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The MusicSpoke project

We have started a new project to help connect composers and conductors called MusicSpoke at We allow composers to retain their copyrights and up to 80% of the money spent on the music. We let you see and hear the entire score before you purchase it, and offer immediate digital downloads of the scores. We also connect you with the composer so you can ask questions, set up a Skype rehearsal, or just send fan mail. Even though we are new on the scene, we have some fantastic composers on board like Dale Trumbore, Kile Smith, Jordan Nelson, and Josh Rist. I would love to hear your thoughts on how we might improve and which composers you would like to see next. We are adding new scores every day.
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on August 12, 2014 6:07am
Hello Kurt,
This sounds interesting... You are in a growing field– with growing competition! 
A few questions...
1. What does "80% of the money spent on the music" mean.
2. Digital Print, run by Sheet Music Plus, maintains that they are allowed by copyright law to show only ONE page of a composer's PDF, which of course is just about useless. How is it that you are able to show 100%, which for many composers (and I am included) is downright scary! How about "most-of" scores?
3. Although I was able to subscribe, I can not log in as I am asked for a password, which I did not require when subscribing. I do not see a 'join' button.
4. How do I find the remainder (more...) of the articles?
5. Is MusicSpoke for choral music only, or MAINLY fopr choral music?
Bonne chance!
on August 12, 2014 7:09am
Maybe I should begin by thanking you, I think, for that accompaniment you wrote on J'entends. I'm actually just glad it made it to the public because a lot of times publishers pass on hard piano parts. Let me see if I can answer your questions.
1. 80% means 80%. Ultimately, we may go to a 70/30 split to make the thing a little more financially viable, but for right now as we get started, we are doing an 80/20 split with the composers to get it off the ground. Many of the newer contracts from the publishers are giving composers 8% instead of the old 10%. 80% instead of 8% seemed like a good protest.
2. We have permission from the composers, and our legal advisors have not said that it's an issue. One of the ways we are different is that we are being a little more technically saavy about the way we display the page. Some sites are putting up a watermarked pdf, which you can easily download for free and remove the watermark. Can't do that on our site.
3. We are still in beta testing and adding composers daily. When we put a composer on board, they receive a log in so that you can see in real time when your music is bought and who is buying it. Right now, there isn't any sort of system. The idea is not that MusicSpoke should be a publisher. I'm trying to find composers that I believe in who have music that I like. Then, I want to be their cheerleader and let them pick the music that they put out to the public. 
4. Are you talking about the blog articles? There are more coming, I just haven't had time because we are so busy working on the website, and I'm getting ready for the semester.
5. No, our initial investors had strategic advice about how to start. We are hoping to expand into art song this week. After that, I'm letting the composers make most of the decisions. Some want band music. I may go with organ and keyboard because my organ music is getting played a lot right now. The field is wide open.
Feel free to email any more questions to or we can keep the conversation public. I like that very much too. I've found that most conductors aren't even aware of the current system of traditional publishing.
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