philadelphia, PA area small ensemble Carol Grey, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000, a small vocal ensemble (12-18 singers) performing primarily a cappella choral music from the 15th through 21st centuries, is looking for 2 Tenors and 2 Bass/Baritone to round out the roster.  
Cantores is made up of a group of friends who love to sing – choral musicians all.   We are committed to excellence through choral performance.  Our members have a great deal of choral singing experience, are familiar with singing in various languages as well as English, have the ability to sight-read and learn music fairly quickly (we work on parts as needed), possess good vocal quality, and have the ability to adjust their sound as styles dictate. 
We rehearse weekly from 7:30-9:15 on Monday nights. We meet in the homes of some of our members (as well as other locations) on Philadelphia’s Main Line, making about equal amounts of music and fun.    
Our repertoire is drawn from madrigals, anthems, love songs, folk songs, spirituals, octavos, and occasional popular music and jazz arrangements in settings for two to eight voice parts.  We prepare one or two programs a year and give concerts in area churches and retirement communities.  
For additional information, please see our website ( and/or contact the director, Carol Grey, at or 267-847-4314. 
Substitute Pianist Needed October 5th Gina Seashore, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 pianist needed for Lutheran church, October 5th, 2014.  Two services:  8:15 AM and 10:30 AM.  Prelude, hymns, a few service pieces and postlude.   ]]>'Golden Voices of Montserrat', March 22-26. Nika Miakushko, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000
'Golden Voices of Montserrat' is an absolutely new vision of the choral singing! The updated program, variety of master classes, record of the common song and many other interesting events wait for all participants in the new season. However, one stays unchanged: Monastery Montserrat, which is looking forward to hear the new incredible choral voices!

The performance of the participant groups is held in the monastic complex Montserrat, on the same stage where a worldwide known boys’ choir Escalonia performs. It is the first time in a thousand-year history of the monastic complex that the choirs are allowed to perform there!!


To see more information please go at 

For more information please write via e-mail

Volume Issues Justin Wilder, %15 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 colleagues,
I am new to my district this year and have a concert choir of 51 - which is awesome.  In the past, the choir has been amplified during concerts and therefore they sing with a thin, quiet sound.  I have developed a theory that the issue lies in their breathing and a general anxiety about singing out.  Does anyone have any exercies, pieces, or just general suggestions about getting young singers to actually sing out?  Thanks!!
WANTED: Martin Luther King Performers Joel Gluck, %15 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 Cranston Clergy Association (Cranston, RI) will be holding its second annual "A Musical Journey of the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr."  I am producing this spectacular event to be held at the amazing Park Theater in Cranston, RI on January 19, 2015.
Needed are gospel-choirs, singers, and instrumentalists  to join our interfaith chorus and band under the direction of Dr. Joel Gluck.  Music to be performed will center around the theme of peace and will include songs in Hebrew, English, and Latin.
Also desired are speakers who have a special interest or link to Dr. King.
If interested, please contact Joel Gluck at:  401-952-1345 or
Tenor Choral Scholar Scott Lamlein, %15 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000

The St. John’s Choir, in West Hartford, announces a position opening:


The Choral Scholars at St. John’s provide the choral backbone of the 30 voice intergenerational St. John’s Choir. In addition to learning and helping to teach great Anglican choral works to our younger choristers and volunteer singers, the Choral Scholars strive to create and participate in a wonderful community of music- making and the worship of God – a true “church within a church.”


Sunday mornings during the program year, including Christmas Eve and Easter.
Wednesday evening rehearsals, approximately twice per month, including dinner.

Special events, usually on weekends, 4 or 5 per program year.


$65 per appearance, additional for “longer” events.


Choral Scholars should have a positive attitude, an appreciation for great sacred choral music, and excellent vocal and sight-reading skills. Regular, on-time (early) attendance sets the needed professional example for our volunteers. Good communication skills, and a demonstrated desire to become part of a musical community are a must.


St. John’s is a beautiful, safe, and open place to share your musical gifts, with a talented and accomplished choir. A great resume builder and opportunity to build your repertoire of choral works are just part of the equation; the connection to experienced musicians and spiritual renewal that takes place in choral singing are gifts you’ll carry for your entire life.

Scott Lamlein, Music Director - St. John’s Episcopal Church
679 Farmington Avenue - West Hartford, CT 06119 860-523-5201, ext. 322 - 

2nd International Competition of Choral Composition "ENNIO MORRICONE" Leonardo Sagliocca, %15 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000

The Florence International Choir Festival is enhanced by a prestigious new initiative. The 2nd International Competition of Choral Composition "Ennio Morricone". A choral composition competition that will see the World famous Maestro Ennio Morricone, honarary Academy Award winner, nominate the best composition that will be the obligatory piece in the category M - Modern and Contemporary Music and it will be premiered during the Festival.

The winning composer will be member of the international jury on the 5th Florence International Choir Festival and will receive the award from the Maestro Ennio Morricone himself.

The compositions must be sent by 31/3/2015.

Here are the announcement of the competition which will set out the procedures and requirements for participation.

For more information please send an email to:

Open Rehearsal Lynne Morrow, %15 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000 the Oakland Symphony Chorus on Wednesday SEPT 17th in our new rehearsal space:
     MOCHA, Museum of Children's Art, in downtown Oakland, at 17th St. and Clay, 7:30-10pm.
We'll be singing and refining Mozart's Requiem, which we will take on TOUR next June 2015, along with Haydn's Mass in the Time of War and an array of American music.  We'll give concerts in Vienna, Budapest and Prague.
Come to the Open Rehearsal and hear what we do and how we get there.  Ask questions about joining OSC and going on Tour!
Men encouraged to join.
Sing´N´Joy Provo 2016, from March 16 - 20, 2016 in Provo (UT), USA Carola Kaspari-Husar, %15 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000

Sing´N´Joy Provo 2016
The American International Choral Festival
March 16 - 20, 2016
Provo (UT), USA

Bearing the slogan “Singing and Joy”, the Sing’n’joy Provo will be taking place from March 16 to 20, 2016. The Sing’n’Joy concept also includes concerts and manifold encounters between the participating choirs. The competitions will be taking place in the Covey Center of the Arts and Brigham Young University will open their De Jong Concert Hall for the Opening and the Closing events. One of the highlights of the event will be ensembles from BYU Choral Department presenting their highest quality of choral singing in the Grand Opening and maybe also on other occasions during the festival.
Conductors and Singers will be given the chance to attend master classes held by Morten Lauridsen and other choral experts and why not enjoy the beauty of the Utah valley, a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! With five national parks in close proximity, Utah is America's national park capital. Come and join INTERKULTUR in Utah and celebrate with us this international festival of choral music in Provo!
Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

Speaking of Voice: “My Go-To Warm-Up” by Amy Hall Scott Dorsey, %12 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
MY GO-TO WARM UP, by Amy Hall (Waukee High School)
Our classes always meet at 8:45 a.m. so it has been imperative that we get the voice and body moving to ensure healthy singing throughout the early rehearsal.  An exercise that works well for accomplishing this is singing an arpeggio and then coming back down with different voice parts holding the various scale degrees to fill out the vertical chord.  Using the syllables "See-ee-ee-ah-ah-ah-ah", all voices sing up the arpeggio 1-3-5-8 on the see-ee-ee-ah.  Sopranos stay on the 8 (ah), tenors descend and hold the 5th (ah), altos descend and hold the 3rd (ah), and basses round out the bottom finishing with the tonic on ah.  It then modulates up and we do it again.  Often we will hold the chord, tune various scale degrees and/or voices, utilize spin/vibrato and play with dynamic range while sustaining this chord.  It serves as a tuning tool on the way up singing the 1-3-5 accurately as well as an opportunity to tune and land a basic major chord.  It is also fun to work the same exercise in minor, or using other types of chords.  Sometimes we will also run in place on the final chord to get the heart and breath moving more naturally and efficiently!  The kids enjoy the physical aspect of "waking up" the body to prepare for a more productive rehearsal!  Happy warming up!
(My Go-To Warm-Up” features a favorite warm-up used by those choirs who have been selected to perform during the 2015 ACDA National Conference.)
Monday Motivation: Are YOU a Barricade? Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Aug:%nd 17AugGMT+0000 ]]>GUEST BLOG: "A Launch We Can ALL Ride" by Sundra Flansburg Scott Dorsey, %28 %b %2014 %19:%Aug:%th 19AugGMT+0000
A LAUNCH WE CAN ALL RIDE by Sundra Flansburg
Sing it Up! Today ACDA launches its annual membership campaign, which runs through November 14. There has never been a better time to join ACDA.
Over the past year we have added a new ACDA Career Center, which has taken off as the place to find choral conducting and teaching positions across the U.S. If you are a job seeker, you can search available jobs, as well as upload your CV and create job alerts that will notify you when new relevant positions are posted. Your profile remains anonymous until you give permission to be identified. Employers know that the ACDA Career Center is the place to find the finest choral directors, teachers, and professors who are part of their professional association.
ACDA has two active pilot tests of the ACDA Mentoring Program running in the Eastern Division and in Minnesota, with a national rollout planned by December. Our custom-built online program takes the headache out of registering mentors and mentees, helps mentees find mentors who fit their particular interests, and offers a suggested program for developing a fulfilling mentoring relationship.
These new member benefits have been added to an already exciting list of reasons why choral conductors and teachers find ACDA an essential resource in their professional life. Are you a student or choral music educator? Visit our mini-website, designed especially for potential members. Watch some of the powerful member testimonials. Then join ACDA!
Piece for Student Conducting Matthew Newhouse, %15 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000, a little background first: I'm a junior at my high school and I'm in our top group, chamber choir. New this year, my director is letting me student conduct a piece and chamber choir in the spring this year. I am super excited for it!! Iit is a long time from now, but I don't exactly know what piece I want to do, though I do have some in mind such as Northern Lights by Ola Gjeilo, White Stones by Thomas LaVoy, or a movement from Rachmaninov's All Night Vigil. If any of you have ideas of what I could do and tips that go along with them it would be much appreciated! THANK YOU! 

