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Sara Livolsi

Location: New Jersey, USA

Schola Cantorum on Hudson was formed as an independent choral ensemble in the fall of 1995. Its members have been drawn together by a shared love of great choral music and by a dedication to the highest standard of performance of that repertoire. Beyond that, the group has come, increasingly, to live into the powerful experience of making music, and the belief that in doing so, a positive difference is made in the world.

When the group of singers that founded what became known as Schola Cantorum on Hudson was originally seeking a name and a logo for this choral ensemble, which had its birth in Jersey City, much that the group would become could not possibly have been envisioned. Yet, one thing was clear: There were to be as few limitations as possible.

“Schola Cantorum” (literally “school of singers”) was the name by which the very first groups of singers were called, as early as the eighth century. The Hudson River remains a waterway that represents the New World. The underlay of the logo, which was the artistic product of a small group of Schola’s founding members, similarly captures this open-ended temporality in its progression from early notational styles to those of the post-modern era…and the rest is history; or, so the saying goes.

All that took place between the birth of a Jersey City independent chorus with lofty goals of quality singing in an area which, at that time, was little marked by classical culture, and the international activity level seen today in this semi-professional ensemble of trained voices could fill a book. Now with equal home-base performance arenas in Manhattan and New Jersey, and prominent international experience to boot, the Schola Cantorum on Hudson of the 21st Century has expanded its mission, its sphere of activity, its performing membership, its administrative structure, its number of performances and performing ensembles, and added a number of unique and innovative programs and new educational offerings—while never leaving behind the original vision of high-quality performance and education.


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