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Jane Becktel

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Singing leader of non-auditioned community choirs.  We sing music from cultures where there is a strong tradition of singing unaccompanied harmony and traditional polyphony: Africa, Eastern Europe, Polynesia etc. but also sing from the Western classical tradition.
Jubila Singers meets on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia.   This is about an hour north of Sydney.  We are actually two ensembles; one meets in the evening and one is a morning group (some come to both).   The groups learn the same repertoire so that they can come together as one choir, which is a very interesting experience for all of us!
I also run a women's choir which is ex-Barbershop and has some interesting challenges given their history.  They call themselves tenors and leads etc and I see altos and sopranos. 
A fourth choir I direct is a private school community choir for parents and staff.   We sing only sacred music and many of the singers are very experienced choristers.    Later this year (2012) we would like to get the children involved and are still thinking of the best way to do that.
Jubila Singers Facebook page has just started up.  It's a fun way to keep up with the doings of music all around the world. 
Jane Becktel
B.Mus (Hons), Dip. Ed.

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