-Matthew Newhouse ]]>
Tenor Choral Scholar Position David Jernigan, %15 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 Church on Capitol Square is looking to fill it's 2nd tenor choral scholar position.  We sing mostly in the Anglican cathedral style and do quite a lot of early music.  This position sings with our Adult Choir and Schola Cantorum (a professional ensemble dedicated to performance of early music).  The position requires advanced sight-reading skills, sensitivity to choral singing, and an ability to work positively and collaboratively with volunteers and other members of the music staff.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings (and occasionally other evenings as well) and Sunday mornings and remmuneration is $50/call.  Christmas Eve, Easter, and other major feast days are required.  
To apply, send résumé with references to
Used Opera Scores Jean Andreozzi, %15 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 Good Condition Used Opera Scores
1. Shirmer 
     La Boheme - $25
     Cosi fan tutte - $25
     Marriage of Figaro - $25
     I Pagliacci - $25
     Magic Flute - $25
     Carmen - $25
     Manon - (Massenet - $25
     Gianni Schicchi $25
2. Ricordi
     Turandot - $25
     Gianni Schicchi - $25
3. Boosey & Hawkes
     Der Rosenkavalier - English and German - $65
4. Kahn - Elements of Conducting - 2nd edition 1975 - $10
remembrance day childrens songs Sharon Forsyth, %14 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 need a remembrance day song appropriate for grades 1-3. I find most of the music for this occasion to difficult and mature for the children I teach. We have been asked to perform for the school ceremony. What do you suggest? ]]>Tenor Soloist Needed for Bach Cantata Brad Whaley, %14 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
On Sunday, October 26, 2014, the music ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church of Des Plaines will present J.S. Bach's "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God), BWV 80 during the 10:30 A.M. service.  The tenor soloist will also sing the choral parts of the cantata.  There is one rehearsal on Saturday, October 25 from 11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.  
Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 675 E. Algonquin Road in Des Plaines, IL.  
Interested singers should send an email containing a resume and, when possible, sound clips to Director of Music Brad Whaley at
Star of my Heart - Christmas Carol David Monks, %14 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000's a Christmas Carol.  The Score is on Score Exchange, and here below is a recording of it being sung by Le Choeur d'Alzonne in December 2011.
I hold all rights, but a simple email gets around this.  Hope you like, and consider for inclusion in a Christmas concert
4th Grade Choral Repertoire Kimberly Luyben, %14 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Fellow Music Teachers,
I am looking for some high quality choral repertoire for 4th graders.  I am specifically looking for a piece that can be sung as the opening number at the District Festival.  We will be combining seven, 4th grade choirs to total about 400 members.  Children will be singing in a HS gym and will have about an hour to rehearse the night of the performance.  We have EXTREMELY limited rehearsal time so I am hoping for a quality piece that is easy to put together the night of the event.  Thanks for your help!
3 Part for Beginner High School Choir -- very strict school! Cera Klinger, %14 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000'm looking for music suggestions for my small (17 students, 5 boys) high school choir that has little to no experience with a choral setting.  My biggest drawback is that my charter school is under scrutiny from the surrounding districts and will not allow any sacred music/holiday music.  I've even tried to justify Latin text as classical but they are not willing to risk it.  Any suggestions? I've found that a lot of the SAB writing is too high for my boys.  ]]>Part-time organist needed Caleb Bennetch, %14 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Johns United Methodist Church in Georgetown is seeking a part-time organist. Responsibilities include playing hymns at three services on Sunday mornings, accompanying choir on anthems with organ, and a prayer service and rehearsal on Wednesday evenings. 
Organist should be able to:
Sight read hymns, and include registration changes
Improvise on hymn tunes
Support choir on anthems including organ
Interested candidates should send resume to
Alto section leader Joshua Slater, %14 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Church Cathedral in downtown Hartford, CT, seeks a
regular alto or mezzo-soprano section leader.  Wednesday rehearsal, Sunday
service; average $65/call; high-quality Anglican church music. Strong sight-reading and rhythm desired.  Bring a Baroque work to audition; a knowledge of historical performance practice is a plus.  Extra services at Christmas, Lent and Holy Week, plus several Sunday afternoons.
Bass section leader Lou Carol Fix, %14 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 George's Episcopal Church in Ardmore, PA, has an opening for a bass section leader.  Good sight-reading skills and occasional solo work; welcoming church community that values all musical styles, especially classical.  Frequent a capella choral singing.  Intergenerational choir, mixed pro and volunteer.  $85/week.  Rehearsals on Thursdays, 7:30-9:00pm, and Sunday mornings, 9:00am.  Sunday service at 10:00am; occasional extra services/concerts for extra pay.  Please reply to Lou Carol Fix, Organist/Choirmaster at or 610.248-3882 for more info. or to schedule an audition.  Position begins in late September. ]]>TAKING FLIGHT Jeffrey Bernstein, %14 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 MASTER CHORALE presents
music inspired by flight
part of the Pasadena Arts Council AxS Festival 2014
SATURDAY 9/20/14 - 7:30pm
SUNDAY 9/21/14 - 4:00pm
HILDEGARD: O Virtutis Sapientiae
JOSQUIN: Ave Maria
PALESTRINA: Sanctus from "Missa Sine Nomine"
WHITACRE: Cloudburst
McCLEAN: Vincent
WHITACRE: Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
ESMAIL: Curiosity (composed 2014 for PMC)
THOMPSON: Choose Something Like A Star
looking for opener for choir competition ssa Van der Cruyssen Rudy, %14 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 Friends,
I'm preparing with my youth choir our next choir competition for November. I have everythng, except... the opener !
Last competition, we started with Gloria Festiva ( Crocker): was super !
I'm looking for an upbeat score, ssa with piano, who will give the audience the feeling: BANG !
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.
Rudy Van der Cruyssen
Rondinella Belgium
Suggestions for Freedom themed program Pamela Sawyer, %14 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 choir will do a Peace themed concert this fall and I am planning the spring program, based on Freedom. We are a small but skilled Jewish choir, focusing on Jewish music, though we can always justify singing Brahms or the Beatles. Right now I'm looking at whatever has to do with this theme and happily and eagerly await your suggestions. 
Ringers needed! New community Handbell Choir F. Thomas Simpson, %14 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000
Are you a bell hog? Do you not get enough ringing during your week? Are you looking for a group of fun, hard working ringers?
Maybe you're new to the Handbell world are are looking for a fun way to spend your Tuesday nights?
Either way . . .
We're looking to fill a few more spots in our *NEW* Los Angeles based community Handbell Choir (we especially need 4-n-hand and Bass ringers - but welcome ringers of all skills).
Please fell free to contact me here. It's looks to be a fun, musically challenging and exciting group!
Thomas: or 609 529-3979
Sunday Inspiration: Kyrie (Byrd) Scott Dorsey, %04 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000
Composition Spotlight: "Self-Awareness Missa Brevis" Scott Dorsey, %12 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000
(Each week we look at one or two of the best choral works posted in the Composition Showcase here on ChoralNet.  This is where we store a treasure trove of works that your choirs will love to sing and your audiences will love to hear.)
Self-Awareness Missa Brevis by Bill Heigen for SATB Flute and Piano (Click here for PDF and here for AUDIO: Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei)
Level: Advanced High School or Higher
Uses: General Concert Use
Program Themes: Sacred Mass Settings
This Piece Would Program Well With: Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo by F. Joseph Haydn available from Sheet Music Plus and JWPepper.
Bill Heigen is new to the Composition Showcase.  His first entry is a masterpiece.  The parts are very approachable, the range is reasonable and the overall affect is stirring.  I hear a kaliedoscope of color within each movement and throughout the work as a whole.   The harmonies are full and enticing yet approached in each part with excellent voice leading.   This would be a pleasant change from more traditional Mass settings.
Self-Awareness Missa Brevis is available from the composer’s website: - !store/cggp
For Him All the Stars Have Shone - text Michael Salvatierra, %14 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 Bob Chilcott piece sounds beautiful, and just right for a treble voices + SATB for Christmas selection, but I don't want to order it without knowing the text.  I can't find it anywhere.  
Could someone who has the piece post the text?  Thanks. 
Grades 1-4 choir curriculum Ruth Smith, %13 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 have recently taken over a choir with grades 1-4 and I'm looking for a good curriculum to go through as opposed to just learning songs, they are getting general music learning in music class though refreshers are good in choir I am looking for a curriculum that teachers voice a ear training as it relates to choir ]]>Online collection of student fundraiser donations Kathleen Vadala, %13 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000 anyone used an online facility that provides individual student accounts for collecting fundraiser donations?  We tried to go through our school's online credit card payment and had a terrible time updating and confirming donations.  I've been sent fundraising links by students who have raised funds to go on church trips, etc, but can't remember what they were called.  Our concerns are that the site be secure and that the costs not be excessive.
Thanks -
Kathleen Vadala
What's on Great Sacred Music, Sunday, September 14, 2014 Robert Kennedy, %13 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000
In case you cannot hear the show live, the playlist is on Spotify for you to enjoy: GSM - September 14, 2014
Don't forget that we have more choral and organ music programmed on Sunday
evenings beginning at 10 p.m. eastern.
Rob Kennedy
Great Sacred Music
The Classical Station
Joao Lourenco Rebelo: Qui habitat
The Sixteen/Christophers, Harry Christophers
Rihards Dubra: Oculus Non Vidit
Cambridge Chorale, Michael Kibblewhite
Germaine Tailleferre: Nocturne
Frances Nobert, organ
Joao Lourenco Rebelo (1610-1661) was a Portugese composer of the renaissance.
The anthem takes its text from Psalm 91, verses 1-6. Rihards Dubra (1964-) is a
Latvian composer whose sacred music is rooted in the great music of the past.
Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983) was the only woman member of Les Six in Paris
back in the 1920s.
Tomas Luis de Victoria: Magnificat a 12, tono VI
Gabrieli Consort and Players, Paul McCreesh
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Prelude on the Welsh Hymn-tune Rhosymedre
Carlo Curley, organ
Harrison & Harrison organ in the Church of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, England
The Magnificat for 12 voices by Tomas Luis de Victoria is included in a CD entitled
 "Music for the Duke of Lerma". The organ interludes were composed by Antonio
de Cabezon. Carlo Curley (1952-2012), a native of North Carolina, was styled
"The Pavarotti of the Organ".
Guillaume Dufay: Tibi, Christe, splendor patris
Currende, Erick van Nevel
Sir Edward Bairstow: Let all mortal flesh keep silence
Cambridge Singers, John Rutter
Pietro A. Yon: Toccatina for Flute
David Hicken, organ
Currende is a Belgian early music ensemble which was founded in 1974. Bairstow's
anthem takes its text from the Liturgy of St. James. Pietro A. Yon (1886-1943) was
an organist and composer who became Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
in 1928.
Imant Raminsh: Ave verum corpus
Choir of St. John's, Elora, Noel Edison
William Marion Runyan: Great is thy faithfulness
Choir of Wells Cathedral, Malcolm Archer
Rupert Gough, organ
Marcel Dupré: Cortege and Litany, Op. 19 No. 2
Michael Murray, organ
Imant Raminsh (1943-) is a Canadian composer of Latvian descent. When Malcolm
Archer was Organist of Wells Cathedral, his choir produced a 5 CD set entitled
"The English Hymn".  Marcel Dupre (1886-1971) wrote his "Cortege et Litanie"
for piano originally. The work dates from 1923.
J.S. Bach: Cantata 164, "Ihr, die ihr euch von Christo nennet"
Leonhardt Consort; Tolzer Knabenchor; Collegium Vocale Gent, Gustav Leonhardt
Christoph Wegmann, soprano; Paul Esswood, alto;
Kurt Equiluz, tenor; Max van Egmond, bass
The German translates as "You, who call yourselves after Christ". The text includes
the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
Gregorio Allegri: Miserere mei, Deus
Choir of King's College, Cambridge, Stephen Cleobury
Sebastian Johns, treble I; Jon Wimpeney, treble II;
Edmund Rex, countertenor; Simon Chambers, bass
This hauntingly beautiful setting of Psalm 51 was composed for use in the Pope's private
chapel. A 14 year old Mozart heard it and wrote it down from memory.
J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in E flat, BWV 552 "St. Anne"
Daniel Chorzempa, organ
the organ in "De Bovenkirk", Kampen, The Netherlands
The Prelude and Fugue are the opening and closing movements of Bach's Clavier-Ubung
sometimes called a German Organ Mass.
Luigi Cherubini: Requiem in D minor
Ambrosian Singers/New Philharmonia Orchestra, Riccardo Muti
Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore Cherubini (1760-1842) was regarded by Beethoven
as one of his greatest contemporaries. This Requiem was written in 1836 for the
composer's funeral.
Jehan Alain: Postlude pour l'Office de Complies
James Lancelot, organ
Harrison & Harrison organ of Durham Cathedral, England
Jehan Alain (1911-1940) was a member of the musical Alain family which included his
sister the organist Marie-Claire Alain.
GREAT AMERICAN VOICES: New Concert Series in West Michigan Patrick Coyle, %13 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
First (Park) Congregational Church of Grand Rapids Announces GREAT AMERICAN VOICES Concert Series
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, Sept. 12, 2014 — First (Park) Conregational Church will be bringing world-class singers to West Michigan as it kicks off the inaugural season of GREAT AMERICAN VOICES in October. This first-of-its-kind series in West Michigan aims to further open the church’s doors to the community and to bring top-tier vocal talent and music from a variety of genres to Grand Rapids.  
“Our church tagline states, ‘no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here,’ and we are proud to announce Great American Voices in that spirit of welcome, inclusion and community life,” said Dr. Patrick Coyle, Minister of Music at Park Church.
The concert series begins Oct. 25 with Broadway stars (and sisters) Liz & Ann Hampton Callaway in SIBLING REVELRY, featuring Broadway, jazz and pop standards. A total of five concerts will take place in the series, featuring Michigan State University’s Men’s Glee Club, the 97th annual Candlelight Christmas, a choral collaboration (featuring Henry Mollicone's Beatitude Mass) and Chanticleer.
Season subscriptions as well as individual concert tickets are available. Subscriptions purchased by Oct. 25 receive 15 percent off. For more information about the concert series and ordering tickets, visit or call 616-459-3203.
Offering Balkan vocal music workshops Marita Topic, %13 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000
If you want to spice your repertoire with some beautiful Balkan Slavic music (Serbian, Croatian, klapa singing, Macedonian, Montenegrin...), do contact me! I'm available for giving workshops for choirs and ensembles in NYC area (and elsewhere on request) in Spring 2015. Also, I make authentic arrangements of Balkan songs, just make a musical wish. 
Marita Topic, conductor and singer in "Musica Viva" Vocal Ensemble, Sombor, Serbia
Check my youtube channel:
Building community in H.S. Treble Choir Bruce Rockwell, %13 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 our initial icebreaking activities, and now two weeks into the year, it's pretty clear to me that I've got some more work to do to break down some of the cliques in my treble choir (now in its second year at my school). The honeymoon is wearing off and it's clear that my girls aren't making a strong connection with one another. The new girls don't seem to be aware of the importance of giving over to the experience, and the returning students are a little disappointed in the new students and aren't taking on the job of mentoring in the way that I had hoped they would. It's translating into a very quiet, shy choral sound. So I'm looking for some suggestions for further activities that could help them get to know one another in a more meaningful way. There is a chapter in Debra Spurgeon's excellent "Conducting Women's Choirs" book about building community in a women's choir, but it mostly gives concrete of examples from university and community choirs. I am looking for some activities that will be more useful for beginning to intermediate level high school students. ]]>Ain't Got Time to Die rhythm question Lucy Moore, %13 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000'm having a friendly debate with a colleague regarding the treatment of the eighth notes on "all of my time" and other like spots in Ain't Got Time to Die.  I'ts notated straight eighth notes but most choirs seem to intuitively sing uneven eighth notes here.  Thoughts? ]]>"Emotions associated with love" repertoire Micaela Bratland, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 a special concert my school is planning in February, I am seeking women’s repertoire (SSA or SSAA, accompanied or unaccompanied) that pertains to different emotions associated with love; bliss, joy, jealousy, longing, hate .etc. I have a large 60-voice high school girls choir of sophomores and juniors who read reasonably well.  Though not necessary, I would appreciate if you could include the publisher information.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!
Micaela Bratland 
Ensemble Choir SPERA (Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, 23 March, 2015) Hajime Akiyama, %13 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 of the Ensemble Choir SPERA, an ecumenical choir in Japan will be held at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall on 23 March, 2015.
Tickets will be on sale on 22 November.
We look forward to seeing you at Opera City.

Ensemble Choir SPERA
Conductor: Koji Oguchi
Organ: Maki Nagase
March 23, 2015 (Mon)
Start: 19:00 (Open: 18:30)
Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall
Entrance Fee: 3,000 yen
Tickets will be on sale on November 22 (Sat)
Tickets are available from Opera City Ticket Centre (03-5353-9999) or e+ (
Inquiry: 03-3486-5175 or (Office Cuore)
Supported by: Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki and Kirisuto Shimbun, Co., Ltd. ]]>
Sing Contemporary Vocal Music at St John's Smith Square, London, UK Mick Kahn, %13 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 (contemporary Music for All) has been providing musicians of all abilities opportunities to actively participate in contemporary music for 21 years. We are celebrating with Gala concerts at St John’s Smith Square, London on Saturday 25 October 2014, performing a wide range of music commissioned by CoMA.
CoMA Voices meets on a project basis and we would like to invite you to join us for this exciting event. Our Musical Director is Sarah Leonard, a leading performer and teacher of contemporary vocal music. At lunchtime we will be performing Kali Yuga by John Tavener and a fanfare, One for the Album, written for the occasion by James Weeks. We will then join the CoMA Allcomers Ensemble in the evening to perform Forest of Clocks by Philip Cashian. It will be a day of varied and exciting music. We already have a good sized choir, but there is room for more singers in all voices. In addition to the day of the performance, rehearsals will be the afternoon of Saturday 4 October and the evenings of Tuesdays 14 and 21 October, all at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch. Previous experience of contemporary music is not necessary. The cost of the project is £32 (£25 concessions). Please contact  to book or for further information.
See for information about CoMA’s other activities.
Mick Kahn, Co-ordinator, CoMA Voices
Wm. Knabe Piano Jeffrey McIntyre, %13 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000'6" Wm. Knabe Piano for sale. This instrument was purchased new in January of 2013 and is in perfect showroom condition. Perfect for a choir room, sanctuary or home. $23,000 (firm) with adjustable bench.
Contact Jeffrey McIntyre at
Schulmerich handchimes, treble 4th/5th octave Jeffrey McIntyre, %13 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000 church in Atlanta is looking to purchase a 3 octave set of Schulmerich handchimes and the 4th and 5th octaves of treble bells (C#7 - C8).
Please contact Jeffrey McIntyre, Director of Music Ministries, at 404-805-4816.
Greater New Haven Community Chorus – Open Enrollment for Fall Concert Season Ends Thursday, September 18 (New Haven, CT) Dennis Burke, %13 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000 members are invited to attend this last rehearsal on Thursday, September 18 as a guest during the open enrollment period before committing to join the chorus. This provides an opportunity for interested singers to meet the chorus and Noah Blocker-Glynn, Artistic Director, to see if GNHCC provides an appealing atmosphere. Rehearsals are held every Thursday from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, at 704 Whitney Avenue, New Haven.
A strong commitment to performance excellence is expected and there are opportunities for small ensemble work and solos by audition, including the auditioned 24 member GNHCC Chamber Choir.
The GNHCC Fall 2014 Concert -- War and Peace ~ Reflection, Honor and Hope -- is a concert commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I and the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II, honoring those who served, and the hope for peace. The program will feature Requiem for the Living (with chamber orchestra) by noted composer Dan Forrest, new compositions on historic war texts by composer Matthew Cramer, and other selections celebrating peace, hope and love.
Information about location, parking, and registration for the upcoming season can be found at  Please send all inquiries to
More GNHCC fall concert program information will be updated and available on our homepage soon!
Saturday Respite: One-Four-Five-One Scott Dorsey, %13 %b %2014 %21:%Mar:%th 21MarGMT+0000 it or not, this ridiculous theme song will probably haunt you for the rest of the day.  Sorry!
"War and Family" themed concert repertoire James Flaherty, %12 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 I was hoping that I could use some of your expertise in finding repertoire for my top high school ensemble. We are a choir of 60 balanced voices, that read very well. I am specifically looking for repertoire that would fit my concert theme of "War and Family", meaning pieces that could be used to to show how wars can change the dynamic of a family, or even popular culture. If you could include the publisher's and composer's information in any replies that would be wonderful!

I look forward to hearing from you!

