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End-of-Year Choir Games

What games and activities do you do with your choirs at the end of the year?  We have 1 hour rehearsals every other day, and a few rehearsals left before the last day of school.  We've done our post concert critique, and we'll spend some time continuing our sight-singing work, but I'd like to enhance my existing 'Choirlympics' activity.  Looking to have some fun with the kids, build the choir team, and create some memories.  Thanks!
Jean Enyeart
Menomonie Middle School
on May 29, 2014 4:34am
Try this fun solfege game!  They love beating the teacher, and it's a great focus game.  Here is a video description:
Here is the entire lesson:
Dale Duncan
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on May 29, 2014 11:07am
This is not music specific, but there are books of "new games" (cooperative games) for various numbers of participants, widely used by Outward Bound, summer camps and youth organizations.
How about using youtube videos to to show the diverse ways the human voice is used: overtone singing, hog calling, extreme range (I read that Mariah Carey has a 4 1/2 octave range--is there a video of someone singing a 4 1/2 octave range?), lowest pitch possible, highest pitch, Balkan singing, South Indian Carnatic singing, Barbershop, gospel quartets, digeridoo, yodeling, traditional and contemporary American Indian singing, all the traditions and styles that use male falsetto....
on May 29, 2014 1:53pm
We like to play choir jeopardy.  I have a posterboard with pockets on it and have these categories:  solfege (melody lines to read); Kodaly (rhythms to clap); key signatures; famous composers (listen to a selection then name the composer); intervals; music symbols; name that hymn (I teach at a Christian School)--I play the first 4-5 notes and they guess the hymn; 
I divide the kids up into 3 or 4 teams and choose a team captain.  The team captain is the only person on the team who can speak directly to me (which saves on the chaos.)

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on June 2, 2014 12:40pm
I created a musical charades game with the names of current popular songs on the radio and songs they or another choir at school had sung throughout the year. They loved it! I also showed them a clip from Stomp, then broke them up into groups of 4 or so and gave them 15 minutes to come up with their own Stomp rhythms using items from their backpacks. It was awesome to hear them using mint containers as shakers! Then each group had to perform their rhythm for the class. There are also several Bingo games that are out there that I love. 
Cindy Meyer
Paseo Verde/Marshall Ranch Elem
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