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Eduardo Andres Malachevsky

Location: Argentina
Born in Argentina (1960) and living in the Patagonia, Eduardo Andrés Malachevsky is a composer and choral conductor with a unique and fascinating career. After studying flute, conducting and composition, his musical and artistic future seemed promising. However, at the age of 24 he chose to become a Cistercian (Trappist) monk and entered an austere Abbey in the Pampas of Argentina.  He lived a contemplative monastic life for fourteen years. On 1998 he left the order to develop and pursue his creative and conducting talent.    As a choral conductor Malachevsky has lead choral ensembles in Argentina, USA and France; as a composer his works have accumulated numerous prizes been nowadays the most awarded Argentinean choral composer; in effect, twenty times on the last ten years his choral scores have reached the final stages of international composition competitions1 and begins to be interpreted by important choral ensembles around the world (The Philippine Madrigal Singers, The Cantemus Mixed Choir from Hungary, The Esoterics from USA, Aquarium from Belgium, Grupo Vocal de Difusion from Argentina, the Berliner Domkantorei from Germany, etc.).
Between the hallmarks of his choral works highly regarded by prominent conductors and composers2 of our time we might point out the refined quality of his choral writing that knows to explore all the subtle facets of the human voice, generous on interpretative details, with a strong attention to text, abundant lyricism and rhythmic integrity. His past experience as a contemplative monk is not absent on his music very frequently inspired on spiritual texts of mystics poets; however, as the life himself is a move between seriousness and laughing, his spiritual compositions deeply appealing and touching use to be alternate with other ones of amusing, burlesque and/or ironic spirit: «De lo Sublime a lo ridículo» (from the sublime to the ridiculous), thus is as Malachevsky likes to resume the spiritual essence of his choral composition contribution.
Between the last successful accomplishment of his choral compositional activity we might highlight: The choice of his scores «Los Angeles bailan entre la hierba» as ´compulsory piece’  for the participant choirs of the 2010 Concorso Polifonico Internazionale “GUIDO D’AREZZO”, the interpretation by distinguished choral ensembles of three of his choral works during the last 2011 World Symposium on Choral Music and the very recent selection on his piece «Do not pass like a dream» (submitted to the Barlow Prize) to be interpreted on the next World Music Days Festival organized by the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music). On this Festival which will take place in Belgium next October-November and where composers of 60 countries has been invited, Malachevsky has been appointed as the Argentinean composers which will represent his country.
1Since his very first participation on composition competitions Malahevsky’s choral Works have been awarded on:
2002 at the 2° Concurso Nacional de Composición y Arreglo Coral (Rosario, Argentina)
2002 at the “Town of Music” International Choral Composition Contest (Harelbeke, Belgium)
2003 at the 1° Concorso Internazionale di composizione corale “Seghizzi” (Gorizia, Italy)
2003 at the 3° Concurso de Composición Polifónica „Ciudad de Ávila (Ávila, Spain)
2003 at the 9° Edición de los Premios a la Composición y Expresión Coral (Canary Islands, Spain)
2004 at the Society for Universal Sacred Music Award Commission (New York, USA)
2004 at the 10° Edición de los Premios a la Composición y Expresión Coral (Canary Islands, Spain)
2004 at the 10° Concurso de Composición Coral Ciudad de La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain)
2004 at the Kompositionswettbewerb des Derlines Domes (Berlin, Germany)
2004 at the 3° Concurso de Composición Juan Bautista Comes (Segorbe, Spain)
2005 at the 3° Concorso Internazionale di composizione corale “Seghizzi” (Gorizia, Italy)
2006 at the 5° Concurso de Composición Juan Bautista Comes (Segorbe, Spain)
2006 at the 5° Concurso de Composición Polifónica „Ciudad de Ávila (Ávila, Spain)
2008 at the Polyphonos Composition Competition (Seattle, USA)
2008 at the TRINAC 2008 - Tribuna Nacional de Compositores (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2008 at the 36° Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Guido d‟Arezzo (Arezzo, Italy)
2009 at the Concurso de Composición Coral de Cámara de Pamplona (Pamplona, Spain)
2011at the TRINAC 2011 - Tribuna Nacional de Compositores (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2011 at the Boston Choral Ensemble 5th Commission Competition (Boston; USA)
2012 at the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World Music Days Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
2Between conductors who have interpreted Malahevsky’s choral Works and juries of those composition competitions who have highly regarded and rewarded his pieces we may name personalities such us, from Argentina: Dante GRELA, Alberto BALZANELLI, Alicia TERZIAN; from Germany: Alfred KOERPPEN, Kurt SUTTNER, Wolfgang DINGLINGER, Uwe GRONOSTAY, Ulrike GROSCH, Jörg STRAUBE, Jochen A. MODESS, from Belgium: Vic NEES, Roland CORYN; from Bosnia Herzegovina: Milena PERISIC; from Denmark: Bo HOLTEN; from Hungary: Peter ERDEI, Georgy ORBAN, Soma SZABO; from Sweden: Thomas JENNEFELT; from Italy: Andrea GIORGI, Paolo ARCÀ; from Lithuania: Vitautas MISKINIS; from Holland: Robert HAPPENER; from Poland: Eugeniusz KUS; from Spain: Manuel SECO, Alejandro YAGUE, Salvador Chuliá HERNANDEZ, Enrique AZURRA, Javier BUSTO; from France: Suzanne GIRAUD; from USA: Harold ROSENBAUM, Eric BANKS, Deborah SIMPKIN KING; from the Philippines: Mark Anthony CARPIO; from Venezuela: Alberto GRAU; etc.
- DE PROFUNDIS MAGNIFICAT by the Philippine Madrigal Singers
- DO NOT PASS BY LIKE A DREAM by The Esoterics
- RETURN TO HIM by the Choir  of the The Society for Universal Sacred Music
- O POTORES EXQUISITI by Estudio Coral Meridies


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