James Flaherty]]>Voices West Presents "Dances of Love" Amanda Ingalls, %12 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000

Voices West is excited to welcome champion ballroom dancers Holly Collins and Craig Tomazin of the Littleton-based dance school, Adventures In Dance, and their beautiful ballroom interpretations of choral music from a variety of traditions. Voices West will sing as the couples ignite the dance floor – a combination sure to delight every concert-goer. Along with tangos, cha chas, polkas and the quick step, Voices West will perform Johannes Brahms’ elegant Neues Liebeslieder Walzer (New Love Song Waltzes) with 4-hand piano accompaniment featuring collaborative pianists Linda Cody and Cathy Motter.
Adults $18, Seniors and Students $15, Kids Under 12 always FREE! Advance tickets available at or in limited quantities at the door.
Wien Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
2nd International festival of choirs and orchestras in Vienna (Austria)
09.09. - 13.09.2015
VIENNA – one of the greatest metropolises of the world
There are few cities with as wide a cultural offer as that of Vienna which includes the Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Boys' Choir, Vienna State Opera, and countless museums. The city also boasts astounding architecture with a plethora of historic buildings, e.g. the St. Stephen's Cathedral built in 12th century and the baroque Schönbrunn Palace. The vicinities of Vienna are also attractive to visitors. There are the Wachau valley on the Danube river and the Benedictine Melk Abbey. For many people Vienna is the most important music center of Europe where the famous Wien Music Festival takes place.
Lago di Garda Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
9th International festival of choirs and orchestras on Lake Garda (Italy)
14.10. - 18.10.2015
LAKE GARDA (Italian: Lago di Garda) - the most Mediterranean lake of all Italian Alpine lakes.
To the alert eye the lake offers a spectacle of natural brightness and colours which makes this place a unique holiday destination for all seasons. Visitors are impressed by places like Riva del Garda or Limone sul Garda with historic buildings and ancient traces of old Roman settlements as well as by imposing palaces and patrician villas that create a fascinating surrounding area for the Lago di Garda Music Festival. This magnificent backdrop provides the opportunity for amateur choirs and orchestras to experience an unforgettable touristic-musical event.
Henry Miller Piano Eric Winnette, %12 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000 have a beautiful 6' Grand Piano.  It has been well maintained (rebuilt a number of years ago) over its use as a primary instrument for our worship.  Delightful sound.  Marvelous cabinet, brown, beautifully carved.   Due our congregation's growth, we chose to purchase a newer instrument.   ]]>Cracovia Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
7th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Cracow (Poland)
30.09. - 04.10.2015
CRACOW – one of the twelve most important towns in the world
The former capital of Poland is one of Europe’s last undiscovered destinations by mass tourism. Here the Holy Father Pope John Paul II served as a Bishop for more than twelve years. Centre of the old town is Rynek (main market place), one of Europe’s most beautiful and largest market places. This market place is divided by huge cloth halls as well as the gothic St. Mary’s Basilica. At the south edge of the old town rises the Wawelburg with the famous King’s castle. In these historic surroundings, in the renowned churches of Krakow as well as in the concert hall with its appealing acoustics, the concerts of the Cracovia Music Festival take place.
Director of Music - partime Eric Winnette, %12 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000
Job Description
RUC seeks a creative, collaborative and flexible music director to lead our music ministry, a vital part of our worship.  We are a progressive, socially involved, actively Open & Affirming/More Light church community and incorporate a wide range of music and worship styles—from experimental to traditional.  This is a salaried, part-time position (15-20 hrs/week during the church year).  A successful candidate must be familiar with sacred and secular music in a wide range of styles, able to plan and coordinate the music program with the Pastor and other staff, and demonstrate expertise in conducting a choir.  Requires high level of overall musicianship with exceptional keyboard skills, including proficiency at sight reading and improvisation, and a high degree of computer literacy and communication skills. Candidate will serve as principal musician, direct the Adult Choir, develop our new Children’s Choir, and perform other duties as assigned.
  • Commitment to a diverse musical program
  • Experience with choral directing with adults and children/youth
  • Able to accompany as well as direct
  • Skilled on both piano and organ
  • Musical degree and/or demonstrated, verifiable experience as a choral director
  • Able to rehearse Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings before service
  • Available to attend weekly staff meetings
Applicant information  

Please submit a current resume to
If you have posted any musical performances online that you would like to share with us, please include links to them in your application.
Prior to hiring, applicants will be required to provide information about references, undergo a background check, and complete at least two musical auditions.  
Paris Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
5th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Paris (France)
19.08. - 23.08.2015
PARIS - city of love, dreams and senses
Nobody can think of Paris without various associations and a multitude of pictures crossing their mind: the river Seine, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Napoleon, the Arc de Triumphe, the Champs-Elysees. No other city exalts the imagination like this metropolis, which is also particularly popular for its musical events. As of late these also include the Paris Music Festival.
Nouveau Productions Chorus Performance NYC Hannah Landsberger, %12 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
CLASSICALLY TRAINED SINGERS comfortable with independent a cappella singing needed for collaboration with highly publicized professional dance company in highly publicized event. Repertoire: Schnittke: Choral Concerto movement 4 and Whitacre: Lux Aurumque. Particularly need low basses
Rehearsals in midtown NYC October 14th, 21st, and 29th 6-8:30 pm., all notes must be learned by first rehearsal. Dress rehearsal October 30, time TBD. Performance in NYC October 30th
Must be able to attend all rehearsals. Honorarium for services.
If interested email resume and recording of solo to Include name and voice part in subject line of email. Qualified candidates will receive an email confirming an audition time.
Auditions: October 2nd, 4-10pm at Pearl Studios
Prepare the Whitacre and be prepared to sing against other parts. Music will be distributed with confirmation of audition
Administrative Associate Position Zanaida Robles, %12 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
Position Opening: Administrative Associate
(Monrovia, CA -  September, 2014) The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company (SGVCC) seeks applicants for the position of part-time Administrative Associate. Pay is $14 per hour with an average time commitment of five hours per week.
The Administrative Associate’s duties will include:
-Attendance all major concerts and fundraising events
-Promotion support
-Database Maintenance
-Website Maintenance
-Support the board of directors with logistical tasks as needed.
The ideal candidate will have some experience in choral music or a music-related field. An outgoing personality, strong communications skills, and a positive attitude are a plus.
Please email cover letter and resume to
Toscana Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
7th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Tuscany (Italy)
22.07. - 26.07.2015
TUSCANY – country of cypress trees and soft hills
Italy’s most popular holiday region is renowned for its joy of life, culinary delights and rich culture. About half of the world’s art treasures can be found in Italy, a great part of them in the Tuscany. Particularly famous are Florence, the region’s capital, but also Pisa, Siena, and Lucca – the home of Giacomo Puccini. The concerts of the Toscana Music Festivals are arranged in the classy ambience of the Spa of Montecatini and the Basilica Santa Maria Assunta.
Modus Ensemble Concert Mauro Marchetti, %12 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Modus Ensemble of Rome. Vocal Group seeks opportunities for early music concerts in USA. Group size from 5 to 12 semi-professional singers specializing in early music, the Modus is recording a CD of Claudio Merulo "First book of motets for 5 voices." We are available to offer concerts of ancient Italian polyphonic music. It requires hospitality and travel and a little cachet. To contact Mauro Marchetti, director of the choir ]]>UM Church Choir Director Hillary Chrisley, %12 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Glendora United Methodist Church, Glendora, CA is seeking a part-time Choir Director to lead and support our fun and grace-filled adult choir.  The traditional choir, together with our pipe organ and organist/pianist, provides music for the 10:30am Sunday worship service.  Director responsibilities include once-a-week evening rehearsals, and selection of music for anthems and responses to be performed by the choir.  The Choir’s active period is September through June. Participation may be required at other special services during the liturgical year, such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, etc.  Applicants should have at least 3 years comparable experience and applicable musical skills (sight reading, knowledge of theory and traditional/classical choral repertoire, etc.). The salary is $10,000. Please submit cover letter and resume to
Budapest Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
International festival of choirs and orchestras in Budapest (Hungary)
02.07. - 06.07.2015
BUDAPEST – a city with one of the best locations in the world
No visitor of the Hungarian capital can resist its beauty. The city enchants, impresses, and fascinates at the same time. The Danube divides the city into the hilly Buda and the flat Pest. The most interesting attractions of Budapest are the Fishermen's Bastion, the Mathias Church, the Royal Castle, the Citadel, and the Parliament building. It is here, “by the beautiful blue Danube,” that the Budapest Music Festival takes place.
Venezia Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
6th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Venice and Jesolo (Italy)
03.06. - 07.06.2015
VENICE – city of channels and gondolas
Since 1987 Venice and its lagoon have been on the UNESCO-list of cultural heritage. For many people it is the most beautiful city in the world, and is especially fascinating due to its architectural wealth. The heart of Venice - Piazza San Marco with the gorgeous Basilica - is one of the beautiful places in the world. In the proximity, at famous locations, the concerts of the Venezia Music Festival take place.
Saint Anthony of Padua RC Church, Wilmington, DE Louis Perazza, %12 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000 Anthony of Padua RC Church, Wilmington, Delaware.  Positions for SATB section leaders.  Excellent sight reading skills but also the right personality.  Must be comfortable mentoring volunteers and leading by singing example.  Stunning building and world class pipe organ.  Thursday evening 2 hour rehearsal.  Sunday morning 1 hour rehearsal and 1 hour church service. Salary is $20.00 per hour.  Please contact Louis L. Perazza, organist and choir master at with any questions. ]]>Costa Barcelona Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
4th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Calella on the Costa Barcelona (Spain)
29.04. - 03.05.2015
COSTA BARCELONA – a true bathing paradise
Long beaches covered with fine sand. Villages with white houses by the ocean. Crystal-clear sea. Underwater paradises and nature parks with untouched landscapes in all shades of green in small bays between rocks. As the cradle and inspiration of the artist Salvador Dalí the region is known for its impressive historic and cultural heritage. The concerts of the Costa Barcelona Music Festival wish to enrich the holiday feeling of the sunny coast region with musical accents.
Istra Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
5th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Porec (Istria, Croatia)
28.03. - 01.04.2015
ISTRIA - the country by the sea
The largest peninsula of the Adriatic is Croatia’s most popular holiday destination. Despite the relatively small surface of Istria it offers an unbelievable multitude of impressive sceneries to be discovered. The combination of natural beauties, the healing powers of air, sun and the ocean, as well as the hospitality of the local inhabitants are like magic. Besides gorgeous parks, a picturesque stone coast and long beaches the Croatian Riveria provides many superb cultural events, such as the Istra Music Festival with performances from choirs and orchestras from all over the world.
Trade use of Handbells? Jennifer Anderson, %12 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 Minnesota colleagues --
I would love to find a church that is not currently using their handbells and borrow them.... for some sort of trade.  We cannot afford a set of handbells (plus I'm not sure how many would ring on a regular basis.)  Perhaps we could offer the loaning of some choral anthems in trade?
I'm guessing there are some churches that have some bells that are not being used.
Only adults would be playing the bells, and I would make sure they were well cared for (and if, for any weird reason, something happened, we would replace or repair any damage.)  I would be the person directing the ringers, and I would have direct responsibilities over their care.  The choir room is locked. (And the bells would be kept in a locked closet in the choir room.)
Please contact me if you think something like this might work. Thanks!
Jennifer Anderson, Director of Music
Central Presbyterian Church
St. Paul
Nova Vocal Ensemble presents Folk Mass Jonathan Bautista, %12 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000

Folk Mass

Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 7 pm

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

1020 N. Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91202

Nova starts off the season with a program of contemporary folk song arrangements from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Japan, as well as new pieces that incorporate Gregorian plainchant melodies. You’ll hear the works of esteemed composers James MacMillan and Arvo Part, works of young up-and-comers Eric Tuan, Sarah Jaysmith, and Kentaro Sato, and, of course, a world premiere by rising choral superstar Dale Trumbore, her first as our composer-in-residence. This concert also features the Christ the King Pueri Cantores Children's Choir singing songs from Spain, the Philippines, South Africa, and America.

Concert is free, though a free-will offering is encouraged.

Music on the Hill Chamber Chorus: "Music in Nature" Carol Bogard, %12 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 change of season inspires this fall concert by the Music on the Hill Chamber Chorus with Artistic Director Ellen Dickinson, Conductor. The 16-voice professional ensemble will perform "Toward the Unknown Region," a Vaughan Williams setting of Walt Whitman poetry; a richly textured a capella "Shenandoah;" and works by Randall Thompson, Sting, U2, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The music finds its complement in the concert venue, a striking design by modernist architect Victor Lundy with glass walls overlooking woodlands.
The concert takes place on Sunday, October 5, at 3 p.m. at the Unitarian Church in Westport, 10 Lyons Plains Road, Westport, CT.  Tickets are $20 and may be purchased at the door or reserved in advance at
Join the Music on the Hill mailing list for updates on our Fall 2014 concert series, including "Bells Around the World" (Jubilate Ringers), "Songs of Thanksgiving" (Festival Chorus), and "Sounds of the Season" (Jubilate Ringers with Festival Chorus).  Visit
Roma Music Festival 2015 Gregor Laskowski, %12 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
4th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Rome (Italy)
05.03. - 09.03.2015
ROME – a multifaced myth
Names such as “Eternal City” or “Centre of the World” are not too modest. However, the Italian metropolis boasts them, and emphasizes its significance in the world history. During a short stay it is simply impossible to visit all attractions of the town whose history dates 3000 years back. Among the most important ones there are: the Vatican with St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps, the Catacombs, the Collosseum, the Roman Forum or Trastevere – the commercial district of Rome. You may enrich the cultural variety of this exceptional city by participating in concerts held in churches and concert halls during the Roma Music Festival.
Immediate opening for BARITONE position at Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Delaware David Christopher, %12 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew (SsAM) has an immediate opening for a paid baritone for the 2014-2015 season. The ideal candidate will have a well trained voice and strong musicianship skills as well as a strong sense of the classical/Anglican choral tradition.
SsAM is a vibrant and passionate faith community located in the heart of downtown Wilmington, Delaware with a rich and diverse music ministry that reflects the mission and vision of the parish as well as the dynamic personality of the congregation.  Although strongly rooted in the Anglican tradition, music at SsAM frequently includes Negro Spirituals, World Music, Chant, Gospel, Drumming and the full spectrum of classical music from Renaissance to Contemporary.
A total of eight paid singers provide the professional core of the mixed adult choir which sings on Sundays for the 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist as well as for occasional services of Choral Evensong, concerts, and special feast days (Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Easter) throughout the academic year (September – June).  They also perform as a separate a separate chamber ensemble (The SsAM Choral Scholars), both in the context of liturgy as well as occasionally in concert.  There is a two hour Thursday evening rehearsal, pre-service rehearsals on Sundays and occasional extra rehearsals for special events.  Standard compensation is $50 per appearance.  A complete rehearsal schedule and music list is provided at the beginning of the season.
Although this is an ensemble position, a variety of solo opportunities frequently arise, particularly for those gifted at interpreting Negro Spirituals or crossing over into the Jazz and Gospel repertoire.  Singers interested in developing their opportunities as a solo artist are encouraged to investigate the church's “Artist-In-Residence” program.
Please visit the church’s website at to learn more.
To arrange an audition and to discuss the position further, please contact David Christopher, Director of Music at the church office 302-367-6550, or by e-mail at
Borrow, rent or purchase Barbara Stefan, %12 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 Vivaldi's Gloria 589 full score and instrumental parts
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Walton
Starting: Immediately
For: through December 2014
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
Nova Vocal Ensemble Seeks Tenor Jonathan Bautista, %12 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000 chamber chorus Nova Vocal Ensemble, a vocal group dedicated to performing the music of living composers almost exclusively, seeks a high-voiced tenor for the rest of the 2014-15 season.
Remuneration is 50 dollars per concert call with three concerts in the season: a Lessons and Carols on the evening of December 14, a solo recital with a couple of choral numbers on March 8, and an American music concert on June 7. If the candidate is a great sight-reader, he may still be able to join us for our October 12 concert as well. Additional paid gigs may come up during the year. Concerts are held in Hollywood and in Glendale at some of the finest performing venues in the Los Angeles area.
Commitment is usually four to five rehearsals per concert, and rehearsals are not yet paid. Rehearsals take place in Glendale on Sunday afternoons, usually starting at 2 pm.
If you are interested in performing the works of today's exciting living composers, such as Arvo Part, James MacMillan, Steven Stucky, Chen Yi, and Dale Trumbore, please email with a vocal resume. Vocal samples are encouraged but not required. An audition will consist of range test and sight reading, so no prepared piece is required.
Choral Arts Cleveland looking for Singers ralph heimburger, %12 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 Arts Cleveland has begun rehearsals for the 2014-2015 season.  Our first concert is in December which will feature Hodie by Ralph Vaughn Williams.  We will also be performing Carmen in concert in March 2015.  For more information about rehearsals and how to join, visit ]]>Who's in YOUR Choir . . . Dick? Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %17:%Aug:%nd 17AugGMT+0000 ]]>“Five from the Folder: Men’s Voices” by Joseph Piazza Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %20:%Jul:%rd 20JulGMT+0000
1.  “Jubilate Deo” from Cantiones sacrae et profanae.  Henk Badings.  TTBB. Harmonia-Uitgave, Hilversum H.U. 3419a.
Rhythmic, energetic setting of Psalm 66. Contrasting homophonic & contrapuntal sections employing stacked 4ths and 2nds.  Imitative cannons at the fifth especially playful & succinct. Contemporary & joyful. Moderate difficulty.
2.  “Fölszállott a Páva.” Zoltan Kodaly. Editio Music Budapest 3241.
Masterful part-writing, long elegant phrases, declamatory parallel chord structure lend to the nobility and pride of people longing for freedom and justice.  The Hungarian text calls for social change and equality.
3.  “Laulaja.” Einojuhani Rautavaara. Fennecs Gehrmans 9790550093119
Text taken from epilogue of the Kalevala, the epic Finnish poem. Rhythmic & declamatory opening and closing passages in b minor frame the middle section which employs octatonic scale passages & open expansive part writing.
4.  “Responsorium et Hymnus no.1 Adspice Domine de sede op.121” (Vespergesang).  Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Caus-Verlag Vertrieb GMBH
Much in style of Bach motet, first movement reveals beautiful independent lines for each of three voices moving through traditional harmonies & key relationships.  Themes and countermelodies weave together in elegant countrapuntal lines brought together for a homophonic texture in concluding phrases.  
5.  “My Souls Been Anchored in the Lord.” Moses Hogan (ed. Eklund). Hal Leonard 08753675.
Exciting traditional spiritual. Broad opening statement prepares us for the Allegro in rhythmic syncopated block chords with sustained & chromatically shifting bass lines that provide energy & excitement.  Piece relies on verse refrain from with a final section of call and response for the chorus which leads to a climactic choral shout in rhythmic counterpoint.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at
Build Vocal Method Resources for your Singers to Develop Outside of Rehearsal Jeff Tillinghast, %11 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 (

The choral ensemble is a poor vehicle for teaching individual vocal technique. With the limited time we have in front of our groups, and hopefully a large number of singers eager to rehearse, taking rehearsal time to work on individual singing technique beyond a basic level (breath, posture, free easy tone, etc) isn't realistic. At the same time, sending choristers home to practice their parts on their own often begins and ends with singing along to a practice recording, since most singers lack the functional piano skills to accompany themselves or the ear training and reading ability to accurately rehearse parts a cappella. In our ideal worlds, I'm sure many of us would envision our singers working in private study individually to develop their technique while we craft these skilled and trained voices into a cohesive ensemble. Using a variety of free or low-cost online resources, we can build a library of vocal exercises which allow singers to continue to develop their instrument individually without depending on advanced piano or reading skills.

