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Editor Status in Composer Community

Hi everyone.  I just spent about three hours going over requests for editor status back several months.  If you have been waiting and wondering check your email or simply get started uploading.  Many ChoralNet users have requested access to the showcase but have not received it because they have not joined the community.  I will include the email I have been sending with instructions below.  
For all of those who have been sending in new works I am thrilled that there are so many waiting in the queue but know that it will be a while.  This is a very low tech system and is very labor intensive.  I will continue to consider all pieces that have been uploaded since early August to be spotlighted on the weekly Composition Spotlight article and the Silver Platter Award.   Older works will be considered again once this wave and expected wave wears down a bit.  I think we should have about 20 new members that have asked for access.  Bring it! (but be patient).
If you have requested editor status but have not yet received it, please check your email for a note from me.  If you dd not receive further instructions, resend me your legal disclaimer as detailed in the instructions for uploading:
Here is the instructions to get started again:  
 "If you would still like to join us in the Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet you would be very welcome.  Follow these directions:
Log in to ChoralNet by going to and clicking on "LogIn."  It is the farthest right of the colored tabs.  If your farthest right tab says "My ChoralNet" you are already logged in.  Then go here: and look for the "join this community button.  It is above the blue line, just to the left of the "search" button.  If that still doesn't work, take a screen shot of that screen and send it to me at  You can try refreshing your browser screen.  Good luck and let me know of any progress."
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