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Norbert Rossi

Location: Washington, USA
Norbert received a BA in Choral Music Education from Anderson University in 1974. He also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Grand Canyon University in 2002. He has taught in Connecticut, Montana and has been in Walla Walla, Washington since 2000. He has served as President of the Montana Choral Director's Association (1993-95) and as Senior High Choir Repertoire and Standards Chair for WACDA. His choirs have been featured at State and Regional Music Educator Conferences.

Norbert also runs OutOfTime Music which publishes his compositions. He is also published with Swan River Press.

He has been married to Debora, his wife, since 1973 and has two children: Paul and Auralee; and two grandchildren: Liam and Ella. He belongs to Flyfishers Anonymous and is a Trout Bum Wannabe.

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