I'll say up front that none of this is designed to replace instruction from a qualified vocal teacher. At the highest level of all ensembles will be singers who have desire and resources (time, interest) to pursue individual instruction and craft their voices as trained singers. For many ensembles, though, the bulk of our singers would probably like to develop their voice but are unlikely to add vocal lessons in addition to the choir. This is for them-- something they can practice at home that will positively contribute to their development.

Get a Method

Our first step is to find material in the public domain that relates to vocal instruction. Our normal public domain standby is CPDL, but aside from one sight singing collection, there is little for us in vocal methods there. Searching the voicings for solo voice does give us ample art song/lieder resources, which may be of interest.

The Internet Sheet Music Library Project is an extensive collection of works targeted for instrument and voice. While there are some choral works present in the database, the strength of the ISMLP is solo literature. Like CPDL, navigation of the ISMLP can be a daunting task at first, but one can find a category dedicated to Methods - a listing of instructional methods for a variety of instruments, voice included. Most of the resources in the ISMLP are high-quality .PDFs scanned from the original source.

Because they're in the public domain, you can assume that most of these methods are quite old. That's not to say that they are necessarily out-of-date, though-- The Modern Italian Method of Singing (1795) opens with the same technique instructions found in many current methods, and then launches in the Mezza di Voce (a familiar starting point for most technique methods today).

Create your Web Tools

Remember that our goal is to create resources to help the whole range of our singers, especially those without access to a keyboard or piano. I would argue that anyone studying choir at any level of school should at least be able to play find do and play it on the piano to give themselves a starting pitch, and some comfortable readers may be able to simply take the .PDF file and play the exercises for themselves. Let's assume that we want to provide some more aural support, though-- both to help the singers navigate the exercises and for the ear training benefits of practicing technique within the tonal context.

I suggest three possible examples of aural support:
1) create a recording of the entire exercise,
2) play tonic triad (or other relevant chord) on the pulse to help the singer navigate the exercise, or
3) play the tonic note (or appropriate root) in the rhythm of the exercise.
Each of these place the burden on the singer to follow different levels of support while performing the exercise. Of course, if your chosen method has a piano accompaniment, you can simply play that.

At this point, we are now staring at a seemingly daunting creation process-- recording each exercise in all of the appropriate keys. Considering differing vocal ranges, we are likely to have students start in different keys as well, meaning the order of exercises is going to be different. An oft-overlooked aspect of Sibelius is going to come to our aid though: the Scorch Plugin.

Scorch-ed Scores

Scorch is a web plugin which displays Sibelius scores and will play them back from within a web window. If we enter our public domain method exercises into Sibelius, we can embed the file into a web page so that singers can play them back without having to have Sibelius. In addition, and this is where it gets interesting for our purposes here, the user can control the tempo and key on their end. In other words, singers can choose the key in which they would like to perform the exercise. To move up the scale, they would click the new key and the accompaniment will transpose with them. Scorch is also available as an app for iOS ($1.99) and can access files sent via e-mail or stored in Dropbox. In the iOS version, musicians can turn on or off playback for individual instruments, so you could enter the exercise itself on one track and a sustained do on another, allowing musicians to practice with and without the exercise itself.

Differentiating our Musicians

Doing exercises out of a method book downloaded from the Internet is not a substitute for individual vocal instruction, nor will it grow soloists from our beginner singers. Using public domain material and generating these kinds of practice exercises can give our musicians ways to expand their skills, though, by giving them tools to use to practice their voice on a daily basis. What would a few minutes of scales and exercises in an individual setting, accompanied by a strong tonal accompaniment, do for your singers' instruments? Connecting your warmups and your choice of methods further reinforces the technique being developed in the rehearsal and allows the singers to continue to practice those skills developed in-ensemble on their own (while allowing you to introduce technical concepts during the rehearsal).


Director, Portland Lesbian Choir Kimberly Casey, %12 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000
The Portland Lesbian Choir is looking for a permanent Choral Director to begin with us in February 2015. In addition to excellent musical skills and experience in directing choirs, we are looking for: good organizational, leadership and communication skills; commitment to consensus decision-making and to our statement of purpose; a good sense of humor and an understanding of women’s culture. Salary starts at $450.00 per month, and is negotiable depending on experience and the level of service provided. For additional information about the position, interested applicants can contact the search committee at the email address below.  Please send a letter of interest and a resume/vita to  The position is open until filled.  The first review of applications will be conducted on October 6th, 2014.   We look forward to hearing from you!                             
Substitute Organist or Pianist needed for September 21 and 28 Andrew Monath, %12 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 am in need of a sub for one rehearsal and one service on both 9/21 and 9/28.   Rehearsal would be at 9:45.   You would just need to accompany the choir.   There would be a conductor.   Service at 11am.   Prelude, 3 hymns, Offertory, a few responses and Postlude.   Arch Street UMC at Arch and Broad in Center City Philly.   Organ or piano are acceptable.    ]]>Festival Riviera with Henry Leck - South of France - summer 2016 choir festival Michael Clohesy, %11 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 Festival Riviera - France 2016 Choir Festival with Henry Leck

Welcome to the French Riviera

I am pleased to invite you to join my Festival in the South of France in the summer of 2016. The Côte d’Azur is a place of great enchantment and a wonderful location for our festival.

We will be based in Nice with visits to glamorous Monaco and Provence where the greatest of all the impressionists painted. There are opportunities for pre and post festival touring to Barcelona or Paris.

The reason we come together in Europe is to sing. To sing as one while singing as many. You can enjoy individual concerts, combined concerts, the comradery of festival rehearsals and the joy of warm and plentiful audiences.

Join us in the enchanting setting that is the South of France for a unique performance and touring experience.

Henry Leck

PS For any planning 2015 tours please note I’m leading the 2015 Passion of Italy Festival.

Contact KI for tour details KIchoirs on Facebook

KIconcerts: Festival Riviera - France 2016 Choir Festival with Henry Leck

Auditions for semi-professional choral singers in San Francisco Sven Edward Olbash, %11 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000 Arts (San Francisco) is seeking experienced choral singers of all vocie types to supplement the voices in our two performing groups, Ensemble and Chamber Chorus. These are not section leader positions, and no sectional rehearsals or solo responsibilities are required. These positions are for extra chorus to maintain balanced parts in our small chamber groups (about 24 voices).
Concert Dates
October 24 / 25
December 12 / 13
March 13  OR 15, AND April 3
May 15 / 17
Mondays 6:30–9:30 (Ensemble)
Wednesdays 7:00–10:00 (Chamber Chorus)
Stabat mater for 10 voices (Scarlatti)
Mass in G minor for double choir (Vaughan Williams)
St. John Passion (Schütz)
Mess en style ancien (Langlais)
The Peacheable Kingdom (Thompson)
Membership dues are waived for extra chorus members, who also receive a $35 per call honorarium. 
Audition information
Please e-mail an artist resume or brief bio to Include links to recorded solo performances if you have them. Individual auditions will be scheduled for the week of September 15th.
New FREE Hymn! Mason Shefa, %11 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000
Dear all,
I am offering my hymn to you for free. The music is very easy and is suitable for a choir of any size or experience. The text is suitable for Holy Week and Good Friday, because the text is about the Crucifixion. The music is doleful and painfully sad, which is also suitable for that season.
Here is the text:
The heavenly harps remained unstrung
In silence laid aside,
While on the cross the Saviour hung,
And wept, and bled, and died.

His groans awake the sleeping dead;
Like lightning Satan fell;
And when to death he bowed his head,
He shook the pow'rs of hell.

Well might the Roman soldier say
When he beheld the blood,
And felt the earth beneath give way,
'This is the Son of God.'

Now let me lift my weeping eyes,
And to the cross repair,
The cross of woe, where Jesus dies,
And find salvation there.
If you are a choirmaster and are interested in using this piece at your service, please contact me (click my email address below) for a full PDF. It is FREE OF CHARGE!
Mason Shefa
Part-Time High School Show Choir/Choral Accompanist Needed Robert Mohr, %11 %b %2014 %23:%Sep:%th 23SepGMT+0000
Crete-Monee High School in Crete, IL (South Suburb of Chicago) is seeking an exceptional musician/accompanist for our two competition show choirs and one non-competitive group. There is also the potential another accompanist position with stipend for our spring musical available at the same online site.
Both competitive show choirs have competed on the national stage. Regular rehearsals are schedule for Monday evenings as well as once a month Saturday rehearsals. The performance schedule includes, but not limited too, four concerts and approximately six competitions. In addition to the various show choir material that is also played with ten other student musicians, the selected candidate will need to play more traditional choral literature.
We are looking for someone to work alongside our choral director and the instrumental combo director.    We are interested in someone with energy and enthusiasm, creativity, and have an appreciation for a diverse range of choral learners.    The candidate should also be an excellent musician with strengths in sight-reading and well versed in a variety of keyboard stylings.
If you fit this description and either have questions or would like to be considered for this position, please contact   Robert Mohr, Choral Director at mohrr@cm201u or phone at 708.367.2909. Please apply online at
HS Choral Leadership Excellence Forum - 9/27/14 Kathryn Simon, %11 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 School Teachers! Are you looking for a way to foster leadership skills in your choir members? Send them to the High School Choral Leadership Excellence Forum (HS CLEF) on September 27th, 2014! This event is held in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Collegiaite Choral Conference and will take place at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  Find out more and register online on our new website.
Complete early registration by 9/20/14 for a chance to have one student attend HS CLEF for FREE!  One winner will be announced at the event and will receive a refund for their conference registration fee.  We hope to see your high school choral students at CLEF!

Sing A Mile High International Choral Festival, June 25 - 29, 2015 Chrys Harris, %11 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 A Mile High International Children’s Choral Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary, June 25 - 29, 2015.
We believe that you and your singers will have a remarkable time with inspirational music on the campus of Colorado Christian University and in the beautiful performing arts center at The University of Denver.
Treble-voiced choirs will enjoy a non-competitive festival led by renowned conductor composer Dr. Rollo Dilworth, and resident conductor Jena Dickey, founder and artistic director of Young Voices of Colorado.  Students, directors and chaperones will spend 5 days (4 nights) interacting with other choirs from the U. S. and abroad.
We have planned several social activities for all participants (ice cream social, talent show/skit night, barbeque in the park, water park evening, and farewell party) and some special interest sessions for directors, accompanists, and administrators. 
Each choir will participate in the final concert in the Newman Center for the Performing Arts individually as well as part of the massed festival choir, and in optional Sunday morning church services.
For the reasonable cost of $645 per person, quadruple occupancy, ALL lodging, meals, and activities are included. Individuals will receive a festival t-shirt, and choirs will receive a commemorative plaque.  Our festival also includes a directors' conducting master class with Dr. Catherine Sailer, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Denver, and an administrators’ idea exchange with Margie Camp, Past President SWACDA.
We encourage groups to consider traveling to Denver a day or two early, so the singers can do some sightseeing and acclimatize to our mile high city before rehearsals begin.  If you wish to come early or extend your stay in Denver, we will be happy to arrange housing and meals at CCU for you and help you with your plans.
Choirs will be accepted on a rolling admission basis until the festival capacity is reached.
As you have heard, Colorado is a beautiful place to visit in the summer!
For a free promotional dvd, email founder and festival director, Chrys Harris at
Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Choral Conference - 9/27/14 Kathryn Simon, %11 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 all college students! The 4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Choral Conference (MACCC) is on September 27th at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. We've got some great sessions tailored just for you! Our conference headliner is Dr. Jeb Mueller from the University of Houston Moores School of Music. Find out more and register online on our new website.
Pre-register by September 20th for a chance to attend MACCC for free!  One winner will be notified at the conference and will receive a refund of their registration fee.  We hope to see you at MACCC!

