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Looking for constructive feedback

There are a bunch of uber-talented choral directors contributing to discussions here on Choralnet, folks I respect and admire. 

I serve as Executive Director and Director of Music of the Nashville SIngers, an all-volunteer choral ensemble founded in November of 2008.

I'm looking for constructive feedback to the performances contained in these two song samplers, from a mixture of rehearsal, live, and studio recordings. We had anywhere from 12 to 16 singers on these recordings.

You can hear our regular repertoire sound sampler at this link:

You can hear our Christmas song sampler here:

What are the top three things you like most about our sound or presentation?

What are your top three concerns you may have about our sound or presentation?

If you'd rather share your comments privately, feel free to communicate with me via email if you would prefer.

Since we started, we've achieved or exceeded all organizational objectives except membership growth  In our first five years, we've never had more than 17 singers. Our audition is difficult (by design) to be able to pull off the charts we sing at the level expected from each singer. Sixty (60%) of the singers pass the audition.

Meeting just 39 times annually, this vocal ensemble has memorized over 50 songs, released two audio CDs, racked up 70 performances for 38 organizations in eight counties across Tennessee, and produced a successful concert series which has attracted 1,600+ concert attendees from 41 cities in 10 states across the USA. Performances by the Nashville Singers have been enjoyed by over 34,000 people to date.

Background on our group: The mission of the Nashville Singers is to enrich lives through singing and the support of music education. This support comes in the form of music education grants, college scholarships, master classes in area schools, and a vocal performance clinic called Acappella Academy. Some of the world class clinicians collaborating with the Nashville Singers to lead these programs include Derric Johnson and Dr. Kirby Shaw. In the last four years, we've awarded $8,250 in music education grants and college scholarships impacting 300 students at seven area schools and two other nonprofit arts organizations.

For more information about Nashville Singers, visit us online at or follow the chorus via social media on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and LinkedIn.
Thank you in advance,

Todd Wilson
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