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Embracing Multicultural Repertory: MassACDA 2014 Summer Conference, July 20-23.

Location: Massachusetts, USA
Embracing Multicultural Repertory: MassACDA 2014 Summer Conference, July 20-23.
This Conference will offer a unique opportunity to meet two very prominent champions of "world music"--Mary Goetze and Jim Papoulis. Headliner clinician Mary Goetze, known nationally and internationally for her compositions and arrangements for young voices, has recently turned much of her attention to multiculturalism, developing an on-going series of instructional DVDs called Global Voices.
"My attempts for singers to learn directly from cultural models, live or virtual, is already a compromise because the song is removed from its cultural context.  As I see it, my approach 'honors' the culture through 're-creating' their music respectfully, with the hope that it brings the singers closer to respecting different ways of making music/living/being." Well-known composer and new MassACDA Board member Jim Papoulis, will attend the Conference, supply several new titles in the Conference repertory packet and (hopefully) bring some live musicians for a multicultural jam session. Mary Goetze acknowledges the different approaches represented by Jim Papoulis and herself: "As I see it, Jim 'honors' musical styles through borrowing ideas and fusing them with the familiar and his own ingenuity and personality. Both goals can live comfortably along side one another."  Don't miss this chance to learn from both of these amazing musicians!  
Early bird rates until June 1 - ONLY 3 MORE DAYS!!  Register now:
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