GOING BEYOND WORDS GIVES YOU A ROMANTIC LAMENT AND A COMPARISON Stanley Schmidt, %11 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Beyond Words, one of the longest running choral radio programs in the country will arouse your ear this week with A Romantic Lament by Johannes Brahms plus an engaging comprison on how Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach approached the same text "Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes" SWV 386 and BWV 76.    This is same of the same text that Franz Joesph Haydn used for his famous "Creation".
WHAT: Going Beyond Words
WHEN: Sunday, September 14, 2014, Central Time
WHERE: KVNO.ORG (University of Nebraska in Omaha) Just Click on "Listen"
Nänie, Op. 82 Johannes Brahms
Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra Conducted by Antoni Wit
CD Johannes Brahms Music for Chorus and Orchestra NAXOS 8572694 (2012)
Nänie (Song of Lamentation) Op. 82 is one of the least known of Brahm's Major Works and one of the most exquisitely beautiful in balance and repose.   It is a setting of the Poem Nänie by Friedrich Schiller.  The first sentence says it all, "Auch das Schöne muss sterben" Even the beautiful must die.
Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes SWV 386 Heinrich Schütz
Dresdner Kammerchor; Cappella Sagittariana Dresden; Hans-Christoph Redmann
CD Geistliche Chor-Music 1648 Complete Recordings (2CD's)
Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes (The Heaven are Telling the Glory of God).   This work is unaccompanied and is scored for 
six choral Parts 2S, A, 2T, and Bass.   It is dedicated to the choir of St. Thomas in Leipzig the church that Johann Sebastian Bach would finally dwell in almost 100 years later.  With few exceptions most of the works in this 1648 collection were taken from
Luther's Bible, especially the New Testement.  It runs about 4.5 Minuets and might be a great selection to program along with Cantata 76 by Herr Bach if you have that opportunity.
Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes BWV 76 Johann Sebastian Bach
The Monteverdi Choir; The English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, Conductor
Could Bach have known the piece by Heinrich Schütz?  His own Cantata #76 with that same name was the second to be performed after he took up his post as Kantor of St. Thomas Kirche.  It was in the Summer of 1723 and first performed in June of that year.
The text is loosely based on the Gospel reading for the day from the 14th Chaper ot Luke.   Conductor John Eliot Gardiner suggests that it is interesting to note that Bach chose to seize on the Liturgical time switch along with presenting himself to his new congregation in Leipzig in terms of his fundmental approach to the way music can interpret and intersect with Doctrine.
This work has 14 movements, solosits, Orchesta and runs about 33 minuets.
Please visit my blog at WWW.GOINGBEYONDWORDS.COM where you will encounter CD images and complete lists of music for all my shows during the last five years.    If you have further comments or questions please write to
On September 21st look for another Choral Concert Live freaturing the talented musicians from the University of North Texas.
Welcoming new choristers in Glenview, IL Lenore Dupuis, %11 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 
Welcoming new choristers in Glenview
Glenview Community Church is a welcoming and affirming UCC congregation in Chicago’s near- north suburbs. For almost 75 years, the GCC music program has been a cultural and spiritual beacon in the community.
The 50-voice Chancel Choir sings most Sundays at 10 am worship from September thru early June; rehearsals are 7:30 to 9:30 pm on Thursdays. From Mozart to spirituals, from jazz to John Rutter we aspire to inspire ourselves and our congregation. The chancel choir presents several major works each year, including annual Do-It-Yourself Messiah concert with local symphony orchestra.  We are especially seeking basses and altos, but welcome interested singers in all sections without audition. There are opportunities for solos and small ensembles as well. See Music Ministry website:
Please contact choir director Stephen Blackwelder at: for more information.
Director of Music Rosemary Geisler, %11 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
Director of Music
Holy Family Catholic Community
2515 Palatine Road
Palatine, Il 60067
Phone: 847-907-3424
Holy Family, is a welcoming, vibrant, passionate community seeking a full time Director of Music proficient in conducting, arranging, and piano or guitar accompaniment with the ability to merge sacred and secular music. This individual is responsible for the direction of all music for our contemporary Catholic liturgy and other musical programs.   A minimum of 3 years experience as a music director is preferred. The ability to work as a team member, collaborate with others and lead as necessary is required.  View our website for a full description.  Send resume to Rosemary Geisler, Parish Manager.
Handbells for sale Jonathan Wessler, %11 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 1/2 octaves of handbells in decent condition for sale, along with mallets (rather poor condition), table pads (also in rather poor condition), and a filing cabinet's worth of handbell music. Best offer. Message me if you would like more information. ]]>Sacred Christmas Stomp/Body Percussion etc for Youth Boys Greg Barmer, %11 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000'm looking for a sacred Christmas upbeat piece for 8 middle school boys.  I'd love to find something with exciting body percussion or African percussion or stomp style that is unison or 2 part with lots of rhythmic drive, etc that leaves them feeling very valued and fulfilled (as well as something that fits into a sacred concert).  In all my search nothing ever seems to "feel right."  This place is a great resource and I'm excited to have joined the ranks!  Many thanks! ]]>Borrow, rent, or purchase "A Christmas Story" ed. Leonard van Camp/Billings Lindsey Warren, %11 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 A Christmas Story
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Ed. Leonard Van Camp Music by William Billings
Starting: ASAP
For: until Dec. 15th
Copies: up to 50
Willing to rent: Yes
This is out of print from Concordia. I am seeking permission to copy from the Van Camp Estate.  Hoping I could borrow some to offset our costs.
Pianist/Minister of Music Bertram Johnson, %11 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000
Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church is accepting applications for a Pianist/Minister of Music to share in the worship leadership of our congregation. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and résumé including contact information for three references to Rev. Bertram Johnson at
  • View worship leadership as part of her/his personal ministry to Christ and the Church.
  • Experience directing choirs and leading worship.
  • Experience playing traditional, contemporary, and/or gospel music.
  • Dedicated to the spiritual growth of the choir and congregation.
  • Able to connect worship music to the sermons and themes of the liturgical year.
  • Play and direct weekly choir rehearsal and worship services.
  • Suggest anthems, offertories, and special music for worship.
  • Pray with choir and worship team.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Pastors for planning.
  • Coordinate substitute musicians when not able to be present.
Hours & Compensation: The MGPC choir meets weekly from September to mid-June. Midweek, night rehearsals last for 1.5 hours. Sunday morning rehearsal starts at 10:00 AM. Worship lasts from 11 AM until around 12:30 PM. The rate of pay shall be $250 per week for music preparation, weekly rehearsal, and playing at service. This will be paid monthly with the submission of invoice.
Summer Hiatus: The MGPC choir goes on hiatus yearly from the weekend after Father’s Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Choir rehearsals and choir direction duties are suspended during that time. The Minister of Music will be responsible for scheduling solo artists or musicians during this time. The rate during this time shall be $50 per week for scheduling and rehearsing with soloists, and $100 per service as an accompanist. There is no compensation on weeks with no scheduled service (i.e. during all-church retreat).
Supervisor:  The reports to the Worship Pastor.
Accountability: The Minister of Music shall be accountable to the Worship Pastor and Personnel Committee.
Open Call for Actors and Singers ages 14-22 Elven Hickmon, %11 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 NOTICE
For more information or assistance needed to reserve an audition slot, contact Elven Hickmon, general manager at
PerformOUTKC, Kansas City’s LGBTQIA Choral Theatre program holds open call auditions for their fall show “Affirmation”.
Open Call Auditions for Affirmation
Sunday, September 14, 21, 28 – 630-830pm
Sunday, October 5, 12 – 630-830pm
Location: All Souls UU
4501 Walnut St, KCMO
Open Call Auditions by Appointment Only. To schedule an audition appointment, please complete an audition request on our website If you have questions; please contact Elven Hickmon at
POKC is looking for actors and singers ranging in ages 14-22. We’ll be performing an original program of “Affirmation” an educational, empowering and excited performance experience of collective story sharing along with traditional choral standards that demonstrate the many facets that connect our issues, struggles, obstacles and positive enrichment that clearly define who we are as people. 
This will be an open and welcoming audition process. If you play an instrument, please indicate that on the online audition appointment form. Further information about the performance will be provided by email once you’ve completed your audition appointment.
You will be auditioning and meeting with Tim Braselton, artistic director & conductor of PerformOUTKC and he’s very excited to meet and welcome you to POKC!
Tenor for Schubert Mass in G David Piper, %11 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 tenor for performance of Schubert's Mass No 2 in G on Oct 16 in Foxboro, MA with a student orchestra and two combined high school choirs.
Pay negotiable, Reply to
David Piper
Handel Coronation Anthem: "Foundling Hospital Anthem" Steve Howie, %11 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 instrumental parts: strings & oboes
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Any edition would help, especially an edition that employs expanded solo movements
Starting: November 15, 2014
For: one month
Copies: 1 each
Willing to rent: Yes
Saint Peter Lutheran Church is looking to do a prayer & music event featuring the Foundling Hospital Anthem.  I have suitable copies for the voices, but am looking for instrumental parts.  We are doing the expanded version that includes both chorus and solos.  I am working off a Peters edition.  Would be happy to rent/borrow/purchase as appropriate.  
Bass spot open in new men's chamber choir Lennie Cottrell, %11 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 Men's Ensemble, a new 12-voice young men's chamber choir in Chicago, is auditioning basses for an open spot for our premiere concert in November. Rehearsals are on Saturdays in the early afternoon.
Email for more information!
Park Slope Singers: Women & Children First Katie Primm, %11 %b %2014 %12:%Sep:%th 12SepGMT+0000 join the Park Slope Singers as we present "Women & Children First," a fun concert with light-hearted songs for children and a mixture of madrigals and contemporary music about women. Some selections include Animal Crackers, Cluck Ol' Hen, Fair Phyllis and Eleanor Rigby.
There will be two performances with receptions to follow.
* January 24 @3pm at Church of the Good Shepherd (4th Avenue & 75th Street), Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, as part of the Arts on the Corner series.
* January 25 @3pm at St. Saviour Church (8th Avenue & 6th Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn. 
For more information or to buy tickets online, visit
Golden State Choral Trophy 2016 from November 20-24, 2016 in Monterey (CA), USA Carola Kaspari-Husar, %11 %b %2014 %08:%Sep:%th 8SepGMT+0000

Golden State Choral Trophy 2016
The American International Choral Festival
November 20-24, 2016
Monterey (CA), USA

Choirs of the world, come and sing in California, the land of golden deserts, blue skies and wonderful people!

After the spectacular success of the 2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati, INTERKULTUR is now working to spread this enthusiasm to other destinations within the United States. In 2016 the choirs of the world will sing together in Monterey, California, the brand new choral destination, for the Golden State Choral Trophy.

Conductors and Singers will be given the chance to attend master classes held by Morten Lauridsen and other choral experts and why not enjoy the beauty of the Monterey bay coast line: the magnificent Monterey Peninsula has been called a unique meeting of land, sea and sky and is recognized as an ideal vacation destination.

Monterey offers iconic Californian experiences! Enjoy a drive on a winding road along the breathtaking Big Sur coastline on Highway One, which brings you to Monterey, the former capital of California, some 100 miles to the south of San Francisco. Monterey is one of the earliest settlements of the Spaniards. Even today, the Spanish city's history is visible everywhere. The countless historical buildings in the old town contribute to an almost Mediterranean appearance.

“The Golden State” has long been a popular designation for California and was made the official State Nickname in 1968. It is particularly appropriate since California's modern development can be traced back to the discovery of gold in 1848 and nowadays fields of golden poppies can be seen each spring throughout the state.

The Choral Trophy will be held in what is referred to as the “Indian Summer”, an ideal time for traveling to the West coast and an unusually dry, warm and sunny weather period in late autumn. November 24 marks the Thanksgiving Day so the American participants may enjoy this great choral gathering to stay a few days longer and celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday with their families at the Monterey Peninsula.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29


Canta al mar 2016 from October 19 – 23, 2016 in Calella/ Barcelona, Spain Carola Kaspari-Husar, %11 %b %2014 %08:%Sep:%th 8SepGMT+0000

Canta al mar 2016 – Festival Coral Internacional
October 19 – 23, 2016
Calella/Barcelona, Spain

Due to the great enthusiasm among the choral scene regarding the festival Canta al mar 2012 INTERKULTUR will ensure that Calella will become the meeting place for choirs from all over the world on a yearly basis. Thus also in 2016 from Oct. 19 to 23.

In general applies that the fantastic metropolis Barcelona will be an attractive part of this festival. Either as venue for the competition and friendship concerts or simply as destination for a day trip. 3.5 kilometres of sandy beach as well as its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and close to Barcelona make Calella a popular European travel destination. During the choir festival numerous friendship concerts will take place in the contemplative old town with its Catalan flair.

All concert and competition venues as well as accommodations and other event locations in Calella are situated within walking distance. Thus attending concerts and other events can be combined perfectly with a placid stroll through the historic old town. Here choirs will meet, celebrate and sing together and get to know other nations and their traditions. Mixed, male, female, children’s and youth choirs can participate in the competition in established categories and different levels of difficulty. Special attention is given to the categories “Folklore“ and “Pop“. No category will require compulsory pieces so that all participating choirs can choose an appropriate repertoire and perform in front of the jury without major restrictions.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29


9th WORLD CHOIR GAMES 2016, from July 06 – 16, 2016 in Sochi, Russia Carola Kaspari-Husar, %11 %b %2014 %08:%Sep:%th 8SepGMT+0000

July 06 – 16, 2016
Sochi, Russia

From 2000 onwards the biennial World Choir Games have brought together hundreds of choirs and thousands of attendants from all over the world to celebrate unity and diversity through the art of music. 460 choirs from roughly 60 countries will bring this year to Riga a human and cultural experience that will inspire millions of others across the globe. Under the motto “Singing together brings nations together, the World Choir Games are an invitation to peace, love and equality sealed with the efforts of those who want to see the world a better place.

Around the choral world in 10 days

The World Choir Games have been a fixed meeting point for the ever-evolving choral world. The world’s largest choral competition takes choirs from all corners of the globe on a 10-day journey through a myriad of invaluable experiences. Whether new on the choral stage or not, choral music expertise, professional guidance and the brilliant pedagogical opportunities that the Games offer make the event impossible to miss. And music is not the only incentive! An exchange of positive human energy, a meeting of common ideals and a thirst for food for the soul make the World Choir Games and the ten-day journey a wonderful feast of human passion.

Sochi – the city of the Olympics

Where athletes competed for gold, choirs from all over the world will meet to sing! Following the 2014 Winter Olympics, the eyes of the world will turn once again on Sochi as the host of the World Choir Games 2016. The so called Black Sea Pearl will provide a new platform of international cultural exchange to the choral world in general and to the Russian people in particular. Sochi is unique among larger Russian cities with its scenic Caucasus Mountains, pebble and sand beaches and its spectacular architecture. The largest Russian resort will be soon preparing to step onto the world stage as the host of the 2016 World Choir Games.

Russian choirs at INTERKULTUR Events

Russian choirs have been an integral part of every INTERKULTUR event with about 50 choirs participating every year. They keep pouring enthusiasm, a lot of hard work and high quality singing on our stages and not surprisingly have often grabbed the well-deserved trophies offered in such event, the last being Sing’n’Joy Vienna 2014 where the Gnesins‘ Ensemble of Contemporary Music “Altro coro” conducted by Alexandr Ryzhinskiy was the winner of the prestigious Franz Schubert Choir Prize 2014.

What will we see on the stages of Sochi in 2016? High-quality singing at its best!

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

New publications from Porfiri & Horvath Publishers for Mixed Choirs Kristine Görtz, %11 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000

Dear ChoralNet readers,
Recently Porfiri & Horváth Publishers has published new choral music for Mixed Choirs:


"Un Segundo dormido" (SATB) from Juan Bernardo Latini

"Aleluya dances" (SATB with percus. ad.lib.)

"I shall know why" (SATB) Roberto Brisotto

Visit our homepage and enjoy also amateur video recordings of some of our scores on YouTube.



We hope to see you soon!

Your publisher of international choral music

Porfiri & Horváth Publishers
Normally announcements aren't meant to be replied to, but if you need to contact the author, click on the icon next to the author's name above.

Sing Along Concert in Vienna (Austria) from May 6 – 8, 2016 Carola Kaspari-Husar, %11 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000

Sing Along Concert in Vienna (Austria)
May 6 – 8, 2016

Starting off some years back to bring the world of professional Choral music closer to everyone, the Sing Along Concert of the Berlin Radio Choir has already attained irrefutable Status by regularly attracting about 1,300 music-loving non-professionals, thus becoming a constant in Berlin's music scene. And not only in Berlin! Love of Choral music and of everything it inspires has already cap-tured the hearts of the many interested singers who have a craving to discover other grand music cities. And we cannot help but bring more along your way!

In 2010 the Choral flame of Sing Along was sent to the Aspendos Festival in Turkey. In 2014 we brought it to the Sing Along tour in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. While in 2016, INTERKULTUR, as the world's leading initiator and Organizer of international Choral events, will lead you to Vienna, the Austrian capital and World Capital of Classical Music.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29


Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl, from April 30 - May 4, 2016, in Bad Ischl, Austria Carola Kaspari-Husar, %11 %b %2014 %06:%Sep:%th 6SepGMT+0000

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl
April 30 - May 4, 2016
Bad Ischl, Austria

From 2014 on INTERKULTUR organizes this popular choir competition together with the city of Bad Ischl and the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH.This international choir competition, located in the midst of the picturesque landscape of the Salzkammergut has become one of the most important and most beautiful choral events in Austria by now. International renowned jurors and choral experts will evaluate the competitions and help the choirs with words and deeds during consulting rounds.

Apart from the competitions in the Kongresshaus, gala concerts and international friendship concerts will take place during the event. The international parade of the choirs in the historic old town is the colorful highlight of the festival. These features will establish a unique atmosphere of cordial encounters between the choirs, singers and visitors.

Bad Ischl – the Emperor’s city – offers not only romance à la Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef, but also attractive shopping pleasures, catering and unique possibilities for excursions to the wonderful Salzkammergut and its countless crystal clear lakes, impressive mountain region and homey cities.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29


O FILII ET FILIAE - SATB & SA, cello, piano ivo antognini, %11 %b %2014 %05:%Sep:%th 5SepGMT+0000 conductors and ChoralNet users,
my two settings of "O FILII ET FILIAE" (O sons and daughters) are now available at Alliance Music Pub., Inc.
a) SATB, no divisi, a cappella - singable by any intermediate choir   ORDER
b) SA, cello, piano   ORDER
Here you can listen to 3 very different renditions of the mixed choir setting:
Corale Zumellese - Italy
University of Johannesbourg Choir - South Africa
Matthew Curtis - USA
Enjoy my music and have a nice day,
Ivo Antognini
music composer
Celebrate the Star-Spangled Banner! Scott Dorsey, %22 %b %2014 %19:%Aug:%nd 19AugGMT+0000 200th anniversary of the composition of the U.S. national anthem is only days away!  Help celebrate the event, and if you are a current ACDA member, help yourself to a FREE CD of rare Early-American vocal gems.

Post a photo of your choir singing the Star Spangled Banner (or commemorating this event in some other fashion) on Sing Up's Facebook timeline, then send your mailing address to ACDA ( The first 20 members to respond will receive a copy of this valuable musical collection.

