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Uniforms Inventory

Has anyone ever been asked or questioned the justification for carrying "overages" in your uniform inventory?  
We as a practice have done this with certain sizes so we have them on hand but it is being questioned now by budget-minded Board members.
Is it common practice to have new inventory on hand?
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on June 11, 2014 9:16am
High school? College? Church? Community? Threshold? Preschoolers?
School board? Board of directors? Board of elders?
Tuxedos? Dresses? Choir robes? Show-choir outfits? Suits of armor? Marching band auxiliary? Cheerleaders? Chippendales?
Frequency of performance? Length of time choir has existed? Storage of inventory? Frequency of singer turnover? Size of group?
on September 27, 2014 3:45pm
Wow. those are a lot of questions and here I am just getting back to this...
I am a volunteer not a professional so most of what you are asking I can only answer a few.
Commnity based girls choir, 3-8th grade dresses, pants and tops, growth factor of participants is huge, 22 year chorus existence, Uniforms Coordinator Volunteer keeps inventory and passes it on to the next person who does the job.  175 girls.
I would say from the growth factor alone, we need to keep newer overages on hand, yes?
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