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Self Publishing via SMP's Digital Printing Service

Following on from the other thread, which is getting rather long now, just to say that I've recently signed up with Sheet Music Plus's digital printing service, and am so far very impressed with it.  You do have to be patient, as it takes a couple of weeks or so to get an uploaded piece to appear on the site, or to make any alterations once it's up, but this is nothing, compared to traditional publishers.  One nice aspect is that if you have any pieces published in the traditional way, these can also be listed on your page of the SMP site, alongside the pieces listed for digital printing.  So if someone searches for your name on SMP, all your published and self-published pieces will come up together, along with sample pages and audio clips where these have been included.
They've also just introduced a new incentive scheme to attract new composers, so if you are not aleady with them and join via this link it would generate a small commission for me.  Then you could do the same!
One reason I've gone for SMP is that there's no joining fee, and the commission rate is quite competetive.  But you still retain your own copyright, so you're free to market your music through other means at the same time.
on July 9, 2014 9:11am
Thank you Gordon, glad it's working out for you! 
I'm going to leave this survey here as well, which will help us develop the program further and offers a 10% discount code for any purchases on SMP: 
P.S. I need to close this survey and discount code by 8/1/14, so if anyone's interested, please fill it out before then. Thanks!
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