Oh, say, can YOU see . . . ?
ACDA Launches Career Center Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2014 %21:%Jun:%th 21JunGMT+0000
We are delighted to announce the new ACDA Career Center. Are you looking for a job, or just want to keep an eye on positions available?
  • Easily locate job postings that relate to your interests and priorities in the choral field. Create job alerts and search our listings using criteria most important to you – all free to you.
  • Let opportunity find you – without even trying. Post your resume/curriculum vita anonymously (you can even upload your information from LinkedIn). Your candidate profile allows employers and recruiters to review your credentials, experience, and career objectives. If they are interested in further discussing an opportunity with you they request contact information. Releasing that information is completely up to you based upon your interest in the job.
Visit the ACDA Career Center from and access the best way to find new positions in the choral field!
Books Worth Your Time V Richard Sparks, %12 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 for the late posting! Crazy day/week!
My next recommendation is a book by Doug Lemov, who you may know from the book Teach Like a Champion or its follow-up, Teach Like a Champion Field Guide. Both are terrific, all about better ways to teach. I recommend them, too!
But today I'll look at Doug's most recent book (along with co-authors Erica Woolway and Katie Yezzi), Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better.
This is all about the art (and science, in some cases) of practice. Using examples from top-level athletes and established teachers, as well as those in business or even long-time surgeons, the authors show how deliberately engineered and designed practice can make us better at almost anything we do (this quoted from the inside dust jacket, but very accurate. The fact that they don't use musicians in their examples won't get in the way of figuring out how better to teach your students, or rehearsing/practicing with your choir to make them better.
Since much of what they did in looking at champion teachers was to try to find ways to get other, less experienced or less skilled teachers to learn how to follow those models, they discovered that it was important for them to find better ways for the teachers to practice their new skills. Otherwise they weren't successful. So now they had to discover the rules of successful practice, or their teaching technique wouldn't improve.
I'll give a random set of examples of chapter titles ("Rules") to give you an idea:
Encode Success
Let the Mind Follow the Body
Unlock Creativity . . . with Repetition
Practice "Bright Spots"
Correct Instead of Critique
Isolate the Skill
Integrate the Skills
Make Each Minute Matter
Shorten the Feedback Loop
Describe the Solution (Not the Problem)
Break Down the Barriers to Practice
Make it Fun to Practice
Leverage Peer-to-Peer Accountability
Walk the Line (Between Support and Demand)
Some of these won't be clear until you read the chapters (and remember, there are 42 "rules"). But it should give you an inkling of what's going on here.
Just as an example, "Shorten the Feedback Loop." This built on John Wooden's teaching (you can find a series I wrote about him here, fourteen posts about Coach Wooden's technique and approach): as a former player noted, "he believed correction was wasted unless done immediately" -- in other words, without quick correction, the player was building in the wrong thing--practicing the incorrect thing.
I wrote about this in terms of work with my choirs telling them the difference between scrimmage and drill. In a scrimmage, we're looking at a game (for us, concert) situation in practice--running through a section or complete piece. Whereas in drill, we focus on fewer things, much repetition, and constant corrections. While we need both (and the percentage spent in each will change as we get closer to the concert), without lots of drill, certain things simply won't get better. It's focused drill, with constant feedback, that will make the choir better in the shortest time. We still have to mix in scrimmage, otherwise they don't know how to get through a section or piece, but that's a matter of balance. I also discovered that my students quickly got the idea of the importance of drill and this made them much more patient with the quick start/stop/correction/sing it again of drill. As I put it in an earlier post, it greatly increased the density of accomplishment in my rehearsals.
I'm still reading and re-reading this book in little chunks, then thinking about how a particular technique or way of thinking might apply to me in my work with choirs. I suspect I will for a long time. And I hope you'll find it valuable, too!
CJ Replay: Jacob Avshalomov Scott Dorsey, %23 %b %2014 %15:%Jul:%rd 15JulGMT+0000
(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article “Jacob Avshalomov's Choral Works with Concertante Instrument” by Larry Wyatt)
       Jacob Avshalomov is a composer, conductor, and music educator whose life in music spans eighty years and three continents.  Avshalomov characterizes his approach to composing for chorus as follows:
What many composers have put into large-scale opera, I have put into large-scale choral works. In these lies the possibility to combine language and feelings in their purest forms without  distractions of scenety, lighting, and costuming for dramatic production. I am concerned that messages be projected straightforwardly from the mouths of humans ... combining literature, language, and feelings with music.
       He often collaborates with his wife Doris, an established poet. He classifies himself as a "conservative contemporary" composer.
       Avshalomov is a master composer who takes great care in text choice and settings. He is sensitive to the declamation and meaning of the texts. Through madrigal-style writing in the melodic and harmonic writing, along with appropriate choice of contrapuntal and harmonic textures, Avshalomov reveals himself to be a master composer, thoroughly grounded in compositional technique that serves poet and singer.
Rehearsal Posture Micah Horton, %10 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000'm a master's music ed student and have just begun directing a small church choir (8-12 members on any given day). This is my first time directing. It's a pretty laid-back environment. Most of the singers are older, very experienced, and quite talented (a few are retired musicians/music teachers). During rehearsal, everyone tends to sit (I know that for at least one member, there is a health concern that limits this person from standing for extended periods of time). Every choir director & teacher I've had has stressed the importance of standing while singing, and maintaining proper posture.
I know that having the singers sit forward on the edge of their seats is a good substitute for standing, but I'm trying to find the right balance. Most of my experience is with kids and teenagers. How do I encourage good singing posture while taking age, health, and environmental concerns into account?
Soon Ah Will Be Done (Original Version??) John Guarente, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Directors,
I found an old edition of "Soon Ah Will Be Done" (SATB) arr. by William Dawson in my college library, which contains an entirely different (and much longer) B section after the "weeping and wailing" chorus than the version that everyone usually does. Has anyone ever performed this version? Was it successful? Do you know of a recording?
John Guarente
Ocala, FL
Triad Pride Men's Chorus presents "Singing Out Loud and Proud" on Saturday, September 13 Bill Toups, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000
"Singing Out Loud and Proud" a joint Pride concert presented by the Triad Pride Men's Chorus and the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus on Saturday, September 13 at 8pm
Greesboro Cultural Center, Room 100
200 N. Davie Street
Greensboro, NC
$10 in advance
$15 at the door
Advance tickets at
or call 336-589-6267
Triangle Gay Men's Chorus presents "Singing Out Loud and Proud" on Saturday, September 27 Bill Toups, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000"Singing Out Loud and Proud" a joint Pride concert presented by the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus and the Triad Pride Men's Chorus
Saturday, September 27 at 8pm
Johnson Hall
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
1737 Hillandale Rd
Durham, NC
$10 in advance on-line
$10 children and students with ID
$15 at the door
Autumn Workshop with Community Renewal Chorus Zakary Siler, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Community Renewal Chorus ( will be hosting its Autumn Workshop Saturday September the 20th commencing at 9.00AM. We will be holding our workshop at St. Peter's Episcopal Church at 621 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657. We will be working on vocal technique, choral blend through vowel and tone work as well as sightreading. The repertoire we will be rehearsing consists of works by Michael McGlyn and Ola Gjeilo as well as the Missa Luba. Contact artistic director Zakary Siler ( at for more information. We welcome anyone that is interested.  ]]>Alto Needed in the Raleigh/Durham area Bill Toups, %10 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000 Camerata & Consort has an opening for an alto. We are currently a group of 8 musicians interested in early music in the Raleigh Triangle area; we sing and we have a consort with recorders, flute, crumhorns and string instruments.

Our music ranges from the later medieval period up to early baroque, depending on what the focus of a particular concert is.  Much of it is polyphonic vocal music ranging anywhere from one voice to all eight voices. Often the music is a cappella, but some pieces may be solo voice with an instrument or two, other pieces are entirely instrumental. It all depends on the piece and on the variety we wish to bring in a particular program. Our music features both secular and sacred music.
To schedule an audition please send an email to Lynn Hudson at
Choral music and robes Jonathan Wessler, %10 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 have identified a number of rather interesting and somewhat rare choral scores in our library that we do not need. Additionally, we have come across a bunch of very nice red Almy choir robes that we do not need either. These items have been put on eBay at:
Any proceeds from these sales will go toward our music department initiatives. We are negotiable re. price! Thanks for your interest.
Susquehanna Chorale "A Candlelight Christmas" Pam Tricamo, %10 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000
The glimmer of the processional candles in a darkened hall sets the stage for the Chorale’s exploration of the many colors of Christmas through songs in a variety of styles spanning nearly 500 years.
The choristers’ voices divide to create a tapestry of sound in Victoria’s O Magnum Mysterium; they combine in chordal sonority to evoke the profound devotion and deep peace in Gorecki’s modern hymn to the Virgin Mary, Totus Tuus; they radiate good cheer in the traditional Wassail song. And they will strike the chord of tradition in their annual, candlelit finale, Silent Night.
Start your Christmas season with the radiant voices of the Susquehanna Chorale!
Friday, December 19, 2014, 8:00 p.m.
High Center, messiah College, Grantham
Saturday, December 20, 2014, 8:00 p.m.
Leffler Chapel, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown
Sunday, December 21, 2014, 4:00 p.m.
Market Square Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg
"Men in Song" Festival October 4-5 Noah DeLong, %10 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000

A Two-Day Music Festival Celebrating Male Choristers Throughout the Tri-Cities Region 

First Presbyterian Church--Johnson City, TN

Men of ALL ages – from students to retirees – are invited to join the festival choir that will rehearse Saturday and Sunday, October 4-5. The group will be led by conductors: 
• Dr. Thomas Jenrette, ETSU Professor Emeritus 
• Prof. Noah DeLong, Milligan College Director of Choral Activities 
• Dr. Alan Stevens, ETSU Associate Director of Choral Activities 
• Dr. Matthew Potterton, ETSU Director of Choral Activities 

The festival choir will perform in a free public concert on Sunday, October 5, at 5:00 p.m. The concert will also feature the following ensembles: 
• ETSU BucsWorth Men's Choir; Dr. Alan Stevens, conductor 
• Heard Mentality, Milligan College; Dr. Charlotte Anderson, conductor 
• AMEn, Dr. Thomas Jenrette, Conductor 
• Appalachian Men's Express; Mark Kettner, conductor 
• MECCA Men; Jane Morrison, conductor 

There is no cost to participate in this festival other than the purchase of sheet music.  Register now to participate in this extraordinary event!

For more information and to register, go to:



CHANTICLEER in Concert in Detroit, MI on Saturday, March 7, 2015 Donna Frentrup, %10 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Cathedral Cultural Series is proud to present a concert by Chanticleer, known as "an orchestra of voices," at the historic, acoustically marvelous Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 9844 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202 on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 8 pm.
Called “the world’s reigning male chorus” by The New Yorker magazine, and named Ensemble of the Year by Musical America in 2008, the San Francisco-based, GRAMMY® award-winning ensemble Chanticleer has toured the world in its 36 performing seasons.
Doors open 45 minutes before each concert. Free, secure parking is adjacent to the Cathedral. To receive updates or more information, please write, call 313-237-5782, or visit
Mosaic Youth Singers, Detroit, MI Feb. 2015 Donna Frentrup, %10 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 Youth Singers will present a concert on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015 at 4 pm, at the Cathedral of the Most  Blessed Sacrament in Detroit.
Part of Detroit’s internationally-acclaimed youth development program, this awardwinning youth choir has toured Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Come
experience an upbeat and diverse program of music from across the world.
Doors open 45 minutes before each concert. Free, secure parking is adjacent to the Cathedral. To receive updates or more information, please write, call 313-237-5782, or visit
Empire City Men's Chorus Welcomes New Interim Artistic Director Edward Angelo Enrique, %10 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000
The Empire City Men’s Chorus is pleased to announce the appointment of Vince Peterson as its new Interim Artistic Director. Vince is a Brooklyn-based composer, conductor, and keyboardist.  He is the founder of Choral Chameleon, a ground-breaking and modern vocal ensemble in New York City the Organist and Choirmaster of St. Paul’s Carroll Street in Brooklyn and the Director of Children’s Choirs at The Lycée Français de New York.  Vince is also a member of the Board of Directors of The New York Choral Consortium, where he works to develop the choral art and cultivate new program offerings for NYC choruses, their directors, and their administrators.
As the chorus welcomes Vince as the new Artistic Director, it bids a sad but grateful farewell to our former Artistic Director, Matthew D. Oltman. Matthew led the chorus through its Fall 2013 thru Spring 2014 concerts in a year characterized by considerable musical growth and organizational development. ECMC wishes Matthew the best of luck in his new faculty position at Texas State University.
The Empire City Men’s Chorus, founded in 1993, is renowned for its eclectic multilingual repertoire of predominantly classical music. ECMC consistently present concerts which boast a variety of well-known composers as well as newly commissioned works by exciting young composers. As a gay and gay friendly organization, ECMC also believes that choral music can be a compelling artistic response to pressing issues within our communities.
Learn more about the Empire City Men’s Chorus at
Accompanist for Advanced SSAA Ensemble David Allen, %10 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 SSAA Ensemble of Kingwood United Methodist Church is seeking an accompanist for Tuesday evenings 7-8:30.  This group of talented women displays an intense desire for high-quality music and sing a wide range of genres.  This group has sung twice at the White House and for various events in the Greater Houston area.  Interested applicants should contact David Allen at ]]>Bass Section Leader Scott Drackley, %10 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 Section Leader needed for Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church, Gladwyne, PA. Rehearsals Thursday from 7:30-9:00. Service Sunday - 9:15 rehearsal, 10:00 service. $50 per rehearsal; $80 per service. Extra services such as Christmas Eve and Holy Week services are mandatory. Please contact Scott Drackley, Organist/Choirmaster at
Now accepting choirs for the Windy City Festival with Z. Randall Stroope, April 9-12, 2015 Bill Bergeman, %10 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000

Z. Randall StroopeJoin one of America’s premiere choral conductors and composers at one of America’s premiere concert halls for a rousing performance featuring works by Telemann, Clausen, the maestro himself, and more!

Select SATB choirs only.  Visit for music, logistical, and registration information.

Festival Concert at Orchestra Hall

Commission Opportunity for Women Composers Jane Ramseyer Miller, %10 %b %2014 %15:%Sep:%th 15SepGMT+0000 Catherine Roma Commissioning Project

The mission of the Dr. Catherine Roma Women Composer Commissioning Project is to fund new collaborations between GALA member choruses and women composers, resulting in new works that celebrate diversity, promote social justice, and stir the human spirit. The first composition project will be performed by 12 women’s choruses in their hometowns across North America between December 2015 and June 2016 and then performed as a mass chorus at the GALA Choruses Festival in Denver, Colorado July 2-6, 2016.

For more information visit GALA Choruses and download the RFP. Deadline for composer applications is October 1, 2014.


