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Keith Perreur-Lloyd

Location: Switzerland
Biography of Keith Perreur-Lloyd - 2010
A childhood exposed to much classical music, cinema, and the theatre, led to Keith having the idea of being composer since his youth. A life-time of travel and working all over the world - over a thousand recordings for the BBC in London; programmes for the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation, the Forces Broadcasting Corporation in Cyprus, Teheran Television, CKGM and Public Radio Canada, and the Salzburg Festival English Announcer in the 60's. He was commissioned by Recorded Books in NY - and later set up his own enterprise to produce dramatisations of classic works, including a biography of Beethoven in which he took the lead role.
Keith retained the musical ideas that he created as a young man, in his head for over half a century, as he had found the process of writing them down too laborious! Later in life, he learned to use Sibelius Software which enabled him to resurrect his original improvisations. He has worked since then 2/4 hours per day, producing one major work (Concerto or Symphony) during each of the past 14 years.
Choral Symphony - The Word - Eulogy Cantata - is a celebration of life.
The attached clip only lasts for the introduction, which is narrated by the composer himself - and which can be heard in its entirety, streamed from his website
The words for the choir are displayed as they are sung.
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