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Sandra Milliken recordings? Videos? Other humorous/novelty songs?

This spring, we performed Milliken's Flamenco Flamingos with riser choreography, plastic flamingos, flamingo hats for director, pianist, and percussionist. One of our singers is an amazing artist and sculptor. She created a 5-foot tall papier-mache flamingo (complete with guitar and false eyelashes) which we auctioned off for several hundred dollars (travel fundraising). The audience and the singers had a blast with this tune.
We're now looking for a humorous/novelty piece or two for next season. Has your choir/audience enjoyed Milliken's other pieces -- Squirrel, Sudoku, Elbows, Ornamental Cat, et al.? I could only find videos of Missa Piccola online.
If you have a suggestion for other humorous songs for SSA/SSAA choir, please do let me know. (The last choralnet postings on this topic are from back in 2009...)
Cynthia Frank
Mendocino Women's Choir
on July 3, 2014 3:08pm
Dear Cynthia:
You might look at my piece Rabbit Skunk.  SSAA with piano.  A score and recording
are visible on the Composers Showcase here.  Commissioned by the Peninsula
Women's Chorus.  The text is pretty silly; moderately difficult.
Another piece - performed more often by children's choruses than by women -
is Roger Bobo Plays the Tuba.  SSA, tuba, and piano.  Published by Roger Dean.
A video of the St. Louis Children's Chorus is here.
Brian Holmes
on January 13, 2015 6:50pm
Carol Barnett, Song of Perfect Propriety.  It's hilarious!  And hard. 
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