Oct 1, 2014 Proposals due from composers
Nov 2014 Selected composer announced. Applications open for participating choruses.
Aug 2015 Commission completed and distributed to participating choruses.
Sept 2015 - April 2016 Virtual rehearsal/s with conductors. Each chorus performs the piece in the 2015-2016 season
July 2-6, 2016 GALA Festival 2016
Bass & Tenor Section Leaders Jesse Ratcliffe, %10 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000 James' Episcopal is a vibrant church located at 73 Culpepper Street in Historic downtown Warrenton. The services are traditional--utilizing the 1982 Hymnal supplemented with outside hymnody and standard choral literature. The 20-member choir is a warm and supportive group
Section leaders are required for each Thursday rehearsal from 7 to 8:30PM and Sunday worship services at 10:15AM (warm-up from 9:15-10). The section leader will be prepared for each rehearsal, and on occasion lead a sectional. The responsibility for rehearsal participation will weigh as much as the Sunday service. This person will serve, not as a paid soloist, but a choir member, thus have the attitude of a team member that is focused on the musical development of the group which will enhance the worship experience. The choir sings almost every Sunday, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, an occasional Evensong plus two non-liturgical choral programs. Additional opportunities may be presented for additional compensation.
Compensation is $125 per week and $50 per additional service.
For more information, contact or 304-575-9027.
Many thanks,
Jesse Ratcliffe, Choirmaster
Singer in transgender process Garrett Lathe, %10 %b %2014 %07:%Sep:%th 7SepGMT+0000, colleagues!
This topic could be placed in several categories, and I am surprised that I couldn't find this same scenario in post history. There are two issues:
What to wear?
I have a high school aged alto who is in the beginning process of transitioning from female to male. She has stated she feels more comfortable in a tux, but is open to what our organization feels is best, and would be willing to wear a dress.
Have you had experience with a situation like this before? Did you have him/her match his/her section, or how she/he identifies him/herself?
Where to sleep?
How do you make room assignments with transgender singers? With their current biological sex, or the gender with which they identify? 
Thank you for sharing your experiences!
Cantus Salisburgensis Marie Fox, %10 %b %2014 %13:%Sep:%th 13SepGMT+0000, Austria
July 7-11, 2016

Perform at the spectacular Salzburg Cathedral and beautiful Mirabell Gardens, the backdrop to scenes from the “Sound of Music”. The Massed Sing performance is under the direction of Prof. János Czifra, the Salzburg Cathedral’s Music Director. Discover Salzburg’s picturesque Old Town and its towering castle, and share your music with choirs from around the world.
Canta al mar 2015, October 21 – 25, 2015 in Calella, Spain Carola Kaspari-Husar, %10 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000

Canta al mar 2015 – Festival Coral Internacional
October 21 – 25, 2015
Calella/ Barcelona, Spain

Due to the great enthusiasm among the choral scene regarding the new choir festival in Calella, INTERKULTUR ensured that Canta
al Mar is back again! And again Barcelona will be one attractive part of this festival - either as venue for the competition and friendship concerts or simply as destination for a day trip.

3.5 kilometres of sandy beach as well as its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and close to Barcelona make Calella a popular European travel destination. During the choir festival numerous friendship concerts will take place in the contemplative old town with its Catalan flair. All concert and competition venues as well as accommodations and other event locations in Calella are situated within walking distance. Thus attending concerts and other events can be combined perfectly with a placid stroll through the historic old town. Here choirs will meet, celebrate and sing together and get to know other nations and their traditions.

Mixed, male, female, children’s and youth choirs can participate in the competition in established categories and different levels of difficulty. Special attention is given to the categories “Folklore“ and “Pop“. No category will require compulsory pieces so that all participating choirs can choose an appropriate repertoire and perform in front of the jury without major restrictions.

Enjoy with your choir a new and relaxing choir event at the Spanish Mediterranean Coast! Sun, beach and sea, singing and celebrating together – this choir festival joins holiday and passion!

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

Int. Choir Competition and Festival Kalamata 2015, October 14 – 18, 2015 in Kalamata, Greece Carola Kaspari-Husar, %10 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000
Int. Choir Competition and Festival Kalamata 2015
October 14 – 18, 2015
Kalamata, Greece

INTERKULTUR’s first international choir competition in Greece – host is the romantic city of Kalamata located on the southern Peloponnese peninsula. Vibrant, calm and idyllic is not necessarily a contradiction as Kalamata demonstrates in an impressive way. Narrow lanes, a historic old town and the Apostles Church of the 12th century characterize this city and last but not least the sea, the mountains, the wine and the olives.

Singing in the land of gods – this event combines the advantages of an international choir competition with concert possibilities in a culturally significant city. This international competition offers categories of different levels of difficulty, line-ups and musical genres as well as a relaxed atmosphere with different nations against the impressive backdrop of this South European region.

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

4th Vietnam Int. Choir Competition - Hội An 2015, April 29 - May 3, 2015, Hội An City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Carola Kaspari-Husar, %10 %b %2014 %10:%Sep:%th 10SepGMT+0000
4th Vietnam Int. Choir Competition - Hội An 2015
April 29 - May 3, 2015
Hội An City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Hội An can be translated as "peaceful meeting place". And if people were walking around the city, it was totally clear that this was the ideal place of assembly for choirs for peaceful competitions from both, local and abroad. Hội An's handcrafted and colorful lanterns are illuminating the city in the evening and colonial style buildings in Hoi An's old quarter offers the relaxed atmosphere for shopping and dining.

Hội An is located just a stone's throw from Danang City with its international airport right at the central coast of Vietnam. In 1999, the old town was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to the 19th centuries, with buildings that display a unique blend of local and foreign influences. Quang Nam province has more than 120 km of coast line and even the competition venue is located directly at Hoi An's beach side.

In collaboration with the Vietnamese Central Government, the Provincial Government of Quang Nam and the City Government of Hoi An, choirs from around the globe will again have the chance to discover the beauty of the country, combined with an international choral event. Come and be part of it!

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29


"Voci dal Lido" - International Choir Festival, April 8 - 12, 2015 in Jesolo, Italy Carola Kaspari-Husar, %10 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
"Voci dal Lido" - International Choir Festival
April 8 - 12, 2015
Jesolo, Italy

Jesolo belongs to one of the top travel destinations in North Italy. Spacious beaches and the excellent infrastructure welcome visitors from all over the world to a city with an enticing ambiance. „Voci dal Lido“ unites the advantages of an international choir competition with outstanding possibilities for performances in one of Italy’s most stunning regions. The international choir competition comprises 10 categories with different levels of difficulty, casts and genres. The focus of this event is on mutual singing of the international choirs. INTERKULTUR gets together choirs and ensembles in an easy-going atmosphere so that they can learn from each other and motivate one another.

In addition to the INTERKULTUR event Target Travel, a specialised travel agency, offers excursions and possibilities for concerts in churches and at squares in Venice and the surroundings. We cordially invite all kinds of choirs to join us in Jesolo in April 2015 in order to celebrate a grand festival of choral music. 

Welcome at VOCI DAL LIDO!

Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29

Canta en Primavera - Festival Coral Internacional, March 11 – 15, 2015, Málaga, Spain Carola Kaspari-Husar, %10 %b %2014 %09:%Sep:%th 9SepGMT+0000
Canta en Primavera - Festival Coral Internacional
March 11 – 15, 2015
Málaga, Spain
CANTA EN PRIMAVERA – Sing in Spring!  This new INTERKULTUR Festival welcomes interested choirs to the south of the country and to the Andalusian capital Málaga. Málaga has cultural sites, churches, squares and picturesque alleys just made for mutual singing and is therefore the perfect place for this INTERKULTUR festival. Located close to this impressive metropolis are several locations well worth seeing such as Sevilla, Granada or Gibraltar. Outstanding concert halls, churches and theatres are available for the competition and the concerts. And as usual each choir can select those festival elements which suits its needs best: Competitions, concerts and further training.
Ruhberg 1
35463 Fernwald
Tel:  +49 (0)6404 69749-25
Fax: +49 (0)6404 69749-29 ]]>
Name That Choir Tune (No. 5) Scott Dorsey, %09 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000
The Tower Chorale Announces New Season Carlotta Wing, %10 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000, 2014
The Tower Chorale Announces New Season
The Tower Chorale is excited to present its 29th season, the fourth under the direction of Mr. Patrick Godon!

“Feliz Navidad - A Concert of Holiday Warmth”
This program features Spanish carols. You’ll hear sacred and secular holiday songs in a wide
variety of flavorful arrangements. Also on the program is “God Rest You Merry!” by Jim Winfield,
dedicated to the Tower Chorale. The singers will be accompanied by Dennis Zimmer on both
organ and piano and a brass quartet, guitar, harp, percussion, and flute. The Holy Trinity
Children’s Choir will join in as well. Concerts will be held on Friday, December 5, at 7:30 p.m.
and Sunday, December 7, at 3:00 p.m. at The Holy Trinity Church, 111 S. Cass Avenue,

“Faure’ Masterworks”
Faure’s Requiem is truly one of the greatest masterworks ever written. The beauty of his music
brings rest, love and peace to all who sing it. This program will give you an opportunity to hear
some of his lesser known, but equally beautiful motets - including his famous “Cantique de Jean
Racine.” We will again be singing in our director’s home parish of St. Gregory the Great Church,
giving you the opportunity to hear us in a beautiful church in Chicago.
Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at St. Cletus Church, 600 W. 55th Street, LaGrange and
Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at St. Gregory the Great Church, 5535 N. Paulina, Chicago, Illinois 60640
“Folk Fest”
This fun program features two different periods of folk music. The first segment will highlight old
folk melodies from Stephen Foster, Woody Guthrie and more. The second segment will be some
of your favorite folk music by John Denver, Pete Seeger, Simon and Garfunkel as well as others.
Both segments of music will be featured at each performance. A fun folk fest!!
Friday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 16, at 7:30 p.m. at Nazareth Academy, 1209 W.
Ogden Ave, La Grange Park.
Tickets may be purchased on The Tower Chorale website:
$20 Adult, $17 Senior/Student, Children 10 and under Free.
For more information or to schedule an interview with a Tower Chorale representative, please
contact Carlotta Wing-Conley at 630-964-3963 or email at
Swingle - St Nicholas Kathleen Hacker, %10 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 A Visit from St. Nicolas
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Ward Swingle - SATB with Brass Quintet
Starting: Now (September 9, 2014)
For: Until mid-December 2014
Copies: 45-50
Willing to rent: No
The Lompoc Valley Master Chorale a 501(c)3 Community Chorale is seeking to borrow or rent 45-50 copies of Ward Swingle's "A Visit from St Nicolas" (SBS-15).  Our concerts are December 5 & 6, 2014.  Thank you for help!
Kathleen Hacker - Director
Lompoc Valley Master Chorale
The Tower Chorale Open Rehearsals Carlotta Wing, %10 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000 Chorale - Open Rehearsals
The Tower Chorale will begin to prepare for its Christmas concert, “Feliz Navidad - A Concert of
Holiday Warmth” at the Grand Avenue Community Center, 4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs.
Rehearsals are from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m. each Monday evening beginning October 6, 2014. The
first two Monday rehearsals are open rehearsals for singers to try us out. The Concerts will be
held on Friday, December 5 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, December 7, at 3:00 p.m. at Holy Trinity
Church, 111 S. Cass Avenue, Westmont. Please see or call 708-505-9570
for more information. ]]>
A Call for Singers! Daniel Wade, %10 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 join Community Presbyterian Church, in Mt. Prospect, as we present our annual Living Christmas Tree concert! Join us for this wonderful event. Come sing the Christmas carols and songs you know and love, as well as some you may have never heard. In addition to the traditional scared favorites, this year's program will include music by Bach, Britten and others. Singers of high school age and up are welcome. Come be a part of this wonderful holiday tradition, now in its 17th year!
Rehearsals begin Saturday, 10/11 with performances on 12/12, 12/13, and 12/14.
All rehearslas will be held at:
Community Presbyterian Church
407 Main St. (also known as Rt. 83)
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
For more information contact:
Dan Wade, Choir Director
Church phone: 847-392-3111
Church Choir Accompanist Position (part-time) Daniel Wade, %10 %b %2014 %01:%Sep:%th 1SepGMT+0000 Presbyterian Church, in Mt. Prospect, IL seeks a part-time choir accompanist for our weekly choir rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (no Sunday services). Ideally, the accompanist will also accompany rehearsals and perform in special concerts held at the church. Our first special concert will be December 12th, 13th, and 14th, with rehearsals beginnig Saturday 10/11 (10 a.m. to 12 noon).
Title: Choir Accompanist 
Hours: variable, 1.5 weekly, more during special concerts
Compensation: $75 per call
  • Bachelor's degree in music with spcialization in piano/keyboard (preferred) or equivalent keyboard study.
  • 1+ years experience accompanying choirs
  • Good to excellent sight reading skills
  • Ability to read choral parts (in any combination) in both open and condensed scores
Interested parties should email their resume and a letter of interest to Dan Wade, Choir Director (
Objective Grading for Mass Choirs and Visiting a Choir to Observe! Suzanne Kraai, %10 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 have 90 students in my choir.  I'm looking for effective, efficient, and quantative methods or systems that work for grading "Rehearsal Ettiquete" objectively. 
I'd also LOVE to visit a choir (in the tristate area) and observe a rehearsal if anyone is up for it or knows of a great group to reach out to! 
Current Pop or Broadway Show Stoppers Suzanne Kraai, %10 %b %2014 %00:%Sep:%th 0SepGMT+0000 All, 
We recently performed "Somebody to Love" SATB (in actuality more like SSAATTBB at times), and it was "epic" according to the kids. 
That being said, I'm looking for 1 song to top it now :-) 
I have the sacred, language, ballads, and 'must have' genres covered but am looking for a suggestion for a current pop song or broadway show stopper (that's available on jwpepper).  Any recs out there? 
buy used music and perform it Claudia Allen, %09 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 know a group must purchase music to perform it. What about if group 1, who has legally purchased the music, sells the music to group 2? Can group 2 legally purchase the music from group 1 and perform that music? The copies will be original copies, of course, in that case, but the publisher has only been paid once for it. 
Is it legal to resell music that a group has purchased?
Is it legal to perform music that a group has purchased from another group?
What about borrowed music? Is it legal to borrow music from a group and perform it? Thanks!
Accompanist Position Bethel Cong. UCC Owen Hofmann-Smith, %09 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000
Bethel Congregational UCC
Accompanist Job Description
September 9, 2014
Title:  Accompanist
Hours:  Average of 6 hours per week
Salary:  $9,500-$10,000 annually
Key Goals:  To provide organ and piano music for worship and other services of the church.  
1.An appropriate degree in music or equivalent experience.
2.Thorough knowledge of the liturgical year and its musical requirements.
3.Expertise on piano and organ.
4.Good sight-reading ability.
5.Ability to improvise, to transpose and to modulate from key to key.
6.Desire to belong to the music ministry team; follow the direction of and support the leadership of the Director of Music.
7.Experience accompanying choirs and working with a conductor.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1.To play for the Sunday services music which includes preludes, offertories, and postludes; to lead the congregation in hymn singing and to accompany choirs, soloists (both vocal and instrumental)
2.To play for Thursday night Chancel Choir rehearsals, Sunday morning rehearsals and worship services, and special services.
3.To play for weddings and memorial services (for additional compensation) as mutually negotiated with the pastor or music director.
4.To choose music appropriate to the services, the Christian Year, and to the philosophy of this church in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Director of Music.
5.To study and demonstrate continuous growth through new service music and regular practice.
6.To accompany the Sanctuary Choir on working retreats.
7.To provide, as required, by the Director of Music, organ or piano accompaniment for the Bell and children choirs.
Accountability:  Is accountable to the Director of Music Ministry and supports the Senior Pastor.
Evaluation:  The Director of Music Ministry in consultation with the Diaconate Committee, Senior Pastor, and Personnel Committee will conduct a performance review annually at the completion of the program year. 
The basis of evaluation of performance will be made by the Director of Music Ministry based on a combination of inputs from Diaconate, members of the choirs, other staff members, church leadership, and the congregation
Termination:  Bethel Congregational is an at-will employer.  Two weeks notice by either the Church Board, in consultation with the Senior Pastor, or the employee is requested to terminate employment. 
Probation Period:  The candidate will serve a six-month probation period.  At least two performance reviews will be given during the probationary period.
Submit applications to
Los Reyes Magos Choral Copies Joseph Farrell, %09 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Los Reyes Magos/ NAVIDAD NUESTRA / Para canto y piano
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Ramirez, Ariel Lawson Gould
Starting: ASAP
For: January 6
Copies: 60
Willing to rent: Yes
Information on obtaining the originals or permission to photocopy 
Looking for an SATB Halloween piece for HS Choir Craig Bader, %09 %b %2014 %17:%Sep:%th 17SepGMT+0000 Fall Concert is the day before Halloween and I don't have anything programmed that is "Halloweeny."  The concert has a different theme.  Looking for something spooky sounding that could be learned quickly by a decent HS choir.  Not into anything too cheesy either.  I have looked on "Pepper" and didn't find anything that suited me, so throwing it out to my colleagues here. 
Singing Men! Vocal Workshop Jennifer Moss, %09 %b %2014 %16:%Sep:%th 16SepGMT+0000
MassACDA is proud to announce the Singing Men! Vocal Workshop.  This session is provide amateur male choral singers with an opportunity to build specific vocal skills in a training session with a skilled voice teacher.  The workshop is led by renown singer Frank Kelley. 
September 20, 2014 @ 9am-Noon
Christ Lutheran Church, 
113 Union Street
Natick, MA 01760

$20 per person, no charge for ACDA members attending with chorister(s)
Email Tom Berryman for more info:
Visit mass acda to register today:
5 octave MalMark handbell package Toria Hale, %09 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 octave MalMark handbells set complete with 9 carrying cases,
8 tables with foam pads and covers,
gloves, music stands, lights, and mallets.
Purchased for church in 1999.
Worth $25, 570 new, asking $12,000
SSB in church setting Thomas H. Shellenberger, %09 %b %2014 %14:%Sep:%th 14SepGMT+0000 very idea of patriotic music sung or played at our church is almost a "no-no".  Well, here we's the 200th birthday of the Star-Spangled Banner this Sunday for heaven's sake. I would appreciate anyone's input as to how these types of occasions can be reconciled with church(and how you reconcile it!).  Thank you.
Music Director - Living Faith Lutheran Church CJ Redden-Liotta, %09 %b %2014 %11:%Sep:%th 11SepGMT+0000

Living Faith Lutheran Church, a progressive ELCA congregation in Rockville, Maryland, is searching for a qualified Director of Music to lead its small, but growing, choir. This position is a choral music position with no keyboard responsibilities, however, some keyboard skills are helpful. The search committee values energy, knowledge and ability as much as prior experience.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to by September 15 for priority consideration. 

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the music ministry of the congregation.  Assist in planning regularly scheduled worship services and special services as requested, in collaboration with the church organist and pastoral staff.  Assist in selection of seasonal (church year) liturgical settings.

  • Recruit, develop and direct an Adult Choir that sings weekly at a liturgical worship service. Meet with adult choir weekly for rehearsal (traditionally held on Wednesday nights.)  Select music appropriate for the liturgical church setting and for the skill level of the group and individuals. The choir sings 40 weeks of the year and does not sing for 12 weeks each summer. (from approximately mid-June through the second week of September)

  • Lead the congregation in the musical aspects of the weekly worship service, in collaboration with the church organist and pastoral staff.  Communicate well with church organist, pastoral staff and Parish Administrator.  Attend staff meetings and Worship and Music Committee meetings.

  • Assist pastoral staff and the Worship and Music Committee in developing opportunities for participation in the music program by the youth of the church.

  • Recruit, develop and direct a Chime Choir that performs periodically at worship services.

  • Integrate instrumentalists from the congregation and other affiliated groups into the worship service on Sundays as available.

  • Purchase new choral music as needed and within the parameters of the church budget. Ensure the maintenance of the choral music files in an orderly manner.

  • Assure that the Employer is operating in accordance with all copyright laws and holds (at the Employer’s expense) all appropriate music licenses. Report usage as required by the licensing organizations.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary will be negotiated based on experience.

  • Annual continuing education funds of $500 provided.

  • Two weeks of annual vacation and two weeks of sick leave. The employee is expected to coordinate appropriate coverage when away on vacation.

Director of Contemporary Music Chris Caffee, %09 %b %2014 %06:%Sep:%th 6SepGMT+0000 United Methodist Church of Waxahachie, TX, a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth, is seeking a Part-Time Director of Contemporary Music to lead our Praise Band in our Sunday morning Awakening Contemporary Service.  A background in contemporary church music and the ability to play an instrument and/or serve as a lead vocalist is essential.    Experience in worship planning and possessing the leadership skills for a diverse group of volunteer and staff musicians who make up our well-established praise band is vital.  Applicants should have an appreciation for all styles of worship and seek to be a member of the church's Music & Worship Team that includes both contemporary and traditional leaders.  The full job description is available upon request. 
Please send resume and cover letter by October 31, 2014 to Chris Caffee, Minister of Music & Worship by email:  or by mail:  Chris Caffee, First United Methodist Church, 505 W. Marvin Avenue, Waxahachie, TX  75165. 
Stick Time: What's Working? Scott Dorsey, %20 %b %2014 %19:%Aug:%th 19AugGMT+0000
Sometimes it seems that we spend all of our time in rehearsals (particularly in the later stages of the semester) focusing upon what’s going wrong, rather than celebrating what’s going right.
Yes, absolutely, we are supposed to identify areas that require attention and devise methods for helping our choirs continue to improve.  When was the last time, however, that you took a moment to acknowledge singers for things they are doing well? Positive reinforcement is a powerful part of the development of any relationship.
That said, let’s consider just three basic items from this selection recorded during an ACDA divisional conference.  What is working well here? (Please bear in mind this is a necessarily brief commentary and the present writer’s opinion is barely worth 2¢.)
The first thing we notice is the repertoire. Our colleague has decided to program solid, historically valuable choral literature for these young singers.  Repertoire selection is an area of some concern among many in the profession.  We also note that they are performing the work in its original language.
Then there is the matter of tone.  Our colleague has cultivated vocal production that seems at once healthy and age-appropriate while still fitting for the performance of a work by Brahms.  Another positive element is the apparent upper-body freedom exhibited by the singers.
Finally, we note that attention has been given to the structure of the phrase.  The performance has an organic sense of “breathing” as it ebbs & flows with regard to tempo, dynamic, and text declamation.
Even though it is early in the season, what do you hear in your own choir’s singing that deserves a word of positive acknowledgement?
Leadership and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Joshua Bronfman, %10 %b %2014 %04:%Sep:%th 4SepGMT+0000 article talks about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their model of creating a sense of mission, vision, and purpose. It's an interesting read. I'm not sure it totally translates to the rest of the world...I wonder whether the model is repeatable outside of the community that it comes from (though not to cast an dispersions on the incredible impact the organization has, or the level of it's accomplishments). But still, the lessons are good ones, and certainly proivde me with some insight into how I might lead my chorus to new things. It certainly helps to have some world class organiztional folks behind you. The infastructure alone is remarkable. I think the most remarkable thing for me (aside from the remarkable organization and the clearly huge budget), is the sense of purpose and mission that everyone who is a part of the organization feels. It's inspiring.
Tonight was the first meeting of my community chamber choir. We are a good group: auditioned, mostly music teachers, professors, or folks with music degrees or currently pursuing degrees. We read through some new music, and we sounded darn good (better than last year in fact). At some point in the middle of rehearsal I looked around and saw all these people - some whom I'd only recently met, some who I've known since they were in middle school, a few whom had been in the chorus for decades - and I had this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness sweep over me. Here were people following me, but more importantly, following the vision of the organization. I just felt so lucky to be a part of it tonight. 
I think in some small way, the singers in my community group feel the way they do about this group in a similar fashion to the folks interviewed about the MTC. I guess I feel pretty lucky that we've got a healthy vision and common purpose. We recently hired a new Executive Director, who is all fired up to take us to new places. The future is bright.
How is your vision? Are the singers a part of it, or are they still finding their way? How hard has it been to create, nurture and grow that vision? Have you achieved your goals? What now?
5 Leadership Lessons From The Mormon Tabernacle ChoirForbes
Star-Spangled Banner Week Scott Dorsey, %12 %b %2014 %16:%Aug:%th 16AugGMT+0000
       This week marks the 200th anniversary of the United States National Anthem.  The occasion will be marked by a large number of celebrations, from small town-square affairs to exhibits and events at the Smithsonian Institution.  Perhaps the biggest splash commemorating the bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner will take place in Maryland, home of Fort McHenry, where the week-long Star-Spangled 200 festival will celebrate the anniversary with over five dozen events, including concerts, tall ships, air showsfireworks, and more.  Closer to home, you can participate, too. The foundation Star Spangled Music offers may ways for you to mark the occasion in your own classroom or rehearsal space.
       For those of us trapped at our desks during this celebration, we can enjoy this performance of the original version of our National Anthem.
Take the Latest ACDA Poll Scott Dorsey, %11 %b %2014 %19:%Apr:%th 19AprGMT+0000's time to vist the ACDA website to take the latest poll!  The question of the moment pertains to your use of warm-ups in the choral rehearsalClick here to TAKE THE POLL. ]]>Charpentier's Messe de Minuit Marg Stubington, %09 %b %2014 %03:%Sep:%th 3SepGMT+0000 any of you performed this with just organ accompaniment instead of small chamber ensemble (strings, flutes, continuo)?
I have programmed this for a 60 voice choir.
Thanks for your advice!
Pacific Chorale's John Alexander Singers release "American Voices" Ryan McSweeney, %08 %b %2014 %22:%Sep:%th 22SepGMT+0000 Tuesday, September 9, Delos Music releases a new recording by the John Alexander Singers, the fully professional 24-voice chamber choir of Pacific Chorale. The recording features the music of American composers, including Dale Warland, Morten Lauridsen, Joseph Gregorio, Michael Rickelton, John Muehleisen, Norman Dello Joio, Eric Whitacre, and John Orfe, with guest instrumental performers Barry Perkins on trumpet and David Clemensen on piano. Pacific Chorale Artistic Director John Alexander conducts. The selections include three winners of Pacific Chorale's Young Composers Competition in their premiere recordings. This is the third recording to exclusively feature the John Alexander Singers; the group shared a release with the full Pacific Chorale on last year's "Frank Ticheli: The Shore and Other Choral Works," also on Delos. The recording is available on CD and digital download from Delos's website, as well as through distributor Naxos and retailers iTunes and
Track Listing:
1. Warland, Always Singing
2. Lauridsen, Chanson Éloignée
3. Lauridsen, O Love, Be Fed With Apples While You May
4-6. Gregorio, Love, thricewise (Liquor and lacquer / An amethyst remembrance / Kinsfolk) *
7. Rickelton, Pentecost *
8. Muehleisen, Snow (The King's Trumpeter)
9. Muehleisen, When All Is Done
10. Dello Joio, The Bluebird
11-12. Muehleisen, Two River Nocturnes (Prairie Waters by Night / River Moons)
13. Whitacre, Little Birds
14. Whitacre, Water Night
15. Orfe, Fire! *
16. Dello Joio, Song of the Open Road
 * Young Composers Competition winner
American Voices - PacificChorale - Flickr
Rent or Purchase Used "What Sweeter Music" Hayes Rick Fisher, %08 %b %2014 %21:%Sep:%th 21SepGMT+0000 What Sweeter Music: A Festival of Carols
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Mark Hayes, Lorenz 65/2023L
Starting: Immediately
For: thru end of December
Copies: 60
Willing to rent: Yes
We are seeking copies of Mark Hayes' cantata "What Sweeter Music: A Festival of Carols" (Lorenz 2013) to rent or buy. If renting, we seek 60 copies. If buying, willing to buy more or less than that. Also seeking the orchestra score and parts.
Youth Church Choir Rep Suggestions Kate Mikijanic, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 all,
I recently started a position conducting a youth choir (grades 6-12) at a church. Although the church's youth ministry program is thriving, the choir is unfortunately not. I've heard from parents that my predecessor was very opposed to any kind of contemporary music - and not even the typical contemporary/praise band type music that us choral scholars tend to steer clear of! Apparently she only programmed very serious music, such as hymns, anthems, and/or things in Latin that were difficult for the younger singers to relate to and connect with. I think this may be the deterrant for the high school students in particular who seem to want nothing to do with singing in choir.
I've only taught in public schools, so my brain is wired to find secular "winners" for middle and high school students to sing. I'm hoping to find suggestions for more contemporary sacred choral music, or at least music that would be engaging for young singers to perform in a church setting - multicultural pieces, spirituals, etc. SAB or SATB repertoire is preferred.
Thank you in advance for your feedback!
Borrow One Copy of Lukas Foss' "Lamdeni" (Out of Print) Timothy Newton, %08 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Lamdeni
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Lukas Foss, Edition Salabert (1975)
Starting: ASAP
For: One week
Copies: Single Copy
Willing to rent: No
I am looking for a single of copy of Lukas Foss' "Lamdeni" for chorus and six instruments (Salabert, 1975), mentioned in some of the repertoire lists here on the ChoralNet. Hal Leonard has told me that it is permanently out of print and that the right to copy is dependent on me obtaining a single print version for copying. Thanks to anyone who may have this obscure, but interesting set of three chants.
Tim Newton
SUNY Oneonta
Concord Chorale Open Sing for its 46th Season Kristofer Johnson, %08 %b %2014 %19:%Sep:%th 19SepGMT+0000 Chorale, an 80 voice auditioned civic chorus in the capital city of New Hampshire will hold its anual Open Sing for new members on Wednesday, September 17th at 7:15pm at Concord High School (#170 Warren Street, Concord, NH).  All interested singers are warmly invited to participate in open sing and then to sign up for an audition.  For more information, visit
More Cheap Apparel (Multiple Colors) Daren Small, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000 have found more dresses! All dresses are in pretty good shape and have many more years of use left in them. I have a myriad of sizes in the 4 available styles. All dresses are satin, long and formal style. Colors are Blue, Red, Burghundy, and Black (older and discontinued style). Also I have men's vests in 1 style (vertical stripes in silver, red, and black). I have pictures of all pieces that I would be happy to provide to interested people. Please e-mail with any inquiries. Thanks! ]]>Director of Music at All Souls Church Ed Harsh, %08 %b %2014 %18:%Sep:%th 18SepGMT+0000
The Position
All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City seeks a gifted and visionary musician to serve as full-time Music Director, leading its vigorous music program into a bright and meaningful future. The position offers a tremendous opportunity for artistic expression and growth.
The Music Director provides leadership of the music ministry of All Souls and is responsible for the coordination of all music in the Church. Articulation and expression of the values of the Church through music is a primary objective in that s/he is charged with building connections with the congregation and bringing music alive for the All Souls community.
First among her/his responsibilities is to work in close collaboration with the ministerial staff to ensure that the music presented as part of Sunday morning services contributes to and enhances the depth and meaning of the spiritual experience. Among the many great musical resources at All Souls is its outstanding principal choir of professionals and trained amateurs.  An energetic Community Choir is likewise an important resource. Both ensembles look to the Music Director for inspiration and nurturing leadership.
Also of importance is the provision of organ and other instrumental music, both on its own and to accompany congregational singing. Ideally, the Music Director is an accomplished organist and is at the center of instrumental as well as vocal performance in the church. The church sanctuary features a recently rebuilt Holtkamp organ of 53 ranks, as well as a Steinway B piano. A second Steinway grand piano in the church social hall is used especially for summer services in July and August, which the Director coordinates with a less active role.
The Music Director provides expert insight and oversight regarding musical activity generally throughout the Church. S/he administers the music budget and oversees one full-time music support staff. The position reports directly to the Senior Minister.
The successful candidate will be a gifted and accomplished musician and a proven leader of stature and imagination. S/he will possess exemplary artistic ideals and great integrity, with personal values resonant with the values of the church.
S/he will be a gifted choral conductor. Given that the organ and piano will continue to play important roles in worship at All Souls, it is preferred that the Music Director also be a gifted organist and pianist.
The strongest candidate will be one who combines the above qualities and qualifications with openness, curiosity, and interest with respect to the diverse ways musical expression and spirituality can intersect.
  • Significant experience in the role of Music Director, or Assistant Music Director,  Choral Conductor  and Organist of an active church
  • Experience in planning and executing concerts of the classical repertory combining choir and instrumentalists
Education and Training
  • Classical training in conducting, organ and piano
  • Formal education in liturgical music
  • At least a Masters degree from a program of strong reputation
To apply:
Applications should be sent via email to and should include: a concise cover letter, a summary of relevant education and experience, and the names of three references. Deadline: September 15, 2014.  Read the full position description at
Perform at the Empire State Building during the 2014-15 school year Bruce Rickert, %08 %b %2014 %20:%Sep:%th 20SepGMT+0000

The Empire State Building is offering performance opportunities for choirs throughout the Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015.  Performances will take place on the 80th floors and will have an audience of ticket holders on their way to the 86th floor Observation Deck.  This will be a truly memorable experience for your clients.  Here are a few specifics:
• Performance on the 80th floor museum
• Groups sizes limited to 80 singers
• Applications required with DVD/MP3/YouTube recording
• Choral risers and electric piano will be provided
• Performances will take place on selected dates Wednesday & Thursday in October - December, 2014 and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in March - June, 2015
• Performance Times Available daily between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm, except on Wednesdays - 3 performance times 9:00 am - 12 noon.
• Performance Length:  30 minutes
• Secular Music Only
• $28 Performance/ticket  required for all participants, purchased directly through the Empire State Building
• Tour Operator Branding is available on forms and Signage at The Empire State Building
• More information found on our website -

To learn more about the above program - call today 800-220-0165.  The Performance guidelines and application are attached for your perusal.